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concept: it’s five years from now. we’re napping together in the bedroom of our own little house. a cat jumps onto our bed, momentarily rousing us from our sleep. you hold your arms out to me and i move closer to snuggle up into them. we share a few sleepy kisses before dozing off again. the cat relaxes at the foot of the bed, purring. our home is full of warmth and love.

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i don’t know if you know that i would lay down my life for you. i would do anything for you, i love you and i’m telepathically sending love and good vibes so that you can have a goods night sleep, positive dreams, and that you wake up on time tomorrow. I am hugging you in my head and repeating “i love you i love you i love you!” over and over again out loud because i love you~!

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I want that exhilaration right before the dawn.  The kind where you tell yourself not to get your hopes up, but your heart flutters anyways.  Do you hear me?  When they reach out their hand to you and smile and you think “no way” but also “it’s only a matter of time” and it is.  The milliseconds before you’re sure.  When you pray like a skeptic.  When your fingers tremble.

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our own little dance, known to only us, shared for our lives XP

our own little house, known to only us, shared for our lives :*

our own little life, known to only us, shared for our lives O.O

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