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seeing-true19 hours ago
playing ace attorney is either "i am six threads of logic beyond the game to the point that nothing I'm thinking of could ever be programmed in even if it makes good sense" or "the current protagonist's line of logic is so confusing and reliant on small things mentioned an hour ago that I'm about to start crying" with no in between
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thecyndimistuff20 hours ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY i accidentally unfollowed u instead of sending this ask sorry if u saw that. have a mouse drawn mr. shimmering dragonfly
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What a coincidence i also have this scribble in my notebook from yesterday. reverse uno card.
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immortalink4 hours ago
air signs after they've ranted about their fleeting love interest, sounding more invested than they intended, and fire signs over-dramatizing their words and thinking every remote crush should grow in an obsession:
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earth signs when when the foolish mortals refuse to take their perfect advice once again:
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meanwhile water signs...ok it's just pisces lol:
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f1notebook17 hours ago
4 months 馃
It sounds crazy doesn't it ? ohh 4 months... (yes I am 2 days later, the official 4 months was on the 1st
Sitting here, I feel strange about this, I feel I am only here for 2 weeks, but in another hand, I feel I went from hell to paradise and back. The first post I made here was the list of driver's champions, a post that had 13 interactions, sounding absolutely crazy to me. How could people be interested in something so banal ? Random ? Things evaluated, I started adding always more, getting inspired by everything I saw, by you, by your ideas. I finally made the transition to Instagram, we have 500 followers there, having great inspirations, getting noticed by some accounts (say hi to Red Bull), making the experience even better.
It is safe to say things here haven't been easy all the way down. I am a person with a very short self-confidence, the hate anon experience really got to me, June was a nightmare, I had absolutely no pleasure coming here, having anxiety of only thinking about open the app. However, F1 is more than a sport, is a passion and I couldn't let on the side. Some people helped me a lot all the way down, they are amazing, I am using this opportunity to give them a shoutout, they deserve it, they are amazing and honestly, I couldn't be happier for having them here.
馃尭 @race-week - My sweet Al... where do I begun ? You are honestly amazing, you always have the right words, the right way of dealing with a situation. I think the biggest thing I admire about you is the fact you never get angry, you can always see both sides of a story that is amazing. Adding to all of this, your amazing knowledge and your capacity of putting into words and transmitting it. You are absolutely amazing, one of the people that inspire me every day, you helped me so much and I couldn't be more proud of you and thankful to have you 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @babssionate - Darling, Babette, what can I possibly say to you ? You are a wonderful person, a diamond, a pure diamond that we have the chance to have. I already told you, but I will take this opportunity to do it again : You inspired me to start this blog. Not only with your PowerPoint, but with your kindness. You amaze me every day, never change, the world need people like you, Formula One needs people like you, we love you and in behave of everyone, Thank you 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @laptimedeleted - Sarah, I have no words that can possibly express how thankful I am, for all your support, for all of your love. You are a critical part of the reason I made it through June. Most of the time I feel so bad because I can interact with you probably as you reblog and use amating tags that totally warms my heart. I am using this opportunity to let you know how important you are for me and how much I love and appreciate you, thank you 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @micallum - My sweet mutual, I have to say, before anything else : Thank you 鉂わ笍 You are always there, being one of the people that helped me so much with everything, making me feel what I do here matters, is important to someone. I couldn't possibly thank you enough, I am really thankful and grateful for everything you have done for me.
馃尭 @racingirl - Honey, you are absolutely amazing, always putting a big smile on my face, your support has an incredible value to me, especially since the message you send me yesterday. I am sending you my best wishes and hope you will be fine and happy, you totally deserve it 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @vroomlesbianvroom - Love, what can I possibly say ? You have a big heart, made me sensible to world issues I should have been before, you are more than a vantage to this fandom, you are essential. Thank you so much for having my back for that hate anon, it was so important for me. Keep fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in F1, you aren't less than straight people, people thinking that are at fault, not you, Thank you for making this world a better place 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @sbolff - Mireya, thank you, thank you for making my dash so positive, giving me a big smile, thank you for been there, to support, to give me your love, you are amazing sweetheart, never change 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @limp-wrist-max - Mea, I can't express hoy much thankful I am to you, thank you, thank you for everything, for all the support, it means the world, thank you 鉂わ笍
馃尭 @dams-racing - Cassy ! I know that we interact more in my main account or in my Mick's one, but I could let this opportunity pass without taking the time to let you know how incredible your work is, so beautiful, so neat, so amazing. And you are even more an amazing person, never change 鉂わ笍
There is so many people I want to thank, to lot make this post last hours, I am going to tag you here, just know : Thank you 鉂わ笍 Thank you so much for everything, to cross my path here, to give me a little bit of your kindness, on this blog or in my main one, you are incredible and I can't thank you enough, Thank you 鉂わ笍
(There are incredible talented people here, that make incredible work and that deserve to have a little bit of your attention so don't hesitate to check them out )
馃尭 @lightsoutf1 馃尭@hi-imblake 馃尭@dishaaster 馃尭@mickstart 馃尭 @imkkitty 馃尭@totowoof 馃尭@bahrain-lights 馃尭@powertrains 馃尭@widdajan 馃尭@sewis-rights 馃尭@racewinneralexlynn 馃尭@f1-girl-sv 馃尭@formulawah 馃尭@eff-one
Thank you so much, to all of you, I am sorry if I forget someone, thank you !
(It's the first time I do a post like this, hope it's not a mess ahah)
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drabbles-of-writing6 hours ago
The revelation that Belos is Hunter's uncle would go weird because Hunter is basically a cryptid, like most people thought he was a legit ghost until recently (and some people still believe it) so basically everyone just never considered that Hunter like,, had family. It's not that they thought that Hunter's family was dead, it's just that they never thought about it. Subconsciously they thought he like... Literally came from the forest or a tree or something. Like obviously he has a family but they just??? Never thought about it??? And that family is WHO???? Also I must admit that Belos is kind of... Like plot hole in my original idea because I think he would search for Hunter but that kinda cancels the whole au (because he would either have found Hunter fast, or at least people would recognize hunter cause of wanted posters so... No) so I just didn't *think* about Belos hahaha
- feral anon
I think I can fix that plot hole! It's stated that Belos has much less reach outside of Bonesborough, and with Hunter traveling all over the Isles, it'd be much harder for Hunter to be found if he was elsewhere, especially if he didn't want to be found (and if he befriended the Bat Queen early on. I've no doubt she and the palismans could make a person straight up VANISH if they wanted to), and Belos would probably give up, like, 6? 12 months in? obviously he wants the kid found but if the kids gone, kids gone. sucks but, oh well. so after about a year Hunter could just wander around normally, but still wears the mask obviously so nobody knows who he is. all his missing posters are from when hes like 8-10 lookin, he's 16 now with a bit more scars from living out in the wild, heavy bags, and far less cheery than the posters make him out to be. the mask overall definitely helped hide him from being caught, not like just seeing a staff like his would cause the guards to tell Belos about it and Belos immediately recognizing it as the staff He made. especially after he got the cardinal, everyone would probably assume the cardinal was the Golden Ghost's palisman, and Belos didn't make a staff with a palisman. kid didn't want to be found, and he Made Sure Of It.
and I doubt Hunter would ever publicly state that Belos was his uncle, but, yeah, Belos is bound to find out eventually what became of his nephew and announce to practically EVERYONE that "hey, the golden ghost is my nephew. whoever brings him to me will be rewarded" and everyone is LOSING THEIR MINDS
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the-lucky-batch34 minutes ago
Jackal: sometimes I just have the best ideas
Raffle: you just crash landed because you wanted to look at the ducks
Jackal: the ducklings were w a d d l i n g
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enby-hawke2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thank you so much @radiant-pie for drawing my Lucky. He looks so good in your style and I love the outfit you chose to put him in.
Aah I think I鈥檓 crying thank you
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asksavel2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淚鈥檓 not used to compliments... erm... I鈥檝e just come here to read some books, since it鈥檚 been a while since I鈥檝e read any physical ones.鈥
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鈥淚鈥檇 like to make some new friends, too...鈥
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transhawks9 hours ago
When I saw how big Endeavors house was in the anime, I sometimes wonder how far he was willing to go to get the 鈥減erfect鈥 child. Like was he prepared to have 10 kids if Shoto didn鈥檛 happen soon enough? O.o
I'm woefully not informed on Japanese architecture, but I think it's 'meant' to be that big, regardless of kids. It's a status symbol and Endeavor is All About Status. The Todoroki family have always received the majority of traditional Japanese customs in their arc (the food, the preference for traditional styles, conservative family dynamics, heck, Endeavor practicing kendo) and Horikoshi himself made that link by calling the Himura family itself prestigious. There's a lot to be noticed how they're really the only family aligned with Japanese traditions and upper class markers that we depicted.
As for the second part... I don't know. As the doctor told him, Endeavor was playing a dangerous gamble. Just like Endeavor mentions in the beginning of the manga, where he refers to his children like you would livestock, he was practicing 'animal husbandry'. Pretty much breeding himself and Rei in hopes of get the best possible combination, but given how strange quirks are the fact he had Shouto at all was ... likely a miracle? I don't know. Endeavor might have given up after one more kid or so, at least with Rei. It's horrific to think about.
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kappazonjp4 hours ago
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lesbianlenas3 hours ago
remember when i said my dad was complaining to my mom that i don鈥檛 shave my legs. today he literally bought me a razor. like one w batteries so that shaving my legs would b easier. the audacity of this man is incredible鈥︹
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