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laurasbailey18 minutes ago
i am sorry for the people following me for my s&b content it is deceptive hfkskfmdmf
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offbeatworlds46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
CW: fleshy horror
Long may he... reign 馃槵
Got inspired after the last episode, been wanting to get better/practice painting horror so this recent arc has been the perfect opportunity 馃榿
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triclitch2 hours ago
Did this bitch really nuke himself like it's his body to fricken nuke!!!!!
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call-me-dummy2 hours ago
When the mlqc boys found out that Mc is pregnant and preparing it
Thank you so much for your request! It鈥檚 been awhile since I鈥檝e written anything domestic, so I鈥檓 excited to dive into this one! I kind of touched on this topic in my headcanon for the guys as dads (see: MLQC Guys are Dads on my Master List!), but I鈥檇 be more than happy to indulge you in the pre-baby bliss!
// Victor //
From the moment your doctor confirms that you鈥檙e pregnant, Victor treats your pregnancy like an LFG project, ensuring everything is properly planned out and no detail has escaped his attention. One afternoon, Victor stops by your office to drop off a file outlining everything the two of you needed to complete on a weekly basis between now and the due date. You throw the file folder back at him when you see that he wants you to complete a weekly 鈥渨ellness report鈥, detailing every little thing you do and feel. 鈥淚t鈥檚 data for the doctor,鈥 he tells you. 鈥淗E DOESN鈥橳 NEED TO KNOW EVERY TIME I PEE VICTOR.鈥
Using his vast amount of resources, Victor assembles the best doctors for your care team and reserves the most luxurious and private birthing suite for your due date. You tell him that the reservation might be a waste since due dates aren鈥檛 always accurate and that babies are late all the time. 鈥淢ine won鈥檛 be,鈥 he insists. You鈥檝e never side-eyed so hard in your life.
The LFG CEO calls you to his office for a meeting to discuss your maternity leave and handing off your workload to your staff (ahh the joy of your husband also being your boss). Victor wants you to stop working 2 months before your due date so you鈥檙e not stressed when the baby arrives, to which you tell him to 鈥渟hove it鈥 and that you鈥檙e working until at least a week before the due date. You didn鈥檛 want to have your staff do more work when you鈥檙e more than capable. It鈥檚 the most heated negotiation that Goldman ever witnessed in the LFG conference room.
Speaking of maternity leave, Victor has Goldman block off the three months after the baby鈥檚 due date on his calendar as paternity leave so he could be at home to help with the newborn as much as possible. His assistant tells him that LFG鈥檚 paternity leave is technically only 2 weeks long. 鈥淲hat idiot approved that?鈥 Victor asks. Goldman looks at Victor uneasily and Victor realizes that he鈥檚 the idiot that signed off on it. After an emergency meeting with HR, all LFG employees receive an email announcing their updated maternity/paternity benefits.
Of course the Souvenir owner and chef will make sure that you are eating well for two. Gone are the indulgent meals he once cooked for you and in its place are healthier, more nutritional meals. You are appreciative of the gesture, but you warn him that if he stops making his pudding or tries to fool you with a crappy healthy version of it, you鈥檙e going to make sure his child never sees him.聽
Ever the food enthusiast, Victor researches baby food recipes that he can make at home. To hell with that pre-packaged garbage normal people bought at the store; it鈥檚 only the best organic homemade foods for your little one.
Victor鈥檚 out of town on a business trip when you have your doctor鈥檚 appointment to learn the sex of your baby so you decide to surprise him at the airport. Your usually composed husband nearly breaks down in the middle of the baggage claim area when he sees you, plump as ever and carrying pink balloons with a sign that says 鈥淲elcome Home Daddy!鈥
When your nesting tendencies kick in, you show no mercy on Victor鈥檚 black card. Your baby鈥檚 nursery is so gorgeous, it should be featured in a magazine.
When the due date finally arrives and your water breaks (鈥淪ee, I told you our child wouldn鈥檛 be late鈥), Victor has his new luxury SUV packed and ready to go with your overnight bag and car seat. As he helps you into the back of the car, you lean over to kiss him. 鈥淗oney, we鈥檙e about to be parents,鈥 you say, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to be a father.鈥
It鈥檚 at that moment that Victor realizes he spent the last 9 months preparing for the arrival of his child, but never took the time to really prepare himself to be a dad. He loosens his tie and swallows hard. Could he be a good dad? What if something happened and he couldn鈥檛 provide for you anymore? Would he be able to handle being a dad and running his company?
Victor is a complete mess when you arrive at the hospital, a version of him completely unknown to you. He can鈥檛 stop pacing in the delivery room as the nurses and doctors prepare you to give birth. However, his anxieties melt away the moment you start to push. He is in complete awe of the strength you have to bring this tiny little human into the world. If you鈥檙e able to endure the last 9 months鈥 hell the last few hours鈥 he could at least handle being a decent father.
The usually stoic CEO can鈥檛 stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks when he holds his daughter in his arms for the first time. Victor is determined to give this little girl the entire world and teach her to have the kindness, strength,and determination that the woman resting next to him possessed. Victor leans over to press a kiss on your forehead, careful not to wake you up. 鈥淕ood job, Mrs. Li,鈥 he whispers, 鈥淣o complaints. No need for a redo. She鈥檚 perfect.鈥
// Gavin //
Poor Gavin is TERRIFIED when you tell him that you鈥檙e pregnant. But you can鈥檛 tell because he鈥檚 all smiles when he receives the good news, peppering your face with kisses, and telling you how wonderful you are.
Gavin鈥檚 biggest fear is that he鈥檒l end up like his own father - harsh, absent, and a terrible excuse for one.
However, it鈥檚 hard for Gavin to stay in the shadows of his fear with you bouncing around in excitement. Forget pregnancy glow - in Gavin鈥檚 eyes, you are absolutely RADIANT while carrying his child.聽
Our oh-so-sweet officer is enraptured by your growing tummy. He鈥檒l always be resting his hand on your belly when you鈥檙e relaxing on the couch or wrapping his arms around your bump when he hugs you from behind while you鈥檙e cooking. 聽
At first, Gavin treats you like a glass figurine, insisting that you rest and let him take care of everything. However, when he sees how capable you are of still going through your normal day, he鈥檚 in awe of how strong you are. He can鈥檛 believe you are able to still function despite your changing body and the plethora of body aches and nausea you feel.
Gavin accompanies you to every doctor鈥檚 appointment and every birthing class to learn as much as he can. He鈥檚 a sponge when it comes to absorbing information since he has no idea what to expect when you鈥檙e expecting.
Gavin decides that an upgrade to an actual family car is necessary for your growing family. You insist that he keeps Sparky though when he tells the car salesman that he has a motorcycle to trade in. You didn鈥檛 want him to give up his beloved bike and reassured your husband that you could handle the car payment without any issues.
The two of you spend time to update your current budget to include future baby expenses. Gavin nearly falls over when he sees the cost of baby formula and food and asks if you can feed the baby instant noodles. (No Gavin, no)
The two of you are by no means struggling, but Gavin wants to ensure that he has a decent nest egg set aside to give his child everything they need and the childhood they deserve. The childhood that he never had.
Gavin wants to be surprised when it comes to the sex of the baby, so you do your best to keep it a secret from him. However, one night, Gavin takes a peek into the nursery you鈥檙e setting up and sees a plethora of gifts from your coworkers, all wrapped in varying shades of blue. When Gavin goes to sleep that night, he has dreams of playing baseball and summers spent camping with his son.
Gavin is very patient throughout your whole pregnancy. He handles your fluctuating moods with ease and is more than willing to provide you with anything you need - even if it鈥檚 Flaming Hot Cheetos, fried noodles, and mint chocolate chip ice cream at 3am in the morning.
When your water breaks before your due date, Gavin is in a slight panic but when you insist that it鈥檚 fine and you鈥檙e ready for the baby to leave your tummy, he steels himself to be the strong rock you need him to be during this time. Even though he鈥檚 so unsure of the type of parent he鈥檒l be, Gavin is determined to do his best and to always be the protector for his family.
// Kiro //
Kiro is over the moon when the two of you see the distinct two lines on your pregnancy test.
The pop idol decides to take a hiatus so that he can focus on being with you while you鈥檙e pregnant, only committing to a few local appearances and photo shoots, just for Savin鈥檚 sake.
Kiro is that husband that likes to compare the size of your baby to fruit. He鈥檚 got an app and everything. He starts to get concerned for you once the baby starts hitting the melon stages.
Like Victor, Kiro has no qualms over spending a ridiculous amount of money for the baby. Except Kiro buys nothing useful. It鈥檚 just all toys and custom-made outfits that will make the baby match with Daddy.
Kiro loves all of your crazy cravings. It gives him a chance to snack along with you.
Savin鈥檚 very concerned that Kiro will have a dad bod before the baby is even born.
When you鈥檙e feeling self conscious about your body changes, leave it to Kiro to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He loves your new curves and will always tell you how much he does through his words and touches.
Always the tech guy, Kiro buys all the latest baby gadgets. Your home is decked out with the best baby monitor system and your tech savvy hubby treats you to the best smart car seat, stroller, and other over the top devices intended to help make your lives easier once the baby is here.
Kiro is obsessed with finding things to balance on your belly. Seriously, he鈥檚 like a child having a child.
He plans a movie night for the both of you so you can watch the birthing video your doctor provided. Not even 5 minutes into the movie, poor Kiro has his head buried in your neck, muttering how he can鈥檛 believe he did this to you and how he鈥檚 making you go through this.
When it鈥檚 time to finally have the baby, Kiro is too excited to meet his child to be nervous. He stands next to you in the delivery room, holding your hand and coaching you through your breathing as you push.
鈥淢iss Chips, you鈥檙e so beautiful. Thank you for doing this for us,鈥 he says, kissing your forehead as you clutch his hand in a vice-like grip as you give your final push.
You both decided to keep the sex of the baby a secret, so when the nurse hands you a bundle wrapped in baby pink, Kiro gives a big whoop. He was secretly hoping for a girl. He had visions of tea parties, piggy back rides, and baking sweets in the kitchen with her. 聽He looks lovingly at you as you cuddle his daughter. Now he has you and the little princess to spoil and give the whole world to.
// Lucien //
You fall into Lucien鈥檚 arms and sob when you receive your positive pregnancy test. Lucien holds you close, silently thanking the higher beings for the good fortune. The two of you had been trying so long to get pregnant that Lucien feared another negative test would break you.
Where you are excited and anxious for the baby, Lucien is steadfast and level-headed. He provides you with the strength and comfort you need to make it through the next 9 months.
The professor never shows you that he鈥檚 afraid of being a father. He fears the cruel world will either take him away from his family or vice versa. Life hasn鈥檛 dealt Lucien a fair hand and so he鈥檚 always on high alert for the shadows of tragedy that seem to creep in the corners of his world.
Lucien鈥檚 patience with you is unwavering. Your mood swings don鈥檛 bother him and he caters to your every whim, whether it be wanting peanut M&Ms and sushi in the middle of the night or your constant requests for back massages and foot rubs.
He loves photographing your pregnancy journey and capturing your radiant glow. At first you protest, claiming you鈥檙e bloated and don鈥檛 look your best, but he reassures you that you鈥檝e never looked more beautiful than when you鈥檙e carrying his child.
Lucien is so overprotective of his family that he refuses to hire a nanny. Instead, he sets up a section of his lab to be a mini nursery and has his grad students babysit under his watchful eye, holding their grades over their heads should any of them step out a line when it comes to his child.
Lucien spends his sleepless nights during your pregnancy painting the nursery, creating beautiful scenes that center around a camphor tree.
You spend your evenings together, you laying down with your head in his lap while he reads baby books out loud to you.聽
When your water breaks in the middle of the night, Lucien is more than ready. He carefully but quickly drives you to the hospital, providing you with encouraging words as you panic in the backseat.
Lucien is your rock in the delivery room, reminding you to breathe as you push. He鈥檚 overcome with emotion when the nurse hands you your baby boy, a feeling that he is unfamiliar with. He looks at the infant, disbelief shadowing his face. He can鈥檛 believe he helped make the precious little thing slumbering in your arms.
鈥淒o you want to hold him?鈥 you ask him, a tired smile on your face. At first Lucien is unsure and afraid he鈥檒l break the fragile baby, but when you hold his son out to him, the professor carefully cradles the baby in his arms. He chokes back a sob as he stares into the baby鈥檚 soft gray eyes. He feels nothing but love not only for his newborn son, but also for the beautiful woman asleep at his side.
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queen-hypaxia2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oh, honey. It was only passable because Elain's mate is Lucien.
Homegirl was finding similarities and using that as inspiration. No one can tell me otherwise.
Btw, this is when Eris was eyeing both Elain and Nesta before Nesta dances with Elain.
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ilya-boltagon4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lucien from ACOTAR. Second image in the ACOTAR coloring book, and I have a feeling my attempt at giving Lucien golden skin failed, but I did my best. 馃檭
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pierrotteau5 hours ago
Tumblr media
something i drew for lunar new year back in february
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vanserrasvalkyrie5 hours ago
Band of Exiles headers
These will fit Tumblr mobile. If there's a specific quote,color,character,ship you'd like let me know! I'm just doing these for fun 馃А
Please like/reblog if you save them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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argagax5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I seriously couldn鈥檛 see him there for a moment.
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s-ankta6 hours ago
So I鈥檓 casually listening to the elucien playlist by @vanserrasvalkyrie which you can find here (elucien)
Then this thought hit me when talking to the moon came on,
Picture this:
Lucien waking up in the middle of the night at the band of exiles house, sweaty and glistening because why not?! And then he walks over to his window and leans over looking out at the moon and whispers 鈥淐an you hear my heart, my lady? And how it beats for you.鈥
And then over in Velaris Elain wakes up jolting, sitting up in her behind and whispers 鈥淚 can.鈥
Y鈥檃ll I鈥檓 just being sappy don鈥檛 mind me.
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grayintogreen7 hours ago
Hold please. I have two loosely connected thoughts to go through here and I make way too many posts as it is.
So when I went back and watched a few episodes, I realized that Cree NEVER said she was from Shady Creek Run and that she avoided the question. HOWEVER, I am sticking to my theory that she, Lucien, and Tyffial (and maybe Jorrel because I still think he鈥檚 Tyffial鈥檚 brother) are all from SCR and were kids together.
Reason One: Tyffial and Cree were the only two TTs that refused to say where they were from and when the Nein questioned Lucien about SCR, he got more pissed off than we鈥檇 ever seen him up to the point. Same with Cree, but she refused to even say a location. Ergo all three of them don鈥檛 want to talk about where they came from, and it鈥檚 way easier in a narrative for three people in a group to have had the SAME traumatic experiences they won鈥檛 talk about in almost the exact same way than three unique ones.
Reason Two: There鈥檚 a black tabaxi clan in the Savalirwood, and tabaxi aren鈥檛 common.
So the childhood friend thing is still viable, but, to go off on a vaguely related tangent here.... holy shit I had forgotten how INTENSE Lucien was about not talking about his past. What the fuck HAPPENED to him as a kid??? Given I still think Cree was taken from her clan and made a servant/playmate for the kids of one of the rich families, I wonder if all three of them have experience with the slavers, which isn鈥檛 the ONLY thing in SCR but Keg sure implied it was ridiculously common. And the way Lorenzo preened over nabbing Jester suggests that tieflings were worth a lot.
But more than this, DESPITE the trauma, Lucien went BACK to SCR after he left the Orders. He could have gone anywhere for his base of operation and he chose to go back home to the place he hates so much that he, Cree, and Tyffial won鈥檛 even talk about it. And then I was like wait... that sounds familiar.
Lucien returning to the site of a huge upset, more powerful and capable of handling anyone who ever pissed him off of wronged him. That is the small scale version of what he did with the Somnovem. Lucien is a vengeful motherfucker and he might not talk about his baggage, but he sure as sunshine makes sure it will never EVER control him.
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despairtheabyss7 hours ago
Lucien & Athena
A gentle rap on the door was given out of politeness rather than any intention of staying out of Lucien鈥檚 rooms. By now Athena had learned she could intrude on practically anything and get away with it where the older man was concerned. Perhaps in part because she鈥檇 never allowed him to shut himself away from people, especially in times like this when he actually needed others the most.聽
The metal handle was turned and she heard the click of the latch slipping. Pushing the door open Athena stepped into the quiet work space, shutting it as quietly as she had entered. Unsurprisingly, she found the vampire hunched over some paperwork; marking she could only assume though she couldn鈥檛 be sure just how much of it had actually gotten done and how much of the time had been spent aimlessly staring into space as he lost himself in his thoughts.聽
So far Athena had given him space. She鈥檇 briefly checked in on him on his return but she knew he probably needed a little time to process what had happened. To ruminate. When he still hadn鈥檛 appeared for food, rest or comfort, the birds were beginning to whistle at the windows. The act was far too cheerful given the sombre turn of events and certainly not appropriate for the heavy and almost dark mood that the room had taken on.
It was in silence that Athena padded up behind the others desk chair, one hand coming sliding down to rest on the mans right shoulder whilst the other stretched over to set a fresh pint of blood down on the table contained in one of Noah鈥檚 frankly聽ridiculously themed聽tumblers, complete with a swirly straw. She was certain the boy wouldn鈥檛 mind her motives for borrowing the item. Given it was Lucien, he probably would have told her to keep it. The hope was that at the very least it would draw a hint of a smile to the others face if only because it reminded him of the reason why the silly boy used them in the first place. When she鈥檇 first heard about his squeamish nature around the sight of blood, she鈥檇 honestly thought it was a joke.聽
鈥淗e鈥檚 worried about you, you know.鈥 Athena finally spoke up, her now free hand coming to rest on Lucien鈥檚 other shoulder, slowly beginning to massage the tense muscles that lay there as she spoke. It felt so loud in the otherwise hushed room.聽鈥淚t appears as though he鈥檚 taken to opening a bakery in our kitchen. It was utter carnage when I left him with it last night. I genuinely believe he may be trying to turn himself into the abominable snowman. You did remind him that you don鈥檛 actually need to eat that type of food to survive right? I sometimes wonder with the amount of sugar I catch him demolishing. Still, he told me to let you know he鈥檚 made cookies for you... amongst other things...鈥 Her fingers moved along Lucien鈥檚 neck in practiced motions.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 honestly ridiculous.鈥 There was a pause though as she smiled, continuing a second later in an even gentler tone.聽鈥淚 can see why you like him.鈥澛
Athena brought her head down to the mans dark locks, letting a soft sigh escape her lips as she pressed a kiss to the crown of his head, suddenly less light and more serious.
聽鈥淭alk to me.鈥
聽It was an offer more than the woman beseeching him to open up. Lucien would only do so when he was ready but sometimes she felt as though he forgot that he could. That there were those around him that would listen and that he wasn鈥檛 alone and didn鈥檛 need to deal with everything by himself. Even if he wasn鈥檛 ready to speak, the woman fully intended to remain by his side regardless. He deserved better company than the silence he鈥檇 been surrounding himself with.
Tumblr media
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rozewayne20057 hours ago
America's sweetheart by Chase Hudson but I get sad boi lucien vibes from the chorus
Here we are
I'm the bad guy
And you're prythian's America's sweetheart
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samiraheaven93-doodles7 hours ago
Tumblr media
There is a lot of wishful thinking behind this, but someone can hope?
I love how Molly turned out, but I鈥檓 not used to drawing/coloring faces this big so Nonagon isn鈥檛 as good as I hoped. I still like how this turned out!
(Is it Thursday yet?)
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acrispyapple8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MLQC: Between the Lines Event
You speak each other's unspoken language and share a tacit understanding. 鈾
Collect [Block Box] in all maps and get 5 free R Karma!
Schedule: May 21st 05:00 - June 10th 23:59 PST
Get Block Box for a limited time in all maps
During the event, clear Normal or Elite Missions to get [Block Box]
You can use [Block Box] to redeem multiple rewards.
Lighten up Puzzles to unlock his tender words
When you enter the event for the first time, you can choose one character and go to his event page. Use [Block Box] to light up his puzzles!
Get random rewards every time you light up a puzzle. There are 9 pieces of puzzles on each character's page.
When you have lit up all 9 puzzles of one character, tap 'Open' to see his Tender Words. Share his Tender Words for the first time and you will get a Wind-Up Key that can be used to redeem the event's R Karma
You can change the character chosen during the event
Share Tender Words from different characters to get multiple rewards
For each character, rewards will only be given for the first time you share his Tender Words.
Heart Joy Shop: to redeem 5 free [Between the Lines] R Karma
Use [Wind-Up Key] to redeem [Kiro: Sweet Thoughts], [Gavin: Falling for You], [Lucien: Heart's Promise], [Victor: Hearts & Tastes], [Shaw: Heart Games].
You can use Block Box to redeem other rewards, like Gold, Galaxy Wish Coupon, Confess Wish, and other materials, in Heart Joy Shop.
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acrispyapple8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MLQC CH: Lucien Time Ltd Shoot
cute balloons 鉁┾р倞藲
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