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#lucius malfoy
narcissasbrat · 2 days ago
headcannons on teenager daughter!reader getting her heart-broken by a fellow Slytherin housemate and her family… well enough said XD. *cue My Family song (Addams Family Music)*
You're Messin' With My Family
Tumblr media
↠ you were a mess when you came home for Christmas.
↠ everything was going to be perfect; you were going to introduce your partner to your family, they would’ve liked them so much - they were Pureblood, Slytherin and well-bred.
↠ they were charming and polite, and the two of you made the most gorgeous couple. your parents would have definitely approved of them, perhaps even your Aunt would approve of them as well.
↠ but when they break up with you, out of the blue, you can’t help but come home and confine yourself to your room as you cry your heart out.
↠ Dobby was actually the one to find you crying, and since he had been a House Elf for your family since your birth, he couldn’t help but feel upset for his ‘little’ Mistress.
↠ also Dobby is terrified of Lucius and Narcissa so when they ask him why you won’t come out of your room, he is forced to tell them the truth.
↠ as soon as Lucius and Narcissa hear of your distraught, they storm into your room to console you, as you simply just cry into your mother’s shoulder, staining her robes - Narcissa doesn’t care though, as she can’t help but slightly cry with you. she had no idea you were dating someone, and that it was that serious.
↠ Lucius simply floo-calls Severus and Bellatrix before everyone huddles in your room.
↠ Draco insists that as your big brother, it’s his responsibility to go sort out the prick.
↠ Bellatrix just rolls her eyes at her nephew - “so much like your father…”, she sneers.
↠ Bellatrix: “Just tell me who the brat is, ‘ve been meaning to practice a few curses lately…”
↠ Narcissa: “No Bella. No.”
↠ Severus: “If it is… who I think it is… then-”
↠ Lucius: “Now hold on a minute Sev, you’ve known my daughter has been dating someone this whole time?!”
↠ Narcissa: “And you didn’t tell us?!”, your mother shrieks as she whacks Severus on the head with a pillow.
↠ Severus: “It was not… my place to do so…”
↠ Lucius: *grumbling* “Why in the name of Merlin, did we even make you Y/N’s Godfather?”
↠ Severus insists that instead of getting violent, that perhaps a simple assigning of potion-cleaning duty will suffice.
↠ you can’t help but laugh at Uncle Sevy’s words as you agree to his alternative option.
↠ Lucius buys you several bouquets of flowers, showing you that this is just one of the many, many ways you should be treated by someone worthy enough to love you.
↠ he also buys several for Narcissa as well.
↠ Narcissa spends the entire day with you, allowing you to eat your feelings away with tubs of ice-cream.
↠ Lucius sneaks in every now and then to steal some ice-cream for himself, causing you to laugh at your mother swatting his hand away each time.
↠ You: “I hope I can find someone to love me the way you two love each other…”
↠ Narcissa: “And you will my love. You will…”
↠ Lucius: “This kind of love just takes time…”
↠ Bellatrix can’t help but gag at all the lovey-dovey nonsense causing your parents to glare at her as you simply just laugh as she winks at you.
↠ Bellatrix: “My offer still stands, little Cissy…”
↠ Lucius & Narcissa: “No Bellatrix. No!”
taglist: @cissyswifey @milfsenjoyer @romanoffs-wifey @devilsbooksworld @someoneonearth2007 @malfoys-are-fashion-icons @bellatrixsbrat @bitchywitchy125 @princess-jules47 @charlenasaxen
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ajax1230 · 2 days ago
HP Head cannons!
You're sick! It's not a life threatening illness but you're down with some kind of bug. Unfortunately or fortunately for you, these HP characters are your caretakers!
(Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore )
Tumblr media
Severus Snape
How he treats you depends on how you react to being sick. If you're the suffer silently type he can tolerate it, but Merlin save you if you're the needy type. Generally, he's familiar with sickness being a teacher with germ factory children. Which is why he is taking precautions. You're in quarantine. No arguing. You stay in bed, he levitates everything possible to you and casts cleaning spells on everything you touch. No way he's going to let himself get sick.
But at least he is a potions master which means *personal pharmacy* This is where the tolerate part comes in, because if you don't annoy him or complain too much he'll make sure you never feel pain. He gives you everything you need and the few requests you make are met with ease.
If you're the needy type... Good luck. He's going to give you the meds or potions you absolutely need but do you really need that muscle relaxing tea? Does he really need to ask the houselves to prepare that soup you love? No, he didn't think so either.
Once you aren't contagious he shows up more often, asks more questions and ultimately lectures you on illness prevention. You'll always remember those wee hours in the night when he'd feed you your medicine with a satisfactory nod.
Tumblr media
Lucius Malfoy
DRAMA. You mean you're SiCk?!
Expect gifts. In the form of personal doctors, hand and foot services, the best foods, the best of the best. If your illness isn't too icky, he may even feed you himself because, of course you need his help! And he is going to be there constantly, even though he likes to complain about how busy he is, somehow there's simply nothing for him to do. Prepare to hear stories, family medical history, and his own personal accounts of being sick.
In regards to closeness, he's in the room but not that close. It's a reflection of your relationship I assume but hey what do I know? Anyways, he wants you to know he's there. He wants everyone else to know he's been in there. So whenever there's a chance he is going to gossip to anyone who will listen. You were in terrible condition. He'd never seen someone so pale. But you handled it beautifully even if he wasn't sure if you were going to pull through. How does he know? He was there! Isn't he a saint?
Besides using your sickness for his own means, he really does do a decent job taking care of you. And after you're better you can bet he will give you the chance to repay his kindness.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black
To put it simply, he's a tease. In every sense of the word. You're going to get roasted at every opprotunity.
"Was that a sneeze? I thought I stepped on a mouse..." "You're looking marvelous today." "Do you need some help? Poor little thing-"
He doesn't actually know what he's doing, given his background of coming from a noble house he was probably taken care of by people other than his parents but he does remember little things. Like water, you need it! And a compress? But he can't remember if it's supposed to be hot or cold, isn't there a potion for this?
He does, however, know what it feels like to suffer so between the teasing and making lewd jokes about your fever sweating, he babies you. Cuddles at every turn even if you're actually too warm. He gives in to every request. Want another blanket? Sure! You want ice cream? ANything for you doll.
Thankfully, Remus is never too far away and he's the one who tells Sirius that you aren't supposed to actually be that temperature, and he gives him the crash course on basic illness care.
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin
Speak of the devil! Remus is the best. He knows what you need, he is extremely sympathetic and he's always ready to listen to you complain.
Comfort king, Remus will help you get set up in bed. A light blanket, favorite pillows and your laptop. Of course he has tissues, snacks and WATER no, you can't have pumpkin juice. He's already lining up your meds so that there's no chance for aches to affect you. Lights are dim or off, fan is on but not directly.
You almost don't feel sick at all.
He knows what's best for you to eat. HIs parents were actual parents and took care of him all those years so he remembers the tricks. He brings you anything you need, gives you space when appropriate but the best part of Remus caretaker? The hugs.
Embraces whenever you're feeling frustrated or uncomfortable. He'll lay on the bed and hold your head to his chest doing the little 'I know, " Whisper whisper things.
He massages your joints if you ask, plays with your hair until you fall asleep and repeatedly refuses to 'tear your head off' even if you insist it would make you feel better.
Remus is the best.
Albus Dumbledore-
Front porch treatment.
Tumblr media
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tehm-riddle · a day ago
Voldemort was so mean to Lucius in his house but telling him every day YOU know Lucius couldn't have sex with his wife all that time knowing Milord was right across the room judging him..........known heterophobe Voldemort
Tumblr media
Voldemort had this printed on a poster and glued it to their bedroom ceiling so they would see it every night in bed.
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asktheheirofslytherin · 2 days ago
How did Lucius react to fatherhood?
He became even more annoying than I had ever thought possible.
Remember, Lucius had Draco at a young age - I believe he and Narcissa were only about twenty years of age, perhaps twenty-one. Lucius has been in my service for little more than a year and a half when Draco was born, and I had previously written off Lucius's personality as the carelessness of youth, and that when he wed, and then became a father, he would mellow out. I was wrong.
If anything, his marriage to Narcissa made him worse, and then, after Draco was born, well - everything became about the child. Draco this and Draco that - Draco blew a spit bubble this morning, would you like to see an image? Draco was fussy, Draco said "Dada" for the first time, would you like to see a recording?
You would be let to believe Draco was the finest child to ever grace this Earth. I met Draco a couple of times - I had the experience of attending his first birthday party, where I obtained the impression he was an unremarkable child.
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dilfandmilfsupremacy · 2 days ago
guys….. guys…. Guys!..GUYS!!!!!..GUYSGUYSGIYSGUYS
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miakagrewup · a year ago
Saw this...
Tumblr media
And this happened.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks for the inspiration, @bexterrr 😂
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drarryjustbecause · 3 months ago
Sirius: The Malfoy kid? The Malfoy kid!
Sirius: *Laughs hysterically*
Sirius: You’re DATING the Malfoy kid!
Sirius: Merlin, Lucius is going to hate this!
Harry: It’s not funny. His father hates me.
Sirius: EXACTLY!
Sirius: This is almost funnier then when I told my family I married moony!
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elyonblackstar · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my take on Malfoy family! As a sort of counterpart of my latest Potter family picture I thought it would have been nice to see little Draco with mommy and daddy too ♥ hope you like this! I've worked hard on this u_u
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all-about-the-malfoys · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t have words. This is such terrible news 😭
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narcissasbrat · a day ago
dialogue on teenager daughter!reader trying on narcissa's wedding dress and lucius reacts. maybe add in some bellatrix mocking lucius for showing emotion? maybe? maybe not?
You: *twirling around* “So… how do I look?”
Narcissa: *wiping tears away*
Lucius: *walks in after a nap* “What’s goin-”
Lucius: *freezes in place, stunned at what he is seeing* “How-How long was I asleep for? Wha-?”
You: *laughs* “Oh Father, I’m not getting married right now… I just wanted to try on Mother’s dress, that’s all.”
Lucius: *calms down slightly* “Oh, thank Merlin!”
Bellatrix: *mockingly cackles* “Oh, thank Merlin”
Lucius: “shut up Bellatrix!”
taglist: @cissyswifey @milfsenjoyer @romanoffs-wifey @devilsbooksworld @someoneonearth2007 @malfoys-are-fashion-icons @bellatrixsbrat @bitchywitchy125 @princess-jules47 @charlenasaxen @dumbstupidbitch
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avendell · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucius and Narcissa Commission 🌙
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arcaneslut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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draco malfoy
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overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
what happened to all our promises by @whoreforregulus
on camera by @cupidsriot *
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mrsseverussnape · 4 months ago
🍰HP Characters As Cakes🍰
From Ron & Hermione to Harry:
Tumblr media
From Hogwarts staff to Severus:
Tumblr media
From Sirius to Remus:
Tumblr media
From Severus to Minerva:
Tumblr media
From Order to Sirius:
Tumblr media
From Severus to himself:
Tumblr media
From Lucius to Bellatrix:
Tumblr media
@snapefiction @lizlil @elizabeth-baelish @misselsbells06 @mais-e @lunnybunny12 @stingingwolf @anfre109 @entirelymesmerising
If you wanna be on my taglist, let me know!
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