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“When I came back after five month [tour], Paul had changed so much. He was on LSD, which I hadn’t shared. I was jealous of all the spiritual experiences he’d had with John. There were fifteen people dropping in all day long. The house had changed and was full of stuff I didn’t know about.”

Jane Asher, talking to Hunter Davies, The Beatles biography.

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It’s can be hard to tell when someone is using your kindness to their advantage or taking it for granted. Visions of the futures we think we want fade away like the embers of campfire into the cool night. Skyscrapers of mass accepted delusions brought to their foundation by the heavy machinery that is intuition. You won’t have what’s mine and I don’t want what’s yours none of this belongs to us it’s just our turn.

People could write rhetoric like this until the end of time but all that really matters is that the intended eyes see. So focused on momentary fame and monetary gain that we get distracted from forming our own legacies. Not everything is for everyone but we can make our situation better without having the works completely come undone. Structure is important but it’s not wrong to embrace the chaos. Love is strange, love is strength, love is pain, love is everything. Boundless and unconditional it can never be stopped, only ever overshadowed by fear. There’s never been any reason to doubt anything but your doubts. It’s not about being perfect it’s about finding what’s best for you and working with it.

Most things aren’t worth it but you most certainly are, and if you heal your trauma you’re gonna go far. Life stops for no one and it shouldn’t have to but if you don’t pick up the pace you might get stuck like glue, the people who you think understand don’t really have a clue. It’s almost like a run on sentence, if their absence brings you peace then they don’t need to be present. It’s never too late to change but the habits we form today will undoubtedly begin to ingrain, so create a routine that’s not going to need to be rearranged. Enjoy the pleasures of the flesh but don’t allow them to distract you from the test. Our home is the Earth, came up from the dirt and while we don’t have to wallow in it- that’s where we’ll return.

-Ken Sleazy

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