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#lover era

I found out that Taylor was doing something amazing by summarizing the tweets from some swifties but it was too great. HUH? I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD… 🐬 IS THIS POSSIBLE …? How many years does Taylor plan for? She said that it’s full of plans for the next two years in the documentary video (miss americana), but it’s at least true, and I thought it might be more than that.

@taylorswift @taylornation

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LWYMMD (Piano): Jack Leopards and the Dolphin Club Cover


Originally posted by holygraund

No, not really. But I did rush it a little in their honor.


Originally posted by false-god

For some reason I start singing in a completely new key (or maybe just flatly?) in the second verse; I think I went up a notch too far when the song calls for an Am chord, and I guess I just went with it.

And, @karliesbuzzcut, didn’t I tell you I’d do the whole thing after I did a little part of it? I did it! I feel like I could have done better, but I get less alone time these days.

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lover | t.h. ~ lover blurb series (2)


A/N: Part two is here! Hope y’all like it!

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 741

Warning(s): slight angst if you squint? flufffffff

Special Thanks To: @rcmxnoff​ as my editor and beta reader!

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This is the masterlist for my series based off songs from Taylor Swift’s album Lover. It follows Y/N’s and Tom’s relationship at different times within the relationship. You’ll see the good, the bad and the beauty of being in love and I think the album Lover captures this. I hope you all enjoy what I envisioned and came up with at 2 am on a Sunday.

*Posting dates will be listed next to the titles that haven’t been released yet and the posting time will be 12 am EST.*

Please leave feedback as it fuels me to continue the series and send me and ask letting me know which is your favorite part out of the series! 

*If you would like to be added to the taglist please fill out this form *

Warning(s) for this series: angst, fluff, very minimal smut (false god), drinking, smoking

Under the cut is all the parts x 

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