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sweaterweather-247 · 2 days ago
Cuddling Luisa head canons
Luisa is a giant cuddle bug, she wants cuddles 24/7.
Luisa holds you tightly and there’s no escape, you can try but she’ll only hold you tighter.
Luisa is a heavy sleeper and when her arms are around you, you’re staying there no matter what.
If she holds you too tightly she’ll loosen her grip.
Luisa is usually the big spoon, she loves holding you, it feels like shes protecting you from everything.
Sometimes Luisa wants to be the little spoon and you can barely wrap your arms around her.
You two cuddle while facing each other.
Sometimes you’re tucked under her chin and Luisa is holding you close to her chest.
Sometimes Luisa is tucked under your chin and your arms are around her neck holding her close.
Luisa sometimes rolls over in her sleep and she rolls on top of you.
If you can handle Luisa on top of you, its nice and warm, her weight is comforting.
If you don’t want her on top of you. Just nudge her awake and she’ll get off of you and pull you on top of her instead.
Sleeping on Luisa is nice, her arms hold you in place, her boobs are like pillows.
If you both go to bed angry and not cuddle up together, Luisa will be the first to crack and cuddle you while you sleep. Even if she’s mad she needs you.
Luisa hates getting up in the morning and she can and will snuggle you all day, she always gives morning kisses.
Cuddling with Luisa is the best thing you could ever ask for, her love keeps you warm at night.
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multi-fandom-imagine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/n: This shit is adorable....also I'm sorry for how terrible these might be. I'm finishing these off at work while fighting off a cold T-T.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❌: Felt like it was love at first sight when she first meet you. Didn’t know what to think, she was completely confused. Had to speak to Isabela and Dolores about it.
❌: She likes how you don’t follow the norm, she likes that you’re not afraid to get dirty and she likes that you don’t wear dress and skirts like so many of the other girls in the village.
❌: Is a nervous wreck when it comes to asking you out, may trip in front of you { you think it's cute }.
❌: Luísa loves how you play with her younger cousin's.
❌: she likes how you stand up for yourself, that you're not afraid to tell someone off if someone says something negatively about your choice of clothing or how you don't act like a proper girl.
❌: Starts to dress with what makes her feel more comfortable and she knows that she owes that to you.
❌: Sometimes you will both switch it up your clothing style. Isabela loves to tease you both for it.
❌: With your help of not being on of the perfect woman in the village she feels less stressed.
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estcsy · 21 hours ago
madrigals x NG! reader
dr shifting experience!
translation key will be at the bottom!
Living with the madrigal family has its perks, one of them being the game nights we have on Thursdays and the sleepover in isabela’s room right after.
“Qué juego vamos a jugar esta noche?” the youngest madrigal with the curly hair asked
“Slap jack.” I said back with a grin pasted on my face.
you see, I’m kinda known for being really good at at Slap jack.
Reglas Del El Juego:
- Pass out the cards till there are no card left in the stack.
- You are not allowed to look at your cards.
- Everyone takes turns putting a card down.
- When you see a jack, you slap it with your hand and all the cards under it, including the jack become yours.
- When you slap a card that is not a jack, everyone playing get to slap you.
- the person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
Sounds fun right??
“Como lo juegas?” Pepa asked in confusion, never had playing the game before.
“Cuando ves un jack, lo pegas con tu mano” I said back shuffling the cards in my hands “Si tocas el que es un jack, te quedas con el jack y todo lo que esta debajo.”
“Pero si le pegas al que no es jack..” my voice fades out has I’m focused on making the cards into a perfect stack
“Todos los que juegan pueden golpearte.”
I finished the sentence look and look up at them to see their faces have a look of confusion.
“Yo creo que suena divertido.” camilo said getting up from his chair and going to the circle shaped table in the living room.
“yeah of course you would think that” His older sister Dolores told her younger brother taking the place next to him. Camilo being in front of me and Dolores on his left.
“Van a jugar?” I said to the rest of the family behind them, giving them the best puppy eyes I could make.
“eh por que no” Pepa says getting up putting her ginger hair back into a low ponytail
a give her a smile making my eyes turn into crescent moons and see replies with a soft smile back.
I start to hand out the cards.
once all of us have cards we start playing.
I was the first one to put a card down, followed by Camilo.
“do I go next?” he asked me looking at the card on the table.
“yeah you do~” I told him with a chuckle, duh you go next??
Camilo puts down a queen of hearts followed by Dolores putting down a king of clubs and Pepa putting down a 5 clover.
it circles back to me and I put down a 3 of diamonds.
Camilo puts down his card and then Dolores putting down hers and Pepa following shortly after.
As soon as I saw the “J” on the corner of Pepa’s card my hand comes up and hits the cards. the table under making a loud bang
I pick up all the cards and start to put them into the stack in my hands. letting out a small evil laugh while I was at it.
“I wasn’t ready.” Camilo said trying to play off my his hand didn’t fall on the cards before mine.
“well you should have been.” I say back looking back up at him in the eyes.
I put down my card and Camilo puts down his, then Dolores does-
I put my hand down but got met with a soft, warm, one already being there
‘pinche camilo.’ I thought, I lift my hand backup to let him take the cards.
‘he probably has a stupid smirk on his face’
I look back up at him to see if I was right.
I was.
I’m always right.
Picking up where we left off. Dolores puts one of her cards down. this time in a much faster pace, Pepa puts her down and then I put mine down.
A jack comes into view.
I put my hand down to be met with the feeling of a very thin pieces of cardboard and paper, being the cards.
I take the cards into my stack and the game goes on.
It was very loud.
‘Poor Dolores…’ I think.
by this point, all of the family member are playing.
me leading with the most cards.
Camilo with the second.
and Luisa in the third.
our rate was much faster now, everyone had a lot of adrenaline running through their bodies and taking it out on the poor card that has the letter “J” on it.
after Felix it was my turn, I put down a 10 of hearts and then it’s isabela’s turn.
she puts down a J-
joker. she puts down a joker.
my hand was the first one to touch the cards flowed by everyone else’s.
‘ohhh noooo..’ was the only thing I thought until I felt a hand hit the back on my head. Leading to my hands hitting my arms, shoulders, hands, back…
“N- NO NO NO PARE” I say laughing in between my words, using my arms in my head to protect myself once I felt that it stoped I put my hands down. while the rest of the family laughs and makes jokes.
Failing to notice that Camilo is leaning closer to me to whisper something into my right ear
“I’m gonna beat you, amor”
the muscles in my face letting the smile I had on fall.
He moves away from my ear and instead moves him face in front of mine we’re to the point of our noses almost touching.
he moves his hand up to my four head and used his pointer finger to flick the space in between my eyebrows making my slight flinch backwards.
“I didn’t wanna hit you” his voice only above a whisper, so that only I hear. Even tho his face is stil dangerously close to mine.
“Estamos listos para continuar?” asked Mirabel, craving the felling of victory.
“Yeah.. we are” I said looking at Camilo, rubbing the spot he flicked on my four hand.
“entonces que estamos esperando?”
translation key!
“Qué juego vamos a jugar esta noche?” “What are we doing tonight?”
“Reglas Del El Juego” “Rules Of The Game”
“Como lo juegas?” “How do you play it,”
“Cuando ves un jack, lo pegas con tu mano” “When you see a jack, you hit it with your hand”
“Si tocas el que es un jack, te quedas con el jack y todo lo que esta debajo.” “If you touch one that’s a jack, you can keep it and everything under.”
“Pero si le pegas al que no es jack..” “but if you touch the one that’s not a jack..”
“Todos los que juegan pueden golpearte.” “everyone playing gets to slap you”
“Yo creo que suena divertido.” “I think it sounds fun”
“Van a jugar?” “are you gonna play?”
“Eh por que no” “Eh why not”
‘pinche camilo.’ ‘fucking Camilo.’ (ITS NOT LIKE THAT DONT WORRY)
“Estamos listos para continuar?” “Are we ready to continue?”
“Entonces que estamos esperando?” “Then what are we waiting for?”
antonio ended up winning.
@kaeri-here :D
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luisa-madrigal-magic · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Very messy doodles of Luisa n my OC.
The bottom middle doodle was inspired by a Luisa x reader fic but I forgot by who.
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gotbannedfrommykitchen · 16 hours ago
AAaAAAA may i pretty please request luisa x fem! reader where the reader comforts luisa when her magic is fading? maybe she invites her to a relaxing little sleepover including cuddles- confessing to luisa that she loves her, and not just for her gift? :0 thank you sm!!!! you're amazing <3
Oh my god finally a request!Thanks for requesting<3
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
When her gift was fading she got really nervous,and who else to go to comfort too?Her girlfriend of course
You knew how stressful it was for Luisa since she's always asked to do many things when she was still a young woman
She deserved a break
In all honesty everyone in the madrigal family deserved a break
Your parents were out and you didn't really expect your girlfriend to knock on your door but here you are
You opened the door surprised to see her
"mi amor?what's wrong?"you asked when you noticed the destress in her eyes
That night she stayed a bit too late because she was too busy venting about stress
Despite her being much much larger than you she was the little spoon for now,she needed comfort
"Mi vida..gift or no gift I'll still love you"
"but what about the village?!I'll be useless-"
You cut her off there
"Amor.Your not useless,gift or no gift your just as amazing as everyone in your family..See?even Mira's fine with not having a gift,you know why?"
"be cause she's just as special as everyone in her family and so are you"
She stayed the night and both of you cuddled the night away
Tumblr media
{not prof.read👩🏿‍🎨}
Also sorry I changed the plot!I thought of it while writing I hope it's fine!
Tumblr media
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just-some-lesbian · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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blueberryrock · 18 days ago
My reaction to seeing Luisa for the first time:
Tumblr media
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miranita · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m back on my self indulgent bs (pls I just love her sm)
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Luisa is bisexual and likes himbos and smart confident women.
If she gets married to a man he will be just like Felix and Pepa like:
Luisa: *exists*
Male s/o: ❤️👄❤️
But if she marries a woman it would be the opposite:
Female s/o: *idk explaining something smart*
Luisa: ❤️👄❤️
Again projecting.
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aries-online · 15 days ago
Its Quiet Uptown
Tumblr media
Pairing:Madrigal family X Reader
A/N: I cried when writing this, thats how you know its good
Based on the song “It's Quiet Uptown”. Reader was a friend of the madrigals
Summary:The aftermath of The readers death, and how it affected the madrigals
Content Warnings: Mentions of drowning and death
Requested?: Nope!
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There is suffering too terrible to name
You hold your child as tight as you can
And push away the unimaginable
The moments when you're in so deep
It feels easier to just swim down
The [Madrigals] move uptown
And learn to live with the unimaginable”
After your passing, and subsequent funeral, the village of Encanto felt less vibrant than before. Your death was seemingly inevitable,You drowned. Dolores heard your cries, and even though the family rushed to your aide, they were all too late. Even though they tried Julieta’s cooking couldn't save you, they were only a moment too late. The burden of guilt weighed heavy on the shoulders of Dolores and Julieta. Maybe if Dolores tuned into your thrashing a few moments earlier, or maybe if Julieta was the first there, maybe you would still be walking amongst them. You could have maybe even been able to see your daughter grow.
You were buried in the Village’s graveyard, with all the other dead. And the madrigals visited very often. Isabella would sit with your grave, leaving small plants and flowers. Luisa would come by as the stars started to shine, and she would talk to you, about her day and everything going on. Mirabel would bring your daughter and would tell her stories from your past, stories you told her. Julieta would steal away in the early hours of the morning to set a small plate of food atop your gravestone. Pepa and Felix would visit every Sunday with Dolores, a visit that always had to be cut short. Antonio had left his tiger stuffed animal, he had said you needed it more.Bruno tried his hardest to keep the family going for you, its what you would have wanted . Camilo rarely visited your actual grave, as it brought up to many emotions for him to handle, instead he would tell the towns children the stories you would tel them from your travels. And Alma, the woman who helped your family all those years ago, felt like she lost a part of herself all over again. The family took your daughter in after your passing, she was only two years old. They cared for the little girl like she was their own flesh and blood. Your little girl was all they had left of you, after all.
“Tía?” the little girl asked, her voice soft “Where mamá?”. Her soft {colour} eyes trained on Pepa. A soft, grey storm cloud formed above pepa’s head as she knealed, getting on the level of the little girl. “Your mamá is with your papá, princesa” she explained, smoothing the little girls hair back with a single hand. “When will they come back?” the child inquired. The storm grew a bit stronger, Felix layed a hand on his wifes shoulder to comfort her. “I don't know,princesa, i dont know”
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There's a grace too powerful to name
We push away what we can never understand
We push away the unimaginable”
It had been three years after your untimely end, and your baby grew. She resembled you so much. It was a miracle all on its own when she was gifted a power of her own, something the madrigals didn't expect at all. She was gifted the ability to see the dead.The little girl brushed past a doorway, only to catch a glimpse of your tired expression, your frame clinging onto that of your husbands. You mouthed a few words to the little girl before your forms disappeared.
“I'm proud of you,mi vida”
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encantosus · 2 months ago
Isabela: Just be yourself.
Y/n: 'Be myself'? Isa, I have one day to win Luisa over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Alma: Couple weeks.
Delores from out of nowhere: Six months.
Maribel: Jury’s still out.
Y/n: See, Isabela?
Y/n: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?
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sweaterweather-247 · 2 days ago
Luisa x self harm reader
TW for blood and self harm
Luisa discovers you self harm
You kept your depression and self harm hidden from Luisa, she had a lot going on and you thought her knowing about your addiction, would only burden her. Luisa loved you so much and your safety and happiness was her top priority.
The days you got the urges was the worst. You would get numb and your brain would tell you to hurt yourself and that you didn’t deserve Luisa. After you finished cutting, you’d quickly get yourself all cleaned up like nothing had happened. You’d hide your blade and bloody bandages before Luisa came back.
This went on for months, you were thankful that she was busy because that way you could make sure your cuts didn’t scar or weren’t noticeable. When you were with Luisa, everything felt better, her hugs made all of your worries melt away and your urges would disappear as well.
You’re terrified of Luisa finding out you do this, you think she’ll yell at you or leave you or tell everyone, but those are just fears and you know she’d never do that, she loves you.
Luisa wanted to spend more time with you. Lusia was going to surprise you in your house one day with hugs and a picnic. She felt bad for not spending time with you and she wanted to make it up to you. Luisa loved you so much and you are her everything. Luisa packs up the picnic and heads over to your house.
Meanwhile you were cutting, you were having a bad day and the urges just weren’t going away not matter how much you cut. Luisa walks in and sees your thigh covered in blood and and a blade in your hand. She runs over to you and grabs the blade. You two look at each other, not able to say a word.
Luisa resists every urge to scream at you but she can’t hold it in. Luisa demands to know what you were doing. You get scared and back into the corner, Luisa sees how scared you are right now and knows yelling at you will only make things worse. She slowly walks over to you and gives you a soft hug.
Luisa doesn’t care if blood gets on her, she just holds you and kisses you on the head. Luisa let’s go and tells you that you have to go to Julieta to get healed, you tell her that you don’t want anyone to know. You get the bandages and Luisa bandages you up.
You both lay in bed facing each other, you can’t find the words you want to say. You try to explain why you cut, you tell her how you feel and how much you’re hurting. Luisa feels guilty that she wasn’t there to help you but you tell her it wasn’t her fault and she made everything in your life better
Luisa tells you this needs to stop, you tell her you can’t just quit cold turkey and it takes time and patience to stop. Luisa looks worried, you tell her that if you get urges, you’ll tell her right away. You two cuddle for hours and she holds you so tightly because she’s scared you’ll slip away if she doesn’t hold tight.
Luisa wants to take your blades but you tell her you keep them clean and it’s better to have clean blades than rusty dirty ones, Luisa reluctantly let’s you have them. You’re never left alone for a few months. Luisa keeps you by her side all the time, she’s scared of leaving you alone.
You’re ok with it because you know she just wants to keep you safe from yourself. There’s some days you get urges but Luisa is right there to comfort you, some days you relapse but Luisa is never mad at you and just bandages you up and tells you to keep trying to stay clean. Luisa always celebrates your clean streaks, she’s always proud when you stay clean.
Luisa loves you and never wants to see you hurt, she cares so much about you and you love her so much.
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tokidoki-imagines · 29 days ago
End of a Day // Luisa Madrigal x Reader.
A/N: okay, so I LOVE Luisa and I need to write some of those adorable prompts for her...enjoy, dear readers!
Prompt: cuddling with Luisa and taking a bath with Luisa (fluff version).
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader (female pronouns used).
Tumblr media
Luisa sighed softly, her muscular body leaning against the closed door.
What a damn day...it had been one of those days and every part of her felt it still, a dull ache throbbing throughout her entire body. Every muscle ached and burned, her feet felt so sore. Even her mind felt it, a headache thrumming in her head and refusing to let her be. All day, she had been wanting everything to be over...but more then that, she had been wanting you.
Her Y/N.
Just the thought of your name, so sweet on her tongue and soothing to her soul, had Luisa smiling softly.
All day she had thought of you and her arms had longed to drop her heavy burdens and take you up instead. And now with the work finally over (at least for now), she could finally do just that...but where were you?
Looking around her bedroom, Luisa did not see you as she normally did.
Her home had changed since you had come along, Casita shifting to make a place for you in her life. It was now like a little apartment, pieces of you scattered all over. The yellow kitchen (with your recipe book still open on the counter, always warm and smelling of good things), the living room (your books alongside her and your sewing box on the table), and even the bedroom (your sweater hanging on the chair) was empty...which only left one place to check.
Moving slowly across the bedroom, Luisa opened the door to the bathroom..and there you were.
Steam filled the little room and you sat on the edge of the tub, swirling in bath oils as a little song played on the radio. Clad in only a silken robe of brightest blue, little golden butterflies scattered all over it, you looked so lovely in the light of the setting sun.
Gold melted over you as you looked up, smiling at her.
“Luisa!” You said so sweetly (no one said her name like you did, oh, you made it sound like magic). “How was your day?”
“It was...a day.”
“I had a feeling,” you replied. “so I started a bath. Care to join me?”
Nodding silently, Luisa smiled as you helped her undress. She could have done it herself but she liked so much when you did it, the feeling of your fingers making her heart soar. Leaving the blouse and skirt pooled on the floor, you kissed her aching shoulders softly, undoing her hair from the ribbon and letting her thick curls fall free. Sinking into the warm water, Luisa sighed in delight. Already she was relaxing. Perched on the edge, you washed her hair gently and just let her vent about everything.
You were always willing to listen.
And she loved that, knowing that at the end of everything, you would always be there to pick her up when she fell apart.
“...and I’m just happy it’s over, you know?”
“I do, baby.”
Pouring the small jug of water over her, Luisa sighed as the hot water poured down her scalp and shoulders.
A shudder of pleasure shot down her spin, pretty lips twitching into a lazy smile. Opening her eyes just so, Luisa could see you through her lashes as you rinsed her hair and hummed along to the radio. Oh, you were so pretty! So perfect!
Noticing her secret gaze, you kissed the top of her head and whispered a question.
“Is there anything I can do to make it better?”
“Well...there is something you can do, amore...”
Her rough hands gently tugged on the strings of your robe, letting it fall away as you giggled a little bit.  Lips peppered all over your breasts and belly, each soft kiss making you sight so happily, until she couldn’t wait any longer. Lifting you up, Luisa pulled you into the tub and sat you between her legs, resting you against her breasts. Water rippled and rose, nearly pouring over the edge, as you settled into her.
The sound of her heartbeat, steady and strong, thumped in her chest and you smiled.
“Thank you, Y/N,” Luisa whispered. “I needed this.”
“Anything for you, baby.”
Taking your hand in hers, Luisa kissed your fingers sweetly, still marveling at the fact that you were hers...all hers.
The two of you stayed like that for a long while.
Bathing one another with the rose-scented soap and old washcloths, you just enjoyed the warmth of the bath and, even better, the warmth of one another. It was such a simple moment but it was everything to Luisa. Everything she could ever want or need...In time, she rose up from the bath and carried you out with her. Drying one another with the fluffy towels, you walked hand in hand into the bedroom. Luisa wore her simple nightgown, a white cotton dress that ended below her knees, and you wore one of her shirts. It looked so big on you and she loved that.
The bed, as big as it happened to be, was still a little small for the both of you but neither one minded very much.
Leaning against the big pillows, you held your book in one hand and left the other to rest in Luisa’s still damp curls. Her head rested on your heart, eyes closed. Long lashes curled against her cheeks and you smiled, thinking her so pretty.
Wrapped in a swath of handmade quilts, colorful and warm, the two of you cuddled close.
“Will you read to me?”
“Always,” you replied.
It was a little thing but she liked it...she asked for it often. Whatever you were reading, you would read aloud and she would fall asleep slowly.
“The man’s voice spoke again: ‘Are you very tired?’ ‘Oh, tonight, I gave you my soul and I am dead!’ ‘Your soul is a beautiful thing, child,’ replied the man’s grave voice ‘and I thank you! No emperor ever received so fair a gift. The angels wept tonight.’ Raoul heard nothing after that...”
And she slept.
Mumbling something you could not understand, Luisa held you in a sleepy embrace and you smiled at the sight of her. She was yours...all yours.
Turning your eyes to the page, you returned to your story and read a bit more.
Soon, though, you would join her in your dreams. Even as you slept, you belonged to her, dreaming only of your true lover. In dreams, she did not have to work so hard and the days were not so long. There was only and her and love.
A happy ending to a long day.
Tumblr media
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simpxbee · 28 days ago
Jealousy Jealousy
Character(s): Luisa Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Summary: Luisa lets her feelings get to her despite your constant reassurance.
Tumblr media
The sun shone down on the Encanto as another beautiful day was ahead of everyone who lived there.
You were currently in your kitchen making lunch for your girlfriend, Luisa, since you knew that today she had a busy day of chores ahead of her. Lately you've felt as though the two of you haven't been seeing each other as often as you'd like. The two of you have been busy with your families and chores and you understood that, but you couldn't help but feel that something else was going on.
After neatly packing away the lunches you made your way to Casita. You figured if you left now you would be able to catch Luisa before she left.
"Luisa!" you called out upon your arrival. It was common for you to be hanging out at the Madrigal home. You weren't only in a romantic relationship with Luisa, but you were also friends with all of the residents of the Casita. They considered you as practically a member of their family, and you thought of them as the same. it wasn't uncommon for you to be playing pranks around the Encanto with Camilo, or playing with the animals inside Antonio's room.
Although Luisa was happy that you got along so well with her family, she couldn't help but feel that the only reason you came around sometimes was because of them.
Luisa knew that you loved her gift, and that you loved her with or without it, but she felt as though her power paled in comparison to her sibling and cousins. She couldn't control the weather with her emotions, she couldn't create life, talk to animals, or shape shift.
She knew that these feelings were irrational. She knew that you loved her for her. Despite knowing this she couldn't help but feel that you were better off without her. Because of this she has been actively trying to avoid you. She didn't want to have to face you or her feelings.
She took on more chores in hopes that it would distract her from these feelings, but all it did was make them worse. The more chores she did the less time she spent with you. The less time she spent with you the more she felt that the two of you were drifting apart. When she felt that the two of you were drifting apart she couldn't help but feel that you'd be happier with someone else. Someone who could give you the attention you deserved.
The sound of your angelic voice broke Luisa from her thoughts. She couldn't help but melt whenever her name fell from your lips. "Luisa!" she heard once again. it was at that moment it hit her. You were here.
Luisa felt the anxiety rise in her body. She knew that eventually she would have to face you but she didn't anticipate that today would be the day. She let out a breath, trying to put on a happy face for you.
"Mi amor!" Luisa greeted you, embracing you in a tight hug. You giggled, wrapping your arms around her neck. You felt her grab your hips and lift you off the ground, spinning you in a small circle before placing you back on the floor.
Despite trying her best to avoid you and her intrusive feelings she was ecstatic to see you. Whenever she saw you she was reminded of what made her fall as hard in the first place.
The two of you looked each other in the eyes, trying to figure out what to say.
"W-Well I should probably go do my chores now, I have a lot I need to get done and I-"
"Wait-" you spoke, grabbing her hands in your own. "I made you lunch! Well... I made us lunch! I was hoping we could eat together and talk when you take a break?" You asked, hopeful.
Luisa stared down at you, admiration shining in her eyes. "Y-Yeah, I'll come find you when I take a break, okay?"
You sat on top of a hill, looking down at a group of kids as they ran around Mirabel. You giggled seeing the girl's nervous expression as they pestered her with questions about the Madrigals. As you waited you set everything up, hoping that Luisa wouldn't mind the picnic vibe you were trying to give off.
"(Y/n)?" Luisa gasped, staring at the scene before her in awe.
“Luisa! mi vida! I just set everything up! Come, come, let’s eat!” You excitedly spoke, pulling her to sit down on the blanket with you.
The scene before her had Luisa in shock. You had set up this gorgeous display and waited for her to finish her chores all day so that the two of you could spend this quality time together. Despite this she still couldn’t shake her intrusive thoughts from her mind. ‘this is the best time to get this off my chest,’ she thought to herself.
The two of you sat in a comfortable silence, eating from your respective meals as you watched the children play. A light breeze swayed through the Encanto, cooling off this sunny day. Although the two of you couldn’t find the words you wanted to say to the other, you were more than content living in this moment.
That is until one of you decided to break the silence.
“it’s nice being able to be together like this after so long,” you spoke, looking up at Luisa.
she smiled, nodding her head in confirmation. “yeah, it feels we haven’t been able to do this in forever,” she said through a breathy laugh.
“Y-Yeah, I feel like I never get to see you anymore,” you giggled despite the pain you felt in your chest.
“Well at least you have my family and yours, so you’re never really alone,” Luisa said, also trying her best to hide the pain she felt behind those words.
“Well of course I do, mi amor, but nobody would ever be able to compare to the happiness I feel when i’m with you,” you spoke, shyly looking away.
Luisa stared down at you, her face practically burning up. She looked down at her hands, her fingers moving like they had a mind of their own. Before she knew what she was doing she was turning her body, placing one of her hands on the side of your face. The gesture brought your attention back to her, your faces a few inches apart.
“I love you,” Luisa whispered, leaning in.
“I love you too,” you whispered back, your lips meeting in a sweet kiss.
“It’s about time,” Dolores said to herself, having heard the entire conversation.
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gotbannedfrommykitchen · 2 days ago
One of u better request Luisa x reader content or I'll sob🙄‼️/hj
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simpscripts · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Working up a sweat (Luisa x Afab Reader)
Warnings: NSFW, Smut, 18+
Prompt: You ask your friend Luisa to help you learn how to properly work out, the both of you end up sweaty and panting for breath but neither of you would necessarily call what just happened a workout per say.
I’m sitting on Luisa’s bed breathing embarrassingly hard after the ‘small warmup jog’ she made us do before getting to the strengthen workouts. She said it would help loosen me up but all I feel is tightness as I watch her demonstrate the pull up bars, stuck in a trance, staring at her glistening muscles as she works out. I had asked her originally as my friend to help me learn how to workout properly and of course she invited me to her room that stood as a giant gym and even a spa in one corner that I suspect was added when casita was rebuilt. Everything she did was just so effortless, a strong persona I know she holds up, but her muscles aren’t just a performance they are real and tangible, god what I wouldn’t give just to be able to glide my fingers up and down those ridges and curves.
“And its just like that! Pretty simple right Y/N? ......Y/N?” Luisas questioning voice broke the spell I was under. I noticed just how deeply I was breathing and how creepy my staring must have been.
“What? Oh sorry just trying to memorize your technique.” I laugh awkwardly hoping she accepts this partial lie.
“Oh good, would you like to try the pull up bars yourself?” She beamed brightly completely unaware of how quickly she is unraveling me from the inside out.
“Oh.. I don’t know about that, I don’t think I am tall enough. Maybe I should stick to something easier... and closer to the ground.” I say sheepishly while standing up from the bed prepping to start exercising but she’s smiling brightly and grabbing onto my arm to pull me over to the pull up bar.
“Nonsense I’ll just give you a boost!”
“Woah Luisa what are you-“ I end my panicked sentence with a squeal as her hands firmly grab onto my waist and hold me up to the bars, my waist directly in her face causing my face to flush and hands starting to get clammy. “Luisa I don’t know about this.” I stuttered out while gripping onto the bar for dear life.
“It’s alright, I got you, I won’t let you fall.” Her words are so simply soft and gentle. I’m impressed I could hear them at all over my heart banging like a thunderous drum in my chest.
Gulping I try to focus my gaze up at the bar instead of how close Luisa is to me, she was always beautiful and attractive to me but I have never felt the burning desire I feel right now with her hands on my waist. My mind starts supplying fantasies of my back against the wall, thighs firmly perched on her shoulder as her head is buried into me, her hands gripping on my ass and hips for dear life. Ay dios mio I am not going to even make one pull up with the way my whole body is shaking in her hands.
My hands shift slightly to gain a better grip, arms straining as I try raising myself. My biggest mistake at that moment was glancing down seeing just how close her face is to me, seeing her hooded eyes looking up at me with a bright smile. My muscles give out to a shake that rocks my core and my hands slip off sending me down into her arms.
We are staring face to face, her hands pushing more pressure on my waist as she holds on more without the bar support. I am trying to get my breathing under control as I pant out, my hands gaining feeling from the tingling numbness I was experiencing with every breath as I notice my hands placed on her shoulders and upper arm. Her muscles are so much softer than I thought they would be, like a smooth rock still hard and strong but not lacking the gentle softness of the skin.
“Maybe we should get you to start out with something simpler maybe some squats?” She trails off at the end as her eyes unfocus a bit like she is stuck in her mind thinking.
“Oh sure that sounds good.” My tone matching hers but I severely doubt she is thinking the same dirty thoughts I am. “Hey Luisa?”
“You have to put me down first.”
“Oh!” She snaps back to the moment to put me down and tries covering this awkward moment with a small nervous laugh while scratching the back of her neck. “Sorry about that. So have you done any squats before?”
“I think so? I’ll show you what I’ve got but I doubt it’s correct.”
We both back up a bit from the other equipment to a more open area of the room, I take a few more steps away to put distance between us hoping that will cool me off a bit. I immediately jump into the squats doing about three before I see Luisa’s form closing the distance again as she scrutinizes my form. I can feel her eyes raking over me and its send shivers down my thighs that has me loosing any shape or form I was holding.
“Stay right there in that position.” She says behind me as I am lowered down in the squat. She’s making small hums as she evaluates me while I try not to focus on the burning that the squat and her eyes set on me. “Ok lift back up.”
I follow her order and try to turn to face her but she nudges me back to where I was facing. Her hands come up to my hips, flinching slightly at the unexpected touch, as she repositions my legs a bit further apart.
“Good, now back down.” I wasn’t expecting the praise from her or the way it would send a shock right to my core, feeling the wetness already pooling there, and while still in her grip start lowering myself. She was right behind me, lowering with me and running her hand along my back to push my back in a better position. “No no, you’re not going low enough, like this.”
Again her hands are back on my hips bringing me down lower with her. The shaking in my legs is back with all this tension turning into a full rumble as my legs twitch. Right as I feel her hands start to slip from my waist to stand back up a stabbing pain seizes up my thigh muscle sending me to the floor with a cry. The cramping muscle only seems to increase in pain every time I try stretching back desperately to reach the awkward position to rub out the knot, painful cries and groans leaving me.
“Where does it hurt? Let me help you.” Luisa drops to the ground immediately with worry filling her voice as her hands are suddenly pushing up the fabric of my skirt to get directly to the skin, pressing only her thumbs at first on the area. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have pushed you, I could feel how tense you were.”
“No Luisa I am fine I’m-“ A loud groan rips out of me as she kneads the area, cramp dissipating quickly under her magic fingers.
“There we go just like that, good, you know you’ve got a surprising amount of knots? Let me just work them out a bit more, I never knew you were this tense.” Her voice is echoing around me in the fog of pleasure I am feeling, moans are spilling from me and hopefully Luisa just sees them as relief instead of a touched starved pervert on the ground moaning from her hands alone.
“Dios mio, I really need to go-“ Every time I try to speak I am cut off by more and more moans. If Luisas hand were this good just on my thigh what would they feel like if they drifted more inwards. No I have to go before I start drooling, pushing myself up Luisa is using her other hand to push me back down gently.
“No no no you aren’t going anywhere until I take care of your muscles, I don’t want you to cramp up again and get sore.”
She’s torturing me, how in the world can she not see how she’s unraveling me between her fingers? It seems like with every sound from my lips it spurs her on even more to keep massaging my flesh, moving around even dipping to my inner thigh dangerously close to where I want her. Her weight suddenly shifts as she swings a leg over mine and straddles my legs.
“Sorry, I needed to get a better grip but you are doing so good.” She hums a bit as she works completely oblivious to the melting goo pile she has turned me into. Her hands are now separately pulling and kneading the tops of both of my thighs, each pull slightly spreading me apart in between her palms.
I can’t take it anymore, my skin is on fire, my mind is going crazy, every sense is filled with her. Her pressure is holding me down despite how much I want to squirm away to give my burning nerves a chance to settle and each wiggle gives a tiny bit of friction I am craving.
“Fuck Luisa.”
Time halts, the women perched over me tensed and stilled all her movements. There was no misconstruing this anymore and I wish I knew what was rolling through her head. Was she piecing it all together, my flushed face, deep breathing, my stares, and of course me moaning on the ground for a good few minutes while she pinned me underneath her legs?
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Incredible, she really has no fucking clue as to what she is doing to me, hell I think I am leaving a wet spot on the ground.
“Ay dios mio, Luisa I can’t hold it back anymore, you are so fucking hot and you’re teasing me. I am going to lose my mind if you touch me anymore or fuck it touch me more, just please Luisa.”
“Oh” She pauses for a second taking a deep breath. “Oh thank god.” It was a quiet mumble before I am flipped over, still pinned underneath her as she captures my lips with hers.
The kiss is hungry and desperate, fueled by tension that had been building until it snapped. Just from the way she is clinging onto my skin, hand combing through my hair to give a soft tug its becoming clear that maybe I wasn’t the only one feeling the sexual tension this whole time. We were a bit sweaty before but now the room is boiling and the air is thick and humid around us making me want to strip my clothes off as quickly as possible but Luisa pins my arms down.
“Slow down cariño, we don’t want you cramping again do we.” She mumbled before going back to my neck to leave little bites and hickeys on the skin.
“I don’t know, if I cramp will you touch me again?” I meant for that to come off with more confidence but at this point I was whiny and needy. I wanted to finally indulge in all the fantasies I was trying to keep at bay for the past half hour.
Her own face flushes before shifting her arm to trail down my body before slipping below the waistband of my skirt. Her hand grabs a hand full of my thigh while lowering her mouth to the shell of my ear. “Touch you here?”
My waist strains against hers as I try thrusting against her hand for some much needed friction but her hand is retreating once more as I whine. I never pictured Luisa to be the woman she is right now, dominate and teasing me, milking out every beg she can like its music to her ears. As her hand retreated from my waist band it instead traveled up under my shirt to firmly knead the flesh there.
“Luisa please stop teasing!” I’m already on the edge of crying, barley done anything so far but the tension is rising with each fleeting touch. Every touch and sensation kicks the ball farther and faster down the hill its racing.
“I promised I would help release your tension didn’t I? Let me massage you.” Her hands quickly slip off my top and bra leaving the skin to prickle under the slight breeze but even so it isn’t combatting the heat that clings to my skin. “Such soft skin.” Her voice is so steady and soft, unaffected by the rising emotions.
She seems so relaxed but tenses as she hesitates for a second before allowing herself to lower down to lay kisses along my curves. With scrunched up eyes my back curls back into the floor, arching my spine to raise my chest more into her hands and mouth. Focusing strictly on the sensation of her mouth, teeth, and tongue I cant pick up on any sort of pattern making my skin jump in surprise as her mouth moves around aimlessly. A bite here on my nipple, hand digging into my waist and raising my body up more for her, a lick across a collarbone.
“You were thinking about me weren’t you?” Her voice whispered against my skin before quickly settling back in to her own pace.
“Huh?” I pant out briefly letting her words permeate my mind that was filled with screaming voices begging for more. “Fuck, of course I was dreaming about you, you’re a goddess Luisa.”
Her face looks a bit surprised but those eyes are blown out with lust like I’ve never seen before. She leans up to give a full kiss, lips soft molding against my own, not rushed just full of purpose as she knows exactly what she wants and wants to take her time with it. Her hand flexes against my cheek like she wants tot tighten her grip but is too afraid of her strength.
“Don’t be gentle with me Luisa, I won’t break I promise.” I bring up one of my own hands to lay across hers guiding her fingers to dig in more. “You promised me you would work me out.”
She smirks against my lips pulling me in deeper as she starts giving in bit by bit. She’s still holding back afraid but is now testing the barrier, seeing how far she can push and keep pushing me. Now as her plush lips close down on mine she pushes in further to take my bottom lip between her teeth, nip after nip after nip. Lips are swelling and brightening in vibrance as it puffs up, her hands pulling me in closer as if she cant get enough of my skin. I find myself suffocating in her but too brain dead to care, I just want her, everything she is willing to give me. She pulls back teeth sunk in my lips as she tugs away before letting go, both of us catching our breaths staring at each other. She glides her hand down from my cheek tracing along the swollen lips gathering the slickness that coats them with her finger before sticking it in between my lips.
“Suck.” Quickly I suck the digit into my mouth to massage it between my tongue and roof of my mouth, letting it curl and swirl around while sucking rhythmically to my tongue movements.
Luisa’s resolve seems to be breaking, now breathing deep which exaggerates her chest and build even more as it expands with each full breath. She’s biting onto her lip and the other fingers not occupied by my mouth comes down to grip my chin line and pull my gaze up to hers. I bet my face looked like pure sin in that moment, flushed skin, eyes brimming with tears from the exquisite torture she’s putting me through, and slowly working the finger in my mouth.
The sexiest noise I have ever heard leaves Luisa in a groan as she pulls her finger from my mouth, my mouth chasing after the digit before letting it go. “So beautiful.”
Her words and noises are sending more electric straight to my clit causing my hips to twitch under her. She shifts downward, always keeping intense eye contact, tracing her wet finger down from my lips, down my chin and neck as I arched my head back for her path. Down the sternum between the breasts, she is taking her damn time and its driving me insane.
Finally her finger hooks along my waistband once more to drag my skirt and underwear down in one fluid motion. She repositions herself between my legs taking in my form all at once, finally completely on display for her. My heart is beating rapidly always in anticipation for what’s next but as she starts tearing at her own clothes to remove them my heart stops completely.
My earlier praises ringing true as I look down at the goddess of a woman kneeling between my thighs. Sweat is coating her body in a fine sheen that glints of the light of each curve and muscle. She couldn’t look more perfect in my eyes if she tried. I try pushing up quickly to praise her body as she took time with mine but she shakes her head with a hum and smooths my body down with a hand that starts at my stomach and ends between my breasts once I am back down.
“I think it’s time to test your flexibility, cariño.” Suddenly her hands are back on my thighs pushing them apart and up. “Keep those legs there.”
Her hands dig down into my hips testing the shaking legs if they will fall before she dips down to my pussy. My body was prepped for the agonizingly slow torture she seems to like to inflict but instead she is switching it up. She’s pushing my limits more and more with her strength holding on and gripping in places as even her super strength tongue is lapping circles around my clit swirling my head in pleasure with each pass. Her voice hums and moans as if she is stuffing her face with her favorite meal which vibrates against me.
I am trying desperately to keep my legs up and spread but jolts are rocking me as she abuses my clit, shaking my legs and threatening to make them fall. I cant think straight, my mind is filled with nothing but her, the feel of her body on mine, the collapsing weight of heat and sweat surrounding us, and the smell of sweat a sex that permeates the entire room. Her fingers are pushing in against the slickness gathered in the folds before pushing into me completely with a curl. Panting as she comes up for air my own air is knocked out of my lungs watching her fuck my pussy at a brutal pace while her own hand is slipping between her folds with head tilted back in ecstasy.
“Touch yourself, beautiful.” Her head lulls back to front and watches my blissed out face contort and scrunch with every jolt that tightens my center.
Reaching a hand quickly down to my clit I know I won’t last long. The tension is seconds away from snapping and every time I watch her hand push into herself in time with me, soft moans escaping her with every exhale, her own hip jutting forward and stuttering along. I am losing myself in her, chasing the snap, chasing my release I want so desperately.
Suddenly my mouth is full filled with her fingers dripping with her taste, wrapping even more of my senses from the indescribable taste of her. Salt tinges my taste buds of her sweat combined with the sweet bitterness of her. Everything is too much, the room is pushing down on me, she is pushing down on me. Tears fall from my eyes as I desperately chase the finale snap, every time I am on the edge it pulls just out of reach, chanting pleases and begs under my breath.
She must have noticed my struggling and slips another finger inside, increasing her pace as she leans down to kiss me again.
“Let go.” She begs against my lips. “Cum for me.”
That was it, my cord finally snapped. Screams rip from my throat with the crescendo singing only of Luisa, chanting her name like a prayer. Warmth flooded along my nerves in tingling waves, her fingers are gliding me through trying to match the pace of my hips rutting against her as they slow to a roll and then still to the ground besides a few shakes. My mind is broken, I swear I can feel my brain pulsing along with every other inch of my body covered in goosebumps.
Luisa falls next to me pulling my body up on top of hers as I come down from my high. Her hand is tracing soothing patterns against my back as I try breathing in time with her heartbeats. Listening to my own heavy breathing, taking note of the sweat gripping to me drenching the edges of my hairline, and my erratic heartbeat I can’t help but let laughter bubble out of me.
“I think I should workout more.” I press a small kiss against her chest before laying my head back down. “I am sorry I didn’t help you, I am a bit broken right now but give me a minute and ill worship you Luisa.”
Her chest rumbles below me with laughter as she brushes the wet strands of hair out of my face.
“Shhh we will have time for that later, this was only the warmup.”
“Warmup?!” I spluttered out between heaving breaths. I couldn’t imagine anymore pleasure after she thoroughly worked and broke me.
“I have to try out my new equipment properly if I am going to add it to my daily workout routine.” Her finger trails across my spine jolting my exhausted and overstimulated body.
“I think I love exercise now.”
We huff out soft laughs together while entangled, prepping myself fully for a long sore night.
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domxmarvel · 5 days ago
Encanto preferences-They’re sick
A/N: I didn’t include Camilo because I already wrote something like this for him,which you can find here X
Tumblr media
"Here" You carefully handed him the tea cup,making sure he didn't burn himself. 
"Thank you" He took a small sip as you adjusted the blanket over his shoulders,your fingers brushing against his neck. He leaned into your touch,making you move your hand to his cheek. His eyes were closed and you were pretty sure he'd practically be purring right now if he could. You quickly kissed his cheek,causing him to pull away. "Y/N you can't do that,you'll get sick too" 
"That's going to happen regardless if I want it to or not. Besides you're so cuddly when you're sick" He blushed.
"Can we?" 
"As soon as you finish your tea"
Tumblr media
You had noticed Isabela wasn't around town as much as usual and were starting to get worried,but as you were walking through town to get to her house Julieta stopped you and told you that she was sick. You practically ran all the way to her room,gently knocking on the door.
"Come in" She answered,her voice groggy like she just woke up. 
"Sorry,I didn't mean to wake you" She sat up when she realized it was you.
"You didn't,it's almost impossible to get any sleep like this" She rubbed her eyes. You sat down on her bed,reaching your hand out to feel her forehead,he had a really high fever. "And you shouldn't be here,you could get sick too"
"I know,but I'd rather get sick than leave you alone while you're sick" 
"But if you get sick it's your fault" 
Tumblr media
You usually didn’t join Luisa during her chores but lately you hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time together. You quickly noticed that she wasn’t at her best,she was having a hard time catching her breath. 
“Luisa,why don’t you take a break?” Surprisingly she actually listened to you. You sat down near a small pond,she laid down on the grass with her head on your thighs. As you brushed your fingers through her hair,you felt how warm she was. “Luisa” she opened her eyes and looked up at you. “You should get back home,you have a fever”
“Y/N I still have chores I can’t just-”
“No,you’re going home right now” You practically dragged her all the way back to her room. 
“I hate being sick” She mumbled thinking that you wouldn’t hear her. 
“You know what makes me feel better when I’m sick,a long warm bath. I’m gonna set one up for you and some hot chocolate”
“Y/N” You stopped at the door and turned back to her “Thank you”  
Tumblr media
“Now I know where my sweaters keep disappearing to” You joked,sitting down on her bed. You brushed her hair out of her face. “You're kinda cute when you're all grumpy"  She sat up,immediately putting her head on your shoulder,you hugged her,rubbing her back. “How do you feel? Did you eat anything?”
“Yes,mom made me some soup”
“Did you get any sleep?” The bags under her eyes already told you that she didn’t,but you asked anyway. 
“No,can we cuddle?”
“Of course” You wrapped your arms around her,pulling her close to you. It only took a few seconds before she fell asleep. You knew you’d probably get sick too but you didn’t really care,you wanted to take care of her and that was exactly what you were gonna do.
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soundofalling-sand · 12 days ago
When a character calls you, “mi vida”, “mi cielo”, “mi cariño ”, “mi amor”, “mi querida/do”, “mi corazón” in an Encanto fanfiction or headcanon. 
Tumblr media
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magewritesstories · 19 days ago
Artistic // Madrigals x GN! Reader
Author's note: I was drawing and I had this idea. What would it be like if the Madrigals dated an artistic reader? So this is what I came up with. Btw let me know if you want an actual fic with one of these! Also it's not finished, I'll probably be doing the second one soon. But I wanted to have a post up so, yeah here it is!
Summary: Headcanons on dating the Madrigals as an artist.
Warnings: none
Parts: 1 // 2 (coming soon)
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Okay, so the two of you would be an absolute power couple.
I see Mirabel as a super artistic person too.
I mean have you seen her dress???
Anyway, the two of you probably met shopping for art supplies or something.
It would be like, you both reached for the same thing at the same time,
and then the two of you are like, "You take it!" "No, you!"
Camilo ends up taking it and running away, Mirabel running after him.
The two of you quickly became close over the love of art.
And then the two of you started dating.
If anyone was looking for you, there was a 9/10 chance you were in the nursery. Probably sitting next to Mirabel drawing in your sketchbook while she drew in hers.
Shopping for gifts is so easy, anything that you would like is probably something she likes too.
She would probably draw you stuff and then give it as a gift.
Just two cute artists in love, I ship it
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
Okay, so the two of you met at the riverbank
She was probably there for one of her chores, while you were there to draw/paint the area
I mean it's so pretty how could you not?
She would probably startle you and then feel so bad, poor baby
The two of you talked for a bit, and just clicked
After that, you kinda followed her while she did her chores
You would like to sit in the shade of a tree while she rallies up the donkeys, etc
The town probably shipped you so much
Imagine making a sketch of her as a gift and then adding a little note to the back as a confession
Imagine her opening the letter you put the sketch in and Mirabel seeing the note on the back before her sister does
oml the teasing
When the two of you get together you tried coaxing her into resting with the dumbest excuses
"Yes, I need you to lay in the hammock, for reference."
Just cuteness all round
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
The two of you met during the rebuild of Casita
You were probably sitting on a make-shift picnic table during the lunch break when she walked over to you
To be quite honest she thought you looked cute hunched over your sketchbook completely concentrated
Cute in a frazzled artist kinda way
So, she decided to walk up to you and introduce herself
The two of you didn't get along right away
She didn't have to pretend to be perfect anymore, but old habits die hard
After the two of you did start to get along, she asked you out (with a little help from her sisters)
Of course, you said yes, I mean how could you not?
Abuela was a bit confused that Isabela had picked you at first
BUT she'd promised to do better so she tried to get to know you
Turns out you weren't as bad as she thought
You'd probably draw her, and not show her, just to be annoying
She does end up seeing them, because, well... you can't say no to her
No one really expected the two of you to get together
but you quickly become everyone's OTP
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isabellalvr · 12 days ago
mi amor <3
request : helloo !! i would like to make a request for isabella. one where isa and the (fem) reader are dating and isa LOVES to tease and fluster the reader.  always giving the reader flowers, calling the reader sweet names etc. ( isa is taller than the reader ). just a really fluffy and sweet one shot 
Tumblr media
you get so flustered and embarrassed almost every time omg 😭
you two met when you and the townspeople were helping rebuild the casita, you helped her pick a decision between cactus and flowers for her room and when you picked cactus she knew she’d like you.
after a few weeks you two stared dating bc it was so obvious you two liked each other
she's so flirty but instantly gets shy if you flirt back LMAO
she was lowkey shy in the beginning of your relationship, but then she got more comfortable and started to tease you for little things.
calls you so many pet names in spanish
mi vida, cariño, amor, and mi amor.
she gives you a smirk after calling you those in front of people bc she loves seeing your reaction she's evil
it doesnt matter what your doing or who your talking to, she come’s up to you and rests her head on top of your head, tippy toeing a bit.
constantly giving you flowers n gifts, whenever she grows something she hasn't before your the first person she shows.
compliments you A LOT
“i love your dress amor, did your mama make it??”
“you have such pretty eyes.”
“its not embarrassing you look so cute see!”
there was tulips all around the blanket with fruits and bread. “i didn't know what you liked sooo i hope this is okay..” she blushed and awkwardly smiled.
loves helping you with simple tasks.
for ex. brushing or braiding your hair, helping you put on jewelry just so she can be closer to you.
thinks about you and things grow without her control, once there was a purple flower with black patterns on it, it popped up in front of her when she thought about you and her “hanging out” yesterday.
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