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w/ luv @aisdxh
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c0ldheartedbitch-fuck0ff · 6 months ago
I just want to message you and tell you I miss you, it’s a shame I don’t think you’ll feel the same
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simslibra · 4 months ago
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late valentines day bedroom post ❤️
thanks to all the cc creators! @sims-kkb @hydrangeachainsaw @bknysimz @simmerkate @laskrillz @mechtasims @pixelvibes @sims41ife @neriney-cc @eunosims <3 etc
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Fuente: tacos-de-bistec.tumblr.com
Veins 🧬
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Amo il rosa, ciao! ❤️
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pinkaapp · 3 months ago
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A little love letter to my partner 💗 my fav person on the entire earth
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A te mosolyod az én legnagyobb boldogságom...
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Office jobs thingsaaa
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omomniaum · 2 months ago
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way that this: where I does not exist, nor you, so close that your hand on my chest is my hand, so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. ~ Pablo Neruda
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honey-and-fires · 7 months ago
Sometimes, we need to be reminded why we walked away from old behaviours that no longer served us.
It’s okay to take a few steps back, but when you realise this is a view you have seen before - it’s time to rise, in kindness and grace, above the situation. Smile at the familiarity and find new comfort in your growth.
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fifisworks · 6 months ago
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2:47 A.M.
Owen x Reader
2:39 A.M.
tick tick tick…
The clock kept on making that sound. Reminding you of every second that passed by.
You started to bounce your foot on the floor. Your anxiety getting the best of you.
What if he’s hurt? What if he’s drunk and passed out? What if he’s-
Your phone vibrated.
You grabbed your phone in milliseconds. Thinking it was him.
2:41 A.M.
“Hi! Tell Owen to get home safe!”
Shelly sent you a message. She was probably at the party. The party for cyclers before the competition that Light Cavalry was competing in.
Your not a cyclist. But you try. Always been to his competitions. His parties. Met his parents. But you always felt that you were forcing yourself into his life. Like he was trying to force himself into yours.
Your a college student. Going traditional. Not a world known cyclist. Not from Manchester. Not Shelly.
You met him in Seoul. When he went to Sunny high, wanting to meet Shelly. In search of his childhood friend. But what you don’t know, was that you were the greatest treasure that he found.
And you never were insecure of Shelly and Owen’s relationship. They were bestfriends. Nothing more. Plus, Shelly liked someone else.
But he liked her, didn’t he? What if he’s out there with her? What if he’s-
Ding dong
2:44 A.M.
You stood up. Walking to the door. Scared to see what stood behind it. You looked through the peephole.
It was him.
2:45 A.M.
“Owen, where the hell have you been?”
You saw him ten hours ago. He told you he was going to a party to promote his crew. But he didn’t tell you where the party was. He hasn’t been telling you a lot of things lately.
You got into a fight ten hours ago too. You were mad that he’s been going to parties a lot recently and He had to take a flight to london soon . That you’re not ready for. Trying to subconsciously distance yourself from him to see him again in a few months.
Even though you guys lived together, you always felt like you weren’t as close to him.
Not as close as he was to Shelly.
“Relax. I was at the party remember?”
He replied walking into the apartment. You shut the door.
“Till THREE in the morning?” Your attitude showing in your tone.
“It’s not three! It’s-“ Owen fumbled for his phone in his pocket. Grabbing his phone and showing you his lock screen. A picture of him holding you in the air after he won the biggest competition of his life. Holding you tightly around your waist with your feet up in the air. Smiling at you like you were the trophy. 
“It is 2:46 A.M. “ the last number on the screen turning to seven. “2:47 A.M. thirteen minutes ‘til three” The blonde exclaimed in a proud way.
“Still” was all you could reply with. Using the same attitude in your voice.
“Why does it matter?” Owen replied. Projecting the same attitude.
“I was up till THREE in the morning waiting for you. You don’t know how worried I was!”
“I told you I was going to a party!”
“But you never told me when you were at the party! Doing God knows what! With-“
You looked at him. His hair a little messier. His shirt looked a little stretched out.
That little pang of jealousy hitting your heart again.
“With?” Owen repeated.
“You know what nevermind” you told him. Not wanting to explain anymore. You didn’t even want to hear you say it.
“No, who were you gonna say?” Owen pestered.
“With” you took a breath. Voice cracking the tiniest amount. “Shelly”
Owen scoffed.
“I’ve been with you for two years. “ He simply stated.
“You’ve known Shelly since childhood”
You simply stated.
“Ok, but God y/n” Owen let out a sigh.
“I love you”
You looked into his eyes. Seeing the sadness behind it.
“But you loved her first” You said. Finally staring at him.
He knew what you were trying to say. You couldn’t help it. It was the truth. And that’s why he remained silent.
Owen and Shelly could have been the classic childhood friends to lovers. But that didn’t happen. Jay and you were in the picture. You’ve known Owen since Sunny High. You guys were close friends but it wasn’t until two years later you met him again in New York.
You were doing an internship and Owen was visiting the MSH crew. You guys fucked in a bathroom at a MSH member’s party and haven’t kept your hands off of each other since. Friends with benefits until two years ago Owen made it official. Saying the “L word” and you said it immediately back.
You and Owen moved back to Seoul a couple months ago and moved in with him. Living in a luxurious apartment that Owen and your’s parents can afford (hey, that’s the truth)
Owen stepped towards you. Cupping your face in his hands.
“I love you y/n. No one else. I’m sorry I didn’t text you. But we weren’t talking and now I’m starting to wonder, Do you not love me?” Owen said. Sadness in the mist of his deep blue eyes. Owen’s always a playful, confident, and condescending person. So there’s barely any moments where he’s vulnerable or hurt. That is, until he met you. Where he could be himself 100% of the time. Not putting up a sly act. Showing you all the time his personality with no band aid.
“Owen I-“ you wanted to tell him. You loved him too. That you felt insignificant. That you were insecure of his relationship with Shelly. Like you weren’t made for his life.
“I reek of alcohol. I need to take a shower” He let go of your face. Walking past you. You saw his figure walk past the living room. Seeing his reflection in the floor to ceiling windows. Showing Seoul and its busy nightlife. The other buildings full of color and life.
He walked into the bathroom. Shutting the door. And you let out a tear.
What have you done? Hes going to London in two days. How can you make it up to him. Show him that you care? That you truly love him?
Well this was um… a creative idea
You walked into the bathroom. Taking each piece of clothing off. Slowly. The bathroom was big. The floor to ceiling walls providing light in the already dim bathroom. Giving off a warm tone in the bathroom.
You slowly walked to the glass door that led to the huge shower.
And there he was.
Whole body immersed in the water. The running water covering his toned body and defined his muscles. Droplets coming out of Owen’s soaking platinum hair. Hand against the knob of the shower. Turning the temperature to hot even though he usually takes cold showers.
But he knew you were there.
But Owen didn’t turn around. He just stood there.
So you had to make the first move. Take assertions. Like you should have done earlier.
You placed your hands on his triceps feeling them lightly. Then you placed a gentle kiss on the right side of his back. Then another one. His back started to tense up. His back muscles were something godly. You always adored his back muscles and found yourself staring at them for too long.
You slowly moved up from his back to his neck still placing kisses as you moved up. Owen let out a sigh. So quiet that you only heard it because your watching Owen’s every move. Trying to see his reactions.
You finally got to his neck. The kisses getting deeper. You started to suck on his neck. Making sure to leave a bruise. Not wanting to mark him or be possessive, but as a sign of knowing that he was yours in a loving way. Then kissing the spot lightly to make it better.
After a few moments of leaving hickeys, you started to let the tip of your nose trail to his ear. Nibbling on his ear almost. You then whispered
“Let me make it up to you”
You weren’t face to face with him but you could see the smirk on his face appear.
“On your knees”
A/N ☾
Hi!! First time posting on here. Still trying to navigate this shit lol. Anywho, If your reading this, I hope you liked it!! I’ll make a part two if y’all want. Sorry for any grammatical and comprehensive errors :)
please lmk if u want me to write anything. Ok bye!
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siamofatti-peressereamati · a month ago
Oggi sono colorata anche se il tempo di Torino non dona nessun good vibes🌧😪
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blackzomblady · 2 months ago
"Soulmates come in the form of friends too, it’s not just about romance. Sometimes, it’s your best friend who makes you feel whole and who understands you the most when the world doesn’t understand you at all.” -Sylvester McNutt III
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Az ő ölelése a legbiztonságosabb hely.
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Ms. College Graduate 💜💜💜💜💜💜
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