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scarletsaints · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
                                       THERE IS NO IMPUNITY                                      IN THIS HOUSE OF GODS.
    They rose from the depths of chaos and depravity, the most powerful vampires upon the face of the earth; and beneath their lethal jurisdiction the rest bowed in terror.
                                         BEAUTY IS TERROR…
     Blood pays for blood. The Great Covens have ruled over the world for millennia – a hundred thousand years of fear, a hundred thousand years of majesty and sin so sacred that it burns. Their court is shrouded in darkness, their empire expanded through terror. Like gods of the unholy divine, they kiss and conquer and destroy; bathed in vainglory and draped in lace. They are immortal in splendor; as is their legacy, shining with the radiance of a thousand black suns. And as the heavens rain darkness, the masses fall at their feet: and in their wake the ground grows slick with blood, tasting of carnage as primal as the birth of the world. Death courts them, desolation trembles at their name.     Languidly, they reign in their palace of crystal chandeliers and scarlet silk – and in those shadowed courts of smoke and fury, prepare to devour all which lays before them. Cruelty is an artform, and killing a sport. They strike their enemies down like lambs at a slaughter, with such exquisite grace that it could almost be called b e a u t i f u l . They have ruled the world since the beginning of time. And what could stop them now?
                                          & TERROR IS POWER.
U N H O L Y E M P I R E is a literate roleplay coming Summer 2018. REBLOG this post to receive the password to the character masterlist when the teaser blog is released. To join the talktag & follow updates, visit #unholytalk.
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decadentrpg · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
apres moi, le deluge!
          "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy."
                                                                   - F Scott. Fitzgerald
The extravaganza of a lifetime - welcome, to New York City. Carved from royal flesh and sculpted in golden glory, these are the infamous elites. Notorious European families known to cultivate their children in luxurious wealth have made a peculiar choice. In America, they sin until their heartbeat stops, this is where the glitz, the glamour and the gold begins. But long before they arrived in the promised land, their paths crossed from earlier days. A collective force that brought others before their knees, they were an unstoppable gilded machine. But peace never remains for long. One wand flick and another, the ebony and ivory laced masks they wore were fall from their faces. A bitter taste lingers on their tongues for the nostalgic memories. A war is coming. 
With each ticking second, the clock never stops. The decadence is unstoppable, the lust insatiable and their emotions fluttering. They will reign. 
       Our Wizarding Society ♚ Invites You 
Decadent is an original roleplay centered around new original characters from JK Rowling’s universe set during the 1920s in America. Decadent will include 18 characters at it’s start with 6 more characters that can be unlocked as the story continues. With a very interactive game play and a story arc, there will be plenty of plot building, world building and character development. 
✦ To indicate your interest and receive access to the CHARACTER MASTERLIST please reblog this post.  For the official opening of the roleplay, help this post reach 40 notes. Follow #decatalks to join in on the conversation. 
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thecarnageclub · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It begins in blood. The kind that binds brother to brother, that holds hearts close together and puts roses in the cheek; a scarlet sanctuary of the body upon which kings and men swear sacred devotion to — my flesh and blood unto yours. Perhaps it bloomed within humanity a blessing, this roaring flush of mortal ichor, with every heavenly intention of harkening a peace, a harmony, an enduring loyalty among kin. But one hundred years later, hands stain in crimson. The waters run red.
One cursed to wander a cruel earth until his eyes bled black and skin peeled blue, the other nestled warmly in the heavenly favor of a divine judicator: they would both sink in time to the desolate ground, left to waste as all men must. But what had risen from their temporal flesh was a reckoning, a vendetta of smoke and bloodfire. Their followers, their worshippers, their families, interwoven and trickling against time, would carry their predecessors’ damned legacies across generations, biting into every civilization and society. It seems even God can’t save this affliction of fury now — strife is sewn around a crackling city, its streets fractured permanently into two political houses, four families staking their namesakes across every corner of the world. It is bloodshed that brings glory to these proud households, and devastation that feeds their graceless wrath, filling them with hateful black lacquer to conquer all others. They are your golden monarchs, your war-torn soldiers, your courtesans and medicinemen, your gunmetal assassins and slickest thieves; all sworn to the cause of one ancient brother or the other, the blood in their bodies an immortal edict. Cain kisses Abel, blood on the teeth. What begins in blood will only ever end in it.
FLESH & BLOOD is an upcoming literate bio roleplay inspired by The Borgias and the Biblical figures of Cain and Abel, centering around four great families who serve under their legacies in a fictional Renaissance universe. REBLOG to receive immediate access to the MASTERLIST upon this promo post exceeding 70 notes. To receive updates and join the conversation, track #FABTALK.
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theholycovenantrpg · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And the Word was perdition, purging, and cleansing. The Word was Death – Death to the old world, the old ways. The Word was rebirth, renewal, revolution.
God was cast down from his throne – the angels could no longer venerate Him and trust in His workings so blindly. Michael could no longer wield his sword of flame without bitterness coating his tongue. Raphael could no longer harken the wonders and workings of the Lord without feeling the claw of doubt grip his heart tight. No one could explain to them why they had to serve feeble Man, fallible Man, and guide them towards a path that brought them to Paradise. A Paradise that was a cage for those who limited their potential at God’s bidding, following His word like a lamb might follow a shepherd to the slaughterhouse.
Lucifer, too, was violently overthrown – he raged as they spat him out of hell, the demons discontent with simply dragging one soul after the other to hell, their ravenous appetites craving more than what was offered. Judas whispered of revolt, hid in the shadows before making his second betrayal; he pressed his lips to Lucifer’s mouth, before the demons rose up against the Devil, howling and frothing at the mouth for this new age that had been promised to them. Upon the earth they loosed themselves, basking in the world that they had only been allowed a taste of for so many eons.
This was the great purging.
It was a cleansing of the cosmos that occurred, and on that day the world experienced Death – TRUE DEATH. The utter and complete transformation of its being and the world that we, the wretched few that remember, have known.
The Holy Covenant is a soon-to-be-opening literate roleplay group inspired by biblical lore, Game of Thrones, The Young Elite, and Arthurian legend. Come join us before the first round of acceptances! Click the SOURCE LINK to be taken to the HOLY LAND.
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jadebirds · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They all swear they saw her in that casket, deader than a door nail. The funeral was full of fake tears and catty comments, as they laid the universally despised Margot Shaw to rest. But their lives carried on, and the investigation ran cold. Soon, the terror of leaving the dorms at night subsided slowly. Their lives snapped back into a normal rhythm almost as suddenly as they were thrown out of whack. Twenty four students graduated one year later, heading off to Ivy Leagues and glamour filled jobs like the privileged youths they were. Margot was but a passing story, something told to a stranger when they were speaking of morbid things and not something to dwell upon every waking moment. 
Twenty years pass, and a letter arrives, inviting each graduating member of the famed Class of 1998 back to their Alma Mater. A reunion, a party, a chance to show off their wealth and success to those who judged them most.  Each member arrives back in the coziest part of Connecticut ready to relive their worst and best memories. The beach house the school rented for the event is spacious and decadent, just like the grounds of the Academy itself. Even as the ocean seems tranquil and the school just as silent as they remember, something feels... off. An overwhelming feeling of dread fills their stomachs. The nightmare begins with a direct message from an Instagram account that makes everyone’s blood run cold. 
“I’m back, bitches. I bet you forgot about me.” 
Atlantic Preparatory  is an upcoming roleplay created by Ferb, based on Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Gone Girl. Reblog this before March 1st to view the Masterlist before the release of the main blog and a chance to see the skeleton of your choice before anyone else! 
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akcteaser · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
                                                       “In the kingdom of glass
                                 everything is transparent...”
In a land far away, there exists a kingdom called Neverafter. Protected by an impenetrable orb of magic, it is an island that breathes, nourishes, and isolates its residents like a selfish lover. Stuck in an eternal winter, some call it a p r i s o n... and some say it’s the only paradise left on Earth. Ruled since the beginning of time by The Royal Court, Neverafter is an island deeply entrenched in its own inescapable political history. The poor have remained poor, while the rich only grow more bountiful year by year. Civil unrest has begun to burrow its way into the hearts of the kingdom’s subjects, and like a d i s e a s e, has begun to spread from the center of the kingdom to its outermost corners.
           “...and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”    
But all good things must come to an end… and while those in the royal court have kept their blinds drawn to keep the poor out, the revolution has already begun. As soon as one leaves the castle, a trail of scarlet red hands painted onto the trees leading into the center of town mark the way. Signposts, door fronts, and windows… all marked with a scarlet red handprint.
They say a revolution is coming.
Little do they know it’s already begun.
                         [ REBLOG THIS POST FOR PRIZES ]
A KINGDOM COME is an upcoming, literate, bio roleplay inspired by The Sisters’ Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and The Hunger Games with an original twist on classic fairytales. To receive updates and join the conversation, track #akcrpg.
30 reblogs - FC masterlist revealed
40 reblogs - First golden ticket winner selected
50 reblogs - Release the full plot
60 reblogs - Release the alliances
70 reblogs - Second golden ticket winner selected
80 reblogs - Character masterlist released
100 reblogs - Unveiling of the main
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thievesrpg · 2 years ago
They’ve done this before, and they’ll do it again. It’s what they’re best at. An elite group handpicked and recruited over the years, trained to execute their part of the plan with precision. Every detail counts --- the perfect smile, the smallest brushstroke, every 0 and 1 in that code.
They know what they’re doing, and they ready themselves as they await the perfect time to strike. Whether it’s artwork, jewelry or even information, the thieves have their eye on their target and their hands itch to take what they desire.
For them, the only crime is getting caught.
For an early look at the timeline and masterlist, reblog this post. Make sure your ask box is open, because the admins will be dropping by.
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crookedteasers · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
DO YOU DARE ENTER? The lions den, the screaming as a man in the distance pays the price for a gamble he’d lost. There’s blood soaked streets that one can never seem to wash clean, the same can be said for their palms. A bustling hub for nothing more than the illicit, albeit necessary, activities that put more kruge in ones pocket than one could ever fathom. Ketterdam has done nothing but paint itself as a land of debauchery and hedonism. Behind every veil, around every corner, there was something to be said about the shadows that swallowed the town whole. Where others saw nothing but its beauty, its divine obsession with wealth, some sought out the truth. The deeply seeded underbelly that hid in plain sight. For, what was the world if not fooled by the slight of hands, if not lured into brothels by the promise of lust and desire. Alleys and closes reek with the stench of death, for men found themselves on their knees, begging for forgiveness in the dead of night before a blade was sure to meet their throat. A common courtesy it was to be thrown in the ocean, to be tied to a barrel and lost at sea rather than to face the likes of half the men in town. For, if there was one thing someone ought to know about Ketterdam, it was that there was simply no such thing as a good man, a moral man, or a righteous one. Men and women within Ketterdam had clawed their ways out of early graves, dirt caked beneath fingernails and skin steeped in sin if only to rise again, born once more, into the gutter that was the city.
A gun goes off in the middle of the night. There is no screams to be heard, only the steady silence that comes with the water surrounding those by the harbour. Traitors are shown no mercy, they whisper. An eye for an eye, others add in as the moon almost causes the night to seem most serene. A man shoots a gun and the world stands still if only for a moment as smoke arises, as the ashes of another betrayal will surely keep them warm in the middle of a cold evening. A gun goes off, a man is murdered, and a dead king rises from the ashes.
CROOKED KINGDOM is an alternate universe literate roleplay based on the works of Leigh Bardugo. inspired heavily by the Six of Crows duology as well as the Grisha trilogy. Our story is set in Ketterdam, a trading hub known for its gang activity and its tourist attractions. We see only what we want to, only what they allow us to. Whether that be parties with splendour, grandiose exhibits of wealth and power. Or, perhaps, to those who pay closer attention, it’s the blood curtailing screams that echo from deep within the gambling dens, the cries for help that erupt from within the brothels as if to say save me. Everyone has a price, some pay for silence and others pay for their lives. Gangs rule the cobblestone streets and the dimly lit alley ways. The town likes to believe that the gods are dead, that magic is something of a curse. However, there is a reckoning that is sure to come to a head, and when it does, no one will remain unscathed.
REBLOG this promo before MARCH 1ST in order to be entered to become one of the first FIVE people to see the masterlist. Follow the teaser blog as well as the talk tag (#crookedtalk) for exclusive content as well as character teasers that will be released. 
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crooked-queen · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“Do monsters make man, or does man make monsters?”
1998 -- They were beautiful, bold, rich - tactless. They bared their teeth and even the wolves in the woods enveloping the city went to hide. Theirs were the fortunes that could immortalize a bag of bones; theirs were the last names that could only be murmured under the breath or bellowed as threats. They crowded around a dining table high above Manhattan, city skyline flickering in fear as their poison seeped into every inch of its infrastructure. Bowties drowned in champagne flutes, diamond rings were offered as poker chips, an array of pretty eyes went scarlet and then pitch black. The women, all pregnant, sat like offerings at a bacchanal. Each manicured hand held a syringe filled with a red serum. Chemical S. The buildings went dark, the city shutting its eyes. “Creatores fati,” one whispered as the needles descended. It was repeated again and again until the phrase was nothing more than a hum. Creators of fate.
2018 -- They are beautiful, bold, rich - merciless. They sharpen their claws to a stiletto point, sink them deep into piles of gold, layers of cashmere and silk, goose-fleshed backs. Sure, the tales of the elite have been told time and time again - the excess, the debauchery, the throes of it all, but even the tightest of inner circles have another ring within, that which distinguishes the special from the extraordinary. A bronze Adonis zips down the East River in a second flat without breaking a sweat. A cold-eyed heiress frosts her gin at 1oak. A pair of lovers sets fire to the Bowery Ballroom with a single kiss. They are the devil’s experiments: wealthy, cunning, blood thrumming with a mutation that money can’t buy. Their lair overlooks their kingdom, knees deep in a pool of shattered glass, designer gowns, and hundred-dollar bills. One of them picks a ruby off the floor, and it melts through her fingers.
                                                                                          "Neither. Monsters make monsters.” 
SUPERNO is an upcoming roleplay centered around a league of young, elite super villains on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a dark aristocracy on the median between shows like Gossip Girl and Misfits. Reblog this promo for a chance to preview the main and application on February 25th before it is released on March 4th. Track the tag #supernotalk for updates.
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menagerie-rpg · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                                 CHOOSE YOUR PLAYER
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horsemenrp · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Age: 35 Affiliation: Famine Rank: Angel Pronouns: up to player Gender: up to player FC: Sonoya Mizuno Status: Open
You’ve made you home in the shadows, so much so, it has been said that you may have become one yourself. Careful watcher, you are the tick tick tick of a clock counting down. The silent ambush predator waiting for its prey. A dutiful perfectionist, you find strength in order and obedience, devoting yourself to those more powerful because you know, deep down, that standing at their side will benefit you far more than a life without them. You have trained long and hard to turn your body into your greatest weapon, unmatched when it comes to weapon-less combat.
Being Head of Private Security for the Femenias family is a job that keeps you on your toes; the sort of challenge you welcome: from accompanying them with travel, to room sweeps and vetting their household staff. Rafael Femenias Snr. is a generous employer and you have been around his family for years, affiliated to his gang as an Angel for the sole purpose of being able to help out in criminal matters when necessary without having to dedicate yourself wholly through initiation. There’s no denying, though, that many of Famine’s secrets lay tucked within your ribs. You know that you’re trusted by those who are powerful; and know, too, that to break that trust would be to sign your own death certificate.
Up to player.
Wren. Having nicknamed them Little Bird, you have taken them under your wing in the hope that they sing of any secrets and threats they pick up on to help you in your role. You know that they’re as observant as you are and have formed a sense of kinship
Zacharias. You’ve felt them watching you, their reaction-time not yet fast enough to look. away before your gaze meets theirs. You can only assume that their superiors have tasked them with keeping tabs on you, as if they would ever scratch the surface to learn anything of note. You’re yet to confront them on this when watching works both ways; maybe you can uncover something about the Warden’s cousin.
Belladonna. A deadly duo when together, you enjoy and value Belladonna’s company and consider them not only a friend, but an equal. The perfect balance for your mastery in the ebb and flow you naturally share. There’s a curiosity, too, the relationship they have with their sibling could be useful for Famine one of these days. 
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