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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Mirabel Madrigal x GN Reader, Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader, Luisa Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff, Scenarios
Synopsis: The Madrigal Grandkids with a S/O that's love language is biting
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
At first, mirabel was a bit confused and just lost?
She doesn't really mind since you don't bite that hard but she does wonder why you do it though so she asked you like any normal person would do
When you said that it was your language, she was a bit surprised but not really bothered by it because it wasn't really an issue with her
Mirabel and you were sitting on her bed as you two drew clothing ideas for mirabel to sew when suddenly you kissed her cheek and that wasn't out of the ordinary but when you bit her cheek, is when she got a bit surprised "What was that?" She asked as she chuckled a tiny bit not looking away from her sketchbook.
You moved away from Mirabel's face and looked at her "I bit you, did you not like it?" You asked as you pouted a tiny bit, there wasn't a problem with her not liking it but you were going to be a bit upset because mirabel didn't like your love language "No, no, just a bit surprised." Mirabel said as she grinned a bit as she turned her head to look at her making her curly hair bounce and sway a bit.
"It was actually nice," Mirabel said as she kissed your cheek making you grin at her, It would take a bit to get used to but mirabel liked your small bites and she actually bites you once in a while.
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela wouldn't mind but it did throw her a bit off guard when you did it for the first time
Isabela would compare you to a venus fly trap because of your biting and other carnivorous plants but don't take that as an insult! She loves carnivorous plants and loves your biting! She thinks it's adorable and she bites you back
When you said that it was your love language, isabela finally understood and that's when she started calling you venus fly trap
Isabela and you were just going around town, doing your chores and stuff when you decided to kiss her cheek which she leaned into but when you softly bit into her cheek, it made her stop walking in shock.
You stopped walking and looked at isabela "Um..you good?" You asked as you looked to your left and to your right then back at isabela as you were a bit nervous as isabela seemed like she didn't like your bites of affection.
Isabela then shook off her shock and looked at you "Yeah, you just surprised me...I kinda liked it." Isabela said as she said the last part a bit less loud than the other parts of her sentence while she winked at you then she leaned to your face and softly bit your cheek making your face heat up and making you flustered.
Isabela laughed at your flustered state "You did it to me, so I did it to you." She said as you two started walking again as you shook your embarrassment off.
Luisa Madrigal
Luisa literally froze when you first did it, She didn't know what to do but she did like it a bit, she did think it was a bit weird though she doesn't mind
She does wonder why you do it though she doesn't ask because she thinks that she'll appear as rude, she'll eventually just ask.
When you tell her that it's your love language and how you show affection, luisa literally loves it and feels honored whenever you bite her
Luisa and you were just relaxing in her room when you suddenly kissed her which she, of course, leaned into as she loves your kisses but then you softly bit her which literally made her freeze with you in her strong muscular arms.
You didn't mind and didn't think anything of it, you actually didn't even know that she froze because she wasn't moving in the first place, the only thing that was moving is her chest because of her breaths but when her arms started tightening around your body is when you started panicking.
Luisa loved hugging so you didn't mind when she did but sometimes her hugs were too tight "Luisa..?" You mumbled as you tried to snap her out of her thoughts, you didn't know what she was thinking about but most likely it was about your little bite "Oh sorry!" Luisa said as she loosened her grip on you and you nodded as you mumbled an "It's fine" while you sweat-dropped.
Luisa removed one of her arms from around her to rub the back of her neck "It's just that your small bite surprised me." Luisa said as she wrapped her arm back around you and you laid your head back on her chest "Hm, did you like it?" You asked as you quirked an eyebrow and luisa nodded "Yeah, it was nice." Luisa said as she kissed your forehead gently making you smile and chuckle a bit.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores didn't really care nor was she surprised as she heard whenever you talked about whether you should do it or not, she was actually the one that told you that it was okay
Dolores likes it a lot, she thinks it's cute and sometimes even bites you back, and sometimes she just snuggles into bite
As I said before, she already knows that it's your love language so you don't even need to tell her that it's how you show affection but either way, she likes your bites and thinks they're cute
Dolores and you were currently watching antonio as everyone else was out doing chores and antonio needed to be watched, Antonio was a mature five-year-old and could be by himself for a few minutes but he couldn't cook and he was a five-year-old, and toddlers can't really be by themselves all day while every adult or teen is out doing something else.
You were leaning on Dolores's shoulder as she watched antonio play around with his jaguar and toucan, you then kissed her cheek making her smile and you could feel her face muscles flexing against your lips, you then bit her cheek making her giggle a bit "That tickles!" She said as you pulled away from her cheek.
You smiled softly at her "Then, maybe I should bite you more." You said whilst you chuckled a bit, antonio wasn't even around anymore, he just went further into his room to give you two your time.
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo actually loved it when you did it for the first time, He bit you back but much harder and it left a bite mark but he apologized immediately after and wouldn't stop apologizing for like two days
Camilo calls you morder which means 'bite' in Spanish or sometimes he just calls you 'biter' because of it though when he was little, he used to bite a lot of people and his mom and isabela used to call him morder too
When you explained that it was your love language and how you show affection, camilo started biting you too! He did do it softer than the first time though
Camilo and you were just in his room chilling, you were in front of him with his body lying in between your legs, he was laying on his stomach with his head on your tummy while you brushed his thick, shoulder-length curly 4A-ish hair with his green mixed bristle brush.
Camilo then looked up to look at you making you stop brushing his hair and you set the brush down on Camilo's canary-yellow satin sheets that matched the color of one of his 'backup' bonnets though the bonnet wasn't his, it was Dolores's, he stole it and dolores just let him have it because he wouldn't have given it back anyway "You're brushing my hair so rough, just like my Mami." Camilo said as he rested his chin on your stomach.
You chuckled a bit as you rolled your eyes "And, your hair is easier to brush when it's wet." You said as you ran your fingers throughout his now untangled hair and you then kissed Camilo's cheek then you bit it making him grin.
You looked at him weirdly when you pulled away from him, camilo then bit your cheek but much harder leaving a red bite mark indented on your left cheek making you scream out in pain "Ow!" You yelled making camilo pull back and he saw the mark on your face and he jumped up and immediately clutched your face "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bite you that hard!" Camilo whined out as he hugged you and he mumbled out many apologizes "I'm fine, It's fine 'milo.." You said as you sweat-dropped at Camilo's actions and movements.
He was crazy but he was a sweetheart.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 21 hours ago
Hello! I hope you’re doing well! So I really love the idea of gn!reader being able to teleport so may I request hcs of the reader pranking the Madrigals using their teleportation? (Excluding Antonio, all seperate, fluff and romantic) They’re alot of characters so take your time! If you wanna divide it into parts that’s fine too. If you can’t or don’t want to do everyone that’s fine too but please include Pepa, Luisa, Camilo and Julieta. Thank you for your time and have a great day/night.
Teleporting Mischief Pt. 1
The Madrigals x teleporting gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: Yes
[Word Count: 2,875]
CW: mention of cracking bones (like popping your back, not like breaking your bones), blood, tickling, (?)
Having the ability to teleport and a love for pulling pranks is a dangerous combination, but you use it well. This is nice for you, but can be rather unfortunate for your partner.
- Part 2 with the rest of the Madrigals (excluding Antonio obviously) will be posted tomorrow! Also I used more Spanish in this one than in others but I'm just Googling it, I have no idea what I'm doing, so sorry if I misspell anything. -
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She likes to think that she’s used to pranks because of Camilo
But when you appear out of nowhere and shout at the top of your lungs, she realizes that she’s definitely not accustomed to them
When Luisa gets scared, I feel like she’d go into full defensive mode and then freeze up
Which means that you have to teleport away fast before you get punched square in the face
Even though she doesn’t hit you, Luisa would apologize profusely once she realizes what she did
“Oh, oh my gosh. I am so, so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Luisa begins to ramble once you teleport back to her, this time a few feet away. You barely avoided getting your nose shattered, and the adrenaline is still racing through your veins.
“Luisa,” you begin, but she doesn’t seem to hear you.
“I just panicked,” she continues, “and I didn’t know that it was you but now I do know that it was you, and now I feel really bad. What if I had actually hit you, then-”
“What if you hate me now? Do you hate me?”
“Luisa.” You have been walking closer, until now you’re standing right in front of her. You can see tears brim in her eyes that you know she won’t let fall. “Luisa, it’s okay.”
With that, she stops, finally meeting your eyes. That crazed expression is still in her eyes though, like she thinks that you’ll suddenly say that you lied and that you hate her. “Luisa, I don’t hate you, and I’m not mad at you. I’m the one that scared you, I should be the one that's sorry.”
Luisa pauses for just a moment. “What? No! No, that was good. You got me real good,” she says with a small, forced laugh. You place your hand on her forearm, bringing her eyes back to yours.
You don’t know what to say next, and so you don’t say a word. Instead, you wrap your arms around your girlfriend’s shoulders and bring her in for a close embrace, which Luisa immediately returns. You feel some bones in your back pop with her strength, but you’ve grown pretty used to it by now.
She picks you up off the ground just barely, allowing you to now lace your arms around her neck and kiss her hair, still whispering about how she did nothing wrong. Luisa holds you just a bit tighter.
If you ever did it again, Luisa would be prepared, and she wouldn’t react so suddenly
But that first time definitely ended in a lot of cuddling and giggles
She’s working on her gardens when you teleport directly behind her, not making a sound
Slowly leaning down to her kneeling figure, you just quietly whisper
“Hola, Isa.”
Expect a mouthful of flowers immediately after
Isabela would shriek and jump up, vines shooting from the ground and narrowly missing your face.
“Dios mío, Y/N!” Isabela shouts, brushing some dirt off of where her knees rested on the ground.
“Sorry, sorry,” you say through laughter while holding your nose. “You got me back, at least.”
Isabela takes a moment to calm down before she realizes that she hit your nose when she stood too suddenly. “Oh, your nose,” she says, bringing her hand to your face. Her fingertips are soft but her palms are calloused, a lovely combination to feel among the pure pain shooting from your nose.
“How’s your head?” You ask in turn. Your voice sounds a bit nasally, which probably isn’t a good sign.
She only shakes her head, bringing her hands back down to her sides. “We need to get you fixed up. Mamá has her stand down in town, I’m sure we can catch a short line this early in the morning if we get down there quickly.”
You just nod, still holding your nose. Isabela rushes you down the hill, small flowers sprouting in her hair, probably from the nerves. You pick each one out and gently place it behind her ear, to which Isabela shoots you a look and mumbles something about how “this is not a time to be joking.” You don’t tell her that you can see the corners of her mouth perk up with each flower.
By the time you reach Julieta’s stand, blood has begun to stain your hand. Julieta looks between you and her daughter, you with your hand covering your nose and Isabela with her own hand resting gently on the crown of her head.
Julieta only shakes her head and sighs, bringing you two still-warm arepas, once for each. You thank her and begin the walk back to the casita, biting into your arepas in silence.
You would definitely apologize first, but Isabela would follow right after
And by that I mean you wouldn’t even be able to finish your apology before Isabela apologizes for breaking your nose
You two make up, but Isabela makes you promise not to prank her again
That doesn’t mean that Camilo can’t, though
Dolores is so used to being able to hear everyone come up to her, having you just suddenly appear is scarier than the actual prank
All of Camilo’s pranks have little to no affect on her, but that’s only because she knows when he’s coming
If you stay quiet about it, Dolores will have no idea
The prank was simple, you were just going to teleport behind her repeatedly and make a single sound before jumping away, not letting Dolores see you
You do this throughout the whole day - teleporting behind her, snapping a stick, and then teleporting out of sight
By the time dinner rolls around, Dolores looks ready to lose it, but you don’t want to give up just yet
You follow Dolores back to her room after dinner as you usually do, your hand wrapped in hers. You want to get one last jump in before you go to bed, but you don’t know how without making it obvious that it’s you.
“I’m going to run to the bathroom, be right back,” you say, taking that as your excuse to release your hand from Dolores’s and start to walk towards the top floor’s bathroom. Dolores watches you leave for just a moment and then turns back to her door, quietly slipping inside. She’s still thinking about what the strange sounds she’s been hearing all day are and where they’re coming from.
All day, you haven’t risked teleporting to Dolores without having an eye on her, just in case you end up directly in front of her and ruin the whole thing. But this time around, you don't have much of a choice. Quickly jumping outside to grab a stick, you begin to formulate your plan. Right around this time is when Dolores is usually setting up her bed to sleep, so she should be facing that way. If you time it right, you’ll be in and out with just enough time to walk back in with Dolores being none the wiser. And then you can confess tomorrow.
Taking a deep breath, you visualize where you need to go, and teleport. When you get there, stick at the ready, you realize that Dolores isn’t in front of you as you expected. In fact, you can’t see her anywhere. Your fingers go somewhat limp around the stick, a confused expression adorning your face.
You turn back to the bed and take a look at it. It looks the same as it always does, but it doesn’t look prepared for sleep. Maybe she never even entered her room?
You jump, literally, and then you teleport into three different random locations all within the span of a few seconds. When you return to where you were, you spin to find Dolores standing behind you with a cheeky smile on her face. You’re breathing heavily, but you begin to grin with her.
“You got me,” you say once you can talk again. Dolores looks very proud of herself, but leans forward to give you a small kiss on your cheek.
“I heard you get a stick from outside, and I hid in the closet.” Dolores nods her head over her shoulder towards the cabinet where she keeps her clothes. “You had me, you know.”
You smile and bring Dolores forward to give her a kiss on the cheek, as well. “Si, I know.”
From that point on, Dolores becomes a lot more alert whenever she suspects that you’re preparing to pull another stunt on her
Most of the time, though, just to humor you, Dolores lets you get your way for just a bit
She always gets you back in the end, though
Camilo is a prankster himself, so you’d think that he can see the signs
Spoiler: he can’t
Camilo is so head over heels for you that he would never suspect you to be the type of person to pull something as cruel and spiteful as a harmless prank on him, but oh is he wrong
Since he’s always pretending to be someone else just to suddenly shift back into himself and lunge at you, you decide to do the same thing, in a way
You have your eyes on Camilo, entertaining some kids in the street by shifting into them or their loved ones, doing impressions, the usual. You need to get him alone for this to work, though, and so you decide to wait it out. Any time you’re about to get caught, you simply teleport into a different hiding spot, always keeping Camilo in your sights.
Finally, the kids run off to go see Isabela bring various plants to life, and Camilo gets to rest. He sits down on a nearby bench and lets himself slide down it just a bit, head hitting the wall behind him as he takes a deep breath. He looks so peaceful, you almost don’t want to do this. Almost. You’ll never forgive him for jumping on you in the middle of the night because he got bored.
Starting the plan, you grab an armful of rocks out of the bag resting at your hip, taking a slightly small one into your hand. Staring right at the spot you want to teleport to, you quickly jump there, drop the rock, and jump back.
Camilo’s eyes open and he slowly shifts his head to look where the rock dropped, head tilting slightly when he doesn’t see anyone there. While he’s turned, you teleport behind him and drop another rock, repeating the process until you only have one rock left.
Somehow, Camilo doesn’t catch on, and you watch him walk between the two spots, checking around corners for someone that isn’t there. You sit there and wait for Camilo to sit down once more, which he does, and you prepare to do one of your more risky stunts.
You jump in place, teleporting yourself mid-air to drop a rock down between Camilo’s feet, teleporting back into your spot before you hit the ground. Most of the landing impact is muffled from your proximity to the ground, but you still make a sound when you touch down. Luckily, the bustling noises of Encanto cover that up well.
You watch as Camilo looks up to find nothing but clear skies, then back down at the rock. When he looks back up once more, you teleport right in front of him, jumping forward and grabbing him by the shoulders. You can’t think of anything short enough to say, so you just shout as you do it.
Camilo screams, high and short, and shifts between you, a kid from earlier, and Mirabel, for some reason. You burst into laughter while he catches his breath, one hand clutching his chest and the other stabilizing himself on the bench. “Your face!” You cry, still cackling. “Oh, I wish I could show you!”
Camilo grumbles something you can’t hear, but he doesn’t look particularly mad about being pranked. “That was a good one, mi vida,” he acknowledges, standing up. You manage to compose yourself, meeting Camilo’s eyes with a prideful grin. “But I bet you can’t stand this-!” He suddenly attacks, quick fingers tickling your sides and any other ticklish part of you he can reach until you’re both on the ground, you squirming and crying from giggling and Camilo chuckling evilly.
“Milo! St-op!” You shout, batting his hands away briefly.
“Apologize!” Camilo taunts, returning to tickling you. You shake your head, but you know you won’t be able to last much longer. Townspeople glance at you two and smile or cheer you on, but you can’t even hear them. “Apologize, or I’m not stopping!”
Eventually you can’t take it, and just shout “I’m sorry!” through excessive giggling. Camilo stops, as promised, but he’s still laughing. You shove his shoulder and bring yourself up into a seated position beside him, already plotting how you’re going to get him back.
This one event begins a prank war that will last for multiple years after this
Camilo will never admit that he’s secretly jealous you can do so much more with your gift when it comes to pranks
But if one of you ever takes it a bit too far accidentally, you give each other a few days’ break and spend most of your free time cuddling rather than plotting
Being the main victim, Mirabel also thought that she would be relatively immune to any pranks anyone may pull (similarly to Luisa)
She doesn’t count on the pranks coming from you, necessarily
In truth, she’s never considered the prank potential that your gift comes with, she just thought it was some cool thing that would never be used against her in any capacity
Once again, she was wrong
You and Mirabel have a very open and loving relationship, so you don’t want to do anything too extreme, so to speak
You just want to teleport behind her, give her a quick scare, and then hug it out - nothing big
You find Mirabel in her room, the old daycare. You don’t have to open the door, and so she doesn’t hear you come in.
Mirabel is humming to herself and tidying her bed, slightly swaying to the song in her head. The wind coming in from the window blows her hair back around her shoulders, and the sun casts a warm glow on her skin. You could stare at her for hours if you didn’t know that you have a job to do.
Silently, you creep over to hide behind her dresser, making a “quiet” motion at the wall to let casita know that it needs to keep your presence a secret. A part of the paint peels off and dips as if to be a nod, quickly fixing itself before Mirabel can notice.
The door to the closet is thrown open, nearly hitting you square in the face. “Casita, do you think this one, or this one would be best for tonight?” Mirabel asks the house, probably holding up two different skirts to the wall. You hear creaking, indicating that casita is answering. Somehow, Mirabel can speak wood, and returns to her cabinet.
Knowing that Mirabel has her back to the rest of her room, you take this as your moment to teleport behind her, a small smile already on her face. You see the two clothing options that Mirabel has laid out - one deeper blue skirt with butterfly embellishments and the other a warmer shade of sea-blue, bland except for some stitched designs that look like vines.
“I like the second one,” you whisper, indicating the sea blue skirt. You think that color compliments Mirabel’s eyes the most, and it contrasts her hair nicely.
Mirabel yelps and spins around, hitting you in the face with a third skirt that she was looking at. “Oh! Y/N, when did you get here?” She asks, placing a hand over her heart briefly.
“Not long ago,” you answer with a small shrug, stepping forward to bring Mirabel into an embrace. Mirabel returns it easily, her arms hugging your waist and her body heat warming your front.
“Did you need something?” She asks, her voice slightly muffled in your shoulder.
You shake your head, feeling her deep brown hair tickle your nose as you do so. You bring your head closer to the crook of her neck, breathing out in pure content. “I just missed you.”
Mirabel awee’s, and you hear casita make a creaking sound that probably translates to “awe” in house language. “That’s sweet,” Mirabel says softly, rocking the both of you side to side with the third skirt still in her hand. “You said you liked the second one?”
“Mhm,” you say, eyes still closed and keeping you two swaying.
“I like that one too. Do you have anything that color? We can match!” You pull away, looking at her and thinking, trying to remember if you have anything nice enough to wear to a celebration that is close to the color of her skirt.
“I might,” you answer. Mirabel’s face breaks out into a wide, giddy smile, which makes you smile as well.
Maybe you should pull “pranks” on Mirabel more often.
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dumbrequesttaker · a day ago
can you do the adult ladies of how they would react to their partner asking them “would you still love me as a worm” question, if not that’s fine :)
Summary: "Would You still love me if I were a worm?"
Warnings: None
She is confused, you asked her this while cuddling in bed one night "You won't turn into a worm Mi Vida--"
You would respond "But hypothetically, if I did?"
She sighs and thinks
"I would still love you, I'd keep you in a terrarium in my room and read to you every night... But in this hypothetical world I would also try to find out how that happened and reverse it"
"Or turn myself into your worm wife~"
She was cooking when you asked this, making her laugh and giggle "Where is this thought coming from?"
She would then hum in thought
"Yes, I would-- Worms are good for the environment and you are good for my soul~"
"You can live in my compost bin" she then Pat's your head
You asked her on a date, whispering to her
"That's random- but, would you still be you as a worm? Or would you be just a worm with no memory of us?-"
After some joking pushing she finally muses the thought
"I think I would, I probably could still hear you wiggling around- but I'd miss being able to talk to and kiss you~"
"So please don't turn into a worm"
You two were gardening the old fashioned way when you asked
She doesn't hesitate "Yes and these would be our worm children"
She holds up a palmful of dirt with worms riddled through it
"Could we plant micro-plants if we were worms?"
You two were relaxing playing cards when you asked
She doesn't think she heard you right, you'd have to repeat yourself a few times before she repeats it back to you
"Would I love you- if you were a worm?-"
"Like worm in the dirt?"
"How would that happen?"
Its hypothetical
"Uh.... well.. Y-Yeah! I wouldn't let anyone squish you or let birds eat you..! I could have a potted plant in my room for you ir something?--"
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sweaterweather-247 · 2 days ago
Cuddling Luisa head canons
Luisa is a giant cuddle bug, she wants cuddles 24/7.
Luisa holds you tightly and there’s no escape, you can try but she’ll only hold you tighter.
Luisa is a heavy sleeper and when her arms are around you, you’re staying there no matter what.
If she holds you too tightly she’ll loosen her grip.
Luisa is usually the big spoon, she loves holding you, it feels like shes protecting you from everything.
Sometimes Luisa wants to be the little spoon and you can barely wrap your arms around her.
You two cuddle while facing each other.
Sometimes you’re tucked under her chin and Luisa is holding you close to her chest.
Sometimes Luisa is tucked under your chin and your arms are around her neck holding her close.
Luisa sometimes rolls over in her sleep and she rolls on top of you.
If you can handle Luisa on top of you, its nice and warm, her weight is comforting.
If you don’t want her on top of you. Just nudge her awake and she’ll get off of you and pull you on top of her instead.
Sleeping on Luisa is nice, her arms hold you in place, her boobs are like pillows.
If you both go to bed angry and not cuddle up together, Luisa will be the first to crack and cuddle you while you sleep. Even if she’s mad she needs you.
Luisa hates getting up in the morning and she can and will snuggle you all day, she always gives morning kisses.
Cuddling with Luisa is the best thing you could ever ask for, her love keeps you warm at night.
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randomimaginesstuff · a day ago
Luisa: *carrying all groceries with both arms*
Y/N: *reaches out to help her*
Luisa: *switches all the bags to one arm to hold Y/N's hand*
Y/N: that's not what I- ok
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multi-fandom-imagine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/n: This shit is adorable....also I'm sorry for how terrible these might be. I'm finishing these off at work while fighting off a cold T-T.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❌: Felt like it was love at first sight when she first meet you. Didn’t know what to think, she was completely confused. Had to speak to Isabela and Dolores about it.
❌: She likes how you don’t follow the norm, she likes that you’re not afraid to get dirty and she likes that you don’t wear dress and skirts like so many of the other girls in the village.
❌: Is a nervous wreck when it comes to asking you out, may trip in front of you { you think it's cute }.
❌: Luísa loves how you play with her younger cousin's.
❌: she likes how you stand up for yourself, that you're not afraid to tell someone off if someone says something negatively about your choice of clothing or how you don't act like a proper girl.
❌: Starts to dress with what makes her feel more comfortable and she knows that she owes that to you.
❌: Sometimes you will both switch it up your clothing style. Isabela loves to tease you both for it.
❌: With your help of not being on of the perfect woman in the village she feels less stressed.
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luisa-madrigal-magic · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Very messy doodles of Luisa n my OC.
The bottom middle doodle was inspired by a Luisa x reader fic but I forgot by who.
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ransperfect · a day ago
Whatever the world can offer.
I was requested a Luisa x Male! Reader fic. I hope this will reach expectations to those who ask for it. @coffeecreamer097
No warnings!
Luisa x Male! Reader
Reader’s pronouns : He/him
There will be this character Osvaldo, he is the character who gave the gift kit to Mirabel and sort of insulted her ?
Set years after the post-movie
Tumblr media
You and Luisa were newly engaged just a month ago. You proposed to her on a ferris wheel. In the secret theme park inside her bedroom. It was a private proposal and what Luisa really preferred in a marriage proposal. But it’s been years since you two were together.
You met her when she was trying to find her sister, Mirabel. Then when the magic pretty much healed, you and Luisa started to talk even more. And moved away from the word, ‘platonic’. Now here you are, another month away just to call her your wife. But is everyone else’s vision of you two were how you or Luisa saw it..?
That morning, a fine cloudy day. Luisa was asked by the townspeople that she had to do some errands at the other side of town, more far but it was fine. Luisa had been such in a good mood these days, if she had Pepa’s gift it would be the hottest the town had felt. While walking there, she had her eyes all focused on her ring finger. The spectacular ring given by you. An engagement ring. She never seen one so amazing. So beautiful. She would always smile proudly ever being asked about the marriage or just simply glancing at the ring or you.
Luisa continued walking happily before she was stopped by Osvaldo. She never liked him much, she rather found him rude. After finding out how he gave a ridiculous name for a kit. ‘The not special, special’ for Mirabel. But as Luisa, one of the most helpful people around town. She had to politely greet him.
“Hola Osvaldo, anything I need to move or lift today?” She asked him, he stared up at her. Creeping her out a bit.
“Ah no, I wanted to ask your engagement with Y/N. He proposed like a month ago right?” He questioned, bringing Luisa’s attention happily as she’d gladly talk about you every day and any day.
“Ah yes he proposed a month ago! Still very happy about it.” She chuckled to him. He chuckled back, and looked in thought. Which made Luisa raise an eyebrow in confusion,
“Is something wrong..?” Luisa looked down at him. He looked like he wanted to choose his words precisely, even when they aren’t the nicest when hearing them.
“Don’t you feel that it’s weird, a short man and a tall woman? It’s always the other way.” He asked her with his head tilted. Making her a bit shocked,
“What do you mean..?” She muttered
“I mean, it’s always tall guy and short woman. And also the fact that you have more of a masculine body than him. Like, won’t a feminine body be better? Well Pepa is a bit taller than Félix, but it’s not too noticeable. Huh. I learn a lot everyday.” He said to her seeming so confident. But Luisa felt a bit hurt? Are these standards?
Did she have to have a skinnier and less masculine body? Height? That wasn’t a problem though when you’re with her. Instead of having a warm smile appear on her face, an awkward and obvious anger chuckle came out out of her mouth.
“I guess that’s my cue to leave..”
She couldn’t stop thinking about it that day. As she helped everyone, she sighed and she had her eye twitch unintentionally. Of course it can be ignored, but she takes a lot to heart. Especially from those she helps. She always wants to fit their standards like into being strong and helping everyone. Or just anything to not be a burden to all of them.
She frowned, and sat on the ground hiding from everyone. The conversation repeated in her head many times, she tried to avoid it by hitting her head again and yet again. It felt strange, it was never a burden to you both.
Does height matter? Her looks? Was it too masculine to you. That’s when it hit her. She started to admit she wasn’t good enough for you. How you deserved beautiful people to be with, someone not busy and can attend to you for anything.
But all those thoughts had a pause. As she heard her name echoing from casita. That’s when she realised the sky was an orangey-purple. Indicating the night was near and family dinner is happening soon. So she stood up and walked awkwardly back, bidding goodbye to those she ended up seeing.
Dinner was fine for everyone. You recently joined every dinner with the Madrigals after being engaged with Luisa. You sat next to her, not paying attention to your fiancée because Abuela Alma was busy talking to you. Questions about how you feel about the engagement, plans on the wedding, how many kids you would like and occasionally throwing in an ‘Are you fine if I ask..’ sentence starters.
While asking, Abuela turned to Luisa with a warm grin. But Luisa looked cold, not in a mean way. Like in a more uncomfortable way. You looked at her stiff, and weirdly playing with her food. The empanada was just in her palm being played with instead of being in her mouth. Her glass of water was also untouched, shocking you as water is the first thing she touches in a dinner to relieve a long day.
You watched her with an eyebrow raised. Everyone also watched her awkwardly. She pressed her lips together. Luisa just stared back at everyone. Except you. Abuela Alma brushed it off helpfully changing her conversation. Into talking about how everyone’s days were. It distracted them and you quietly whisper to her why she acted like this. But it puzzled you at how hard she tried to ignore you. What was wrong?
Luisa felt like a burden to you. One thing about her is that it’s so hard for her to hide her feelings. Like that time she showed Mirabel so much body language and how obvious her deeper emotions were. She may hide her words but hiding her feels are impossible. Of course you can detect it well. Luisa just felt so horrible and realised that she is nobody compared to you. You were kind and entertained everyone, made others laugh and didn’t awkwardly tower all those around you. But a truth she thought though, did this hurt you like how hurt her?
All of the sudden she felt so bombarded even when you were the only one trying to grab her attention respectfully. It’s because you’re like her everyone, her everything.
She stood up all of the sudden, and hurried herself away. You tried to approach her. But you felt tugged by a small hand. It was Dolores. She shook her head and but was also unsure whether or not to tell you about the happenings.
The Madrigal family were all together washing and cleaning the dining area. Except a missing one, Luisa. You had your thoughts full of recalling your earlier moments with her. Did you insult her? No. Did you make her angry? No. Did you annoy her? Maybe but probably not. So instead you answer went to Dolores. Who was at the corner, placing all the plates back.
So you approached her slowly and held her wrist. Catching her eyes to you. Knowing what you wanted to ask her. She pressed her lips and checked to make sure the others still busy. And she sat you down next to her.
“So.. I didn’t want to tell you this but I don’t think Luisa would tell you so I will,” She sighed slowly.
“Today this morning Osvaldo told her that it was strange a tall woman such as her, to have a shorter husband. And how she was more masculine and that was not normal.” Dolores said with a sad look. Yet tried to reassure you with a smile too.
Luisa did not know what she did, so all she done was lift and lift. She lifted some heavy yet light, dumbbells with one arm. Producing sweat from her forehead. She was desperate to exhaust herself to sleep just before you came back to confront her.
Yet, you were already there. Making herself frown but still ignored you. She sat on her bed slightly uncomfortable by your presence. But you hurried over to sit next to her. She finally stopped lifting to look at you in the eye. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a softie but at times she can be intimidating.
You grabbed her arm. And gave her an assuring look,
“Luisa, I love you so much alright? Nothing can ever stop me from loving you unconditionally.”
“Dolores probably told you. Forget it. I don’t want it to get in your head.”
“What Osvaldo said, did not get to my head. Your feelings did.”
“What do you mean?” She looked at you wide-eyed.
“I care about you so much Luisa! I love you so much! I am not saying that to assure you, I am saying this because I genuinely do. Why would you listen to some townsperson opinion?! Alright? I don’t see that you are strong and a lifter, I see you like a glowing and an amazing woman. I am so glad that you will be my wife. I am glad to create a new future with you. I am just glad to be with you. I love you more than whatever the world can offer! Do you hear me now?”
You rambled so much with many expressions and feelings. It seemed slightly confusing though, it can look like a vent, or a loving praise or even a harsh scold. Nevertheless, she had the need to bawl. So she did. She felt those burdens on her shoulders disappear. She learned that she loves you, and you love her. There’s nothing more you two need to prove.
DONE! I am sorry this fic took so long. It’s that I’ve been so busy with other stuff in my life. I am also so sorry if this is bad, it’s actually one of my least proudest works. But I am happy to have finally finish this c:
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animationmovieshipps · 2 days ago
Always and Forever:
Chapter 9:
With no one there for her to distract herself, Luisa soon became impatient, sitting alone at the table with a cloth she placed over it so flies wouldn't fly over the food. Worry and no information of what might have happened, made her anxious, wondering if it wouldn't be better for her to have gone along with everyone else.
At times like that, she wished she had Dolores' gift.
Suddenly, when her gaze lifted from the colorful patterns on the cloth to check if anyone was coming, she was surprised to recognize you, running in the direction of her house.
Confused, but at the same time intrigued, Luisa got up from her chair.
"Anor, what happened-...?" She tried to ask as she noticed the tears welling in your eyes, but her words were replaced by a grunt as you jumped onto her belly and wrapped her in a hug, so tight that if her body wasn't strong and tough as a rock, her ribs would break.
Thinking the worst could've happened, Luisa carefully took you in her arms and hold you back in a not-so-tight hug, in contrast to yours that seemed to hug her as if you were doing it for the last time.
"Are you okay, mi amor? Is it still hurting?" You asked concernedly between sobs, as you brought your hands up to her cheeks and caressed them gently with your thumbs.
She smiled at you, looking at you with loving eyes. You would melt all over if you weren't so worried.
"Don't worry, it's over. I'm fine now." She replied calmly.
"No, I couldn't stop that from happening, I'm really, really, really sorry." You said, still feeling immense guilt over it.
"Why are you apologizing to me? None of this was your fault, you had no way of knowing what was going on while you were at work." She said.
"That's why, I'm your girlfriend, I should protect you from what makes you unhappy too, because when you feel bad, I feel bad too and if I'm not able to protect the person I love the most in the world, I won't..."
You were interrupted when your girlfriend pulled you even closer and shut you up with a kiss soft, short kiss.
"It's not worth it to brood over a bad thing that happened, what's gone is gone."
"I know, but I promise I won't let her do anything to you again." You muttered, as you leaned your forehead against hers.
"Oh cariñito, we both know this is an impossible thing to promise." She said, but showed no sadness, her beautiful face having an expression that blended serenity and happiness. "Just promise that you'll never let me go through a hard time without you, that's enough for me."
"Isn't that what I've been doing for like... Almost 12 years?" You asked with a smile, raising an eyebrow.
"I know that, you silly, I want it to be this way, forever and ever and ever and ever." She replied, squeezing you even more tight in her arms and you heard a crack. You were lucky you had a mother-in-law who made healing food.
"I don't need to promise you to fulfill it. I love you." You mumbled, your likely 15th "I love you" just that day.
"Aw. I love myself too, cosa linda." She replied in a sweet tone of voice.
Realizing what she had said, you snapped out of your passionate enchantment. Unable to hold back a smile, you gave her a light pat on the shoulder, which made her give the loveliest of all laughs. Your heart fluttered each time you listened.
You stayed there, had lunch and had a great time with her and her family as well. Fortunately, everyone looked very happy as if that unpleasant episode had been erased from their memories.
However, that day something happened that you've never done before: You lost track of time and there were only 10 minutes left to go back. You gave Luisa a kiss, said goodbye to everyone and hurriedly went back to work.
Arriving there, your boss was waiting for you at the counter, your smile of happiness slowly faded, as you noticed the angry expression on her face.
"Dona Claudia, I..."
Before you finished explaining what happened to her, she interrupted you.
"Gee, almost late again." She said, in a dry, sarcastic tone of voice. "You have to remember your responsibilities, niña, or you arrive early, or late and arriving late shows immense incompetence." She scolded you, acting as if you had committed some serious crime.
You took a deep breath to try to stay calm, knowing this was one of those days.
"...I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again." You said softly, with your head down.
"Okay, now go get me some coffee." She ordened, while tossing you some coins, which rolled across the floor.
You had no choice but to obey what she wanted. Now about to live alone, you couldn't lose that job.
That was a really tiring day, but you could make it through until 6pm. However, you waited for her to arrive so you could close the shop, but became restless when she appeared, making you serve people who were relieved to still find the stationery shop open.
When you saw it, she made you work overtime, not even once mentioning that you would get overpaid for it.
"Alright Y/N, today wasn't a good day, but there is nothing that can spoil your night... I hope." You said to yourself as you walked to get your things.
You were surprised when you got there and you already saw the wagon with all the furniture there, arranged to fit in it like it was a puzzle game.
"Looks like someone is late." Luisa joked, before giving you a kiss.
"I know, I'm sorry amor, Doña Claudia made me work overtime today." You explained, not having the courage to tell her about the abuse at your work, because you knew how she'd react. "But come on, I'm here now."
"As you wish." She said with a smile.
You two went along with the wagon to your new home, where you finally opened the front door and saw what it looked like inside for the first time, barely holding back with excitement.
That wasn't the biggest house in the whole city, but you didn't care about any of that, it looked so cute and cozy. You visited all the rooms first and already had in mind how and where each of the furniture would be.
Lucky your super-strength girlfriend was there to help you bring things in, even if it was her day off. You were officially an independent girl, owning your own life and supporting yourself with your own money. You really liked that feeling.
"Yeah, we did a good job here." Luisa said, hands braced on her hips as she looked contentedly around the living room.
You took one of her hands in yours and gave it a quick kiss.
"Thank you so much, for everything." You said, stroking her hand's back with your thumb. 
"For bringing things here? Oh, you know, it's nothing." She replied, looking away shyly.
"No cielo, for everything you've done for me so far. I don't even know how I could ever repay you." You explained, smiled and leaned your head on her arm.
"Why are you thanking me? You've accomplished this all by your own efforts. And you don't know how much I'm proud of you." Luisa replied, a great feeling of happiness washed over you when she said that.
"Yeah, that might be it, but if it weren't for my love for you, I'd never have done any of this, the courage to leave my house so I can be with you, you gave me a temporary ceiling to live and got me my job. So technically, it was thanks to you too" You explained, as you ran your index finger along the path of her arm.
Almost immediately after, you were surprised when she suddenly held you in her lap.  Your arms reflexively wrapped around her shoulders for fear of falling backwards, one of her arms around your back and the other under your legs, as if you were a bride.
"What are you doing?" You asked between amused laughs.
"What I've wanted to do since I first saw this couch." She murmured in a low, deep voice, with her face very close to yours. You saw the fire of passion glean in her eyes, making a red blush spread across your entire face.
Luisa abruptly threw you onto the couch, placing herself on top of you shortly after.
Because she was so tall, she had to be a little lower than you, you always drived wild when you felt her breasts against your belly. You gasped when you felt her hand grip your waist tightly and the other one cupped your cheek, before lowering her head and she pressed her lips against yours.
With no patience to start slow, she kissed you savagely, pushing her tongue inside your mouth and biting your lips every now and then, while you kissed her back trying to keep up with her, which resulted in a lot of sloppy kisses, but still, it felt good.
Until, taking the opportunity of one of the short breaks from her amorous attacks, you lifted your head a little and began to fill her neck with passionate open-mouthed kisses, licking and relishing the salty taste of her skin.
"O-oh, bebita..." She gasped and giggled sofly, surprised at yet another boldness from you.
Over time, your shows of love became more and more violent as you let yourself be carried away by the moment, leaving marks of hickeys and small nibbles on her and being completely enchanted by the small noises of pleasure she made.
After you finished, you watched her look at you with a genuine smile of happiness, before capturing your lips in another kiss. However, unfortunately it didn't last long when you started to hear knocks on your door.
Luisa broke the kiss and gave an annoyed grunt as she dried her mouth with her fingers.
"Who is it supposed to be?" You asked between panting breaths, more curious to know who it was than annoyed by whoever it was, interrupted your make out session.
"I don't know, but they came just in time." Your girlfriend grumbled as she stood up and straightened her messy clothes and hair.
"Hey." You called out to her, causing her to turn to look at you before going to answer the door. "We'll continue later? Okay?"
You winked at her and she gave you a beautiful smile before heading to the door as you sat down and also straightened the mess to looking presentable. 
Luisa opened the door, muttering a low "who is it?", startled to see that it was her family.
"SUPRIIIIIIIIISE!" They shouted happily, each one carrying an unopened bowl of food in their arms.
"We came for dinner, to celebrate her first day at the house." Antonio said, giving little jumps in excitement.
"Unless we came at the wrong time." Camilo provoked Luisa with a suggestive tone of voice, which, even trying not to show it, showed a certain embarrassment.
"N-no, of course not, come in." She replied, giving him a forced smile.
With so many people in the house, you soon felt her surroundings much more cheerful, and you were even happier to see that your father came with them.
"Pa, you came!" You exclaimed, giving him a hug after he placed the bowl he was carrying on the dinner table.
"Of course, do you really think I would miss this important moment in your life?" He said, looking at you lovingly as he cupped your cheeks in his palms.
You gave him a smile and cocked your head to the side, noting how Luisa looked a little uncomfortable, not having the courage to speak to your father again after the day you introduced her as your girlfriend.
Manuel smiled and walked over to her, who, without knowing what to say to him, waved shyly. You had to admit, it was super cute.
"It's okay niña, I'm not like my wife." He assured her in a comforting voice.
Now knowing this, from one second to the next her behavior towards him changed completely, now returning to the way it was before.
"Suegrito!" She exclaimed, as she wrapped him in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground, but your father didn't seem to mind and hugged her back.
All the Madrigals and you were immensely happy to see the two of them interact. Fortunately, nothing went wrong that night. The first dinner at your new house was very special, having so many special people there with you.
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fanmak · a day ago
encanto requests
I'm going to write encanto fics and i'm open to requests
Reader will have they/them pronouns unless specified in the request
Characters i will write for
Platonic antonio
Platonic alma
No smut for underage characters
No abuse
No non consensual acts
No incest
No yandere
Tell me who you want it to be with (with the couples i'll probably make it a poly relationship)
Give me a idea to base it off of (ex: isabela on a picnic making flower crowns and telling stories)
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totallyawr1t3r · 18 hours ago
c: Hello! I hope you don't mind, you can write a Luisa x fem reader, Luisa yandere who at first was very sweet and kind but over time she becomes aggressive and dominant, keeping the reader locked up in her house and her family supports her, Luisa for a time seems to be sweet again but when the reader does not obey she becomes aggressive again, Luisa is able to kill her suitors (my english is bad, forgive me)
Yandere Luisa x Fem!Reader:
TW: Murder, Abusive Realtionship, Unhealthy mindset, Manipulation, Kidnapping
Luisa wasn’t rough with you in any way at first.
She just thought you needed some time to get used to your new home. So she was willing to wait for you to warm up.
Slowly, she was losing her patience a bit as her family started to feed into her doubts and Insecurities.
You just kept being selfish, kicking and screaming whenever she got close to you. Telling her how much you 'hated' her.
It hurt her in more ways than you can imagine, and her family couldn't stand by that. So maybe they told Luisa 'Playing the bad guy does good things sometimes' so that she would start to be a bit rougher with you, so you'll learn to understand what she's doing. 
At first it wasn't much, maybe a little bruise here or there that was gone within a day or so. 
But then those bruises soon started to last for a week, then started to turn a bit more extreme. But it was fine because she was protecting you, right?
But that wasn't enough. It never was. Soon her family slowly started to place a disturbing thought inside Luisa's mind. 
Was murder wrong? Not if it was to protect the love of your life. 
Of course, the first time Luisa had actually killed for you, she broke down. She couldn't even face you, hiding away for about a week once her family had finally helped her calm down. 
She didn't know if any of this was actually ok. She was always told murder was wrong no matter what, that hurting your partner wasn't right. So why was it different when it came to you? 
Because it was the only way to protect you.
She soon got numb to it as she continued to push down the guilt.
It was fine because she was doing it for you. She was only keeping you safe. Why can't you see that? She only wants to protect you, yet you're too selfish to realize that.
Thay broken leg she gave you wasn't meant to hurt you, it was so you couldn't wander out into danger itself!
Sometimes you gotta do a bad to do a good.
Whenever she cuddled you now late at night, you would mumble how you wished for the old Luisa and how you wanted her back.
She sometimes wished that too.
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coffeecreamer097 · a day ago
Las cosas necesitan ser arregladas
Here are the chapters!!
#1  #2  #3 
Luisa x female reader
Chapter: #4
As you awoke from the sunlight that bothered you every morning. You could hear someone talking in the kitchen and then someone saying “They’re sleeping still?” 
You cracked your eyes open to someone groaning as they got up from the bed. 
When did you start drinking?
You rubbed your eyes and groaned, as you sat up from your bed you noticed Luisa sitting there. 
“Are you okay?” You asked her as she rubbed her forehead. 
“Okay,” You said as you got up fully off the bed. “Oh! I heard someone shuffling around in the kitchen. I think your parents have some company over.” Luisa said filling you in on the shuffling outside your door.
What were they doing right outside your door anyways?
You got up off your bed and started getting out your clothes for today. 
“I’m going back to casita. T-to change. Do y-you need me to get out?” Luisa stammered she looked away from you for a moment. 
You took off your skirt and realized what you were doing, you blushed but an idea came to mind. “You don’t like the show?” You asked teasingly.
Luisa’s blush brightened. 
“I-I. Y/n!” Luisa whined. You laughed as she walked toward the whispering something under her breath. 
You giggled as you finished putting on your clothes. 
“Well, Luisa. Since you’re going back to Casita. Tell Julieta and the others I said Hi.” You said as you kissed her cheek. 
“Will do,” Luisa kissed your nose making you scrunch up your nose in a cute way. Luisa opened the door to reveal both of your parents standing there. 
“I uhh.” Luisa said before looking back at you. You shivered at thee nice cool air that sent shivers down your back. You looked toward the bedroom door to notice it was still open and Luisa was still standing there looking back at you. 
You furrowed your brows and walked over to her just finishing putting on your clothes. “What’s wrong” You asked Luisa.
Luisa stepped out of the doorway. “ Mamá? Papá? What’s going on?” You asked them. 
“Did you guys make up?” Your father said as he grabbed your mom by the hips. 
“More like make out.” Someone said from the living room. You looked at your parents in shock. Was that who you thought it was?
Ignoring your parents question you ran into the living. 
“Andres!” You yelled. 
I know I have haven’t updated in like a long time but here is this chapter. Who is Andres? Don’t know? We’ll find out in the next chapter. Angst in the next chapter? Maybe
P.S: Luisa Madrigal x male! reader will be out SOON! 
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just-some-lesbian · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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sweaterweather-247 · 2 days ago
Luisa x self harm reader
TW for blood and self harm
Luisa discovers you self harm
You kept your depression and self harm hidden from Luisa, she had a lot going on and you thought her knowing about your addiction, would only burden her. Luisa loved you so much and your safety and happiness was her top priority.
The days you got the urges was the worst. You would get numb and your brain would tell you to hurt yourself and that you didn’t deserve Luisa. After you finished cutting, you’d quickly get yourself all cleaned up like nothing had happened. You’d hide your blade and bloody bandages before Luisa came back.
This went on for months, you were thankful that she was busy because that way you could make sure your cuts didn’t scar or weren’t noticeable. When you were with Luisa, everything felt better, her hugs made all of your worries melt away and your urges would disappear as well.
You’re terrified of Luisa finding out you do this, you think she’ll yell at you or leave you or tell everyone, but those are just fears and you know she’d never do that, she loves you.
Luisa wanted to spend more time with you. Lusia was going to surprise you in your house one day with hugs and a picnic. She felt bad for not spending time with you and she wanted to make it up to you. Luisa loved you so much and you are her everything. Luisa packs up the picnic and heads over to your house.
Meanwhile you were cutting, you were having a bad day and the urges just weren’t going away not matter how much you cut. Luisa walks in and sees your thigh covered in blood and and a blade in your hand. She runs over to you and grabs the blade. You two look at each other, not able to say a word.
Luisa resists every urge to scream at you but she can’t hold it in. Luisa demands to know what you were doing. You get scared and back into the corner, Luisa sees how scared you are right now and knows yelling at you will only make things worse. She slowly walks over to you and gives you a soft hug.
Luisa doesn’t care if blood gets on her, she just holds you and kisses you on the head. Luisa let’s go and tells you that you have to go to Julieta to get healed, you tell her that you don’t want anyone to know. You get the bandages and Luisa bandages you up.
You both lay in bed facing each other, you can’t find the words you want to say. You try to explain why you cut, you tell her how you feel and how much you’re hurting. Luisa feels guilty that she wasn’t there to help you but you tell her it wasn’t her fault and she made everything in your life better
Luisa tells you this needs to stop, you tell her you can’t just quit cold turkey and it takes time and patience to stop. Luisa looks worried, you tell her that if you get urges, you’ll tell her right away. You two cuddle for hours and she holds you so tightly because she’s scared you’ll slip away if she doesn’t hold tight.
Luisa wants to take your blades but you tell her you keep them clean and it’s better to have clean blades than rusty dirty ones, Luisa reluctantly let’s you have them. You’re never left alone for a few months. Luisa keeps you by her side all the time, she’s scared of leaving you alone.
You’re ok with it because you know she just wants to keep you safe from yourself. There’s some days you get urges but Luisa is right there to comfort you, some days you relapse but Luisa is never mad at you and just bandages you up and tells you to keep trying to stay clean. Luisa always celebrates your clean streaks, she’s always proud when you stay clean.
Luisa loves you and never wants to see you hurt, she cares so much about you and you love her so much.
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randomimaginesstuff · 2 days ago
Luisa: *doing pushups*
Y/N: you're not even sweating!
Luisa: it's too easy. Get on my back Y/N.
Y/N: no I'm not-
Y/N: coming strong woman!
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blueberryrock · 18 days ago
My reaction to seeing Luisa for the first time:
Tumblr media
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luna-writes-stuff · 23 days ago
The Madrigal family’s love languages
Includes Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno, Camilo and Dolores
Just to be safe: Mirabel and Camilo are canonically 15 in the movie, and I really did debate on whether or not I wanted to include them, so please, don’t make anything creepy of it. Thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words of affirmation, definitely. He’d call you so many names, that you forget which ones are used as a joke and which ones are for genuine affection. You could make an entire essay about the nicknames he had given you within a week.
He isn’t that private when it comes to relationships either, so he has no problem walking with you around Encanto while constantly gushing over the way you look or the way you walk. He’d be right beside you the entire time, telling you things such as ‘Your hair looks amazing today’ or ‘your hand is really soft’. Has the need to remind you how much he loves you every five minutes.
Tumblr media
Quality time. She gets overstimulated quite easily thanks to hear enhanced hearing, so when she finds some alone time, all she really wants to do is just sit next you while she’s reading a book or simply staring out of the window. It takes out a lot of her energy, but she truly enjoys being around you, even when there is not much to do.
She does really enjoy walks around the Encanto where there aren’t any people. It is necessarily quiet, but it’s a lot calmer. She can really find her rest in the places between the mountains. Usually, it’ll be just the two of you at those occasions. She’ll try to keep you talking because she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in the silence, but in all truth; you don’t really mind. You know silence is something she doesn’t get very much of, so you’ll let her enjoy of it every second that you can.
Tumblr media
Gifts. I’m not talking about the big, ‘look what I bought for you’ gifts. Small things. Such as leaving little notes around your room, having already prepared your cup of coffee/tea in the morning, sewing together broken clothes that you do not want to get rid of etc. etc.
Since he spent a lot of time in isolation, he picked up some pretty diverse skills he somehow always managed to use; candle making, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy….he even knows how to build his own guitar from scratch. He loves surprising you with any new gift. Or sort of gift. Your favorite thing you had gotten from his was a self made blanket, that turned out way too gigantic thanks to Bruno’s enthusiastic knitting. So now you have to share the blanket with him. Such a shame….
Tumblr media
Physical affection. It is obvious she really enjoys hugs, but any form of physical connection would make her happy. She has the constant need to simply hold your hand, run her fingers through your hair, shower your face in kisses or simply wrap her arms around you. She is very patient if you are not comfortable with the constant affection, but she always finds a way to merely connect your pinky with hers.
Words of affirmation. I couldn’t really decide on one love language, so I used two. Just like Camilo, she loves to remind you how much she loves you throughout the day. And though she often does this with hugs and cuddles, she simply needs to express herself verbally at times. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. She simply needs to. She might love you more than she loves herself.
Tumblr media
Acts of service. While you have told her that she has nothing to prove to you, the lingering thought of ‘never being good enough’ and ‘I have to prove my worth’ is constantly on her mind. She can’t just switch it off. Certainly not for someone she holds closest to her heart. But she does slow down on it around you.
She does not push herself as hard as she usually does, and the acts of service usually consist out of clearing place on the couch or bringing you a snack so you won’t have to walk. And you do tell her to sit down once in a while, but she has trouble getting herself out of that mind set. It’s a process that takes some time, but eventually, she will let it go around you. And the patience is totally worth it when you see the look on her face when you are the one to bring her the snacks from the kitchen while she lays down on the couch.
Tumblr media
Gifts. Isabela enjoys leaving special plants for you anywhere and everywhere. And while the whole town is in bloom thanks to her, you know exactly when something is meant for you and when not. For example; when she discovered a new plant to bloom, she’ll plant it in your room. You’ll be the first one to see the thing from the entire town. Or she will grow a wall filled with your favorite flowers, or plants that hold a special memory to you. She knows what she’s doing.
Quality time. Once again, torn between two love languages. Before her talk with Mirabel, she would just sit down next to you and rant about everything that was going on, simply needing a listening ear. After the whole events of Encanto though, she would love to run around the town with you, finding new places for her plants to grow. She refuses to let anything bloom without showing it to you first. It’s a whole trial you go through, but it’s a wonderful experience to share.
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 21 days ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 1
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 941]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- My first Encanto piece because I'm lowkey scared to write for this movie. It's short for that same reason, sorry! -
Pt. 2
Camilo and Mirabel involved, 18+ DON'T READ THEIR PARTS (they're last)
Luisa, Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel included
She was just helping out with moving carts around when she saw you out of the corner of her eye
After doing a double take, she almost dropped the cart she had in her hand
You were the most stunning person she had ever seen
Luisa instantly became mesmerized with how you moved, elegantly and with purpose as you looked about the Encanto
When you looked back at her and smiled, Luisa felt her heart stop for a moment
She wanted to go up to you and say something, anything, but her mind had drawn a blank
And so she just stared as you turned and walked down the opposite road, waving at passersby as you went
She didn’t stop thinking about you for the rest of the day, running through speeches in her head so that next time she saw you, she would have something to say
Through the haze of countless purple and pink flower petals, Isabela almost didn’t see you at first
Once the curtain fell, though, you were the first person her eyes went to
You were just a member of the crowd, watching and cheering along with everyone else, but you stood out enough to catch her eye
You seemed to glow as if you were made of the sun itself, illuminating your frame as you clapped for her show
She would never admit it, but Isabela knows that a few mismatched flowers sprouted along the length of her hair when you smiled at her
After the kids had run off to go be entertained by Camilo, Isabela rushed towards you to make her standard greeting
For some reason she couldn’t explain, she fumbled with her words for a moment, stuttering as you took her hand to shake
Dolores watched the whole thing, and needless to say, the whole Madrigal family was instantly in on the plan to get their dear Isabela to talk to this mysterious newcomer
The commotion of Encanto tends to keep Dolores away, but something compelled her to visit just this one day
As she was wandering about, picking out certain fruits for Julieta to cook with, she accidentally bumped into someone at a stand
Dolores turned to apologize, but the words got caught in her throat when she made eye contact with you
Time seemed to move slower than usual as you smiled at her, apologizing for running into her
“No, no, I’m sorry for bumping into you,” Dolores said, her quiet voice even softer than usual
You and her actually struck up a conversation, and Dolores realized just how easy it was for her to talk to you. It felt natural, and she instantly got a sense of safety just from this one moment with you
When you parted ways, Dolores couldn’t get you off of her mind, even spilling her own secret to her family at dinner that night
She would later send Camilo out to search for you while he did his chores so he could tell you that Dolores wishes to see you again, and that she wanted to invite you to a dinner at their Casita
Camilo was supposed to be entertaining the kids when you stopped by
He shifted back into himself, watching with a slightly parted mouth as one of the children he was playing with ran into the arms of the most enchanting person he had ever seen
You stood, chuckling at your younger sibling, and thanked him for watching over them
Camilo nodded numbly before he came to his senses, literally shaking himself out of it
He caught you before you could get too far away, gently grabbing you by the shoulder and introducing himself
You two hit it off better than Camilo expected, and you even stuck around to help him handle the kids while he went off to help with some more chores he had around Encanto
When he returned, Camilo thanked you profusely, and offered to meet up with you again sometime
While on the surface it looked like a smooth way to ask for you to hang out with him more, Camilo’s face was probably hotter than a summer’s day and he was fighting the urge to shift bodies just so he wasn’t sweating as badly
When he watched you walk away with your little sibling in tow, he couldn’t help shifting into you, completely lost in thought (the kids loved this and now refuse to stop mocking him for it, much to Camilo’s dismay)
Mirabel figured that day to be just like all the others until she saw you talking to a sweet old lady that seemed to be pointing out the way to somewhere
She watched as you thanked the lady and turned to leave before she came to her senses and scrambled to follow you, insisting that it wasn’t in a creepy way or anything and she just wanted to say hi
You heard her footsteps and abruptly stopped, spinning on your heel to be met face-to-face with Mirabel Madrigal - her glasses askew and fists clenching the fabric of her skirt
Mirabel hastily introduced herself with a nervous grin, violently extending her hand for a shake
You could tell she was nervous but humored her, acting like this was any old greeting (which you had been doing lots of as of late)
You explained that you were new to Encanto and that your family had moved here only a week ago, to which Mirabel offered to show you around
When you accepted, Mirabel waited for you to turn around before holding a mini-celebration with herself, quickly fist bumping the air
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hopepunk-fanfics · 23 days ago
Encanto Imagine: How do they act around their crush?
Bruno: VERY flustered. Red a tomato around you, especially if you’re directly interacting with him. If you ever do interact with him, he’s like a deer in the headlights. He can’t imagine someone like you would actually want to interact with him. You’re perfect in his eyes, and he stares at you in awe a lot. Daydreams about you a lot, but refuses to have visions about you because he doesn’t want to see something he doesn’t like. Gets pretty awkward around you and makes jokes that don’t quite make sense, but also has really down-to-earth moments as your bond grows. Is always looking out for you. Gets very protective because he never wants anything bad to happen to you, and he’s kinda scared it will.
Mirabel: Delightfully dorky around her crush. I feel like her love language is gift giving, so she’d probably give you a bunch of things then try to play it off all cool. But you can tell she’s so flustered on the inside. Probably rants to her Mom about you a lot, since she thinks you’re so amazing. If you reciprocate her feelings she gets pretty red in the face and is more flustered than usual. Also has a habit of daydreaming and looking at you. She confides and you and insists that you do the same.
Luisa: Is constantly trying to help you out. She’s always been busy with chores, so if she takes the time to help and hang out with you, she means business. She takes her relationship with you very seriously. Luisa tries not to rant about you that much, but sometimes she can't help herself and seeks out Isabela or Mirabel to get it off her chest. She talks very fast around you because she’s nervous and that’s how she shows it. Her chest and ears are always a little red around you. Also, she definitely shows off a bit by lifting the heaviest things when you're around, just to impress you. She’s a dork, please love her.
Isabela: You’re, like, the first person she’s known who can make her flustered. Constantly accidentally growing flowers when she’s nervous around you. You know that scene where she sprouts flowers in her hair after hearing Mariano wants 5 kids? That’s her whenever she’s around you. Isabela surprises you with the prettiest flowers whenever she can, and is constantly trying to show off and act her best around you. But her favorite moments are when she can let loose and be herself around you, and she finds that you still like her anyways. Once you told her she didn’t need to act perfect around you and she got so flustered, it made her feel so special. Will 100% fight anyone who says bad things about you, she is perpetually ready to throw hands. Calls you cute nicknames like ‘Princesa’ a lot.
Dolores: Quite shy around you, but when you do interact with her she’s pretty good at dropping hints. Well, not really hints, because that girl can’t keep a secret to save her life. It’s pretty clear when she’s crushing because Dolores has no filter. Her favorite thing to compliment is your voice, because she’s always listening for it. She can hear you from miles away so she likes to listen in and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard day she can be very stubborn about getting to help you, she really wants to comfort you. I think she’s a little more guarded than the younger ones, so she always listens for anything suspicious. Of course, when she doesn’t hear you doing anything wrong, she falls even harder. She constantly advocates for you.
Camilo: Aside from Dolores, he’s lowkey the coolest around his crush. Though sometimes when he’s around you, he randomly shapeshifts from the nerves. Tries to laugh it off though. Makes a ton of flirty jokes, but refuses to play pranks on you. You’re that special to him. Does kind of mess with you, just to see your reaction though. He surprisingly gets kinda shy sometimes, particularly on harder days, and that’s when his nerves act up. May even lowkey avoid you on bad days because he wants to be his best around you. Definitely shows off with his shapeshifting, like 100%. He smiles a lot when you're around, like the biggest dopey grin and heart eyes ever. He also lowkey gets kinda jealous but doesn’t show it much since he doesn’t want you to find him weird.
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Luisa is bisexual and likes himbos and smart confident women.
If she gets married to a man he will be just like Felix and Pepa like:
Luisa: *exists*
Male s/o: ❤️👄❤️
But if she marries a woman it would be the opposite:
Female s/o: *idk explaining something smart*
Luisa: ❤️👄❤️
Again projecting.
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