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"Cool." - David in Was ist Dysphorie? | DRUCK
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thesoftboyfriends · 2 years ago
Lukas’ response to the question “Series or film?” for Future Jury
“It's difficult. I guess at the moment I would choose a series. Just because sometimes I have the feeling that, because of the length and because you have more episodes, you can tell more of the story. And because I acted in a series most recently.”
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trulytyrus-blog · 2 years ago
just some tea for you rats
it breaks my heart to see lukas get all these disrespectful and rude comments because lukas is an AMAZING MAN and he doesn't deserve that? hes constantly getting transphobic comments and criticism which i absolutely cant believe because hes such a wonderful guy and we're so lucky to have someone like him and i cant believe there are people out there who could possibly think otherwise just because he's trans & poc ? those things dont define a person. what defines a person is their actions, what they say, who they are inside. its so important that we have people like lukas doing what theyre doing for minorities and if you hate him just because of the fact he is a transgender man of colour and not because theres a real reason to hate him, you seriously need to grow up.
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improvised-chaos · 2 months ago
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daarka · 20 days ago
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More character dice! Remember these kids?
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Like most of our characters, they've been reborn into a D&D setting! Luka and Jaska now have their own independent bodies--and new to the mix is a little devil child Jaska adopted. Remember Axa?
Tumblr media
I don't have a character die for Valentine yet (the sister in the art above) but I'm hoping to get that squared away soon! Until then, these two brothers and adopted daughter have been shipped off to my bestie where they belong <3
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ghosttotheparty · a year ago
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t65s · 4 months ago
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it do be like that sometimes
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marylilyas · 2 years ago
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wraithandsaint · 2 years ago
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clingymesstm · 2 years ago
Lukas really said spare some rights cause it’s my birthday at pride and it’s really bold of him
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theyellowcurtains · 2 years ago
@ anyone whos gonna post the stuff from lukas’s stream please someone tag me in anything with him answering the favourite avenger and ticklish questions bc they were mine and i’m actually crying 
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anderwater · a month ago
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who even looks that good
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virgothevirginqueen · 2 years ago
Happiest birthday to our one and only Leo king👑
We Stan Leo king ♌🌸
Sending lots of love from other side of the world🎂🎈🎆🎇🎉🎊 💕
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n-block · 2 years ago
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youcouldhavestayed · 4 months ago
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Lilya 4-Ever [dir. Lukas Moodysson 2002] vhs photos by me
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verfound · 8 months ago
FIC: Move Like Jagged (MLB, Lukanette)
Rating: T / PG-13 / Teen
Characters/Pairings: Jagged Stone, Luka Couffaine, Marinette Dupain-Cheng; Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Summary: Luka’s been a little down lately. Anarka has just the thing to cheer her boy up: the last surviving copy of Jagged Stone’s 1980s workout video, Move Like Jagged. Now with 100% more Lycra.
Author’s Notes/Warnings: So this was written for the 5/12-5/19 @lovebugs-and-snakecharmers Sprint Challenge, using the prompt “Neon Colors” and inspired by some bullshitting from an AU that the Disco knows about but the rest of y’all have to wait for. xD (Um…I feel like I should apologize to Adam Levine/Maroon 5. I’m not sorry, but I’m sorry. xD) SLIGHT 04x01 “Truth” spoilers (in the “is that even a spoiler anymore” category). These kids I swear.
Just a reminder: LBSC Sprint Challenge Guidelines: Three 15-minute sprints to write/draw. 24 hours to edit/post. My 24 hours got spread out over like three days because of Life, but it still counts. xD
“Move Like Jagged”
Luka blinked at the old VHS tape the Captain had just handed him. He didn’t even think they made these things anymore, though he was sure there was a TV with a VHS player somewhere aboard the boat he could play it on. His ma was eclectic like that – she held onto a lot of weird old shit for a lot of weird old reasons. And if that failed, maybe the AV club at school still had one?
But that still didn’t explain why she had just handed him an old VHS with the title of a Maroon 5 song scrawled on a piece of masking tape on its casing. He looked up at her, lifting an eyebrow, and she patted his shoulder.
“Ye’ve been a bit…” she paused, pursing her lips and considering her words. She didn’t want to say depressed, because he hadn’t been, not really, even though it did feel like the most appropriate word. “…despondent lately. Thought ye could use with some cheering up.”
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slimetek · 6 months ago
About Us
As said in our pinned post, we’re the Jungle System! Our system sideblog (sort of, it’s mostly just reblogs of stuff we’ve requested for ourselves) is @jungle-system.
We are very open to talking about ourselves, so sending asks directed towards a certain alter is totally fine!
The System
Johan “Jesse” Greenwood, he/him. [S5 Bdubs introject]
Henrik Greenwood, he/they. [S5-6 Doc introject] [ @doc-greenwood ]
Nathaniel “Nigel” Indiana, pronouny [S5-6 Scar introject] [ @captainangryeyes ]
Hank, he/him. [SMPLive AntVenom introject]
Gendry Ross, he/him or fae/faer. [3rd Life Martyn introject]
Jon Hunter, he/him. [3rd Life Ren introject]
Melkior, it/its. [3rd Life Red King introject]
Lal, she/her.
Zero, they/it.
Rexx Taylor, he/they/gold. [3rd Life/S7 Tango introject]
Gabriel Storm, he/him or ze/zem/zir. [Mianite/SMPLive Sparklez introject]
Tyrion Valentine, he/him or xe/xem/xyr. [3rd Life/S7 Impulse introject]
Ed, they/them. [S7 Xisuma introject]
Bruce MacDuff, he/him. [Helsknight OC introject]
Oscar Charleston, ae/aem/aer. [SMPLive/Epic SMP Slimecicle & S7 Grian introject]
Mike Fitzgerald, he/him. [Markiplier & Michael Afton/Mike Schmidt introject]
Nathan, he/him.
Theo, he/it. [SMPLive/Epic SMP Ted introject]
Thorne Maelstrom, he/him or ve/vex/ver. [S5-6 Cub introject]
Spector, they/he/she. [Hels!Doc OC introject]
Jed Alden, he/him. [SMPLive Schlatt introject]
Connor, he/him. [SMPLive Connor introject]
Bruno, he/they. [S7-8/VH Iskall introject]
Colin, he/xe. [S7-8 Mumbo introject]
Mitchell DeVille, he/him. [AU MatPat introject]
Chandler Bing, he/him.
Alastor/Lucius Syn, he/him. [Mianite Tom introject]
Viktor Greenwood, he/him. [S5 Beef introject]
Lukas Greenwood, xhee/xhey/exe/[redacted]. [S5 Etho introject]
Coda, he/him. [S6-7-8 Keralis introject]
Balthazar Ozwald, they/he/it. [S8 Zedaph introject]
Karl, he/him. [Mianite Karl introject]
Sebastian/Sevens, he/him. [77-2 Scar introject]
Micah Soot, he/fin. [SMPLive Wilbur introject]
Dink, he/him. [SMPLive Dinkster introject]
James Kakujo, he/him. [77-2 Kakujo introject]
Bucky Barnes, he/him. [FATWS Bucky introject]
Ashfur, he/him. [AU Warrior Cats Ashfur introject]
Rowan Xelqua, he/him, pup/pups, bloom/blooms, sun/suns, ☀️/☀️’s. [S6 Grian introject]
Weston Jericho, he/him. [Mianite Jericho introject]
Siren, it/he.
Anakin Skywalker, he/him. [Attack of the Clones Anakin introject]
Warren Hunter, he/him. [S6 Renbob introject]
Obi-Wan Kenobi, he/him. [Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan introject]
xB, he/it. [Hermitopia xB introject]
Wels, he/him. [S7 Welsknight introject]
Riverstar, he/him. [Warrior Cats Riverstar introject]
Peanut Butter, she/her. [Hermitcraft Jellie introject]
Samuel G. Samson, xe/xim, it/its, te/tech, wy/wir, in/int. [Deltarune Spamton introject]
Queen, she/it/queen. [Deltarune Queen introject]
Matthew M. Samson, any pronouns (he/she preferred). [Undertale Mettaton introject]
Hunter, he/it. [Last Life Joel introject]
Shep, he/him. [Last Life Scar introject]
Tubbo, he/him. [SMPLive AU Tubbo introject]
Dianite, he/they. [Mianitian Isles Dianite introject]
Aster Littlewood, he/him. [Last Life Mumbo introject]
Arin Littlewood, he/him. [Last Life Martyn introject]
Horatio Iris, he/him. [Last Life Solidarity introject]
Kestrel Littlewood, he/him. [SMPEarth Tommy introject]
Ranboo, he/they/it. [Voltz Wars Ranboo introject]
Sky, they/them. [SMPLive Sky introject]
Red Velvet, he/bark/hound/pup. [Cookie Run Red Velvet Cookie introject]
Clap Trap, he/him. [Hels!Mumbo OC introject]
Riven, end/prime/dream/he. [Manhunt Dream introject]
Brann, he/hog. [SMPEarth Techno introject]
Pieter Crow, he/they/caw/crow. [SMPEarth Phil introject]
X33N, they/it/voi/he. [Mianite AU X33N introject]
Espresso, he/vi/they. [Cookie Run Espresso Cookie introject]
Lex, he/they/blaze. [Manhunt Sapnap introject]
Dominic, any pronouns. [Manhunt BBH introject]
George, he/him. [Manhunt GNF introject]
Ianite, she/they. [Mianitian Isles Ianite introject]
Mianite, he/they. [Mianitian Isles Mianite introject]
Mad/Doran, he/it. [AU MadPat introject]
Florian Zett, he/him. [AU Jacksepticeye introject]
Hollyleaf, she/her. [Power of Three Warrior Cats Hollyleaf introject]
Ross, he/they. [Epic SMP Ross introject]
Dr Solar Asunder, he/him. [77-2 Doc introject]
Cordelia Iris, she/her. [Last Life Lizzie introject]
Octavia Cleopatra, she/her. [Last Life Cleo introject]
Dan, they/💎. [DanTDM introject]
Alastair Eret, he/she. [Eret introject]
Balderdash, he/him. [Hels!Mumbo OC introject]
Charleston Tek, he/him. [Hels!Tango OC introject]
Sir Jeriah, he/him. [Mianite Jeriah introject]
Spark Conway, he/him. [Mianite Spark introject]
Jonquil Nestor, he/she. [AU Crankgameplays introject]
Stolas, he/him.
Pete, e/em. [PeteZahHutt introject]
Scott Major, he/him. [Last Life Scott introject]
Robb Valentine, he/him. [Last Life Skizz introject]
Jack Manifold, he/him. [Jack Manifold introject]
Niki Nihachu, she/her. [Nihachu introject]
Fundy, he/him. [Fundy introject]
H, he/him. [Hbomb introject]
Kikoku Botan, he/it. [Mianite AU Sparklez introject]
Angel, he/she. [S7 Grian introject]
Echo, he/him. [Hels!Impulse OC introject]
Roose Hills, he/him. [S8 Joe Hills introject]
Sansa Stark, she/her. [Game of Thrones Sansa introject]
Eros Zett, he/him. [Antisepticeye introject]
Arry, he/him. [S7 GTWS introject]
Zircon, he/him. [S7 Bdubs introject]
Blank/Doran, he/it. [AU Blankgameplays introject]
Kristin Minecraft, she/her. [Misstrixtin introject]
Jake/Ryan, he/him. [AU Cryaotic introject]
Dylan, he/him. [Mianitian Isles Declan introject]
Beef Stew, he/him. [SMPLive Beef Stew introject]
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marylilyas · 2 years ago
hey y’all druckies
okay so i decided to print something on a black t-shirt and i want it to be Davenzi/Lukas related so if y’all have any good fanart suggestions about that i’d reaaally love if you gave me links 
thank you in advance <33 
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rageunturned · 3 months ago
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Welcome to Athens, [CHAOS]! It looks like they [DO NOT] remember their past life as a God. It is said that [THEY] have [ATTENTION TO DETAIL] but also [LACK INSIGHT]. Apparently they look like [LUKA SABBAT] and they’re [NON-BINARY]. [OOC: Ty, 22, he/him, GMT+3]
(cw: pills, mental illness, depression, dissociation)
NAME: CHAOS Chason Toussaint AGE: IMMORTAL 21 GENDER: Non-Binary PRONOUNS: they/them ORIENTATION: Asexual, biromantic PROFESSION: Student, artist, intern at a fashion company
AESTHETICS: Reds and blacks, the vast void where one light shines in the distance, the bitter taste of the quince fruit, sharp teeth and sharper nails digging into skin, anger and despair \\ warm clothes, paint splattered on overalls, messy scraps of fabric, old VHS videos, scratches on the wall, tight fists and the absence of a smile in the moments where it’s needed.
Chason, as far as they remember, was born in a happy family, in Nice, France, although their memories feel jumbled at times. Their head has been all over the place their entire life, nothing stuck too hard or too well. They ended up in therapy a couple of times, with the help of some people they knew to call family. It’s how they found out they deal with depression, or at least that was what the psychiatrist said it has to be.
Yet “depression” didn’t seem to quite fit. It was a deeper kind of sadness, one that felt ascended beyond human means, beyond their human body.
They would stare into space a lot, especially when it was dark around them; it felt like they were searching for a kind of familiarity they haven’t been able to feel in a long time.
They didn’t belong here, but they didn’t know how or why they didn’t belong here.
Prescription pills never helped, but they wouldn’t even dare to attempt to chase a high they wouldn’t be able to handle. They know addiction, they feel like they’ve watched it in people their entire life, and how it took and it took and it took and it took. They wouldn’t want to go there. That wasn’t the abyss they looked for.
Otherwise their life was simple, they did well in school and got into a good college in New York, and eventually scored an internship at a local fashion company. 
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maribat-2k20 · a year ago
BatBug Kid(s?)
08/30/2020 Seventeen
Marinette had left to clean up her shop and home when she received a phone call from Luka. He needed a wedding gown and she had to be the one to do it. She looked at the calendar and scheduled with him for a weeks time. Mari was thinking this would be a good time for her and Louis to go home and maybe bring Damian along with. Thinking about it longer she has a feeling this will cause a fight with Bruce. Once changed and ready to go, she heads back over to the Manor. 
Bruce wasn’t home just yet but Alfred let her in. Mari found Tim sitting in front of his laptop deep into his search and drinking what appears to be his third cup of coffee. She walks up behind him, he lifted the mug just to his lips, and she leans just over her shoulder not making a sound.
“Hey there sunshine. What are you reading this time?” He jumped out almost throwing his mug into the air. She caught it in his hand to keep it still smiling softly at him. “Scared you?” Mari giggled softly then set the cup down. 
"Yeah, I was going over this cold case last night and I one got away from me. What are you doing, mom?" Tim said with a smirk trying out the word. It made Mari smile as she shook his hair.
"I came back over with some news I wanted to share with the twins, and talk to Bruce. But I find you instead. What's the case about?" They sit there going over the case together, finding nothing new.
"You know what? Let's go sit down into he living room and watch a movie. Get a clear head on this." Tim seemed reluctant about the suggestion but Mari gave him her baby doll eyes and pouted until he caved. "Yay! I'll make the popcorn you go pick a movie." She searched the pantry for the kernels and oil as Tim closed his laptop and went to the living room and pull out a movie. He wasnt to sure on what to put on. They didn't have much in DVDs or VHS tapes. So he decided to connect his phone to the tv and search up something fun and pleasant, Aladdin.
"Ooo I haven't seen this one since Louis was just a baby. I love Robin Williams." Mari handed him the big bowl of popcorn and sat down next him as the movie played.
Half way through the movie Dick and Jason joined on sitting on the edge of the couch watching along. Bruce came in wondering why it was so quiet in his home, when suddenly an outburst erupted from the living room.
"Bee yourself!" He walked over and found all but the twins. Even Alfred was sitting in the chair watching. His eyes drifted toward his raven haired beauty and smiled just slightly before she looked over.
"Welcome home Bruce." She says.
To be continued...
@fsketchart @moonlightstar64 @dorkus-minimus @toodaloo-kangaroo @amayakans @miraculous786 @crazylittlemunchkin @messymessyml @i-will-be-your-ace @tbehartoo @tazanna-blythe @ertyzeta
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