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#lovely dog

Let me introduce you all to “no, she can’t come into my room” AKA “fine, but she can’t get on the bed” AKA “fine, but she’s not sleeping with me”.

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My favorite thing is my dog. Her name is 수리(Suri) and she is an American Cocker Spaniel. Her beautiful golden fur and big ears are so attractive. Whenever I come back home, she always greets me wagging her short tail. Also, she has a chubby belly and a big rump. When I see her rump, it seems like a golden peach with furs. It is so cute. When I touch her nose, I can feel the good moisture, and her nose is so soft. That’s the reason why I like her nose.

    As you know, American Cocker Spaniel has big ears. It is their one of the points of attraction, but there are some problems. Not a few of them have an ear infection because their big ears have bad ventilation. 수리 has a ear infection, too. My family have tried to care her ears, but it is incurable disease. We have no choice but to do so.

    수리 likes taking for a walk and she is so active because American Cocker Spaniel is a bird dog. If I started to playing ball with her, she played at least 2 hours. After she finished her playing, she used to sleep with me. I can feel her temperature when she lies beside me, and I can sleep well due to the warmth. She is my favorite dog in the world, and my family.

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