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holiday fun 🌞
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The Cafe Part One: Imagine having a strained relationship with Camilo due to the fact everyone assumes to two of you will one day end up together. You both hate this and decide to be enemies forever but that doesn’t stop you being attracted to one another.
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As one of the strongest and oldest families yet to marry into the Madrigal bloodline you knew all eyes were on your family or more accurately you and you hated it. You were the only child in your family and of course you were born just 6 months before the eldest Madrigal boy, Camilo. Everyone pretty much decided then and there that two of you would be a couple and your future was laid out for you. You didn’t agree and that wouldn’t be your future if you had anything to do with it but that’s getting ahead of the story.
You and Camilo actually used to be friends when you were younger. There weren't many kids in town so as he was the same age as you, you played together often. You used to go to his house and eat the wonderful food his aunt could make. You loved his home and how big his family was, being an only child you dreamt of a family as huge as this and you truly felt welcome at Camilo's home...then his Abuela made a comment that ruined it all. You and Camilo were barely seven, he was still mastering his gift but one of his favourite things to do was to transform into you. This always annoyed you because Camilo would mimic you and that meant war for a seven-year-old. So you’d end up fighting and one day Camilo’s Abuela walked in to find you punching Camilo (who looked like you) while he tried to get away. She quickly separated the two of you before telling you good children didn’t fight like that. You and Camilo glared at one another before the offer of a cookie made you both thaw. You followed Abuela to the kitchen and were happily eating courtesy of Julieta when Grandma Abuela smiled watching you two. “It’s so nice to see the two of them and know I don’t have to worry about Camilo’s future partner”. “Future partner, mama they're just children!" Camilo’s mother Pepa commented but Camilo’s Abuela shrugged "so? Some things are very easy to see and these two are pre-destined to be together. Mark my words Camilo will be proposing before he’s 20".  You’d finished your cookie and were staring at the adults confused. Had Bruno had another vision? What did they mean about you and Camilo being partners? "Come on y/n!" Camilo cried pulling your arm and he tugged you out of the kitchen. He snapped you back into reality and you followed him in a daze. When you reached his room you frowned "Camilo what did your grandmother mean back then?". Camilo looked down "ow it’s nothing...just something she likes to talk about". "Tell me, I want to know" you insisted and he sighed "my grandmother likes you and your family so she hopes in the future we'll...you know". You paused "what?". "Get married like grown-ups do!" Camilo cried blushing but your response was quite different. You weren’t embarrassed you were a mixture of furious and confused. "What!" you cried "why?". "Because she likes you and our families get on" Camilo explained "she says it’ll be a good match and she’ll arrange it when we're older". "But that's so gross!" you cried and Camilo didn’t say anything. You noticed his silence and paused "Camilo? Why aren’t you angry?". "Because I...if I have to marry a girl why couldn’t it be you? We play together and you have good toys and can think of really fun games". "So you’d like it?' you asked scandalised and Camilo shrugged blushing lightly. "I don’t think I'd hate it" he admitted and you were not happy. You loved Camilo, he was your best friend but that didn’t mean you wanted to marry him, you’d heard rumours that involved kissing and that was definitely too disgusting for a seven-year-old. Not to mention you didn’t like how nobody had asked you. Your mother had told you that women didn’t use to have rights and how they were just given to men without their own preference even being considered. This reminded you of that and you hated it. Even if Camilo liked it you didn’t and you hated how everyone seemed to be in on this except you. So you had some pretty good reasons to be against this however you were just seven and lacked the maturity to express yourself effectively. In response to all this you pushed Camilo away from you and took your anger out on him. "I don’t have a crush on you! That’s gross" you cried. Camilo immediately got defensive and shoved you back “I never said I had a crush on you! I think you’re the grossest person ever”. You were pretty insulted so you leapt at Camilo fighting for real this time and he shapeshifted into a bigger kid pushing you over easily. You fell down hard and were upset physically and emotionally, not wanting him to see you cry you cried “I hate you and never want to see you again” before you ran home.
Even since then you’d stopped being friends and decided you hated one another. Camilo did miss you but he’d never forget the disgusted way you looked at him and that stopped him ever trying to approach you. You were definitely not eager to approach him either, still slightly traumatised over what you’d heard and so the distance between you grew and grew and turned uglier and uglier over the years until it reached the stage it was at currently.
You and Camilo couldn’t be in the same room without a fight breaking out. You went to school together so this happened often and you both made it your mission to ruin the other’s life. With your friends and even each other’s families you were kind, sweet people.  Around one another however you became these toxic mean spirited people who just wanted to bring the other down and this continued well into your teen years. Every summer the Madrigals would have a party celebrating the harvest and the end of school for the summer. Pretty much everyone would go but you always sat it out, not a fan of anything that brought you near Camilo. However this year your parents said that wasn’t an option. Now you’d turned 16 they said you had to start attending adult events and could skive off as a child would. So you dragged your feet grumbling about how unfair this was all the way to the Madrigal house. Or course Camilo was on the door greeting guests. You rolled your eyes, he was so extroverted, his need for attention and to be liked sickened you. As you got closer he spotted you quickly and his smile momentarily faltered before your parents stepped forwards. "Mrs and Mr L/n how wonderful to see you" he smiled at them both and your parent smiled back. No matter how many stories about him you’d told they still liked him and thought he was a good boy. No matter the problems between Camilo and yourself, neither of you could bring yourself to be mean to the other’s family. It was an unspoken rule. "Thanks for having us Camilo, look how big you've gotten! I remember when you used to look tiny on our sofa and now you're taller than me! You're almost a man" your mother cried. You snorted and everyone looked at you. "Sure if were using the term very loosely" you muttered walking past him into the house. You heard your parents mutter something to Camilo before rushing after you "you do not disrespect someone who's opened their home to you" your father scolded you. "I didn’t even want to come to his home!" you cried "you made me come here, I never promised to be polite to Camilo". Your parents didn’t bother arguing with you, they knew Camilo was a topic you couldn’t be persuaded on.
You were passing the kitchen when you saw Pepa carrying numerous trays of food, or well she was trying too. They kept tilting and one was bound to fall, a cloud appeared over Pepa’s head telling you she was losing her patience. You saw one tray tip and rushed forwards. You caught it just in time and took a few of the others off Pepa making the cloud disappear immediately. "Aww thank you y/n you're so sweet" Camilo’s mom beamed, recognising you instantly. "You're all grown up now, you're such a beautiful young woman" Pepa complimented you. You blushed "ow I'm not too sure about that". "You are, I’m sure your parents are so proud of you" she smiled "it's such a shame you and Camilo don’t get on anymore...we miss you around here". You suddenly felt guilty and looked down "yeah it's a shame, I guess we just grew apart". Pepa shot you a look like she knew it was more than a small growing apart. As if summoned the devil himself appeared. "Mami Antonio...ow" Camilo said walking around the corner to find you and his mother together. "Camilo I was just chatting with y/n, she's all grown up just like you. I can’t believe you’re both finishing school this year, are you excited?". You nodded "yep I’m looking forward to University". "Ow where are you going?" Pepa asked and Camilo looked down "hopefully somewhere outside of Colombia altogether" and you glared at him. You told Pepa the school you were hoping to go to and Camilo’s stomach drooped. "Ow that’s where Camilo is thinking of going!" Pepa cried. "Yeah not so much anymore" he smiled sweetly and you smiled back "don’t worry based on your grades I’m sure they’ll make that decision for you". Pepa sighed looking at Camilo “y/n can you give me a moment with my son, I’ve got to have a talk with him” she said her expression grave. You nodded “of course I’ll go put these trays on the table, it was nice seeing you Mrs.Madrigal” and you disappeared pleased you’d gotten Camilo into trouble.
Once you’d put the trays down you started scoping out a good place to enjoy the party. The one thing you did love about Madrigal events was the music. The whole town would come together and everyone would play instruments and it was so much fun. You had been trying to pout and be angry but found yourself bobbing along to the music and enjoying the performances. One by one people sang and you were really enjoying the night...but your smile vanished when Camilo appeared. You tensed, knowing what was coming and sure enough Camilo opened his mouth and you were hooked. His singing was the most beautiful thing you#d ever heard. It made you so mad to admit but nobody could compete with Camilo in terms of signing. His voice was deep and could be rough but also so smooth and warm. You hated it but Camilo’s singing was really attractive and you felt the pull every time he performed. His voice washed over you and you felt that familiar attraction again. It wasn’t enough he was good looking, charming, a good dancer and had literal powers he had to have a godly voice too? You sighed annoyed at how much you were enjoying Camilo’s performance when your cousin waved to you. She begged you to dance with her and so you agreed. Camilo’s song had finished now so you’d surely be able to just enjoy yourself now.
Camilo’s POV 
Camilo was getting some water after singing when he spotted you. There were tons of people on the floor dancing but of course his eyes went straight to you as they always did. You spun around in your green dress and were the most beautiful dancer on the floor. The graceful but skilled way you glided around the floor made several people stop and stare but it was the look on your face that Camilo stated at. You didn’t smile often and especially not around him so seeing the pure joy in your face...the way it lit up your features made him pause. You just looked so happy it was beautiful. You didn’t have a care in the world and you looked perfect.
"Who are you looking at like that?' a voice asked and Camilo jumped as Isabela appeared. He tried to move away but she was already beside him and followed his gaze to you. "Ahhh your old bestie, any reason why you're checking her out?". "I was not!" Camilo cried and Isabela smirked "sure because you totally weren’t gaping at her. I can’t blame you, she's the hottest girl in your year by far...no wonder she didn’t want to marry you". "Shut up Isabela!" he cried and a bit too loudly as everyone nearby looked over. "Camilo why don’t you go check on the gardens!" his father called which was code for go outside and stop making a scene. Camilo rolled his eyes but did as he was told.
Mirabel has seen the whole thing and followed him. “You okay?" she asked catching up to him and Camilo nodded "I'm fine". "I heard what Isabela said and just ignore her. We all know that wasn’t the reason the two of you fell out, I mean come on you were like 7". "But we kinda did" Camilo groaned "she stopped being friends with me because the idea of what might happen in some distant future disgusted her so much. She doesn’t just dislike me she loathes me and I pretend it doesn’t bother me but I don’t know...it doesn’t feel great". Mirabel frowned "have you ever considered that this all happened a while ago?". Camilo paused "so?". "Well how do you know all that's true anymore? Seven-year-olds don’t communicate well and they tend to be emotional. Have you ever spoken to y/n to work out what was the reason?". "I know the reason Mirabel and it's me. The fact is she hates me” but he froze as you appeared outside ranting to your mother. “I can’t even dance in peace” you cried and your mother shushed you pulling you away from the doors. You were downstairs and had no idea Mirabel and Camilo could see and hear you, they were hidden by the many many plants courtesy of Isabela. Camilo was about to step away when he heard his name. "Years! Years Camilo and I haven’t been friends and still people ask me if we’re getting married! Nobody asks Camilo that, just me. It’s so sexist it drives me crazy! How can people just not understand I don’t want to be a man's prize, my greatest ambition in life isn’t to be a wife.  I've done so much to try and alter that perspective. I study hard so I can get into a good school, I work out to make myself strong, I even pick fights with Camilo every chance I get to make him hate me and still they suggest him as a husband for me! I hate it" you said bursting into tears and your mother hugged you. Mirabel turned back to Camilo "still think there’s nothing more to it?" she whispered. Camilo stared watching you crumble. You were always so tough and harsh it was odd to see you so human...he’d almost forgotten you were just a normal person like him not a mortal enemy. His perspective suddenly shifted and he felt bad. He had no idea things had been so bad for you or that what his Abuela had insinuated was still affecting you
The next day
Camilo woke up late the next day after staying up so late the night before and he loved it. School was well and truly out and he sauntered downstairs feeling ready for his lazy summer. He hid from his family to avoid having to do any chores and only entered the kitchen when he was sure it was empty. He strode in before the door closed behind it, it was an ambush and his tia Julieta was waiting for him. "Camilo I know why you're here, you can horde food later but for now hold this". She placed several trays in his arms and he frowned "what is all this?". "I was hired to make some food for the cafe". "Y/n's?" he asked. Your family owned the most popular cafe in town and Camilo’s tia had worked there when she was younger. Tia Julieta nodded "yes for y/n’s cafe and you're going to help me take them there". "What! No i’m not" he cried and Julieta shot him a look. "I know you think the world will end If you and y/n are forced to see one another but it won’t. You'll be just fine so let's go". "Tia Julieta" Camilo complained and she shot him a look "do you want me to tell your mother you won't walk 10 minutes to help me because I know just how scary she can be". "No, no don't tell my mother!" he cried remembering the telling off he got less than 24 hours ago from his mother. He did not want that experience so soon again so Camilo agreed "I'll go but not as me". Julieta went to ask what he meant when Camilo transformed into Luisa. "Okay let's go" he said as if this was a normal thing to do. Julieta shook her head "is that really necessary?". "Trust me this will make everything a lot smoother" he replied and the two set off into town. Even as Luisa Camilo felt nervous and with every step he got closer and closer to you until finally...they arrived.
For cafe shenanigans get ready for part 2! I’m thinking this will be a 3 part series but i’ll see how it goes. I never intended to make this a series but I have a habit of writing a lot and it’s way too much for one person to be expected to read in one installment.
So hopefully you’ll come along for the 3 part Camilo series! I really liked writing this side of Camilo because we’ve seen he can be really sweet but also a bit sarcastic and blunt so the man has range!!
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Camilo: alright listen up you little shits
Camilo: not you Luisa, you're an angel and we're thrilled to have you here
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Here are some class doodles :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn't have any references so I'm pretty sure I got Julieta wrong, but uh, let's just say its artistic liberties.
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— i go back to you, back to you, back to you everytime.
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I've seen a lot of memes on how "We don't talk about Bruno but let's make an entire song about it" and I believe I have a very interesting take on that!
I'm not colombian and I'm not sure if that's how things work around there regarding this matter, however, there is something funny that happens here, in Brazil, that We don't talk about Bruno really reminded me of.
So, it is very common in countryside small towns for people to know basically everyone in the city, and this can also meana lot of gossip.
When it comes to a situation that there is a taboo subject, people won't talk about it, but the desperate need for information will cause a lot of gossip "under the covers". That creates room for a lot of misinformation being spread too.
So, you see in the song that basically everyone has a take on who Bruno is and what he did, but it is clear that some people had direct interaction and some didn't. Plus, everyone's vision is affected by the moment they are in life, what did they already know at the time compared to present moment and so on.
Camilo, for example, has a very twisted vision from his uncle, maybe because when he met Bruno (and saw him disappearing), he was a child with a fertile imagination that was exposed to stories and rumors. Dolores, on the other side, was a little older but still exposed to all the conversations and speculations due to her gift. Other people got Bruno's knowledge from the future and, for not liking it, could have blamed him for "dooming them" or "sealing their future" even though that was not really his fault cause all he did was see.
From my perspective, that's a lot of how gossip works in very small towns in here and the song portrays that in a very dynamic way. There was a piece of information that should not have been hear by someone, this someone told another someone, that added their own knowledge (twisted or not) and spread to someone else. No one will openly talk about it, but in casual conversation maybe, toning your voice down a little, or maybe having dinner with your family and so it goes.
All the information Mirabel got was from gossip and rumors. Not all of it were lies, but a lot of them were misleading and a twisted portrait on who Bruno is and his role in the family.
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ettellessa-inatrix · a day ago
Disney, you have a platform and you like money and we like Encanto.
I'm here to present you with a business opportunity.
Tumblr media
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sweaterweather-247 · a day ago
Hugging Luisa headcanons
Luisa is a very clingy woman.
She LOVES physical touch, you’re her favourite person and she needs her hugs from you.
Luisa is tall and strong so that means many tight hugs.
Luisa will come up to you and lift you off the ground and hug you tightly. It surprisingly doesn’t hurt.
You hug back and she holds you for a while.
But she always asks if she’s holding to tight or hurting you.
Sometimes she smothers in kisses, escaping that? Good luck.
Luisa will sneak up behind you and hug you. It sometimes takes you by surprise, she’s not the quietest person.
She sometimes giggles when sneaking up behind you and you sometimes surprise her by turning around and hugging her.
Luisa loves it when you sneak up behind her and hug her, she’s usually very busy and you giving her hugs, makes her day better.
You always make sure to give her a quick kiss if you have to leave.
Luisa can hug softly and lightly if you ask, she doesn’t really like the light hugs because she wants you as close as possible.
Luisa has to hold back her strength for hugs because if she used her full strength, she’d probably kill you.
You always hug Luisa as tight as you can because she loves it.
Whenever Luisa is sad, she always comes to you and you let her hug you as long and as tight as she wants, she always appreciates it.
When you’re sad, Luisa is the first to comfort you with hugs.
There’s times when you push Luisa away because you don’t want her, sometimes she respects your space.
But other times, she holds you close and you want her to go but she just tells you how much she loves you and how you’ve made her life better, you let her hug you.
Luisa sometimes gets sleepy when you two hug and she begins to fall over, you’re able wake her up when you feel her leaning, but the first few times… let’s just say Luisa was very sorry.
If Luisa does hurt you while hugging, she always apologizes and carry’s you around for the rest of the day despite you telling her you’re fine.
Hugging Luisa is better than any therapy.
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Before you lift something heavy, what do you do? You take a deep breath in, then out, and then you lift on the next breath. In a conversation, when you want to keep your emotions down and under control, what do you do? You take a deep breath in, then out, and then take in a breath to begin carefully speaking what it is you choose to say, rather than explode with the tirade your emotions are gnawing at the bit to let out.
Luisa begins the song with lyrics that stay with the steady beat. She is trying to sing a song about being the strong one before she pauses. Then breathes. She starts up again, keeping the same beat and steady pace, still trying to make the song about being strong, and then she pauses. And breathes again. It’s one thing to show us once, but to show us twice lets us know that she needs that moment to breathe in order to keep things under the surface.
When she sings the next verse, she starts as the last two verses did, giving first time viewers/listeners the impression that this was going to be a song about not being afraid or nervous because she’s a strong woman... but she’s not able to take a breath. She has no time to take another breath. The song is pushing her to keep going, and instead, like popping a balloon, with that one “But” all the pressure reaches its breaking point and Luisa is unable to stop from letting out everything she had been trying for so long to keep inside. 
Encanto goes beyond connecting us to their characters through animation, musical score, and lyrics. They connect us just a little bit more; by pausing for a couple of seconds and letting you hear Luisa breathe.
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arepacuacamilo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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acrosstobear · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ARE THEY FINALLY GOING HOME or is Luisa just abandoning Lando since all he does is golf with his bf
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formulaoneisajoke · 7 hours ago
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arianaweekly · a day ago
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62nd Annual Grammy Awards (2020)
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grayscaleskies · a day ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A drawing of Luisa Madrigal from Encanto. Luisa is a muscular Colombian woman with light tan skin, dark brown wavy hair pulled into a bun, brown eyes, and light freckles. She has a red bow in her hair, a white top with puffy sleeves embroidered with red thread at the neckline and a dark blue skirt. She has three bracelets on each wrist in pink, blue and purple and gold earrings. She is lifting a large boulder with her left hand and her right hand is on her hip while she looks up at the rock, smiling. Behind her is a textured background of purple and pink fading to yellow right behind her. End ID/]
Like everyone else I'm obsessed with this movie, so for fun I drew Luisa! I usually only post my TMA art but a friend encouraged me to post her here! (Thanks Mossy! 💖)
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champinchip · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
i'm sorry but i just can't take lando and luisa's latest photo seriously fjdkfk they give off 2013 middle school bf/gf instagram vibes
edit by @raceweek
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brunoencantofandom · 13 hours ago
Oyi! What d’ya think of Disney giving us some more Augustin and Mirabel moments? I genuinely love that geezer because he‘s the perfect specimen of a dotting father and would’ve loved more moments between the two, including some heart to heart talk after her ceremony (or him just hugging his crying girl while holding back tears) and comforting his beloved daughter whenever he sees her down.
IKRRR!!  Abuela Alma had been really rude to Mirabel or made her feel that she is inferior to others yet she got supporting and optimistic parents but they leave her in the back during the ceremony scene & they make no effort to ensure she is included . Sigh leave it .. but they loved her truly especially her mom Julieta (the only decent person) who first spotted that Mirabel disappeared and the scenes are powerful/ emotional/touchyyyy when her Julieta says , “ you are perfect just like this and as special as anyone else in family“ EVEN ANTONIO is the third person to have touchy bonding with Mirabel. 
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Camillo x Reader
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warnings: Mature Languages and mature scenes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aged Up! Camillo Madrigal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With permission from Camillo's parents, the two lovers rushed up to his room. As soon as they got there, they jumped onto his bed and started cuddling. Camillo's girlfriend, Y/n L/n, spoke up saying that she was cold. Camillo then smirked "I know a way to get us warm." He trailed his fingers on her skin suggestively. She then kissed him. Camillo then adjusted his position so he was on top of her. They then continued kissing until it turned into a full-blown-out make-out session. Camillo slowly took off her top as she took off his poncho and his shirt. Y/n stared at him with lust and blush on her face. They then continued kissing until both were fully naked. Camillo slowly rubbed his fingers on her clit. She started moaning. "C-camillo, I want you inside me now. P-please...A-ahh..". Camillo smirked, removed his fingers and pounded himself into her. Both of them were a moaning mess. They did forget one thing...Camillo's older sister, Dolores, heard them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Skip --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *2 weeks later* Y/n has been feeling sick for a about 2 weeks. Pepa was so and is still worried about her future daughter -in- law. Dolores on the other hand, knew the exact reason, she can hear the heartbeat...and she heard something that traumatized her for life. This wouldn't be kept a secret for long though. Dolores had a plan. During dinner time, everybody ate quietly. As soon as dinner ended, Dolores said "I have something to say." Everybody then looked at her and Abuela asked what it was. Dolores then said "Someone among us is pregnant." Everyone was shocked. Felix then asked "Dolores, are you?" Dolores said no and said "Y/n is pregnant with Camillo's child." As soon as those words came out of her mouth, Pepa fainted. So did Felix. The others congratulated them. Once Pepa, was fully conscious.. she admitted that she was disappointed but happy at the same time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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honeymatrimony · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
watchin sad movies :(
@lafamilia-madrigal​ gave me this prompt idea <33
bonus gif:
Tumblr media
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sweaterweather-247 · 21 hours ago
Overprotective Luisa x reader
Luisa is protective over anyone but with you, she’s extra protective.
She loves you so much and she’s terrified of losing you, you’re her everything.
You’re by Luisa’s side 24/7, she almost never away from her.
Everyone in down knows you’re Luisa’s and no one would dare to hurt you.
Luisa is a bit hesitant to let you go out on your own without her, it’s very annoying.
It takes a lot of reassurance and telling her you’ll be fine and if you’re in trouble Dolores will hear you.
She knows you’ll be fine but you can never be certain.
Luisa will sometimes stalk you, or she’ll get Camilo to follow you around.
If you see either of them, you’ll pretend you didn’t.
You ask Luisa why her and Camilo were stalking you and she can’t lie.
“I was just making sure you were safe!”
Luisa usually apologizes for it, but she believes it’s for the best.
Luisa doesn’t like going out at night because she’s scared something will attack you.
She can defend the both of you but she doesn’t want to take that risk, she prefers to cuddle during the evenings.
When Luisa cuddles, she cuddles tightly, she will not let go of you. She’s scared that if she lets go, she’ll lose you.
Sometimes you have to tell her to loosen her grip.
If you get hurt on accident, she’ll scold you for not being careful and take you to Julieta and get you healed.
But after that Luisa doesn’t let you do anything, she’s scared of you getting hurt again.
Luisa tags along when you hang out with your friends and hardly leaves you alone.
Luisa will ask you to stay in her room all day when you can’t be with her.
You love her but her protectiveness is too much.
Eventually you get mad at her and snap.
“Luisa! Please just stop with all of this overprotectiveness, you’re suffocating me.”
“I’m trying to keep YOU safe!”
“By not letting me do what I want? All I ask is that you relax a little, trust me.”
Luisa can’t respond and doesn’t say anything for the rest of the night.
The next morning she apologizes for being so overprotective and she promises to let you breathe.
You also apologize for blowing up at her, you know her anxiety causes her to be overprotective.
Luisa will always protect you no matter what. Nothing will hurt you when you’re with her.
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