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#lucien vanserra
azrielberdaras31 minutes ago
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bookologist2 hours ago
It's just one of those days yknow
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ladyelain3 hours ago
Parallels / (another) crack theory of mine:
Remember how, when Feyre was turned Fae, while she was ded her soul or whatever clinged onto Rhys in order to survive?
Now what if the same actually happened to Elain & Nesta in the cauldron??? It鈥檚 constantly been mentioned how one had to have enough will power to survive the process. Maybe this wasn鈥榯 an issue at all because they both had their mates present in the room (just like Feyre had Rhys under the mountain...)
And maybe they wouldn鈥榯 even have noticed because they鈥檙e no Daemati. (Lucien didn鈥榯 notice Feyre inside his head...)
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missnienna4 hours ago
I watched Joseph: King of Dreams, and I鈥檓 starting to wonder if Sarah might鈥檝e based Lucien off of Joseph; youngest brother with mean half older brothers like him, also the most virtuous. The similarities between Eris and Judah - not exactly聽鈥済ood鈥 but might care for their youngest brother? And, oh my God, the sass they both have!
Also Joseph becomes king of Egypt, could this also mean we鈥檒l see Lucien become High Lord of the Day Court or even High King of Prythian?
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feysandfeels8 hours ago
ACOTAR dudes and how much they care about their 鉁╝esthetic鉁
Lucien: He cares, do you think his hair is shinny and silky just by Cauldron鈥檚 grace? no it isn鈥檛. He has a routine and a secret conditioner that gives it a golden-like shine, he won鈥檛 share it with anyone, no Cassian, stop asking. He knows what colors work with his complexion and what silhouettes enhance his not buff but very defined muscles in a subtle yet you can鈥檛 ignore it way. He knows what works, but he鈥檚 the best at making it seem like he doesn鈥檛 know and it鈥檚 just how he woke up. Lucien has the what I just rolled out of bed and put the first thing on really vibe nailed to perfection
Rhys: He cares a lot and he knows you know and he doesn鈥檛 care. Self proclaimed Prythian鈥檚 hottest High Lord will drop on you his 15 step skin care routine, will facemask twice a week, homemade, with plants, herbs, roots and fruits courtesy of Elain鈥檚 garden,聽how do you think I don鈥檛 have wrinkles with all the stress and anxiety I constantly have; and will give you a closet tour of all his black suits if you ask.. and he will judge you if you think they are all black and the same. How dare you this is not 鈥渂lack鈥 this is ebony, this other one is raven, my absolute favorite is midnight (duh), then we have sable and obsidian. That high fae given eyesight really got wasted on you. And also, Feyre where is my ink black suit?// I left it on the bed //no that鈥檚 not it, that鈥檚 my jade black suit, honestly woman.
Cassian:聽Doesn鈥檛 really care, but he looks nice and will make an effort when required.聽I mean he has a couple of suits, they hug his ass and that鈥檚 all he cares about. Used to have an all in shampoo conditioner, until Mor and Rhys 聽bullied him into getting a shampoo and a conditioner. Even Az was like Bro, c鈥檓on. Each one of them got Cass hair products for winter solstice once. Now his man bun is as nice ass his other man bun. Tried asking Lucien for his secret, what secret this is just how I woke up. The definition of scrubs up hella nice. Perfect mixture of nice but rough on the edges with a 5pm shadow, hair down (or in the preferred man bun) and a delicious suit. Will always always roll up his sleeves. He knows what it does to the people. Ok whore. Very much into skin brushing. He said no to dead skin cells and yes to good circulation. Weekly massages. The body is a temple ok?
Azriel: He wants you to think he doesn鈥檛 care, but he does and he will spend time getting ready for the events, more than he will ever admit. Listen if Lucien is the 10/10 you would never guess that he actually pays attention to this, then Az is like the 8/10. A man of details and has a great eye for color and pattern combinations. No you will not ever catch him in a full bright colored suit, but he enjoys going for different textures and colors albeit dark ones. He looks particularly good in blue and green. Once Mor asked him to accompany her to an event and he came in wearing a merlot velvet three piece suit and no one has been able to stop talking about it.It鈥檚 been three centuries. My man served. He will coordinate with you in a subtle way like did they plan that or?? He knows the value of a good aesthetic, but won鈥檛 go raving about it, like a certain High Lord.
Helion: KING OF AESTHETIC. COMMITTED TO HIS AESTHETIC FROM HEAD TO TOE, TO HIS HOUSE AND PEGASUS(ES) AND CHARIOTS AND ALL. Not a hair out of fucking place. Sweatpants? I don鈥檛 know them. Ew. One must always dress to impress. What do I wear when I want to chill? have you ever worn a toga? It鈥檚 either a Toga or nothing, I happen to have nothing in my rooms. Will host parties where the dress code is bohemian chic meets royaltycore, and everyone is like ????????????????????????
Kallias: I mean yes I want to look good, yes I will dress up when the occasion calls for it. But generally speaking no one has ever achieved the balance between comfort and put together like Kallias. Also immaculate immaculate skin. Big believer in face rollers and gua shas. Gave the each member of the Night Court their own set, they all deeply appreciate it.聽
Tarquin: Of course I fucking care, but the Cauldron did not give me these looks for nothing so I won鈥檛 do much really. Sunblock and water. Will, however, try out new styles here and there, in the privacy of his own home and court and if they prove to be a success, then you will see him wearing that to the official Prythian meetings. Will do a 180 on you and appear proper af during the meetings, but in the parties he will show up wearing exquisite jewellery and a long skirt. Dude can rock a skirt. Dude also wears dresses. Looks nice. Will most definitely outshine you. Will neither confirm nor deny that once Az approached him asking him where he got that dress. Will always get the assignment when it comes to Helion鈥檚 parties.
Jurian: Pre-amarantha accessory used to be a聽I have a set of fighting clothes/armour whatever, and the nicer set of those for *political* occasions kinda dude. Post amarantha accessory is more like maybe I will invest in that nice jacket green jacket with gold details, fuck you vassa I did not buy it to match Lucien.
Tamlin:聽Will show up to the MET Gala in a 鈥渂lack鈥 tuxedo regardless of the theme.聽
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danaanruhn11 hours ago
lucien鈥檚 smile.聽
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twigoftrust12 hours ago
Lucien lounging on a couch. Impeccably dressed with a slightly rakish demeanor.
Shirt partially unbuttoned for the aesthetic he's going for. He doesn't think she would notice, but it's worth a try. Lucien wants her to see him as a male. Hers and only hers.
Lucien has a glass of wine in one hand, and in the other he's running his fingers through his hair.
His eyes have a certain glow about them as he watches Elain from across the room.
Elain looks positively radiant today. Every time she strolls back into the room, his breath catches slightly. Gorgeous.
Her smile could end darkness itself.
Lucien sees a slight spark in her eyes when their eyes meet.
Only for that spark to turn into cold indifference within seconds when she turns her back to him.
But he knows it's not true indifference. He knows her heart. Just as she knows his. The bond that ties them ensures that.
Fate is a cruel mistress. It always has been.
He knows he can't truly stay away. Elain owns part of his soul. Now and forever.
Lucien longs for the day the salt of the sea, and vibrant gardens fill his days with joy and beauty.
One day it shall be theirs.
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vanserrasvalkyrie12 hours ago
hey queen...... how鈥檚 werewolf!lucien going? asking for a friend 馃憖
Heeeeey nonnie
He's good. Frolicking in the forest, howling at the moon.
I kinda have a plot, but I started reading A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and unlike From Blood and Ash I'm very much sucked in. Unpopular opinion, but I really disliked the first book until they made it to the Blood Forest.
Anyway, werewolf!Lucien is happily chillin in my docs awaiting me to work on him 馃А馃А馃А
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twigoftrust12 hours ago
Papa Archeron telling Lucien how much of a romantic Elain is.
Papa Archeron saying "if anything happens to me...take care of her."
Papa Archeron telling Lucien about Elain's talents and hobbies.
Lucien seeing the resemblance between Papa Archeron and Elain.
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twigoftrust13 hours ago
Lucien whispering all sorts of sweet nothings to Elain is an aesthetic.
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aquafaith13 hours ago
HC: Lucien is good with animals.
Don't even tell me he isn't. Imagine him just sitting on some Autumn leaves with Jesminda and they're petting a fox or something 馃ズ
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wintersong478116 hours ago
I'm kind of sad and disappointed in the lack of Elucien content. I need more!!!!
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unhealthyfanobsession18 hours ago
Raise your hand if you鈥檝e ever been personally victimized by the High Lord of Night鈥檚 official policy that any price is worth paying to ensure that the 5-7 (depending on the day) people he cares about are alright:
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lovely-angel-girl20 hours ago
and the stars light up the night
Elain was bone tired, eyes drooping and mouth hanging open and she hoped no one is looking at her because she knew how dumb she looks. She鈥檚 so close to falling asleep, the pages of her book warm against her fingers and the gentle lulling of the AC is so soothing. She startles awake again when the sound of a book dropping onto the table scares her. She gasps and opens her eyes, sitting up straight and turning her head towards the sound, seeing the culprit on the other side of the table.聽
Heat floods her cheeks, her stomach flipping and twisting when he meets her gaze.聽
Lucien Vanserra.聽
He looks tired, dark circles under his amber eyes, his lips bitten and chapped, red hair tied back into a messy bun. The long-sleeved shirt he鈥檚 wearing hugs his muscled chest and arms, and Elain can鈥檛 help but ogle him for a moment. Lucien raises a brow at her, smirking, and Elain wonders if the floor might be nice enough to just swallow her up.
It鈥檚 not.聽
鈥淗i,鈥 Lucien says, voice deep and husky and heat fills Elain from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.聽鈥淗ello,鈥 Elain squeaks, flushing bright pink, a shy smile on her lips. He smiles back at her and motions to the chair he鈥檚 standing in front of with a long-fingered hand.聽鈥淢ind if I sit here?鈥 he asks and Elain shakes her head and motions for him to sit before trying to focus, again, on the book she鈥檚 trying to read.聽
She gives up after realizing she鈥檚 read the same line four time and she let鈥檚 out a harsh sigh, pressing her fingertips against her temples. She can already feel the pressure of a headache forming. You can do this E, she tells herself, just get through this final and you鈥檒l be fine until January.聽
She can feel Lucien looking at her and when she opens his eyes to look back he doesn鈥檛 look away, he just keeps staring. A few strands of hair have fallen out of his bun and curls against his sharp jaw and her fingers twitch with the incessant need to reach over and tuck it back into his bun. The need to touch him coupled with her tiredness and the headache makes her snap out,聽鈥淐an I help you?鈥 in a harsher tone than she intended.聽
She immediately wants to take the words back, wants to stuff them back into where they belong but he doesn鈥檛 seem hurt, just confused. He tilts his head to the side and his lips curl up in amusement.聽
鈥淛ust wondering if you鈥檙e okay but I guess you already answered that.鈥 Elain huffs and leans back in her seat, arms crossed over her chest and lower lip pushed out into a slight pout. She feels a small thrill of pleasure when she notices the way his eyes dart to her mouth before going down to her chest and then back up to her eyes.聽
鈥淛ust tired,鈥 she mumbles,聽鈥渁nd this dumb stupid book is kicking my ass and boring me to death and if I don鈥檛 pass this fucking test with at least a B-plus I鈥檓 boycotting the rest of the semester.鈥 The words come out of her in a rush and she blushes in mortification and drops her head down to bury her face into her hands, her cheeks hot against her palms. She can hear Lucien laughing and she picks up a hand to give him the middle-finger and he laughs harder.聽
Elain refuses to admit that he has a very nice laugh, warm and homey and raspy, the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh along with him.聽
She doesn鈥檛 look up again until he鈥檚 finished laughing and even then, she does so cautiously, brow slightly furrowed and cheeks still pink. He smiles when he notices her warily watching him, only brown eyes and puckered brow visible.聽鈥淗i, dove,鈥 he says, voice a soft coo and Elain flushes more and her heart beats a little faster and she may be melting and- no!聽
She is not that type of girl that falls for any guy that shows her a bit of attention. Not anymore. And so she looks up at him fully and raises a brow and summons her best Nesta look, cool and indifferent and not interested.聽鈥淢y names not dove,鈥 she says, head tilted to the side and he鈥檚 silent for a moment before answering.聽
鈥淚 know it鈥檚 not, Elain鈥 - she ignores the small trill she feels when he says her name -聽鈥渂ut dove suits you, so.鈥澛燞e trails off with a shrug and a small smirk, like he鈥檚 daring her to contradict him. And she wants to, Gods does she want to, but the way he says dove? She wants him to say it again and again.聽
She stays silent and just watches him for a second or two before shrugging and saying聽鈥淥kay, Lucy鈥 with a small smile. Lucien frowns, brow furrowed before he snorts, shaking his head at her.聽鈥淥nly you, dove,鈥 he mutters, and his smile is different now. Softer, warmer, fonder.聽
Elain realizes she can get used to dove, if Lucien is the one saying it.聽
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ladyelain20 hours ago
Me rereading ACOMAF just to get the end, you know, the Cauldron scene, just to get to ACOWAR, just to read about Elucien -
- meanwhile being stuck in middle of Feysands mating frenzy that my 15-year-old self went nuts about.
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ladyelaina day ago
Ok so idk why I鈥檓 this confident in my ship but at this point I don鈥榯 even understand anymore how people believe Elucien wouldn鈥榯 happen. Like are we actually reading the same books?
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ladyelaina day ago
Hi! I love Lucien and you love Lucien, therefore I love you! Your blog is everything, thank you so much for the time you put into your posts 馃挄馃
Aww, thank you sm. I just got all these thoughts piling up over the day and need to get them out of my head somehow. Plus, Lucien is still suuuper underrated & misunderstood by many so I鈥榤 just spreading some positivity about a character that deserves the world. 馃馃槈
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