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Everytime I listen to Cornelia street it takes me back to Taylor’s living room floor when she mouthed the words to be with the cutest smile as Ella and I mouthed then back. (The never walk Cornelia Street repetition part) it’s just such a special memory to me and I’ll always cherish that day and those songs 🥺💗💓💘

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This is so random but I have such a vivid memory of hearing a particular part of the man™ for the first time. I thought I heard taylor say “bitch” but no one else around me reacted so I was like nahhh I probably misheard the lyrics. Then I heard it again and I gasped and my mouth (involuntarily) dropped open. Taylor then proceeds to SMIRK at me while STARING INTO MY EYEBALLS and maintaining eye contact for a couple of seconds. That was the moment I went into cardiac arrest.

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“Say it’s been a long six months…”

I truly cannot believe that it has been six months since the Nashville Lover Secret Session. Six months since we all gathered and were whisked away to Andrea’s home, meeting and conversing with people we had only ever before interacted with online for the most part. I remember being so anxious in the when we were checked in about meeting new people. I watched as several people I knew from instagram, twitter, etc. walk in to share in the amazing session.

I still remember vividly sitting in a room with about 100 other swifties, hearing Taylor’s new music for the first time…all the while Taylor herself sat in the corner in a chair mouthing the words and dancing to the music; the beautiful new art that she had created for herself and us her fans. I remember the jokes and the laughter, the stories and the tears.The tissues we all took before track 10 which wasn’t even the sad one!

Later in the night, I remember waiting out by the pool with the others for my turn. My turn to meet the person I had dreamt of meeting for so long. We spent a few hours mingling and making small talk, all the while in the back of our minds, nervous about what we would say when it was finally our turn. 

When your name is finally called, at least for me, there was a rush of both adrenaline and anxiety. It was finally happening, moments away from a very rare and truly bewildering moment. When you wait to actually be let into the room where Taylor is, you can’t help but be nervous. I recall making a nervous joke to both the woman from Taylor Nation and the security man who waited with me.

When you walk in the room, Taylor is standing to your left and shouts a greeting and your name and you melt. All i remember is her saying “Hi Adammm!!!” like really elongating my name, I melted. I walked over and we embrace in the most amazing hug I’ve ever had. One of those hugs that was so good that we spun around and switched sides from where we were standing previously.

I can’t believe six months have passed since I stood, face to face and eye to eye with the one and only Taylor Swift. We talked about teardrops on my guitar and Gillette and even, as she called them, the “Flashy things from Men in Black”. We talked about how she relates to fans and I thanked her for writing songs about the things we all seem to go through. We hugged again as I left and thanked her.

I will never forget this amazing experience no matter how much time passes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Taylor!

@taylorswift @taylornation

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I still cant believe I actually met Taylor Swift. I cant believe that I was so worried and sad thinking that I’d never meet her and that nothing like that would ever happen to me and while I was thinking that she already had it all planned out. She wanted to meet me,too. My heart cant handle it💙 Dont lose hope you guys, Taylor loves us so so much.

To add to that, because of secret sessions I got to go visit Hollywood, which had always been a dream of mine! My visit there couldn’t have been more perfect because that’s where I met @taylorswift Thank you Taylor. I love you 💙❤

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there was a soft acoustic song playing in the background when i met taylor and i remember thinking “oh my god this is perfect” but i CANT REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS… rip

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After I got out the secret session, I wrote everything I could remember into the notes app on my phone. I opened it today and read through it and honestly I’m crying right now😭 It really doesn’t feel real, I miss Taylor so much. Words cannot describe how she makes you feel when you’re in her presence. Her hugs, her warmth and her love is just something else. She’s the best person I’ve ever met. Ever.

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Singapore has stopped selling physical CDs, so a third party sells them for $60! And honestly that’s too much for most of us.

But Malaysia sells them!!! So today, I finally crossed over on my own and found the albums!!!! Mom has been going there since lover release every week to look for me but didn’t see any. SO I WAS SO SHOOK .

I only had enough money on me for a standard.


It’s just so beautiful.

Thank you @taylorswift for completing my life. I’ll never thank you enough for saving me and giving me hope. I love you. 🥰

@taylorswift @taylornation

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