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#low income
queer-ecopunk · 3 months ago
A message for anyone receiving or thinking about utilizing free resources: never feel guilty for using community resources offered to you!
I recently began working at a non-profit that provides free food to community members. Some of the food we get wholesale, some is donated, and we also collect fresh produce and bakery items from supermarkets and restaurants in the area that they would otherwise throw out. We also recieve money from donors and that amount is based on how many people we serve. Many resources are set up in a similar way, including things like libraries! We want more people to come because then we can get more funding.
Yes, we have a high demand for food right now and we serve a lot of people! But at my non-profit we also have a LOT of food. Yesterday we distributed over 70 full bags of fresh produce and bread for free and we STILL had food left over. I felt guilty taking home produce for my household from the leftovers, even though we have no fresh food in a 4 person apartment. But literally every person I talked to encouraged me to take some if we could use it, since otherwise it would just become compost.
If you are afraid you're not poor enough, not desperate enough, or don't deserve help compared to other people, get that little voice out of your head and reach out to your local organizations. Any group worth their salt will know how much they can provide to each person and we can tell you what resources you could recieve. We may also point you towards other resources that may fit your specific needs. We are here to help.
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theroyaltenenblarghs · 7 months ago
Just a few reminders to anyone receiving any kind of government welfare payment
- You are completely entitled to your payment.
- You are not a burden on anyone else for receiving it.
- You don’t owe anyone anything because you’re on a welfare payment.
- You aren’t lazy for being on a welfare payment.
- It is your money to spend on whatever you need to make it through the week/fortnight/month until the next payment.
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crossbow · a month ago
I'm sorry for e-begging again, but my name is drew, I'm trans, mentally ill, suffer from chronic nerve and muscle pain from physical work and I need help. my hours and pay were severely cut this month, and while looking for another part-time and pursuing my GED, I just essentially had to empty my entire savings account to take my cat to the vet.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she has fleas, UT inflammation, and crystal oxalate and bacteria in her urine, and I spent $400 on this one visit alone. they recommended abdominal x-rays and a urine culture 4-6 weeks from now for more information and to see if she has kidney stones (if the antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and diet change don't help her), and that's an additional ~$250 on top of what I've already paid, plus a $114 appointment cover fee, and she still hasn't received her boosters aside from rabies due to the infection (another $30-$45). if she does have kidney stones it would require an operation to remove them or very expensive medication which I obviously cannot afford right now. she needs to go on prescription urinary dissolution food which is $97 a bag (cheaper since I had a prescription written and can buy it discounted), but she needs it asap and she'll need to be on it for at least 2 months.
Tumblr media
aside from this, my phone bill is due at the end of the month which is another $110 that I'm not sure I'll be able to earn on part-time wages.
Tumblr media
my estimated cost for her next vet visit is another $500-$550, the food is $70-$80 discounted, and my phone bill is $110. my goal is to raise $85 asap, $110 by August 20th, and $600 by 9/13/21 (for the food, and when she's due for reexamination, more testing, and her other boosters). if you aren't able to donate, please please reblog and spread around, because I'm starting to be stretched extremely thin and I'm almost at a breaking point 😅
dm for any questions!
Venmo: @/crossbow
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nerviovago · a month ago
Tumblr media
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The Canadian Liberal government is clawing back pensions from seniors on low incomes who collected CERB/CRB in the pandemic. Detailed here, now some can't make their rent and are facing the threat of homelessness. Please, tell me how left-leaning and bleeding heart, our Liberals are.
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dandelion-king · 2 months ago
Have you ever wanted leave a tip, or a bigger tip, for those who work in fast food, restaurants, customer services, retail, and other stressful entry-level jobs, but didn't have the financial means that visit?
You can help out those employees by leaving a very positive review! 
If you can't spare another dollar that directly will go to the work team, leaving a positive review about the service you had at that store location also helps a lot. By leaving a positive review, you raise the score that workplaces have to look at and overall increases the positivity in that store, between workers, managers, and guests alike. 
Leave a positive review! Even if there was a small mistake. Leave the highest scores on your submission, then briefly let the workplace know about the mistake in a comment section. If you submit a neutral or negative score on your review, that will lower the score of the store.
Leave a positive review! Even if your visit wasn't anything spectacular. If you found exactly what you needed or you received exactly what you asked for, leave a full high score review! 
Leave a positive review! When you leave a review online, it may show up visible to others in the area that may be thinking of visiting the establishment. When you leave a high score positive review, that will attract more business and opportunities to low-income workers! 
Leave a positive review! If you say something super nice on your review, managers will often tell their team, and that always feels nice when we're in a stressful environment. 
Leave a positive review! If you remember the name of someone who helped you personally at the establishment, mention their name! It helps them be noticed more by their managers and bosses, and you will make that worker feel super special. 
If you kept your receipt from your last visit at a fast food restaurant or department store, look on your receipt paper! Most of the time, if not all the time, there will be a link that you can type online and submit a review.
Please consider tipping low-income workers in a high score review! :) It really does help, in several ways! 
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custom-emojis · 9 months ago
ALRIGHT since it was a smashing success. 
Low income Amazon wishlist Carrd. 
This is a Carrd created to link low income people’s amazon wishlists. These wishlists are all checked by me. You can find all the info regarding how to apply and etc on the Carrd itself. Please please spread this around if you can! This carrd includes an emergency tab for people who need instant help / necessessities. I will be pinning this Carrd on my blog and boosting it occasionally. I’m gonna using some of my clout for good here folks. 
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punkofsunshine · 7 months ago
Capitalism’s moral and social downfalls and how the solarpunk movement might work to alleviate them
This one’s a loaded topic, but here we go. Capitalism was one of the best systems of economics for a while, but that’s compared to feudalism which was awful even by the standards of the time. Times changed and people integrated into industrialization, mass production, etc. The human condition improved... for the owners of the means of production. Workers still suffer(ed) and as technology advanced, so did capitalism. With innovation under a capitalist system comes with despair of the working class, as now there are more ways to exploit under that system. There seems to be no escape except competing with people you work with... or is there?
Spoiler Alert: There is, it just depends on how you want to go about it. For an anarcho-syndicalist, it requires recruiting the workers of any business to unionize, strike, or even sabotage of machinery to seize the means of production. For an eco/green-anarchist it would require water collection, composting, limiting energy and water use, growing food, etc. For a solarpunk it might be like combining both eco/green-anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism or eco/green-anarchism and anarcho-communism. It really depends on the scale of which you want to operate and the influence you have. Although, the label doesn’t truly matter in essence, we are all important in the battle for human rights and the planet’s continued survival.
Now we get onto how this movement of ours can reverse the damage capitalism has caused socially. Solarpunk is all-inclusive and theoretically members of the movement could go into (and recruit from) low-income or inner-city areas (commonly considered food deserts) and establish community places such as gardens, parks, or help establish free places of learning like libraries or general-use public access buildings (think the community center in Stardew Valley). Out of vacant lots and buildings to re-establish healthy living environments and give bigger opportunities to those suffering under state-perpetuated capitalism and economic inequality. Leaving these areas alone is not a choice for us.
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securitymeetsscience · 6 months ago
So many of these kids simply need help. It takes a community/village.
If you are a low income and/or minority student in need of help writing college essays, filling out college applications, applying for FAFSA, grants, or other scholarships
reach out to me.
[Please reblog]
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npr · a year ago
Tumblr media
Roach infestations. Typhus outbreaks. A 5-month-old baby’s death. 
All connected to a rental empire in Southern California whose owner makes billions renting to people who are a step away from homelessness. The LAist found it while investigating evictions in Southern California.
This network of companies was responsible for about 4,400 parcels of land - many snapped up in the 2008 financial crisis - worth an estimated $1.3 billion. They were responsible for 1 in 20 evictions in San Bernardino County in YEAR. And all of it could be traced to one man: Mike Nijjar.
Nijjar lives in a 12,000-square-foot mansion in an LA suburb while his tenants fight mold, roaches, bed bugs and maggots. Lawsuits over wrongful evictions, manslaughter and medical bills related to his properties have chased his companies for decades.
Some properties under these companies were barely habitable and often illegal — but enforcement on rental properties is fragmented and hard to trace. So Nijjar’s “decades of neglect” had gone unnoticed. - LA City Attorney
The LAist spent months unraveling the web of companies connected to Nijjar, and talking to tenants who rent from them. They found a low-income rental market in California that's exploitative and only nominally regulated. Here’s the full story: 
Deceit, Disrepair and Death Inside a Southern California Rental Empire
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lokithegenderstealer · 22 days ago
can someone help me?
I have questions about applying for disability and housing when low income and mentally ill
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adancergirl · 26 days ago
I’m an elementary school librarian at a low-income school. Sharing my list helps my students tremendously. 
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Dose anyone have any tips for runaways leaving home as a minor? We are not changeing our mind as this has been a thing we have been planning for 2 -3 years now. We don't have any friends so we are going to the streets.
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cell113 · 2 months ago
This is going to be part vent and part call for aide, I’m too frazzled right now to make one of each so I apologize in advance.
I have been having a Rough Week and yesterday served as a culmination of said Rough Week. My housemate has had a guest over for the past couple weeks, something she has done a few times before and while it’s irritating (as she very rarely gives my roommate and I heads up about when she’s having people over), it wasn’t anything new. This guest, we’ll call her K, had just come out of a difficult situation and J (the housemate) was offering her a place to stay for a little bit while K was in transition.
K came to the house feeling stressed and under the weather, and she wound up transferring a bug through the house that hopped from her, to J’s two 16 year old sons, to my roommate to me. I had to miss two days of work due to illness (and Covid regulations), which I was very much not happy about. For those not in the know, I’m currently working in a seasonal maintenance position with my local Parks Department, and it’s pretty much the best job I’ve ever had, so I was bummed to not be able to work, but I stayed home for the safety of my coworkers. I finally was able to return to work last night for a half shift, and when I came home, Everything Was Wrong.
See, K has been in transition here at the house for a couple weeks now, something that included selling a lot of her belongings at a garage sale. This is something my roommate and I were informed of, and mentally set aside as “good to know, but not relevant” and moved on. Some time on Monday (we think), K returns to the house from taking a trip to the lake with J and the two boys to find a large chunk of her money is now missing. The quantity of money has changed dramatically over the last 24 hours, but upon initial discovery, we were told it was somewhere in the ballpark of $400.
Monday was the peak of the heatwave here in Bellingham, and neither my roommate or I were willing or able to leave the house, too hot and miserable to do more than lay around in our underwear drinking water and occasionally changing out the ice packs in our homemade swamp cooler. Neither of us had any clue that K was leaving her money at the house in J’s room until they returned from the lake and we were informed of the situation.
You can probably see where this is going.
My roommate and I have been living at this place since January, a solid six months where we have established that we really aren’t all that social outside of very specific situations, we are STAUNCH about boundaries and the respecting of boundaries, and overall are pretty low key chill people that try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We both came to the house after coming out of a pretty crappy situation involving a now ex-friend and a bunch of miscommunication, and believed that J understood that we were really just looking for somewhere to stay where we could recover for a little while before deciding if we wanted to move on. We came to J and picked up a sublease with her because we were in a crappy situation and she was kind and we connected and apparently that means absolutely nothing in the face of a panicking friend and $400-$500-$600 having gone missing.
I don’t understand how she could think that we would risk our safety and stability over a chance at whatever amount of extra cash. I have a job that pays me pretty decently, my roommate is getting SSI. We’re not rich, but we’re not so desperately destitute that we would break into a housemate’s room and steal her guest’s money-! What possible motive is there?! Why would either of us risk eviction of a sum that isn’t even HALF our rent?! What could we possibly gain?!
We went so far as to touch on some witchy things to try and either dispel whatever bad luck or malicious spirit may have caused the trouble, something that J knew about us and was fine with, even related to us about, and yet when she saw the wards against evil we tucked discreetly into the windows with explicit permission from K and the two boys (since J was in San Diego at the time), she blew her top!
We’ve offered to keep looking, we’ve offered to ask St Expedite for aide, we’ve explicitly asked if K wanted our help searching (she declined, we accepted and moved on), we even offered to spot K the missing money from our own limited funds, and rather than a chance to speak and explain and reach some kind of compromise, J and K have threatened to bring in police authority! Apparently a cop is supposed to come by Monday to take statements and fingerprints! We could be facing theft charges! Eviction!
We literally have no where to go, especially not on short notice, and I am legitimately TERRIFIED. I don’t know what to do. I’ve called my mom, I’ve talked to one of my friends, I’m waiting for a response from my uncle and another friend- If it weren’t for the KO Discord’s support, I don’t think I would be able to keep it together, they’ve been absolutely wonderful about listening to my fears and offering their sympathy. Thank you @verysorrytobother, @leesbian42 and everyone else whose tumblr pseuds I can’t recall at the moment, you all are life savers.
I don’t know what to do.
I’m so scared.
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dragoni · 6 months ago
👏👏👏 FCC  #EndDigitalDivide
The Commission will offer eligible households of up to $50 dollars per month for broadband access, or up to $75 dollars per month if their home is built on designated Tribal lands. Those that qualify will also be getting a one-time discount of up to $100 dollars off a tablet or computer. FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel stated that she expects the Program to be open to eligible recipients “within the next 60 days.”
Per the FCC, the Program is open to households that are already plugged into a pandemic-relief program offered by their broadband provider, or those that are part of the FCC’s Lifeline program. It also includes Pell grant and Medicaid recipients along with those that have “lost jobs and seen their income reduced in the last year.”
The $3.2 billion dollar sum was approved by Congress as part of the $900 billion dollar COVID-19 relief package late December.
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I accepted a clerk job for a voting poll tomorrow that is from 6AM to 9PM and $115 for the whole day because, despite what everyone might think, I do "want" to work. It's probably going to do more harm than good in terms of my mental health and it's way underpaid, but this is usually what happens.
I really think I'm one more extreme burnout away from never being able to work again and I don't think anyone understands that working these jobs is harmful and might end up costing me ever having a career. I'm trying to find a disability lawyer but honestly it's exhausting.
I hate it here???
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infodumping-on-main · 11 months ago
the good part about growing up autistic and poor is that all my same foods are pretty cheap
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