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Has nobody done this yet? I haven’t found one of these so I’m taking the liberty to do this…
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Luisa and her poor hot chocolate
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Okay but
LUISA PROTECTING ABUELA AND FÉLIX PROTECTING ANTONIO (which I alr know of but had the need to say it because I don’t see anyone else saying it) BUT MY HEARTTTTT, OUR OLDEST AND YOUNGEST BEING PROTECTED AHHHHHH
(Also ignore the reflection lol)
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»𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚊𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚜𝚜«
‼️𝙳𝙽𝙸 𝟷𝟾+ 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙲𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚘 𝚒𝚜 𝟷𝟻‼️
‼️𝙿𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚝‼️
‼️𝙲𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚑 𝚒𝚏 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞‼️
‼️𝙵𝚎𝚖 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝚏𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝙽‼️
Camilo x FemReader
Part 1 Part 2
Part 3
Tumblr media
You stayed being roommates with Mirabel for the night, tho you couldn't help but feel as if they're rather cautious of you.As you lay down on the bed you look up the ceiling sighing,then look at Mirabel from the other side of the room.
“Celìo...where are you.”You muttered quietly as you close your eyes trying to sleep without being worried.
Meanwhile somewhere far away from Encanto, a certain shadow was lurking around, looking for his way into his destination he wants to reach.
“I'm much faster at night...It's also not much help when I'm being chased.”The young boy said,his hood covering his identity as he ran, being chased by some people.
“GET BACK HERE!”One of the guard yelled as he tried to reach for the boy who took a turn.
“Wait for me Sis.”The boy muttered trying to outrun the people that's chasing him.As he took another turn one of the guards stop him cornering him which made him click his tounge.
“It's over for you..kid.Just come with us, we'd like to question you.”One of the guards stated as he tried to approach the boy.
“Not unless you can't see me.”The boy said as he slowly back away, being one with the shadows which caught the guards off.
“What..where?!Everyone Scatter!”The guard yelled looking around.
You woke up and sat straight up from the bed, to see Mirabel waking up next.Once she had her glasses on she looks at you with a kind smile in which you returned.
“Buenos dìas Y/n!”Mirabel gretted happily.
“Buenos dìas Mirabel.”You politely greeted back,as you both got up from your beds.
“So do you have any clothes with you?If you don't you can borrow mine!”Mirabel stated as you grab one of your twins choices.
“If you don't mind me asking but...is this a good choice for me to wear?”You ask politely as you showed him the dress you've decided to pick
Tumblr media
“Woah.”Mirabel said as she looked at the dress up and down.
“Yea, it's really cute!”Mirabel stated as you nodded.After a few minutes you put your hair in a neat bun with Mirabel's help.You both went down as you help her set up, as she wakes up the others.The way you set up the table was rather the way you would see the maids set up the table back in your kingdom.
“Y/n help me set up the table.”Mirabel stated as you smiled kindly at her familia who were amused and greeted you as you greet them back politely.
“Another day for la familia Madrigal to help, I do expect everyone to help the town as always.”Abuela Alma stated in her usual calm voice as you couldn't help but feel lonely.
‘It's been 2 days...I wonder what's happening back at the palace.’You wondered as you ate silently thinking about your twin brother who said that will follow after he saw the chaos back at the castle.
After eating you and ‘Mirabel’ were going to do the dishes, but as you grab the sponge you stop.
‘Wait....I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WASH THE DISHES?!’You thought as you panic, you look at ‘Mirabel’ who was cleaning the table then look back at the dishes then back at her and then back at the dishes then back at her again.
“Um...Mirabel...Please don't question me further but..how does one do..um..do the dishes?..”You ask rather hesitant as ‘Mirabel’ look at you then shape shift back into...Mirabel's cousin as you recall his name as...Camel..Carlos?no wait...Camilo.Yup.He just laugh as he approach you.
“I honestly don't believe you can't do the dishes, but with that type of expression I guess I'll believe this one.”Camilo shrugged as you slightly scratched your nape in embarrassment.
“Yea...Apologies about that...I wasn't really one to do chores..”You admitted as Camilo look at you amused.
“You don't do chores?”Camilo ask in shock.
“Well..when it comes to household chores...I suppose you can say I don't??..”Your statement can out more of a question, slightly playing with the hem of your sleeve.
“Really?That's kinda shocking.”Camilo said amused, while washing the dishes.
“It is?”You ask amused slightly tilting your head.
“But anyways, if you don't mind me asking what exactly are you?”Camilo ask which made your eyes widen as your heart beat started beating nervously.
“W-what ever do you mean by that?I'm just a normal person!”You stuttered defensively.As Camilo rose an eye brow at your nervous state.
“You sure you're not magical or something?”Camilo ask as you averted eye contact.
“What exactly makes you inquire such a question?”You ask averting eye contacts.
“My Prima's gift didn't work on you,when she carried you.”He stated as you but you chew the inside of your cheek.
“I see...well I don't have the answers as to why your Prima's gift did not wok on me.”You lied,in all honesty you knew exactly why Luisa's gift didnt work on you.Camilo responded with a hum.
“I see..but since you're free right now, you're gonna help me do chores in town...if you know how to babysit.”Camilo stated as you perk.
“I know how to babysit!”You claimed exitedly as he laughed and walked while you followed him from behind.
Camilo watches in amusement as you tell the kids stories about fairytale or something he too would find interesting.The whole babysitting was you telling the kids(Also him) stories.After their guardians went to pick them up, the kids ask if you could tell them some more stories when you babysit again which you happily agreed.
“I didn't know you're a good babysitter,Hermosa.”Camilo stated as you smiled, as if you won something.
“Mhm!I honestly didn't have time telling stories to kids, back from where I came from.”You admitted as Camilo look at you suspiciously but also amused.
“Really?So you've never babysit before?”He ask amused,as the two of you walk together back at Casita.
“Oh I have!Of course if my parents guest have younger kids, then I'm task with playing with them!”You admitted as your eyes widen from the realization of you mentioning your parents.Camilo on the other hand proudly smiled now he can ask more about you so he can figure out why his Tio and Prima's gift didn't work on you.
“Speaking of your parents, where are they anyways?”Camilo ask as you started panicking and look ahead and started thinking of an excuse.
“Dead.”You said what was the first thing that came in your mind, which made Camilo feel as if he was hit in the stomach mentally.
“I'm sorry..I'm sure your parents were lovely.”Camilo said guilty which also made you feel guilty.
“Yea..they were, there's no need to apologize you didn't know.”You said kindly smiling at him.The walk with him was slightly awkward after the mention of your parents ‘Death’.Alas the two of you were back at the Casita, not being able to handle the awkward tension between you, you were about to go upstairs and ask Mirabel about their gifts on how it was produce.
“Um Hermosa...about earlier..I'd like to apologize again.”Camilo said which made you guilty as ever, YOU.NEVER.LIE.ABOUT.YOUR.PARENTS.
“I-it's fine, honestly that's how life is right?The unexpected happens!”You said waving his apology off which made Camilo slightly frown but never less let you went to you and his Prima's room.The whole night was him thinking about how to make it up to you, for asking such a question and as for you, you were thinking about your twin brother and his arrival.
Tumblr media
Anyways This is long I suppose,I hope you enjoyed<3 There's a chance the next part will be late because...School work..yay.....But anyways stay safe!Also Celìo's part might be on the next part dunno really even tho I'm the author I'm not sure if Celìo's gonna take part in the next part.(´ε`*)
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Encanto in Tangled The Series style continues
Tumblr media
I don't draw her very often but I love her sm 😔💜
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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My headcanons as to what specifically each member of the family feels pressured by
(I could probably phrase that better but shhhh)
Pepa, kind of like Isabella, feels pressured to be perfect all the time, however, unlike isabella, she feels her moods have to be perfect instead of just being perfect in general. She has to be happy ALL the time (unless shes watering some flowers or something). And while thats enough pressure as it is she also has to live with the constant fear that she’ll end up causing a natural disaster that affects the whole town. Usually her emotions affect just herself, but during her wedding, for example, she caused a rainstorm that affected the whole town (in We Dont Talk About Bruno she says “in doing so, he floods my brain” so we can assume that it was her that caused the rain). And while that may have been a one time thing (where her gift affected all the weather instead of just the weather surrounding herself) she still fears that if she looses control too much the entire town will be subjected to a storm because of her. Yes, she may have been exaggerating in the song, but still i think its a somewhat natural fear when you control the weather, especially when that control is controlled by something as temperamental as emotions.
She has to make food ALL the time. This is incredibly time consuming and uses a lot of energy. She already had a line of people waiting for her food in The Madrigals song, imagine if something bad happens and a ton people get hurt, more people than she can comfortably feed. Also shes probably pressured into making perfect food every time she makes food. This probably isnt as prevalent in her older age, but imagine when she was younger and just got her gift. She would be expected to make good food all the time because thats her gift, but her gift is to make food that heals not to make delicious food. Also since that town has literal healing magic they probably arent too concerned with trying to stay safe. How many people have been faced with a dangerous situation and didnt even try to not get hurt because “julietta will just make food and i’ll be better”?
I think something that doesnt get talked about enough is how incredibly overwhelming it would be to hear that much all the time. Like im pretty sure she can tune into certain things (because at the end of the movie she tells mariano all the things she hears about him) but still how specifically can she tune in? Because even if she gets the general area she’ll still hear all the little noises that goes unheard/unnoticed by most people (such as sounds of footsteps, little vibrations, people/animals eating, etc.). And she might not even be able to tune her hearing and that would mean shes hearing the entire town all at once. I imagine her to have sensory issues in regards to her hearing which she has to suppress all the time. And since her hearing is so good her other senses are probably not good which can be under stimulating.
Camilo has identity crises Often. People in the town sometimes ask him to be them for hours to days at a time, and every time he spends too long as someone else he cant remember who he really is. He cant remember what he looks like and has to look at pictures of himself to remember and he cant remember his name until someone says it to him. He feels he has no real personality because he spends long periods of time as other people, he feels that any part of his personality is just something he took from someone else. He can never truly be himself in his mind. And sometimes when this happens he fears that he will never be able to shift back to be him. All of this has to be private of course. Hes caught looking at pictures of himself and his siblings joke about him being conceited, he keeps quiet because he doesnt want to be seen as weird or have his family pity him.
Antonio is obviously too young to feel pressure from his gift since he just got it not very long before the family reunited. Plus he was the first to get his gift after mirabels “failure” so he was treated as a miracle. However he can see how the others gifts affect them. Young children are super observant and he will be able to pick up on when the others are feeling pressured or in some way expressing hate for their gift (although its not really theyre gifts its the pressure that comes along with it but he cant tell the difference). Especially mirabel since they shared a room for his entire life. In the movie he tells mirabel that he wishes she had her own room, not her own gift. He is probably thinking that the gifts arent all theyre cracked up to be. Of course he still loves his gift and all the gifts of the rest of his family members but he also somewhat blames the gifts for the stuff his family is going through. He wants the gift because he doesnt want to be treated like mirabel but he also doesnt want it because he can see the pressures that come along with it. He did end up being super happy with his gift though.
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Mirabel, in a group chat: Get that bread!!!
Isabela: Obtain that grain!
Camilo: Yeet that wheat!!!
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Pepa : *Posts a super low-quality image to the group chat*
Bruno: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents.
Pepa : If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you.
Luisa: Actually I did the math, Bruno would have $225, not $0.15.
Bruno : Fam I’m right here....
Camilo: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda :)
Mirabel : while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please?
Camilo: Sorry I only have a dollar.
Mirabel: :(
Luisa: Hey I just realized I was wrong. Bruno would have $22,500 because it's a dollar for every pixel, not a cent.
Camilo: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice.
Luisa: You can buy anything you want with $22,500.
Isabela: Yeah and they want soda and apply juice.
Luisa: Apply juice to what.
Isabela: Directly to the forehead.
Bruno: Great chat everyone
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
These two moments in “Surface Pressure” are so important to Luisa’s character, and show how her song and the weight impacts her.
The first time she holds up Casita, she lets it fall on her. She lets herself be weak, because there’s no one else around who can get hurt. She can falter, she doesn’t have to put on a show or be the strongest one around. She lets her walls down.
The second time she holds up Casita and Encanto, Mirabel is right next to her, so she can’t be weak. She can’t let everything fall back on her little sister, so as hard as it is, she holds everything up, because she can’t let Mirabel get hurt. She has to be the strongest, she can’t break.
just… Luisa having to be strong, and never letting anyone see she falters and doubts herself… until her little sister comes to get 🥺
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jorge-makes-the-spackle · 13 days ago
Mirabel: Hey! How are you doing?
Luisa *staring off into the distance*:I feel like a fork in a world comprised of only soup.
Mirabel: So, you're doing better than usual!
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luisa-madrigal-magic · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
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drbtinglecannon · 20 days ago
Every moment in Encanto that broke my goddamn heart
Mirabel being outted as giftless to the village kids
Mirabel's face when Abuela asked her to not help out during prep for Antonio's gift ceremony
The way 5yo Mirabel turned around and held her hands together in fear and confusion when her door dissolved
Mirabel not being included in the family photo during Antonio's gift ceremony
Luisa singing "I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service"
Dolores singing the nicest words about Bruno in the same song she recounts how he told her the love of her life would always be out of reach. Can you imagine hearing that prophecy yet you still think so sympathetically of that person as everyone around you shit talks them?
Isabela and Dolores singing "I'm fine, I'm fine" during WdtaB
When Mirabel looked through the crack in the wall in Bruno's hiding spot and it showed the kitchen, then when she looked down at the painted plate labeled "Bruno" on the table
"Yeah my, my gift wasn't helping the family. But, uh, but I love my family, y'know?"
"But I knew how it was gonna look, I knew what everyone would think, because I'm Bruno, and everyone always assumes the worst! So! *Sigh* so..." "You left? To protect me?"
Isabela singing "I'm so sick of pretty, I want something true, don't you?"
Isabela's new colorful flowers immediately wilting when Abuela shows up
"I will never... Be good enough for you. ... Will I?"
"The miracle is dying because of you."
Julietta trying desperately to reach Mirabel as Casita collapses but the floor keeps rolling her away
Casita building protection around Mirabel in it's dying breath, only for the candle to go out anyway.
Mirabel leaving as her family calls for her
Abuelo Pedro holding his arms up in surrender as the horseman swing a sword at him
Abuela's tearstained face sitting on the floor holding her babies right after everything happened 50yrs ago
"You never hurt our family, Mirabel. We are broken... Because of me."
Every moment in Encanto that healed my goddamn heart
Everyone's color coordinated
Antonio holding his hand out to Mirabel and saying "I need you."
Every interaction between Julietta and Mirabel, what a fantastic mother
Felix and Agustin being madly in love with their superpowered wives
Mirabel hugging Luisa and telling her she carries too much
Felix had an umbrella ready for for his wedding day to Pepa, and when she said she accidentally made a hurricane he fondly sings "what a joyous day"
Mariano of all people asking Mirabel if she's ok during the proposal dinner, like the fact anyone paid her any mind was surprising but him, an outsider and during his proposal dinner? Very sweet of him
Camilo trying to calm his mom down like a doting son
Mirabel calling out for Casita to help her when she thinks she's going to fall
"You're very sweaty" are Bruno's first words in the movie.
The baby cactus Isabela makes when she admits she didn't want to marry Mariano
Isabela's face as the yellow powder stained her arm and dress, then kicks more powder onto herself, absolutely destroying her dress and getting color all over her hair and face.
Bruno grabbing a rat and safely putting it in his shirt before escaping Casita by fucking running head first through the wall with a bucket on his goddamn head
"I was given a miracle. A second chance. And I was so afraid to lose it, that I lost sight of who our miracle was for. And... I am so sorry."
Abuela apologizing was so important to me it gets to be listed twice actually
"We were saved because of you. We were given a miracle because of you. We're a family because of you. And nothing could ever be broken that we can't fix, together."
"I asked my Pedro for help. Mirabel. He sent me you."
Abuela, Pepa, and Julietta's faces when they see Bruno again. When Abuela just hugged him, kissed his cheek, and dragged him along, then when she was the one to encourage him out of his hiding spot to see everyone again. When Pepa and Julietta hugged him so hard they lifted him off the ground.
The fact Camilo said Bruno was 7ft tall but he's actually shorter than both of his sisters.
"Uh...not if we don't have a house. What?? We don't have a house, I can't say we don't have a house? What is that?? Not a house!" Camilo didn't get many moments but each was hilarious.
Mirabel helping Luisa push some rubble out of the way, probably the first time anyone has ever helped her lift something
"I think it's time you learned, you're more than your gift."
"And I'm sorry I held on too tight. Just so afraid I'd lose you too. A miracle is not, some magic that you've got, the miracle is you, not some gift, just you. The miracle is you."
The entire village showing up to help rebuild Casita
"Dolores... I see you." "And I hear you."
Antonio holding Mirabel's hand in support like she did for him at the beginning of the movie
"We see how bright you burn."
"What do you see?" "I see... Me. All of me."
Casita coming back to life and immediately waving
Isabela dying her hair and clothes further
Luisa getting to finally lie back and kick her feet up
Felix encouraging Pepa's happy hailstorm
New family photo that includes Mirabel and Bruno and Casita
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musicloveop · 23 days ago
Luisa madrigal x fem bodied reader (they them)
-reader has a habit of not wearing a bra when doing laundry (cuz its dirty) so when they do find a bra they just take off their shirt and put it on and go about landry topless, Luisa happened to walked in when this occured once and was like 'yep I like titties'.
-once reader was running around town and bumped faced first into Luisa chest and just did that one tiktok audio of screaming
-Luisa like to have reader lay on top of em' but when reader want to sleep in they can be very persuasive (unfortunate for Luisa who just wants to finish her chores)
-they work out together <3
-reader likes going down on Luisa because of her big muscular thighs that they often leave marks on <3 COUGH
-reader knows basic boxing and wresting kinda I guess? Like their a good fighter not the best! BUT they can handle their own ya know?
-Luisa often stops reader from snapping a bitch's neck
Someone wouldn't leave Luisa alone cuz idk they wanted their house moved but that day Luisa and reader had BOTH agreed to be carefree and go on a lil' date. And this STRANGER (to reader they had moved to encanto maybe less than a month ago) just won't stop interrupting them now I'd say most people know better cuz one Luisa is so strong crush me porfavor mi vida but also clearly the reader knows how you fight right? So at some point this person probs says something rude to Luisa about "not being so strong since they can't blah blah blah" and reader just goes FERAL like murder us about to occur.
-I know a lil bit about jewelry making soooooo reader makes Luisa lots of rings and pendents and keychains and the rings are usually layered and has like words or unicorns in it.
-Luisa always wakes up to reader massaging her muscles and just brushing her hair just a very sweet and calm moment
-reader often just 🌟stares🌟 Luisa
-Luisa gives reader pecks before doing/between tasks
-if anyone ever said anything rude about or to Luisa, reader will burn down the village and they said this in front of the family so now the madrigals are worried 😘
(Btw how the fuck do people do that break thingy? The read more thingy on here?)
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ransperfect · 12 days ago
Well it’s not a he, it’s a she.
PT 2 since it was requested and a lot of people read it! This may have a few more pts so stay reading! @hexedcoffin @god-like-eyebrows
Luisa x Fem! Reader
Reader’s pronouns : she/her
No warnings!
Just fluff :)
Tumblr media
“Well.. if you like her then go ask her on a date!” Mirabel grinned, yet Luisa looked at her in disbelief. Like she said the world was ending kind of thing.
“No way Mirabel! She is like a goddess have you seen her?! Her eyes literally shine so beautiful and that smile, just makes everything better!” Luisa said so excitedly. They all just stared at her, Mirabel had the biggest urge not to roll her eyes.
“Basically you proved her point, you like her so much to the point where you need to ask her on a date!” Camilo jumped his body up like he was on a trampoline. Technically it was a trampoline, it’s a hammock. Luisa sighed with guilt on why she told them, now she felt pressured to talk to you!
“But, a lot of people probably like her a lot! And there would be at least someone she really likes.” The softie said with a frown. Just so sure that she would never get a chance.
“I mean, a lot people like her. But did they get rejected? Yes, yes they did.” Dolores informed her. That didn’t help much however, it brought Luisa down even more.
“See?! I’ll get rejected. I just know it.” She said and she even looked like she was on the verge of tears. Isabela stood up and rested her arm on her sister’s shoulder,
“C’mon, what if we get you on a date with her? No one ever rejects the amazing Madrigals. And two, if she says no then maybe you’ll find someone new..” She said softly as she tucked her lil’ sister’s hair behind her ear. Luisa looked at Isabela as her words were right. She pressed her lips as she was extremely unsure. But she gave in after a lot of convincing,
“What if I make a fool of myself?! I don’t know about having dates and all that.” She continued, Isabela gave her a warm smile.
“Don’t worry, I’ve faked it once. And fooled Mariano into liking me. And now, we will help you to make Y/N fall for you!” She hugged Luisa tight and pinched her cheek. Luisa pushed her fingers in the way with a satisfied yet sort of not satisfied grin.
You just woke up and ate some arepas made by your mamí for breakfast. You were still wearing your night-gown and you read a novel that really got your interest for the past few days.
Just a few weeks ago, you and your family moved to the town. Your parents decided to move here since they all heard legends from Encanto. And they were all true. How amazed you were seeing someone being able to speak to animals, or the fact that someone could carry a whole bridge! By the past few days here, you have settled well and had a kind group of friends.
Though some others had a thing for you, you ignored it. You weren’t too interested in love and only thought of more with intellect. You loved reading and writing and aspired to be an author. You also ignored other people’s love to you because, some people who confessed were too cocky, too greedy, or just too much that you found it overwhelming being crowded by them. Reason why they were rejected.
You continue to read as there was a knock on the door, your mamí who was still cooking quickly wiped her hands on her apron to get the door. It got your attention since no one really visits your home despite your family being very new. You followed her and stood behind as she opened the door. You were both kindly greeted by Camilo, the Madrigal who shape-shifts. You wondered why he was there. He did his usual pose and steadily handed you a letter with you name on it.
“For you!” He exclaimed as he shape-shifted to the strongest Madrigal, Luisa. Giving a strong pose that made you laugh. He bid you two goodbye and you do the same for him. Your mother closed the door curious to see what the letter said. You observed it slowly. It was very fancy, a cool colour that made you smile, the text written on was gold and it was from Luisa. You wondered why you received it from her. And your mamí with not the most memorable head, spoke up.
“Who is Luisa again?” She asked so genuinely to you. You looked up to say it was the Madrigal you saw that carried the whole church. The figure dinged in your mum’s head as she smiled softly.
“Ohh her! The one who helped me and your papa unpack. What’s the letter about?” She looked more closer to it. You shrugged unknowingly and you opened it. It was about you getting invited to dinner with Luisa! You beamed with excitement,
“Mama, can I go?” You asked your mum. You were enthusiastic about it as you looked at her with your baby eyes. She nodded, giving you the permission to go. You cheered and thanked her so much. A dinner with a Madrigal excites you so much.
“So.. did she like it?” Luisa asked to Camilo while carrying some donkeys. He skipped next to her as he nodded with two thumbs-up. He shape-shifted into you to tease his prima about it. But she ignored it, walking forward. Rolling her eyes. Until she paused,
She caught you with her own eyes. The (H/C) headed girl who was talking with a group of young town kids. Entertaining them happily. It made Luisa blush to a hard pink. Camilo noticed and called you over to her with no shame. She glared at him, threatening that he will be hugged so tight the next time she sees him. You walk over to the two and saw Luisa. You wanted to thank her for the invite and that you were going. But you saw her so frozen staring at you. It confused you (and it was slightly scary) but you continued to try and approach her. But strangely she walked the opposite way turning herself at the other direction away from you. That puzzled you, was the invite really for you? Camilo quickly tried to catch up with her but her tall figure failed for him to catch up.
You frowned, did you make her upset in a way? Did you annoy her? And yet, you had no idea what her true feelings were.
I hope you enjoyed this part! There will be at least two more parts? (I think) Also I really wanna thank everyone who reblogged, commented and liked the first one! Hope this one will also exceed your expectations.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Luisa: You wanna know what these muscles are for?
Mirabel: What?
Luisa: Holding puppies :)
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friendsofkorra · 13 days ago
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LUISA MADRIGAL || Encanto icons
like/rb if you use pls :)
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shadowcrafter-28 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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your-local-disater-bitch · a month ago
Watching Encanto again bc im a dumb gay idiot in love with the dirty rat man and the big strong woman and the funky lil shapeshifter and the pretty hearing girl and also not to be dramatic but i would die for Antonio
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