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Bias Tag

Tagged by @moonchild-saturn and @stay-zen-ni

Rules: List 10 biases and then answer the questions below

  1. Mingi
  2. Dongju
  3. Jackson
  4. Quanzhe
  5. Yonggeun
  6. Johnny
  7. Haechan
  8. Lucas
  9. Seungcheol
  10. Taeyang

Between 1 and 4 who would you rather kiss?


Between 2 and 7 who would be your best friend?


Between 5 and 10 who has a better voice?


Between 1 and 8 who is the funniest?


Between 4 and 8 who is the better dancer?


Between 3 and 5 who would you most likely marry?


Between 1 and 7 who would you nurse when sick?


Between 6 and 8 who would you vacation with?


Tagging: @jaewrxtes @miss–moose @milkyateez @seiiblue

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Hey! Please could you do an affectionate nicknames post for Wayv like the one for 127?🥺

hi angel! yes i can!!!

kun: honey, love, baby

ten: something really random but really cute?? like the animal they remind him of or their favorite fruit, something creative and personal that would sound weird to literally anyone else but that is actually so sweet

winwin: my love….definitely my love. 

lucas: something referencing how small they are in comparison to him, but also babe/baby

xiaojun: sweetheart, angel

hendery: another random one,, some shortened version of their name or their childhood nickname to tease them a bit but also probably calls them “cutie” a lot without even realizing it

yangyang: babe or something he comes up with himself!!!

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—❀ a dojae enemies to lovers AU

Crazy rumors surround Doyoung and Jaehyun’s relationship, and they despise each other because of it. One club application later, they’re bound to clash. Now facing each other head-on, can they put the past behind?

Doyoung’s group chat: Ten, Taeyong, Yuta, Jungwoo, Kun, Johnny (in both group chats)

Jaehyun’s group chat: Winwin, Taeil, Mark, Lucas, Haechan, Johnny (in both group chats)


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here’s a super duper big list that explains the kids and which generations they belong in, as well as who is their best friends and all that good jazz!

here’s the masterlist to all things nct dad related! go and check it out to see the different descriptions of the kids!

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K Pop Things That Radiate The Same Energy

Taehyung wanting to be featured on a Cypher

Chanyeol trying to be the “C” in CBX

Felix wanting to be a part of 3Racha

Lucas wanting to be in Dream

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Hi Naomi! I wanted to ask you who would be most likely to have a one-night stand. Thank you!

do you want this as an mtl angel?? i can definitely write it as one BUT

i will be the FIRST to say that the most likely out of all of them are ten, hendery, hyuck, johnny and on the low……like if the opportunity presented itself…doyoung and sicheng. lucas, yangyang and yuta too if they’re feeling a little…~crazy~ and jaehyun MAYBE but trust is big for him (he’s more of a friends with benefits type of guy than a one night stand type of guy)

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