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Kamu punya gak sih teman yang diem,  tidak mau berbaur dengan teman-temannya dan punya kebiasaan-kebiasaan yang gak banget? Temen yang membuat kamu mengernyitkan dahi karena melihatnya sebagai orang aneh….

Atau… pernahkah kamu dalam posisi itu? Orang-orang sekitarmu sibuk menghakimimu tanpa mau mengerti apa yang sebenarnya kamu rasakan….

Awalnya anton hanya penasaran, dan rasa penasaran itulah yang mengajaknya mengenal sisi lain dari seorang Rini. Sosok Rini yang dianggap aneh oleh teman-temannya itu memberikan kenyamanan yang tidak pernah Anton perkirakan. Anton pun bertanya-tanya mengenai perasaannya sendiri. Apakah dia hanya penasaran dan kasihan ataukah ada perasaan lain yang sudah tumbuh?

Tidak hanya Rini, ‘orang aneh’ di sekitar Anton.  Ada Daniel, anak kecil di dekat rumahnya, seorang penyandang autis yang sehari-hari bermain dengan kakeknya Anton. 

“Mereka tidak aneh, kita saja yang tidak memahaminya”

Judul : You’re the Inspiration

Penulis : Reny Rivai

Genre : Romance & Family

Status : Completed

Link :

“You’re the Inspiration” merupakan bagian pertama dari rangkaian sebuah Trilogi berjudul Belahan Jiwa.  Bagian kedua dari trilogi tersebut yaitu  "Meet Again"  dan bagian ketiga adalah “Armand : This is Where the Story Began”.  Ketiga cerita ini bertutur di 3 era yang berbeda yaitu tahun 1990an (You’re the Inspiration), tahun 2010an (Meet Again)  dan tahun 1970-80an (Armand : This is Where the Story Began) .

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ONE DAY (chapter one)

Sakil Mahamud


A beautiful morning,I am walking alone towards my destination.

The timing is very bad so the mood is very bad. In this new town I am a completely alone girl.There is only one girl friend, there is no other friend. I don’t know why everyone runs away from me. Everyone started whispering when they saw me. My dress, my speaking style is their problem in everything. I wish, I had more friends.Like everyone else,If I had a boyfriend.He will always be by my side. He will be the prince of my dreams.

My name is Maria Vladimirovna,My nickname is Rita.

I am a beautiful girl, like a butterfly.I am only 15 years old.

Today I will tell you the new story.This is my story, now you will find me One new Maria.

I am half Bangladeshi and half Ukrainian. My father is from Bangladesh and my mother is Ukrainian.They love each other very much. Since my father is Bangladeshi, I spent my childhood in Sirajganj,

Sirajganj is a district town in Bangladesh.

Now I have left Sirajganj and am in Cherkasy with my mother.Charkasy is a city in Ukraine.

I am the first child of my parents, then I also have a younger sister.Her name is Marisha.

My introduction episode is over, now let’s get into the main story.

One day,

Carelessly I was walking down the street.Suddenly a strange man came into view.He should be told,A strange creature that looks like a human.

My curious mind went to him,It looks so crazy to see him.Can’t be called completely mad because he was dressed. Her unkempt hair and dirty face made her look strange, But his face is so magical. She who is addicted to the illusion of her appearance will surely fall in love with her.

Who are you?

A being human.

I can see that But what do you do here?

I am waiting for the right time.

What is the right time?

Who are you?

I am Maria,I am a….

Why talk so much?Get out of here.

Stupid man,Threatens me.You are a crazy drunk man.

Get away.I’m not intoxicated.

All drunkards say such things.

Get away…Get away….

Alina told you about this man,But he is half mad.

He looks good,Then why do you call him mad?

Let’s talk, then you will understand.

Who’s here? Are you Maria?

Yes,But what if you know me?

The smell of your skin,It sets you apart from everyone else. Is the girl your friend?

Yes,Her name is Alina. She is my only best friend.

You talk too much.

I think this is why I have less friends.

No,You talk a lot but your mind is beautiful.


You said that man was mad.

Silent! I don’t mean that.

No, that’s fine.All the people in the world are mad.

We don’t understand.

I will say another day, not today.


Someone is calling me,I have to go now.She is calling me,I have to go.

Who called him?

I don’t know.

Well, let’s go home, it’s too late.

On the third day I started looking for him but I did not find him anywhere. I sat for a long time for him, if he came. But he doesn’t come. In just two days, I had a lot of love for him. He is mad, yet I likes to talk to him.

I sat for a long time and I saw the blue sky,I think the sky is alone like me.

I found him on the way to school today,His clothes are worn out today.

Where were you yesterday?


Does anyone other than me look for you?


Answer the question.

Yesterday I went to look for an old friend.

Why are you in this condition?

Some boys and girls on the street would hit me thinking I was mad.

Shit! People are so bad,They found you alone so they beat you. Will you go to my house with me?

Your mother will scold you.

I’ll take care of that, now you go with me.

Who is the man?

My friend.

Mad guy,he your friend.Maria, are you kidding me?

Please mom, just one day.Please… Please…

It’s ok,Call him.

yes,Mom is calling you to come inside.

What’s your name?


Well Saki, take a bath and then go inside.

Yes mam.

You will call me Lina.


Maria, you have been given the responsibility to see him.

Yes mom.

If there is a disturbance then you have no protection.

I’ll see, mother, don’t worry.

Take this towel and new clothes, come and take a bath.There is soap and shampoo in the bathroom.

Thanks little Maria.

Wow! You looking beautiful.You look very beautiful at the end of the bath.

Everything is your achievement.

Come to the balcony after dinner, we will talk for a long time.

What are you doing, sir?

I read books.

Who wrote the book?

Who wrote it is not a big deal, what is written inside the book is a big deal.Maria, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A doctor and I want to serve people.

You are young now so your mind is clear now,But when you grow up, you run after money.Remember, money is not everything in the world.

Well sir give me some advice.

Maria, these are not funny things.

All right, you say.

Pay attention,

The chapter you’re learning today, is going to save someone’s life tomorrow.

Arrange your life as you wish,Make your own way, not follow the path shown by others.Don’t be a blind believer.

There has been a lot of advice.Maria go to sleep now.

Ok mom.

Who are you And what do you want here?

I’m Saki,Chapter of a failed story.

It will be continue……

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17 January 2021

Dear Friend,

Are you here?

I have something to tell you.

I’m sorry, for the bad things that happened. It’s my fault.

I will try… to continue living without feeling any guilt, but if that means I have to forget you, I don’t want to do it, because you are my good memory, the only memory that I have.

Why do I have to cry for you?

I have so many things to tell you.

I’ll see you soon.

Love Always,


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A Slice Of My Life (on Wattpad)

#1 of the Sliced Series

“Lighting is so beautiful yet so dangerous.”

Kourtney Kidman’s simple lifestyle is about to change when she comes face to face with the traumatizing, yet somehow blissful, experiences of being a teenage girl. Having strict parents the height of teenage years can be quite nerve wrecking and to this little drama queen; she …

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01:34 Uhr. Es klingelt an meiner Tür. Wer bitte klingelt um 01:34 Uhr während dieser merkwürdigen Zeit an einem Samstag Abend, bei Schnee, an meiner Tür? Es ist John. Er fragt, ob ich Lust auf einen kleinen Abendspaziergang habe. Nach einem kurzen Wechsel von Jogginghose zu Jeanshose gehen wir durch den kleinen Park vor meiner Haustür. Wir gehen in der leicht Schneebedeckten Landschaft aus dem Park wieder raus, weiter von meiner Haustür weg, vorbei an Häusern, in denen nur vereinzelnd noch Licht brennt. Es ist ruhig. Kein Auto fährt vorbei, kein Mensch ist unterwegs, nur die knirschenden Schritte von unseren Schuhen sind zu hören. John erzählt mir, wie genervt er von seiner Arbeit, von seinem Computer ist, und dass er nur dringend mal rausmusste. Er erzählt, dass er eigentlich überlegt hat eine Runde joggen zu gehen, sich dann aber fürs Spazieren entschieden hat. Er erzählt, dass er zuerst zum Institut gegangen ist, und dann war meine Wohnung ja auch nicht mehr weit weg. Da könnte er ja auch klingeln kommen.
Wir gehen zu einer Brücke. Von dieser kann man über die ganze Stadt blicken. Einer meiner Lieblingsorte in meiner Stadt; wäre dort eine Bank, würde ich wohl häufiger da sitzen. 
Auf der Brücke weht ein starker Wind, der uns die Schneeflocken ins Gesicht schlägt. Niemand von uns sagt ein Wort. Es fährt immer noch kein Auto und auch kein Fußgänger ist in Sicht. Es ist ruhig und man kann seinen Gedanken freien Lauf lassen. Es ist die Zeit in der niemand etwas von einem will. Eine Zeit am Tag, in der man ganz man selbst sein kann. Niemand zwingt einen zu etwas und niemand verurteilt einen. Es ist DIE Zeit des Tages, die ich am liebsten habe. Zu dieser Zeit kann ich so sein, wie ich bin. Ich kann träumen, ich kann tanzen, ich kann übers Leben nachdenken, ich kann philosophieren oder ich kann eben einfach auf einer Brücke stehen, über die Lichter der Stadt sehen und den Moment genießen, neben John. Es ist die perfekte Zeit, um endlich meine Gefühle zu beichten. “Es ist wunderschön”, sage ich und drehe mich zu John. “Ja, ist es” erwidert er, dreht sich zu mir, schaut mir tief in die Augen und lächelt mich an. Vorsichtig berühre ich leicht seine Hand, beuge mich vor und küsse ihn. “Sorry” sage ich leise und weiche ein Stück zurück. Er schaut mich verwundert an. Ich fange an ihm zu erklären, was ich in der Vergangenheit alles übersehen habe, was sich so gut angefühlt hat und ich unterdrückt habe, was ich nicht gesehen habe, mir aber jetzt klar wurde und dass mir alles furchtbar Leid tut. Dass es mir Leid tut, dass ich einfach andere Typen währenddessen unter Alkoholeinfluss mir ‘geangelt’ habe, dass ich das mit uns gar nicht mitbekommen habe, aber auch dass ich dachte, er hat kein Interesse, da nie er versucht hat etwas zu unternehmen. Er war nur da. Er schaut mich an: “Die Nacht sieht nichts.” Dann nimmt er meine Hand, kommt auf mich zu und küsst mich. “Wir werden in naher Zukunft vermutlich nicht zusammen kommen, aber so habe ich meinen ersten Kuss mit einem Menschen, mit dem ich mir den sowieso gewünscht habe.” Und es folgen auch noch Küsse drei und mehr.
Und so stehen wir da. Um uns herum viele Schneeflocken. Unsere Nasen rot, aber nicht vor Kälte, sondern vor Wärme. Auf der einen Seite die leere und leicht verschneite Straße, auf der anderen Seite von uns die Lichter unserer Stadt. Über uns die Nacht, die nichts sieht, die alles verzeiht, die einem erlaubt man selbst zu sein und die vergehen wird. Und nach ihr wird dieses Ereignis nur in unseren Gedanken weiterexistieren. Es wird für immer in unserem Kopf sitzen, aber wir werden bei unseren Freunden nicht darüber sprechen. Vielleicht werden wir es wiederholen, wenn es wieder Nacht wird und wir uns sehen. Ansonsten leben wir einfach weiter. Wie vorher.

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And I would wander across all the deserts of this world, even after death, to search for you—


Alejandra Pizarnik, Extracting the Stone of Madness; from ‘The Dream of Death, or The Site of the Poetical Bodies’, tr. Yvette Siegert 

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Si vedeva lontano km che tra loro c’era intesa. Gli occhi di lei luccicavano come se fossero di diamante. Cercava di evitare il suo sguardo, ma era più forte di lei. Lo amava con ogni parte del suo corpo, e non riusciva a fingere che così non fosse. Odiava doverlo ammettere. Non aveva mai provato nulla di così intenso. Sperava che lui non se ne accorgesse ma forse una parte di lei lo sapeva, che lui aveva capito. Da parte di lui non riusciva a capire cosa ci fosse, se fosse interessato, se avesse qualcosa da dirle… sembrava che anche a lui luccicassero gli occhi ma non riusciva a capirlo. Aveva bisogno di segni più espliciti o magari che lui glielo dicesse. Fino ad allora avrebbe custodito, al riparo dalle intemperie, il suo cuore. Lo avrebbe aspettato.

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I miss the way you would kiss me,

in a time when you meant it.

When you would have rather died than stay away.


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“I’ve missed you for so long”.
“I know, I’ve missed you too. But I’m here now, and I’m not gonna leave you”.
“You promise?”.
“May the walls of this castle fall on me if I ever leave you again”.

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Love how I used to haaaaaate heathers and now I can’t stop listening to it. The london cast but still.

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Ciao amici miei, come state oggi? Io sono stato bene, fino a qualche momento fa.. vi spiego meglio: io, la mamma ed S. viviamo in Italia e, come in quasi tutto il mondo, siamo sommersi dai contagi di questo virus cattivo.. e mentre negli altri paesi c’è chi proclama il lockdown generale, qui noi siamo divisi a zone, dalla meno rischiosa a quella più rischiosa, noi da domani entreremo in quella arancione, il che significa che il confine comunale, non possiamo più attraversarlo.. e la mamma ed S. vivono in due comuni diversi, quindi non possono vedersi fino a quando non cambieremo di nuovo colore. Questa mattina, S. le ha fatto la sorpresa e le ha portato la colazione a lavoro, che dolce non pensate?! Mentre la mamma organizzava alcune cose per il lavoro oggi pomeriggio, S. era a lavoro e ho fatto un salto da lui per vedere che faceva. È proprio bello mentre lavora, vederlo all’opera mi incanta, così come ha conquistato la mamma. Questa sera, quando è arrivato, io ero nei sogni della mamma e vederlo arrivare e svegliarci, ci fa sempre bene al cuore. Dopo cena, si sono presi un po’ di tempo per stare da soli, ma il tempo non è sempre amico e l’ora del coprifuoco è arrivata e tra una lacrima e un sorriso, si sono salutati e si sono stretti in un mega abbraccio. Mi è scesa una lacrimuccia invisibile anche a me.. mi si stringe il cuore nel vedere questa situazione e non poter stare accanto a nessuno dei due.. ma alla fine, loro lo sanno e il lo so, i nostri cuori battono all’unisono e si sentono tutti e tre. Detto questo amici miei, torno accanto alla mamma e aspettiamo S. per la buonanotte. Già ci manca tanto tanto.. Buonanotte amico miei, buonanotte mamma, buonanotte S., ci vediamo stanotte nei vostri sogni, stesso posto, stessa ora. Vi amo da impazzire. Il vostro piccolo Ricky 🧸💙

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