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ughcore · 15 days ago
- right here (m) ; jjk
atu!couple, established relationship, smut, angst, fluff, 6k
note: i’m srry...but not that srry...hope u enjoy! listen to right here by chase atlantic
warnings: angst :(, jimin is an Asshole, jaykay....sweet bae, The L Word, unprotected sex, more jreampie, impregnation kink :), oral (f receiving), fingering, body worship, hickeys, implied cockwarming, jaykay soft for his lady 
Tumblr media
The wine clinking in your tote bag makes you a little nervous as you take the steps from the subway back up to the street. Jeongguk’s apartment is only a few minutes away, and you can’t help the swell of excitement in your gut at the prospect of seeing him. 
Work has been busy for the both of you, and so tonight was the first night you were gonna finally get to spend some time together in over a week. God only knows you’ve exhausted your co-workers talking about how happy you are to see him, and with your three-month anniversary just around the corner, you can only imagine what the two of you will get up to tonight. 
The street isn’t too packed, thankfully, as you use your arm to guard your bag, cautious of the delicate glass bottles. There’s a small cut-through which takes you to Jeongguk’s apartment complex, and you’re just turning into it when you hear a familiar voice coupled with a hand on your elbow. When you turn, you can’t help but freeze, the smile on your face turning to stone. 
“I thought it was you,” Jimin grins, still as handsome as the last time you saw him over a year ago. You’d heard from mutual friends that he’d gone travelling not long after your breakup, and it shows in the dewy glow of his skin, tinted a glorious caramel that is only emphasised by the chocolate tones of his hair, “It’s been so long,”
“It has,” You finally say, forcing the words that had gotten clogged in your throat. Jimin appears sweet, and sexy, but you know from the sudden and brutal nature of your breakup that this man in front of you has the power to break hearts. You have the scars to prove it.
There’s an awkward silence only magnified by the hustle and bustle of the street around you both, and Jimin just smiles at you, as if he wants you to make the first move in polite conversation, despite the fact you would rather do anything but, “I hear you spent some time travelling across Europe?”
He sighs then, a well-rehearsed act of surprise at being asked the question he was clearly waiting for, “Oh, yeah. It was beautiful,” He runs a hand through his hair, the silver of his rings catching the light, “You should really visit Paris sometime,”
Jimin had once promised to take you there. Funny how things work out. 
“Hmm,” You nod, wishing for the conversation to end. The knowledge that Jimin is back in Seoul is enough to spoil your appetite for the food Jeongguk is planning to cook for you. 
Jimin gestures to your bag, the necks of the wine bottles peeking out the top of your tote, “I see you have big plans this evening,”
Now you have a chance to brag, you think to yourself, a dreamy smile already working its way onto your face, “Oh, just a night in with my boyfriend,”
Jimin doesn’t react immediately to the mention of the fact you’re no longer single and mending the broken heart he gave you, but his brow quirks just slightly, and you remain silent, waiting for him to say whatever it is that’s fighting on the tip of his tongue. 
“Are you dating Jeon, by any chance?”
The question perplexes you for a moment, and you wonder if perhaps you and Jeongguk had been more obvious than you first thought. After everything Yoongi said when you visited last month, you can’t say you would be surprised. 
“Uh, yes,” You glance away, unsure what else to say, but curiosity gets the better of you, “Why do you ask?”
“Oh, nothing,” Jimin smiles again, but this one doesn’t reach his eyes, “I imagined Jeon to be the type of person to get what he wants eventually,”
For the second time now, Jimin’s comment leaves you confused, and it must show on your face because within a few moments Jimin’s brows are raised almost to his hairline, a look of mock-shock on his face. 
“He hasn’t told you?” He asks, almost smiling as if he’s enjoying your bewilderment. He takes great pleasure as he waits for you to ask him to clarify, and when he does, you feel your heart jump into your throat, “Jeongguk told me to break up with you, the night I met your friends,” 
There’s little else you can focus on after that, flashbacks to those horrid few weeks after Jimin ended things where you could barely get out of bed, hardly eating because you had let your heart be swallowed up by the man in front of you. Jimin was charming, and you fell for him hard. Just as you have for Jeongguk - you feel the prick of tears at the back of your eyes as Jimin shrugs, continuing as if he hasn’t just shattered your heart again. 
“I figured he just wanted you for himself,”
If that had been true, perhaps all this would make more sense than it does at this very moment. You can barely breathe, the weight of the bag you’re carrying - heavy with food you and Jeongguk were prepared to cook together, so deliriously happy despite the bombshell he carried around with him - is no match for the heavy, dull ache that settles in your chest. 
“I-I, ah,” You take in a breath, but it's still not enough. You won’t cry in front of Jimin, not again, so you walk away down the alley as he calls after you. 
He’s decided, Jeongguk thinks as he arranges the roses he bought for you on the way home from work, that tonight is the night. He’s going to say those three little words that have been knocking about in his chest for the past month. 
Everything is prepared - candles, fresh sheets, chocolates - Jeongguk has never really been a romantic kinda person, until he fell for you. Now he wants to do all the cliché crap his college girlfriends begged him for, starting with a dozen roses. Ending, hopefully, with you in his bed screaming his name, an end goal he’s been unable to stop thinking about during the week you’ve been apart. Phone sex just doesn’t cut it anymore, not now he’s an adult, in a real adult relationship. 
He hears the door, and his heart leaps. He’s scattered rose petals in the entryway, and the plan had been for you to text him when you got to the building, so he could prepare accordingly, but he hadn’t received anything from you since you got off the subway. Still, he doesn’t think anything of it, and he’s strolling with the confidence of a man madly in love towards the hallway when he stops in his tracks. 
You’re crying - or at least, you’ve been crying. That’s never good, unless you’re curled up next to him watching Marley and Me for the thousandth time. And even then, his heart has trouble coping with seeing your eyes red-rimmed and your lip quivering. 
No, this is different. You’re upset, and by the look in your eyes when you lift your head, it’s because of him. 
“Y/N -”
“I ran into Jimin,” Your voice cracks a little, and Jeongguk's heart breaks, even as his brain stutters with the idea that you’re crying over Jimin. 
He takes a step towards you, his hands almost outstretched, “Oh, baby. C’mere -”
“No,” You step back, almost flattened against the door now that Jeongguk is standing in front of you, reaching out to touch you until his arms fall to his sides, “Please, don’t touch me,”
Something isn’t right, something is very wrong, and Jeongguk can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with Jimin. That spineless, snake of a man you’d dated last year - if he could get his hands on him right now.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?”
You look at him again, that same broken look on your face, and it’s all Jeongguk can do to stop from pulling you into his arms. By the way you press yourself against his door, it’s clear to him you don’t want to be touched right now. But there’s something more in your eyes, as if you’re upset, betrayed. Jeongguk’s heart quickens, and his mind runs through anything he could have done to upset you. 
You shift a little, the rose petals under your shoes crunching just slightly. Jeongguk put them down a while ago, so they must be drying out by now. You took longer than usual to get to his apartment.
“He told me,” You sniffle, eyelashes damp as another wave of tears overtakes you, “He told me what you did. That you -” Your voice quivers, and you clear your throat in an effort to keep going, “You told him to end things with me,”
Jeongguk can’t move, his whole body frozen by the glacier stare you send his way. The look of pure heartbreak in your eyes is enough to have his mouth opening and closing, so ready to speak, to defend himself, but nothing leaves his lips. 
“Why would you do that to me?” You’re almost whispering now, as if that makes it easier for you to speak around a throat full of unshed tears, “Did you really hate to see me happy? I know you didn’t want me -”
“That’s not true,” He cuts you off, and your jaw snaps shut, tense as he attempts to clear up any confusion, “You know I did, Y/N,”
“That still doesn’t explain any of it,” You spit at him, anger now swallowing your sadness, cheeks reddening from your tears and from the fury that begins to flood your veins, “It would maybe make sense if you’d made a move, but you waited months -”
Jeongguk winces, but he wishes he could soothe your sadness. He can’t help but feel that he’s fucked up, just as he feared he would.
“And even then you fucked me and left for Spain,” You frown, and Jeongguk feels helpless. You know, you both know, that wasn’t what it was. Jeongguk didn’t fuck you that night. It took him a while to figure it out, but he wanted you, just as he wants you now. He didn’t have an ulterior motive that night, he just let his body run on the pure fact he wasn’t going to get another chance to show you how he felt for six months. 
“Please -”
“I don’t wanna hear it,” You say, finalising it in your head. You grab your bag, eyes snagging on the petals on the ground for a brief moment before you swipe away another tear that falls, “I’m going home. Please don’t try contacting me, Jeongguk. I can’t do this,”
You’re leaving, and Jeongguk’s heart's on fire, the whole idea of the perfect night he’d planned for the two of you going up in flames right before his eyes. He feels helpless, but he’s too insecure to try and explain himself. You’re so hurt, and Jeongguk doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s not a boyfriend - no matter what he’d thought at the beginning of the day - he doesn’t know how to make this right, and he feels you slip through his fingers just as your body disappears through the door to his apartment. The finality of the clicking lock sealing the deal. 
Weekly hangouts usually took place at your apartment, but you had figured that if you were gonna see Jeongguk, it needed to be somewhere neutral. Taehyung suggested his favourite café, so you meet him after work.
You had felt guilty for neglecting your best friend in favour of spending time with Jeongguk, but you suppose that was one of the setbacks of new relationships. A limbo you only ever got to experience for so long, as your inability to maintain a relationship for longer than a few months seems to prevail as per your most recent experience. Whatever is currently going on with you, there’s a deep sense of loyalty within you to make sure you hear Taehyung out when he relays his latest dating stories to you. 
Tae, it seems, is just as unlucky in love as you. His main issue being the fact he never quite got over Mina - they dated for eight months and broke up shortly before Jeongguk’s return from Spain. You see it in the way he talks about her that he’s still in love with her, and you can only sympathise, listening intently until he pauses, fixing you with narrowed eyes before he sets his coffee cup down on the table with a sudden thud.
“Okay,” He begins, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair, “What’s going on?”
“What do you mean?” 
He has no time for nonsense - as usual - getting straight to the point as you shift under his piercing stare, “You’ve sighed six times in the past ten minutes, and Jeongguk hasn’t turned up. Something is wrong,”
You swallow, unsure what to even say about the situation. It’s been three days since you left Jeongguk’s apartment, seemingly ending things. He hasn’t made an attempt to contact you, and while you’re grateful, there’s a small piece of you that wishes he would fight. Defend himself or something, but he hasn’t. 
“I -” You pause, reluctant to say the words out loud for fear of making them true. But what other option do you have, it’s true. Isn't it? “I think Jeongguk and I broke up,”
Taehyung’s jaw practically unhinges in shock, and he leans forward, arms uncrossing and palms flat on the table, “What?” He doesn’t elaborate, and neither do you. It's hard enough coming to terms with it yourself, just when you realise you have fallen in love with Jeongguk, you have to begin getting over him. When the silence stretches on, Taehyung can only sputter out a few words before he manages a whole question, “What happened?”
Nibbling on your lip, you wrap your hands around the coffee mug, staring at it’s half-empty contents, “I bumped into Jimin,”
“Oh,” Taehyung sneers, “That asshole,”
“Well,” You begin, not wanting to defend Jimin exactly, but with the new information you have, perhaps you’ve been wrong about him, “He told me something, about Jeongguk,” Taehyung doesn’t speak, simply waiting for you to continue with wide eyes and parted lips. You can see the weariness in his stare since you mentioned Jimin, “Jimin told me Jeongguk made him break up with me,”
It still hurts to imagine it - that Jeongguk could willingly let you fall into a pit of despair for what? Just for the fun of it. There didn’t seem to be a real reason, and you think that’s what hurts the most. 
Taehyung looks away for a moment, “So,” his jaw tenses, “what did Jeongguk say?”
You shrug, “Nothing. He didn’t deny it,”
Your response has Taehyung shaking his head, a humourless laugh bursting from his lips, “Of course he didn’t,” He’s quiet for a moment, lips twisted in thought, and you just wait for whatever it is your best friend is going to say. When he speaks, his voice is almost hushed, as if he’s divulging a great secret with you, “I promised Jeongguk I wouldn’t say anything, but if he’s gonna be a moron about the whole thing -”
“Wh -”
He holds up a hand, signalling that he wants you to be quiet, and you oblige. Clearly Taehyung knows something you don’t, and if it’s gonna help give you closure, you want to hear it.
“I know I haven’t exactly been flying the ‘Jeongguk, Y/N’ flag, and quite frankly, your relationship is still kinda weird for me to deal with,” He swallows, and you look on in surprise. Taehyung is rarely this open with you, and while you had a feeling, you had no idea he would actually come out and say it. You know deep down Taehyung wants you and Jeongguk to be happy, but you can imagine how strange it must be to have two best friends who hated each other for years suddenly start dating. It’s a lot for you to handle too, at times. 
“But,” He continues, “I can’t sit by and watch Jeongguk act like a complete fool,” 
Taehyung is looking at you, gauging your reaction almost to what he is about to say, and then the words spill from his lips like he’s been holding them in for too long, “The night we met Jimin, Jeongguk caught him texting another girl. Arranging to meet up after he left your place,”
At that, you pause. Jimin had always been somewhat of a player before you and him started dating. You’d known him in college, meeting him in senior year, and it was a while before he even asked you out. To hear that he would cheat? That part shocked you. 
“From what Jeongguk told me, he saw his phone and got pissed at Jimin. Told him to end things with you or he would tell you everything,” Taehyung scoffs, “Clearly Jimin was too much of a pussy to come clean, so he just broke your heart instead,”
Pondering over this new information, it definitely sounds plausible. Jimin wasn’t a good boyfriend - it took you months to come to terms with that. He didn’t want to meet your friends, and it had taken two months to convince him to meet them when he did. In a way, you’re grateful that Jimin ended things with you instead of being honest. No matter what, you know Jimin would have cheated again, and by that point, who knows how deep in it you would be?
“But,” You frown, “why didn’t Jeongguk just tell me?”
Taehyung grins, “If there’s one thing I know about our Jeonggukie, it’s that he’s never known what to do when it comes to you. It took him five years to realise he liked you,”
You can’t help but smile, because when it all comes down to it, you and Jeongguk are just as bad as each other. 
When Jeongguk opens his apartment door, he looks like hell. Your eyes scan over his sweats, hoodie and the dark circles under his eyes, and you get the sudden urge to wrap your arms around him. Even more so when he gasps slightly, pretty eyes bugged out in surprise.
You smile sheepishly, eyes scanning the space behind him, noticing how dark its gotten outside already. The rush hour traffic meant it took you a while to get from the café with Tae to Jeongguk’s place, but you knew you needed to come here now. 
“Can I come in?”
He’s nodding instantly, stepping aside to let you in, and you walk into the apartment, a sudden shyness overcoming you as you try to remember what you wanted to say.
Jeongguk follows you to his living room, settling down on the sofa next to you, still farther away than you would like, but you know he’s just trying to be respectful. When you shrug out of your jacket, Jeongguk watches with curiosity, probably not expecting you to stay for very long. When you finally speak, he’s staring at your lips with a longing you’ve never seen on him before. 
“I spoke to Tae today,” You smile crookedly, hoping to lighten the mood, assure Jeongguk that you’re not here to fight, “He told me something pretty interesting,”
Jeongguk just blinks prettily at you, eyes all glassy, either from crying or from drinking. You don’t see any beers around, so you assume it’s the former - it breaks your heart, knowing that all this could have been avoided if he’d just said something to you. Or maybe if you’d given him the chance. 
“He told me the whole story,” You shift closer to Jeongguk, just a little, and his whole body reacts, almost like a flinch, like he’s stopping himself from doing what he would usually do and pull you into his lap, “Told me about Jimin texting other girls. That you gave him an ultimatum,”
Jeongguk’s head falls, and you reach out then, hand finding his and settling above it on his thigh. 
“Jimin made it seem like you told him to end things with me,” You swallow, feeling guilty now for not giving Jeongguk a chance to speak up when it would have mattered. You’d been so upset, you couldn’t even see any alternative but the worst scenario. Your heart already bore scars from Jimin and the guys before him who broke your heart, as you look at Jeongguk now, you almost feel bad for ever thinking he could hurt you. You sigh, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
He looks up at you, face set in uncertainty, his tongue darting out to wet his lips, “I didn’t want to make you sad. I almost told you one night, when you looked really upset after Jimin ended things, but I couldn’t imagine making you feel worse than you already did,”
There’s a hard thump in your chest, heart skipping a beat with another reminder of how hard you’ve fallen for Jeongguk. How much you love him, and you need to tell him, but perhaps you can understand where he’s coming from. You’re scared too. 
Your hand lifts up to cup his face, eyes a little damp when he closes his eyes and leans into the touch, “I yelled at you, and you just took it. God, I wish you’d said something,” 
“So do I,” He murmurs, his hand coming to rest above yours, face turning to press a kiss into your palm, “I’ve missed you so much,”
A tear rolls down your cheek then, and Jeongguk’s thumb comes out to catch it, his forehead falling against yours. His arms come around you, tugging you towards him until you’re straddling him, your own arms wrapped around his neck, face burrowed into his hair as you inhale and lose yourself in him. His warmth feels like a blanket keeping you snug, and you cry harder, heart beating so hard its too much to handle. 
When you pull back, Jeongguk is gazing at you with such a dreamy look in his eye, you find it impossible to look away. His dark eyes scan your every feature, falling from your eyes to your nose, settling on your lips where his thumb traces them. Your hands fist in his hoodie, and you tug him, eager to feel his mouth cover your own. 
“Kiss me,” 
He does, softly, as if you’re made of glass and you think that even if you were, being in Jeongguk’s hands would be the safest place for you. He makes no move to escalate things beyond the soft brush of his lips on yours, and his thumbs continue to brush away tears that just won’t stop falling. His voice is quiet, whispered, saved just for you when he speaks, breath warm against your parted lips. 
“I love you,” It feels like the words are coated in honey, slipping past his lips and moving silken down your throat, swallowed up by the expanding heat of your heart, “I love you so much. I’ve chickened out of saying it so many times in the past month,” He pulls back to look at you, and you’re sure he’s smiling now, from what you can see through the mistiness of your vision, “Feels good to finally tell you. I love you,”
You swallow hard, voice hoarse past your tears, but you let the words fall from your lips anyway, sincere and sweet, spoken like a prayer, “I love you too, Jeongguk,”
“Mmm,” Jeongguk hums, soft like the press of his lips against your jaw, “Say it again,”
“I love you,” You grin, fingers threading through the messy waves of his hair, the strands falling through your hands like silk, “I love you,” It’s impossible for you to stop now you’ve started, the words falling from your lips like a mantra, Jeongguk’s hands quick on your blouse, unbuttoning it all while he feathers a kiss onto the newly exposed skin. It’s dropped somewhere behind you, and you’re tugging at his hoodie, pleased to see he’s shirtless beneath when your hands trail over his chest, down to his stomach. 
He’s watching you, hands paused at your waist, fingers spanning your back, burning into your skin. You’ve never felt this exposed, never experienced a moment as intimate as this, but Jeongguk looks up at you with so much love and sincerity that you can’t help but smile down at him, especially when he speaks, voice quiet in the space of his apartment.
“I don’t think I could be happier than I am right this second,”
It’s magnetic at that point, you can’t help but kiss him, head falling to slot your lips onto his, hips flattening against his own, as if your body automatically strives to be as close to his as possible. All those arguments, the five years of bickering, the time wasted on pretending to hate each other has been leading up to this very moment, where you’re wrapped up in Jeongguk’s lap, his fingers trailing down your spine until they pause at the clasp of your bra, undoing it with quick precision. 
You moan when his hands reach to cup your breasts, his tongue caressing yours, hips just beginning to rock against the bulge hardening in his sweatpants, and you feel your whole body come alive in heat and desire. Your hands brace on the sofa behind Jeongguk’s head, using the leverage to push harder against Jeongguk, your jeans providing no give as you try to roll against the feeling, barely there between the layers you’re both wearing. 
Jeongguk senses your frustration, tipping you until you’re on your back, caging you in on his sofa before he lets his hands fall to the button on your jeans. He pauses, eyes lifting to yours in question but you’re already nodding, shoes shimmied off while Jeongguk moves to unbutton your pants. He slides them down your thighs and off your legs, and you expect him to remove your underwear too, but he doesn’t, and you’re almost whining against his lips when he leans down to kiss you. 
“Shh,” He whispers, “I wanna take things slow, baby,”
Slow doesn’t appeal to you at first - it’s been almost a week and a half since you’ve had Jeongguk inside you, so drawing things out isn’t exactly what you have in mind, but then you feel his lips ghost over your collarbones, trailing down towards your breasts. Suddenly your mind is just filled with Jeongguk’s mouth. 
You’re already breathing hard by the time Jeongguk has finished mouthing at your breasts, taking them into his mouth at a leisurely pace, tongue swirling around the tips. When he finally hooks his fingers into your underwear, dragging them down your legs, your pussy clenches in anticipation, especially when his lips return on their journey south, tongue trailing around your belly button. 
Jeongguk is usually vocal during sex, and you love it, but this time is different. He’s taking his time to worship every inch of your body, mapping it out with his hands and his lips. You feel him bypass the spot between your thighs, instead pushing them apart to settle between your legs, sucking pretty, red bruises to bloom on your inner thighs. You’re completely open to him, thighs spread and folds bare to his eyes, already glistening with arousal, and the whole affair seems more intense the longer he drags it out. By the time his breath fans over your moud, you’re already moaning, so wound up it’s hard for you to do anything but writhe against his hold. 
He kisses you, delicately at first, tongue just barely brushing your clit, but it's enough to have your entire body reacting, jolting with the sudden touch to your sensitive bud. When he goes in again, he laps against your pussy, massaging your skin with his tongue, and your breath catches in your throat. 
“You taste so good, baby,” He murmurs, voice almost slurring, drunk on the taste of you and his own arousal, “I could taste your pussy for the rest of my life and never get tired,”
It should terrify you, it should have you sitting up in surprise, but the idea of this - of him - for the rest of your life sounds like heaven. Especially if he treats you like this, savouring you like you’re his favourite meal, tongue hot and wet as it flicks against you. You’re calling his name, quietly, not really asking for his attention, but you just need to say it. To keep you grounded before you float off into space from the high his touch gives you. 
“I’m here,” He speaks against your thigh, pausing his tongue’s assault on your clit to press more marks into your skin, his hand reaching up to thread his fingers with yours, “I love you,”
“I - “ You moan, his tongue returning to your pussy with his finger, circling your entrance before he enters it slowly. Your back arches, hands flying to clutch at your breasts, desperate for more feeling, more pleasure, “God, Jeongguk -”
He enters another, if only to see you arch your back so pretty again, your small hands doing little to cover your breasts the way Jeongguk’s would, but he admires the view from his vantage point between your thighs, fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt slowly, swallowed up by the repetitive clenching, “Say it, baby. Need to hear you,”
You’re panting, but you look down at him, fingers moving to thread through his hair so you can see his eyes properly as you speak, “I love you -”
“Good girl,” He lifts his face from your pussy, a thumb moving to circle your clit, swiping over the bud fast enough to have you moaning, head falling back into the sofa. Jeongguk’s cock twitches, but he’s overcome by a swell of love when his name continues to fall from your lips. Your hand falls from his hair, and he grabs it with his free hand, kissing the palm as you lose it on his fingers, your orgasm coming faster than you were prepared for. He loves the way your eyes widen right before it happens, closing the second the first wave hits you, and he feels it in the way you tighten up on his digits, spilling on his hand. 
“Ff-Fuck -” Automatically, your thighs try to close around Jeongguk’s hand, but he pushes them apart, “Jeongguk -” 
“Can’t wait to be inside you, baby,” He removes his fingers, sucking the remnants of your cum from his digits and humming pleasantly at the sweet taste of you. You’re lax on his sofa now, thighs parted and fucked-out cunt on display for him. He can’t get out of his sweats quick enough, cock springing the seconds it's free, the tip wet and shiny with pre-cum. 
You prop yourself up on one elbow, a hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder, urging his body onto yours, capturing his lips with your own while your other hand grasps his cock, positioning it at your entrance. The tip is smoothed through your sodden folds, wet enough to slip inside without resistance, but it still has you both moaning against each other’s lips. 
“Love you -” Jeongguk murmurs. He doesn’t know how many times you’ve both said it now, but he could hear it fall from your lips forever. His hips flatten against your own, length reaching the deepest parts of you, but he gives you both a second to get used to the stretch. His chest is rising and falling hard now, and he hardly realised how badly he needed to fuck you until he got between your thighs, but now he never wants to leave, “You feel so fucking good,”
Hands grasping at his hips, your tugging, urging him to move, laying back down on the sofa as Jeongguk crowds over you, forearms on either side of your shoulders. When he pulls out, just to the tip, and slams back into you, he almost sees stars with how tight you are. 
“Yes, yes,” You’re begging him, nails digging into his back, “Like that, please -”
Jeongguk groans, and obliges, thrusting a couple more times before his hips begin to snap against yours, the sounds of your fucking filling the air. The sofa creaks softly beneath them, and the sound only eggs him on, the sudden urge to break the sofa with you filling Jeongguk. You’re crying out, legs wrapped around his waist as he fucks into you, hard and fast just like you ask, and he relishes the feeling of fucking you raw - something the two of you have been doing a little too often. You’re wrapped around him so tight, you feel like silk, and Jeongguk can hardly stop the words spilling from his lips when he’s inside you. 
“God - gonna fill you up -” He pants, and you let out a broken moan, urging Jeongguk to grasp your thigh, pushing it up and wider so he can fuck you as deep as possible. The wet drag of his cock along your walls has you both on the edge of sanity, and Jeongguk can feel you tightening on him when he whispers filth against your lips, “Want me to fill you up with my cum? - Yeah? Fuck - gonna put a baby in you,”
At that, you gasp, but Jeongguk feels you clench impossibly tight on him, and he grins down at you, breathless and so over the edge he can barely hold on to stop from cumming inside you.
“I felt that -” He pants, “You like that? Want me to get you pregnant, yeah?”
“Fuck -” You groan, biting your lip, and Jeongguk knows you’re too far gone to stop now. You’re on the verge of cumming, so wet he can hear it, sweat dripping down your temple, “Please - Jeongguk, cum inside me -”
“Jesus -” He can feel it, the base of his spine tingling with the promise of release, his balls tightening up as they slap against your ass, and he can barely breathe with the heat in the room, “Okay, baby - God, I’m cumming -”
“Yes -! Oh, god -” You and Jeongguk fall together, just as you had from the beginning. You tighten around him as he spills inside you, his brows furrowed as he watches you fall apart beneath him, the sweet sting of your nails dragging down his back all he needs to let the last, most devastating wave of pleasure crash over him as you throb around his cock. 
The room is deafeningly silent aside from the collective sound of your breathing as Jeongguk crowds over you, his fingers brushing the stray hairs from your face, lips dropping soft kisses to your cheeks and your eyelids. When you open your eyes again, you grin, an exhausted but sated smile, and Jeongguk feels himself fall in love all over again. 
“I really love you so much, I might die,” He says, face dreamy and you burst into laughter, wrapping your arms and legs around his body, hardly caring about the stickiness of both your skin, or the feeling of his cum leaking from inside you. It’s all perfect to you.
When you lift your head to kiss him again, Jeongguk meets you halfway, smiling shyly when you pull back, “I can’t stop telling you I love you. I think you’ve broken me,”
“You look perfect to me,” He replies, dropping a kiss to your forehead and sitting up, carrying you to the bathroom with you in his arms. 
Tumblr media
> read the rest of the atu!jaykay series here
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lookingforluna · 3 months ago
Mine Only || kth
Tumblr media
☾ Pairing: Non-Idol!Taehyung x Reader
☾ Word Count: 1.2k
☾ Rating: M
☾ Genre: smut, fluff, established relationship!, non-idol!au
☾ Warnings: smut, teasing, fingering, exhibitionism, voyeurism  
☾ Summary: Moving in with Taehyung hasn’t been easy. You’re always doing most of the work. He tries his best to pitch in and help, but it doesn’t always work out. You knew that when he was living with the boys at the dorm, he couldn’t cook. He still can’t. He hated cleaning up when he was there, and the same goes here. Laundry was the only thing he managed to do at the dorms, but at your shared apartment that was a different story.
☾ A/N: Hi there this might look familiar because it was from my previous account. I now go by Luna and I’m happy to be back on Tumblr! I’ll be posting a majority of my old stories, but I have many new ones planned 💙
Tumblr media
"Babeee," you hear Taehyung shout from the living room where he's currently chilling with the guys. Letting out a sigh, you leave the pile of laundry on your bed, walking down the hall and into the living room. You notice that everyone is smiling as they drink their beer and talking.
"Yes, Tae," you say as you walk over to his chair, standing beside him." He turns his face a wide grin taking over as he sees notices you. He grabs your wrist, pulling you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you. "I missed you soo much," he smiles, resting his chin on your shoulder. You could tell that he was a little tipsy from the beer he drank. His eyes are glassy and his cheeks were slightly flushed.
Rolling your eyes, you try to unwrap his arms from around your waist, "I don't have time for this Tae. I have to finish the laundry." His arms stay put, and he pulls you closer to him a pout now taking over his features. "Please stay baby, I want you here," he whines, the pout even more visible than before. You realize there's no use in fighting it. When Taehyung drinks, he gets incredibly clingy and wants attention. He especially loves to cuddles, and it's magnified ten times more when alcohol is in his system.
"So how has it been living with Tae, y/n?" Jungkook asks as he takes a sip of his beer, his cheeks beyond flushed and his eyes very glassy. You raise your eyebrows, giving him a look as you begin to speak. "Well, it would be easier if he helped me with the cleaning or the laundry since he doesn't know how to cook," you explain, turning your head slightly to look at your tipsy boyfriend.
"Hey! I tried to help you with the laundry," Tae shouts, the alcohol traveling through his bloodstream and taking effect. Jimin and Jungkook both break out laughing at your boyfriend's sudden outburst.
"Why did you stop?" Jimin asks, brows raised in interest. You looked at your boyfriend, waiting for him to respond. You could see that he was embarrassed to tell his brothers the reason you prohibited him from doing the laundry. "Well?" Jungkook said, still waiting for Taehyung's response. He mumbles quietly not loud enough for the two boys to hear, as the two sit impatiently pushing him to speak up. "I kept getting turned on," Tae mumbles, his eyes avoiding the boys' gazes. You can't stifle a giggle that passes through your lips.    
"Wait. What?" Jimin laughs loudly, his body collapsing forward onto the ground as he broke out into laughter. "This one right here had to stop doing the laundry because he would get turned on every time he saw my panties," you laugh, ruffling Taehyung's hair with your fingers. He groans and pushes your hands away, trying to fix his tousled hair.
"Wow Tae, you cum from just seeing her panties," Jungkook laughs while shaking his head. Your boyfriend is starting to become annoyed as everyone laughs at him. You can tell from the way his breathing changes.
"I can't help it. She wears these tiny thongs, and some of them are lacy or silk and ugh. Just look," Taehyung groans his hands, gripping your knees and spreading your legs open. Your eyes widen in shock as you try to close your legs, but Taehyung whispers in your ear demanding you stay still.
You look at Jungkook and Jimin. Their eyes are both fixed at the spot between your legs. Your dress had risen bunching around your waist when Taehyung spread your legs open. Your sheer baby pink thong was resting against your skin, the slit wet with your arousal. You watched the two boys sitting in front of you. The scene was causing you to grow wetter, the sinfulness of it making you even more aroused. A soft moan fell from your lips as Jungkook's tongue wet his lips, his eyes flickering towards yours at the sound. "Well someone's enjoying the attention," Jimin says, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip as his eyes take you in. You turn your head towards your boyfriend and find a smirk dancing on his lips.
"Oh she loves the attention, don't you baby?" Taehyung smirks as his right hand, comes down, teasing your lips through the thin fabric. You nod and keep your eyes trained on the two boys in front of you. Their eyes memorizing the sight of you exposed like this, spread out open on their brothers' lap. "And you two didn't believe me," Taehyung chuckles as his fingers continue their slow motions in the wetness seeping through your panties. "Believe me now?" He mumbled, pulling your earlobe between his teeth, gently sucking on it before trailing his lips down to your neck. The boys before you both mumble a quick 'yes.' Their eyes take in your flushed cheeks and the way your head is thrown back against Taehyung's shoulder.
"Baby I need more please," you whine grinding your hips down against the growing bulge below you. Taehyung lets out a small groan, his teeth biting the flesh against your neck before sucking it into your mouth.
"Hmm you're a naughty girl y/n," Jungkook says, his voice sounding deeper than usual. His eyes burn into yours, the lust only growing as his eyes watch Taehyung's fingers moving between your clothed slit. "Can we see?" Jimin breathes out, his voice sounding huskier, nothing like the natural light and airy sound you've come to know. A deep chuckle leaves Taehyung's throat as he takes in Jimin's question. The alcohol had disappeared from his system, and he was fully sober now.
"Hmm, I don't know about that Jimin. I wouldn't want the two of you to get any ideas about my girl," Taehyung mumbles, his eyes dark with mischief as his fingers slip beneath the band of your thong, his middle finger sinking itself deep into your pussy. A loud moan slipped past your lips as you pushed yourself forward, trying to sink Taehyung's finger even deeper into you. Your arms wrapped themselves around Taehyung's neck as your hips start to thrust down onto his finger.
"Fuck she's sexy. Hyung, please let us see her," Jungkook moans, his hand coming up to palm himself through his sweats. Jimin licks his lips as his hand moves to touch himself as well; his eyes hazy with lust. Taehyung doesn't say anything for a minute, and you can see the wheels turning in his head as he thinks things through.  
"Okay, let's go to the bedroom," Taehyung smirks as he picks you up. Your legs wrap around his waist as you grind yourself up and down on his finger, Jungkook and Jimin trailing behind the two of you like hungry predators.
Taehyung opens the bedroom door and suddenly stops spinning around in the doorway before Jungkook and Jimin can walk in.
"You guys seriously thought I'd let you see my girl?" he growls before slamming the door shut in their faces. A giggle erupts from your throat as you hear the boys groan from behind the door, the front door closing with a bang.          
"Your mine. And mine only," Taehyung whispers slamming his lips on yours.
Tumblr media
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Copyright © 2019-2021 lookingforluna. All rights reserved. Please do not repost on any platform or translate without permission.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
unplanned - park jimin x reader
pt 7: smile and wave
↳ last ↳ next
summary: after college, y/n thought she had everything planned out. she would get a job, meet the future love of her life, get married, and then kids…. but what happens when everything y/n had planned for gets tossed away when an unplanned child gets thrown into the mix? even worse, what happens when the father, who was once her best friend, is now a world-renowned model who doesn’t even know said baby exists? life can’t get anymore screwed up… right?
notes: jimin and y/n finally made up but what’s up with tae...? guess we’ll have to see what happens!!! anyways,, if you liked what you’ve read so far please share your thoughts with me and of course, reblogs are always appreciated!! it gets my work out there and helps encourage me to write more. thank you <333
tag list (lmk if you wanna be tagged): @beeeb05 @anpanman-sonyeondan @samros95 @infernal-alpaca @secretlycrazyhummingbird @taetaeworldd @babieemochi @lustremyg @rjsmochii @jikooksgirl19 @staerryminimini @cainami @rae-bear @craftymoonchaos @soulphoenix1618 @ownthesunshine @halesandy @despressowhatelse @imluckybitches
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imsugakookiebiased · 5 months ago
Playful Rivalry
Tumblr media
Pairing: Platonic Vmin x female reader. Platonic Jungkook x female reader
Requested: Yes
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Angst? depending on how you look at it
Word Count: 4.7k
Warnings: None
Summary: You’ve known Tae and Jimin for years, so naturally they get a bit jealous when Jungkook makes his way into your friend circle.
Disclaimer: Rights to the images used in the header belong to BigHit and BTS. All written work is my own. Do not copy, translate, or repost my work onto other sites without my permission. Requests are OPEN
You met both Jimin and Taehyung in school. Jimin was in the same class as you, and you ended up being partnered together for a project. Not long after did he introduce you to Taehyung and the three of you became an almost inseparable trio. The three of you always did everything together; whether it be going out for lunch or curling up on the couch for an impulse movie night. Even when they debuted and grew big with Bangtan, you were always there supporting them. Of course, you weren’t able to see your boys as often because of their busy schedule, but, on the other hand, you got to meet the rest of the members. You all got along fairly well, but you never bonded with any of them the way you did with Taehyung and Jimin. That was, at least, until you started spending more time with Jungkook. 
You had been sitting on the couch in the dorms one evening, waiting for the boys to get home from practice so that you could have a movie night. They had let you know earlier that they would have to stay a bit late but you didn’t mind, opting to play on your phone while you waited. They had given you a spare key so that you could let yourself in whenever you needed to, the boys all knew who you were anyways. You had just beaten the newest level in your game when the door opened and caught your attention. Turning around, you saw not your best friends, but actually Jungkook.
“Oh, hello Noona,” Jungkook greeted with a small smile, you returning the gesture.
“Hey Kookie,” you greeted back, glancing behind him, “are the others not back yet?”
“They should be back soon,” he said as he moved to take off his shoes, placing them by the door, “Most of the hyungs are staying at the studio to work on a new song. Jimin also wanted to stay back to try and perfect this one move and Taehyung decided to stay with him. They both looked pretty tired though so they shouldn’t be much longer.” You nodded and returned your attention back to your phone as the group’s maknae walked over to sit beside you, “What are you doing?”
“Just playing a random game I found,” you replied, “I promised Tae and Jiminie we would have a movie night so I’m just waiting for them to get back.” Jungkook hummed and peeked over your shoulder so he could see your screen since he had nothing better to do. Neither of you said anything for a moment, just him watching you play with feigned interest until eventually he leaned back and sighed. 
“That game looks boring,” he commented out of nowhere, making you laugh. Truth be told it kind of was, but it served its purpose in distracting you for the time being. When you didn’t say anything in response though, he sighed again before glancing at his own phone. “Do you want to hang out in my room for a bit? I have a new game we can play while you wait for the others to return? You know, a game that is actually fun.” You set down your phone and thought about it for a moment. You didn’t know Jungkook too well, but this would be a great way to fix that and make a new friend. It would also give you something to do while you waited for the other two to get back. 
“Sure,” you agreed after a minute. Jungkook smiled and jumped up from his seat, grabbing your hand and practically dragging you down the hall to his room. While it startled you a bit, you also couldn’t help but laugh wondering what exactly you just got yourself dragged into. 
It was about 20 minutes later when Jimin and Taehyung found themselves stumbling inside of the dorm, practically tripping over each other as they got their shoes off. Their mini practice session had gone on way longer than it should have and the two had practically rushed home to try and greet you. Jimin had tried texting you to let you know they were on their way but you never answered him, making the boys worry that you had gotten bored and left. None of you had ever missed a movie night unless it was due to the boys being away on tour. Hopefully, tonight wouldn’t be any different. 
“Y/N?” Taehyung called out as he walked into the living room, Jimin not far behind. They didn’t want to be too loud in case you fell asleep, but clearly, that wasn’t the case as they found the living room empty. 
“It’s not that late,” Jimin said as he checked the time on his phone, “maybe she just went to the bathroom?” 
“Should we wait for her?” Taehyung asked, before the older could answer they heard what sounded like a shout come from down the hall, followed by a very familiar laugh. It was one they would recognize anywhere, and not just because you were the only female that ever came over to the dorms. Glancing over at each other with a questioning look, they both made their way down the hall, pausing when they reached Jungkook’s room. The distinct sound of your laughter now sounded much more loudly, accompanied by the maknaes and the soft sounds that came from whatever game you were playing. Now the boys were very confused since when had you become friends with Jungkook? Only a week ago you were shying away in a corner as the male in question tried to drag you to practice one of their dances with them.
Jimin and Taehyung gave each other what must have been the hundredth confused look within the hour, not quite sure what to do. Of course, they were happy that you were getting along well with their members, and from the sound of it, you were having a lot of fun. However, this was supposed to be your guys’ movie night and they were really looking forward to it. Something about you canceling on them to spend time with Jungkook just didn’t sit right with them. With that in mind, Jimin knocked on the door twice to get your attention before pretty much storming into the room, Taehyung following not too far behind. Everything went silent as you jumped and paused the game out of instinct, turning to see your two best friends. The silence gave them a moment to analyze the situation. You were sat cross-legged on the bed, Jungkook sitting behind you and looking over your shoulder at the game. From glancing at the pause screen, it seemed you two had been playing for a good minute.
“Hey guys!” you exclaimed happily, clearly not feeling the steadily rising tension. If Jungkook had noticed, he didn’t say anything about it, nodding at his hyungs instead. 
“How was practice?” he asked. 
“It was alright,” Taehyung replied before turning his attention back to you, “sorry we’re late Y/N, ready for our movie night?” 
“Oh right!” you said, having completely forgotten about your original plans in your excitement. The knowledge of that had both males slumping a bit, an unreadable expression crossing their features. Still, you were blissfully unaware as you glanced at the time on your phone and then back at the screen, “We should be done with this level shortly, why don’t you go get everything set up and I’ll join you when I finish?” Once again their expressions dropped but they didn’t argue as they nodded and silently left the room. The fact that the sounds of the game resumed as soon as the door closed hurt way more than it should. Still, they told themselves that you were just excited about spending time with a new friend so they tried not to think about it too much. 
By the time you had actually finished the level, it was a bit later than you had thought. The boys already had everything prepared. The movie was up and paused, snacks and various drinks lined the coffee table, and Tae and Jimin were resting in a pile of blankets and pillows on the couch. No one said anything as you took your usual spot between them, curling up and finally enjoying your long-awaited movie nights. In your excitement, you never did catch on to the sudden change in atmosphere between your usually cheerful best friends, easily masked by exhaustion as you all fell asleep on the couch. 
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for Taehyung and Jimin, ignoring them to spend time with Jungkook gradually became a more common occurrence after that night. You came over a lot more to play games, or Jungkook would go over to your apartment as well. You guys would text and call each other all the time, make plans when you knew the boys were free, and you even started going out for lunch together. Taehyung and Jimin tried not to mind it too much at first. It was natural that you would want to spend time with your other friends after all and they didn’t want to ruin that by potentially overreacting. It was only when you started canceling your plans with them did they start to have a problem. Your fun text conversations became nonexistent, movie nights stopped, and you barely even acknowledged them whenever you came over. No more fun hugs, now you just nodded in their direction with a quick “Hey,” before running off to spend time with Jungkook. 
Meanwhile, you were none the wiser to your friend’s new jealousy. Jungkook turned out to be really fun to spend time with and it turned out you had a lot in common. You found yourself bonding over your favorite games, as well as occasionally talking about school. It became a habit to come over during the evening so you could play games together and you hadn’t seen anything wrong with that. Sure, you had canceled on Taehyung and Jimin a few times but you assumed they would understand. After all, you guys planned a lot together so what was the harm in spending time with someone else? You were also under the impression that you guys could all hang out as a group once you got used to being around Jungkook. Clearly, though, you had failed to realize just how wrong you were. 
The boys knew that they should probably talk to you about all of this, but you still didn’t seem to realize anything was wrong. You even asked Taehyung what was wrong one day when you saw him sulking and all he could do was stare at you in shock because how could you not realize? Did you just suddenly forget about them entirely? They were your best friends, and yet now they felt more like acquaintances that you used to be close to. It was after the fifth canceled movie night that month that the boys finally decided to do something about this. 
“We have to find a way to get her attention away from Jungkook,” Tae muttered as he fell back on the couch. They had just gotten home from practice and, sure enough, the sound of your and Jungkooks laughter echoed through the dorm. 
“Easier said than done,” Jimin replied, “she barely talks to us anymore. Even when we try to start a conversation or plan something she always gets distracted and ignores us.” Both boys were silent for a moment before a thought suddenly came to Taehyung, causing him to jump up from his spot. 
“What if we start forcing her to pay attention to us so that she can’t ignore us for Jungkook?” he suggested. The confused look he got from the older showed that they weren’t on the same page which made him sigh a bit, “You know, like every time she comes over we do something to distract her so that way she spends time with us and not him. That way she is reminded of who her true best friends are.” It seemed a lightbulb flashed in Jimins mind as he suddenly perked up as well. 
“That could work,” he said, “but how do we do it without making it obvious we’re trying to steal her attention?”
“Easy, we act cute enough and we get what we want!” Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes at the absurdity of the statement. Still, Taehyung didn’t hear any objections so he considered it a win. “Come on!” he suddenly exclaimed, grabbing Jimin by the wrist and pulling him until they were both standing. Before the smaller could process what exactly was going on, he was being dragged down the hall towards Jungkook's room.
“Wait! We’re doing this now?” he exclaimed, slightly panicked as they came to a stop. 
“Well yeah,” Taehyung said as if it was the most obvious thing ever, “she owes us a movie night!” As soon as Jimin opened his mouth to protest, Taehyung opened the door and dragged him inside. The scene itself was very familiar to how they found you and Jungkook the first time. However, now he was sitting next to you on the bed rather than behind you. Both of you turned your heads to look at the intruders with a mix of shock and confusion. “Y/N!” Tae whined before either of you could speak, “you were supposed to have another movie night with us!” Now you were thoroughly confused, yes you knew about the movie night but you had told them earlier that you had planned to help Jungkook pass this new level in his game. 
“I know guys, I’m sorry but-” you were cut off as Tae rushed into the room and gently pulled you away from the bed. 
“Come on! We haven’t hung out in forever!” You stayed quiet and allowed him to pull you to the door, the sound of someone clearing their throat reminding you of the fourth person in the room. 
“You guys can’t just take her,” Jungkook complained, “we were in the middle of a game.”
“You’ve been hanging out with her all week Kook, it’s our turn,” Jimin finally spoke up again. With that you found yourself being dragged to the living room, leaving behind a confused and slightly annoyed Jungkook. 
“Um guys,” you called out softly, “that was kind of rude don’t you think?” You understood that you cancelled on your plans, but they didn’t have to barge in like that. They both froze and turned to you, their expressions reminding you of lost puppies. 
“We miss you,” Jimin whined, “just one movie and then you can go back to hanging out with Jungkook okay?” You sighed a bit, pulling out your phone to glance at the time before nodding. It was still fairly early, what harm could one movie do? One movie quickly turned into two and then an entire marathon as you ended up getting engrossed into the stories. The boys having chosen a series they knew you hadn’t seen so that you would be forced to stay and watch the whole thing. It also helped that Jungkook stayed locked in his room the entire time, likely just going back to his game without you. By the time the final credits rolled, it was nearly midnight and you were half asleep. 
“Oh boy, that late already?” you muttered with a yawn. Grabbing your phone, you checked the time again and groaned as you forced yourself to stand up. You had work in the morning and if you didn’t leave now you would likely end up passing out at the dorms. “I’m going to head out,” you said, “tell Jungkook I said goodbye please?” Taehyung nodded and stood up as well to walk you to the door, Jimin staying on the couch as he switched the tv to some random reality show. 
“Will do,” Tae replied, “goodnight Y/N.” He waited until you got into your car before closing the door and returning to the couch with Jimin. Jungkook ended up confronting his hyungs a few minutes later. Leaning against the wall and waiting until you left the dorm to make his presence known. “What was that all about?” he asked as he stepped into the room and took a seat in one of the armchairs. The two older members paled a bit but kept a blank expression as they acknowledged the other. 
“What was what?” Jimin asked, feigning indifference. Now Jungkook was getting even more annoyed. First, they interrupted your time together and now they want to act like they didn’t do anything wrong?
“You know what,” he groaned, “you knew Y/N and I had plans already. Why did you burst in and drag her away like that?” Neither one really knew how to answer that, not wanting to admit their jealousy, but also knowing that lying would get them nowhere. Their silence was definitely not helping their case either. 
“To be fair,” Taehyung finally spoke up after a moment, “we had plans with her first.” Jungkook looked confused for a moment before realization finally hit him. 
“You’re telling me you dragged her away because you got jealous that she canceled your plans to hang out with me instead?” Neither one responded, but their sudden guilty expressions gave Jungkook his answer. Groaning, he threw his head back and took a deep breath, “That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.”
“This isn’t the first time it’s happened, you two have been together practically every day for the past three weeks while we’ve been here alone,” Jimin defended. 
“So? Maybe Y/N enjoys being able to spend time with someone else. It’s not always about you two, I’m her friend as well!” Jungkook bit his lip to keep from raising his voice, though his tense posture made it very clear that he was frustrated. 
“It’s not always about you either,” Taehyung argued, “we’re her best friends, have been since high school. It’s not fair that we get pushed aside while you get all of the attention.” This whole argument was childish and all three of them knew it. You were a grown woman and you had the right to chose who you did and did not want to spend time with. Still, they were stubborn and it was clear that neither side was willing to back down. What followed for the next five minutes was an awkwardly silent staring contest until finally, Jungkook gave in. 
“Fine, but you’re not the only one who can play that game,” with that he stood up and went back to his room. Taehyung and Jimin glanced at the door briefly before looking back at each other and smirking. Indeed, three could play at that game. 
Tumblr media
To say you were confused would be quite an understatement. One minute everything was going great and the next everyone was acting strange. Well, stranger than usual considering your best friends. You hadn’t seen any of the boys in about a week due to an upcoming work project, but the boys had still spammed you with texts any chance they were free. It seemed that whenever one would message you, the others would as well. They kept asking when you were free and you kept responding that you had to finish your work before you could hang out, then the cycle continued again the next day. On top of that, they were constantly stopping by your apartment for one reason or another. Usually, they would only pop in for a minute or two just to check-in, but there was one evening where Jungkook ended up staying over for dinner. Only for Taehyung and Jimin to appear the next morning and not leave until you had to physically kick them out to allow you to work. As strange as it was, you figured it was just the guys being bored since it was their off-season and didn’t think too much of it. You were sitting at your dining room table working on your laptop when you heard a knock at your door. Confused, since you weren’t expecting anyone at this hour, you decided to just ignore it. Maybe they had the wrong apartment, that or it was your neighbor and you honestly didn’t feel like talking to them right now. Unfortunately, the knocking continued and even got louder the more you ignored it. Eventually, you gave up and hesitantly got up from your spot. Your back ached in protest from being hunched over as you walked over to the door, opening it to see none other than Taehyung and Jimin. They were carrying bags of takeout and smiling widely as they let themselves in.
“What are you guys doing here?” you asked as you closed the door. The boys smiled as they set the bags on the table.
“We know you’ve been working all day,” Jimin said, “so we thought we’d bring you dinner!” Taehyung nodded as he grabbed one of the boxes and took a seat across from where your stuff was, it was clear that they weren’t planning on leaving.
“Um thanks, guys,” you said hesitantly, “but I really need to get this done and I can’t really afford any distractions.” Both boys looked visibly disappointed which made you feel a bit bad about rejecting them, but you held your ground.
“We’ll only be here a minute,” Taehyung argued.
“At least have dinner with us and then we’ll leave you alone!” Jimin added. You wanted to argue, but you were much too tired so you eventually just gave in.
“Fine,” you agreed, “but only for a bit.” The boys smiled as you took your seat and grabbed the last box and took your seat, nudging your laptop out of the way so you didn’t accidentally ruin everything. It was silent for all of two seconds before the boys were bombarding you with questions.
“So, Y/N, how was your day?”
“How is work going?”
“Are you going to be free this weekend?”
“We were thinking of planning a game night if you are.” It took everything in your power not to groan and throw them out. You loved these two, you really did, but you didn’t know how much more clinging you could take.
“I need to have this done by Friday, so I really can’t afford to take any more time off,” you hinted. Friday was only two days away and you still had so much to do. Having the boys on top of you 24/7 didn’t help much either. It seemed the boys only heard you saying you would be done by Friday though, as they practically jumped up from their seats.
“Perfect!” Jimin exclaimed, “we can plan our game night for Saturday then since you won’t be busy!” If your eyes could roll any harder you were sure you’d be able to see the back of your head. Still, you agreed, partially to get them to leave and also because a game night did sound kind of fun.
“Fine, I’ll be over Saturday night okay? I’ll even bring food to pay you guys back for this,” you bargained. The boys thought it over for a moment before nodding. You were beyond thankful that they hadn’t found anything to argue with you about.
As promised, they left a few minutes after you all finished eating, reminding you about Saturday before closing the door. You let out a tired sigh as you fell back into your chair, quickly turning your laptop back on so you could continue where you left off. Even though you were annoyed by the sudden interruption, you also had to admit that having food in your system made it much easier to concentrate. It only lasted for maybe an hour though before the sound of your phone vibrating snapped your attention away from the screen yet again. “What now?” you muttered as you flipped the mobile device over. Seeing a text from Jungkook asking if you were free to hang out this weekend, you sighed for what had to be the millionth time that night.
‘Tae and Jiminie invited me to a game night on Saturday.’ you texted back, getting a reply almost immediately.
‘Oh :( I was hoping we could play games.’
‘Why can’t we all just play games?’ It took him longer to text back this time which was odd, but you tried not to dwell on it as you went back to work. Another 15 minutes passed before you heard your phone go off again.
‘I guess so...see you Saturday.’ Odd, but at least you could rest easy knowing that you had two days of silence to finally get your work done. You could deal with your friends strange behavior when you went to hang out. 
Tumblr media
Saturday came a lot quicker than expected and you were actually very excited. You submitted your finished project with a few hours to spare and you had spent the rest of the day relaxing so you could have all your energy for spending time with your best friends. They also stopped messaging and randomly popping over after your text conversation, you assumed so you could focus better. You stepped out of your car and made your way up to the dorm, knocking a few times before using your key to let yourself in. Immediately you were greeted with all three boys sitting in the living room, various games and snacks scattered all over the coffee table. Whatever they were talking about was quickly forgotten as they all turned to face you. 
“Y/N!” they all exclaimed, jumping up to greet you. You laughed a bit as you hugged all three of them individually. Each hug seemed to last longer than the last but you didn’t seem to notice. 
“Come on!” Tae urged, pulling you so you were sitting between him and Jimin, much to Jungkooks dismay. “We couldn’t decide on what game to play first so maybe you could choose for us?” Tae pointed at one game while Jungkook pointed at another. It was becoming increasingly obvious to you now that there was tension between the three, but you didn’t know why. 
“Umm why don’t we start with this one?” you suggested as you pointed to the game Jungkook was suggesting. Seeing the hurt look on the other two you quickly added, “I mean, it’s shorter so we can start  with that and finish with your guys’ choice right?” That didn’t come off as very convincing, but you didn’t hear any objections as you set the game up. If anything, your explanation only seemed to upset Jungkook as well.
This silent competition between the boys only grew as you guys played. From offering you snacks to having you argue who broke the rules, to even letting you cheat to upset the other. Eventually, you had enough of this and threw down the bag of chips you were holding, immediately catching everyone’s attention. “Alright enough!” you exclaimed, “what is going on with you three?” They all looked scared and a little confused as they glanced at you, but no one said anything. Taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you spoke again, “You guys have been like this all week. Whenever one of you does something the other will copy, and now you’re fighting over a game. Is there something I missed?” It was Jungkook who finally spoke up after what felt like an eternity of awkward silence.
“Who do you enjoy spending time with more?” he asked, catching you completely off guard. Jimin noticed your confusion and immediately stepped in to explain.
“You started canceling on us to spend time with Jungkook.”
“But then you started canceling on me to hang out with them,” Jungkook quickly added, ignoring the glare he got. 
“So who do you like more?” Taehyung asked. You were honestly speechless, all the past incidents from the last week or so starting to make sense. The boys were jealous because you weren’t distributing your time evenly between them. You didn’t know whether to laugh or yell at the realization. 
“Let me get this straight,” you started, “this whole mess was done because you guys were jealous?” Before any of them could speak up to defend themselves, your laughter cut them off, “That has to be the most immature thing I’ve ever heard. Why didn’t you guys just talk to me about it?”
“In our defense, you were pretty clueless,” Taehyung defended. Realizing how serious they were, you sighed and shook your head. 
“Look guys, I’m sorry that I didn’t manage my time better. It was wrong of me to cancel plans to hang out with another member. You should have told me instead of whatever this rivalry was. You guys are friends too and I don’t see why we can’t all hang out as a group.” They didn’t look completely convinced so you continued, “not all the time of course. There will be days I want to spend time with Jimin and Tae and there will be times when I want to spend time with Jungkook. That doesn’t make me any less of a friend.” Hesitantly they all nodded, glancing at each other with a guilty look. 
“We’re sorry Noona,” Jungkook apologized, causing you to smile. 
“Come on! Now that we’re all friends again, let's finish the game!”
Tumblr media
Twitter: SugaKookieBias
AO3: SugaKookieBias
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love-yourself-net · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Love Yourself Net! This is a network dedicated to spreading love and sharing content within the BTS Tumblr community. We would love for you to join us! Just follow the steps below!
Tumblr media
T O   A P P L Y
Follow the network.
Reblog this post. 
Read the rules.
Fill out this application.
Tumblr media
A F T E R   A C C E P T A N C E
Reblog the acceptance post. 
Add a link to the network somewhere on your blog. 
Make sure your DMs are open if you requested to join the discord chat. 
Don’t forget to tag your work with #loveyourselfnet.
Tumblr media
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megahwn · a year ago
megahwn's networks
bangtanidx #bangtanidx
boymeetsmxm #boymeetsmxm
btsghostiewritersnet #btsghostie
love-yourself-net #loveyourselfnet
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ughcore · 19 days ago
- it’s always you (m) ; jjk
atu!couple, established relationship, smut, fluff, 4.1k
note: hello! my phone is broke so i probs won’t be able to reply to anons as quick but bls enjoy!! listen to the lightening strike by snow patrol
warnings: jaykay cute, oc is emotional, unprotected sex, riding, fingering, grinding, cum play (kinda), jreampie, jaykay and oc just always horny lol, lots of feelies...
Tumblr media
“Why are you so nervous?”
“Because!” You can’t think straight when Jeongguk is looking at you like that, a bright grin lighting up his whole face even as you brush the non-existent lint off his shirt for the third time, “I just want things to go well,”
His hand rests on your waist, large and warm, thumb rubbing absentmindedly at your ribs. He’s still smiling at you like an idiot, which he is. An idiot for not realising how important this is. He’s so cool, calm and collected, you want to hit him. So you do, square on the chest, making sure to catch his nipple which has him recoiling, but the smile doesn’t fade. 
“I’ve met your brother, Y/N,” 
“Not as my boyfriend, though,” You huff, and Jeongguk tilts his head - to your annoyance, he doesn’t seem to miss the heat that gathers on your cheeks in the form of a pretty pink blush.
“I like that,” He murmurs, plucking your chin between his thumb and forefinger, “Say it again,”
“Boyfriend,” It comes out as a shy mumble, like a kid talking about their elementary school crush, “That’s what you are, right?”
Jeongguk bends, lifting your lips to his and brushing them with a soft, chaste kiss. When he pulls back, you’re probably blushing even more, but he just gazes at you with soft, sparkly eyes, “Yeah, I am,”
Yoongi, your older brother by two years, is someone you’ve always idolised. Every boyfriend that was worthy of it has met him, and few have come out of the ordeal unscathed. He’s blunt, moody and very, very protective of you. 
Jeongguk’s hand is clasped in yours when you get to the door of the house you grew up in. Since your parents went on their twelve month adventure across the globe, Yoongi has been staying and working from your parent’s house to save him money since he broke up with his long-term partner. Being that your parents are probably somewhere halfway across the world at this present moment, Yoongi is the most senior person of your family that you can introduce Jeongguk to. Well, reintroduce. 
Your hand hesitates before you knock, and at the last minute before your hand touches the wood, you turn to Jeongguk, “Listen, I know you’ve met Yoongi before, but that was...before,”
He lifts a brow, realisation spreading suddenly over his features, “So you mean -”
“The last Yoongi heard about you, I was probably complaining and calling you the devil,” You grin sheepishly at your boyfriend, “I don’t know if he will hold a high opinion of you to start with,”
Jeongguk tucks a stray hair behind your ear and winks down at you, “I’m sure I can handle little Min Yoongi, Y/N. If I can handle you, anything is possible,”
Jeongguk knocks at the door before you get the chance, and you roll your eyes, “Yeah, well I’ll be a little annoyed and grossed out if you attempt to handle my brother the same way you handle me,”
He scoffs, laughter in his gaze that is pulled from you when the door opens, revealing a shorter, dark-haired man with a sleepy scowl on his face. When he notices you standing there, Yoongi steps through the doorway, gathering you into a hug as your hand stays gripped a little too tight to Jeongguk.
“You finally came to visit, huh?”
“I’ve been busy with work,” You mumble into your brother’s shoulder, continuing when he pulls away to look at you, “The surgery has been understaffed,”
He tuts, stepping back again and crossing his arms over the chest of his black t-shirt, “You need to get out of that place. Use that big degree you earned,”
Resisting the immediate eye roll, you watch as Yoongi registers Jeongguk standing beside you, his eyes sliding down to your hands wrapped around one anothers, and his brow rises. He says nothing, a slight frown on his face before he’s nodding at Jeongguk and stepping aside to let the two of you in.
“Yoongi-hyung,” Jeongguk breathes, putting on his best good-boy impersonation. You almost want to laugh, “It’s been a while,”
Your brother is still perplexed, his eyes darting between you and Jeongguk before he mumbles something in agreement, leading the two of you into the living room. 
The place hasn’t changed much since you moved out for college, and the familiar scent of home brings back a wave of memories from your youth. The sight of your mother’s favourite sofa-throw crumpled on the couch has a smile fluttering to your lips. Yoongi bends to pick it up, sheepishly shrugging at you before he tosses it on your dad’s chair. 
“I’ve been sleeping on the sofa a lot,” He murmurs, scratching his ear.
“I hope you haven’t been working till four AM like before,” You admonish him, but he just looks away.
“I promise,” He takes note of the bag in Jeongguk’s hand and nods, “So I guess the two of you will be staying?”
“Just for the night,” You reply, glancing to Jeongguk, “I planned to show Kook around town,”
“‘Kook’? Wow,” Yoongi fights to hide his smile, but ultimately fails, “I take it things have changed,”
Your lips part, but he stops you, glancing at Jeongguk with suspicion in his narrowed eyes.
“Let me get us a drink before you tell me anything,”
The night went well, remarkably so as you stare into the bathroom mirror, brush dragging at your teeth though you’re too deep in thought. Yoongi had taken to Jeongguk a lot sooner than you’d anticipated, even with all that you used to tell him. And you used to tell Yoongi a lot. Perhaps that’s what’s gotten you so bothered, Yoongi’s words from earlier coming back to haunt you. 
“I kinda had an idea something would happen,” He’d said, and you had automatically tensed when Jeongguk leaned forward, intrigued, “Y/N would not stop talking about you. I heard more about you than I did about Tae,”
“There’s my pretty girl,” Jeongguk’s arm wrapping around your waist brought you back to the present, your eyes finding him in the mirror. You could still see the mischief sparkling within his eyes, reminding you of how him and your brother had teased you. 
It’s not like you’re mad at Yoongi for pointing out the obvious - the truth you had been far too stubborn to acknowledge before anything happened with Jeongguk. It was more so that you felt somewhat cheated. Like you missed out on having a chance with Jeongguk for what? Some stupid misunderstanding. 
“You’re quiet,” Jeongguk murmurs, his lips feathering along your neck, “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” You reply, “I’m okay,”
Jeongguk raises a brow, and you roll your eyes, rinsing your toothbrush and turning to face him, swivelling in his hold. 
“Are you grumpy because your brother loves me more than you?”
Shaking your head, you push him off you, his boyish laughter following you into the bedroom you’d spent your teenage years in. Jeongguk looks around, a soft grin on his face as he runs a finger over a photo of you at prom. 
“You were cute,”
“‘Were’?” You cross your arms now, eyes planted on your boyfriend who seems oblivious, enjoying his view of the past he was never a part of. Something aches in your chest when you realise how much you wish he were. 
Five years of your lives had been wasted, all that time that could have been spent as you are now. Deliriously happy, enjoying every moment together. You can’t imagine how wonderful things could have been if you would have realised things sooner. 
Jeongguk walks across the room, his eyes searching yours that seem to be lost in thought again, “Hey,” 
You nibble on your lip, and Jeongguk runs his fingers up and down your hips, almost tickling you but not quite. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” His voice is unbearably soft, and you don’t want to ruin the moment by crying, but you can’t help it. Your eyes are filling with tears before you can stop, and Jeongguk gathers you into his arms, lips pressed against your hairline, “Shh,”
“I’m sorry,” You hiccup, “I must be getting my period or something, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,”
He doesn’t say anything, just holds you until you calm down. You’re so overwhelmed, heart frantic in your chest, a gentle hum of warmth flowing throughout your body as you relish the security of Jeongguk’s arms surrounding you. 
When he does pull back to look at you, he tuts, thumbs swiping beneath your eyes. You’ve left a little damp patch on the pyjamas you bought him to wear, knowing full well Yoongi wouldn't appreciate Jeongguk’s half naked body strolling around your parents house. The dark blue material now sports a navy patch where you sobbed against his chest, and your fingers brush against it in apology. 
“I don’t wanna see you cry,” His voice is gentle, soothing and you wish you could hold it, tangible in your hands, curl up on it and sleep, “What’s got you so upset, baby?”
“Nothing, I promise. I just - “ You bite your lip, looking up at him with glassy eyes, and somehow you break and mend his heart all with one breath, “Did you always hate me?”
He can’t help it, really. The way your voice is so sincere in your hesitation, soft with the unsure gaze you hit him with. And it really does hit, straight in the centre of his chest, the depth of his feelings for you really coming at him full force before he can even prepare for it. And then he’s smiling, small and shy at first, but then it’s blinding, enough for you to tilt your head to the side all confused and sweet, like a puppy, he thinks. 
His thumb is brushing your lips now, but the usual hunger you’re used to seeing in his gaze is replaced with something much softer, much more delicate, and somehow more terrifying, “I never hated you, Y/N,”
Your lips part at that, brows furrowing, and Jeongguk worries for a second that he’s said the wrong thing. Moved too fast, scared you even, but you’re just confused. As he expected you would be. 
“I thought you hated me,” He huffs an embarrassed laugh, hand leaving your waist to trail down until his fingers are brushing your own. His cheeks are even a little pink, you think, “The first day we met, you seemed mad at me already. I was so hungover I didn’t even know what I’d done, so I guess the fact this pretty girl was so pissed off with me had me a little blindsided. I just reacted, childishly, I’ll admit. I guess I wanted to protect myself,”
He watches a multitude of emotions cross your face, brows furrowing and then rising, lips pouting in thought before you’re smiling a secret smile he hasn’t seen before. And then, when you look up at him with your tearstained eyes and blushed cheeks, he is unprepared for what you say next. 
“Jeongguk, that wasn’t the first time we met,”
He glances away, trying to think up a time before then that he might have seen you, but he can’t. All he remembers is the utter beguilement he felt when he walked into that café on that Sunday morning, freshman year of college, to see Taehyung sitting beside the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. And then noticing that beautiful girl scowl at him the moment he sat down and introduced himself. 
“Wh -”
“You don’t remember,” It’s not a question, more just a quiet realisation that you chuckle out to yourself, eyes flying up to his once again as he waits for you to clarify what you’re talking about, “The night the club? Taehyung brought me to meet you, and you were already pretty wasted. You really don’t remember?” When Jeongguk gives no response, you laugh, “God, you must have been hammered,”
“What did I do? You were so mad at me, I didn’t hurt you did - “
“No, Jeongguk,” You’re so pretty, smiling up at him like this, and if he didn’t desperately want to know the full story, he would kiss you senseless right now, “You introduced yourself to me, asked me on a date and then went to tell Taehyung. The next I saw of you, you were being carried out of the club by Taehyung, passed out,”
Jeongguk can hardly believe what he is hearing. The way he was back in college, Jeongguk rarely asked girls on dates. Usually he would just hook up - but then again, he spent most of college trying to ignore the fact he thought you were hot as all hell. Maybe the other girls had been a distraction. 
“Jesus,” He exhaled, shaking his head, eyes shut until he peels them open to find you smiling at him still, like a wicked little angel, “You knew this, all that time, and didn’t say anything?”
“I thought you were just another fuck boy. I didn’t think I meant anything,” You laugh, “I mean, was I wrong?”
The frown that crosses Jeongguk’s features has you worried for a second that you have said something wrong, something that crosses a line. But his frown is replaced with something else entirely, and it leaves you feeling breathless when he pins you with a gaze that has your knees buckling almost as much as the words that leave his lips. 
“Where you’re concerned, yes,” He replies, “You were wrong,”
Your heart thumps hard against your chest, and all humour leaves Jeongguk’s expression before he dips his head, lips brushing yours softly at first before his tongue flicks against your lower lip, and then you’re falling. Hurtling into the pit of desire you’ve found yourself in the whole time you’re around Jeongguk. His thumb trails along your jaw, other hand clutched at your waist, tugging you to him with a deep need. 
“Kook,” You murmur, “you should probably go - to your room before -”
He breathes hard against your lips, eyes barely opening as he stares, rendering you speechless, “Do you want me to go?”
You can’t answer, you should but your lips refuse to move. He’s watching you, eyes dark and wild, and you know all the promises that lie within his gaze will come true if he stays. But your brother - 
“What about Yoongi?”
Jeongguk’s smirk turns devilish, and his lips ghost along the column of your throat, your body almost growing limp in his hold as you’re overwhelmed by the electric feeling of his hands on you and his breath against your skin, “Wouldn’t want your big brother to hear how well I treat his little sister, would we?” He lifts his head, one chaste kiss pressed against your lips before he’s pulling away, and you almost whine at the loss of contact, “We can just cuddle. Or I can go to my room?”
You swallow hard, eyes trailing over the length of Jeongguk until you see the unmistakable tent of arousal in his pyjamas. You’re at war with yourself, knowing how old and worn your single bed is, knowing full well Yoongi could hear anything in the thin walls of your house. But also knowing that the heat between your thighs calls, begs to be relieved. You need Jeongguk, need him now more than ever, and there’s something dangerous and naughty about him having you in your teenage bedroom, under your parents roof. It’s like you’ve gone back in time, sneaking a boy into your room without anyone knowing. 
With a step towards Jeongguk, your hands furiously attack his buttons as he growls, head falling once more to take your mouth with his. 
“You’re a bad girl, you know that?” He whispers harshly against your lips, the two of you already breathless before you’ve even got him out of his shirt, “Letting me fuck you with your brother down the hall,”
The whimper against his lips is enough for Jeongguk to go insane with lust, hands fisting in the matching pyjama shirt you’d brought, so cute but far too much material at this very moment. He needs you naked and moaning beneath him, or on top of him. 
The bed is far too small, so narrow that laying you width ways across is pointless, so Jeongguk needs to maneuver you, letting your head fall against the pillow as his larger frame crowds you, lips at your jaw, then your neck. Painting a path down your chest with each button he opens on your shirt. 
Squeaks and creaks from the ancient, metal bed frame already come alive with Jeongguk’s eager attack on your bare skin, his mouth surrounding one of your bare nipples the second he pulls the pyjama top apart to reveal your skin. You arch into the feeling, teeth clamped on your lip to keep sounds at bay. 
“Is this what you did when you were younger, hm?” Jeongguk asks, his breath hot on the skin of your neck. He’s hard already, cock rubbing against your leg though his pyjama pants. Your hands fly down to touch him, palming him through the material and he hisses, teeth nipping at your collarbones, “Jesus,”
“You’re the first -” You whisper, breathless, eyes closed as Jeongguk’s hand slips between your skin and the elastic of your pyjama bottoms. He growls when he finds you bare for him, folds already slick, his digits easily passing through to rub at your clit, “You’re the first boy I’ve had here -”
Something primal comes to life in Jeongguk as his cock twitches at the thought, imagining he had been here when he was young. Imagining he’d known you as a teenager, had the pleasure of being your first. How he wishes he could turn back time. 
“I’ll be the last, too,” He grunts when you squeeze him through his pants, “Nobody else, right?”
You’re nodding before he’s even finished speaking, but he lifts his head to look down at you, so fucking crazy for you he can hardly help himself. His breath stutters, lips moving to speak words neither of you are ready for, but you bring this out in him. He can’t find the words he needs to tell you, and so he buries his head into your neck before he embarrasses you both, tongue and lips working the skin there till you’re begging for him in his ear, hips riding his hand. 
“I - I want -” You’re panting, blood rushing in your ears as the fire in your belly roars, but it’s not enough, “Jeongguk -”
“What is it, baby?”
Your hands are tight in his hair, and Jeongguk would be lying if he said he didn’t love it when you tugged a little harder. So fucked out and desperate you can’t control yourself. 
“I wanna ride you -” Cut off by a moan, Jeongguk tries to commit the best five words he’s ever heard to memory, lifting off you and groaning into your mouth. His hand moves from between your legs, shifting your bodies. The bed is noisy, but not loud enough for Yoongi to hear - yet. Jeongguk slips off his pyjamas and you follow suit until you’re wonderfully, blissfully naked on top of him, your knees either side of his hips. Jeongguk’s hands find purchase on your hips, sitting almost nose to nose when you reach down to take him in your hand, Jeongguk tensing for a second before you can go any further. 
“Condom -”
“We don’t need it,” You whisper, lips just a breath away from his, “wanna feel you -” 
And you do, you feel every inch of him as you sink down onto his cock, and it’s all Jeongguk can do to stop from cumming right there and then. The motions of it all are the same, your hips roll against his, stealing the breath from his lungs with each sweet drag of him against the walls of your cunt, but Jeongguk can’t help but feel that it all seems so much more. Everything about tonight and this moment with you seems so much bigger, and he can only imagine why. He feels it all, from the tip of his toes to the brain that is so fogged up with his need for you, the pleasure you give him as your fingers thread in his hair at the nape of his neck, the beautiful sight of you bouncing on his cock, arching your back and fighting to keep your moans at bay. Before he can speak, or utter the words that sit on the edge of his tongue, you bend and fuse his lips with your own. 
“Feels - feels so good, Kook -” You murmur, drunk on the feeling of him filling you just right, the thrum of heat ignited whenever his length brushes that spot just right, “God - “
Jeongguk’s hands are all over, your thighs, your ass, cupping your breasts and rolling your nipples between his fingers just to get you to tighten up on him. To get you to break first, to have those gorgeous sounds spilling from your lips. His balls almost jump with the force of you slamming your hips against his, your movements speeding up as you grow closer and closer to your end. 
“Fuck, baby,” Jeongguk pants against your lips, his hands firm on your ass, urging you to rock against him, knowing what you like. What gets you there, “Gonna cum for me? Good girl - wanna feel you cum -”
You can hardly control it now, your moans growing on volume, Jeongguk’s mouth moving to swallow them up with a searing kiss. Each roll of your hips has Jeongguk grunting, his own orgasm quickly approaching, faster than usual, but he can’t stop. You feel too good around him, so tight and wet and hot. 
“Baby - Baby, fuck -” He grunts again, his cock twitching, legs moving restlessly behind you, “You’re gonna make me cum -”
“Please,” You moan, “Cum inside me - I need it -”
It’s a lost cause, trying to hold off to wait for you, but he’s falling, cumming hard inside the walls of your pussy before he can tug you off of him, his stomach caving in with the force of it, a quiet moan of delight falling past his lips and against yours, and you kiss it away. You’re rolling against him still, slower now, despite the fact you haven’t cum. You can feel him fill you up, hot spurts of cum deep inside of you, and you’re satisfied even without an orgasm. 
Jeongguk falls back against the pillow, the room suddenly silent now as he comes back down to earth, the sounds of the bed moving beneath the two of you now stopped, and Jeongguk wonders if you even realise the noise you were making. He can only hope that Yoongi is working on music, deep in a song before he can realise what’s happening down the hall. 
You’re still breathing hard, gazing down on him with your hands on his chest. He can feel the fluttering of your walls around his softening cock, and he instantly groans, an apology on his tongue, “I’m sorry -”
“Don’t apologise,” You bend to kiss him, but Jeongguk can’t stop himself. He sits, pulling you off his cock and into his lap, fingers instantly diving between the sodden folds of your cunt, the mess he made of you almost leaking over his fingers, “Oh -”
“Come on,” He speaks, voice still gruff, his tongue coming to taste the peak of your breast, taking your nipple into his mouth again as he fucks his cum deeper into you, “Cum on my fingers,”
“God,” Your hips are animated, rocking hard against the fullness that Jeongguk’s digits provide, and you can just feel the peak you had missed coming back full force when he crooks his fingers just right, hitting your g-spot in time with the brush of your clit against his palm, “Fuck, yes -”
He lets his teeth brush your nipple, just enough to have your nails digging into his shoulders, and with a couple more nudges of your clit against his hand, he feels it. Your walls lock tight around his fingers, hips stuttering as you cum, your own palm against your mouth as you cry out into it.
Once the room is silent again, Jeongguk gathers you up, nestling you against his chest. You both need to clean up, probably shower again too, but for now he wants to hold you. He always thought cuddling after sex was gross, but with you he yearns for it. He loves how you feel against his body, tucked under his chin, cheek against his chest. 
It’s when you get up to use the bathroom, throwing him a sweet smile over your shoulder, that Jeongguk realises he might be in love with you already. 
Tumblr media
> read the rest of the atu!jaykay series here
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lookingforluna · 6 months ago
Secret Dessert || knj + jjk
Tumblr media
☾Pairing: Idol!Namjoon x Reader x Idol!Jungkook 
☾Word Count: 3.9k
☾Rating: M
Genre: smut, established relationship!, idol!au
☾Warnings: teasing, fingering (f.receiving), poly relationship, explicit language, voyeurism, slight degradation, dom/sub relationship 
☾Summary:  Sometimes dessert can be too much for one person, so why not split it between two? 
☾ A/N: Hi there this might look familiar because it was from my previous account. I now go by Luna and I’m happy to be back on Tumblr! I’ll be posting a majority of my old stories, but I have many new ones planned 💙
Tumblr media
A sigh escapes your mouth as you throw yourself down onto the plush red seat of your vanity—rivers of excitement flooding through your veins as you glance over your makeup in the brightly lit mirror. 
Tonight you would be having dinner with all of the boys, celebrating the end of their American tour. It has been over three months since you had last seen them in person. The feeling was unexplainable. You couldn't help but wonder if they missed you as much as you missed them. Their absence in your everyday life left you feeling incomplete. At first, it was difficult not hearing their boisterous laughter every second, but soon you grew accustomed to it. You began to focus more on yourself, working out, painting again, and even enjoying long walks when the weather became warmer.   
You can't help but imagine the stories they'll share with you as your body leads you to the front door. As you toss on a denim jean jacket over your outfit, you thrust open the front door only to feel weight preventing you from stepping out. You knew your shopping addiction on AMAZON was insane, but you would've remembered if a package was supposed to be delivered today. Your eyes scan the empty hallway of your apartment building before falling onto the box placed perfectly on your Welcome mat.  
The red ribbon and the matching bow are what catch your eyes, standing out against the elegant white box. You find it strange that someone would leave such a luxurious-looking box unattended. A little tag on the top shows your name, the letters lavishly sprawled in black ink. 
As you place the box on the kitchen counter, your fingers work diligently to untie the ribbon and remove the bow. The sight of red tissue paper greets you, but what stands out is the small glittering gold box on top of it, a note stuck to the top. 
Looking forward to seeing you tonight, Princess. Here's a gift I'd like you to wear for me. It's a reminder that you're still mine. ~ Kook♡ 
Your heart flutters at the sight of the note. Even after months of being separated from Jungkook, here he was, reminding you of the relationship you two shared. Your fingers carefully raise the lid of the box, revealing a beautiful diamond choker. The tiny diamonds cover the entire length of the necklace, each glistening as the light bounces off it. In the center dangling is a dazzling red ruby in the shape of a heart. You have never owned anything like this, and the thought of Jungkook gifting you this caused butterflies to gather in your stomach.
Your fingers pull back the next piece of wrapping paper, and a gasp leaves your mouth as your eyes lock onto the sparkling red dress. Before you remove the clothing from its place, you open the small note, your eyes flashing over the words.    
Hi there Babygirl. I can't wait to see you tonight. Wear ONLY this—nothing else. I've missed you and can't wait to have some fun. ~Joon ♡   
Your eyes widen as you realize their intentions. This was no ordinary gift from your sweet boyfriends. It was a gift from your doms. They had been away on tour for so long you had forgotten about the power dynamic that sometimes occurred in your relationship. You and Joon have been together for over a year, and the boys have been very supportive. They weren't surprised when they caught the two of you in his studio together late one night. However, they were shocked by the image of you on your knees below his desk as Namjoons groans took over his studio. 
Before leaving for their tour in America, Jungkook had become involved in your relationship when he accidentally walked in on Namjoon, punishing you. You had been teasing him a lot for your own amusement. You loved to see him get angry because there was something about the facial expressions he made that turned you on. Namjoon didn't find it humorous at all and thought it was necessary to punish you. Unfortunately, at that moment, Jungkook entered the staff room the two of you were occupying, only to witness you receiving a very harsh spanking.
Joon had recognized something in the young boys' eyes, and that was the moment Jungkook accepted his invitation into your secret world. Instead of submitting to one dom, you now had two. It was hard for the three of you to keep up with the dominant and submissive lifestyle every day because of their careers and ever-changing schedules, but there were times when they would surprise you, like tonight, for example. 
Overtime you noticed that the other boys would become touchy with you, and it never went by Jungkook or Namjoon unnoticed. You didn't think anything of it, finding it more friendly and innocent compared to Namjoon and Jungkookg. Taehyung had the habit of pulling you onto his lap, and whenever that happened, Jungkook was quick to move you into his. During move nights, when Jimin would curl up next to you with his head in your lap, after the movie, Joon would take you into his bedroom and remind you whose head belonged in between your legs. 
Jungkook's involvement in your sex lives stayed between the three of you. It wasn't that you were ashamed of the relationship that existed between all of you; it was because you were afraid the rest of the boys would be disgusted with you. No matter how many times Kook and Joon assured you the boys wouldn't judge, you still couldn't tell them. 
You had thought that it would be pure sex between you and Jungkook, but he began to develop feelings for you somewhere along the way. It made everything between the three of you easier when you admitted to feeling the same way. That's why at this moment, thrill races through your veins as you stripped yourself of your outfit only to replace them with lavish gifts from your loving boyfriends. 
Tumblr media
"Wow, you look gorgeous y/n," Taehyung says as he's the first one to pull you into a hug. You don't miss the way his eyes quickly glimpse at your chest before averting to Jimin next to him. You knew this dress would catch everyone's attention. It was nothing like anything you owned. It stopped mid-thigh, was bright red with sparkles, and the top of the dress contained a deep v, making it impossible for you to consider wearing a bra. 
"Thanks, Tae," you say, giving him one of your signature dazzling smiles.
 You continue to greet the boys at the table, receiving various compliments from each until you're down to the last two. The first person you hug is Jungkook, his eyes widening as he takes in your appearance, your shining diamond choker on full display for him to admire. His hands wrap around your lower back as he pulls you towards him tightly, your breasts pressing up against his hard chest. You don't miss the words that secretly pass his lips, the message only for your ears in that swift moment.  
"You look delicious," he whispers huskily, giving your hips a firm squeeze as his fresh minty breath sends shivers down your spine. You tear away from Jungkook, not wanting the other boys to notice his lingering hold on you. The red blush that heats your cheeks take form as his words repeat in your mind over and over, his deep stare focused on your appearance, slowly moving down your body to take in every inch of you. 
"Did someone forget about me?" 
To the others, the question would seem adorable and teasing, but you could hear the little snip hidden in his tone. Your eyes connect with his as he slowly walks over to you, large hands roughly pulling you towards his chest as his lips hover over yours. From the corner of your eyes, you can see Jungkook eyeing the two of you from his seat, his finger circling the rim of his drink. 
"I could never forget you," you mumble as his lips crash down onto yours, the feeling passionate and longing yet rough and dominating. 
"Aish, can you guys save that for later," Jin shouts from his spot at the head of the table. The two of you break apart as you find yourself clenching your legs tightly, the pulse you feel getting stronger. Namjoon pulls his bottom lip into his mouth, not hiding his emotions at all. You stare at the way he sinks his teeth into the skin of his soft pink lips before slowly letting his tongue swipe over it. 
You hasten over to the table only to find two seats vacant, conveniently both next to Jungkook. Namjoon ushers you forward, making you take the seat between him and Jungkook, trapping you between the two.  As everyone moves closer to the table, you notice how near the two boys are to you. You immediately take a sip of your ice-cold water, hoping it'll help to ease the sudden heat you feel taking over your body.  
"That dress looks amazing on y/n. I've never seen you wear anything like that," Jimin comments from across the table as his eyes slowly skim over your figure. Once again, heat rushes to your cheek at the unexpected compliment, his gaze lingering a little longer at the deep v-line against your chest. 
"Thank you. It was a gift from Joon," you say softly, sending him a small smile. You jump as you feel a hand grip your exposed thigh firmly, the hand belonging to none other than Jeon Jungkook.
"You okay y/n? I noticed you jump a few seconds ago," Hobi mentions while taking a sip of the cold wine the waiter had finished pouring.
 "U-uh Yea. Hahaha, I just felt a chill; that's why," you quickly say as  Jungkook's fingers pull at your right knee, lifting it until it's fastened over his thigh.  
You spare a glance at him only to notice the faint smirk on his pink lips as he joins in on a conversation with Yoongi and Jin. "That necklace you have on is very elegant too," Jimin comments as he appreciations the diamond piece tightly fastened to your neck. You let out a genuine smile at the thought of being able to wear Jungkook's gift. He was claiming you in front of everyone, even if they did not know of it. It was thrilling and sensual. 
"Thank you. It was a gift, actually," you explain, grinning as you feel Jungkook begin to rub circles on your inner thigh, a sign that he was pleased with your answer. Taehyung lets out a low whistle, "wow, Joon must be pulling out the checkbook for that piece. That necklace is only available at one jeweler; it's one of a kind," he grins while leaning further back in his chair, his brown orbs flickering between the two of you. 
Your eyes widen at the revelation Taehyung had just made. You hadn't even considered the price of the piece. You knew it was expensive, but you didn't think it was expensive enough to be one of a kind—the thought of Jungkook buying you something so extravagant took your heart to a different kind of height. Your head snaps to the side as Namjoon's voice pulls you out of your thoughts. 
"Oh yea, it certainly cost me a pretty penny. Right baby? But it's worth it to see my Princess wearing my gift," he says, a large smirk stretching across his lips as his eyes glance over at Jungkook. You find yourself holding your breath as Jungkook's sharp stare locks onto Joon's. You could sense the displeasure radiating off of him at the sound of Joon's words, his hands halting movement and gripping your thigh even tighter. 
This was bad. This dinner wasn't the time and place for the two of them to be asserting their dominance over you, and it was even a worse place for them to be competing for it. You swallow down the saliva that began to set in your mouth as you respond to Joon's question. 
"Yes, I love it," you softly respond, your fingers brushing over the red ruby dangling at your throat just as Jungkook's heated gaze pierces the side of your face.
Tumblr media
Dinner had been going smoothly for most of the night, and some of the boys became drunk sooner than you expected. Hobi and Jimin's laughter echoed in the private area, becoming even louder as they continued to drink more and more wine. Taehyung was just as drunk, possibly more, and right there alongside Jin, who was already turning red in the cheeks. Yoongi, on the other hand, was taking it lightly, seeing as he would be the one to drive all of the drunkards home later that night. 
"Y/N here, have another drink," Jimin shouts as he leans over to pour even more wine into your glass, the expensive liquid almost spilling over the brim. 
"No, she's done drinking for tonight. She has already had two glasses," Joon says as he pushes the glass away from you. Your brows furrow as you look at him, quickly easing as you notice that darkened look in his eyes. You knew the rules placed for you, and drinking more than two glasses of wine or any alcohol was not allowed on nights when they had plans for you. To any other person, it would seem ridiculous, but in your relationship, it was set to ensure you stayed healthy and sober during any sexual activities. 
You notice Jungkook's conversation halting as his eyes flash over to you and Namjoon, his brown orbs looking at your face and then at the glass of alcohol before you. He was completely sober, only having had one glass of wine and some water.  
"Yea, Joon is right. Jungkook can have it," you say as you carefully maneuver the glass over to Jungkook, his fingers lightly brushing against yours as he accepts it. 
"Oooooo, it looks like Jungkookie is drinking for y/n now. I thought Namjoon was your boyfriend?" 
Hobi screeches the question loudly as laughter pours from his lips. As he moves the glass to his mouth, he bursts into another fit of giggles causing the wine to spill on his shirt. His train of thought disappears as Jimin rushes to help him clean up the mess, the other man erupting into a fit of giggles while helping Hobi. As Yoongi and Jin partake in conversation, Jungkook glances at the boys before leaning over and whispering into your ear.
"I'm your boyfriend too, right princess?" He mumbles softly as his eyes glance over to find Namjoon in a passionate conversation with Taehyung. You lick your lips as Jungkook's fingers trail closer underneath your dress, gently brushing against your outer lips as some of your wetness already begins to seep through. 
"Mmm, no panties babygirl? You're very naughty," Jungkook whispers as his fingers slowly rub your wetness all over your outer lips, coating them entirely until he's squeezing your folds between his fingers. You bite the inside of your cheek at his sudden boldness, not expecting it as your hand moves down to grip his wrist in hopes of halting his movements. 
"If you stop me one more time, I will bend you over my lap right here in front of everyone and pull that dress up for them to watch as I turn those pretty cheeks of yours red. You don't want that, do you? Now stop being a disobedient little girl," he orders, his voice low and firm as your fingers instantly release their grip on his wrist.
"Good girl," he smiles widely as his fingers continue their movement. One hand keeps your leg spread wide open for him as the other slips in between your folds, the wetness greeting him as his digit covers itself in your slick. You take a deep breath and bite your lip as one of your hands wrap around Namjoon's biceps, his head turning only to see your flustered expression. 
"You feeling okay?" Namjoon asks, a hint of amusement in his tone as he observes the smile on Jungkook's lips. You nod your head quickly, not trusting yourself to speak as Jungkook's digit circles around your entrance, gathering the wetness that began to collect there. 
"So, how was the tour? Anything exciting happen?"
The question flies out of your mouth in hopes of distracting Jungkook from his movements. He, however, was great at multitasking, and he slowly began to push his finger into you as his lips parted to answer your question. "It was incredible. I flew across the stadium during Euphoria," he says with shining eyes as he recalls that moment. 
To any onlookers, he would seem like such a smiley and happy bunny, when in reality, here he was knuckle deep in your cunt, pistoning his finger in and out as he looked at his hyungs innocently.
 "W-Wow, that's really cool," you manage to grit out as you clench your jaw tightly, the stretch of his second finger entering feeling painful yet pleasurable. 
"Fuck, you're so tight, princess," Jungkook mutters under his breath as he takes a sip of his wine with his other hand. Your fingers grip the edge of the table cloth tightly as you try to control your breathing. Your legs tremble as Jungkook's thumb starts to put sweet pressure on your clit, causing your stomach to churn in pleasure.
 "Y/N, "Jimin suddenly shouts, causing your eyes to snap over to his, a mischievous glint glowing beneath his drunken orbs. 
"Why are you always so close to Jungkookie and not me?" A pretty pout takes over Jimin's face as his eyes dart between you and Jungkook. 
"Yea, you never sit next to us like that. Why does Jungkookie get to be so close to you?" Great, now Taehyung was another pouty baby you had to deal with too. You lean over the table to grab both of their hands, a small gasp escaping your mouth as Jungkook's fingers sink deeper in due to your sudden shift. You squeeze Taehyung and Jimin's hands tightly as Jungkook begins to scissor you open, your thighs dying to squeeze shut at the overload of pleasure. 
"I'm your favorite. Right y/n?" Your eyes flash over to Jungkook's to see that darkened look in his eyes before he flashes his hyungs that signature bunny smile. He loved to play games with you, and right now, this was his favorite one. The idea of getting you off in front of other people without their awareness gave him such pleasure. He enjoyed pushing you to the edge and watching to see how far you'd go. Testing limits was his favorite game, so you should've known that being fingered in front of the boys was never off of the table.   
"Sorry, boys, but the maknae is right. Plus, the two of you always tease me," you explain, trying to keep your composure calm as you begin to hear the wet sounds lightly coming from between your legs. Jimin and Taehyung start to bicker amongst the two of them, clearly annoyed that Jungkook was your favorite. Your body tenses as Joon suddenly leans behind you, motioning for Jungkook. 
"I can hear you fingering her filthy cunt. She must be dripping wet," Joon quietly mutters to Jungkook, the inappropriate words causing you to clench around Jungkook's fingers. Jungkook secretly swipes his tongue against the back of your neck, causing your stomach to flutter. 
"She's soaking my fingers. You should feel her," Jungkook breathes out lowly as the sounds start to become slightly louder. Your eyes flicker around the table, noticing the boys focused on their conversations. There was no way they were aware of the actions between the three of you. You recognize the devilish smirk on Jungkook's lips as he purposely slams his fingers into you harder, causing your juices to slosh around more, a soft gasp escaping your mouth. 
"You think you can take both of us? I think you can take both of us, baby. Be a good girl and open up for me," Joon mutters as his fingers pull your other leg onto his lap, spreading you open even wider for the both of them.  
Your body stiffens as you feel Joon's fingers at your entrance, rubbing themselves in the slick that had gathered there. Jungkook's fingers never seize their movements as he continues to open you up, your body freezing as you feel two of Joon's fingers pushing against your hole, stretching you out even more. 
Your eyes widen, and you choke on-air as the stretch burns a little. It had been over three months since you had sex with the two of them, and to say you were tighter than usual would have been an understatement. Both of your hands grip onto their thighs as Joon slowly sinks his fingers into you, both of them halting their movements to let you adjust. You clench uncontrollably around them as you try to control your eyes from rolling back into your head, the pleasure finally hitting you. 
"You like our fingers deep inside you, don't you Babygirl? Sitting here looking so innocent when you're actually full of both our fingers stuffed deep inside your pussy," Joon mumbles as he and Jungkook begin to alternate their fingers in and out of you. You feel your toes curling as the sounds between your legs start to get more powerful. Your teeth are pulling your bottom lip into your mouth as you sense that high approaching. Your hand touches something hard against Jungkook's thigh, and before you can palm it, he's wrapping his fingers around your wrist tightly. 
"Don't think about it, sweetheart. If you don't stop, I can't promise I won't bury my cock in this tight pussy for everyone to see," Jungkook growls lowly as his fingers start to thrust harder. You almost let a moan slip by your lips as Joon presses a soft kiss onto your neck. 
It quickly becomes too much for you to handle, and your entire body is falling towards the edge as you drown in pleasure. It's so close, and you can feel it building up as your toes bend and your eyes roll back from the lustful sound of Jungkook and then Namjoon's voice.      
"Cum for us baby, you can do it." 
"Cream all over our fingers, princess."
You're breathing is heavy as you ride out your orgasm on their fingers. Your mind is swirling, and your head feels fuzzy. That was the most intense orgasm you had experienced in months. 
"What the fuck just happened? What did we witness?" 
All of your eyes flash up to see Jimin and Taehyung staring at the three of you, eyes wide with shock at the show they had just seen. Before you can open your mouth to speak, Joon beats you to it. 
"We split dessert," he smirks as he licks his fingers clean, your eyes doubling in size at his bold actions, too shocked to say anything. 
"And it's delicious," Jungkook grins as he sinks the two digits into the back of his mouth, collecting all of your sweetness. 
One thing was for sure, they had their dessert, but now it was time for yours. 
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unplanned - park jimin x reader
pt 6: long day
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summary: after college, y/n thought she had everything planned out. she would get a job, meet the future love of her life, get married, and then kids…. but what happens when everything y/n had planned for gets tossed away when an unplanned child gets thrown into the mix? even worse, what happens when the father, who was once her best friend, is now a world-renowned model who doesn’t even know said baby exists? life can’t get anymore screwed up… right?
notes: sorry it took so long to upload,, i decided instead of just taking the old posts and posting them here that i’d actually rewrite everything. i feel like my writing has improved somewhat and im not a fan of the old version so while it will take longer for me to post i feel like it’ll be worth it in the end :) pls lmk what you think and as always, likes and reblogs are always appreciated. thank you!!
tag list (lmk if you wanna be tagged): @beeeb05 @anpanman-sonyeondan @samros95 @infernal-alpaca @secretlycrazyhummingbird @taetaeworldd @babieemochi @lustremyg @rjsmochii @jikooksgirl19 @staerryminimini @cainami @rae-bear @craftymoonchaos @soulphoenix1618 @ownthesunshine
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Guys help in having a panicky attack about earthquakes right now.
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