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I think the hardest part of using bar shaving cream is that it’s harder to tell where I haven’t shaved. I can’t follow the super fluffy tracks of shaving cream anymore and I keep finding small slivers of hair the day after. But I love everything else, especially the no plastic, so it’s worth it

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Does anyone on here have recommendations for good lunches for work? I just got my first full time job (retail) and can’t figure out a middle ground between pb&j every day and full meal fancy bento box lunches.

If it’s zero/low waste that’s even better! I’m not that health conscious I just want something tasty and easy-ish to prep that a real human would eat! Or just tag what you usually have for lunch at work :)

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- post a photo of every piece of trash I produce, with the date thrown out and also how long it took me to use up if it’s an item I will replace (ex. floss)

- composting and recycling don’t count, but if there is food waste/recycles that I don’t compost/recycle, they count

- have a monthly review of my trash to see what I could do to remove some from my life

- spreadsheets and stats if I do this long enough


- to get a better understanding of how I personally create waste

- to be able to see the progress I make in decreasing the amount of waste I produce

- to show the imperfection and messiness in zero waste

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My Thriftbooks order came in and I was not expecting this good of quality. Just a torn book jacket easily fixed with tape! I support local used book stores when I can, but right now that’s not possible. So if you’re looking for something new (to you) to read, I highly recommend Thriftbooks

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A lil story takeover I did for UCLA’s zero waste campaign. Made Zero Waste Chef’s lemon sorbet!

It was super easy to make as it only has 3 ingredients. And I got the lemons from our neighbor’s tree (with permission of course).

Next time I’d add a bit more water to the simple syrup because it was really tart and sweet. Perhaps I’d add 1.75 instead of 1.25 cups.

It’s really nice garnished with a sprig of mint!

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5.18.2020 | Check out this cool witchy diy I did today! I’ve been making my own setting powder for months now, but I never thought to do it in one of the millions of seashells I’ve got saved from past beach trips. 🐚 All you do is disinfect the shell with rubbing alcohol, then mix cornstarch and either water or witch hazel (I used Thayers lavender witch hazel) until you get a gluey paste. I added some organic lavender and some amethyst pieces just for funsies. It dries in about 12 hours. I’m sure this would make a neat spell, or just a way to make low-impact/zero waste more glamorous 🧜🏻‍♀️🌎

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I’m looking for a reusable panty liner (or thin cloth pad) to use as backup for my cup on heavy days. There are so many brands and etsy sellers that I’m having a hard time committing to one. I’d love to hear people’s experiences and recommendations to finally give me the kick in the pants to buy some! (PS I’m in the US so I need something that ships here)

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i wonder what the coronavirus will do to the zero waste packaging movement because most (if not all) bulk buying options or bring-your-own-container options in my area are closed and some grocers are no longer accepting any reusable totes (though some are allowing them if you bag your items yourself so the workers don’t have to touch it). i’m not sure if it will reopen once things are back to “normal”

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Hey guys!

i’d love to meet some new people and make some new friends! honestly don’t feel like i have many real friends and want to change that:/

please hmu! i love talking with others:))

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Bread gang! 🍞

I’m jumping on the sourdough bread wagon. A few weeks ago my friend @katlina.grace gave me some of her sourdough starter, and then proceeded to help me (virtually) with making my first batch. Since then I’ve made two more batches, and it’s getting easier every time. This bread tastes soooo good, and even better knowing I baked it by hand. Who else here is baking bread?! Hahaha

IG: Vibing.Vegan

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Skip the plastic, save the planet. 

Everyone is struggling right now, and everyone is struggling in their own way. If you are used to a zero-waste lifestyle, you might be finding that shopping plastic-free is much harder than usual. If this is happening to you, here are a few things to keep in mind:

🌎 Re-use plastic bags to hold food scraps, pick up trash, or for buying bulk later.

🌎 Just because you can’t use your own containers doesn’t mean you can’t buy in bulk. When buying non-perishables like pasta, rice, and beans, purchase in the largest container possible to conserve plastic packaging.

🌎 Do the best you can! Find another way to save the planet. Reduce food waste, try eating more vegan meals, pick up garbage in your neighborhood, or spread the message of sustainability on social media. 

We are all trying to get through this in our own way, you are not alone. When possible, skip the plastic!

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It looks like a garden full of trash, but these bottles serve a purpose. The plastic bottles in the back act as individual greenhouses over baby plants until they’re strong enough to withstand the midday sun. The beer bottles in the peach tree pot supplement the irrigation system by slow releasing water over time. Reuse, and eventually recycle.

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