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batemanslut · 25 days ago
Pairing: Luisa x GN Reader
@shiroichiban since your asking for encanto smut,, eating luisa out and reader getting pussy drunk in the process? make her squirt and all that y’know— 😳
reader will have female anatomy, but will use gender neutral pronouns.
Luisa was the world's biggest tease. She was cute and she knew it, so why wouldn't she flaunt herself infront of the most attractive person she knew (aka YOU). Everytime she walked by she would wink in your direction, or blow you a kiss.
Every single time, without hesitation, your heart would explode into a million little firework. Luisa set your soul on fire. Her smile made your day ten times better, her laugh was like music to your ears. She could do no wrong in your eyes. You wanted to hold her in your arms and gaze into her eyes.
Although you had many wholesome and sweet daydreams about Luisa, there was also other things you wanted to do with her. You let your mind drift, spacing out.
Luisa was walking across town, trying not to look like she was looking for anyone in particular. She wiped her sweating palms on her skirt. Today was the day she was going to ask you for what she'd only dreamed about. She'd never had really had time for relationships and romance before, and she wanted to try.
Finally she found the person she was totally NOT looking for. You were leaned back with your eyes shut, with a really dumb (yet adorable) look on your face. Luisa gave a half smile, loving how peaceful you looked. She poked your arm, trying to get your attention.
You quickly shot up, looking up into Luisa's gentle eyes. A huge grin spread across your face, and one appeared on Luisa's face as well. God how could someone be so pretty!
"How's it going?" Luisa asked, trying to sound calm and confident. Her hands were resting on her hips as she cocked her head up.
"Going just fine now that you're here." You flirted shyly, feeling your body heat up around her. You couldn't help but feel butterflies bubble up in your stomach and throat.
"Oh stop teasing." She let out a small laugh before taking a seat next to you, purposely letting her knee touch yours. Your heart thumped against your chest, feeling yourself grow sweaty.
"So, I just wanted to.. you know hang out." Luisa stated, starting to lose her confidence even though you were clearly interested.
"We should go to the river." You hummed out, shielding your eyes from the sun that was shining down from the cloudless sky. Luisa felt heat rise to her face, nodding her head. She didn't care how much work she needed to finish, all she wanted to do was be with you.
"Wanna go right now? I have nothing else to do today." She said, lying straight through her teeth, knowing damn well she had other stuff she had to finish. You shook your head up and down, standing up from your spot. Luisa did the same, letting her arm linger against yours for a few seconds.
You held your breath, nervously looking away from her. Was she doing it on purpose, or were you overthinking. Your brain works on trying to piece everything together as you walk to the river with Luisa.
She sideyes you, wondering what in the hell you're thinking so intently about. Even though she's curious, she doesn't interrupt you.
As soon as you both get there, you lay down in the lush grass, letting the breeze wash over you. You felt a hand on top of yours, and your heart nearly stops. You look over at Luisa to find she's already peaking over at you.
You let out a nervous giggle. Luisa moves closer to you, so your shoulders are touching. All this subtle touching was driving you up the walls.
"Can..Can I kiss you?" You blurt out, not even thinking. Luisa responds by kissing you instead. Her lips felt soft against yours, and she tasted like fresh papayas.
You tilt your head, placing your hand on Luisa's cheek. The kiss was sweet and tender as you two continued and moved closer together. She pulled back, panting.
Your hand hovered over her chest, looking at her for permission. She nodded her head, placing her hand over yours and guiding it to her tit. Luisa gives out a soft moan as you fondle her chest, feeling yourself grow wet.
She moves her knee up between your legs, but you quickly push her over and stradle her. You lean down for another kiss, letting the kiss be sloppy and messy. A string of drool connected you two as you pulled away.
You start kissing down her clothed body, working your way closer and closer to her pussy. You wanted this so bad, you'd do anything to make Luisa feel good.
You carefully pulled her skirt up, revealing soaked underwear. You stared in awe, momentarily gobsmacked. Your fingers work at the bands of her underwear, tugging them down her legs. She was all natural, and you loved it.
You felt yourself drool at the sight, laying your body flat so you have better access.
"Luisa, please let me eat you out." You asked, looking into her eyes with desperation. She felt her heart jump.
"You can do whatever you want to me." She said firmly, putting one hand in your hair and pulling you down to her pussy.
You kiss around her pussy, teasing her. Your lips wandered from her thighs to around the lips, placing a final kiss on her clit. You work around her clit, using your hands to push her legs apart.
You flatten your tongue out, moving your head upwards to collect all her juices. Your touch is so light it basically feels like air. Luisa gasps underneath you, squirming slightly. She props herself on her elbows, so she has perfect sight of you.
You continue, forming a small circle with your mouth and sucking on her clit. While doing that, you gently slide in two fingers, making a curved hook motion. She squeaked, bucking her hips up in pleasure. Luisa had never felt anything like this before.
She clamps one hand over her mouth, and the other is tweaking her nipple under her shirt. The sensation was overwhelming in the best sense possible. She lifts her legs up, giving you easier access. You pump your fingers faster, fully shoving your face into her wet pussy. You feel her wetness drip down your chin as you simultaneously fingerfuck her and lick her.
She lets out a guttural moan, shutting her eyes in pure bliss. You keep increasing your speed, your eyes glued on her face. She scrunched her nose in the most adorable way, and her mouth formed this perfect little "o" shape whenever she moaned.
It's like you were put on earth just to please Luisa. You postioned yourself to suck her clit again, hearing her breath quicken. Without warning, Luisa squirted. You latched your mouth around her pussy, not wanting to miss a single drop. Luisa let out a loud whine that cracked in the middle, calling out your name. You'd be surprised if the whole town hadn't heard it.
Her high faded, her mind dizzy with lust. She could barely speak. You licked your lips, your face covered.
You were both silent, laying in the grass together. You had her curled up in your arms, laying her head on your chest. Luisa could heart your heart pounding against your chest, nearly popping out.
Luisa peppered kisses on your hand, but slowly fell asleep. You gave a soft grin and shut your eyes. What a perfect day you thought, as you drifted to sleep alongside the most beautiful woman in the world.
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thequeendesi · 21 days ago
luisa x female reader headcanons about what cuddling with her is like 🤲
also LOVE ur writing 💪
I dub thee- Muscle-Nonnie!! <33
Despite her claims of a being “as tough as the crust of the earth is” her skin is SO FUCKING SMOOTH
Like??? No callous
bbygworl has a detailed shower/bedtime routine
Prefers to be laid on
She loves when her ‘Angelita’ can hear her heartbeat
Will play with your hair
And rub patterns on your back
Will be little spoon on her stressed days
She FUCKIN LOVES when you hold her from behind.
It’s a big and vulnerable thing for her
Will melt if you move to hide your face in her neck
Likes falling asleep with you holding a boobie
If you’re little spoon, she’ll hold you so damn close you’ll have to wake her up to get out of that grip
Falls asleep w one hand holding a boobie, the other between your thighs ( best sleep of her LIFE
It’s not even a sexual thing for her. It’s a comfort thing.
Another way she likes cuddling, is when her heads on your tummy/upper chest area, and she’s laying between your legs.
She’s mindful to not completely crush you at first, but gradually ease into it
Will one thousand percent knock clean tf out if you run your fingers through your hair
Loves to talk when cuddling
“Angelita? Can I ask you a question?”
“Do you believe in destiny?”
“I believe in it, yes. It brought me my best friend, mi sol, mi vida. It brought me you.”
“I love you.”
( it’s her fav for you to call her
Really fucking enjoys when you rub her shoulders when she’s laying on your tummy.
pls, give her forehead kisses when she’s about to wake up. She will never forget. She makes a mental note EVERY TIME
“Angelita, you didn’t kiss my forehead this morning. Is everything alright?”
“Oh! I’m sorry! Everything’s alright. I just got scatterbrained”
Honestly, she deserves all the love.
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k-encanto-c · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Coming Out To Her + The Madrigal’s
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: This REQUEST, reader comes out to Luisa as nonbinary :)
FANDOM: Encanto (I suppose I could remove this since it’s the only fandom on this blog??? Nah)
CHARACTER: Luisa Madrigal x NB!reader
GENRE: Headcanons, Fluff, coming out, Establishing relationship,
WARNINGS: alma misgenders reader :( but she apologizes sincerely so 👍
A/N: yeah the header thing, it was made by me don’t save or claim as your own :) thank you. TUMBLR KEEPS GLITCHING IT IM GOING TO CRY- IF A SENTENCE REPEATS ITS TUMBLRS FAULT
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✾ “Listen, Luisa…” you say to her, you’re about to come to her, and of course you’re feeling nervous. Not that you expect her to take it badly, it’s just a nerve wracking thing. 
✾ She gives you a questioning look and takes your hand. She doesn’t say anything.
✾ You continue. “I think… not not I think-” you ramble a bit but find your way back to your original point.
✾ “I’m non-binary.”
✾ You see confusion flash across her face and then it seemingly clicks.
✾ A gigantic smile spreads across her face and you can see her eyes start to water. “That’s great! I’m glad you told me!”
✾ Fast forward to when you’d decided to come out to the rest of the family.
✾ Everyone looked confused at first, you were sure that not everyone knew what it meant.
✾ You explained before anyone could ask.
✾ Camilo and Mirabel are the first to really acknowledge it, saying praises and giving you fist bumps.
✾ Then it seems to click for everyone else as well.
✾ Soon you’re trapped in a giant madrigal hug, minus Abuela who still seems like she can’t wrap her head around the concept.
✾ When everyone settles a bit you’re feeling pretty good, until Abuela says the wrong pronouns. A sick feeling twists in your stomach.
✾ Before you can speak up, Luisa is already staring at her grandmother. “It’s ‘they’ Abuela, They go by They/Them pronouns now.”
✾ Abuela quickly apologizes and corrects her statement.
✾ In the end, despite the hitches, you thank god that it went over smooth.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All content belongs to @k-encanto-c , do not repost or copy
Taglist: n/a
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continentalblue · 9 days ago
I really wish we saw Luisa and Bruno bonding in some way. Just imagine him encouraging her to relax as they watch telenovelas together because she doesn't have to be the strong one all the time. She can just be his niece and they can make up for lost time
[[do not tag as ship, this is strictly platonic]]
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croissantsaremylife · 13 days ago
First HC’s I’ve done! Theas are Fluffy HC’s for…
Tumblr media
Luisa!! 💪
alrighty let’s start :)
Luisa X NB! Y/N
☁️Fluffy Headcanons☁️
• On really heavy chore days, Luisas usual thoughts of pressure, gets times by 5, and usually she releases them at home
• So 100% a cuddle bug, she loves it when you two are just laying on the couch embracing each other
• Please give this strong bby hugs and kisses like SHE NEEDS IT.
• Hmm Giver or Receiver?? BOTH.
• Loves giving kisses to you and also receiving them 🥰
• So do you remember that one scene when their having dinner with the Guzmans and Luisa is like crying on the piano, yeah that’s one of her outbursts-
• You have to comfort her during that since she becomes more broken than the Titanic can ever dream off
•I swear, whisper something sweet, Luisa is literally this 🔥
• Luisa = super touchy, it just gives her reassurance but also makes her flustered
• When Luisa gets flustered, she turns away like covering her face and if you listen close enough, you’ll hear her saying like “why are you so cute y/n” but like only Dolores can hear that probably
Alright woohoo! First post done :D
Tysm for reading and so sorry if it’s short,
Goodbye for now!
Tumblr media
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ducktbm · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
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myartsing · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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desichameleon · 3 days ago
Could I request some hurt/comfort stuff with Luisa x Fem reader. Like Luisa comforting the reader who's been having a really bad day and just needs some love? Thank you :-)
of course bby ! sorry it took so long i was sick for the past few days and had to keep making changes to this sorry if its short 
I’ll always lift you up
pairings : luisa x fem!reader
request : yes / no
warnings : sad and annoyed reader, ruined clothes, mentions of getting hurt, chaotic kids, worried luisa
summary : the reader has had a bad day ! who better to cheer them up other than luisa
a / n : i used google translate for the spanish please correct me if im wrong ! 
You sighed as you flopped down onto your bed, today was not your day. You had had to see Julietta about three separate times today from how many times you had tripped not to mention the amount of failed attempts you made to keep the Diaz twins calm and unchaotic. Lets just say you will never be able to wear that outfit again. On top of all that you haven’t been able to see your beloved Luisa all day! She’s been to busy moving some boulders that have been blocking the river, you’re happy she’s helping out but right now you wish she was here comforting you. Just then you heard a voice from the hallway “(y/n), ¿dónde estás?” ¡dios mío! It was like the heavens above heard your wish, you quickly opened your bedroom door to see Luisa just about to knock. “Hey” you said as you jump into her arms “you okay amor? I saw you with my mom about three times today.” Luisa says, her eyebrows furrow in concern “well...” you started but trailed off “c’mon (y/n), dime qué pasa” she says sternly. You sigh as you lead her into your room and sit down on your bed and she mirrors your actions, “I guess today hasn’t been my day. I’ve fallen over way too many times, I’m not going to be looking after the Diaz kids again anytime soon and my favourite shoes are ruined never mind the whole outfit.” you rant to hr about your whole day as she watches you and listens, no interruptions she just listens.
You finally finish after for what seemed like days when it was actually just five minutes and Luisa just pulls you into a hug, no words but it’s all the comfort you need right now. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help querido, I promise to spend the whole tomorrow with you (y/n)” Luisa says as you smile into the crook of her neck as her strong arms cradle you. “You know what Lui you are the most amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for, te amo” you say as you press your forehead against hers, “te amo mi vida, te amo”.
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carlaerosie · 6 days ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress and in her hair - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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thequeendesi · 22 days ago
Random Luisa Headcanons
Tumblr media
Hates having her hair up and rather prefers it down in a loose braid, but since she’s a symbol of masculinity, she feels like she needs to have it up
Favorite color would be hot pink or lime green
Would know absolutely nothing about cars if encanto was modern
Abuela used to call her “mi sol” because Luisa shines as bright as the sun
Can dance VERY well
Has a sensitive gag reflex??? Pls don’t smell around her. She doesn’t want to be mean.
Does NOT fuck a ghosts.
Cries very easily
Dolores has came into her room many times to comfort her.
Has really had issues with communicating feelings???
Is a soft switch.
Would adore Betty White
But would absolutely get tattoos. But cute lil butterflies, handwriting
If modern, she found Pedro’s handwriting and got it tattooed on her left shoulder, and has Alma’s handwriting on her right shoulder
Pry it from my cold dead hands, the writing was from Pedro and Alma’s love letters.
She also has Julieta and Augustìn’s writing on her, but they’re on her ankles
They are also from love letters
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unidonkey · 22 days ago
May I interest you with some lovely details in Encanto's costume designs?
Brought to you by the Art of Encanto book
First off my darling Luisa. I'm obsessed.
Tumblr media
I love her clothes in the movie and I'm so happy they went with that look but also I...
Tumblr media
I love her your honor.
Anyway, I am also OBSESSED with the details they give us about Felix's shirt I mean
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Embroidery direction" are you kidding me. Also all the cultural references in this movie. Love.
Shoutout to Dolores and Agustin. We adore his socks. Also the hair design deserves it's own post.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just... HER
Tumblr media
Only 10 pictures tumblr that's not enough anyway here's a quick Isabela & Mirabel
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This movie is a work of art
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cinnavee · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
🕯The Madrigal Sisters🕯
MAN finally able to make some fanart!! Encanto is such a great film abt generational trauma n the music n designs slap so hard??? This is like one of the few latest Disney movies I rly enjoyed n would rewatch :)
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taffybuns · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
my favorite characters !! this movie was so sweet ;_;
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belleski · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨hot and cold✨
Part 2 (the triplets) 
backgrounds under the cut because i’m really proud of how they turned out
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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a-tin-of-crisco · a month ago
every family should include…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cosmoanimato · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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joolychuu · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mischief-marauders · 25 days ago
Bruno in the walls watching everyone harmonize about how much they hate him:
Tumblr media
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stimmybruno · 25 days ago
i’m rlly glad with the way luisa was portrayed in encanto. bcus she is strong, she is built muscly and broad and tall. BUT she also wears dresses and doesn’t have a ‘boyish’ hairstyle. she isn’t masculine. she’s feminine.
yk a lot of women in fiction who are portrayed as strong are always immediately made to be masculine as well. and obviously this solidifies the “men are strong” stereotype. women in fiction who are muscly, or who are fighters or who are strong are almost ALWAYS portrayed as masculine but luisa isn’t.
women can be strong and feminine. women can be muscly and wear dresses. and that strength that’s “all so masculine and man like (/sarc)” doesn’t take anything away from their womanhood/femininity.
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quietbirdee · 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Give it to your sister and never wonder If the same pressure would've pulled you under Who am I if I don't have what it takes? ---- it’s a listening to surface pressure on repeat kinda day!!!
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