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SAYING IT AGAIN because I’ve seen enough people proclaiming that ace people aren’t a rightful part of the lgbtq+ community (surprisingly heard it mostly from queers themselves) how wrong is that ? THEY DON’T GET REPRESSED FOR NOT WANTING SEX is what’s said but , imagine being forced to have sex when you’re disgusted by it , uncomfortable and repulsive . Imagine being forced to be aroused and wanting sex as a natural form of intimacy when it feels anything but natural , and don’t you say that no one’s forcing them to have sex as if every romantic relationship isn’t considered to eventually lead up to sex , marriage still in most societies is making kids and the fact that there’s a load of asexual people out there finding themselves aimlessly engaging in the so called social norms of sexual attraction because they weren’t represented enough, they weren’t recognised. The lgbtq+ community stands for rights , solidarity and inclusion of people that have been denied their basic will , and their basic needs , it isn’t a competition where you can say I’m more oppressed and you aren’t . It eventually boils down to the fact that we all are humans who face struggles and question our identity, we cannot afford to deny a home , a place where they feel secure and accepted to the asexuals out there, I hope anyone reading this would consider a change in their views if they were opposed to it earlier , because such hypocrisy angers and saddens me to the core .

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