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That…  was a trick question!  the answer was…  ABSOLUTELY!

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MC, sitting in the human world on their bed: *Sighs in a sad way*

Mammon, from the vents: WHAT THE FUCK??

Leviathan, in the neighbors pool: WHO HURT MY HENRY?

Satan, under the bed: *guttural screaming*

Asmodeus, standing on the bathroom sink: MY B E A U T I F U L BABY

Beelzebub, climbing out of the fridge: I brought snacks for you.

Belphegor, climbing in through the window with a knife: I will end them, for you.

Lucifer, somehow climbing out of the dresser: Don’t cry, I’m here darling.

Diavolo, pulling back the shower curtain: Never fear! I am here!!!

Simeon, crashing a stolen car into a tree outside MC’s house: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:(

Luke, hiding on the ceiling fan: Don’t worry MC! I’ll bake u something!

Solomon: I have a spell for this.

Barbatos, walking in through the front door like a normal person: Wtf is wrong with you people?

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Useless rumor about Luke: he can make this tiny whining sound in the back of his throat like a puppy and it makes him sound pathetic and in need of saving, and he is about as intimidating as a drenched kitten (but we all knew this)

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