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#luca marinelli

ah loredana berte che nel suo best of inserisce una cover della canzone di luca marinelli

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ed è subito luca marinelli nei panni dello zingaro

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That time in the ‘70 where a pair of pants almost screwed up a mission, because someone couldn’t stop thinking about the man wearing those pants and Venice.

my creation

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I want to watch the Paolo movie but also the idea of straight writers creating a scenario where a gay man sleeps with a woman makes me unbelievably uncomfortable so could someone please provide context. 

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Luca Marinelli 🤝 Jensen Ackles

Killing me because, while being insanely talented actors (and hot), they have also been gifted with an amazing voice - it really isn’t fair

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When you realise that you live 3 hours with the car from Luca Marinelli… Daaamn.

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Yusuf Al-kaysani and Nicolò Di Genova (The Old Guard) late 18th century

Because I LOVE the outfits (Complementary colors 🟥🟩 for a complementary couple ❤️💚) of that historical period

Please REBLOG me if you like my art, it means so much your feedback!



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In the van Nicky has something important to tell the Soldier why Joe’s love for him is the biggest luck in his life.

my creation

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Look, I’ve been in this fandom since late October, and I hadn’t watched this compilation yet. If you have not seen this video, do yourself a favor and watch it.

I’m in love with this cast. They clearly genuinely care about each other, and it makes me SO soft.

Also, the last bit with Matthias “translating” the interviewer’s question into Italian is the funniest thing I’ve seen in days and I can tell it’s going to be one of those things that I think about periodically and just bust out laughing every time.

Thank you @uhhhhjhfrogs for going and finding it for me!

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