cock-holliday · 2 months ago
Of course you have white hair and trauma
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herbgerblin · 5 months ago
the wizards pondering their orb or whatever i didn't watch the adventure zone
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ID: First image is digital art of the IPRE crew gathered around the Light of Creation, a pale blue ball of light, currently resting on a table. They are all dressed in red robes and appear to be having an intense discussion. On the far left is Lucretia, a human woman with short, curly hair. She is holding a book in one hand and pointing at the light with a pencil. On her right is Davenport, a gnomish man with neat looking hair and mustache. He is leaning one elbow on the table and resting his other hand on his hip. On Lucretia's left is Lup, an elven woman with shoulder-length curly hair, slight build, and freckles. She in angrily thowing her hands up in the air. To Lup's left is Magnus, a human man with short hair, muscular build, and thick sideburns. He is leaning on the back of a chair and is starin at the light of creation with the only bored expression in the group. Next to Magnus is Barry, another human man with a chubby build, short hair, and glasses. He is vaguely gesturing with open palms. Next to him is Taako, an elven man with long, curly hair, a slight build, and freckls. He is rubbing his forehead with a hand. Next to Taako is Merle, an older dwarvish man with a beard and a receding hairline. He is gesturing one hand at the light. The second image is a close up of Magnus with everyone around him blurred out. A caption pointing to him reads, "zoned out 20 minutes ago." End ID
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ancientsstudies · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lucretia by Rembrandt.
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ohsweetflips · 11 months ago
the real reason lucretia said “no dogs on the moon” is because when she was a kid dalmatians pushed her mom off a cli
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rhinocio · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image description: A four panel comic featuring Lucretia from The Adventure Zone: Balance podcast. In the first panel Lucretia is depicted cutting a slice of pie; next to her is a ringing Adventure Zune. In the second panel she has picked it up and wedged it between her shoulder and ear, and is saying, “Lucretia speaking.” She is placing a slice of pie on a plate. In the third panel the person on the other side of the Zune is saying, “Listen, we’re NOT gucci, but I need a dramatic bitch pronto and you’re it. I’m gonna lose it if I have to ut up with fucking SUSAN solo.” Lucretia has frozen in shock, and is halfway to reaching for the Zune with one hand, saying, “…Taako?” The forth panel is a closeup of her wearing a determined expression, and in her hand is the full pie with the cut slice laid back into it. Lucretia is saying, “Uncork the wine. I’ll be there in five minutes. Do you like lemon pie? I’m bringing pie.”]
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eevee-art · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
My stolen century lucy design ! ovo
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theinkventurezone · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
M has another finished piece available for early access at her patreon! (I’m working hard on making illustration a part time living right now, despite disabilities, so any help is more welcome than I can express!)
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gaynaturalistghost · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucretia ❤️
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halpdevon · a year ago
Tumblr media
redraw of this is finally done! the starblaster’s fatal flaw: only one bathroom [ID: an image of the IPRE crew in a bathroom together. lucretia is a black woman with a bonnet on and a toothbrush in her mouth leaning down next to merle to help him with a book that reads Sudoku 4 Dummies. merle is a dwarf with a light complexion holding a towel around himself with his hair up in a bun and looking puzzled at the book. next to them on the right is barry, a man with a light complexion sitting on the closed toilet with a mirror in hand shaving his face. he is wearing acid wash denim jeans and no shirt. above him, davenport stands on the counter, reading a bunch of papers/ blueprints and brushing his teeth with his tail holding the toothbrush. he is a gnome with a fair complexion and red hair wearing shorts that say Cap’n on the butt. to his left in the background, lup is leaning over the counter blow drying her hair, the droplets flying back and hitting taako who shields his face. lup is an elf with a medium complexion, freckles, and sandy blonde hair. taako, another elf with a medium complexion has dark brown cropped hair, freckles, and is holding a towel blindly out to magnus who is exiting the shower. magnus is a man with a lighter complexion, freckles, and dark hair. he is squinting as he steps out into the steamed up bathroom reaching for his towel. End ID]
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jessamakesart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
"To understand this next part, I need you to imagine the apocalypse...Now imagine that apocalypse occurring annually, a hundred times over."
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defenestratin · a year ago
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✨Madame Director✨
process video
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geodebiome · 4 months ago
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so true bestie (theyre the besties) (where did lucretia get a cat?????????????)
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adventuresloane · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is the full redrawn comic! I'll post the old version from 2018 in a reblog for very dramatic comparison
[ID: A 4-page comic rendered in a somewhat sketchy style. It is mostly in grayscale with red elements.
Page 1: The first panel shows a skeleton in a red robe with a red umbrella held in its hand. White text reads, "Let's go in the garden." The next panel, which is alongside the first, is nearly identical, except that a hand is now reaching out to grasp the umbrella handle. Text reads, "you'll find something waiting." Below is a horizontal panel showing Taako, a thin elf with dark skin, freckles, and lighter, wavy hair partially in a side braid. He wears a wizard hat with a glowing star hanging from the tip. He is holding up the umbrella and looking at it in surprise. Text reads, "right there, where you left it." Finally, in the fourth panel, Taako's expression has turned to confusion. Across from him is the white silhouette of another elf with long, blowing hair and a similar facial structure. Text reads, "lying upside-down."
Page 2: There are three horizontal panels in different shades of gray. The first shows Lucretia from the chest up, facing forward. She is a dark-skinned young woman with dark skin and short, textured white hair and wears a red robe. She smiles shyly as she holds a book to her chest. Her eyes are scratched out in black. White text reads, "when you finally find it." The second panel shows Lucretia as an older woman with a shaved head, dark robes, and a serious expression. She holds a light wooden staff with a glowing light at the top. Text reads, "you'll see how it's faded." Finally, the third panel shows black, full-body silhouettes of Magnus, Merle, Taako, and Lucretia in profile. The first three walk as a group as Lucretia hangs back. Text reads, "the underside is lighter when you turn it around."
Page 3: The page is divided vertically, with half being light gray and half being black. The gray side shows a gauntlet, a monocle, a bunched-up sash, crystals, a chalice, and a bell, all rendered in white. Black text reads, "Everything stays right where you left it." On the black side, rendered in white lineart, is a jellyfish with a galaxy-like swirl and stars inside its bell. White text reads, "Everything stays but it still changes."
Page 4: At the top of the page is a carved wooden duck among a large amount of white space, as if falling through it. The duck is partly painted red. Black text reads, "Ever so slightly, daily and nightly." At the bottom of the page are two panels with completely black backgrounds. In the first, there is a figure in a hooded red robe in profile. White text reads, "in little ways." In the second panel, the figure has turned toward the viewer, showing only white, glowing eyes where the face should be. The text reads, "everything stays." End ID.]
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possibledemonspawn · a year ago
ok wait I can't decide whether it's funnier if Garfield the Deals Warlock wasn't inoculated and just heard static all over the moonbase OR if Lucretia met him and said hell yeah brother drink up
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somecallmegin · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lucretia, one of the main characters from “The Aventure Zone : Balance” created by the McElroy family. This started with a sketch I did for the #6fanartschallenge back in 2019 and didn’t touch again for a long time. This character made a few bold choices, for herself and everyone else, and by doing so lived quite a few hard and lonely years. I do like slightly unhinged characters who are ready to throw down whenever for their families. Anyway, have some sort-of stained glass style fanart. I haven’t done a proper lineart in forever.
See the details or a few WIP shots on instagram. :)
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softgaycontent · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Been relistening to TAZ for the millionth time and Lucretia still owns my heart
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jastard · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
They will interact in TAZ Imbalance [points my laser beam at you]
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barry-j-blupjeans · 3 months ago
Lucas Miller was at the door when Magnus opened it. He opened his wimpy little mouth to say what was probably some wimpy little words, but Magnus shut the door in his face and went back to the couch, instead.
"Who was it?" Lucretia asked from where she sat amidst her pile of birthday presents. Magnus settled himself down. Across the room, Lup and Taako were throwing wrapping paper at each other. Davenport had his head in his hands in a way that very much reminded Magnus of when they were being too rambunctious on the Starblaster. Both Barry and Merle had somehow managed to fall asleep.
"Uh," Magnus said, side-eyeing Kravitz, who had just gotten hit in the face with a ball of wrapping paper. He leaned in closer to Lucretia, trying not to be overheard because he honestly didn't know what would happen if Kravitz came face to face with Lucas again. Probably something enjoyable, but not the type of enjoyable fit for Lucretia's birthday. "Lucas Miller."
"Oh," Lucretia said. Right on time, he knocked on the door again, although it was rather timid this time. "I'll go-"
"No, no-" Magnus said, already standing back up. "It's your birthday, Creesh, relax."
"Already going!" Magnus said. "Magnus rushes out!"
Lucretia let out a bubble of laughter as he hurried out of the room again. This time when he opened the door, Lucas spoke right away.
"Sorry-" he started off with, which was good. His voice was just as nasally and annoying as before, which was not good. "Sorry, I won't be long, I just- Here. For, uhm. For Lucretia."
He thrust a present into Magnus's hands, refusing to meet his eye.
"What's in it?" Magnus asked suspiciously. The package was small and rectangular, with plain brown paper and a dark blue bow. There was a tag on it.
"Well, it's a gift, which means it's kinda a surprise-"
"What's in it, Miller?"
"Watercolors," Lucas admitted, pushing up his glasses. "I, uh- she used to paint, all the time. Made a portrait of me and- and mom and her, so when I saw these in Neverwinter I sorta just- I thought she would like them, y'know? It's, uhm. Well, I just figured, since she's my step-mom, I'd get her someth-"
"That's nice," Magnus said, not really wanting to hear anymore. "Bye."
He shut the door on Lucas's face again, cutting him off halfway through his own goodbye. Magnus lifted to present up, trying to decide if it was actually okay to give to Lucretia or not. Lucas didn't seem like the type to meddle with gifts, even if he was a shitty person. Personally, he didn't know why Lucretia still-
Why Lucretia...
Magnus opened the door again. Lucas was halfway down the steps.
"Step-mom?" Magnus demanded, marching down after him. Lucas squeaked and nearly tripped down the rest of the steps, hurrying to get to the bottom before Magnus got to him.
"Ye- yeah!" he said. "Step-mom! She never- she never told you?" He seemed to wilt at the idea of that. Magnus, who wasn't the most tactful even with the people he cared about, said,
"Uh, no?" Magnus said. "When did this happen?"
"Well, uhh, a few years ago now, uhm." Lucas was wringing his hands, still looking anywhere besides Magnus. "I thought she woulda told you after, y'know, the memories and things, but I guess not, so it's fine-"
"But your mom is-"
"Yeah," Lucas said tensely.
"Oh," Magnus said, and with that came the realization that he wasn't the only one who had lost his wife in their years alone. He and Barry had talked about the feeling, sometimes, but Lucretia hadn't brought it up at all and- oh. Magnus swallowed.
"I'm gonna go," Lucas said uncomfortably.
"Yeah," Magnus said, finally getting to meet his eyes. Fuck, he hated Lucas Miller but now there were layers to it. Goddamnit. "I'll give this to her."
"Thanks," Lucas said before scurrying down the garden path.
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theinkventurezone · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
She breaks the silence after sort of the attendants, the spa attendants, leave the room and it’s just the two of you. (Please consider supporting me and my art on Patreon and Ko-Fi! Patrons get early access to my TIZ drawings and lots of fun behind the scenes stuff. Links in bio and pinned post ^^)
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pbeltarts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
All exits are not made equal…
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