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#luca fanart
chooarts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Wearing his bf’s clothes
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etherealbutterflie · a day ago
Spooky-Mystery AU 
Tumblr media
Heavily inspired by Scooby Doo / Stranger Things lmao
Basically there's a mysterious "creature" that has been sighted in Porto Rosso. It keeps breaking into all the local stores and homes, spreading terror in the dead of night. Coincidentally theres been a lot of missing jewels and stolen money too.
Unfortunately everyone is quick to point a finger at Alberto, that as far as most Porto Rossians know, is the only sea folk living in the area.
So now Alberto is determined to prove his innocence and figure out what that "creature" is because he's certain whatever it is because it's definitely not a sea monster.
Guess who came up with another AU agsjshsksj
I'm really trying not to write a full fic of this so instead I'm just going to write down few hcs for this au and maybe draw couple comic strips based on this idea. And I do have the big mystery reveal planned so I won't reveal too much in this post 👀
Here's couple of other details about this AU:
Alberto’s been adopted by Massimo for a few years already so he's already well acquainted with Porto Rosso. He grew up with Giulia and two are chaotic duo obviously. 
Ercole's father is the first one to blame Alberto but Massimo stand up to him. But after that day alot of people start to be wary of Alberto :(
The squad forms in the following matter
Giulias joins first because she cares about her brother and knows that they gotta bring down this evil empire of injustice. She knows it's not Alberto and never doubts him for a second.
Guido and Ciccio join afterwards. In this AU they're good friends with the Marcovaldos! They're all basically childhood besties. Ciccio has a sense of adventure so he's like 'oh heck yeah let's go!' while Guido is at first a little stand offish. Eventually he agrees cause he knows friends need him.
Ercole joins next (gasp). In this AU, he's still kinda bullies the underdogs but he's also Guido's cousin. Ercole is always picking fights with Alberto and Giulia usually has to drag her brother away before he gets himself into trouble. Ercole joins the party because the creature messed up his Vespa and broke into his home. His father was furious and blamed him for the break in so now he's got a grudge against the 'creature'. He immediately confronts Alberto but during this the creature appears to attack them and he's like 'Oh fuck.' After that he's like, "Alright little shits I'm going to help." Basically he's the Steve Harrington of the squad.
Surprisingly Luca joins last. In this AU, Luca is the new kid in town with super overprotective parents who never let him leave the house or much less go to the beach. (Totally not weird.) Alberto runs into him occasionally and has been crushing on him big time. He's always trying to look for an excuse to hang out/talk, usually when he's delivering the fish, but his parents are always around! Bummer. Eventually our squad begins to suspect the Paguros which Alberto immediately objects (because there's no way he's too cute to be evil!) But he eventually entertains the idea so the squad then heads over to investigate the Paguros (by breaking in shajsbsksn). They find nothing obviously but Luca does catch them. He let's them off the hook and decides to join them having official met everyone. So Luca begins to sneak around with the squad and hijinks ensues. Oh and Luca is a sea monster too (shocker) and it definitely involves a dramatic reveal hehehe.
Bonus hcs:
Guido and Ercole bicker a lot. There's alot of family tension and it doesn't help that Guido knows alot of Ercole's embarrassing secrets. However Ercole is scary so Guido mostly mumbles under his breath.
Giulia and Ercole are always arguing and Alberto is always like five seconds from throwing hands with him but they'll be more like frenemies by the end.
Everyone knows about Alberto's crush on Luca and teases him about it like "HAHAHA of course" (And everyone also finds out first that Luca probably has crush on him too)
Ercole has his own has angsty backstory with his dad mostly because he lives in the shadow of his cooler older brother.
Guido, Giulia and Luca get along well! They all talk about books and astronomy together (cue jealous Alberto lmao).
Ciccio and Alberto are a chaotic duo and cannot be left alone. They will do stupid shit if given the chance. Thus Guido and Giulia split watch on them constantly.
Ciccio is the epitome of the weird kid that is always well prepared for some reason. He's also always willing to throw hands (and is good a fighting!)
Luca doesn't like Ercole and is always low-key roasting him. (Giulia approves, Guido finds it hilarious, Ciccio is always like "OOOOOOH" and Alberto couldn’t be prouder)
Guido loves mystery novels/comics so he adopts an investigator persona with his own internal monologue whenever they come across a clue. (Guido inspecting a broken fence, wearing a fedora. 'This streets aren't what they use to be.' Giulia staring from a distance, "What's that dork doing?" "Shh!" Ciccio says "We shouldn't disturb the genius at work!")
On the other hand Giulia and Ciccio love horror movies and thrillers. However, Ciccio will randomly spout horror movie tropes whenever they come across one. (Ie: "This just like (insert movie name), where the woman unwittingly walks into the alleyway only be slashed to pieces and have her remains be dropped off a cliff!" "...Okay, guess we're not walking that way.")
Guido: Jenkins, Ercole: Zoinks  Giulia: Jeepers, Ciccio: Roh Ro, Alberto: FUCK-
Guido is the scaredy cat of the group; Ciccio is absolutely fearless; Ercole gets spooked easily too; Giulia is mostly cautious; Alberto is scared but too proud to admit it and Luca is easily scared and clings to Alberto (who definitely doesn't mind)
That's it for now I'll definitely make more hcs and fanart later :D
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turnipoddity · 4 months ago
What do you think the underdogs would look a bit older?
Tumblr media
Oooo here comes teen underdogs!!
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kimbutimpossible · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Giulia’s gay sea monster brother
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hobbicatto · 3 months ago
kiss kiss fall in love 💞
Tumblr media
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turnipoddity · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some doodles of luca and alberto 🥺
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fantasma-doodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
happy father’s day to massimo marcovaldo and massimo marcovaldo ONLY
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