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Jan do njerez qe vin n’jeten tane,munohesh kaq shume me i dasht,fillon ju fal dashni,pak nga pak jep prej shpirtin tan,prej vetes tane,edhe ata t’dashurojne,t’dashurojne per nji kohe,mandej koha kalon shpejt,shume shpejt,ata ndryshojne,s’mujn me dasht ma njisoj,s’kan fuqi me e perballu nji dashni kaq t’fort,plot pasion e dashni shpirtnore,tregohen t’dobet,vin te ti me nji thes justifikime,harrojne se ti ishe ajo qe i msove c’asht dashnia,qysh ndjehet shpirti kur t’don dikush,sa shume fjale thuhen nepermjet puthjeve e perqafimeve. Ikin ashtu paprit sikur erdhen.


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NCT 127 Future wives reading

Taeil: She will be indepented, nuthering and a motherly figure. she dont show her trueselves in some reason is that her defensive magnetism. (1995?) Korean actress ? 

Johnny: Only awnsers for him is that he will marry a mix girl half korean / european girl. 

Taeyong: his future wife is someone who knows how to solve problems on her own and she is good at it. but she dwell sometimes too long in her emotions too much. She has constantly inner battles with her own emotions and thoughts. / Korean actress / younger? 

Doyoung: his future wife is someone who he can build great teamwork with. someone who seeks alot of his attention.  Half korean / half western mix? (younger or same age as him).

Yuta: Japanese k-idol (she is now a trainee).

Jaehyun: an introverted girl, she is wishfull and gratefull for others and is a hard worker. Korean Idol under JYP Ent. 

Win Win:  I honestly think that he doesnt like girls in a romantic way (i mean i think this is a sensetive topic but i think he likes boys more). (he may be is in love with one of his members? ) but that would be a big issue when those things will come above the surface. 

Jungwoo: someone from his past ? a old friend or an ex ? Older than him? Someone from JYP? 

Mark: It tells me that he is going to marry a half korean/african (american woman). or just an african (american woman). 

Haechan: Japanese k-idol nothing much i get.

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Happiness is not ready made ..🙃
Song courtesy: #quarantine
😁For everyone … Aati rahengi bahare ..🎶🎶 Enjoy❤️

#songs #music #positivevibes #lifeasweknowit #lovelife #candid #thoughts #stayhome #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomestaycreative #lockdown2020 #smilemore #livingmybestlife #lockdown #quarantinelife #fightingcovid19instyle #mentalhealth #quarantineandchill2020 #lajpatnagar #lajpatnagar3

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NE legyetek szerelmesek úgy mint én.

Amikor megismertem csomó rossz dolgot tettem vele, jobban bánt velem mint én vele. Mindig csak annyit mondott “Nemtudom mi lesz de azt tudom hogy csak látni akarlak”.

Most pedig, amikor már én voltam szerelmes, és mindent eldobtam volna érte, már nem volt eléggé szerelmes. “Nincs meg a szikra. Nincs 10/10es passzolás szóval ezt még most hagyni kell”. És szakított. És nem azért mert régebben milyen voltam. Azért mert azt látja én szerelmesebb vagyok mint ő.

Amíg küzdenie kellett imádott, figyelt rám. Aztán amikor látta hogy viszonzott, megunta.

Mi baja a fiúknak? Mármint én megértettem volna ha az elején szakít, de esze ágában sem volt, csak most mikor már nem volt bonyodalom.

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Stray Kids

💘 Love life update May 2020


Bang Chan:

What I have to say about his situation is that there is a woman in his vision, that he have been dating. But due to his career he isnt able to put his relationship on priority. The feminime counterpart was a soulmate. But in some reason the opportunity has been changed. The damage is already done and it beyond repair. It cause alot of confusion and there is no turning back but to walk forward. He is now dwelling too much in what he have lost. Their is better times ahead for him.

Lee Know:

In his career he doing so much better now then in the past that is what he thinks. Even though it is about both lovelife or career… he is exhausted but he feels he doing it alright. He is able to make some progress. There are some limits that he sometimes pushing himself too much, at some point he have to find a way to work smart instead of harder. It suggest him to take some action now and quickly. Like “taking the next step” (for his lovelife) or he will be in a friendzone. The vision he has come to a breaking point in an end. Dramatic change. The divine is trying to wake him up that is time to use your rational mind. And stop worrying. He develope a better understanding about his situation out of this.


He seems to feel good in his own skin and really positive in his energy. I do think this guy is dating someone. Passionating long-term relatio ship. Being very responsible and have pleasure at the desires, that makes him feel happy and good. He can laugh together with his partner and cry together. Even have a exotic adventure together. Happiness and Joy is what i see in him. It is finally happening and ready to change their status in an commitment. The person he is dating is “NOT” older then him. It hinted idol or even a traineer that is about to debut.


This person is feeling lost with his feelings for someone. It means he have feelings but dont know how to deal with it if is he other side isnt ready. Physically attracted to the female that he have feelings for. A beautiful woman. Someone that isnt afraid to show her trueselves. Extroverted and is popular by her friends and always have many friends. Her priorities are different then his. Because he sees that this the girl is not ready to settle down a romantic relationship. She wants to enjoy her life with friends and being friends with him. So he take a little step back to calm down his overwhelming is emotions/feelings for her.


He is taken things too seriously then it is and it hurts him. Obstacles and delayes that he often self create. Are in the way of achieve a lovelife. His advice is to believe in the impossible and be openminded with his outcome. He focus more on the negative outcome that his fear to be rejected and hurt but it iswill manifest in that reality. Because it will make him unstable and breakable. It will lead him chosing poor choices. Because of his narrowminded beliefs and values.


What I noticed with him is that he is cautious and careful when it comes to relationships. He is thoughtfull and will think before acting. He wants to discover new opportunities. He is a young man who wants to explore and build experiences. Because he is unexperience he may can be involve with girls who tried to manipulate him easily. If that happends it helps him to find who he really is. He is not really trusting it fully but he go for it like a fool. Or vice versa that he can be someone who can act manipulative. But i sense he is not in a relationship yet for now.


He is not fully emotionally mature enough to focus on healthy relationships and adult responsibility like that. He feel bored and unnoticed about the admires that he have receiving. But he rejected those offers or missed the opportunity by saying no. He has great luck when it comes to woman. He has long roadway to go to feel ready for a commitment. Because he isnt easy and is picky when it comes to selecting a lover. He is single.


It looks like he experiences some painful or unhappy situation that is about to end. Fallen out of love is what is shows me. But he have to follow through and use his luck/ a small miracle in himself will help him get him back on track. The ending and the small hurt happends for a reason. He will be much more lucky in his next relationship then before. He had build a great fortune when it comes to love life. Right now he is single but later on he will feel the most lucky one.

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My love 😘😍😍

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So I would like share this story cause I feel it is not the usual and kinda funny to me tbh..

When lockdown started I decided to download tinder because I thought to myself..why not?

I talked to a few guys but one guy stood out. I didn’t crush on him but we just clicked and it was so easy to talk to him.

After a few weeks of texting we decided to meet up and it went really really well.

We met up four times within two weeks and both realized that while we’re not actually ready to be with someone we care a lot about each other and we are close friends already.

I know this isn’t actually what tinder is for but whatever..I feel so lucky that I met this guy and despite the fact that we basically just met I know I can count on him and trust him.

It is so easy to be with him and everything just feels right..

Well I am moving away for a year and we decided to not hold each other back and enjoy ourselves over the course of that year while remaining good friends but if a year from now we are still single we might give it another shot.

I never had this connection with someone (male) only with my girl friends and whatever happens I am so grateful to have found him and consider him my friend.

Just thought I’d share this with you guys..🖤

Lots of Love

Meghan xx

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Stop thinking.. Start doing.
#stopthinkingstartdoing #inspire #makemoves #imakemusic #lovelife #thinkpositive #enjoylife #dontsettle #playmusic #playtime #thunderstorm #tropicalstorm #miami #miamibeach #florida #onlyindade #lifestylemiami #garyvee #rain #lifeisshortliveit #lifeishort #lifeisshort #behappy #liveyourlife #stopworrying #dontworry #lightning #lightningstorm #stormchasing #loveyou (at Miami, Florida)

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Nice little circuit session after a 2 mile run. Gotta get back on track! I am convinced that my body is built to fast 16/8 everyday! Do what works for YOU! 🔥#beardgang #beadedbeast #beardordie #goldsgym #healthy #fitness #fitnessaddicts #lovelife #nikeplus #runlikeawarrior #goldsgymtv #shealth #runeveryday #themarathondontstop #themarathoncontinues🏁👑 #noexcuses #subscribewithbighomiefittech #youtubers #youtube #youtuber (at Pasadena, Maryland)

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Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.

#art #artistsoninstagram #doodle #quote #motivation #life #passion #lovelife #inspiration #positivevibes #happiness #success #lifestyle #digitalart #expression #soul

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Muj me t’dasht edhe n’largsi,muj me t’dasht edhe pse eren s’muj me ta ni,muj me t’dasht edhe pse shpirti jem tanin afer se ka,muj me t’dasht se cdo dit ma shum mungon,muj me t’dasht me tan qenien teme,muj me t’dasht edhe kur merzitena e qaj,une gjithqysh muj me t’dasht se jam e fort e jam femen.


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