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A Poem: Why Do All My Friends Turn Mean

Why do all my friends turn mean?

I remember when we were little girls on the swing…

Screaming some lyrics by rage against the machine

We Shared our secrets and played dress up too

But It was always my mom begging your mom begging you

To stay the night, stay up late, eat some pizza, play dream date,

spill the candy between the cushions, prank call the neighbors and make shadows on the ceiling with our painted fingers, thinking I just found a sister

We Buried a box in a the backyard with pictures of our enemies

But now I bury you deep in my hurt

Because you turned on me, you turned mean

Rough draft can’t sleep

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January 26, 2020

We were watching the movie: Le trou. It’s an old black and white movie that tell about a man’s journeys into prison. A trilling movie!

You can watch the trailer here:

26 Janvier 2020

Nous écoutions le film: Le trou. C’est un vieux film des années soixante qui raconte le séjour d’un prisonnier. C’est un film plein de suspense.

Vous pouvez voir la bande annonce ici :

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Happiness is so easy when I’m with you 💕

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All my life I’ve loved vanilla everyyyyything. But the older I get the more I just freaking love chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cheese cake, plain chocolate bars, Reese’s Pieces. 

I guess your tastebuds really do change with age. 

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i miss the lover era 

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Been watching photography documentaries like back when I was in college

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it’s amazing how effective a saxophone can be at making a song feel like new york city

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Tonight, we talk track 11s. But before we do, folklore turned 6 months yesterday, so happy 6 months (and a day)! I just wanted to mention that and give the 8th child a little shoutout 🤗

I’ll answer by saying DWOHT but there are things I love about all of these songs. DWOHT grew on me more than any other song on rep did. It’s definitely in my top 20 of favorite Taylor songs of all-time. Tay didn’t play it at my rep show, we got SIG instead, which is another great song, so I can’t complain. I think folklore and evermore also made me appreciate “this love” more. It’s not one of my favs off 1989, but I definitely do love it more than I did 6 years ago.

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Ok Joo-hyun, finally open love?…beautiful loveover public!
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Te amo más de lo que mis palabras me han permitido darte a entener.

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if taylor wrote i forgot that you existed today it would’ve had the fuck word in it and maybe THEN you’d all appreciate it

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