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Interesting style. Last two are action poses, but gallade and gardevoir look like they’re squeezed in a den hiding.

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Today is @sw124 ‘s birthday and For my bestest friend I drew their Character S4 with her Lucario, Eve! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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“You'r ready Brother?”

“As always!”

“Then let’s see who will win this time”

Both Pokémon raised there arms and clenched their claw and paw into a fist. Both were ready for a hit until a shadow covered both of them and let both froz in an instant. They looked to the one who interupt them only to see a familiar face

“Hey boys. Guess what? I’m now a fighting type too! Isn’t this great?”

But it didn’t need words to tell what they thought about it.


I think you know what Kiba and Aaron think about the Mega-Evolution of the Lopunny ;3

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Agnarr’s Pokemon Team

Wuffels -> Wolwerock (Day Form) - A gift from his father Runeard. Very loyal to Agnarr

Pii -> Piepi -> Pixi - Found in the castle grounds by Gerda, Agnarr decided to keep her. He’s hiding her from Runeard, since he wanted his son to have ‘manly’ Pokemon

Evoli -> Nachtara - Offspring from Halima’s and Mattias’ Folipurba and Blitza. Gift from them

Alola Vulpix - Found while ice fishing with Iduna when they were teens. He never considered evolving it and Vulpix is ok with staying how it is.

Robball -> Marikeck - Found it swimming in the fjords. They played regularly, until it wanted to stay with him. Agnarr left her in Anna’s custody when he and Iduna travelled to Ahtohallan

Plinfa - Called ‘Sir Jörgenjörgen’, starter. Was caught by Queen Rita and gifted to him. After Rita vanished Runeard got rid of everything she possessed, including him. Gerda hid him away and gave him back to Agnarr when he found out the truth about Rita’s disappearance. After Elsa accidentally hurt Anna, Agnarr gave Plinfa to his oldest, to always have a friend by her side.

Riolu -> Lucario - A gift from Mattias, to have someone to protect Agnarr when he’s away. Sadly, Lucario was left behind during the battle in the forest. Mattias found him and it stayed with him, also hoping to return to its master one day (is able to Mega evolve)

Alola Mauzi - Another Gift from Runeard, since he didn’t like how Agnarr caught himself some ‘ordinary’ Pokemon. A real dick, picking on Agnarr and his other Pokemon. Left behind during the battle in the forest, he won’t be missed. No one knew what happened to it, it apparently became a wild Pokemon doing his thing.

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Matthias’ Pokemon Team

Knapfel -> Drapfel - A gift from Halima

Evoli -> Blitza - A gift of peace from the Northuldra, he also got a female one for Halima

Gramokles -> Duokles -> Durengard - One of his first caught Pokemon it took long to earn its trust, but he did it and they protect each other ever since

Galar Porenta -> Lauchzelot - Caught it in the woods around Arendelle. He’s his sparring partner

Kanto Ponita -> Kanto Gallopa - All soldiers have a Pokemon to ride on, he chose Ponita

Meikro -> Kranoviz -> Krarmor - First caught Pokemon. It’s a scout and another form of transportation

Agnarrs Lucario - Was left behind during the battle in the forest. Mattias found him and it stayed with him ever since

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An old pokemon OC of mine. I don’t know how I originally designed her but I know that she’s changed a lot over the years.

-Name origins: Heather is a type of flower. Blythe is a misspelling of the word “blithe” which is defined as “showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper.”
-Age: 18
-Height: 167 cm (5′6″)
-Birthday: September 15
-Hair Color: Scarlet
-Hair Style: Worn loose and reaches her mid-back.
-Eye Color: Blue
-Skin Tone: Tan
-Physical Build: Average


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Javid, but they’re Pokemon.

Art by Kibo.Blue on Instagram ❤️

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Pokemon of the day 22/365



Come on, who doesn’t like Lucario? I think no one.

Lucario must be a legendary Pokemon and here again, I think no one thinks it differently 😂

Lucario is treated as a legendary Pokemon both on games and on Anime/Films.

Lucario is the Egyptian God Anubi made as a Pokemon, esthetically.

It has “strange” power with a sort of control of Aura.

I think the “lore” behind Lucario is something really really interesting, maybe one of the most interesting thing in the Pokemon World, better than some legendaries too.

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For some reason this never got posted but here’s a comm I did a few weeks ago! This looks best on a darker background, but here’s the transparent version.

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Jack: the one I took to stop Michele when his powers got crazy again

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Pokémon: the Dark Circuit (aka Vanguard Descends season 2)

Chapter 6 Limit Break (cont.)

“Are you alright, Aichi?”, Kamui asked, putting his hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t know…I feel weird…”, Aichi whispered.

“ I know you have been rather rebellious lately and I pose you a deal similar to 001q. I want you to compete in this year’s Omni-regional Circuit. If you defeat its champion you will be free from Team Asteroid forever, but if you lose you will return to my side.”, Gin continued.

“Why do you want me to compete in the circuit?”, Aichi questioned.

“You have met its champion before 002q haven’t you? And you’re probably wondering about a missing Gallade right?”, Gin asked, Aichi froze at the mention of a Gallade.

“They have Ahmes?”, Kai questioned.

“H-how did you?”, Aichi questioned.

“Well, 002f found that Gallade. If you win you can also get him back too.”, Gin answered.

“Where is he?! Where did you put him? You didn’t put him in a cage or anything right?”, Aichi questioned with concern remembering how Team Asteroid had treated Pokémon in his first encounter with them.

“Oh, he’s fine.”, Gin replied.

“How do we know you’re telling the truth?”, Kai questioned.

“Well…my son could always come see for himself.”, Gin suggested.

“No way! Aichi’s going nowhere near Team Asteroid!”, Misaki cut in.

“We won’t let you jerks get your hands on him!”, Kamui added.

“Why you…”, Oliver trailed off hot headedly.

Raul put his hand on his shoulder to calm him. Aichi was silent mostly because he was thinking it over. Along with trying to push down some of 003v’s emotions that rose within him. He didn’t know that they didn’t have Ahmes, but the timing of it was too perfect.

“Aichi…”, Kai said, looking over to Aichi with veiled concern.

“I…”, Aichi trailed off.

“That jerk is probably just lying so he can lure you in and catch ya!”, Jonouchi said.

“Lucario? Lucario? Lucario? Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. (What do you think Aichi? Whatever you decide we’ll be by your side.)”, Gancelot said.

“Haxorus! (Yeah!)”, Soul Saver replied.

“Goliso! (Um hm!)”, Llew agreed.

“Always.”, Alfred replied.

Wingal reluctantly nodded knowing he couldn’t stop Aichi from being reckless and it was best to just help him to make sure he wouldn’t get hurt.


Aichi looked down with his bangs covering his eyes.

“Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. (Because I believe in you. You are someone who has done the impossible time and time again. You have already overcome seemingly insurmountable odds before and you can do it again.)”, Gancelot answered.

Aichi looked back up to Gancelot and his eyes looked a bit watery. He really hoped the others wouldn’t notice, but with the link they were sure to.

Flashback end

“I defeated Team Asteroid once. I know you’re all concerned, but if I have your support again I’m sure I can do it again.”, Aichi said as he looked over to his friends.

“That’s true…”, Kamui trailed off, flinching as Misaki glared at him.

“I know your concerned guys. But…someone has to defeat Team Asteroid once and for all. So…will you help me?”, Aichi asked.

“You’re being reckless again Aichi…You’ve always like that…”, Misaki said as she looked down.

“Considering recent events. It seems trying to keep him out of the fight against Team Asteroid is impossible. If that’s the case then…fine Aichi I’ll help.”, Kai replied as the other two looked over to Kai.

Miwa nodded in agreement.

“Kourin did say something along the lines of if you can’t meet them join them about Aichi. Alright bro, I’ll help!”, Kamui replied.

“It’s if you can’t beat them, join them. But, yeah I’ll help if you really want me too.”, Kourin said, with a light blush.

“Fine…it looks like I can’t stop you anyway. And like Kai said it seems impossible to leave you out of it. I guess like they said I’ll just have to help you then.”, Misaki said with a sigh.

“You will have our help too.”, Yami said.

Aichi turned over to them still not knowing who they were.

“These are some new friends we got.”, Kamui told him.

“Alright. I’ll accept and I’m going to see if you really have Ahmes. ”, Aichi said.

“Wonderful, see you soon son.”, Gin replied with a delighted tone.

“I’m going to defeat you and bring you back 003v.”, Oliver declared.

“When we do battle I won’t hold anything back. You may think I’m being manipulated, but I really am doing this myself.”, Aichi replied.

“Get in line! You are 003v huh? You must have been the one to stop Punisher. The Psyqualia user who’s apparently supposed to be the strongest? We’ll see about that when I crush you in the circuit.”, 004a said.

“Is he like Ren perhaps?”, Aichi thought, remembering Rin’s situation.

“I’m going to win for my friends and the world.”, Aichi replied.

“Friends? What nonsense? Your a Psyqualia user yet you are lowering yourself to the level of such weaklings?”, 004a questioned.

“Didn’t they beat you?”, Aichi questioned, coming to that conclusion seeing his condition.

“We sure did!”, Jonouchi replied, puffing his chest out.

This made 004a extremely mad and a vein became visible.

“Ren thought he was invincible too. Psyqualia might make us powerful, but we’re still mortal. We are still capable of losing.”, Aichi replied.

“Ren was the weakest of us! He can’t even limit break! Don’t compare me to that old model!”, 004a replied.

“Limit break? Is that why you look like a Pokémon?”, Aichi questioned obliviously, sweat dropping.

“You don’t even know about limit break. Oh…defeating you will be too easy.”, 004a replied.

“Famous last words.”, Kourin commented.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure Ren thought that too.”, Kamui added.

004a growled at them as they continued to compare him to Ren. Aichi felt much more at ease with his friends by his side. He felt like despite everything, they could make it through this.

To be continued…

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With the preview of Pokemon Journeys Episode 53 pretty much spoiling a… certain event, let’s address some things:


If you are complaining about Goh successfully catching Suicune in a regular Pokeball, then I ask you to please wait for the actual episode to come out next week. There’s more than likely a lot more context to the capture than the preview is letting on. Heck, going by the preview alone seems to indicate that Suicune’s capture was not all Goh’s doing.

And another thing…

If you are going around calling people “haters” just because they critique Goh’s character and then tell them to leave the fandom, then stop it. You are making yourself and the anipoke fandom as a whole look bad. No character is perfect, so no one is exempt from criticism. Stanning Goh 24-7 and ignoring any criticisms regarding him just makes him look like a Mary Sue. Yes, people are complaining too much about the Suicune capture even when the episode’s not out yet, but there are still some valid complaints to it, and if you choose to ignore it, then that kinda makes you look like an immature simp.

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Well, this took a lot of time, but I liked the result.

I uploaded each full body Pokémon during eighteen days, and now that is over I fill empty.

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