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#lucifer avatar of pride

Mc: I’m tired

Levi: drink this (hands them a demon energy drink)

Lucifer: Mc can’t drink that, it’s for demons

Levi: and?

Lucifer: if you want to kill them then sure go ahead

Levi:!!! (takes it back)

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Prompt list can be found here


🖤 Do they enjoy loving or being loved?

  • Lucifer does not love freely, he fears grief, so he would say being loved, not because he genuinely thinks that but it is all he knows. However, after he meets his s/o, who loves him so openly, so tenderly, he finds himself truly enjoying being loved. And he desires to have them feel as cherished and loved as they make him feel, eventually beginning to follow in their example and love as freely, as they do for him.
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Mc: (sees a bunny)

Lucifer: Mc stay

Mc: Bunny

Lucifer: Mc

Mc: I’m going to pet it

Lucifer: no

Mc: (already runs after it)

Lucifer: (sighs) it’s like looking after a child

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This is a cute photo. And then when Lucifer saw it…


Like chill, Lucifer. It’s suppose to be fun. 😪 And then Diavalo and Barbatos want to try it and then Lucifer was like…


Lucifer, I swear you’re no fun sometimes…. 😓

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Mc: Will you be my valentine

Lucifer: Valentine’s Day is a capitalist scam that perpetuates the patriarchal idea of love.


Lucifer: And to answer your question, yes.

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Lucifer: I got something for you

Mc: ???

Lucifer: (gives them a doll)

Mc: Evil

Lucifer: it’s just a doll it won’t hurt you

Mc: Evil…

Doll: (starts waving)

Mc:you can keep it (runs away)

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Small pieces of love


  • It’s easy for both of us to disguise their attraction to each other, but over time it was harder and harder to keep
  • Satan took the first step, bringing coffee to his older brother while he was in his office
  • The sin of Pride was surprised, to see his little brother bringing him coffee, something definitely happened
  • “I’m not going to let you have a cat, Satan, I told you” Lucifer checked the cup trying to sniff out some kind of poison
  • The blonde was definitely annoyed, he was just trying to be kind, that disrespectful
  • “I didn’t come to ask you for a cat, Lucifer.”
  • “Then? Did you get into any trouble? If I don’t help Mammon, what makes you think I’ll help you?”
  • He was killing the already little patience the green-eyed had
  • “I thought I’d help you by bringing you coffee while you’re working, but I guess trying doesn’t work with you.”
  • Satan, angry, left the room, leaving Lucifer quite confused
  • “Help me…?” While he did not trust him very much, he would drink and enjoy the coffee made by his little brother with a smile
  • That wasn’t the only time he did it, he started doing it once or twice a week, leaving a very happy Lucifer, who decided to return the favor by buying him an Apple pay
  • Satan was even more confused when he received a smile and caress on the head from the highest
  • “Take this as a thank you for the coffee, Satan”
  • The 4th was stunned watching as his proud older brother left the library
  • That made both look at the need to help the other in a way to give and receive the affection they so desired from the other

I don’t speak English at all, any inconvenience with my translation i would be happy to be helped

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Lucifer: Mc could you at least pretend to listen

Mc: if you continue to force me to attend meetings with you instead of leaving me at home then no

Lucifer: you nearly burned the house down and Solomon

Mc: it was Solomon who burned it not me

Lucifer: who let him in?

Mc: fair point

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Someone to Mc: must be nice to be surrounded by demons who are like legends?

Mc: Haha yeah…

*Begins to think back hours before*


Lucifer: 😡

Belphie: *quietly naps*

Beel: Mc! I’m so happy you are here! :)

Asmo: Can I just go back to my room?

Levi: AH! *shrieks*

Mammon: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Shrieks higher*

Mc: All I ask was who wants some pizza?

*Back to present*

Mc: Yeah, everyone is well respected to each other.

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Lucifer: you are under house arrest

Mc: what will you do when I leave

Lucifer: you don’t want to know

Mc: (leavs)

Lucifer: (angry) Mccccc!

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Mc: I have problems and can admit it

Lucifer: no you don’t

Lucifer: Asmo took you’re lip balm and you tried to attack him then you refused to acknowledge anything else

Mc: I never said this case was a problem so I’m still right

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Mc: (screaming) who the Hell did this?!!

Lucifer: what did you do now? (looks at Mammon)

Mammon: it wasn’t me

Mc: (runs down) who did this to my hair?! (shows horrible dyed and cut hair)

Asmo: (shocked) Mc you look horrible

Mc: I know that

Satan: it was probably Mammon

Mammon: why me?!

Satan: Levi watched a new season, Beel was out and Belphie was sleeping

Mammon: doesn’t mean it was me

Satan: who else would do that

Mammon: someone that doesn’t like Mc

Belphie: (secretly smiling)

Mc: (hits table) it was Belphie! I saw you smiling you damn bastard!

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Brothers When They Sneak Into MC’s Room And See Them Comforting Luke 


Nighttime was the only time he could really spend with you, and tonight he was going to sneak into your room for some much needed time together. He opened the door slowly, peaking in and seeing that your side table light was still on, a smug smile stretched across his lips, you were still awake. When he saw why exactly you were still awake though, he was less than pleased. You were coddling the tiny angel that was now silently snoring on your lap. “He had a nightmare, he wanted me to take care of him. You can still lay next to me though.” He quickly shook his head no, gritting his teeth together and turning to walk back out of the door. 

“I’ll join you some other time. I need to have a talk with Simeon.” 


He was in your room more often than he was even in his own room. Cuddling with you every night had become the norm for him, and it was no different tonight. He waited for everyone to fall asleep before sneaking out of his own room to go into yours, opening the door quickly and slipping into your room. His back was turned to you, making sure to shut the door as quietly as possible before turning around to see you… you and Luke. “Nightmare… he needed me. There’s still room for you.” You patted the space beside you, smiling up to him. Begrudgingly he took his place next to you, pushing Luke as far over as he could before he rested his head against your shoulder. 

“Who let the dog outta Purgatory Hall? And why’re ya lettin’ it in yer bed?!”


It had taken him two whole weeks to build up the courage to sneak to your bedroom. Tonight was the night though, and he was on his way to your room, his heart beating a mile a minute. He wanted to cuddle with you, to have you fall asleep in his arms and he thought that it would be more comfortable for you in your own bed instead of his bathtub. When he opened the door and saw Luke laying across your lap he didn’t know whether he was more upset or jealous. The one night he finally felt like he could do this and the chihuahua had made it there before him?! “Oh, Levi! He just got a little scared… do you want to lay with us too?” Your hand lightly tapped the empty side of the bed, but he couldn’t find comfort in having the angel mutt between the two of you. 

“M-Maybe next time… I’ll see you in the morning Y/N.” 


He definitely wasn’t coming in for just cuddles. He had other things in mind, unless you weren’t ready to do those other things, then… cuddles would suffice… but… his main plan was to sneak into your room for some fun time. His steps were so quiet, and he even managed to open your door without you noticing which had made you jump a little when you looked up from your phone and saw him standing there. His eyes were trained on Luke’s sleeping body, curled up in your lap and sleeping peacefully. “He couldn’t go back to sleep at Purgatory Hall… he came here for comfort. I can scoot over a bit, give you some room.” You moved over and gently patted the space next to you. This definitely wasn’t what he had planned, but he still got to be next to you, and maybe Luke would leave in the morning and he’d still be able to have some fun before breakfast. 

“You should get some sleep too, Y/N. I don’t want you to have dark circles.” 


For some reason it was impossible for him to fall asleep. He had read multiple books, hoping that at some point his eyes would just close on their own and he’d pass out, but that wasn’t the case tonight. The only other thing that managed to help him sleep was being next to you, and that’s how he ended up on his way to your room, sneaking past his brothers door and quietly slipping in through yours. “Shh… He just fell back asleep. He was so scared, he said he needed me to take care of him.” He didn’t even know what you were talking about until his eyes zeroed in on the tiny blonde lump of annoying angel next to you. He was pissed, to say the least. The only blonde lump that should be next to you is himself. You patted the space on the other side of you, your eyes looking up at him, full of hope but he only shook his head. 

“Let me know when the mutt goes back to its cage. Goodnight, Y/N.” 


His annual late night trip to the kitchen didn’t seem to satisfy him like it usually would, and he realized on his way up the stairs that he wasn’t craving food, he was craving you and the comfort that your presence brought. He couldn’t help the smile on his face as he walked to your door, opening it carefully, thinking that you were asleep only to see that you were still wide awake. Not only were you awake, but Luke was laying right next to you. He was confused, but that didn’t stop him from walking further into your room anyway, pointing to Luke with questioning eyes. “He had a bad dream. He didn’t want to be alone. Do you want to lay with us?” He had nothing against Luke, well… he didn’t exactly hate him anymore. He shrugged, smiling softly to you as he made his way over, slipping into the bed next to you and pulling you into his arms. 

“Maybe the three of us can make breakfast tomorrow morning. Luke makes really good pancakes.” 


He never had trouble falling asleep before, so why was it a problem now? He didn’t understand it, but it was aggravating to him nonetheless. He needed someone… he needed you… the warmth that you brought when you would lay next to him, it would surely knock him out as soon as he got comfortable next to you. Walking to your room, his blanket under his arm, he walked right in, not even noticing that Luke was next to you. His eyes were slightly closed, and you were pretty sure he was sleep walking. “Belphie… He’s… Luke…” His eyes shot open, looking down disgustedly at the tiny angel who was hogging your bed space, but he didn’t really care. He pushed you over enough to give himself space, climbing in next to you and wrapping his arms around you, pulling the blankets up over your bodies. 

“I don’t care why he’s here, he just better not wake me up in the morning. I’m tired.”

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Supernatural awakened my wing!kink so I totally get this haha. It IS overwhelming at times and college is stressing me out right now so I have to cut down on writing way more than I would like to 😩 i hate it. Thank you so much, darling ❤

Warning: slight NSFW at the end-ish


(Shoutout if you realized that that GIF is from supernatural’s Michael lol the irony)


Originally posted by midnight-madonna

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Mc: (screaming)

Lucifer: what happened now?

Asmo: Mammon stole their favourite game and now they want to kill him

Mammon: Mc I’m sorry I give it back!

Mc: not good enough!

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