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we-talk-about-bruno-here · 28 days ago
Camilo: yeah I give up. I'm tired
Dolores: quick, get the emergency supply!
Mirabel: *brings y/n into the room*
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Who Do I Write For?
Tumblr media
If you look at my Masterlist you can see I write for more people but I wanted this to just be the main people I write for. Also if you add yourself to my taglist I am still writing for everybody on there too! (Click the link in bio to add yourself!)
If you see a fandom you like but a character isn't there please do not hesitate to ask me if I will write for them because the chances are that I will!
Marvel -
- Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker
- Matt Murdock
- Frank Castle
- Jessica Jones
- Tony Stark
- Tom Holland's Peter Parker
- Bucky Barnes
- Loki
- Eddie Brock
Criminal Minds -
- Spencer Reid
- Aaron Hotchner
- Luke Alvez
- Derek Morgan
- David Rossi
- Emily Prentiss
Harry Potter -
- James Potter
- Sirius Black
- Remus Lupin
- Harry Potter
- Fred Weasley
- Draco Malfoy
Real Life People -
- Andrew Garfield
- Matthew Gray Gubler
- Tom Holland
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Sebastian Stan
Brooklyn Nine Nine -
- Jake Peralta
- Rosa Diaz
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yandere-toons · 6 months ago
Yandere Alberto Scorfano (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Questo film ha un sacco di potenziale per le storie, quindi sto imparando l'italiano.
Tumblr media
Alberto is quick to point out his friend's mistakes and how he would have approached the situation differently. Sparing their feelings is a pointless courtesy that hinders his ability to coach them, which Alberto is eager to do whether they ask for it or not. His overabundance of false information on humanity is presented as if it were gospel, and Alberto is prone to denying reality and shoving his fears of rejection onto his friend when they uncover his lies.
His lonely life on Isola del Mare, where the lights of Portorosso teased him night after night but his unlikely hope for his father's return dissuaded him from pursuing this wish, has soiled his opinion of both himself and the world. Alberto has come to not expect companionship from anyone and instead view all relationships as temporary, inevitably ending before he is ready and despite his attempts to prolong it. A familiar shade of abandonment is anticipated as soon as he, often in a fit of anger or jealousy, reveals his first flaw, so having a friend who stands by him is a shock to the sea monster.
Whether it is expressed in hidden glares or efforts to alienate his friend from others, Alberto's insistence on remaining the most important person in their life, a title that is more so a product of his attitude towards them than it is real evidence, is an obvious struggle to outside observers. He takes advantage of any hesitation or anxiety from his friend by speaking for them in conversations and reacting with defensive frustration if they protest. Alberto prides himself on the belief that the time he spent surviving with no one's company or help but his own has blessed him with an infallible understanding of their needs, and everything society offers that does not cater to his dreams of exploration are regarded as a distraction.
Indulging in these diversions is a type of recreation for Alberto. It not only allows him to forget any lingering pain about the early departure of his father but also satisfies his craving for life, which is a response to his lacklustre experience on the island. Collecting bits of trash that drift in the ocean and living vicariously through what trinkets he manages to swipe from fishermen are not adequate ways of solving this grief, and Alberto projects his discontent onto his friend by encouraging them to make rash decisions that upheave their world and enhance their dependence on his advice.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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mooskey · 6 months ago
First Kiss (Luca x reader Preference)
Ages: Both 17
"So this is your hometown," you said as you and Luca sat on the beach. It was vacation and he had invited you to join him.
"Sorta," Luca shrugged. "This is the human town closet to my home."
"Cool," you said, turning to look at the stars. "Let's play a game." Luca looked at you curiously. "You go into the water and I'll try and find you," you explained, getting up and approaching a beached rowboat.
"That doesn't sound fair," Luca said as you pushed the boat into the water. "I'm a sea monster and it's dark."
"Don't underestimate me Seaweed Head," you smirked, hopping into the boat.
"Are you sure?" Luca asked, pushing the boat further into the water.
"I'm positive, cutie," you teased, leaning on the railing of the boat. Luca blushed at the nickname before diving under the water. You chuckled before leaning back and beginning to row farther into the ocean.
(Grammar *awkward thumbs up*)
After about a good 10 minutes of searching, you still couldn't find Luca. "Fine Luca!" you called into the water. "I give up! You win!" It was silent for a few seconds. "Luca?" you tried again. Nothing. "Luca!" You leaned over the rail, looking into the dark water.
"I win!" Luca said, bursting out of the water in front of you. You screamed and fell back
"Jesus! Luca, don't do that," you exclaimed, clutching your chest.
"I'm sorry," Luca said, though a faint smile was still on his face. "But I did win! Does that mean I get a prize?"
"We never said anything about prizes," you defended.
"Just a small one please," Luca continued, climbing into the boat with you.
"Depends on what it is," you said, pulling your legs into a criss-cross position.
"W-well," Luca began, sitting in front of you on his knees. "I wanted to- I was wondering if I could-" He began messing with his hands, twisting the ends of his shirt. "Silenco Bruno," he mumbled to himself. "Can I kiss you?" His head snapped up, staring at you with a red face.
You were silent for a second, surprised at his boldness. "Yea-yeah," you said. "Yeah, of course."
"Oh... okay," Luca grinned. He leaned forward, not knowing what exactly to do. You smiled at the fishboy's timidness. You leaned forward, gripping his face in your hands gently. You pressed your lips against his in a quick peck. It was short- but enough to make Luca's heart flutter. "Again?" he asked shyly as you pulled away.
Ages: Your 16 and he's 15
"Are you gay?" you asked, relaxing on the boat you and Alberto sat in.
"I- what?" Alberto exclaimed, dropping the net he hung over the boat in shock. See, Alberto had to go fishing for Julia's dad, and you decided you wanted to go with him- not to fish but to annoy the hell out of him. Like any good girlfriend.
"I mean, you did seem pretty friendly with Luca when you first met," you shrugged, playing with the necklace Luca had given you before he left for Julia's school.
"Because he's my friend?" Alberto scoffed. "Also, you are I are literally dating!"
"I know," you stated, not looking at him. "I was just wondering if that's why you never kissed me."
Alberto was silent. "No I'm not gay!"
"Are you bi?"
"Possibly! But that's not the point," Alberto continued.
"So you won't kiss me because you don't have the balls?" you teased.
"I have plenty of balls!" Alberto defended. "Baseballs, basketballs, footballs."
"Not those kind of balls," you said, laughing to yourself. "It means your not brave enough."
"I'm plenty brave!" Alberto exclaimed, looking at you with furrowed brows. "Why haven't you kissed me? Is it because you have none of those bravery balls?"
You held back a laugh. "I'm brave," you defended. "I just... haven't wanted to kiss you yet."
"Then why are you complaining about it?" Alberto scoffed, glaring at the net that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, due to you scaring him.
You felt yourself flush in embarrassment at his words, looking away. "I- whatever," you grumbled.
You felt Alberto's gaze on you. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to be... rude." You stayed silent, still slightly embarrassed, but Alberto took it as anger. You felt him kneel in front of you, grabbing your chin between his thumb and index finger. He pulled your face to look at him before pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened in surprise before, leaning closer, your eyes fluttering shut. "Happy?" he ask quietly, still holding your chin. You nodded gently. "Good," he stated, walked to the edge of the boat. "I've got balls of steel," he mumbled, before he dove into the water.
Ages: Both 14
"Y/N?" Julia said, making you look up from your- well, her book.
"Yeah?" you asked, smiling kindly at the red-head you'd known for years.
"Have you ever... kissed someone?" Julia asked, twiddling her thumbs and sitting up.
"No," you stated. "There's no one worth kissing here."
"No one?" Julia repeated.
"Well, there's you," you shrugged, looking back at the book. You peaked over it to see Julia blushing.
"Do you wanna try?" she asked shyly.
"Me and you?" you asked, flushing at the thought.
"Y-yeah," Julia stated, pulling on her curly hair.
"Sure," you said, putting down the book. You got off her bed and walked towards her. You knelt down and kissed her lips gently. "Nice," you hummed before getting on the bed once more and reading the book, not noticing Julia's red face.
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hermankopusortizorsumshite · 4 months ago
I’d like to start a new series called
“15 minutes”
Where I write for 1/2 of my lunch break and post it. I’m not sure if I’ll do an order for characters, but I’ll be writing for Shane Walsh, Frank Castle, Grady Travis, Herman Kozik, Curtis Lemansky, and Rick Flag (because I just saw the new suicide squad movie and lord 🙄🤌🤌🤌😍😍😍😍) anyways! I plan on starting tomorrow!❤️ thanks for the follows and reboots and hearts. It means so much😘
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Credit to gif creators ❤️)
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kiwiepewie · 25 days ago
Guys dw I'm still making the requests just give me some time cuz I feel sick .
Ok but I ain't leaving you like that soo..
Ya all I actually tried drawing nsfw for the first time ... I'm gonna show you guys , it's Luca btw if u guys like him.. 😜
You guys .. 😦
If u use it pls credit cuz that won't be fair 🙁
I'm such a simp for this dude.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ssadumba55 · 5 months ago
Bello (Giulia Marcovaldo X Fem! Sea Monster! Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: Would you be up for writing something with Giulia and fem reader (who's also a sea monster) just spending a fun night in town together? Maybe after awhile they're just looking at the stars together and reader decides to come clean about being a sea monster, and she starts rambling and Giu cuts her off with a kiss (they have feelings for each other but hadn't confessed yet) and reassures her she'll love her no matter what? Which leads into them both confessing? Hope you're having a nice day :)
“Sbrigati, (Y/n)! The train is almost here!” Alberto pulled on your arm, leading you through the crowded streets of Portorosso with ease. Even though you’d been living in the town for a year now, you still weren’t as well acquainted with it as Alberto was. He seemed to know the ins and outs so easily, you hated it. But then you’d always been directionally challenged, even in the sea.
The two of you were heading to meet Luca and Giulia, finally they were coming home for the summer and you couldn’t wait! The four of you had been inseparable ever since you’d wandered on land and been introduced to them. Your parents came back and forth between the sea and land, leaving you mostly on your own all summer with Alberto and Massimo to keep you company.
The only one in your group who wasn’t aware you were also a sea monster was Giulia, and you intended to keep it that way. You didn’t think she would really make a huge deal out of it, after all she was friends with Alberto and Luca. But if you were a human girl, you wouldn’t want to date a serpent girl. Not that you wanted to date Giulia. That would be ridiculous!
Alberto scanned the crowd, he was taller than you. Actually, he was the tallest in the group. He’d hit a growth spurt over the school year and he was excited to show Luca just how tall he’d really gotten. He stood on his tiptoes to get a better look.
“There!” He pointed, grabbing your hand and pulling you along before you could comprehend what was really going on. That was the other thing about Alberto, he rarely ever stopped to think. He was always go, go, going. You had asked Luca about it once, but the sad look the boy gave you had made you drop the subject almost immediately.
Whatever had happened to make Alberto the guy he is today didn’t matter to you anyway.
You weaved between bodies, trusting that the taller boy knew where he was going and-
“Alberto! (Y/n)!” Luca’s voice startled you, It was so close. If the two of you hadn’t grinded to a halt before, you definitely would’ve smacked into the other two.
Luca and Giulia had grown over the school year, but they still looked the same as they had before. Luca with his bright eyes, excited to take on any new challenge the world would hold for him, was immediately pulled into a hug by Alberto.
The two didn’t initiate contact more than a hug in public, but it was obvious to everyone who knew them that they were dating.
Then there was Giulia. Her hair was still a mess of red on top of her head, covered with her signature beanie. You rarely ever saw her take the thing off. She had gotten a little taller too over the course of the year and you briefly worried you might be the shortest in the group if you didn’t hit your own growth spurt soon.
She noticed you staring and grinned widely.
“Ciao, (Y/n)!” She waved, sweetly and you could feel a pit start to form in your stomach. This always happened when the two of you interacted one on one. Well this, and your palms would get all sweaty…
“I got the bags! Andiamo!” Alberto grabbed Luca and Giulia’s bags, ruining the moment before it even began. You flushed slightly, scrambling to keep up with your friends in the busy train station.
That night, you and Giulia decided to hit the town together. Luca and Alberto wanted to stay in, claiming they wanted to spend some much needed one on one time together. You were a little nervous about spending one on one time with Giulia since it rarely ever happened but she had seemed really excited about the idea of a girls night out on the town.
You rode your bikes around for a bit, avoiding Ercole and his new cronies who seemed to always be out causing trouble at all hours of the day.
At some point the biking got boring and the two of you decided to stop for ice cream. It had been a notable experience for one reason and one reason only. At some point, while the two of you had sat there eating and chatting, Giulia noticed you had some ice cream on your nose. Instead of letting you wipe it yourself, she took it upon herself to use a napkin and wipe it.
This resulted in leaving you very flustered, unable to form proper sentences for a while after. Thankfully, Giulia hadn’t noticed, as she had taken up the conversation discussing her new classes and her favourite parts of school.
On your way back to her place, the two of you decide to stop by the shore so you can dip your feet in. She sighed happily, feeling the water running over her feet and leaning back to look up at the stars. She was so lost in the stars, she didn’t even notice you didn’t put your own feet into the water, which you were thankful for.
“You know when I first met Alberto and Luca they thought the sky was filled with fish!” She laughed, pointing to a constellation nearby. “That’s the Big Dipper. It’s one of my favourites, I can’t choose just one. They’re all really pretty in their own way. When we get back to the house, you should see it through my telescope! Seriously, there’s nothing as beautiful as that!”
You begged to differ. You could think of several things that were more beautiful than balls of gas floating hundreds of feet above you. One of those things was sitting next to you, gazing up at the night sky with such ferocity.
All of a sudden, she looked over grinning from ear to ear, her eyes drifting to your feet. She had finally noticed that they weren’t in the water with hers.
“Aren’t you going to put your feet in? The water’s nice tonight, actually.” She wiggled her toes in the water to emphasize the point and you giggled nervously, playing with the hem of your shirt nervously. You could lie to her and say you didn’t want to… but maybe it was finally time to come clean.
“Listen, Giulia. I- I’m not…I’m not entirely who you think I am. I mean, I am! I’m still me! It’s just… You know how Alberto and Luca are when they get wet. Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m a sea monster… And I know it’s ridiculous I haven’t told you yet, there’s really no excuse. At first, I didn’t trust anyone so telling anyone about it… I just couldn’t. But then I kind of realized I had a crush on you and I realized I couldn’t tell you then because why would you ever like a sea monster in that way… I mean I know Luca and Alberto like each other but that’s different because they’re both-”
Before you could finish your long winded rant, Giulia pulled you to her, smashing your lips with hers. You were shocked, but melted into the kiss. There was something familiar about it, almost as if the two of you were meant to share this moment together.
When she pulled away, the red head let out a soft sigh.
“You know I love you no matter what, right, (Y/n)?” Her eyes were lit up, almost like they were earlier when she’d been explaining the constellations to you. You faltered.
There was no way, this had to be a dream. There was no universe where Giulia Marcovaldo liked you!
“You like me?” You squeaked, your cheeks burning harshly. She laughed, it was a loud laugh. You had heard her laugh so many times over the past year of knowing her, but never had the sound sounded so beautiful.
“Of course, idiota!” Her tone was light, jabbing at you for possibly thinking she could ever not like you. You met her eyes and before she could react, you pulled her in for another kiss. The two of you spent most of the night down there, kissing on the sand. At some point, she insisted you get in the water and show her your scales. You were nervous, but did as she instructed.
She kissed you again almost immediately after your transformation.
“Bello…” She breathed, when she came up for air and for the first time in your life you believed that your sea monster form was beautiful.
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idvloveletters · a year ago
Can I request some cuddling head cannons for Luca and Naib?👉👈
YESSS ofc!
When you first asked to cuddle, he was dumbfounded.
He might be adverse to it at first.
“Listen, you don’t want to be holding someone like me. I probably smell of oil and metal.”
Yet, you just insist.
Luca isn’t sure what to think at first when you drag him over to the bed and lie him down.
It takes him a bit to really get comfortable, its been a while since he felt a touch so gentle and kind like that.
When he does he’s gonna keep on asking you for more.
Luca prefers being big spoon since he likes the feeling he gets when he holds your head into his chest with a hand running down your hair and the other resting on your back.
As the small spoon, he typically rests his head on your chest with hands around you.
Congratulations. You’ve created a cuddle monster.
He’s a biiiit more difficult to convince.
Given his history, it’s no surprise as to why.
It takes a lot of kind words to convince him, but you eventually get him.
Suffers from hoverhands at first- won’t lay a hand on you until he’s certain you’re comfortable.
It’s a bit awkward the first few times, him being so stiff.
Yet he soon softens into your arms, resting his hands on your chest and his head on your shoulder.
Probably cries a lil- used to the cruelities of war and the isolation of being alone.
Doesn’t mind being the small spoon, as big soon Naib probably holds on a bit too tight.
He also might end up falling asleep.
It becomes a thing where he just does it in his sleep, intentional or not.
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multiplefandomsblog · 10 months ago
[Identity v] Luca x Gn!Reader (oneshot)
request; Oh yay!! Okay so I’ve never really had the best home life, so I really really REALLY like sweet, fluffy, domestic fics. I was thinking maybe Luca comes to the reader and sits them down and tells them about his kink or maybe he wants to have a kid and he realizes that he’s super into breeding?? And in the end he’s just super happy!!! Because after the accident!!! He thought he would be spending the rest of his life in jail!! But now he’s with his S/O!!! And he just loves them so much!!!! and they might have a kid on the way!!
Warnings⚠️!: tw; very light jokes about ped0philia, fluffy aftercare, breeding kink, they’re both living together, no prep, cussing, pretty much vanilla other than the breeding kink, reader has female parts, praising, sorta mating press, unprotected sex, more like making love than fucking, if that makes sense? minor begging, pregnancy talk, making the babies.
“Heyyyy~” Luca popped his head into your room. “What’s up?” You swivel around in your squeaky office chair so you’re facing him, resting an arm on your desk. He’s peaking his head out behind the door, gripping the edge of it strangely. He slowly reveals the rest of him, timidly walking towards the bed as if he had done something bad.
Oh no.
Something’s wrong.
He’s skittish, fumbling with his hands, showing a weak smile he spoke, “Um- I want to talk to you about something...” he pats the bed space next to him, inviting you to sit down. Oh no, oh god, he wants to break up doesn’t he? You two have been dating for 6 whole years. You’ve even moved in with each other, what happens after this?
You feel your heart pound against your rib cage, the pulsing making its way up to your ears. You hesitantly rise from your chair and walk towards Luca. You plop down next to him, then he grabs your clammy hand. “I um... I uh..” the suspense is killing you. You wait for him to just spit it out, and when he does... it’s... well, it’s something at least.
“I want to fuck children!” He blurts out, eyes widening at his mistake. 
You rose your eyebrows, oh how you hoped you heard wrong, “I’m sorry, you what!?”
“Wait, n-no! No, no- THA-THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT AT ALL!” Sighing of relief, you looked at him expectantly, a look of, ‘You better explain yourself.’ glaring into his soul.
He clears his throat, retrying what he wanted to say, “No, I... What I meant to say was; I want to... p-put in a baby in you, as in, I want to have kids with you.” He managed to stutter out, not meeting your gaze. Your face contorted into shock, tears start to form in your eyes, and a bright smile spreads across your face. 
In all honesty, you had been considering having children with him for a while, you just never knew how to bring it up, or if he even wanted children. So imagine your reaction when he confessed he wanted to have children as much as you did. 
“Luca..! I-I’d love to have your child.” Words cannot describe how much you love this man. Kissing away your tears, he nuzzled his head into your chest, whispering I love you’s and sweet nothings. 
You squealed as he suddenly shocked you, “Oh! Sorry, I’m just.. really really happy.” Laughing nervously at his bodily response to your hugs. Shushing him playfully, you brought him back into a gentle embrace, not wanting to stay away from him for a second. 
After a comforting silence passed, Luca started talking again, “You know, I never thought I’d be able to live a moment like this... I never even thought I’d be free from prison, but here I am, with the love of my life.”
He caresses your stinging red cheeks with his hand and leans in to kiss you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders. Soon, an innocent kiss turns passionate, your breathing getting more irregular and your body getting pulled closer to his.
“H-hey, are you sure you want to start now?” He pulled away to search your eyes for any sort of indication that you didn’t want this. “We can always wait until you’re ready, I-I understand if this is still-” You cut him off with a kiss, a little too short for Luca’s standards. 
Chuckling at your eager self momentarily, he carefully held onto you, an understanding look on his face. He still wanted to make sure you weren’t rushing into this for him, “Seriously S/o, we can wai-” You climbed onto his lip, “Put a baby in me. I-I’m serious, I can’t wait anymore.”
Grinning gently at your answer, he locked his lips back onto yours, groaning as he felt you grin down on his groin. Pushing you down swiftly on your bed, he moved his kisses down your body, muttering small words of praise as he slides your pants down. 
You reach down to start to unzip his, and he helps you shimmy them off along with his boxers. Tapping his dick against your hole, he looks up at you, reading your expression for any uncertainty. 
Finding none, he leans down to kiss you, pushing in slowly as he did. He groaned against your lips, your walls immediately tightening around his raw length. Clenching your own eyes shut, you dug your nails into his back, only egging him on. 
“Love you so much baby-” quietly whimpering, he starts to slide the rest of it in, this is the first time you two have done it without protection; and he hopes it isn’t the last. You frantically nodded, panting for air as his hips start moving back and forth, pushing deeper in with each thrust. 
He tilts his head back and moans softly as he feels your raw walls closing in on him. Your legs are spread-eagle on the bed and you reach your hands up to Luca’s face, bringing his face back down. “K-kiss me-! Please- Ahn!” He obeys, zero hesitation as he leans his body back down on you, moving his hips and kissing you passionately. 
Soon enough, he feels an orgasm start to rise. Losing control for a split second, he threw your legs over his shoulders, pressing down on your body and hitting the deepest part of you. 
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, helpless moans and broken pleas falling out your lips like waterfalls. He pulls his lips away from yours as he lets out a strained moan, your walls clenching around him so tight, he couldn’t handle it. 
Grunting out moans of your name, he gripped your hips desperately as he aimed into your womb, knowing he wouldn’t last long with the way your walls sucked him in.
 Leaning down to pinch your clit, desperate gasps and frantic panting followed, your orgasm washing over you like a beach wave. With a final deep thrust, Luca wasted no time to shoot his seed into your womb, unmoving as he waited for you to take all of it. 
Hearing your quiet whimpers at the feeling of his cum filling you to the brim, he kissed your sweaty forehead softly, collapsing beside you to rest his head on your heaving chest, the both of you trying and catch your breaths’. You start playing with his hair, twirling the long brown locks around your fingers. 
Sighing in contentment, “S/o, we’re... we’re going to have a baby..!” He whispers to you, voice cracking with excitement as he tried his very best to hold back tears at the thought of you bearing his child. Feeling him kiss your belly, you whisper back thoughtfully, a tired smile adorning your face, “A baby...” 
Peppering kisses all over your stomach, he held you gingerly, carefully as if you were a glass doll. “Thank you,, for loving me and letting me love you. I have so many things to thank you for..! I- Where do I even begin-?” You cut him off with a goofy smile, “Hey. w-why are you looking at me like that?” 
He tightened his grip around you slightly, smiling nervously at your expression. “I just hope our child inherits the same personality from you.” Your voice just barely above a whisper, you kissed his knuckles lightly, drifting off to sleep, and leaving Luca flushed and chuckling giddily at your words.
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idvlover · 10 months ago
Hi there 😁 my I request headcanons for Lucas, Joseph and Wu Chang's reactions to their survivor S/O being passionate about space ?
I'm going to assume s/o is from modern times
Wu Chang and Luca with s/o who is passionate about space headcanons:
Space had been talked about for a long time. Before Luca was even born, but it didn't become extremely popular until the 20th century (correct me if I'm wrong. I just know the cold war is what popularized it the most)
So when his s/o talked about space a lot, he's a little lost, but intrigued nonetheless
Might share what he knows only to get corrected because some information change over the years
What grabbed his interest the most is Apollo 13 moon landing. Like how on Earth did they make it to the moon? And come back?
Starts considering taking s/o on late night dates with a telescope
Listens to them go on and on about the stars, about their history, science, all of it
If his s/o has any books about space, he will no doubt read them
He finds it soothing when they talk about space. He loves how passionate they are and he never wants that to go away
Wants to have a matching space theme costume with them
Probably has a calendar for all the meteor showers, blood moons, which planet will show, all of it
Gets frustrated when it's cloudy or rainy. Probably yelled at the sky, despite his s/o saying it's fine that they can just have a casual dinner date
Yet it's really funny to watch. S/o may or may not have giggled discreetly
Other survivors and hunters are wondering if he's okay
"Why is he yelling at the sky in the rain"
"Tonight was supposed to be a blood moon. But as you can see the weather isn't fit"
"You might want to drag him in. I can see lightning strikes"
Definitely woke his s/o up at 3 in the morning because something caught his interest and he wants them to explain it
He also gets to learn how tiny earth is when s/o talks about the Milkyway
And also learns about blackholes and supernova
"That's cool, but please tell me the star won't explode"
"It's a rare occurrence, so probably not"
Stole Norton's Star Globe accessory to have s/o explain the star signs more
Norton had never felt so confused as to why he stole something that wouldn't help him invent things
S/o gave it back to him though, so he's not mad or anything
Wu Chang:
Xie and Fan figured out their passion after they got into the relationship
It was 2am in the morning and they're both REALLY worried because they couldn't find their s/o
That is until they heard mumbling and saw s/o looking through a telescope and look rather amazed by whatever is going on
Nearly scared the shit out of s/o when Xie asked what they are doing
That's when s/o explained they were looking at the stars and the two were more lost than Luca
But they eventually get a grasp on what they're talking about after further explanation
Even if they don't understand sometimes they still happily listen.
Fan finds the supernova cool
Xie is hoping that it never, ever explodes. Ever. Doesn't understand why Fan finds it cool
They try to do late-night dates. They do, but they just get so sleepy that they accidentally fall asleep on their s/o
Xie wondering why people are getting so bold and intrigued to the point they LEAVE earth
"What was the purpose of the moon landing???"
"Because the US refused to let Soviet Union win the space race after learning about sputnik"
"Soviet Union-"
"Ask Martha or Tracy"
"And sputnik???"
"Satellite made by the soviet union"
"S/o please...."
"A satellite is a-"
Xie only became more confused from there
Fan finds it neat that people were able to accomplish the moon landing. Like imagine being anywhere but the earth
Fan likes the history and some of the science more, while Xie loves the beauty space shows
Fan has probably gone around to survivors and hunters to tell them scary space facts just to scare them
They are both amazed by how much knowledge they have about space, and encourage s/o to keep following their passion
And if anyone tries to discourage it, you can count on Fan to make them regret it
Probably not only chase them but tell them about the possibility of the supernova. Had Probably made someone cry about it
Not that he regrets it
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undobutton · 9 months ago
I got a request from @animartistic for Joseph and Luca (separate) cheering up their s/o. I hope you like them♥️
Luca & Joseph cheering up their s/o
JOSEPH DESAULNIERS (photographer)📸
as soon as he notices your not in a good mood, he's pulling you somewhere secluded so that he can ask whats wrong.
he'll let you look through some of his photos, telling you the stories behind them if you're interested.
he'll also let you braid his hair or just play with it in general.
takes you to his room and tells you to relax.
makes you some tea and asks whether or not you wanna talk about it.
if you do he'll listen carefully and rub circles on your back gently.
if not then he'll try his best to get your mind off whatever's bothering you.
whether it's taking a walk through the garden, making cookies, cuddling, or anything else that you want
he just wants his love to be happy🥺
overall 100/10 he loves you and wants to see your pretty smile.
(sorry if these were short)
LUCA BALSA (prisoner) ⚡
he might not realize at first.
he loves you i swear! he told me.
he might have noticed something was off and made a mental note to ask you, but forgot instantly.
he remembers as soon as he sees your frown.
his heart breaks and he pushes all his plans aside to help you!
he will tell you about all of his recent gadgets.
and show you the ones he was making to surprise you with.
they are little inventions made to help you with anything you've ever mentioned has bothered you.
he likes to make them when he's up at night and doesn't know what to do, he'll look at the notepad he has of all the times you've mentioned something that has annoyed you.
i headcanon that he has insomnia and likes to spend the time wisely if he isn't sleeping.
if you don't want to talk about or play with his inventions he doesn't take any offence and plans to go over them when you're in a better mood.
he will listen to you vent and write down anything that was bothering you.
he's not the best with advice but he'll try if you need it.
is a little hesitant when it comes to cuddles, he doesn't wanna shock you on accident.
overall another 100/10 he likes seeing your smile!
that's all, I hope you liked them and thank you for requesting!
reblogs are appreciated ♥️
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dadovlin · 8 months ago
Master list #2
Link to master list 1 can be found here
💋 = Suggestive
🌧 = Angst
✨ = Fluff
* = Headcanons
+ = Fic
*Reader is gender-neutral unless stated otherwise!*
🌀Multiple Character Requests🌀
General headcanons for the hunters ✨🌧*
Disclaimer: Everything for Robbie is 100% platonic.
Reader who Robbie views as an older sibling ✨*
Robbie w/ reader who has an unusual soft spot for children ✨*
Reader who Galatea views as an older sibling ✨* (Platonic)
Reader who Yidhra’s follower views as an older sibling ✨* (Platonic)
Shy reader ✨*
General fluff headcanons ✨*
Antonio and Ann cuddles (tw for poly relationships)
Baking with Ann ✨*
Shy male! Reader ✨* (slightly suggestive?)
Mary with a small s/o ✨*
Hypersomniac reader ✨*
Hunter s/o ✨*
Shy reader ✨*
🌂Wu Chang🌂
General relationship headcanons ✨*
“Double Trouble” ✨+
Fem s/o from Argentina ✨*
Reader who simps for flying guillotine ✨*
Comfort headcanons ✨*
General fluff headcanons ✨*
🐧 BonBon🐧
Platonic headcanons ✨*
📷Joseph Desaulnier📷
Fem! S/O from Argentina ✨*
Reader who just LOVES to call him Peepaw ✨*
Joseph finding out that the new survivor is his child ✨🌧*
Taking care of a sick reader ✨*
Braiding Joseph’s hair ✨*
Taking care of sick Joseph ✨*
Taking care of his child after a nightmare ✨*
Comforting a sad Jojo ✨🌧 *
🌫Jack🌫 (No longer writing for him)
Flighty male! S/O ✨🌧*
Taking care of Antonio while he’s sick ✨*
🌀Multiple Character Requests🌀
Val cuddles (separate) ✨*
Luca, Edgar, & Andrew when their s/o gets injuring during a match ✨*
Norton & Luca with a shy and clumsy fem! s/o ✨* (A bit of spice if you squint)
Norton & Naib teasing their easily flustered fem! s/o ✨* (Just a tad bit of spice because it’s Norton ;) )
Norton x Naib x Reader relationship headcanons ✨*
Norton & Naib spending an average day with their fem! S/O ✨*
Aesop, Eli, Norton, & Naib Dancing with their S/O
Mike & Luca w/ a genderfluid reader ✨*
⚡️Luca Balsa⚡️
With an emotional s/o ✨*
🦉Eli Clark🦉
Frail reader ✨*
🌿Naib Subedar🌿
Random Naib headcanons (fem! reader) ✨*
With a clumsy s/o ✨* (tiny bit of angst)
💉Emily Dyer💉
Selfless ballerina s/o ✨*
🤠Kevin Alonso🤠
Helping an aristocratic male! s/o adjust to a country lifestyle ✨*
Reacting to his s/o attempting to tease him back ✨*
W/ a pregnant s/o ✨*
Reader who has a very usual sleep schedule ✨*
🌊Jose Baden🌊
With his decoder s/o ✨*
General Jose headcanons ✨*
💌Victor Grantz💌
“By the Fireplace” ✨+
🎨Edgar Valden🎨
Reader who has a opposite aesthetic ✨*
With a very tall male! S/O ✨*
⚰️Aesop Carl⚰️
Winter Headcanons ✨*
🏏Ganji Gupta🏏
Ganji in a match with his s/o ✨*
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luca-simp · a year ago
What if Luca was engaged before he lost his memory, and he only had vauge recollection of who they were. How do you think a reunion would go down? Headcanons please!
This is actually a really interesting idea! I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too. This turned out a bit long though hehe.
Reuniting with Luca after the accident
When he first saw you again at the manor you looked oddly familiar to him
You looked really excited to see him so you both had to have met at some point
You were a bit hurt when Luca looked at you with a confused expression
Emily pulled you aside and informed you about his memory loss and brain damage
It was a bit saddening to know that he couldn’t fully remember you but you knew it wasn’t his fault
You’d constantly catch Luca staring at you, just trying to remember who you were
Luca could tell that you’ve met before and he could tell you had a role of importance in his life
He just couldn’t tell what it was
For weeks he couldn’t focus on anything because you plagued all of his thoughts
He went over the few memories he had before the accident over and over again just trying to grasp at something that had a connection to you
No matter what he did all of his thoughts went back to you
Throughout this time it would be best to just be patient with him
Just spend your free time with him and try not to make things awkward
Everything you did felt so familiar to Luca but he still couldn’t come up with a single memory
He honestly felt kind of bad
Why couldn’t he remember who you were?
Eventually one day you came into his room while he was working on something
You asked him to tell you about his invention which he gladly did
Luca might not remember but you sure did
He always loved talking about his inventions and really enjoyed explaining his thought process to you
Even if it didn’t quite make sense sometimes
He looked up from his invention for a second while explaining things to see you smiling fondly at him
God, why did all of this seem so overwhelmingly familiar?
He looked back toward his invention at caught a glimpse of a ring he always wore
He never remembered exactly why he wore it or why it felt wrong to wear it on different fingers
Before he never really thought of it as more than a habit
But when he looked back up at you to see you still smiling at him and noticed a ring on your finger too it all finally made sense
Luca finally remembered who you were and he was just completely overcome with emotion
He quickly embraced you in a tight hug as he sobbed
He felt so happy and relieved to finally see you again but felt so horrible for not remembering you right away
Please just comfort him he really needs it
It would probably take him a while to get used to being in a relationship again
But he’s going to try so hard to make up for the time that you two lost
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idvlovblog · 11 months ago
Hello ! Can I request protective headcanons for Andrew and Luca with a female SO ?
i'm not at all proud of this one, to be honest, but i hope you like it!
he's so sweet and polite, of course he'd be protective of you!
his idea of love is showing concern and care
patches you up immediately when he finds you injured during matches
and always gives you a short kiss afterwards!
likes to hold you in his arms so he knows you're safe and comfortable
doesn't think you're incapable of protecting yourself, he just cares about you a lot.
will try to distract the hunter if you're kiting at half health
generally does way better in matches if you're there with him
he's scared to let you near any of his inventions in fear of them hurting you
also scared of accidentally zapping you
please try to meet him with the same care he gives you! it'll mean a lot to him.
shows you affection through hand kisses, like the polite aristocrat he is
won't leave through the exit gate until you're by his side
though he usually won't personally rescue you, unless it's necessary (he knows what his role is and commits to it fully, letting others do their jobs), he still refuses to leave without knowing you're safe
andrew my beloved. andrew the light of my life.
you're one of the only people in his life who have ever shown him kindness. of course the thought of losing you is unbearable to him
unless you two know each other for a long time and he fully trusts you, he'll probably still be cold and doubtful about everything you do
takes nearly everything you say to him the wrong way. he's constantly looking for any signs of you despising him.
but that doesn't stop him from caring. and boy oh boy does he care a lot
body blocks for you all the time
even if he's out of shovels, he'll just take the hit for you
he doesn't seem like the most selfless person in the world, but he truly would go to any length for anyone he loves
will get incredibly defensive if you point out how much he does for you
his need to protect you is probably partially caused by being raised in christianity. he feels as if it's his responsibility, as a man, to protect you - a woman he loves
of course andrew consciously knows you're not weak or anything, but that's just how he was raised
would secretly love it if you ever held his hand, just to reassure him that you're still here and that you still care about him
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mooskey · 6 months ago
How You Met (Luca x Reader Preference)
Ages: Both of you are 16
I'm so late, I'm so late. The coach is gonna murder me, you thought as you speed-walked through the halls of your boarding school. You see, you were on the swim team at your school and the coach decided that 7 am was a good starting time for a bunch of teenagers.
"I'm sorry!" you yelled as you opened the doors of the pool room. (Is that what it's called?)
"L/N!" the coach yelled, making you flinch.
"My alarm just-" you tried to explain but the coach cut you off.
"NO EXCUSES!" he yelled. "Do you have your uniform on?"
"Yes," you said, pulling off your shoes.
"Good, get ready then get in line!" the coach exclaimed.
As you pulled off your clothes, you felt a pair of eyes on you. You turned to the line, seeing a smaller boy with curly hair and brown eyes staring right at you. As soon as he realized he had been caught, he turned to the side, his face red.
You smiled slightly as the redheaded girl next to him smirked and elbowed him playfully.
"L/N!" Coach yelled, making you jump.
"Right, sorry," you mumbled, throwing your clothes and shoes who knows where. You ran to the line, wedging yourself between the curly-headed boy and the person next to him. He stiffened as you did and his cheeks flushed. "You okay?" you asked.
The boy gulped, nodding quickly. "Sorry for staring," he stated.
"It's alright," you insisted, chuckling gently. "I'm Y/N. I haven't seen you here before."
"Luca," the boy said, looking at you. "I've been practicing with the coach and my friend Julia alone."
"Hi! I'm Julia," the redhead said, peaking around Luca. "He thinks your very pretty."
"Julia!" Luca exclaimed as you grinned.
"Too much?" Julia asked him.
"Too much," Luca confirmed.
"Definitely not too much," you whispered to her.
Ages: Your 14 and Alberto's 13
"Luca!" you yelled, looking up at the tower-like building you had seen your little brother had snuck away to.
"Y/N!" Luca exclaimed, popping his head out from the top. Fear was etched across his face.
"What are you doing on the surface you Kelp Head!" you yelled.
"What?" Luca said, pretending he couldn't hear you, making your blood boil. "I- I can't hear you."
"I'm coming up there!" you threatened.
You fumed before walking full circle around the tower before you found a latter. You climbed up- only to be met with a large room, filled with human things.
"Y/N!" Luca exclaimed as your eyes landed on him.
"Listen here mister-" you began, stomping towards the smaller boy.
"Y/n, let me explain-" Luca began to back up as you approached him.
"Woah, woah, woah," a taller kid said, standing in front of you. He had curly hair and green eyes. "Who are you? How do you know Luca? And why'd you call him Kelp Head?"
"I'm Y/N, Luca's big sister," you stated, narrowing your eyes at the boy. "Who are you and why are you keeping him up here?"
"Y/n- he's not-"
"Listen, sweetheart, I'm not forcing Luca to stay here or anything," the boy scoffed.
"Like hell-"
"Alberto! Y/N! Stop it!" Luca yelled, making you both look at him. "Y/n, Alberto isn't keeping me up here, it's my choice."
"Well, whatever," you scoffed. "You're still coming home," you added.
"I will, tonight," Luca insisted. "Please don't tell Mom and Dad."
You bit your lip, thinking over the whole thing. "Fine," you sighed. "But I'm staying up here to keep you two in line."
"We don't need you to-" Alberto began but Luca elbowed him, making him shut up.
"Okay," Luca nodded.
"Good," you said. You puffed out your cheeks due to the new sudden silence. "Now, what do you guys do up here?"
Ages: Both 8
You cried silently as you sat at the end of the docks. Your mother and father had gone out fishing but that had been hours ago and they still weren't back.
"Hey," a gentle voice said from behind you. You gasped gently, turning around to see a girl your age and a taller man missing one arm standing there. "Are you alright?"
"My parents haven't come back from fishing," you cried as the girl sat next to you.
"Oh no," the girl gasped. "Come stay with us tonight. My papa will go try and find them tomorrow." You hesitated, looking at the taller man. "Right Papa?"
The man grunted, nodding slightly. "Come on," he said, turning around and getting on a bike with a cart attached to the back.
"We'll ride in the cart," the girl said, smiling brightly. She pulled you up gently and led you to the cart. She helped you up before sitting next to you.
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moonnlightgentleman · 8 months ago
Can we get uhhhhhhhhhh angst headcannons with Luca where his g/n s/o constantly thinks things happened that didnt and it eats away at them?
sure thing!! i'll do my best on this, i hope its alright! if this is an actual condition im so sorry if i say anything disrespectful ;;
Luca with an s/o who thinks things happened that didn't
for starters, i feel like this fact messes with luca
as we all know, luca has brain damage
i hc that he has a terrible memory and often forgets things
so when someone asks him "do you not remember?" he tries to convince himself that whatever that thing never happened, and that everyone else is just crazy
he hates that he lost his memory, and hates how terrible it is
but you, his s/o, frequently thinks that things that never happened, did
so if you bring whatever those things are up to him, he wont know for sure if it ever happened or not
because, well, neither of you can remember
he tries to understand. why wouldnt he? he loves you
he does his best to comfort you if it overwhelms you, but it doesn't always get rid of the lingering doubt that maybe its just him not being able to remember instead of your brain making it up
it causes a lot of confusion for you two
explain it to him, if you can. to be honest you both probably need constant reassurance
once he can understand, he wont be as paranoid
he can sympathize with you, your experiences are similar but not 100% the same
its a similar feeling, while also being opposites?
hard to describe
if you're convinced something happened when it didnt, he'll try to tell you that it didnt while still trying not to make it sound like you were crazy
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kiwiepewie · 2 months ago
I loved your Emil hcs! Can I have more Emil hcs , and Luca too? With a s/o that has like a universe powers , and has missions to do in the universe, I don't know how to say it , if you have watched Bee and Puppycat maybe you could get it. Yeah that's it , I'm sorry if it's a weird request , stay safe!! <3
An; So the person changed their mind they wanted it to be a oneshot , so I made it! I added Puppycat to this story. Btw suggest you guys to watch Bee and Puppycat it's such a nice show !
Emil and Luca with a s/o that goes on a missions in magical places
*alarm ringing*
Tumblr media
. "Uuuauhhh.. *falls from bed* OW!! That hurt!" You touched your butt from the fell so you can sooth the pain away. You looked through the window to see that it's morning , then you looked at the clock, it was 7 AM.
" Ohhh.. Wait let me check again when do I have matches.." You picked up the list for this week matches. "7 , 7:15, 7:30 , seven-
8:50! I can finally do my duties freely!
Ok uhh let me get ready first so I can meet the other survivors ."
"And done!" You looked around your room and saw Puppycat still sleeping.
"Puppycaaaat! Wake uup! Today is a new day to uhh.. Oh yeah! Today is Lucas birthday ! You know what that means , we gotta go see tempbot and then she will teleport us in the candy island , and the--
" Uaaaaaahh Puopochionuposu... ( Ook I get it, stop talking...)"
You smiled and then took Puppycat from his little bed , open the door and then closed it and went down the hallways.
As you were walking you saw Margaretha , but there was something wrong. She looked so nervous.
"Hey Margie why do you look so nervous??" You asked.
"Oh my gosh Y/N!!! I need help!"
"Sure, what's the problem?"
"Ok so , me and a few other survivors broke Luca's present , it was a brand new materials for making machines and other things that Luca likes to do! And Victor's dog accidentally ate one of the materials , I don't know what to do Y/N please help me!!" You blinked a few times.
"Okkk I will help you guys , but I'm not sure what should I get him or make him something??"
"Brrrzzz Oaachonaa!!! ( I'm hungry!! )"
"Not now Puppycat! Ok I got this don't worry Margie!"
She relaxed.
"Oh thank god , thank you so much Y/N."
"Don't worry , off we go!!"
While you were walking down the stairs you were greeted with some of the survivors.
Emma ran up to you and hugged you.
"Good morning Y/N!!! And hellooo Puppycat!! Sleep well??" She said while patting Puppycat.
"Yep ! What are you guys doing?"
"Well there was a little accident when we were wrapping one of Luca's gifts.." said Emily.
"Oh? What happened??"
𝗢𝗵 𝘆𝗲𝗮 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁..
"Well we kind of lost some of Lucas materials for mechanism, we gave Emil to keep them safe while we were making the cake and other things, but he lost them around the manor or garden, plus someone ate the cake, and wick ate one by accident."
Wick looked at you guilty while Victor was patting her head and Emil looked like he was about to cry because he was feeling embarrassed that he lost them.
Everything was messed up. Then Luca came .
"Hey guys how are you all doin-"
He just looked what a mess everything is.
"Uhhh did I miss something?"
"Noo no no! You didn't Luca ! We were just uhh..-"
"We were just practicing cooking with some survivors!!" it was obvious that they were making cake for Luca but he just pretended that he didn't know.
"Okay. Oh hey Y/N , going on a mission?"
"Good morning Luca! An yes we are-"
"Can I please comeee?" He said.
"Sure why no-"
"Uhm.. Miss/Mister Y/N can I please come too.?" Emil said. Ada was really shocked.
"Emil, darling? Why do you want to?" Ada asked.
"I really want to see the space, or other interesting places, please Ada?"
".... Fine. But I will have to be with you.-"
"Sorry to interrupt you miss Mesmer but I can't go on a mission with 5 people , that will be a lot.."
She sighed.
"Okay. Emil you can go, but please come back soon!"
Emil got really excited.
" Don't worry miss Mesmer I will protect him! Puppycat??"
"Nōō... Brzhoaanmddaa..(Noo... I'm hungry...)"
"Ok Puppycat I will give you..." You looked at the dining table and saw half eaten bacon."
"This half eaten bacon anndd this bread.."
He looked at you annoyed but his stomach grumbled loudly , embarrassed he ate it."
You knelt in front of him.
"Okay you ready?"
"Nōō.. Aosachakalipaew... (Noo.. I'm still hungry..)"
"Ahhhhuhgggg... Ok we will eat something if you give me the letter!"
He just stared at you still annoyed.
"Buaaaeamsmd. (Fine)"
Tumblr media
He touches the letter with his pall and you guys teleport.
The three of you were falling like you were in a black hole , Luca and Emil were screaming and you were only saying "WOOOO" while falling down and Puppycat was silent and looking grumpy as always.
Then a big hole opened revealing the four of you falling down.
" 𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙋𝙪𝙥𝙥𝙮𝙘𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙔/𝙉. 𝘼𝙣𝙙 𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤, 𝙪𝙣𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙜𝙣𝙞𝙯𝙚𝙙 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨. 𝙐𝙣𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙪𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙮 𝙙𝙪𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙢𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙨, 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙗𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙."
The tempbot opens a oven with burning fire inside. ( Sounds weird I'm sorry)
The two males screamed in horror.
"Wawawawau! Uhmgg. Cheinponkot wofoliliii. ( Waiwaiwait! These two here are our.. Guests.)
The oven closes.
"𝙊𝙝! 𝙇𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙖 𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙚-𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙬? 𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚! 𝙄𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙖𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢 𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙜𝙣𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩!"
(In this part you guys dress up in candy costumes)
Luca and Emil were stunned by their costumes.
Then the tempbot opens her mouth wide so you guys can get in the island.
( basically when there's a mission the tempbot opens her mouth so she can teleport in different universes. Y'all pls don't take that weirdly 😟)
The place was actually pretty nice , you guys stepped on clouds.
Tumblr media
Emil was just too amazed , he has never seen something beautiful like that. Same goes to Luca , he was looking at the sky. The colours.. When was the last time he saw a pretty sky like that? Doesn't remember , in his head was his terrible past. Most of the times he has seen clouds in the sky, and a little bit of the sun , but now he clearly sees it.
You chuckled.
"Beautiful isn't it?"
They snapped back to reality and smiled .
"Yeah it is! So what are we doing here?" Asked Emil.
"Oh yea , that! So it was said that in this little house it has a monster but I'm not sure.."
"Monster?!?" They both got scared.
"Relax I got my weopon , I can defeat it really easily!"
Puppycat couldn't hold it anymore , he was so hungry , so he sprinted inside.
"Puppycat!" You ran after him, Emil and Luca looked eachother in confusion and ran after you.
The two of them stopped running .
This place was huge! It was like a pudding place and other sweets. It was beautiful!
Tumblr media
Emil smiled widely and ran to take a bite of the pudding.
"Mister Mesmer! Wait! What if it's poison?? What if the monster is near us wants to eat us?!?"
Emil stopped and looked at him.
"Maybe.. But I wanna eat that pudding!"
Luca stood there thinking .
"Hmm ok but I will take a bite if it's dangerous."
"Are you sure??" Emil started getting scared.
"Yep. Hmm let me see which one.. This one!"
Luca ran to the banana pudding , he took a bite from it.
Emil waitied for his response nervously.
"Whoa!!! This is so good!!!"
He was shocked , so he ran next to him to try.
Both of them had stars in their eyes.
"Wait!!! We forgot about Y/N and Puppycat!!!"
Emil stopped eating , and started sweating a little bit.
"Oh no!! I-its my fault that we lost them! I shouldn't go and approach to the pudding!"
Luca looked around and heard you talking loudly.
"Puppycat stop eating!! You will not even move a muscle if you eat too much !!"
Luca held his hand to help him.
"Follow me , I know where they are."
The two men ran to your direction. And what did they see was a big snake approaching to eat the two of them.
"Y/N look out!!!" Screamed Luca.
"Huh?" You turned you head , and saw that there was a big pudding snake approaching to eat you.
The monster was few centimetres away eating you , but Luca shock him , the monster screamed in pain , it got even more mad.
Emil was panicking.
An idea popped out his mind , he used his hook , aimed it at the snake. It was very risky but wanted to save his friends. The hook went through the snakes eye , but he forgot that the hook was attached to him so he went flying right at the snake. The monster was furious and was about to eat Emil, but (Y/N) got their weapon out and sliced the snake in 2 pieces.
There were two snakes but little ones , they crawed out somewhere . Puppycat ran to them and ate them.
Emil's arm was stuck up in the strawberry jam. He fell and screamed in horror , but you catched him in bridal style.
"Gotcha!" His whole face was red .
Luca saw everything, he was in shock , what did he just saw?? And let's just say that he was a little jealous because you held Emil close .
So he went and grabbed chocolate topping from the chocolate river and threw it on Emil's face.
He was confused and first. Then he licked his lips from the chocolate , smiled from the lovely taste. He got out of your embrace took the strawberry jam out of his hand and threw it back at Luca's face. He blinked a few times. Then the two of them started a war, you watched them throw eachother foods , so you joined them to since you were bored.
The three fo you were laughing and having fun while Puppycat was sitting and waiting for you guys to finish so you can go home.
When you guys finished, you were panting , because how tired you guys were. Then started to collect some sweets in a few bags and you were ready to go.
"Awochupoinnnn. (Finally.)"
A portal opened revealing a dark room. You all entered in confusion.
It was quiet. It was like no one is here.
Suddenly you heard a
Luca didn't speak. He was about to cry from happiness. You hugged him .
"Oh yea I forgot to say that , Happy birthday Luca!!" You hugged him.
He started to cry from joy.
"Thank you so much everyone. This means a lot to me..."
Ada was running toward Emil with a worried expression.
"Emil my love!! Did you get hurt??"
Emil just smiled tiredly.
"No Ada my love I am okay , I had a great time spending with my friends.." he said tiredly.
Ada hugged him which he returned the hug back.
Luca's birthday started , there were tons of sweets and drinks , it was really fun.
"Hey Luca! Having a great birthday?"
You smiled at him.
He smiled back.
"Of course Y/N . Thank you for taking me to an epic adventure with you it was really beautiful and fun.." he hugged you.
You only smiled.
"You're welcome Luca!"
Then you kissed him on the cheek, which he blushed.
You yawn.
"Well it was nice going to an adventure with you too, but I feel so tired , my legs feel like jellies. Welp I'm going to bed now , good night have a nice birthday!"
He waved at you touching his cheek where you kissed him. Smiling at himself.
Now for Emil.
While you were walking thought the halls to your room Puppycat groaned, because of how much he ate.
"I told you do not eat too much cake but you didn't listen to me."
"Yiaaaaazzz. (Sorryyy.)"
You just chuckled tiredly and headed to Emil's dorm. You knocked three times and waited for an answer. You heard footsteps , the door opened revealing tired Emil. When he saw you he started to sweat from nervousness.
"It's okay Emil! I just wanted to say thank you for today. I had so much fun with you" You smiled gently at him which made him blush.
"I-I had.. so much fun with you .. too. Th-Thank you."
𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴. 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘄𝗮𝘀𝗻𝘁 𝗵𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲?
"By the way I wanted to give you this" You got out from your bag a soft fluffy blanket and pillow and a little plushie.
"I know it looks stupid as for the plushie but it's a gift from me."
He couldn't hold his excitement . The blankets were so soft and warm , same goes to the pillow.
He hugged you tightly.
You returned the hug and stayed like that for a good one minute.
"You're welcome Emil." You gave him the bag of pillow,blanket and plushie.
He took them happily and thanked you again.
You walked to your dorm happily . You got your keys from your pocket and unlocked the door. You close the door behind you and lay on the bed same as Puppycat lays down on his bed too.
"Uaaahhh.. Sooo tired.." Then suddenly you opened your eyes again.
"THE MATCH IN 8:50 I TOTALLY FORGOT , NOOOOooo!!! Why didn't I think for that uhhhhhh... I'm gonna talk to Emily tomorrow then.. Probably got replaced by other survivor..."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*ೃ༄ All of the bg aren't mine! They are from the episodes of Bee and Puppycat.
I am really happy that you read my oneshot :)
And I hope you enjoyed it! <3
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shsl-writers-and-simps · a year ago
Luca & Andrew with an adorable S/O
Tumblr media
Aw, I love the idea of just a small and adorable S/O. They’re literally the combination of that one ‘I protect them with my life’ meme, aha. (Also I’m a total simp for Luca bahahaha)
Also I woke up today to see we had 6 asks in our inbox, thank you for supporting our blog^^ I appreciate every single one of you reading this right now :D
- Mod Serenity
Tumblr media
Luca with an adorable S/O
✄ Literally will protect S/O with his life.
✄ He likes to squish S/O’s cheeks because he finds it absolutely adorable (also does it just to tease his S/O too, aha)
✄ A total tryhard at trying to make his S/O happy just because he wants to see their eyes light up when they’re happy.
✄ Cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles. Especially if it’s winter and super cold. (Luca will use it as an excuse to cuddle with his s/o, aha) Luca will be the big spoon more often though.
✄ If S/O ever gets their feelings hurt by someone, oh boy is Luca going to storm up to the culprit and agrue with them. He can’t stand seeing his S/O being sad. (also another excuse for him to cuddle with his S/O afterward, lol.
Andrew with an adorable S/O
✄ Andrew is surprised when he meets S/O, who is the total opposite of his gloomy demeanor. 
✄ Will give head pats at the most random moments because S/O is just too cute.
✄ When his S/O is happy, he’s happy too. He can’t resist returning a smile when S/O is happy. (He likes seeing their eyes sparkle.)
✄ If his S/O ever gets hurt, he’ll comfort them and offer some kind words to help rid of the pain. (Also cuddles, heh heh)
✄ He likes to hold his S/O’s hand a lot when they’re together to reduce his fear as well.
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idvloveletters · a year ago
heard you're accepting hc requests, so may i have some platonic hcs with the reader and the new survivor, edgar? also maybe the same thing with luca too if possible, but just edgar is fine heh
For starters, how did you even get CLOSE to him?
He’s known for that semi-bad attitude of his, putting himself up high and expecting praise for his artwork.
Though, he is able to toss that aside for you.
Edgar for sure still has his moments, but if he ever hurts you he does make sure to apologize at one point- he didn’t mean it.
Probably at first was very worse, saying you should be honored to be considered so much an acquaintance of his.
Soon- Edgar does soften a bit in your presence. Becoming the only person he trusts to give proper critique on his artwork.
He might offer to teach you or the very least ask to paint you every now and then.
You act as the one person who really keeps Edgar in check, making sure he at least can cooperate with people in matches.
Though- it’s rumored when he’s not matched with you he always just groans and complains the whole time--
At first he perhaps pushed you away, keeping you still at a comfortable distance.
Someone wanting to befriend the survivor carrying that horrid title of “Prisoner”? You make him laugh.
Though when he finally realizes you aren’t merely getting close to him to be nice- he does ease up a lot more.
Probably bursts into your room to show you his newest gadget- wanting you to be the first to see it in action!
You’ll have to be the one who drags Luca out of his room to eat, so have fun with that.
Though, eventually he just asks you to bring both of your food in so you two can eat together and chat.
You also end up being the one who helps Luca out when his migraines get a hold of him. 
If you can even notice them, he has a habit of hiding them a lot.
You’re at least close enough that you can see both sides of Luca; an eccentric inventor who wants to bring good to the world and a rather mysterious individual who doesn’t like people getting too close.
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multiplefandomsblog · 11 months ago
[Identity v] Luca x Gn!Reader (nsfw)(one shot)
request; Luca x reader where Luca has a breeding kink?
⚠️warnings⚠ unedited, nsfw, breeding kink, reader is gender neutral/has gender neutral parts and pronouns, virgin reader, dub-con, no prep, swearing, creampie, crappy attempt at a joke, squirting/cumming, pirated shows/movies
note: ajhfsjhfs i had soooo much fun writing this despite my miniscule amount of knowledge on breeding kinks lol. hope you enjoy!
Luca and you were sitting on the couch, watching some show on an illegal website. You protested against it in fear of getting a virus or something, and suggested to just watch something on your paid Netflix subscription, but Netflix didn’t have the show he wanted to watch. You’re 20 minutes in, until an ad pops up.
It’s a porn ad.
What the fuck.
You grab the remote frantically, trying to turn it off or do something, but fail and just resort to closing your eyes and hear for the ad to end, like the big virgin you are. You can hear the woman in the ad moaning, talking about breeding or something? You hear the noise cut and take your hands off to see that Luca turned off the TV. 
“That was weird.” he doesn’t seem to be stunned at all. He looks towards you smirks a little, enough to see his little shark tooth. “Breeding, huh?” you start feeling his snake arms reach for your inner thigh, and you feel it getting hotter and hotter the farther he traveled towards your crotch. He pounces on you so he’s on top, and bites down on your neck. “Do you want my babies?” You could hear the breathing of yours and his get heavier, then feeling something getting harder pressed against your hip. “i- ”
you moan quietly as he rubs his hard cock roughly against your crotch, while he continues to bite red crests into your neck. He starts to lift up your shirt as you undo his ponytail. He starts kissing and biting your body, leaving red marks everywhere. He then pulls down your pants along with your underwear, then he fumbles excitedly to undo his. “W-wait!” you call out, “What about-” he cuts you off.
“Protection? we won’t be needing that.” You watch as he slides his pants down to his knees. His hard dick flings out and rest on the outside of your hole. He grinds is against you for a while until he finally slides it in, and boy, he does not have any mercy. He quickly rams the whole thing in, and you flinch while grasping the folds of the fabric on the couch.
You throw your head back, mouth agape, trying not to scream too loud. He starts moving his hips, thrusting slowly, but with the depth inside, you still feel the lingering pain of when he first shoved it in you. His hands are resting close beside your ears to keep him stable while you lay on your back, legs high in the air. He’s eyeing you up and down, but you’re staring straight down, watching his body move back and forth into you.
Every now and then you make eye contact, and he does that god awful-shark tooth sneaky-shit-eating grin. Looking at him gives you butterflies in your stomach, and you can feel your walls clenching tighter with every glance. The tighter it gets, the louder he moans and the closer he comes to cumming inside you. 
It’s been about 5-10 minutes, you’re both all out of breath and sweaty, and neither of you has orgasmed yet. But then you feel something being released inside you, you hear Luca let out a loud sigh of relief, as he released his warm white liquid inside you. That sets you off, and you can feel you’re body start to shake, as you scream from pleasure, and squirt/cum all over Luca’s dick and stomach.
He lays over you, groping your thigh, as you both lay there, sweaty, out of breath, him covered in you, and you filled with him. While still laying on you, he reaches over to the coffee table to grab the remote, and he turns on the TV to continue watching the show he chose. Netflix and chill? No, Illegal website and breeding.
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