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carlaerosie · 23 hours ago
this is how I think how Encanto characters would react to asking about their pronouns
Mirabel: she/her and you?
Isabela: she/her.
Luisa: I don’t have time for this
Dolores: she/her *squeaks*
Camilo: he/him *shrugs* whatever
Agustín: my name’s Agustín
Félix: whatever you want them to be (if Pepa asks) what’s that (if anyone different asks)
Pepa: depending on her mood it would be: woman ones :) or leave me alone or I will start raining
Julieta: she/her *gives the asker something to eat*
Bruno: I’m Colombian if that’s what you mean
Alma: female ones or I don’t have time for this
Mariano: I don’t know but if you really want to know you should ask Dolores - she knows everything about me
okay I’ve never thought I would actually do something like this but I’m currently kinda struggling with my own pronouns and I started thinking about Encanto characters’ pronouns and yeah
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a-gay-mushroom · 22 hours ago
Antonio: The floor is lava! Luisa: *helps Dolores onto the counter* Isabela: *kicks Mirabel off the sofa* Camilo: *lays on the floor* Dolores: ...Are you okay? Camilo: No.
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luisa-madrigal-magic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Seeing her muscles move is like... Everything
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cartoonboy9201 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Luisa my beloved
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idk-what-im-doing-here · a day ago
"under the surface, was Hercules ever like 'yo I don't wanna fight cerberus'" this movie is a masterpiece
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redlover411 · 19 hours ago
Surface Pressure but Jazzy ~🎺🎷
Tumblr media
Heavily inspired by this art from @b4artist , as well as Jessica Darrows jazz cover of the song
Reblogs > Likes
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bridoesotherjunk · a day ago
the encanto art team had to fight disney executives for the right to make luisa buff because of concerns her design would be "unappealing to girls". welp jokes on them and little girls now want luisa merch
Everyone wants Luisa merchandise. Even boys. EVERYONE. I know adults who want Luisa merch because, hey shocker of shocks, we've never seen a female character like her!! In all our lives!! And we're excited about it!!
It's exactly the same as the executives at Nickelodeon who thought no little boys would watch Legend of Korra, but every little boy tested said she was awesome and super cool.
The big wigs genuinely are so blinded by their own sexist ideas and bigotry that they do this shit ALL THE TIME.
If little boys enjoy watching Disney princess movies- pretty sure they will enjoy seeing a badass girl who can punch stuff just like little girls enjoy a badass girl who can punch stuff.
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xxbigfivexx · 2 days ago
I’m not a Camilo stan bcz I’m old and he’s just a child to me, but I don’t think ya’ll know the power Camilo has.
He can literally walk a mile in everyone’s shoes. Like, imagine, he never transforms into Luisa anymore because people are always hounding him to do stuff that he has to remember to tell Luisa, which makes him feel bad because it’s such a long list.
Or maybe he gets gross cat calls as Isabella, which don’t tell me that doesn’t happen, there’s gotta be at least one or two village idiots.
Just a thought
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fastidious-and-a-mess · a day ago
look. i know you’re all incapable of viewing strong, buff women as anything another than stone cold butch but in your fan art could you maybe let Luisa wear the long and flowy and pretty and feminine dresses we see her wearing and enjoying in the actual movie??? she’s not actually a masculine person, she’s just physically large. they are not the same, thanks.
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itsalwaysme-1 · a day ago
imagine Luisa being you lovely wife like 🧎💍
Tumblr media
Luisa x male reader 
Warnings: nothing really, fluff
(I hope you like it it is my second time posting my fanfics in here so if you have any request then come on with it but they have to be about encanto or Luisa)
         It was just a normal day in encanto and you were just in your room reading. "Y/N! Come down stairs, me and your father need to talk to you!" Ah yes your mother, the one person that you didn't like the most. There's reasons why you dislike your mother, first of all she forces you to do things even though you are a grown man. Man she won't even let you leave the house. It was like she had control over me permanently, but when I came upstairs I did not expect for her to tell me something that would change my life forever. I walked down the stairs into the living room to where my parents were located.
         "Hey, I was called?" You said in a confused way, the only time you knew your parents were serious was if they were sitting on the couch in the living room. " Come take a seat!" Your mother said proudly. You were nervous, you had never seen your mother so happy unless it was for her or her doing. You sat on the couch not wanting to know what she had to say. "So what did you want to talk about?" "Well, me and your father have been talking and it's about time you get married.
        " I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "WHAT! That's my decision to make!" You were very pissed cuz your mother does this all the time. "It's time you get married whether you like it or not!" The father demanded. "Now hurry up and get change, we're going to the mideragals house." 
         You left without hesitation, very upset and depressed. It's time for you to actually become a man and get married. Just the thought of it was very uncomfortable. You grabbed a plain button up shirt, a pair of pants to slip on and quickly combed your short hair. "Y/N let's go, they're waiting for us!" I walked outside to meet my parents to the walk to the mideragals, as I was walking with my parents, my mother get close to me and whispers, "there are two different girls for you to choose from and you will chose Isabella over the bulky looking one so I hope I made myself clear." " Yes mother,"
          It was like you were in a trance and you couldn't get out of it. Your thought went back on track and you wondered, " what bulking women?"  You finally made it to Casita along with an older one standing in front of it. " Ahh well come, well come." Ambela said proudly. " So what did you need for?"
           Ambela questioned while putting her hands on a resting manner. "Well my son is going to get married and I heard that you have some family members around his age that would gladly be his wedded wife." Your mother said knowing she's going to get her way. You had a nervous yet uncomfortable grin on your face which made it seem you were happy with the situation. "Oh I have 3 granddaughters Luisa, Isabella and Dolores Come in so we can discuss the marriage and wedding." Sounds good, the father announced. 
         Ambela led you and your parents to the dining room making sure that we had taken our seats before she called the girls except Mirabel. "Luisa, Isabella and Dolores, can you come down for a minute, we have something important to discuss," Ambela had said before taking a seat next to your mother. 
Luisa's Pov:
         I was confused, what did ambela need us for, especially the older ones? I went to get Isabella because she was taking a nap and of course Dolores heard. I walked down the stairs in confusion, Dolores was already down there and Isabella was following you. You headed to the kitchen to see what was needed and upon your eyes you witnessed another family sitting with Ambela. " Ambela, what did you need?"
          I said out of curiosity. Ambela had told me seeto have a seat next to her and this boy. I happened to glance at him for a quick second and a flash of bright red covered my face, so I quickly turned to Ambala to avoid eye contact. " So, you might be wondering why we called you down ladies, well one of you will be married to this man by the end of the week!" Ambela announced with pride. MARRIED!
            I shockingly replied. Isabella scoft, because she is used to this kind of stuff and Dolores just made a sound,"hm" in a high pitch tone. The blush began rising up again, I was confused, mad, embarrassed and a little flustered. I turned around to the boy just to see him hiding his smile from not wanting to do it, I felt bad.
Your Pov: 
          I really didn't want to get married. That is what my parents always do when it comes to marriage. I couldn't help but turn over to the bulky one next to me, she was really pretty and it wasn't just her muscles she looked beautiful, it was her face that was elegant. She had caught a glimpse of me studying her. So I Asked, "How old are you? "As a matter of fact I just turned 20 like two days ago." 
       There wasn't much of an age difference between you and Luisa. "So have you chosen who you will marry yet?" Ambela said. "I can't just see a group of girls and automatically say I want that one, There are not objects you know.
      " You said in a confident yet serious way.  Ambela already liked you, you weren't like other men, you respected women. Isabella was impressed but still didn't like the whole marriage thing, Dolores just sat in silence, while everyone was figuring out what they were going to do. Your mother gave you a look saying you better not mess this up. "Tell us what you want to happen" Ambela calmly exclaimed. "Well I was hoping to spend time with Luisa."
          She was shocked to hear her name come out of your mouth, Dolores broke her silence. "Ohhhhh Luisa I guess you won't be doing any chores today." Daloras said with an evil smile along with Isabella repeating the same action. Ambela chuckled at the two girls. Luisa was a mess, her cheeks glowed a bright red and got darker every time you looked at her.
        " You sure you didn't mistake me for Dolores or Isabella? Cuz most people do!" Luisa couldn't help it, every time she thinks someone asks her out they just joke about it or say something kinda rude."Oh I'm positive and I want to spend my day with you and would like to get to know you better. You looked at your parents giving them an evil smirk then back at Luisa's face and both of your faces grew a dark shade of red. 
         "Wow you really mean it?" Luisa nervously said while rubbing one hand behind her neck. "Then it's settled, Isabella and Dolores you are free to leave." You gently rest your hand on Luisa's hand seeing if she would do the same. She tries so hard not to squeeze your hand but she holds on to it.
         "Awwwwwww Luisa, you're such a Teddy bear." Isabella teased. "Yes, whatever."Luisa replied with an eye roll. Your parents just looked at you in disbelief. " You're no longer my son if you stay with this bulky woman."
        Your father looked at you hoping you would go there route. Luisa dropped her head down, still holding your head not even knowing what to do. "Well I guess I have no parents." You said confidently. "Good bye y/n!" 
       Those were the last words that your parents had told you. All you did was watch them walk out of Casita and they didn't look back."You felt abandoned, left out and neglected. A tear slowly ran down your face and all of a Sudden you felt something big wrap around you, it felt warm and safe. You looked up to see who it was. There she was, Luisa hugging you in to a gentle squeeze trying to make the pain go away.
        Ambela looked at you with pain in her eyes trying not to believe what your parents had done. "Mi vida, you are more than welcome to stay at our home." You burst into tears realizing that the mideragals have taken you in. Luisa had pulled away a little just enough for her to look at you. "Hey don't cry you have us now and I know it will take a lot of getting used to, but having someone that you lived with your entire life could be hard to let go of."
        Ambela was shocked to see Luisa so open, and she knew that Luisa meant every word of it. You then look at Luisa with blush rising up again. You grabbed her hips closer to you with one hand and the other on her cheek, rubbing your thumb against it. You get closer to her lips to get ready for a kiss and stood on your tippy toes. All you felt was her lips against yours.
         You tilted your head for the kiss to be more tender. "I'm going to go now." Ambela said quickly while running out of the dining room. It was just you and her, you both had forgotten about ambela but noticed she wasn't there anymore but that wasn't the thing that was on your mind and all you wanted was Luisa's everything. You then feel her strong arms wrapped around your neck wanting you to do whatever you pleased to her.
         little did you know that all of the madrigals we're watching both of you full blown making out. Julia was holding Austin back, he wasn't ready for his little girl to grow up. You both then break the kiss and take quick breaths."I have never experienced anything like that before, it was nice." Luisa loved when your lips were trapped with hers.
         You both stood there in silence realizing what you two just did. Blood rushed so fast up you and her body to y'all's face. Deep in your heart you knew that she was the one. "Luisa I would love it if you would do the honors of marrying me." You said hoping she wouldn't reject you.
     "YES!" Luisa said proudly. You shared another kiss with her which felt like it lasted for hours and all you heard was the family cheering from behind while peaking their heads out of the door.
Tumblr media
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ikithwoo · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto flag icons !
bruno; aromantic , camilo; uranic , luisa; demi-girl , isabella; sapphic !
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Did you know? Luisa Madrigal edition
Did you know that the first time Luisa Madrigal was playing football she kicked the ball to hard and it never stopped turning? The ball was the Earth
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal never lies? The truth is just wrong
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t read books? Books read themselves for her
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal counted to infinity? Twice
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal is the one that makes onions cry?
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t breathe? She holds the air hostage
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal can make one minute rice in 30 seconds?
Did you know that once there was a man named Chuck Norris and his character was inspired by Isabela Madrigal?
now you know
Tumblr media
there was also a kid named Thor Odinson. Luisa Madrigal gave the hammer to him
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horrorartist23 · a day ago
Im howling I saw an encanto Vine Compilation and now I wanna see this one thing drawn. I cant draw the characters.
Mirabel: *hands Luisa a can* hey luisa you want some?
Luisa: *takes it* this bitchs empty...
Luisa: YEET!
Im howling why is it so fitting?🤣😭🤣
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luisa-madrigal-magic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Very messy doodles of Luisa n my OC.
The bottom middle doodle was inspired by a Luisa x reader fic but I forgot by who.
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kitherondaleswife · 25 days ago
in “we don’t talk about bruno” dolores sings that she associates him with the sound of falling sand. i wonder if that means that she associates everyone with an specific sound.
maybe she hears thundering and raining and thinks about pepa. she would listen to some food frying and know that aunt julieta was home. she would hear laughter and immediately know that camilo was goofing around. rose petals falling around told her that isabela was on her way. the sound of heavy things being dropped made clear that luisa was working. birds chirping annunciating that antonio was playing.
and maybe, just maybe… the sound of a kind and strong heart beating was the tell that mirabel was around.
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my-random-shit-blog · a month ago
Encanto gifsets that give me serotonin Pt 2
Spinny Madrigals..
Tumblr media
Miracbel's skirt go brrrrrr
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepa, you're perfect
Tumblr media
*Julieta watching her daughter get stampeded by donkeys*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DILFS- *cough* sorry, I mean- PAPIS- sorry-
Tumblr media
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
I like to imagine after the magic returned to the casita each of the family members rooms no longer was just a reflection of their gifts but also their personal interests. No longer it Luisa's room a home gym, or whatever, it pretty freakin relaxing more beach like. Mirabel has room, and it reflects her intrest in crafting. Bruno's room no longer has a ridiculous amount of stairs. There litt hide holes for his rats and it's more cozy. Their rooms become a mixture of who they are and their gifts.
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captin-merc · a month ago
This is a little headcannon that's been in my brain for a while it has to do with the doors and a sort of defence system they use. So when a Madrigal is overwhelmed they can go into their room and the door will keep people out. Here's some examples:
Isabela when she is upset her doorknob will grow thorns to keep others out.
Pepa's knob will give people an electric shock.
Antonio's isn't used that much because he's five, but when it is it will turn into a jaguar and bite the person touching it.
Luisa's door becomes to heavy for people to open.
Julieta's becomes hot enough to burn, but the pain and burn goes away as soon as you let go (this also doesn't get used often).
Dolores's is used the most out of everyone because her gift gets so overwhelming sometimes. When her doorknob gets touched it sends out a soundwave that leaves people's ears ringing.
Bruno's doorknob turns to sand when touched so no one can get a good grip on it to turn it.
Alma's door would be similar to Julieta's door except the entire door is just on fire.
And finally Camilo his door will straight up disappear into the wall. It was really scary the first time it happened because people must have thought he had either died, lost his gift or was still in there and was stuck.
Yeah feel free to add anything on to this.
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yyuppys · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
agustín & baby luisa ;w;
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neo--queen--serenity · 21 days ago
Thinking about when Luisa tells Mirabel, “last night—when you saw the cracks—I felt weak,” I was struck by how she said “WHEN,” not “if,” not once questioning if what Mirabel said was true, and how it’s the first, possibly the only time she got verbal affirmation that someone in her family believed her and took her seriously the night she told them something was wrong with La Casita.
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