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#lucien vanserra
sydneymack15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lucien Vanserra - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @artofviccolatte
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gimme-mor23 hours ago
Little Lucien wondering why he looks different from his siblings and overhears two servants gossiping about Helion and LoA's affair and Helion being Lucien's dad because of the timing of Lucien's birth. At first Little Lucien is all smiles because of the nice things the servants said about Helion. But then the servants continue, doubting that Helion truly cared about LoA because he takes many people into his bed. With each sentence, Little Lucien's smile fades and he starts reflecting on all the times it hurt when he was bullied by his siblings and "father". So Little Lucien got it in his head that the reason Helion didn't come for him is because Helion didn't want him nor does Helion care to get to know him. And that's further cemented in Lucien's mind every time Helion refuses to directly interact with Lucien on his emissary visits
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spell-cleaversa day ago
Elain thought she was going to marry Graysen. She thought she was going to have children with this person and spend her life with him. And then she became fae and she lost that future that she saw for herself, that she believed in so much that she gave herself to Graysen entirely and openly. And he betrayed her and rejected her.
E*riels like to reach and say that Elain associates Lucien with her trauma of becoming fae, but I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 quite true. I think she associates Lucien (and the mating bond) with losing Graysen, which in some ways is WORSE, emotionally. Elain doesn鈥檛 like the mating bond for good reasons. That puts her and Lucien at odds. I truly do not think that Lucien himself is a problem for Elain. If Azriel had been on the other side of that bond, Elain would have acted the *same* way.
In Elain鈥檚 mind, Lucien didn鈥檛 fuck up Elain鈥檚 life. The mating bond did. I don鈥檛 know that Elain has fully accepted that Greysen rejected her because he鈥檚 a racist bag of dicks and I do believe that she blames being fae/the mating bond for losing the life she wanted.
Also, let鈥檚 not forget that Lucien also probably resents Elain. He is tied to the Night Court as long as she鈥檚 there and it鈥檚 painfully clear that he does not enjoy it. And people will have my head for this, but I truly think that a lot of Elain鈥檚 inaction on rejecting/addressing the mating bond is a way to punish Lucien. She knows damn well that she can break the bond. She鈥檚 not stupid and she鈥檚 surrounded by knowledge. She chooses not to do anything with it, and the inaction feels deliberate to me. Understandable given what Elain has lost, but I will not be surprised in the slightest if they get into a huge fight because of it.
Either way, it鈥檚 actual internal conflict (which鈥s critical for character driven stories like ACOTAR) and I鈥檓 interested to see what SJM does with it.
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daisybrekker2 days ago
Hello!! I would like your opinion because I鈥檓 completely torn. Sarah has confirmed that the three spin-off books (including ACOSF) are all centered around a couple which makes sense. She also said it would be obvious who the next book is about which I think is elriel. That leads me to believe that the last book will be vassien but I鈥檓 having a really hard time picturing Sarah ending the series with a non-Archeron sister POV. What do you think? Part of me thinks she honestly might just make the last book feysand again because we know how much she loves them over the rest of the characters but I feel like another feysand book would be such a disservice to he large number of characters who haven鈥檛 been able to be fully developed yet.
I really don't think we have anything to worry about. It's quite logical that SJM would finish the series through a Lucien & Vassa book and let me explain why I think so.
In basically all book series (and even tv shows & movies) the main antagonist is always defeated in the last book/episode/movie. As nice as it would be to have an Archeron sister finish the series, it wouldn't make much sense because none of them have close and personal links to Koschei, unlike Vassa. She's the one who was cursed by him so it would make sense for her to finish him off.
I doubt SJM would just make her sit idly by as the Inner Circle does the whole job for her, you know?
As for another Feysand book? I genuinely think it's highly unlikely. The most I can see her giving us is an epilogue at the end of the last book set in their POV so that everything comes "full circle".
Hope I explained everything well馃槉
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rangergilan2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lucien the clever fox
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black-tea332 days ago
Lucien's kinks headcanon
here we go folks, the post you've all been waiting for:
Lucien is not a romantic in bed- he would take you hard and fast, and may be even better than Cassian at hot, angry sex. He is from the autumn court after all, and all the sons of the Highlord are known for their fiery passion...
Lucien definitely has a thing with control much like Azriel. I mean this mans has had control stripped away from him his whole life, he would feel the need to control in bed. Therefore, I think he would always find a way to somehow pin you against something... Against the wall, crushing his body against yours into the wall while he thrusts up into you and completely destroys you? Yes sir. Even when he's on top he would still pin you into the bed, and cover every inch of your body with his warm, hard muscles ;)
Lucien is a masochist. Not a pain type guy, but rather humiliation and degradation. He would be an absolute bully in bed, especially when you're trying hard not to gag around his huge cock, (dude knows he's massive.) : 'Aw, what's the matter baby? You can't take me?' He would pout, lacing his fingers through your hair to help guide you down on him, tilting his head back with a hiss, 'C'mon be a good, little slut for me.'
Yep, he would also tease you when you become a begging, crying mess while he overstimulates you. Thrusting two skilled fingers into you, curling against just the right spot while his other hand performs miracles on that little bundle of nerves: 'Such a needy little slut for me.' He would mock and when you beg over and over again to come, he would just tease you about it with a little smirk on the corner of his lips, letting you come whenever it suits him.
Although it could seem like he completely uses you like just a fucktoy for his own pleasure, he always knows how to make it good for you too. He knows you get off on him using you and that's why the two of you are perfect for each other but by God he would be more than content to have his head buried between your thighs for hours while he lets you tug on his hair in pleasure and use him.
Lucien gives me size kink vibes too. Like he's huge, both in body and in- in his bits so his thing with pinning you to the bed and covering your body completely with his also is related to a size kink.
Continuing the size kink he has a thing with throat bulging and tummy bulging too. I don't know who likes seeing the tip of his cock nudge against your stomach, showing exactly how deep inside of you he is more, him or you.
Lucien radiates big dom energy but a thing about people like Lucien and Azriel who radiate big dom energy? They become the best, needy, begging subs... If you even tried overstimulating Lucien like he did to you he would become a writhing, begging mess. He would not be able to handle it, his hips bucking up in need desperately. And the first time when you heard him whimper - yes, whimper - you thought it was the hottest sound you thought you could ever hear...
But afterwards is the time where all his walls are down and the love he has for you just radiates out of him in everything he does. He's such a sweet baby after, and he has to know if everything was okay, and if anything hurts, and if he you felt good etc etc. He would just batter you with questions until he's sure and then he'd hold you tightly, cradling your head to chest pressing soft kisses to your hair every once and while. He absolutely adores you. If he falls in love, he falls in love deeply. Only problem is you probably wake up suffocating because this giant, muscular man has decided to use you as his own personal pillow. Crushing you with his body as he snores with his head resting on your stomach :)
That's all folks. Lmao, this was way overdue but hope u all like it :)
This is it for the acotar kinks posts but feel free to request for any part 2's or different characters.
Follow for more acotar content.
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feysandfeels2 days ago
As @bookologist phrased it, top 5 fictional men to get railed by. 馃憖
Thank heavens that this is only the He/they's of my fictional life, other wise I would really be in a tough spot. (DON'T GET ANY IDEAS NIKI I'M WATCHING YOU)
Tumblr media
Top 5 fictional men I'd like to get railed by
Rhysand. Daddy of Daddies, Daddy supreme. Day and Night. 24/7 365. I'll change the orbit of the planet to get more days with this man.
Dorian Havilliard. Phantom hands, sass and a golden heart? trust me ladies (gender neutral) it doesn't get any better than this.
Roma Montagov. Look at a newbie making it up through the ranks. I think he is the only one who truly manages to be violent and romantic and classy. I just man the things I'd let Roma Montagov do to me. Please know that I do age up everyone in this series because once again characters are not believable as teenagers.
Prince Wrath. Are you kidding me? I dream about how good this prince of hell is. The finesse? the raw want? the class? God has a personal vendetta against me and so he made him fictional. But we do share a tattoo so that means we are bonded through realms and it is only a matter of time he comes to claim me as his bride.
Cardan Greenbriar. His debauchery is my elixir. I would sit on his lap and be his wicked queen and let him treat me with nothing but devotion and wickedness. Fuck Cardan Greenbriar, always Cardan Greenbriar.
Bonus: Lucien Vanserra: Lucien oh Lucien Lucien Lucien..I think being objective here ladies, ship wars and stupid nonsense aside, I think we have to agree that Lucien Vanserra can get it any fucking day. Like he is easily top 3 in anyone's list. That is everything everyone wants in a partner. Equal parts filthy and classy... makes you feel wanted, desired, you can see how much he wants you and you have control, but he is not going to give control easily. I just, ladies and gentleman... lets just reread Frenzy by @moononastring
Ask me my聽鈥淭op 5鈥 anything
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dimenticalitutti2 days ago
omg Lucien is like a stalker when he arrived at Velaris in acowar
That Lucien in acowar: 馃ズthere are 鈥 children here馃ズ
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pcrisakamali-archive9 months ago
acosf as john mulaney quotes because we all need that shit
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the House:
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sydneymack2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lucien Vanserra - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @pandyals_art
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spell-cleavers7 hours ago
鈥淟ucien needs a redemption arc鈥
Yeah, it鈥檚 called ACOWAR.
Also, it鈥檚 not problematic at all to insist that an abuse victim who was caught up in the deliberate influence that his abuser exerted over him and who made bad choices as a result needs to have an entire redemption arc when none of these other clowns are expected to be 鈥渞edeemed鈥 for bad decisions.
Meanwhile, Azriel can more or less haunt a queer woman and that鈥檚 totally FINE and doesn鈥檛 require closure or an apology at all.
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belle-keys2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eris and Lucien Vanserra by itswibell_art.
This is honestly my favorite fanart from the ACOTAR series... ever. Like holy shit, this is exactly how I pictured them when reading the first book all those years ago. I love this art style so much.
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elithien11 months ago
Tumblr media
People always ask me whether I ship elucien or elriel. I鈥檓 just sitting here thinking, why not both? Or, better, all three of them together? :鈥>
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yazthebookish6 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucien Vanserra 鈽锔 (by ellyness5 on Twitter)
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