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philosophybits · 21 hours ago
Understand that a fortune is an unending misfortune with earning and protecting it and the misery of its loss. In their distracted state those whose thoughts are fixed on wealth have no opportunity to find release from the suffering of existence.
Śāntideva, Bodhicaryāvatāra, Crosby & Skilton tr. (8:79)
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Magna: What do you guys want to watch?
Luck: Oh, why don't you pick?
Magna: Okay, how about comedy?
Luck: Nah, I already laughed today.
Charmy: I know, it was when Finral stubbed his toe.
Luck, chuckling: Still funny.
Charmy: Drama?
Luck: Nah, I've already seen someone cry today.
Finral, from the kitchen: It really hurt, Luck!
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o-kurwa · 7 months ago
Reporter accidentally makes half court shot
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fortuneaday · a month ago
Tumblr media
[A white fortune cookie paper with black text reading: Your fondest dream will come true within this year.]
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a--z--u--l · 6 months ago
Ley de atracción 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 que todo el que dé reblog y mg obtenga dinero esta semana y le pasen cosas bonitas 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀.
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immortalink · 3 months ago
how to attract your luck? (jupiter in the signs)
you know that feeling where things just work out for you? it's like you reach the traffic light and it immediately goes green as if it was just waiting for you or you meet randomly a an acquaintance that makes you a job offer you've been needing desperately or your bus has some problem and you get off and can't get to your meeting in time but instead find on your way there something you've been looking for your entire life. i guess this is what we call luck.
sure, hard work and effort is important, but without some luck to put us in that frequency of abundance we ain't getting anywhere. the question is: can we control the luck? is it totally random? is their some way to call it forth and stop being in a ditch? i think working with our jupiter sign and aligning with its energy really help us feel "blessed" and enter that area of abundancy.
jupiter in aries - don't overthink things. change happens for you when you stop planning too much and trying to predict every situation ever. believe that sometimes it's just that easy. don't be afraid to act on short notice. start things - write that message you've been wondering about, drop that major that's been suffocating you and dive into that different thing that is drawing you in. fortune favors the bold is really true for these natives. warning: yo...i mean.... don't do crazy reckless shit tho, like keep that common sense intact too. your luck is found in direct action.
jupiter in taurus - allow your body to guide you and work on your flowing connection with it. acknowledge in what situations you feel physically good and bad. probably have a strong gut feeling about what is aligned with your values. trust it. you know what's going to happen. include other people in the things you're doing. this is important for everyone but you in particular should pay attention that you eat healthy, esp home cooked meals, and to avoid mind altering substances as they numb the type of intuition you have. and when it's numbed, you can't know which opportunities are lucky for you. spend a week or so eating good health food and being mindful about your body and watch things begining to happen for you. warning: staying loyal to your bad habits isn't a core part of your identity, it doesn't make you who you are. you can listen to your body and be healthy and still feed your spirit too. your luck is found in nourishment.
jupiter in gemini - talk about it with someone and ask for alternative points of view. try them out, a new perspective might be really refreshing and point you in a direction which brings you luck. let your thoughts be scattered for awhile but make sure to slow down the pace and contemplate what you've learned so far at the end of the day. stop asking questions without reaching any conclusion. doing personality quizes may prove to be quite helpful for you and show you smth you're missing to align with your path. be more adaptive. warning: be careful to not bury your innate curiosity and playful desire for exploration be buried under consuming information obsessively. your luck is found in flexibility.
jupiter in cancer - I'm literally begging you to listen to your intuition. it's really really good. don't ignore those gut feelings even if you're afraid they might prove to be true. tell yourself that yes, sometimes it's this deep, and allow yourself to find metaphors and connections between things. this brings you clarity and an abundance of opportunities and helps you align with your values better. spend time with your family if you're on good terms with them and allow vulnerability between you. warning: make sure on which side of the thin line between intuition and paranoia you're walking. you tend to isolate yourself spiritually from experiences that take you out of your comfort zone. sometimes that's good, sometimes...not really. your luck is found in intuition.
jupiter in leo - surround yourself with ppl you care about and ppl that excite you. flirt with someone a bit. do something creative that you don't expect to profit from, just to exercise your passion. show off in some way, make people see your confidence. warning: don't get caught in the loop of trying to appear a certain way without actually being that way. that won't draw in good luck for you, but opportunities that drain your energy. your luck is found in being 100% authentic.
jupiter in virgo - don't close yourself off or burden yourself with everything cuz you think you know best. give people genuine compliments. give yourself genuine compliments and congratulate yourself for the good work. take it easy - understand that mistakes are only an opportunity to learn better, and keep that attitude if you wanna see yourself flourish. warning: srsly tho there might be a tendency to be too harsh, relax that inner critical parent, tell them it's time to retire. your luck is found in kindness to yourself and others.
jupiter in libra - include a close person or someone you vibe with in your endeavors but don't fall into leader-follower dynamic. try to be partners, not leader and follower. make a decision that benefits everyone involved in some situation, being considerate is your strength. ask people for recommendations. if you're looking for a jov, new place to live in or smth likw that - ask the people close to you, don't be quick to throw yourself out into the unknown. do what feels right - luck is on your side when justice empowers your actions. warning: don't let being considerate to make you put yourself last or to enable abusive or harmful situations. you matter, fairness matters too. your luck is found in justice and consideration.
jupiter in scorpio - look beneath the surface. don't be satisfied with a surface look in the area where you want to get lucky. the more you dig into it, the better. do a lot of research on the things that you want to attract in your life. put your passion into what you do - if you're not interested in it with your heart and soul, luck will rarely be on your side. reminds me of a friend who was studying programming and it was super dry and included a lot of unnecessary math. he kept getting obstacles in his way, like the bus will break down om his way to an important exam, a teacher will randomly start hating on him, etc. and when he moved to a place where the coding languages he learned made him interested in developing shit, this totally changed and opportunities started working out in his favor. don't be afraid to change whenever it feels necessary. warning: try to not get addicted to stirring things up. new beginnings tend to bring you good fortune so you might start dropping the old ones just to get the rush of the new. make sure you're not running away from something it's better to face. also learn the difference between passion and obsession - one replenishes your energy, the other drains it. your luck is found in passion.
jupiter in sagittarius - take a trip to somewhere. seriously changing locations, even if it's brief, marks a huge energy shift for you. show someone how to do a thing you're good at. have a debate with someone and allow your opinion to be changed - or more like to have your horizon expanded. try to complain about things less - focus for a few days on what you grateful for and what you appreciate in your life, and see how that makes you feel. try to see things from a more distant perspective, to grasp in the bigger picture. follow your spontaneous ideas. warning: take care when you're being spontaneous. being impulsive doesn't mean you can't be considerate of yourself and others. try to not get lost in the chaos. your luck is found in change.
jupiter in capricorn - rest. I'm not kidding. just stop for a second and take a break. don't put too much on your plate, priding yourself on how you can manage it all. take it one step at a time. have a plan but include resting and having time for spontaneous things in it. spend time with your family if you're on good terms with them or with someone who feels like family. keep a practical goal in mind. know when to apply your boundaries and to stop putting your energy into things. practice saying no to things that bother you. warning: it may feel as if everything requires a lot of hard work you. don't let setbacks get to you, have a little faith that the universe has got your back. your luck is found in balance and taking things one step at a time.
jupiter in aquarius - involve your friends in what you're doing, be it through sharing about it or doing it together. work on having a detailed vision about what you want. daydreaming about things actually draws in your luck. learn about how what you want is interconnected with other things and pay attention to patterns, this may bring a lot of opportunities your way. take some space when you feel like it. change your usual routine. if you feel the spur to say or do something random, follow it (as long as it's not harmful ofc). warning: you may be prone to being overly distant from what you're doing and to not really feel it in your heart when things are working out for you. don't access your successes only through your mind, but also through the heart. your luck is found into seeing how it all works together.
jupiter in pisces - don't overthink it. take it slow, rushing yourself leads you nowhere you wanna be. listen to your dreams and intuition. if you're in tune with your intuition, you will be ready to accept the gifts of the divine timing without despairing or losing patience. meditate consistently - take your time to do it every day, if possible. offer help and ask for help. open yourself to inspiration, seek it out actively. you have to notice what brings the spark. warning: don't confuse tuning in with the rhythm of the universe and waiting passively for anything to happen. there is a difference and i know you can feel it. when you don't close yourself to the world, abundance comes. your luck is found in inner peace and acceptance.
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i learned that by sheer coincidence, Finnair flight 666, at 13 o'clock on Friday the 13th with a 13 year old Airbus Jet, landed safely in HEL (Helsinki) airport in 2017 (x)
Tumblr media
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thenightwemetnatural · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i love him so much i’m gonna SCREAM (x)
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pepurika · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the bane of humanity demands your best skritches 
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Noelle: Stop it! This is not the time for fighting. Asta is in a Diamond jail. We don’t know this kingdom. We don’t know their laws. We don’t know how to get him out. I just hope he found somebody who can protect him and take care of him.
Gauche: What, you hope he’s somebody’s bitch?
Noelle: No, like a mentor.
Nero: Nah, he’d never be picked as a bitch.
Vanessa: Asta is very attractive. He can be a bitch.
Zora: A sissy, perhaps, but a bitch?
Charmy: No, listen... he can be a bitch.
Magna: Like hell! He's nobody's bitch.
Luck: This sounds fun. Can he be my bitch?
Noelle: Stop it! Asta is MY bitch!
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nerviovago · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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fortuneaday · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: You will soon gain something you have always desired.]
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a--z--u--l · a month ago
Spoiler: A veces la suerte está en que las cosas no te salen como tú querías.
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saturnrevolution · a month ago
Jupiter is the area where you feel most at peace
by saturn revolution/more on instagram
Jupiter in the 1st house
Your looks or sense of self are never really something you are too worried about. Sure, you do have insecurities like everyone else does every now and then, but you do not like to dwell on them as you know that this is one area where you have been blessed in some way. You are comfortable within your body, your identity and both of these things, together, are a great tool of manifestation.
source of happiness: being yourself and being appreciated for it, giving to others through positivity
Jupiter in the 2nd house
Your income or source of money is never really something that you are too worried about. Sure, you always want to strive for more in this area, but at the same time this is something you have always felt like you received. Whenever you felt like giving up - you had a new opportunity coming your way or you made one up or you were offered money out of nowhere, as this is an area where you are manifesting a lot.
source of happiness: financial stability, cause then you can focus on improving other areas of your life
Jupiter in the 3rd house
Your communication skills are never really something that you are too worried about. Sure, you might say some things you do not mean at times and you might have your insecurities, but you always felt like you are gifted in this area and you do know that the words you say have an impact and you can even use them as a way to express yourself and to manifest good things in your life.
source of happiness: being able to speak your truth and teaching others your experiences, being listened to and heard
Jupiter in the 4th house
Your home life is never really something that you were too worried about. Sure, you had your problems while growing up within your family, but you know that this is the one place you can always go to and one great source of abundance for you (even if home doesn't mean being with your family for you). You are great at manifesting places that make you feel safe.
source of happiness: having people you can call family or a place that you call your own and that represents who you are
Jupiter in the 5th house
Your talents were never really something that you were too worried about. Sure, you might have neglected them sometimes or felt like they are not good enough, but you always knew that you have that spark in you and this is always one activity that belongs to just you. You manifest best when you are in a happy, fun environment.
source of happiness: being just you and your hobbies, being appreciated for your natural talents and showing them to the world
Jupiter in the 6th house
Your health was never really something that you were too worried about. Sure, you might have had your difficulties or low moments when you neglected it, but you know that you are blessed and lucky in this area of your life and some of your habits really make you happy. Discipline is something that helps you manifest.
source of happiness: having your life together in terms of your body, health and maybe routine
Jupiter in the 7th house
Love was never really a department you are too worried about. Sure, you do have your bad experiences or doubts and you might feel like it's not working for you, but you know that this is one place where you are blessed and you really appreciate those who love you and care about you and the things you learn from connections.
source of happiness: human interaction, showing and getting affection in your own way, relationships
Jupiter in the 8th house
The darkest parts of yourself are never really something you worry too much about. It can get hard on the way, but your self awareness and strength is something that helps you get up and overcome the emotional rollercoasters. You know that you have endless resources to build what you wish for in the long run.
source of happiness: deep connections and understanding the way people function and think, loving your darkest desires
Jupiter in the 9th house
Your education and belief system are never really something you are too worried about. You know that when it comes to learning, knowledge and seeing the bigger picture, you have what it takes for personal expansion. Even when you feel like things are not working out, opportunities come your way. You manifest best through travel and learning.
source of happiness: travel, education, answering the bigger questions of the world
Jupiter in the 10th house
Your career is never really something that you are too worried about. You do get stressed and feel discouraged, but you do know that you have your own way on the long run and you are going to reach your lifetime goals as you manifest best in this area of your life. Your perseverance is inspiring and will be appreciated and seen.
source of happiness: having a sense of purpose, career and long term plans, personal success
Jupiter in the 11th house
Your friends group is never really something that you are too worried about. Like in any friendship, there are ups and downs, but you have always felt like you have your own community that you can always go to and they accept you for who you are. Through your friendships, you grow in the future.
source of happiness: friendships, feeling like they belong to a community, helping others, future goals
Jupiter in the 12th house
Your dreams and things of the unknown are never really something you are too worried about. Even though you are not sure how to get there at all times, you do know that your purpose is greater and that if you put your mind to it, you can manifest anything you want.
source of happiness: daydreaming, understanding others, compassion and imagination
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haulogerie · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Would you like to WIN the most sought-after watch in existence?⁣ ⁣ ⁣ @templeofdream gives you the chance to WIN the £29,000 Rolex Daytona ‘Panda’ for £45 only. 🐼⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Enter the competition within the first 48 hours for a chance to win 10 additional tickets.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Join to win:⁣ ⁣⁣ 🎟️ Limited Tickets ⁣ 🏆90 winners to date⁣ ⭐4.5/5 on Trustpilot⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #rolex #daytona #panda #steel #watch #watches #dream #exclusive #jubilee #win #competition #luck #win #prize #draw
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jaubaius · a month ago
Not today
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witchy-kitchen-craft · a month ago
Could you tell me which herbs are good for luck? (Somewhat common herbs/plants/flowers that would be easy for me to acquire)
🍀 Luck for Kitchen Witches 🍀
Hello Anon! Thank you for your question, I think it is very interesting and I had fun gathering informations! So let's begin!
Since I am a kitchen witch, I'll give you plants and spices that you can easily find in any grocery store. They also are edible, so you can use them with your lunch (and anoint candles, making spells, placing them on you altar...)
How about Luck? To me it is a very broad umbrella term. I prefer to think Luck as "attracting opportunities". In which area do you want Luck / Attract opportunities? Is it luck in Love? Luck in money (winning the lottery)? Health? Job?
Once you have decided, look for herbs and spices that will support the kind of luck you want!
🍀 Plants and Spices for Luck 🍀
Allspice: money luck
Anise: overall luck
Basil: overall luck, love luck
Clover: 3 leaves // overall luck, love luck
Clover: 4 leaves // EXTRA LUCK
Dill: money luck, love luck
Hazelnuts: overall luck
Lime: love luck
Nutmeg: overall luck
If you want luck in health, I'd look for some herbs spice that protect your health and then add an herb of overall luck.
🍀💰 Prosperity Porridge recipe 💰🍀
I created this recipe becasue I want money, prosperity and attract business opportunities. It's my everyday breakfast, from my scottish kitchen!
35g oatmeal
125ml / 1 cup oat milk
1 tsp sugar
A pinch of allspice for money and prosperity luck
A pinch of cinnamon for success
A pinch of nutmeg for overall luck
Put everything in a pan. Heat at low fire, always stirring clockwise to attract and so your porridge doesn't stick to your pan.
Eat pipping hot!
🍀📚 Some reading 📚🍀
If you want more informations, I highly recommend
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magick herbs
The Green Witch, Arin Murphy Hiscock
Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch, Rachel Patterson
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shadowinthedoorframe · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Artfight attack on @crankyteapot of their characters Lucky Jack and Miss Fortune!
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empathwitchliv · 6 months ago
don't be afraid to:
🦋 love loudly
🌿 ask for help
🦋 live unapologetically
🌿 practice self care
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