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chaoscomeswithinthismess · 10 minutes ago
Twilight princesa has incredible character designs, and that's a fact. But my favourite is for sure him.
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I don't really care about the kids, but when he talks I stop and read him. I take very seriously everything he says, is like "yes sir, what are your worries? I'll do anything in my hand to make everything better for you, sir." I'd do anything if he asks me to. I just love him.
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mmmwafflesart · 44 minutes ago
Q.Q little Plink breaking cups omg
I want to give him a matchbox full of cotton for him to snuggle in and a cookie bigger than himself
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a giant snickerdoodle...
[I'm not taking anymore tiny plink prompts at the moment!]
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obsidian-jin · an hour ago
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gabelew · an hour ago
your bazz art is beautiful <3 he really is one of the best zora npcs!!!!
yes! let's all love and appreciate bazz!
as a token of my grattitude for a nice bazz-loving comment, i offer you this here old drawing of the man in a silly outfit:
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randomlot · an hour ago
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ALD: Page 29, Chapter 1
New page posted every Friday.
Next: Friday
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spicysoulnuggettm · an hour ago
WHAT UP!? Im Here with more quotes!! I can’t believe I never did this one. Wtf is wrong with me? How come you guys let this happen? I’m the dumbass here, not you! Let’s get started!
Oh fuuuuuck, Link looking fresh out the womb with that knight armor.
Why does Zelda’s face just give me sloth vibes?
AHHHH! Impa! Holy shit! So cute!
Hmmmm, I spot a waifu!
Did....did they just make Robbie the single most chillest and amazing person in this game? He’s fuckin rockin it!
Hmmm, Link’s move set is really nice. He feels really smooth to play, not so much Impa or Zelda but I think that’s intentional.
Ooooo! I have a choooiiice! My favorite bird man ooooor-
-gets my ass handed to me by Revali despite being five levels higher-
-checks controller then scoffs- Good move, fluff ball, I’ll come back to you.
-literally goes right back in-
Long story short, i managed to get him, but I realized I was just shit at fighting against Revali. Every other champion, fine, whatever, easy, why the fuck is he a boss? I mean I know why but goddamn
Oooooh mommy dearest!
I would let Urbosa step on me. Without a doubt.
I got a problem. -sees the next bit of story- I got two problems.
Bitch, why can’t you do it?
I feel like you are all just lazy.
Of course I’m playing as Revali. Who the fuck else would I be playing as?
You made me go on a quest for THIS!?
I feel like none of you are pulling your weight and that’s an issue.
-watching Revali speak to Link while they look over the Lost Woods- ...I mean...I don’t wanna be that person, but he’s not wrong?
Like technically, Link is just a normal dude at this moment. I’d say the same thing. But also goddamn, homie really said ‘fuck your feelings’
Yoooo, Revali speaks to everyone how my mom would so like: go off
Mipha is so fucking cute.
OMFG Sidon! Sibling hug! Sibling hug! Sibling hug! FUCK EM UP
I am so fucking excited right now.
-ugly crying-
Alrighty, main story is done(look I don’t remember a lot of what I said about the story but I know I Liked it)
Whelp, time to go do the small stuff.
Hmm, who to pick...Teba or Revali....
I swear, this guys gonna be like level 100 while everyone is still level like 60 or some shit because I keep forgetting they exist until I HAVE to play as them.
Fuck yeah.
Yessss, prraaaiiissee. Give it.
You know, we got a lot better look at Rev in this game. I believe he’s just, honestly, depressed, stressed, and nicely dressed.
I feel like Urbosa would just...knock everyone out. Like...she’s the strongest right? Like I love-LOVE- Rev, but let’s be honest....she’d win in a fight, right?
Ooooooh, Mipha is so cute. Fkin, what a bean!
I’m just stuck here wondering where I can gather my star fragments.
OMF- I am still unlocking shit. Theres a lot here, wtf
Ever wonder how gorons...just exist?
Yooo, no cap, Daruk might be the one to win.
Miiiipphaaaa! I loooooove you!
I want to hear everyone in Spanish.
...Jfc, he’s even more cocky in Spanish! HOW!?
I’m a sino and I’m okay with that.
What am I suppose to-oh it tells me.
What THE FUCK does that even mean?
Nah, naaaaaah, I’m gonna give it a solid N A H
Fight me, bitch, you ain’t got shit!
You mofo
Listen here weak ass wanna be Fkin slither puss, I ain’t time for you or your shit
Yo, is Nintendo okay?
I feel like a lot of these missions are things you don’t need me for.
Exc-excuse me??
No carried items...the fuck does that mean?
Hmmm, just went against two lynels on that little fun rule you got...I’ll come back to it. Little...just a little intimidating
Yo, when are costumes for the champions coming?
I gotta give everyone that DRIP
I’m too high for this shit right now
I just wanna watch the cutscenes in different languages.
FKIN Revali literally says Yare Yare so many goddamn times!
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squid-ink-personal · 2 hours ago
Prologue: The Statue’s Bargain
It took every ounce of strength Link had to reach the statue at Hateno's edge. He clutched his ribs, red seeping between his fingers as he stumbled, then collapsed to his knees as the effigy's horns came into view.
A stamina vessel for more life. That's all it would take. He would be okay. He couldn't fail now; he could still hear Zelda's voice in his ears. She was counting on him.
"You are the light, our light, that must shine on Hyrule once again."
Gritting his teeth, he dragged himself across the ground, wetting the grass with his blood. As he drew near, black clouds billowed out from the statue's base.
Well, look who's come crawling back.
The horned statue cackled at its own joke, the lack of echo unsettling Link as it always did. If he hadn't had his life force drained by this thing before, he'd have thought he was hallucinating.
Oh, my. You're a disaster, aren't you, Hero? It said, its voice holding the smirk its physical form lacked. Come to make a deal after all?
Link shuffled through his pockets, then threw a dirty silver rupee at the idol's head. The gem disappeared before it could make contact.
That's more like it. What'll it be?
Link glared upward. What did it look like he needed?
The dark mist flashed purple. I can't give you what you can't ask for, it said smugly. If that's how you're going to be, I suppose I'll take this as a donation-
The mist paused, waiting. With a pained grimace, Link forced himself up into as much of a sitting position as he could manage, freeing his hands. "I. Want. You. To. Fix. This," he signed slowly, deliberately, before gesturing to his injury.
The statue tutted. Fix that? You're asking for a tall order, Hero. I should honestly charge you more. The blackness surrounded Link, and he felt his strength drain away as green light was plucked from him. But a deal is a deal, and profit isn't something I get often. A red orb was exchanged, and Link felt his injury knit itself back together. It was always disorienting, whenever he fixed things with magic. The clicking of bones back into place, the rush of blood to the area, it made him dizzy and put a ringing in his ears. There you go, the statue said, an intangible hand forming out of the cloud and patting Link on the head, as if he were nothing more than a child who'd scraped his knee. Happy to be of service.
Link drew in a breath and nodded slowly, trying to regain his senses in proper. He needed sleep, his house was just a short walk away. He might fall into the water beneath it, but that was a risk he'd be willing to take.
As he forced himself to his feet, the dark cloud swirled thoughtfully. A step, a stumble, and Link braced himself against the rocky wall; maybe he needed a few more minutes before he trudged home.
You know, I can do more than just a patch job.
His ears twitched, and he looked over his shoulder with bleary eyes.
The purple glow returned. I'm a dealer in life and power. And your life exceptionally old. All went still. Perhaps you'd like the chance to fix things.
Link frowned. "Fix what?"
Oh, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I can see how naive you are in your eyes, your memories of your past life blown away in the wind. But your legend is a long one, isn't it? The mark on your hand proves that. The glow brightened in satisfaction as Link looked at his left hand, the triangular birthmark having decided his fate long ago. Don't you have regrets? His attention snapped back up tot he statue. Things you wish you could redo? A destiny you'd like to change?
Link's eyes widened. "You can do that?" he signed slowly, disbelieving.
Have I ever lied to you?
The air between them was thick with tension as the weight of that choice held firm in his head. He could...go back? Fix Hyrule?
Well? I'm waiting. The smoke spun around Link's ankles. This is a one-time deal, of course. I haven't done something like this since well before I became this statue, and I doubt I'll ever have the strength to do it again. If you're not going to take my deal, then-
"How much?"
The statue practically glowed with glee. All of it. Every last Rupee. My services don't come cheap.
Link hesitated only a moment, before untying the wallet from his side and tossing it to the statue. He could finally see Zelda again. He could warn people about Calamity.
He could fix everything.
The wallet vanished, and the smoke quickly filled his vision. Brace yourself. The eerie voice snickered in his head.
This is going to hurt.
From the trees, a young teenager watched, frozen in horror as the Hero of Legend vanished into blackened particles, disintegrating before her very eyes. Slowly, she reached for a spell tag, then vanished in a puff of gray smoke as she fled to tell her master what had befallen her target. Her sickle fell to the ground with a sharp clang, all but forgotten in her panic.
Then, the particles receded. A young man lay on the ground, fluffy brunette hair fluttering in the wind, his fist balled around a white sailcloth.
Well... The horned statue murmured, feeling the power it had clung to so desperately leave it. This is certainly...unexpected.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@tortilla-of-courage @technicallya1manband​
Well, this is my first try in years of making a legit fanfic. Hope it was worth the wait!
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asksabreenaraue · 2 hours ago
Maybe Agitha would make matching doll themed sweaters for Donna and Angie while making a lightweight and stretchy werewolf themed sweater for Karl and a Victorian styled or a bat themed sweater for Lady Dimitrescu that’s stretchy. She probably would try to make sweaters that had Cassandra’s, Daniella's, and Bela’s favorite animals on them and were easy to move around in. Along with making a sweater that has Mother Miranda’s symbol on it and has holes in the back for her wings. It’s just a random thought I had. No one has to go along with this. 
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diamondwerewolf · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
One of many other things posted to patreon and twitter. I just wanted to give em some nice boots. Can’t go wrong with desert spurs
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asksabreenaraue · 3 hours ago
Maybe Agitha tries to make a fish or seashell themed sweater for Moreau that’s stretchy and waterproof. I know that you can use Zora Scales to make armor in Hyrule, but I do wonder if you could use them for other types of clothing too. Hopefully you all don’t mind my rambling too much. 
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I wanna write a LoZ/BotW AU so much but i keep getting lost in lore and timeline incoherence. I mean I could just get rid of them its an au but i also want it to be coherent and to mean something...
Anyway my principal idea rn revolves around the smaller deities, like the small statue in Hateno i forgot his name, or the Horse god and maybe create some new ones? But I have to wait for botw2 bc what if all my ideas crumble with the new lore ?
haaaaaargh i hate it but i can't stop thinking about it
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e-ampersand-c · 3 hours ago
Impa of Age of Calamity
Overpowered queen✨
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skywardkonahriks · 4 hours ago
To expand upon my frustrations with BOTW:
The freedom to go anywhere or do what you want feels very trivialized because all the paths in the game barely feel any different. It’s very cool you can go off the beaten path and “discover things” but what exactly are you discovering? A dragon that has a different element with different crafted parts that are barely different from the next? A knight sword in a waterfall? It has a lot of white space but the white space just feels boring because every rock and tree in the game operates the same way in the same circumstances.
The problem is you had choices but they never really feel like choices because you barely had an effect upon the world.
Yeah it’s cool I can climb to Zora domain instead of swimming but the journey barely feels any different because the set of circumstances are the exact same.
Like I don’t care if I climbed or glided or swam to Zoras domain because climbing, gliding, swimming barely feel any different mechanically.
Yeah maybe I can use stasis and launch a tree or rock into the air but again it barely feels any different than vertical climbing or gliding, hell if I already have Revalis Gale so why not use that method? Yeah I can use the old “use metal to levitate bu putting it under object that link of standing in” but again it requires me to use magnesis and it barely feels any different than gliding. Do I get to change alitutude, nose dive or have any semblance of 3D exploration? Not really!
I feel like the Zelda fandom is overly attached to exploration and “going off the beaten path” but exploration in Zelda has always felt shallow even since the first Zelda game on the NES, because what exactly is so memorable or fun that you enter a cave just to talk to some random npc that gives you a generic bottle or item?
The thrill of discovery is over the instant you talk to said NPC.
You aren’t discovering a completely unique and amazing mechanic or combo of mechanics of items/skills.
It’s literally “this random npc gives you a bottle and that’s it”
BOTW suffers from this massively because any discovery you find becomes meaningless because it’s a dragon, or a korok seed, or a shrine, or shield surfering (which is only readily useful in snowy or desert areas) or you just discovered a rube berg machine way of solving a puzzle utilizing either the same rune or a different rune in a barely unique way.
I’m not saying Breath of the swipe is a bad game or a bad zeoda game but it’s mechanics and gameplay feel incredibly shallow because it has a lot of breath but no depth.
In other words it has almost the same exact problems as Skyrim.
Skyward Sword was better about this because you had multiple ways to fight enemies ahd bosses that were unique. Like you could swan dive on the Imprisoned, you could knock the sword out of Ghirahim a third battle, you can fire electric sword beams at demise.
You can fire sword beams at the stalfos while they swing thier sword, you can fire a sword beams at a Lizfols to knock it in lava or knock it down, you can vertical skyward spin attack a spider abs kill it in one hit, you Dan throw a bomb in a deku babas mouth, you can fire at the gaps of a moblin a shield via arrows, you can skyward strike a bomb and kill pretty much any enemy, you can whip an octorock out of its hiding spot, you can use the hist bellows to put out fire keese and stun keese.
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mmmwafflesart · 4 hours ago
tiny Plink resting in the middle of a flower?
Tumblr media
seems comfy
[I'm not taking anymore tiny plink prompts at the moment!]
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