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#low calorie
mellownova · 4 hours ago
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Guys! I made my own diet. Sadly I realized a lot of these ana diet plans were feeding us false hope. A lot of them talk about how you can lose 5 kg on this 2 week diet… well that’s probably not all fat. That’s also water weight, muscle, and maybe 1/3 of that is really fat. This diet, I calculated. It totals to 3,500 calories (aka one pound of fat) for ten days. If you have a BMI of 1500 or more you will lose at least 3 pounds and that’s if you lay in your bed all day. Getting out and even doing 30 minutes of cardio a day can significantly increase your fat loss. Not to mention, you don’t even have to be close to the max calories. Like day 8, if you only end up eating 300 calories and feel satisfied, that’s great. You’re just going to be skinnier and closer to your ugw. Let’s say you do this diet without going max all the time and everyday you burn 500 additional calories (whatever it’s from other than your BMI: standing, walking, crying, whatever) you can lose up to 5 pound of PURE fat every time. Do that just 2 times and you’ve gone down a whole 10 digits on your scale (if you weigh in pounds) that’s only twenty days. Here’s a representation of what you could achieve.
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This is just a 10 pound difference:
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lilbigpeep · 5 hours ago
Best low cal curry inspired soup. 163 kcal!
Seriously has so much flavor!! And very filling
This is a large bowl and I did eat about 1/4 of the soup before taking a picture (oops 🤠)
You can def make this thicker if you would like I just like my stuff soupy because I drink the broth to fill me up
I use about 1.5 - 2 cups of water add as you please :)
Cook curry paste and better then bouillon paste together
I use teriyaki stir fry veggies for added flavor!
I also added minced garlic! More flavor
And cayenne pepper for spice! I didn’t add any extra salt I promise you it’s def salty but add as you plz bbs.
I put canned chicken. ( I love canned chicken because I feel like it’s more chicken for less kcal)
You can add shiritaki noodles aswell that’s about 20’kcal more if y’all are really snacky!
I hope y’all enjoy the recipe!
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edible-l3g0 · 5 hours ago
✞Daily Log✞
Breakfast: Oatmeal (110)
Lunch: 1 egg (70) 1 banana (105)
Dinner: Chicken noodle soup (120)
Snacks: 3 mini freezies (35) mini fanta (90) monster energy (10)
Burned: walking (-110) misc (-130)
✞Total✞: 301 net cals
Journal: So my class had a party today that’s why I had Fanta and freezies :( luckily I didn’t binge at the party tho!!! But yeah the party was fun other than food. OH AND today was the third day of the group diet I’m doing (limit was 600) and I did pretty well on restricting! I better lose a shit ton of weight bc I just had a metabolism boost day and a low-restriction day back to back. Just want to b skinnyyyyyyy :(
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Seeing static when I stand up or get out of the shower just reminds me I’m doing something right.
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My morning skinny today
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✨Still have a lot further to go but it’s progress.✨
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monsterzeromama · 9 hours ago
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Thanks for the ad Tumblr, but no. I sure as fuck don't have a father worth claiming or celebrating and I sure as hell ain't about to consume bread.
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mellownova · 12 hours ago
safe foods in my house right now~
🍎 apples
🍊 oranges
🍮 25 cal jellies
🥤diet soda
🧊 water
🧉 a boost protein shake (if I just have 1)
🌽 air popped popcorn
🥫 soup
🍑 peaches
🍓 strawberry oatmeal (if I have one)
🍌 bananas
I need this list for later, so I don’t stress on what to eat. I have to fast until 17:30 because my mom has a guest over and I’m not going out there while they’re still here. So far today I’ve had some water, half a gfuel, and some Acetaminophen… things are looking good. Rn it’s basically 15:00 and my cal limit today is 500. And my cold is 90% gone so that’s a win. And, if anyone wants to chat I’m super bored and am all for a conversation rn. <3
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Also DM me for panda pics, I have so many 🐼
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thinspoannas-blog · 13 hours ago
Have done two 24hrs fasts the past couple of days
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alligator-candles · 13 hours ago
Binged yesterday night... over 3,000 calories in one sitting
I was scared to put it in my calorie log because I felt like I had failed
But then I remembered: there’s always tomorrow.
That’s the phrase that’s kept me going through restriction
I’m gonna rock my pain until I’m skinny
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noviolentvolume · 14 hours ago
Finally made it to my first gw!!! After being in a plateau for a lil while
i still feel miserable :)
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anamia-ed · 14 hours ago
Week 2
-12.8 oz
Day 8: 208.4 lb
+2 lbs 3.2 oz
Day 9: 210.6 lb
–2lb 3.2 oz
Day 10: 208.4 lb
–1lb 3.2 oz
Day 11: 207.2 lb
–9.6 oz
Day 12: 206.6 lb
+9.6 oz
Day 13: 207.2 lb
–1lb 3.2 oz
Day 14: 206.0 lb
I didn't do as well this last week, but hopefully I will be able to make it up next week.
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wannabeskelet0n · 14 hours ago
food log- 11.6.21
breakfast- skipped
lunch- skipped
dinner- flatbread with turkey, feta&tomatoes (243)
snacks-watermelon (70),ice cream (155),apple (50)
total: 530-606=-76cal
hell yesh i ate quite a lot but i was v active today😎
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Can someone tell me how to lose 3 lbs overnight?? I rlly need it😃
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poutingdolly · 19 hours ago
2 chocolate squares - 70
plum - 30
lemon water
spicy mushroom rice noodles - idk about 240 to overestimate a little
lemon water
coffee with 10 mini marshmallows - 120?
gonna say im sick and just make dinner for my mum and boyfriend, so 460 cals today
(tw this is a trauma and ed blog)
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secretanchor · 19 hours ago
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new dish 172/365: Stir Fried Spinach with Currants, Pine Nuts and Yoghurt vs what it’s supposed to look like and where it came from
A fairly simple and light dish - the title is pretty much the recipe. Yoghurt was flavoured with garlic - not sure I’ll eat a fruit flavoured yoghurt again. Nice quick lunch and about 150 calories without the bread
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