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Editor’s Note: Writing a goodbye column was a tradition at The University Daily, the campus paper at Texas Tech University. And I probably wrote mine in a huff. Too many ads. Not enough editorial space. Why my editor, Inez Russell, didn’t calf-tie me and leave me in a forgotten barn, I’ll never know. Thank you for not finding the keys to the school van. From the May 4, 1982, edition of the UD, a long-seasoned vanity piece.

HIGHWAY 84 – I guess it’s time to shut the book on an era. The wild and carefree columns of the past will make like my grade point and fade away. No more columns about filling 32 inches of space in the newspaper. No more columns about Tech students going on strike demanding easier courses and less-stringent grading policies. Even Ol’ Dusty may have seen his last Tech-Arkansas football game.

Tradition is dying out, folks.

Despite claims by the Latin faculty, I’m not very old. But when you’re 21 and have four years of higher learning tucked away in a copy of Sports Illustrated, some of the newer students look upon you as if you were Will Rogers’ statue – a Tech fixture. The baseball players can’t imagine anyone but you covering their team, and the other sports writers can’t remember when anyone but you finished last in Fearless Forecasters.

But how old can you be when you’re in college. The life is as carefree as you’ll ever experience. I can remember when Tech had a winning football team. When the basketball team participated in post-season tournaments. When a night of intramural basketball was spent at the Intramural Gym. And when Applause was one of the hottest clubs in Lubbock.

Now my catalog tells me I have enough hours to graduate, so I should leave Tech and make something of myself. Administration said I should grow up while I was at it. I was grown up when I entered college. I just regressed as the years progressed.

A couple of days ago someone said that maybe in 50 years I’d grow up. Why? I’m having a good time, and I don’t think I’m hurting anybody. Besides, everyone needs to keep a little childishness within themselves. Those people who don’t, well, I feel sorry for them. They’ll grow old long before the rest of us.

When I began working for the campus paper 3 ½ years ago, the sports writers talked about Kirk Dooley and Chuck McDonald, former UD sports editors. Now they talk about John Eubanks and Jon Mark Beilue, also former UD sports editors. Most of next year’s sports writers know McDonald only as the AJ sports writer who grooves on golf and Dooley only as that Texas Limousine type of guy who went to high school with John Hinckley.

Graduation (the grades, however, are still out) isn’t anything to get depressed about. As soon as Dr. Graves hands me my diploma or sheepskin or merit badge (whatever they hand graduates), I’ll shed by cap and gown and head straight for South Padre Island. If a job opportunity crops up, I’ll probably jump at it. If not, we’re talking about some serious beach combing.

The sports writers today seem so much more serious than when I started. When I began, sports writers at the UD were writers first and journalists second. Now sports writers are journalists first and writers second. I hope they don’t go overboard and take all the fun out of writing sports. There aren’t too many jobs left in the world where you can have a good time and get paid for doing so.

Coming back next year to cover sports for the UD will be a veteran of Tech athletics, sports editor Doug Simpson from Floydada. Some of the graybeards of Tech academics remember Simpson as that Los Angeles Dodger kind of guy who wrote sports for the UD for 1 1l2 years before transferring to news for a two-year stint.

Maybe he’ll keep the tradition of craziness alive. Keep the Bad News Bearers intramural teams going and the UD parties something Mom would be better off not knowing about. However, the three-year reign the Houston Astros had in the UD probably will fall to the wayside. The rest of the 1982-83 sports staff is made up of three writers from the Metroplex – pro-Texas Ranger types.

Mike McAllister, that 6-4 center from Hurst who wants to be buried on the 18th green at Augusta, will return for a year as associate sports editor – Simpson’s number one man. He can write some pretty far out stuff.

Tradition will stay alive as long as Mac hangs around.

Lyn McKinley, the first woman to work for the UD sports staff since the Raiders made annual bowl game appearances, will take over a typewriter and crank out some copy next year. The junior-to-be from Denton has been bouncing around the sports staff’s minor league system for two years. All indications show she’ll make like Buddy Bell and tear up the league.

She has heard enough about the sports tradition to not let it die.

John Kelley, that Rec Sports guy, rode the bench this season, waiting for one of the starters to falter. Such was not the case, but with three writers retiring from the UD sports scene, Kelley has a chance to make Dallas proud of its favorite son. Move over Skip Bayless, the hottest guard in Tech’s intramurals thinks he can write columns.

Again, tradition will be served.

It’s a tradition a few campus organizations aren’t very fond of. A few coaches have complained about and the alumni have howled about. Even a few students off the street have griped because the words “Go Raiders” never appeared in print. We’ve had a good time writing UD sports, but we’ve also been honest with the reader. Not everyone can say that.

But then not everyone has a tradition to maintain either.

Copyright © 1982 by Lubbock County Stock & Feed. All Rights Reserved.

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“W-Well she kinda became our maid. All she does is ask for punishment though and have sex with everyone. Mainly me.” Lubbock said as the pink haired maid was currently jerking him off, his massive cock throbbing at her touch. The stud couldn’t help but groan at her touch, the slutty maid being an expert at getting him and all the others off. “Does it feel good, Master?~” Virgo asked, looking up at him. “Yeah, its great!~” Lubbock exclaimed before quickly humming, pumping his thick load all over Virgo’s face. “Mmmmm, you came a lot. I hope you’re still ready to punish me, Master~” Virgo said, panting with pure arousal as she cleaned the cum off her face.

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Brand new stamp!

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May 5, 2020 Tuesday - Hıdırellez

Today is May 5th, Hıdırellez! May all your wishes come true.

Here’s a picture of my roses for this year:


My dear husband found them last night at midnight for me ♥️🌹

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Trimming up the edges on a new limited run of “806” luggage tags. Available soon, stay tuned!
Video credit:@kane_hendershot

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Featuring former ABSU bassist Ezezu, something lurks from the plains…

Texas blackened industrial outfit PANZRAM — featuring former Absu bassist Ezezu — has released its latest video for “Long Shadows,” taken from the band’s third album War Drums For Dreary Scum.

Sink to the rankest depths with “Long Shadows” here

Named after serial killer Carl Panzram (1891-1930), the duo exists solely to create a truly terrifying and abyssic sound through a combined effort between multi-instrumentalists Ezezu and Hexx. While the sound can be quite diverse, PANZRAM’s roots lie in the chaos of black metal with its ethos not defined by predecessors. Instead, the band interprets the nuances and traditions of the genre into a greater sense of disillusion and mania. 

Formed in Canada in 1991 under the name “Arkadia,” the band released two demos and recorded its debut full-length before relocating to the landfills of the Texas Panhandle in late 2004. PANZRAM’s debut White Silence was released in 2006, and the band performed several local shows before Ezezu joined USBM pioneers Absu in 2008. The band was on ice for close to a decade before Ezezu struck flame to iron and resumed activities in 2015 after Absu’s schedule waned. Hexx, the producer of Arkadia’s demos, was invoked as an official member shortly thereafter, and the duo recorded Cyanide Overdrive in 2018. The band’s third album, War Drums For Dreary Scum, was released in December to bring PANZRAM back to its original intention of releasing music each year. 

With the unconventional duo augmenting disorder, the arsonists prepare their fourth album Black Hearted Battery, slated for release sometime October 2020.

FFO: Ministry, Bethlehem, Mysticum, Skinny Puppy, Darkthrone                                            


Ezezu – vocals, guitars, bass
Hexx – synth, production

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Hi! How are you doing? Hope you’re keeping safe in this difficult time!

I was wondering if I could get a matchup for OHSHC, Black Butler, Gotham, DC, and Akame Ga Kill please? ^-^

I’m a 21 year old, straight, female, university student, Aries ENTJ, Slytherin, with a type 3 enneagram. My moon is in Capricorn, and ascendant in Scorpio. I have below the shoulder light blonde hair, which is usually down when I do my day to day activities. I have green/blue eyes and am about 5'5 in height, with a skinny build and long legs.

I often take leadership roles in my community, volunteer, and try to get involved with as much as I can. I grately enjoy both grappling and striking martial arts (to the extent that I never miss training sessions (unless you count the current situation of course)) and other sports. I train hard, love a challenge, and aim to succeed in everything I do, a perfectionist one may say as I’m always ahead of my work.

I prefer looking at the bigger picture, and have been told that I appear intimidating to people who do not know me. I’m easy to anger, but cool down quite fast, very blunt, and will tell someone if I have a problem with them, or if they say something that insults me. Loyalty is a massive thing for me, and I will forever stand by those I care about, no matter the consequences.

I do like to have fun too, often playing online games with friends watching Netflix, or just having some off time with the people who I love. I love coffee (with a lot of sugar), animals, reading, and writing stories. I especially love dares, being active, and just messing around with my friends.

I dont really like talking about emotions or seeming weak to anyone, my problems are mine to handle and others should not be worried with them. I also go to sleep extremely late, meaning I either sleep in very late, or more likely function on only a few hours.

Note: I’m doing fine thx for asking 

OHSHC Matchup


Originally posted by loveandjustice

Mitsukuni Haninozuka/Honey is your OHSHC Match. Both of you know Martial artists. Honey doesn’t find you intimidating because he’s been good friends with Mori. Honey likes how hard working you’re and doesn’t mind your perfectionism. He also likes how you have fun from time to time. Sleep is very important to Honey so knowing you sleep little pains him and will try to get you into sleeping more. You’re taller than him, but everyone is. The ardent desires of the Aries meet the Pisces ideal of epic-level romance.

Black Butler Matchup


Originally posted by kurozero

Ronald Knox is your Black Butler Match. The way you loved dares, being active and messing around with your friends made Ronald interested in you. Your blunt nature made him even more interested. I believe Ronald is a Hufflepuff and a Hufflepuff being with a Slytherin is a pure relationship. He understands why you talk a little about your emotions, he’s like that too (he’s a grim reaper). Ronald secretly likes your long built legs (he’s a leg man).  

Gotham Matchup


Originally posted by gothamfox

Bruce Wayne is your Gotham Match. Bruce thinks it’s a good thing you’re built and know martial arts meaning you can take off yourself. Bruce is also a hard worker, trains hard, he doesn’t talk about his emotions much either and is loyal. He loves how you got him out of his shell by being active, doing challenges and introducing him to tv programs. He likes that you’re blunt since he can trust you into telling him what you think of things/situations.

DC Matchup


Originally posted by christopher-reeve

Tim Drake AKA Red Robin is your DC Match. This boy doesn’t sleep much either, but surprisingly can function for a long time before collapsing and he also lives in coffee. Like the others, he didn’t find you intimidating and likes that you cool off quickly. Like, Bruce thinks it’s a good thing you know martial arts and like you, he’s hardworking. You convince him to get a break from time to time by watching Netflix or doing an activity together.

Akame Ga Kill Matchup  


Originally posted by narutoquotess

Lubbock is your Akame Ga Kill Match. Sure, he’s a pervert, but once you see underneath it, you see that Lubbock is caring and extremely loyal to those he cares about. At first, he approached you because of your beautiful appearance, but fell deep for you; he didn’t find you much intimidation, instead becoming more intrigued. Lubbock trained much and fought, so he never found the time to write or read, so it’s just something he watches you do. Don’t introduce him to coffee, you’ll get him addicted.

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Beauty in my hands
Lubbock: Najenda-san? Do you want to see something beautiful?
Najneda: Uhh... I don't know? Depends on whats on your mind?
Lubbock: Ok, then, close your eyes Najenda-san!
Najenda: *closes her eye curiously*
Lubbock: Ok,now open your eyes!
Najenda: Lubbock...? I thougt you want to show me something beau-
Lubbock: Shhh. Look in the mirror. YOU are BEAUTIFUL. YOU!
Najenda: *blushes* *whispers under her breath* i sometimes wish you would stop.
Lubbock: I can't. You're just so... adorably beautiful.
Najenda: *blushes even harder*
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