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So after being gone for 2 years safe to say my dash needs a bit of an upgrade.  Please like and/or reblog this if you post any of the following and I’ll check you out 

  • Fire Emblem (any)
  • FE Awakening because of one….
  • Libra Fire Emblem
  • Sailor Moon
  • Final Fantasy (any)
  • Final Fantasy 14 because of one…..
  • Haurchefant Greystone
  • Hades game
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Persona
  • Castlevania
  • Soulsborne
  • Bayonetta
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Birds
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Yeah the random blush was weird, what I hated was how repetitive it was-link jumps in front of Zelda he uses his shield to block something about 4 separate time and it’s all the same

Also the problem I have with Hwaoc Zelink is how impa was so supportive and close with Zelda(the whole speech next to the spring of courage) and Zelda falls in love with link for nodding at her once

And revali and link could be one of the best rivals to lovers but no

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Some more Age of Calamity thoughts (non spoiler) Oh man. 4 more hours and a couple more battles down and the cut scenes, guys, this game is like awesome storywise. Like I love breath of the wild, but this game gives you so much more like story content and like I am loving it, and also crying, like real tears. Did not expect to enjoy this game so much but it is so worth it and its fun to just smash through a bunch of enemies and the fighting is like a lot of fun, like compared to the limited ways you can fight in BOTW, its like really fun. And I love BOTW. Also (spoilerish) but I’m pretty sure this is an alternate time line situation since the memories from BOTW don’t really match up, and also there’s a certain eggo that wasn’t in the memories too lol. But yeah, taking another breather from playing because the last bit I played made me real emotional if you’re playing too you probably have an idea what part I’m at lol.

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Omg trying to put a timeline on the events before Breath of the Wild is insane. I was hoping Age of Calamity would help fill in the blanks, and it has some, but it’s still a bit convoluted, especially when all you have for the events before the memories are diaries with only a few entries and no actual date of events.

The journals of the champions have been the most useful, but the big question is when Link gets the sword. Thanks to Age of Calamity, we know that Link had no knowledge that he was chosen by the sword until they went into the Korok Forest. So, it’s safe to assume that he probably helped escort Zelda through the Lost Woods as either her appointed knight or as part of her personal guard. The latter is more unlikely given the journal entries. Because according to all the journals of the champions and Zelda’s own writings, this is the timeline I’ve unraveled so far and is mostly all headcanons that hopefully are true. If any of this is explained in a different canon material, such as a companion book, please let me know! I would love definitive answers!

  • The battle happens in Hyrule Field as it’s overrun with monsters. Link is just another soldier in battle. Impa runs into Link holding the Sheikah Slate. That has not changed. The timelines don’t diverge until Impa trips and the Sheikah Slate activates the egg guardian. However in the original timeline the egg isn’t there, the Sheikah Slate doesn’t react with the egg guardian, it doesn’t activate the central tower causing it to rise up. Link and Impa probably battle together or they split ways after that meeting. I like to think they stick together and he helps her get to the castle safely as she was obviously on her way to meet with Zelda.
  • Since they don’t have the egg guardian to research, any interaction Link has with Zelda at this point is minial at best. They don’t learn about the gravity of the situation and calamity ganon. They don’t feel as rushed to gather the pilots.
  • Zelda continues her research into ancient technologies with the help of Impa, Purah, and Robbie as well as attempting her training to awaken her sealing power. Perhaps doing more research into the divine beasts and researching the best candidates to pilot them.
  • Link visits Mipha for the first time in years. Unsure of why, perhaps he took a leave to travel a bit and visit an old friend. He does not yet have the sword.
  • Link meets Daruk, perhaps on his way back from visiting Mipha or on his way to. He and Daruk become friends.
    • Link visiting Mipha and meeting Daruk are most likely interchangeable.
  • Zelda meets with the champions in person to ask for their answer. Revali being the arrogant little shit he is leaves Zelda with a maybe.
  • Link becomes Zelda’s appointed knight by protecting her from malfunctioning guardian (headcanon that it was posessed by ganon similar to how the one we fight in the breach of demise was).
    • There is no mention in Zelda’s diary that he had the sword during this time, only that Link is being appointed her knight after meeting with the champions
  • Link and Zelda and Impa travel into the Great Hyrule Forest to find the sword that seals the darkness and speak with the Great Deku Tree to determine who is the one chosen by the blade. Hestu is there.
    • I’m not one hundred percent sure that the champions were with them in the original timeline. From Mipha’s diary it says that it has been ages since she saw Link. This was after Zelda came to meet with her and after Link got the sword. However One could argue that the champions were there when he got the sword and it simply has just been a long time.
    • I doubt this though. Given Revali’s diary I don’t think he had officially given his answer to being a champion yet because there are mentions of the Hylian knight in his boastings when saying he was going to Zelda his final answer.
  • Link visits Mipha for the first time in awhile and fights the Lynel on Ploymous mountiain.
    • It is not mentioned if Zelda is with him. She does not mentioned the reason for the visit. Just that he came to visit her. I imagine that Zelda might’ve been visiting Zora’s domain to do more research on Ruta and perhaps do some more convincing with her father to gain his blessing
  • Zelda gets an official answer from Revali via the scene we get from the DLC.
  • Other cutscenes from the DLC happen.
  • The inauguration ceremony happens and later that day they get the photo taken of all them together.
  • After this it’s not as difficult to follow as the memories are there to help. Link is the captain of her royal guard, stays by her side even though she resents him. She falls in love with him, and Link (Zelink OTP) falls in love with her, if he wasn’t already crushing on the princess beforehand.
    • Besides the point and definitely a tangent, but I like to believe that Link loved Zelda so much that it awoke the sword similar to how it awoke Zelda’s sealing power.
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Breath of the Wild, except Mipha says something other than “It was my pleasure” if Link dies more than four times in a row from the same thing.

If it’s against a monster she’ll provide a hint to fight against them, but if it’s just for random things then she’ll try to dissuade him from doing it again.

“Perhaps there is a better use of your sheild rather than riding it?”

“Link, maybe that horse doesn’t wish to be tamed.”

“How about we leave and come back when you’re able to handle the weather better?”

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