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anartistsmuseinlondon · 7 days ago
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almosttt donneeeee
… but i’m tired so imma finish it tmrw 🤪
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lazehazzze-om · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
「 The Great Mammon gives you permission to enjoy just how soft and fluffy I a--  Wait, why are you in that form?! 」
Hopped onto the #ObeyMeMC #OMSheep party that trended a while back! Transformation spell gone wrong? Turned to Mammon for help but he himself turned into a Little D.?? Wait, even (an unamused) Lucifer and (obviously amused) Diavolo??! Oh no!? Oh no. 🤣💦
__________________________________ ❎ EDIT/REPOST/REUPLOAD/REPRINT NOT ALLOWED ☑️ SHARE ORIGINAL LINK/SOURCE __________________________________ 🎨 © ha💤e ❘ Obey Me! © NTT Solmare All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized content usage/distribution in any form (whether commercial/non-commercial use) is strictly not allowed.
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frestoniia · a year ago
Tumblr media
“ That’s the last time I’m accepting any drink from Barbatos, bloody hell. ”
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audreycanblog · 10 months ago
The Dope List: 08/13/2021
The Dope List: 08/13/2021
It’s Friday the thirteenth, y’all. But this doesn’t have to mean we’re in for bad luck today. On the contrary, the weekend is right around the corner, it’s pay day for some of us, and I have a brand new edition of The Dope List to share! Sounds like some good luck to me! It’s become a Friday ritual for me to share some dopeness with you to get your spirits elevated. The Dope List is dedicated to…
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nerdsmcgee · 4 years ago
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I drew some more stuff for @rkcart' s a/b/o au. Like, I can imagine Prom and baby Regis having a day at the park despite it being the middle of fall. Noct keeps them company, cos you know, he's protective like that. (Plus Regis is adorable when he's in the little baby carrier thing. He always looks so happy being near prom) oh and Reggie is about 9 months to a year old in this.
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ghostypetrainer · 24 days ago
Okay so like what the fuck is tsubaki >:( I can't get his hair OR his clothes right. Imma keep trying but like this is harder than i thought
On another note, it only took me two tries to get an absolutely a d o r a b l e Hikari design sketch. I'm really proud of it. :3 I hope the finished product is as good.
Also, if Nobori is purple and black and Hikari is mostly pink, what's Tsubaki's main color scheme?
- Luci
I have honestly been picturing Tsubaki as a short haired Melli! Or at least, short in the back, with shorter version of the ringlet curls that frame Melli's face. Their hair is probably more lavender than the purple-blue of Melli's hair!
I like to think his color scheme is a lot of blues (gotta rep that diamond clan heritage!) and more pastel purples than what Nobori usually wears. He's very mad that Nobori STOLE one of his favorite colors, btw. SO rude.
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koumine · 9 months ago
Hi! Okay But imagine Lucifer placing a bet (because he's smug and doesn't think MC could do it) that if MC gets 90% in their exams, he'll be their personal maid for a week. MC never studied so hard in their life, but seeing Luci in a maid dress is enough motivation. Then MC does get 90%. Lucifer then announces that he has to leave for a visit to a far off country in the Devildom and then leaves. (Barbatos an Diavolo knows the real reason why he left MC told them about the bet). Then Lucifer, in the guise of new exchange servant, becomes MC's maid for a week. Okay now I have two hcs for how Luci blends in without anyone knowing it's him- he either just uses a spell to disguise himself as a random demon and only MC can see his true Luci form OR he becomes a female using magic...Whatever you want!( I just want to see Luci in a maid dress so bad)
Anon.... anon you have given me diabolical visions of the majesty that is Lucifer in a maid dress....
I have begun doing research... because of course Lucifer must have a bespoke maid dress that is appropriately gothy to suit his Aesthetic™...
Preliminary sketches, trying out a variety of options:
Tumblr media
[ID: photo of sketches on a dark LCD screen. Four preliminary french maid style dress designs with broad shoulders and bell-shaped knee-length skirts. A note in the middle says "black apron?" /end ID]
2nd round of sketches, keeping the general elements that I definitely like, and trying out some details:
Tumblr media
[ID: photo of sketches on a dark LCD screen. Three french maid style dress designs with shoulder and neck ruffles, bell-shaped knee-length skirts, and ruffled aprons that taper down to a point in the middle. The designs are labeled A, B, and C from left to right. Notes for design A: "Structured? Spicy darts? Ruffles....." Notes for design B: "inner & outer labia neck ruffles"; a note pointing to the waist that says "ribbon". Notes for design C: "mini corset". /end ID]
Feedback welcome! I haven't decided on a final design yet.... this most vital research is still ongoing.... >:3
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shadowsong26fic · 7 months ago
So, several months (years?) late to the party, I have fallen Headfirst into the (Netflix) Castlevania fandom. And so, alongside binging the series straight through twice in the past week along with a bunch of fanfic, rather than working on a) Protectors and/or Preludes; b) my SWBB project; c) the BSG/SG1 crossover outline; d) the Avatar Zuko fic; or e) the various other semi-hiatused projects I really do want to come back to...
...I may or may not have come up with/started sketching out a post-s4 Castlevania fic. That is not so much a fic as it is a pile of 1) self-indulgent H/C tropes and 2) jokes revolving around a Wandering Doctor Named Lucy and her Very Large Dog, wearing a trenchcoat XD
IDK if I’m actually going to write it, given the various other projects I have going on, but like. It entertains me so I thought I’d share in case any of y’all are in this fandom and/or interested in this premise because it’s in my brain in a very specific This Must Be Shared type of way lol
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c0rpseparts · 11 months ago
okay i’ll try to formulate this properly gfhjdks my jekyll and hyde dynamic because they’re absolute chaotic idiots together and i adore them so much: (also just a side note: lots of my dynamics for characters (any really) change depending on the au, but this is generally the one i go for) i also don’t want to take full credit of this because i can’t write jekyll for shit (/hj), and my best friend @burntmccracken​ <3 writes him :3!! and i write for hyde, they’re our boys anyways dynamic things: (other side note, my j&h function more as separate personalities/people, and aren’t really the same man just with a human disguise) - 🧪i cannot say they hate each other, they definitely do not hate each other, quite the opposite really (but god do they say “I HATE YOU” (*cough* hyde *cough*) a lot. it’s like a fake hate but they do get upset with each other plenty.
🧪they get along really well, but they do have their b i c k e r i n g, and their bickering can also lead to large fights, and those large fights can lead to violent threatening and things getting broken (yes it gets very bad) but usually that’s very rare and under specific circumstances (ik i just said “yeah they get along really well ^w^!!” and then pulled that out ghJFDS sorry)
🧪they gossip about and bully other people together. they also encourage behavior and then immediately regret it afterwards (again, cuts eyes at hyde)
🧪usually (when they get along) they have sort of a partners in crime type duo but at the same time old married couple vibes. but also sometimes brotherly or parental (???? victor you’re not making sENse)
🧪both will bother each other whenever least convenient
🧪jekyll has an easier time ignoring hyde or being ignored by hyde, hyde is quite the opposite and requires constant attention all the time and despises being ignored. he’s especially clingy to henry (and lucy ofc but not in the same way fhdhdn!!)
🧪hyde has an issue with causing jekyll to become more anxious because he’s kind of just intrusive thoughts as a person (/j) but also jekyll can repress any unwanted feelings onto hyde (he hates it)
🧪very opposite in behavior and personalities, but certainly reflect one another in certain ways
🧪they do care about each other even if they don’t act like it (they’re best friends 🥺 and hyde considers jekyll his only true and actual friend (especially because he’s not the easiest guy to get along with))
side note: i’ve been trying to write this for like 2 days fhdjhdh and i can’t seem to really explain the extent of their relationship in a single post so i will most likely add onto this a lot in reblogs with sketches, examples, and small comics of them interacting because i really love them and i want to correctly portray the relationship we’ve written for them (because it is so dear to my heart)
questions are very much open and i’d love to answer them!!
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fairytail-multishipper · a year ago
Tumblr media
A commissioned work from the wonderful @jaci-serigala
Gray + Natsu
1. Gray has always been envious of Natsu’s ability to connect with others so easily.
2. Due to his past, Gray has trouble opening himself up to make meaningful connections with others because he’s afraid of losing anyone else.
3. This is one of the reasons Natsu pisses him off so much.
4. Despite his stripping habit, Gray loves clothing design, and even sketches clothes in his free time.
5. He found himself sketching Natsu’s body on the models of his clothing sketches, which shocked him.
6. Gray has never been shy of his attraction to men, but he had never realized he found Natsu attractive until he realized he was sketching Natsu.
7. They are often put into the same room when his team goes on missions, which gives Gray more opportunities to watch Natsu.
8. Natsu’s self-care habits, or lack-there-of, disgusted Gray, but it also drew Gray in.
9. Gray had never noticed just how many of Natsu’s traits were dragon-like.
10. His elongated ears, slitted pupils, sharp fangs, pointed nails, even the small hint of a growl in his voice when he’s angry or excited. It fascinated Gray, for better or worse.
Gray + Lucy
11. When Lucy first joined the guild, Gray did have a crush on her.
12. However, once Team Natsu was formed, he decided against trying to form a romantic relationship with her, fearing it would interfere with their work.
13. He still has a crush on her, shuuush.
14. They’re both coffee addicts, so they often go out for coffee together.
15. They’re each other’s Plan-B option.
16. Meaning, that if neither of them are married or in a committed relationship by the time they’re 30, they’re gonna get married.
17. Gray’s somewhat scared of this, though, because Lucy wants kids, and he isn’t sure if he wants any.
18. So, despite his crush on her, he hints to her to start dating.
19. They talk shit about their guildmates together, out of love of course.
20. They can be really rude though, like, they could make Laxus cry.
Gray + Erza
21. Gray had a crush on Erza ever since they were kids, this is obvious.
22. Every time Gray felt himself ‘getting over’ his crush on Erza, she would do something that would attract him back.
23. It could literally be anything, tucking her hair behind her ear, nomming happily on a strawberry, blinking.
24. Erza caught onto his crush around the start of the series, but when Jellal was brought back into her life, she realized she couldn’t peruse Gray, even though she wanted too.
25. Erza likes to stay updated on guild gossip, even if she acts like she hates it.
26. Gray is often the target for her to spill the gossip too.
27. He pretends to not listen, but he’s just as guilty as Erza.
28. They have a deal that if they’re having a bad mental day, they’ll go to each other.
29. They’ll let each other into their homes, and just relax together.
30. They do this a lot without a single word spoken, because that’s the best way for them to heal.
Gray + Wendy
31. Gray definitely sees Wendy as a little sister.
32. He loves her like one, and he’s very protective of her because of it.
33. When Wendy told the guild that she was dating Chelia, you better believe he made her promise not to hurt Wendy.
34. It embarrassed Wendy too no end.
35. Which Cheila thought was cute.
36. Wendy and Natsu have a much closer bond than she does with Gray.
37. So it always surprises him when she comes to him for advice.
38. But he does his best to help her as best as he could.
39. Gray likes spending time with Wendy because she doesn’t try to fill the silence with words.
40. She enjoys silence as much as he does.
Gray + Lyon
41. There wasn’t a day that past before Guluna that Gray didn’t think of Lyon.
42. He hoped that Lyon was alright, that he somehow found love and peace like Gray had.
43. Eventually Lyon slipped into Gray’s subconscious, where he was only a passing thought.
44. He began comparing his childhood rivalry with Lyon to his adulthood rivalry with Natsu.
45. After Guluna, Gray invited Lyon to join Fairy Tail, but Lyon refused.
46. Lyon went to the Fantasia parade, but didn’t stay long enough for Gray to find him afterwards.
47. Again, after they defeated the Oración Seis, Lyon vanished from Gray’s life.
48. When Gray ‘died’ on Tenrou, Lyon broke down.
49. He was afraid that he would never be able to mend the bond between them, and make Ur proud.
50. He hugged Gray tightly when he returned, but refuses to acknowledge that it happened.
Gray + Ultear
51. Gray had mixed feelings about Ultear when he found out she was Ur’s daughter.
52. He had a crush on her.
53. They swapped stories about Ur.
54. They trained together a lot during the Grand Magic Games.
55. Both have a habit of popping their neck when anxious.
56. Meredy teased them about being siblings.
57. Ultear thought of him as a little brother.
58. Both of their’s favorite color is blue, dark blue.
59. They are both left-handed.
60. They both have OCD.
Gray + Cana
61. Cana is probably Gray’s closest confidant.
62. They can just talk, you know?
63. Gray knew that Gildarts was Cana’s father for years before Tenrou.
64. He acted shocked for Cana’s sake.
65. Gray has saved Cana from drowning in her beer barrel many times.
66. Talk about your feelings to each other, please babies.
67. They dated for a while, they were each other’s first relationship.
68. It wasn’t very serious, but it lasted four years.
69. They broke up before the start of the series.
70. They did hook up a couple times though.
Gray + Loke
71. They dated for a while too.
72. They first started dating a few months before the start of the series and broke up before Loke came out as a Celestial Spirit.
73. Loke broke up with him because he thought he’d die.
74. But they didn’t get back together because Loke wanted to dedicate his time, at the time being, to Lucy.
75. They hooked up before the Tenrou arc.
76. Loke expected Gray would be angry at him for not telling him about being a Spirit, but Gray wasn’t.
77. He understood why he didn’t want too.
78. He was a bit upset about the sudden breakup though.
79. He was also a bit jealous of Loke’s affection towards Lucy.
80. Gray gives the best ear scratches, hands down.
Gray + Makarov
81. Makarov really does worry for this boy’s mental health.
82. He knows about Gray’s destructive tendencies.
83. He also knows about Gray’s attempt at the Iced Shell spell.
84. He made Gray promise never to attempt it again, no matter the foe.
85. He’s tried to give Gray all the counseling and helped he could need, but Gray’s stubborn and can’t admit when he needs help.
86. But he threatened to have Gray’s wizarding license revoked unless he went to counseling.
87. Finally, Gray caved and went.
89. Gray had trouble with writing when he was little, and had worse handwriting than Natsu.
90. Makarov quickly realized it was because Gray was left-handed, not right-handed because he went through the same trouble as Laxus.
Gray + Laxus
91. Gray had a crush on Laxus growing up too.
92. Not as obvious as Natsu, but still noticeable.
93. At least, Laxus noticed it.
94. But Laxus was coming to terms with his own sexuality, so he didn’t chastise Gray for it.
95. They’re both left handed, as mentioned earlier, so Laxus was stuck with teaching Gray how to write.
96. Laxus’s handwriting is surprisingly neat and legible.
97. Gray did his best to copy Laxus’s handwriting.
98. Gray got really into it though, and he practices calligraphy.
99. He and Laxus have the most legible handwriting in the guild.
100. Aside from Levy, Freed, and Lucy.
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anartistsmuseinlondon · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
haven’t sketched in a while😌
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cajunquandary · a year ago
New Year’s and Supernatural 600 Follower Challenge
Come one, come all! To those of you who have been here-- why? (But THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.) To those of you just tuning in, welcome to my corner of the Internet. You are welcome and you are valid, no matter your labels. We’re all family here. This challenge is all-inclusive and hate-free. After a year like 2020, we could all use a little pick-me-up. 
Are you a writer, gif-maker, art enthusiast, musical magician, candlestick maker or Misha Collins?? Then check it out--I’m doing a thing! Below you will find some rules and prompts, but most of all, have fun.
Tumblr media
Must be following me (it is a follower celebration after all)
Please list your warnings and tag them when you post. 
Add a “Keep Reading” if your post is over 500 words. 
You can pair this challenge with anything else, and I don’t mind if your entry is part of an established series! 
No word limit. Have more of a headcanon? Okay. Have a 500k word novel? Okay. 
You may write or create whatever you wish, but due to personal limitations, I will only read:
Reader inserts/ofc paired with Sam, Dean, Castiel, Benny Lafitte, or Gadreel
Ships: Sabriel, Sastiel, Destiel, DeanBenny, Saileen, Megstiel, anyone with Donna <3
Non-pairings and vintage Winchesters or Castiel are okay. (Tell me about a thing that happened when they were growing up)
Threesomes and moresomes are good as well
Things that make me squick: degradation, a/b/o, wincest, underage.
Things that make me happy: Winchester sandwiches, crack fics, dark fics, Destiel, sex pollen, and MOTW. 
“Overused” tropes are welcomed and encouraged! (Looking at you, @thinkinghardhardlythinking) Remember, they are popular for a reason--people like to read them. Lay your weary insecurities to rest my wayward peeps. 
This can be as fluffy, smutty, angsty, cracky or as dark as you want it to be (please tag for trigger warnings!)
It doesn’t have to be a fic. It can be any kind of art! Digital, Traditional, Musical, Video, etc.
WRITE AND CREATE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Even if it’s not my jam, you are valid and welcome here! ALL entries will be reblogged and included on the masterlist.
Send an ask with the following: 
Your new year’s resolutions (if you want to share)
Choose one situation and one song OR lyric from the lists below. Up to two people per prompt.
Inspired by a few things? Why settle? You can send multiple requests. Please send a new ask with each new selection. 
Tag #cajunsuper600challenge within the first five tags. If I haven’t reblogged it within 3 days, submit it to me and/or shoot me a message!
To be a part of the Challenge Masterlist, please post and tag me on or before Mardi Gras! (Tuesday, February 16, 2021)
Singing in the Shower @anaelsbrunette
Fixing up the Car @utopia-winchester​
Wrestling Match
Drag Race
Kicked out of a Library @ilysm-mybabybrother
Learning to Drive @katelynw93​ @gia-25​
Supply Run
Movie Night @scoobydean
Game Night @mercurialkitty
Patching up after a hunt @msmarvelouswinchester
Fishing @wonder-cole​
Monster of the Week @carryonmywaywardcaptain
First Encounter @chevyharvelle​ @writethelifeyouwant​
Awkward Coffee @thinkinghardhardlythinking
Ramble On- Led Zeppelin
Back in Black- ACDC
Tuesday’s Gone- Lynyrd Skynyrd @graciehams
The Chain- Fleetwood Mac @scoobydean
Born on the Bayou- Credence Clearwater @wonder-cole​
Heaven and Hell- Black Sabbath
When the Levee Breaks- Led Zeppelin @writethelifeyouwant​
Houses of the Holy- Led Zeppelin
The Unforgiven- Metallica
Dream On- Aerosmith
**Bonus: 11. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals (@wonder-cole, you devious heathen I love you) @anaelsbrunette
“Hold the day/ Oh we pray/ To make it through the night”
“Even the fires on the road/ Trying to get away/ And all the stars seem on a roll/ Out of control today”
“I wear this crown of thorns/ Upon my liar's chair/ Full of broken thoughts/ I cannot repair” @ilysm-mybabybrother
“Blastin' out to Johnny Cash/ Headin' for the highway/ Baby, we ain't ever comin' back”
“I saw the light in the sunrise/ Sittin' back in a 40 on the muddy riverside/ Gettin' baptized in holy water and 'shine”
“There'll be no value in the strength of walls that I have grown/ There'll be no comfort in the shade of the shadows thrown/ But I'd be yours if you'd be mine” @thinkinghardhardlythinking
“I wrestled long with my youth/ We tried so hard to live in the truth/ But do not tell me all is fine/ When I lose my head, I lose my spine”
“I can’t drown my demons/ They know how to swim” @carryonmywaywardcaptain @msmarvelouswinchester
“I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved/ Memories of a broken heart/ Now I'm alone in the dark.” @chevyharvelle
“Weep not for roads untraveled/ Weep not for sights unseen/ May your love never end and if you need a friend,/ There's a seat here alongside me” @mercurialkitty​ @katelynw93​
(NO Pressure Tagging)
@carryonmywaywardcaptain @manawhaat @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @wheresthekillswitch @bummblebeeblue @nothin-after-79-blog @docharleythegeekqueen @fangirl-writing-fiction @inmysparetime0 @impala-dreamer @arryn-nyxx @idk-life01 @attorneyl @deathtonormalcy56 @xwing-baby @wonder-cole @itsangelpie @thinkinghardhardlythinking
@trexrambling @abbessolute @emptywithout
@akshi8278 @will-winchester
Others Who May Be Interested:
If you are tagged here then you are either a favorite writer/artist of mine or were recently prominent in my tags or both :) *please let me know if you would like to be removed*
@idksupernatural @jellydeans @roonyxx​ @jay-and-dean​ @wanderingcas​ @idabbleincrazy​ @icecream-and-gadreel @thatmotleygirl @starrynightdeancas @that-one-gay-girl @on-a-bender @tearsofgrace @galaxycastiel @chaoticdean @the-chief-moosekateer @chevyharvelle @scoobydean @winchester-reload @moosewinchester @writethelifeyouwant @antifacas @caughtaghostsomehow @amionthetumbler @sloth-with-y-yo-a-ti-cas @rowdyhooliganism @katelynw93 @anaelsbrunette @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me @friedchickenangelwings @baconcheeseburger @seffersonjtarship @deanwinchesterswitch @heller-jensen @rainbowscas @myeyesarenotblue @i-do-know-and-idc @joined-at-the-everything @deanacasa @mercurialkitty @deanwanddamons @ilovebeingintroverted @fandommaniacx @lunaravenwillow @luci-in-trenchcoats @negans-lucille-tblr @smol-and-grumpy @graciehams @stusbunker @tlakhtwritesdestiel @waywardjoy @waywardbaby @wayward-and-worn @fangirlonamission @ughcas @herstarburststories @crashdevlin @thoughtslikeaminefield @mummybear @msmarvelouswinchester @atc74 @cockslut-padalecki @kittenofdoomage @there-must-be-a-lock @thecleverdame @katymacsupernatural @valleydean @thefriendlypigeon @impalaimagining @lizleeships @mariekoukie6661 @sunforgrace @gabester-sketch 
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papermoonloveslucy · a year ago
April 8, 1946
Tumblr media
Directors: Lemuel Ayers, Roy Del Ruth. Vincente Minnelli, George Sidney,  Norman Taurog, Charles Walters. Robert Lewis Producer: Arthur Freed for Metro Goldwyn Mayer
The shooting schedule ran between April 10 and August 18, 1944, with retakes plus additional segments filmed on December 22, 1944 and then between January 25 and February 6, 1945. The film was first proposed in 1939. 
Synopsis ~ We meet a grayed, immaculately garbed Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. in Paradise (his diary entry reads "Another heavenly day"), where he looks down upon the world and muses over the sort of show he'd be putting on were he still alive.
Tumblr media
Lucille Ball ('Here's to the Ladies') is appearing in her 64th film since coming to Hollywood in 1933. 
Fred Astaire ('Here's to the Ladies' / Raffles in 'This Heart of Mine' / Tai Long in 'Limehouse Blues’ / Gentleman in 'The Babbit and the Bromide') also appeared with Lucille Ball in Roberta (1935), Top Hat (1935), and Follow the Fleet (1936). His name was mentioned twice on “I Love Lucy.”
Lucille Bremer (Princess in 'This Heart of Mine' / Moy Ling in 'Limehouse Blues') 
Fanny Brice (Norma Edelman in 'A Sweepstakes Ticket') appeared in the original stage version of many editions of The Ziegfeld Follies on Broadway.
Judy Garland (The Star in 'A Great Lady Has An Interview') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943). 
Kathryn Grayson (Kathryn Grayson in 'Beauty') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943).
Lena Horne (Lena Horne in 'Love') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943).
Gene Kelly (Gentleman in 'The Babbit and the Bromide') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943),  Du Barry Was A Lady (1943), and A Guide for the Married Man (1967). He made an appearance on the Lucille Ball special “Lucy Moves to NBC” (1980).  
James Melton (Alfredo in 'La Traviata')
Victor Moore (Lawyer's Client in 'Pay the Two Dollars')
Red Skelton (J. Newton Numbskull in 'When Television Comes') also starred with Lucille Ball in Having Wonderful Time (1938), Thousands Cheer (1943),  Du Barry Was A Lady (1943), and The Fuller Brush Girl (1950).  On TV he appeared on “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” in “Lucy Goes To Alaska” (1958). Ball and Skelton appeared in numerous TV specials together. 
Esther Williams (Esther Williams in 'A Water Ballet') also appeared with Lucille Ball in Easy To Wed (1946). 
William Powell (Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.) also played the same character in The Great Ziegfeld (1936). 
Edward Arnold (Lawyer in 'Pay the Two Dollars') appeared with Lucille Ball in Roman Scandals (1933) and Ellis in Freedomland (1952).
Marion Bell (Violetta in 'La Traviata')
Cyd Charisse (Ballerina in 'Beauty') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943).
Hume Cronyn (Monty in 'A Sweepstakes Ticket') was honored by The Kennedy Center in 1986, at the same ceremony as Lucille Ball. 
William Frawley (Martin in 'A Sweepstakes Ticket') played the role of Fred Mertz on “I Love Lucy” and “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”. He also appeared on “The Lucy Show,” his final screen appearance. 
Robert Lewis (Chinese Gentleman in 'Limehouse Blues' / Telephone Voice in 'Number Please')
Virginia O'Brien (Virginia O'Brien in 'Here's to the Ladies') also starred with Lucille Ball in Thousands Cheer (1943),  Du Barry Was A Lady (1943), and Meet The People (1944). 
Keenan Wynn (Caller in 'Number Please') appeared with Lucille Ball in Easy To Wed (1946), Without Love (1945), and The Long, Long Trailer (1954). 
Tumblr media
Ziegfeld Girls
Karin Booth  
Lucille Casey  
Aina Constant  
Elizabeth Dailey  
Frances Donelan  
Natalie Draper  
Karen X. Gaylord  
Aileen Haley  
Carol Haney  
Shirlee Howard  
Margaret Laurence  
Helen O'Hara  
Noreen Roth  
Elaine Shepard  
Kay Thompson  
Dorothy Tuttle  
Dorothy Van Nuys  
Eve Whitney - appeared on “I Love Lucy” episode “The Charm School” (ILL S3;E15).
Tumblr media
Gloria Joy Arden
Jean Ashton  
Irene Austin  
Judi Blacque  
Bonnie Barlowe  
Norman Borine  
Hazel Brooks  
Ed Brown  
Kathleen Cartmill  
Jack Cavan  
Marilyn Christine  
Laura Corbay  
Rita Dunn  
Meredyth Durrell  
Shawn Ferguson  
Jeanne Francis  
Jean French  
Mary Jane French  
David Gray  
Bill Hawley  
Doreen Hayward  
Charlotte Hunter  
Virginia Hunter  
Patricia Jackson
Margaret Kays  
Laura Knight  
Laura Lane  
Dale Lefler  
Melvin Martin  
Diane Meredith  
Lorraine Miller  
Joyce Murray  
Janet Nevis  
Ray Nyles  
Billy O'Shay  
Jane Ray  
Dorothy Raye  
Beth Renner
Melba Snowden  
Walter Stane  
Ivon Starr  
Robert Trout  
Chorus Boys
Rod Alexander
Milton Chisholm  
Dick D'Arcy  
Dante DiPaolo  
Don Hulbert  
Herb Lurie  
Matt Mattox  
Bert May - appeared on “The Lucy Show” in “Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford”
Jack Purcell  
Tommy Rall  
Ricky Ricardi (!)
Alex Romero
Tumblr media
“LIMEHOUSE BLUES” starring Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, and Robert Lewis
Robert Ames (Masked Man)  
James Barron (Couple with Banners)  
Eleanor Bayley (Couple with Branches)  
Mary Jo Ellis (Couple with Banners)  
Sean Francis (Ensemble)  
James King (Rooster)  
Harriet Lee (Bar Singer) 
Eugene Loring (Costermonger)  
Charles Lunard (Masked Man)  
Patricia Lynn (Ensemble)  
Ruth Merman (Ensemble)  
Garry Owen (1st Subway Policeman)  
Ellen Ray (Couple with Parasols)  
Jack Regas (Masked Man)  
Billy Shead (Couple with Parasols)  
Ronald Stanton (Couple with Branches)  
Wanda Stevenson (Ensemble)  
Ray Teal (2nd Subway Policeman)  
Tumblr media
“LOVE” starring Lena Horne
Juliette Ball (Club Patron)   
Lennie Bluett (Dancer)   
Suzette Harbin (Flirt)   
Avanelle Harris (Club Patron)  
Maggie Hathaway (Dancer)  
Charles Hawkins (Club Patron)  
Marie Bryant (Woman Getting Her Man Taken)   
Cleo Herndon (Dancer)   
Tumblr media
“THIS HEART OF MINE” starring Fred Astaire and Lucille Bremer
Helen Boyce (Countess)   
Feodor Chaliapin Jr. (Lieutenant)
Naomi Childers (Duchess)
Charles Coleman (Majordomo)   
Sam Flint (Majordomo's Assistant)
Sidney Gordon (Masked Man)   
Count Stefenelli (Count)   
Robert Wayne (Dyseptic)   
Tumblr media
“PAY THE TWO DOLLARS”  starring Edward Arnold and Victor Moore
William Bailey (Subway Passenger)
Joseph Crehan (1st Judge) - played a Detective on “I Love Lucy” “The Great Train Robbery”
William B. Davidson (2nd Judge)
Eddie Dunn (3rd Subway Policeman)   
Harry Hayden (Warden)   
George Hill (2nd Subway Policeman)   
Wilbur Mack (Subway Passenger)   
Larry Steers (Magistrate)
Tumblr media
“NUMBER PLEASE” starring Keenan Wynn
Peter Lawford (Voice of Porky)
Grady Sutton (Texan)
Audrey Totter (Phone Operator Voice)
Kay Williams (Girl)
Bunin's Puppets
Elise Cavanna (Tall Woman)
Jack Deery (Man)
Rex Evans (Butler in "A Great Lady Has An Interview”)
Sam Garrett (Roping / Twirling Act)
Silver (Horse in "Here's to the Ladies') 
Arthur Walsh (Telegraph Boy in "A Sweepstakes Ticket") - appeared on “I Love Lucy” in “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined” (ILL S3;E11). 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sidney Guilaroff, Lucille Ball’s hair dresser, who takes responsibility for her famous ‘golden red’ for this movie, becoming her trademark color.
Tumblr media
Although they appear in different segments, this is the only feature film collaboration between “I Love Lucy co-stars" Lucille Ball and William Frawley. Coincidently, Frawley's character in this film shares a striking similarity with his iconic character of Fred Mertz on “I Love Lucy.” In this film he plays a money-hungry curmudgeon of a landlord, much like the show. In the above photo, he appears with director Minnelli and co-star Brice. 
Tumblr media
The horse ridden by Lucille Ball is the Lone Ranger's Silver!
Tumblr media
Lucille Ball was actually fired by Ziegfeld from his road company production of Rio Rita in the 1930s.
Tumblr media
In February 1956, Lucy and Desi appeared on “MGM Parade” to promote their MGM film Forever Darling. The show also included footage of Lena Horne singing from Ziegfeld Follies. 
Tumblr media
Lucy also played a showgirl in pink in “Lucy Gets Into Pictures” (ILL S4;E19) aired on February 21, 1955. The scene was inspired by Ziegfeld’s legendary stage shows featuring beautiful women wearing elaborate costumes navigating long staircases. To solidify the comparison, Ricky says he is going to a meeting with Mr. Minnelli. Vincente Minnelli was one of the directors of Ziegfeld Follies. 
Tumblr media
Lucy Ricardo had previously cavorted around in a lampshade in the manner of a Ziegfeld girl in both the unaired pilot and “The Audition” (S1;E6).
Tumblr media
Ziegfeld Follies includes a sketch for Red Skelton called “When Television Comes” aka “Guzzler’s Gin” in which a (future) television spokesman gets increasingly sloshed on his product. This sketch was an obvious influence on Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin routine in “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” (ILL S1;E30) aired on May 5, 1952. 
Tumblr media
Ziegfeld Girl Eve Whitney appeared on “I Love Lucy” episode “The Charm School” (ILL S3;E15). She used her own name for the character.  
Tumblr media
The Telegraph Boy in "A Sweepstakes Ticket" Arthur Walsh - appeared on “I Love Lucy” in “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined” (ILL S3;E11) as Arthur ‘King Cat’ Walsh. He teaches Lucy how to jitterbug. 
Tumblr media
The first Judge in the “Pay the Two Dollars” James Crehan also played the Police Detective on “I Love Lucy in “The Great Train Robbery” (ILL S5;E5) first aired on October 31, 1955.
Tumblr media
Porky, a voice on the telephone in “Number Please” Peter Lawford, played “Password” against Lucille Ball on September 24, 1964.  At the time, Lawford was married to President Kennedy’s sister, Patricia. On November 26, 1968, Ball was a guest on “The Tonight Show” when Peter Lawford was sitting in for Johnny Carson.
Tumblr media
Chorus Boy Bert May appeared as a solo dancer on “The Lucy Show” in “Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford” (TLS S5;E21) in February 1967. 
Tumblr media
In the dressing room, Lucy jokes with Fanny Brice, one of the funniest women in showbusiness.  This was the only time Ball and Brice collaborated and was Brice’s last film. 
Tumblr media
Ziegfeld’s follies began on Broadway, so it was appropriate that the show featured past and future Broadway musical stars:
Lucille Ball ~ Wildcat (1960)
Carol Haney ~ The Pajama Game (1954)
Tommy Rall ~ Call Me Madame (1950)
Fanny Brice ~ The Ziegfeld Follies 
Marion Bell ~ Brigadoon (1947)
Victor Moore ~ Anything Goes (1934)
There was a lot of material that was not filmed, but written and cast. Some of the original skits would have added “Lucy” performers Mickey Rooney, Ann Sothern, and Van Johnson to the cast.
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writing-fool · a year ago
mlqc | let’s hit rewind
Tumblr media
What kind of videos would the MLQC guys make if they were YouTubers? I think this is a youtube!au, but to be fair, Kiro probably has a YouTube channel in canon. See it as you will? I won’t really talk about their life outside of YT/internet so you can decide for yourself whether this is an AU or not, and whether they’re a full-time YouTuber or not.
As always, enjoy, and requests are open!
Warning(s): none
Tumblr media
Victor probably has a cooking channel
scratch that. he absolutely starts as one of those Aesthetic™ cooking channels like Cooking tree, HANSE, Sweet The MI or Nino’s Home.
his channel is called Souvenir because he’s not THAT original you can’t expect everything from a man, people. 
he starts off doing these voiceless cooking videos, but after a voice and face reveal at 2 million followers where he cooks something for his followers as a thanks...well, who wouldn’t want more of that sultry voice and glorious face
currently has about 4 million subscribers
Victor’s channel is kind of comparable to Junskitchen, a rather relaxed, casual atmosphere combined with exquisite, refined cuisine
if he feels like it, he does a voice-over, otherwise he just puts calm jazz, blues or r&b over his cooking
HAS done an ASMR special. low-key dislikes the video because he has to whisper voice-overs but people LOVE it
likes making all kinds of foods, but his channel features quite a lot of sweet foods and desserts because a certain dummy has a sweet tooth
a pretty popular feature during quarantine is Cooking w/ Sou, essentially a live stream where Sou (aka Victor) cooks a whole three-course meal while talking to and instructing his followers
his subscribers notice that he doesn’t really need editing to look clean during cooking because his technique is IMMACULATE
by the end, he’s made a themed dinner for two...which always raises a question mark
is Sou single? does he have a roommate? a girlfriend? a kid? WHAT?
after getting your explicit permission, Victor addresses the situation in one of his recent Q&As
“Why do I always make dinner for two? I have a fiancée, she edits my videos in her spare time. She works as a producer. *you wave your hand over the lens* Dummy.” he breezes over it like it’s no big deal even though he’s a tad nervous about exposing something personal like this
his fans blow up the internet, baffled but not entirely surprised that someone like Sou isn’t a bachelor
of course, some leave hate under the video honestly, people who do this to celebs who start dating are HORRIBLE
most subscribers are super supportive of your relationship and thank you for the editing that makes Souvenir such a well put-together channel...also did he seriously call his fiancée a dummy? such a tsundere!
sometimes, you’ll (well, your hands...we’re keeping a bit of privacy here) even be in the end shot of videos, munching away at the carefully plated food
one day, Sou will be making a video titled Wedding Cake.
Tumblr media
Lucien’s channel LucidLight is a tad bit all over the place
he’s a man of many talents, and his channel reflects just that
i’m not saying it’s a disorganized channel, because the theme is very much there - the uniform theme in Luci’s content is a cozy background, a cup of tea and a soothing thumbnail
i mean that content-wise, his subscribers don’t really know what they’re going to get next...he has a slightly similar style to the YouTuber simon plant 
his content varies from interesting science theories to poetry reading sessions to ASMR to painting/sketching to cooking and much, much more
he has an heavenly soothing, smooth voice. it’s his trademark since Lucien doesn’t show his face on camera. ever. 
doesn’t have a TON of subs, because his channel is a bit of a niche thing, but I’d say he has 1,2 million subscribers and 400k followers on his added ‘business’ Instagram
he holds a lot of live streams on Instagram/YouTube (i know Moments exists in the game, but that’s more like a Facebook or Twitter kind of app...) and is always shown with just his torso and neck in frame. the lives usually include some poetry reading and generally just having a nice, relaxing chat with his followers. they can last up to 5 hours at once, and YOU know it’s because he doesn’t need sleep like a normal human being, but his fans are still asking questions about his timezone
his subscribers are strangely fascinated by his mysterious, gentle nature and also incredibly obsessed with his large, elegant hands
his ASMR videos are often roleplays of Librarian Lucien or Professor Lucien explaining to people why their rest is important
other times, they include soft affirmations, positive whispers, finger fluttering, hair touching and maybe kissing sounds...
Lucien paints a lot too, although he works primarily with ink and pencil sketches. you’ll find a watercolour or oil painting somewhere, but they’re not his most prominent media
his art videos are usually silent, although he might say something once in a while. there’s always some type of solo instrumental music playing in the background.
he does educational videos about biology and universe theories, but will also have reading sessions about scientific books
not intentionally secretive about your relationship, but he’s not one to mention it either
the first time you appeared on screen was when he was doing another live stream. he’s in his office talking about a play, when you come padding in to bid him goodnight.
“Yes, indeed. Laura’s glass menagerie, as the play suggests, is a symbol of fragility. Laura herself is very frail, but her favourite—”
“Good night, darling.” your soft voice rings through the room. viewers see Lucien’s torso turning a little bit, a hand on his shoulder and a curtain hair appearing from the top of the screen. his hand moves, presumably to cup the person’s cheek, before a soft kiss is heard through the mic. “Sleep tight, my love,” he murmurs.
“Ah. Laura’s favourite glass figurine is the unicorn, which...”
people are in uproar, but Lucien is a strong-willed man who refuses to explicitly announce the nature of his relationship.
his subscribers stop asking after a while, because it really isn’t any of their business, and they now know Lucien’s a taken man
you kind of appear on live streams accidentally a couple more times, but nothing’s really changed about Lucien’s content
the only thing he WILL say, and this is purely to give you credit, is “Ah. The background instrumentals in my art videos are played live. Yes, my lover’s very talented.”
you guys are the mysterious, talented, soft-voiced power couple of YouTube
Tumblr media
Gavin’s channel probably starts as a joint channel with you, something like Rachel and Jun
it’s relatively obvious from the start that Gavin from Birds&Cops is in a relationship, since you guys have a vlogging-style channel
your channel is filled with gym vlogs, travel vlogs to other countries and a lot of self-defence and sport at home videos. 
you guys also post a lot of funny vlogs talking about your day, going on fun dates, of course food vlogs in restaurants, all that stuff...
you often sit down and talk about your life, and maybe you’ll even do a mukbang during it for someone so fit, Gavin does eat a lot of food. 
Gavin’s channel didn’t blow up right away, because vlogging channels aren’t exactly unique, and he looks like the typical ‘straight boy with a girlfriend’
but he started gaining followers after people noticed how cute and blushy he acts, and how incredibly respectful and caring he is towards you
one of the most popular videos is Boyfriend Does My Makeup and it’s adorable. Gavin’s handling your face with so much care, and comments like “I know what this is, I’ve watched you do it many times.” or “Babe, does it hurt? Should I be more gentle? I’m sorry...my hands are rough.” make everyone SWOON
toxic masculinity left the chat. Gavin loves taking care of you in any way, whether it’s getting pads, chocolate and hot packs during your period or braiding your hair
in those yoga/celebrity fitness routine challenges, subs get to see Gavin in a tight singlet and sweatpants/shorts, and it’s HOLY
you’re very much aware of the attention Gavin receives from female fans, and how lucky you are to have found such a sweet partner
Gavin will usually see this type of comment while scrolling and will turn to you and go “Babe, you know I’m the lucky one here, right?”
anyways, a feature that you do to show fans the extent of Gavin’s sweet personality is Pranking My Boyfriend, where you set up the camera for a harmless prank like pretending to have a nightmare (similar to channels like Farina Jo)
that particular video was so fun to shoot, because it ended up with Gavin softly singing a lullaby to calm you down in his arms
“Baby, wake up. I’m here, you’re safe.” Gavin knows how to deal with panicking people, but he hates this prank afterwards because ‘he didn’t like seeing you in pain’
fans squealed. Birds&Cops gained like 50k subs through that video. the channel’s currently at 999k subscribers
overall, it’s just a really lovely, family-friendly channel
Tumblr media
Kiro knows his way around the web, alright?
not even just as Key, but he’s had a YouTube channel since the age of 15
his channel, CtrlAltChips is a hit with many people of many, many ages
he streams gaming sessions on Twitch and posts them on his YouTube channel afterwards
other content includes (primarily) covers & original songs, simple talking videos, thrifting & fashion videos, mukbangs and candid dance videos in a studio
think of chloe moriondo, doddleoddle, Victor the Drum Destroyer and Cat Strat
alternatively, for the ARMYs here, think of Jeon Jungkook as a YouTuber
Kiro has about 18 million subscribers, which is A LOT, but he’s been on YouTube for 7 years and he’s made a name for himself as a super likeable and bubbly guy with an angelic voice and killer moves
you’d think he’s just a cute boy when he sings acoustic covers, but his dance moves suggest that he’s not THAT cute
also how does he stay so fit with all those snack mukbangs?
he has a segment named In Our Kloset where he talks about social issues (because our boy uses his platform for good) around the world while customizing (not just pins. we’re talking patches, sewing, painting, embroidery) thrifted clothing to his liking. at the end he holds a little fashion show with his new outfits
after a while, you’ll see many of his outfits in giveaways or on sale for charity. Kiro tries to give back to his fans as much as he can, and how better than by sharing a piece of his unique clothing with them?
a great singer and performer. has held actual concerts before and has an actual music career (author-nim leaves it up to you readers to decide whether this is his idol career or some other musical project)
keeps his private life PRIVATE. he knows how the internet works, and he knows there’s no way he can keep your relationship a secret forever, but he’s not about to expose it to the world because of that reason
keeps tabs on information or rumours regarding you and makes them vanish
he’s simultaneously the most open and the most secretive out of the four boys. his fans know his favourite colour, what type of underwear he wears (trunks. Kiro wears trunks.), his birthday,...
but they know nothing about his past, his location, his close social circle or his family (teeechnically he’s an orphan but ig we’re talking about his mentor here. the blood of the covenant blah blah blah...y’know?). Kiro protects his loved ones fiercely
for someone who’s kept so secret, you’re actually really involved in Kiro’s virtual persona. you’re usually behind the camera during his In Our Kloset videos and are in charge of extra research regarding topics so he doesn’t spread any misinformation 
you also give pointers during filming (of course, these bits are edited out) because Kiro tends to trail off and get distracted when sewing
another way you’re involved is setting up the food during mukbangs. you have a great sense of aesthetics, so all of his videos in general will go through you.
while you like being low-key in Kiro’s life, you don’t want him to feel like he has to protect you from all the hate. 
he doesn’t particularly love keeping you a secret either, and it makes him feel guilty because he doesn’t want you to think he’s ashamed of you. he could never be.
you guys give it a good chat over how you’re going to announce it, and he just ends up making a video titled Miss Chips where the two of you sit down and talk to the camera
“Hello my little chips! Uhm, as you can see, there’s someone sitting next to me today. Maybe you already guessed from the title, but this is...my girlfriend, Miss Chips,” cue the cute jazz hands in your direction, “We’ve been dating for a long, loooong time, right, Miss Chips?”
“I just wanted to share this with you guys, since it felt wrong to keep such an important person in my life private. I hope you’re all kind to her, because I love her dearly, even to the point of giving up my snacks...so it’s serious.”
it really is that serious, hm?
Hope you enjoyed reading! 
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soundspheremag · 8 months ago
Boy Harsher announce new single, and film 'The Runner'
Boy Harsher, the Northampton, US-based duo of vocalist/lyricist Jae Matthews and producer Augustus Muller, announce their new album 'The Runner (Original Soundtrack)', out January 21st, 2022 on Nude Club/City Slang.
Tumblr media
Boy Harsher’s fifth release is not a traditional album ⁠— it’s the musical counterpart to a short film written, produced, and directed by the duo, entitled The Runner, which will be released alongside the album in January 2022. The Runner is a horror film intercut with a meta-style “documentary” about Boy Harsher’s recording process. The soundtrack balances cinematic instrumentals with pop songs that push the boundaries of Boy Harsher’s sound. In conjunction with today’s announcement, they unveil the album’s lead single, “Tower,” and share new tour dates, including a screening of the movie at London's Rio Cinema, followed by a show at Earth on February 20th - full tour dates below.
Both the film and soundtrack open with the heavy presence of “Tower.” The song is an incantation; with its pulsing synths, it’s a spell about desire and impending destruction. By the song’s climax, Matthews' pleas transform into desperate screams. "We wrote ‘Tower’ several years ago and although it's evolved over the years, its initial intent remains the same - that feeling of being enveloped, suffocated, entrapped in a relationship, which in turn manifests into reckless attack,” explains Matthews. “What you love the most can make you into a monster. And that's what this song is about, being a paralyzed fiend."  
The visualiser for “Tower” comes from within the world of The Runner —presented as an exclusive session from the NUDETV program “Flesh First,” the duo performs the song in a dim warehouse with a masked drummer recorded on analog video.
Listen to Boy Harsher’s “Tower”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13zBeWHNXDU Other pre-order & streaming links: https://boyharsher.lnk.to/TheRunnerOST Watch The Runner movie trailer: https://youtu.be/ze-avj_hPjE
Since 2014, Boy Harsher have steadily released what some might call the gold standard of darkwave and new industrial. Matthews and Muller met in Savannah, GA while both studying film and their initial interest in music began with cinema. Matthews would write screenplays and Muller would compose scores for the non-existent films. Their first EP, Lesser Man, was originally released on a small run of cassettes, but rapidly gained online traction and became an underground hit. 2016’s Yr Body is Nothing LP and 2017’s Country Girl EP, propelled the duo into extensive tours and sold out shows across the US and Europe where they became known for their reckless and enveloping live performances. Boy Harsher rode this momentum into 2019’s LP Careful, which was praised by NPR Music, Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, VICE and beyond.
Last year, in the midst of the obvious chaos, but additionally with Matthews’ MS diagnosis, Muller started working on moody, cinematic sketches. It was uncertain what these pieces would become other than catharsis — the duo were unable to tour and making “club music” did not feel right. In Matthews’ period of convalescence, she kept thinking about a sinister character: a woman running through the woods. Together, the duo developed this idea further into a film that explores lust, compulsion, and the horrific tendencies of seduction.
Featuring the dark pop that Boy Harsher is known for, the album also embraces the soundtrack ethos by including eerie instrumentals with tracks featuring guest vocalists that feel like they are from different musical groups — “Machina” is a HI-NRG homage performed by Mariana Saldaña of BOAN, sung in both Spanish and English. “Autonomy'' is a bright and heartfelt new wave anthem featuring  Cooper B. Handy aka Lucy. Boy Harsher’s latest project is a reconciliation of uncertain times made into sound and moving image. The Runner and its soundtrack are both a return to form and an evolution for the duo.
This month, Boy Harsher will play their first live shows since 2019, including performances at III Points Festival in Miami and Levitation in Austin. A 2022 tour of North America and Europe in support of 'The Runner (Original Soundtrack)' will follow. More information on the release and screenings for The Runner is to come.
'The Runner (Original Soundtrack)' track list: 1. Tower 2. Give Me a Reason 3. Autonomy (Ft. Lucy - Cooper B. Handy) 4. The Ride Home 5. Escape 6. Machina (Ft. Ms. BOAN - Mariana Saldaña) 7. Untitled (Piano) 8. I Understand
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lissyart101 · a year ago
Master Post on One Piece and Fairy Tail
Needs to be updated
Commissions Info
Become a Patron!
One Piece:
New Neighbor:
Fanfic: Cover
New Neighbor
Christmas Special
New Years Special
Valentine’s Special 1 (A Free Heart)
Valentine’s Special 2 (Of Swords and Knives)
Valentine’s Special 3 (Curious Cuddles)
Patreon Preview:
Chap. 17 Preview
Chapter 17 Finally
Mistletoe Kiss
Happy Birthday Ace
One Piece Ch. 1000 - Luffy
OP Ch. 1000 - Luffy (Digital)
Ace, Sabo, Luffy (Feb. Art)
Sanji and Zoro (Feb. Art)
Luffy and Nami (Feb. Art)
Realistic Monkey D. Luffy
Realistic Roronoa Zoro
Realistic Nami
Realistic Usopp
Realistic Vinsmoke Sanji
Realistic Tony Tony Chopper
Realistic Nico Robin
Realistic Franky
Realistic Brook
Realistic Jinbei
Shanks, Mihawk, and Franky B-Day
Sketch Dump: LuNa
Pen Sketch: Luffy
Happy Birthday Luffy!
A Father's Bond/For Daddy's Owie
A Mother's Love/Mommy Nami (Happy B-Day Nami)
Halloween 2021
Maps & Distractions
Gender Swap Colored Page
LuNa Martini
Mistletoe on the High Seas
Luffy's Fire
Missing You Comic
Puzzle Pieces
Drunk Consequences
Dance My Memories Away
Fairy Tail:
My Second Chance:
My Second Chance
Patreon Preview:
WIP -Character Design:
>>Natsu Dragneel
>>Lucy & Natsu Rough Sketch
Lucy and Natsu WIP
NaLu Forehead Touch
Digital Art
Tartaros Comfort WIP/BTS
Natsu WIP
Natsu - Opening 18 re-draw
Gajeel and Levy (Feb. Art)
Natsu and Gray (Feb. Art)
Natsu and Lucy (Feb. Art)
Erza and Jellal (Feb. Art)
Pixie Lucy
Etherious Natsu Dragneel
NaLu Snaps
FT x Spiderverse AU DTIYS
MerMay 2021
Lucy Day 2021
Natsu Day 2021
Happy Birthday Lucy 2021
Happy Birthday Natsu 2021
Realistic Erza Scarlet
Realistic Gray Fullbuster
Realistic Wendy Marvell
Realistic Carla
Realistic Happy
Realistic Lucy Heartfilia
Realistic Natsu Dragneel
NaLu Day 2021
NaLu CoExist
NaLu Falling in Love
NaLu Date
NaLu Confession
NaLu Proposal
NaLu Wedding
NaLu Pirates
Halloween 2021
NaLu Cocoa
NaLu Scarves
NaLu Ice Skates
NaLu Lights
NaLu Traditions
NaLu Apple Cider
NaLu Cuddles
New Year 2022
Piece by Piece
Feigning Love
Birthday Luffy WIP
LuNa Surprise Kiss WIP
LuNami Missing You comic
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krispyweiss · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Rewind: Vince Guaraldi - Peanuts Portraits: The Classic Character Themes (2010)
Everyone wants to have a song written for them.* The Peanuts characters got them.
In 2010, Fantasy/Concord Records compiled some of those numbers to create Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts Portraits: The Classic Character Themes. The magic of the album is that although the songs are associated with animation and holidays, the music - jazz for kids for cartoons for adults - stands on its own 365 days a year and doesn’t need its titular characters to do so.
Portraits is bookended with the best-known song of them all - “Linus and Lucy” - one by Guaraldi, the other by George Winston, who also performs “Masked Marvel.”
In between are lesser-known, but no-less-beguiling aural sketches including the previously unreleased “Blue Charlie Brown,” “Joe Cool,” outfitted with whistles, and “Little Birdie,” the only non-instrumental among the 11 tracks.
Little birdie, why do you fly upside-down?/it’s amazing at the way you get around, it goes.
Besides Woodstock, “Peppermint Patty,” “Schroeder” and “Frieda (With the Naturally Curly Hair)” are among the Peanuts with their own personal soundtracks. Some are trio recordings; others feature electric piano, woodwinds and other sonic accoutrements. All thrive as they jump out of the television screen and in to the stereo.
Grade card: Vince Guaraldi - Peanuts Portraits: The Classic Character Themes - B+
* Unless Taylor Swift is doing the writing.
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belphie-core · a year ago
Tumblr media
POV: it's fashion class and you chose Pride outfits/makeup for Luci
(sorry for the sketch (+quality) being so crappy, that was the best I could do 😅. And YES, he has long hair- it was Asmo's idea, I swear plsdontkillmeluci♡.)
Individual pictures/transparent GIF:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Original concept/colour sketch/extra design:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Flags shown: general LGBTQIA+ Pride, Trans Pride, Black Pride, Ace Pride, and the b/w one was just random (maybe the straight flag tho??)
I hope you like it! :)
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ether-gearhead · a year ago
Something that I think got lost in all the Nasha hype: Earthland to Edolas is not a perfect 1 to 1 ratio in terms of counterparts. At least two pairs are entirely different species, af least one pair is opposite genders, and for God’s sake, !Jellal is Laxus’s uncle!
In other words, the NaLu and Gruvia babies may not necessarily be any more or less than the con sketches they originated as, and Mashima may or may not have his own plans for the Earthland NaLu baby. Could be a boy, could have blonde hair, could even have Nasha’s defining traits split across Natsu and Lucy’s daughters with other characters (or twins, I suppose). Point is, don’t be surprised if Mashima doesn’t stick ironclad to Nasha come next gen time, because A: Edolas itself sets the precedent, and B: genetics are a hell of a thing.
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ineffablyferalarchive · a year ago
Tumblr media
I have demoted Satan to lawn care and he now spends all his time humming Death of a Bachelor. Time to find some other demon and *rubs hands together menacingly* ....... deMOTE THEM
Ollie, sitting down at the table with toast and eggs:
Sara: you had better fucking not
Ollie, taking out a Lemonade Iced Tea Snapple and taking a sip:
Sara: y o u h a d b e t t e r f u c k i n g n o t
Ollie, pouring the entire bottle of Snapple onto their toast and eggs:
Sara: well aren’t you going to eat it?? coward
*cackles demonically* deMOTE THEM INDEED
sara and ollie are LITERALLY going to be the death of me i swear to SATAN
so long and goodnight! <3 <3 <3
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