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ladymiraclewings · 2 days ago
Luka: I know you’re not used to this, but maybe you should just try to keep it chill and see what happens.
Marinette: Great advice. Impossible to follow, but great advice.
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ainawgsd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sleeby kitten tries to snuggle with dog
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yanderemiraculousladybug · 22 hours ago
Oh so I fucking agree with you on Zoe. I guess it makes a sense from a show standpoint for her to not be mentioned since she was the result of an affair. And Andre, Audrey and Zoe’s dad (at least it’s implied) are influential people but it should have been more foreshadowed. Like at least an overheard conversation or subtle hints could have been nice but instead she got dropped in with none of that. Then given a miraculous randomly.
Chloe should have kept it or at least have Ladybug refuse to give it to her then she realizes why and becomes a better person and gets it permanently. Something to make her improve.
I 100% agree. Thomas Astruc has admitted before that he does not like Chloe and doesn’t want to give her a ‘redemption’ arch, which I think is bull tbh. Like yeah she’s a bad person, but when seeing her relationship with her family you can see why she is the way she is and he just doesn’t wanna build on it. (She’s possibly the best character cause even though we’re supposed to hate her, I still like her just cause she’s the only character that has ‘personality’)
Thomas has a good show and (could have) good structure, but he ruins it because he’s quite literally a man child who doesn’t want to accept the constructive criticism of his main demographic, because it’s ‘His show.’ And he treats feminism as a tool to protect him in a way? And by that I mean he says that he makes the females the way they are cause he’s a feminist, but doesn’t want to give Chat more screen time, like the audience demanded, because it’s not ‘Feminist’ of him, which is bull. Feminist does not equal Female right/Male wrong, it’s equality for all, female AND male.
Now back to Zoé, I can go on and on abt my dislike for her. (The affair thing threw me aback lol). She gives me ‘Marinette’ vibes dare I say. This may upset people, but I don’t really like Marinette’s character either, though I definitely blame that on Thomas’ poor writing of good characters with rounded personalities. They are very bland, boring, ‘innocent’ and can do no wrong with no consequences to their actions. Like Marinette stalks and knows Adriens whole schedule and none of the girls saw a problem with that?
Sure I (kinda) like Mari, but I wish Thomas would of wrote her better. Zoe would of been a better character if she wasn’t so ‘I want to be the Main Character’ type. She’s not only a flat character but her personality makes it where she can’t become ‘rounded’ because when you’re ‘perfect’ There is no room for improvement. Thomas doesn’t like to make his characters flawed, but you need flaws so they can improve and become a rounded character.
Even Adrien at times is a poorly written character and I have personally stopped watching the show, because I hate seeing what he’s doing to my fav characters, tho I do watch a clip of a new episode or the full one every once in a while. I have just come to despise Thomas’ writing. I’d love to go more in depth but I feel like I’ve rambled enough lol
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zoe-oneesama · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Finally revealing my piece for the @ml-fashionzine - A Kitty Section Album Drop Advertisement!
Thank you to everyone who supported the zine and your patience with the timing of shipping!
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bisexualasshole · 2 months ago
i've seen some people posting about them as like an ot4 situation and i understand but in my mind i prefer whatever's going on here
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cheriexnoire · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
at the bottom we see pink and red aka Marinette and Ladybug. SHE FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO LOVE HERSELF IN BOTH IDENTITIES!
and at the top we see green but this time it's with chocolate chips?!? IT'S NOT ADRIEN IT'S CHAT. SHE STARTED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH CHAT NOIR!
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