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“Follow me home, if you dare to” shows the same kind of vulnerability that’s in Delicate because it basically means “if you get close to me you’ll risk so much.”

And the lyric “I wouldn’t know where to lead you” means that she doesn’t know where her home is, she doesn’t know where she belongs and it’s the saddest and my favourite lyric of her.

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do u ever think about how when taylor was 13 she wrote The Outside, a song about not fitting it, and wrote A Place In The World, a song about looking for where you belong. And when she was 18 she sang the lyrics “I didn’t know who I was supposed to be” and 11 years later she wrote “I never knew I’d love this world they’ve let me into” and after feeling like she doesn’t belong anywhere she’s found her place, she’s found her real friend and she is truly happy?

Because I think about this all the time

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Lover Album Review 2020

Hello, I hope everyone is doing good! How’s the Rapunzel-ing going on?

I just got an email from work confirming about my termination. Great! Keep the good news coming! It keeps getting worse. I just hope that I’ll get my unemployment insurance and the stimulus check. If not… I don’t know. Have faith!

Anywayyy… Soon you’ll get better! We’ll get better! Soon! Just like what Taylor said. Speaking of Taylor Swift… In times like these, when you’re in a quarantine, bored, or sad, she’ll be there to help you fight it thru her songs. Yes T. Swizzle, our queen, our hero haha! I have a lot of time so I am going to make a review of her 7th album, Lover. This is a review from a lover (no pun intended :))) or a fan so this will be like 100% good vibes. Negativity is not allowed here. No rats allowed here. This is a review from a fan that played the album a hundred times already or should I say a million times hehe. This is a review from a fan, not a musician or an expert from the industry so this is a jargon-free review haha! So here we go! And this is gonna be quite long so patience my friend.

“Welcome to bridge city!”. If your town needs someone to build a bridge, just message Taylor. All the bridge parts in this album are phenomenal.  If Red is a TS autumn album, definitely Lover is for summer. It’s perfect that she released it summer. What confused me is, why it got snubbed at Grammys? Why? How? Or at least give the Grammy to Norman Fucking Rockwell! Ugh. Going back to the topic… Lover is like the summation of all her past albums but mostly from 1989 and Reputation. She also introduced new sounds due to new collaborations in writing and producing. From her past pop albums, mostly it’s just with Jack Antonoff and now she’s with Joel Little also. I was expecting a deluxe/extended version of the album though! 18 songs are not enough haha!

*FYI, Taylor brought back the 80’s music in the industry with her album 1989 (2014). She’s the one who started it. The rest just followed. I’m not starting a fight here haha!

I Forgot That You Existed – This song is really a good opening. A feel-good song. The perfect song when you wake up. Also I think, this song will be a good single. The music video can be like, walking on a field or like just biking on the street with a sunny weather haha! With this song, she wants us to know that her dark era (Best comeback & tour ever! Like ever.) is done and that she’s completely over with this DJ (I forgot his name jk. ) who had a show that nobody came haha jk!

Cruel Summer – Best song ever. I mean, aside from All Too Well and Our Song haha! … And Getaway Car. Damn, don’t ask me about her best song coz I’m not sure if can answer that. Because they’re all good! They’re the best. Same with asking me her worst song! My answer will be forever N/A! Anyway, no doubt that this song is the continuation of Getaway Car. Try to put this song next to Getaway Car, I’ll give you $100 if you disagree. The closing beat of GC really fits CS. Let’s talk about the bridge of this song. It’s a masterpiece. This bridge is so good that in the future it can be like historical where students study it for their literature subject hehe. It’s so good that Taylor even repeated the bridge at the ending. If you’ll be reading this Taylor, please release this as a single! Pretty please with sugar on top! When you didn’t release Getaway Car as a single, I got sick. I can’t talk, eat, and even move due to frustration haha jk! But please! Release this on summer! Music video ideas? Just PM haha! Would it be cool if the music video will start at the last part of Getaway Car?

Lover – The first time I heard this, I was like… I wish I have someone right now to dance on this song. Are they married already? Engaged? Definitely, my wedding song. No Lover, no wedding haha!

The Man – This should be the first single in my opinion. The message is perfect and it’s catchy and unique. But I guess, they released Me! because it’s good for all ages.

The Archer – I don’t know but this song makes me really sad. The saddest track 5 song. And I think this track 5 song is kind of different compare to others coz this is about all your struggles in life, not just with a heartbreak? Well, that’s my interpretation haha! Please don’t kill me if its different from yours.

I Think He Knows – Yeah I know, another great song haha! I mean duh, they’re all great. I don’t need to tell it. Everytime I hear this song, Janelle Monáe keeps popping up from my head. She can have this song!

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince – When I first saw the title I was like, is this a Fall Out Boy song? The first time I heard it, this is a good OST!

Paper Rings – Cute song. Another song that is perfect for OST. A rom-com movie!

Cornelia Street – The storytelling here is really good (Shout out to All Too Well again!) especially when you’re familiar with the place. I even tried to listen to it while walking on the street of Cornelia haha! Then it rained jk. Now I just need to rent a place in Cornelia street. Typed it casually in my room. Not my car. No pun intended hehe.

Death By A Thousand Cuts – This is like Look What You Made Me Do part 2 due to the horror vibe that I get from this song haha! The title and the my, my part along with that background sound that you usually hear in some horror movies. But the guitar part in the chorus makes me want to cry from being heartbroken and how life can be beautiful haha! When the album got released, this song was on repeat.

London Boy – Now everyone wants a London Boy and boys from London couldn’t be more proud of themselves. I hear This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things in this song.

Soon You’ll Get Better – Let me get a tissue first before I start with this song. Jk. I didn’t cry after hearing this song for the first time but I got headache due to resisting it hehe. If this song didn’t do anything for you, you’re a monster, a rat. :))) BTW, it’s so nice to hear Dixie Chicks again after a long time. I love their version of Can’t Hurry Love haha!

False God – Sexy saxophone hello! I feel like it’s a grown up song that’s why I cant relate haha! A coat and tie song. You know what I mean? Don’t worry, me too. It’s a sexy song, a date song. Like a good background when you’re having a dinner date (in NYC) and the next deed after that date. *Insert devil emoji.

You Need To Calm Down – I failed to calm down after seeing the music video of this. Queens everywhere in the music video. The message and video are indeed powerful.

Afterglow – When you want to emote, this song will help you. Feel free to do an interpretative dance. This will help you to calm down and be relaxed after what You Need To Calm Down served us.

Me! – Yes with the exclamation point! This song never fails to startled me especially after playing Afterglow. The silence and then suddenly… “I promise that…” haha! Like, WTF Taylor stop scaring me haha! But I won’t really forget the excitement I had when I was waiting for the release of the music video and the feeling of seeing it for the first time. Priceless. Definitely, this will be the encore song for the tour!

It’s Nice To Have A Friend – Is this about wedding? But what I’m really sure of is that this song is perfect for winter. You’re inside your room next to your window drinking hot chocolate watching snow fall, confirming if all snowflakes are really different from each other and this is your background music.

Daylight – I lost count already on how many times I used this song as a background music for my sunrise/sunset Instagram story. I agree with you Taylor, you are what you love. And the Red reference, brilliant! You know what, even until now I still can’t decide which closing song is the best. Clean or this? Or Begin Again? Here we go again… I. don’t. know. Coz they’re all great haha! Is it just me because I’m a Gemini or is it really hard to decide which one is her best song because all of Taylor’s songs are so good and incomparable!

Andddd we’re done haha! Reading is fun! Right? Haha! Stay Safe!

*This is originally from my WordPress.

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I’ve been 3 weeks now in my house. I have watch constantly on tv news about COVID19. How difficult the situation was becoming, whit thousand of deaths. But I never thought that it could happen to me and I hoped that my loved ones will be saved. Well that’s not exactly how it is going.

Yesterday night my grandpa was diagnosed with COVID19. He is really old and right now he is in the hospital fighting for his life. I haven’t seen him in one month and he has been alone all this time. He is nearly dying.

The situation in Spain is very serious and there are not enough hospital beds and breathing machines for each one affected. They has to transform public buildings into hospitals, aske for doctors… so they are prioricicing people with more chances to survive, young and people with no chronic disease. My grandpa is diabetic, has to go every two days to dialysis and has a pulmonary desease, so he is not a priority for doctors right now.

I honestly hope that he gets better and somehow a miracle happens. I am praying for him, if you do so i would be more than grateful. If he dies we won’t be able to say goodbye, he won’t have us in his last moment. Right now everything feels really scary and sad to me. I have no force any more.

I though a lot before deciding to post this because I don’t wanna look dramatic or feel in the need to explain all my personal life. It ha seven hard writing all this, no easy job. But I have done it because maybe i can help someone, don’t know which way but at least I tried to if they are going through the same situation. if people who doesn’t give importance to the pandemic virus read this post maybe they rethink it. Also I want to ask all of you that if you are still lucky to have your loved ones arround you : tell them who much you love them, take care of them. And if you want to help people ha smuchisimo as I want : STAY HOME 💕

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