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sister-snackariah · 3 months ago
me watching luke hemmings in music videos years ago:
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me seeing him engaged now:
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lukeshemmings · a month ago
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LUKE HEMMINGS Photographed by Shane McCauley for Rollacoaster (2021)
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bri3395 · 3 months ago
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lukehemmings: With shaking hands but a full heart I proposed to my best friend earlier this year. I love you Thao and I can’t imagine my life without you ❤️ @sierradeaton
sierradeaton: it was fun keeping this a secret for so long, but my heart is nearly bursting at the seams. Can’t wait for forever 🤍 @lukehemmings
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loverofmineluke · 2 months ago
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I’m screaming!!
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ifwallscouldtalkkkk · 3 months ago
Okay but let's bring this back for a moment
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I need Calum's concerned reaction tattooed on my body. In GIF format. Stat.
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emmyhem · 4 months ago
don’t mind the heat (l.r.h)
a/n: hello, it’s been a bit longer than i had intended since i last posted but turns out once i start writing i can’t stop :/ so, this a somewhat summery luke piece (unedited), inspired by the nice weather i’ve been having near me lately. i’m literally exhausted right now cause i’ve been either testing or gearing up for testing recently and have just been absolutely drained but i’ve had soooo much inspo lately which has been really exciting. in other news i have created a taglist sign up, due to the fact that i’ll be posting the first part of my first series soon so that will be linked below if you are interested. i don’t have much else to say other than i hope you enjoy. remember i’m always up for a a chat if you have literally anything on your mind and i appreciate any and all feedback, comments, or criticisms. hope you’re all doing well, thank youuu - emmy <33
pairing: luke hemmings x assistant!reader 
summary:  a writing retreat to palm springs, a broken air conditioner, late night swims, burnt toast, and the assistant who makes luke’s brain more foggy than all the heat ever could.
warning(s): mentions of alcohol, mentions of weed, cursing, slight jealousy, smut, oral sex (male receiving) 
word count: 9.3k
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Tumblr media
Luke had hired you four months ago. As the band geared up for another album and he knew he would no longer have time for his everyday responsibilities while spending the majority of his time either writing or recording he decided he would need some help. 
Your job was simple enough, run errands, straighten up his house, take care of Petunia when he was out, deliver lunches to the studio. Anything that Luke didn’t have time to do anymore fell onto you, his new assistant. 
You liked your job, you liked going on long walks with Petunia, and going to nearby farmer’s markets to get a specific kind of apple that Luke had been scouring the Whole Foods produce section unsuccessfully for for weeks. You didn’t even mind the boring stuff like cleaning out his car or sorting through his mail and PR packages. 
Of course it wasn’t all great, you no longer had an abundance of free time to binge watch rom-coms, or the employee discount that came along with your former job at the smoothie shop that you still made frequent visits to. And the decidedly worst thing about your new job was the fact that your boss just so happened to be one of the most attractive men you’d ever seen in real life. 
At first having a bit of eye candy while you went about your day was nice and you were able to separate your attraction from your work. The separation was simple because you didn’t really know Luke, you knew he was hot, and you knew how he took his coffee (black with three sugars) but other than that he was just a guy in a band that signed the paychecks that allowed you to keep a studio apartment in LA. 
It was when you started to get to know him that lines started to blur and a childish attraction turned into something much more concerning. When he did things like leave enough hot water for you when making his evening tea on a night he had noticed an unfamiliar scratch in your throat when you talked. When he started leaving little puns and awful knock knock jokes on the bottom of the to-do list he had left you with for the day. Or leave out medicine on the counter for you when Petunia’s shedding was bothering your allergies more than usual, causing you sporadic sneezing fits.
 What had really pushed you off the deep end into a dangerous infatuation and landed you in your current predicament was when he had invited you over to Calum’s place after you dropped off his dry cleaning late one night. You were quick to decline, knowing yourself well enough to know that spending a night together without your typical boss/employee dynamic would only add fuel to the fire that was your crush, but Luke planned on coaxing you into agreeing with a dramatic pout and wide ocean eyes. 
“Please.” he added when you didn’t immediately concede. “I promise it’ll be fun. It’ll be really lowkey, just a little bonfire. We needed some down time and I know you could use a night off. I'll make my own drinks for once, I'll even make your drinks.” 
A giggle bubbled from your throat and Luke smiled at you expectantly. 
“You mean you’ll be doting after me for a change?” you teased, setting the final hanger of his clothes on the couch. 
“Absolutely.” he affirmed. “And for free!” 
You pressed your lips together in thought before reluctantly accepting the invitation through a sigh, “Alright. How could I possibly say no to that?”
Luke pumped a fist in the air victoriously, making you laugh. 
“Great, so you can just follow me? It’s not a long drive at all, just a few minutes.” he informed, ushering you to his driveway. 
“Sounds good.” you assured, climbing into your car. 
Much to your displeasure, Luke hadn’t been lying when he said the drive wasn’t long. You hadn’t gotten nearly as much time alone in your car to remind yourself what not to say and do to avoid utter humiliation and possible unemployment as you would’ve liked before you had arrived at Calum’s. 
Luke appeared at your car door, opening it the second you removed the keys from the ignition. 
“Ready?” he questioned, peeking into the used car that acted as your second home. 
“Yep.” you agreed, quickly exiting the car while silently praying he hadn’t taken notice of the scattering of trash that had accumulated in your passenger seat over the past week or so. 
As you neared the house the sound of crackling firewood and exuberant laughter filled your ears. Luke’s long legs carried him towards the noise much faster than yours but he paused his steps every so often giving you the chance to catch up. 
Soon you had reached the source, a large bonfire that lit the surrounding area, where the rest of the guys and two women you recognized as Michael’s fiance, Crystal, and Ashton’s girlfriend, Kaykay sat in patio chairs with red solo cups in hand. 
Luke cleared his throat as you approached, causing all heads to turn in your direction. 
“You guys all know my assistant, y/n right?” 
The guys all nodded and offered various greetings which you returned with a small wave. Crystal, who you had met once before at the studio smiled brightly and waved, and Kaykay walked over, handing you an empty cup as she spoke. 
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you finally. I’ve heard you’ve lessened Luke’s workload by a ton.” 
“That might be an exaggeration.” you explained. “I mostly run errands.” 
“She’s being modest.” Luke complimented, knocking his shoulder against yours. 
“Well, either way you have to put up with this one 24/7, and I’d say that makes you deserving of a drink.” she continued, walking you towards the table that held an assortment of liquors and a cooler of beers. 
“A big one!” Ashton yelled in agreement from his seat. 
From the corner of your eye you saw Luke playfully smack Ashton’s shoulder at his comment before pulling two chairs up between him and Calum. 
After making yourself a vodka redbull you took a seat next to Luke, who was alternating sips between a bottle of Corona and some kind of mixed drink. 
“I’m just saying, we’d be helping the planet out if I carpooled with Mikey and Crystal.” Calum continued what he’d been saying when you arrived. 
Michael laughed dryly, tossing an empty beer can into the bin beside him. “Something tells me your motives are less about our carbon footprint and more about not having to drive yourself through all the fucking traffic.” 
Calum overdramatically gasped, leaning back in his seat. “Well now I’m offended.” 
Ashton seemed to spot your confused expression and leaned forward to explain. “They’re talking about the writing retreat to Palm Springs we’re taking soon.” 
You nodded in understanding. 
“Well, they say writing retreat but I doubt they’ll be writing much.” Kaykay said. “Calum insisted on getting an Airbnb with a rather extravagant pool.” 
“I like to splash, sue me.” he responded to her accusation. 
“Sounds fun, when do you leave?” you asked. 
“2 weeks, on Monday morning.” Michael answered. 
You turned in your chair to face Luke. “Are you taking Petunia? Or do you need me to take her? My building is not exactly pet friendly, but I can be sneaky.” you asked, already imagining a weekend spent cuddled up in your bed, catching up on the recent romance additions on Netflix with your favorite dog in the world.
Luke laughed against the rim of his beer bottle before taking a sip. “I’m taking her, and you, hopefully.” 
“You’ll be paid for it and all.” he explained. “The trip is supposed to be a chance for us to relax and focus solely on writing, so I’ll need you to handle everything else. Well, that’s if you’re not busy.” 
“When were you planning on asking me?” 
“Tonight.” Luke stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Ah, so this was all a ploy. Get a few drinks in me before you ask.” you teased. 
“Believe it or not I didn’t think you’d need much convincing.” 
“Why’s that?”
“An all expenses paid trip to Palm Springs? I don’t know, sounds like something you might enjoy.”  
“Where I have to run around after you doing whatever you ask.” you added.
“Yea but you do that anyway, might as well do it someplace fun.” he joked, finishing off his drink. 
You laughed and finished your own, “Good point, I’m in.” 
“Looks like my ploy worked.” Luke said, heading over to the beverage table. 
“I thought there was no ploy!” you called after him. 
He spun around to face you, continuing to walk backwards while a cocky grin overtook his face and he shrugged in response, mouthing “oops” to you. 
-   -   - 
That’s how you ended up in your boss’ passenger seat at 7:43 am, trying your hardest to focus on anything but the way his hands look gripping the steering wheel. 
You had only been driving for about fifteen minutes and were silently questioning how you were expected to last another 2 hours trapped in close quarters, such close quarters that the steady flow of air conditioning had picked up Luke’s cologne and vented it through the entire car. The same cologne that had stuck to your shirt the night of the bonfire after Luke had noticed you shivering and tucked his flannel around your shoulders without a word of explanation. It was making you dizzy now, or maybe that was just his presence. It was hard to tell. 
One of Luke’s playlists played softly from the speakers and leaning your head against the window, you hummed a familiar melody and counted street signs in your head as a distraction. 
Luke didn’t try to engage you in a conversation, assuming you weren’t a morning person and would need a few more hours and caffeinated drinks before you became the bubbly presence he had come to know over the past few months. 
You allowed your eyes to drift close after a while, hoping he would assume you were asleep.
After about 30 minutes of essentially silence, Luke drove over a speed bump, causing the crate Petunia had been sleeping peacefully in to rattle. Shaken awake, she whined and yawned through a stretch, causing Luke’s eyes to instinctively flick up from the road to the rear view mirror, adoration sweeping over them when they found her sleeping figure, curled up.
You smiled to yourself when he mumbled mostly to himself, “Go back to sleep, piggy. We still have quite the drive, I’ll wake you girls up when we get there. ” 
Eventually your fake sleep became real and before you knew it you were being awoken by fingers sweeping softly over your forehead. When you opened your eyes Luke pulled his hand away as if he had just been electrically shocked. 
“Fuzz” he blurted out. 
“What?” you questioned sleepily, crooking your neck to the side in an attempt to stretch. 
“You had a piece of fuzz in your hair.” he elaborated.
When you narrowed your eyes in confusion he spoke again. 
“We’re here.”
You glanced out of the window, squinting under the harsh sunlight. Based on the number of cars in the driveway it looked like everyone else was already inside. You let your eyes explore the property, tall palm trees surrounded the renovated mid century and a few cacti lined the walk that lead to a bubblegum pink front door. It was all very Palm Springs.
“S’cute” you commented, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. 
“Yeah” Luke agreed with a hum. Only, when you turned to face him again his eyes weren’t on the house but on you. He shook his head at your sudden movement, and blindly reached for the door handle. 
“It’s a cute place,” he reiterated. “We should head in now.” 
“Do you want me to get your bags?” you asked while unbuckling. 
“What? No, why would you get my bags?” 
Your eyebrows tugged as you answered, “I’m your assistant, s’kinda my job.” 
“Right,” Luke said while staring down at his shoes. “No, I've got the bags. Why don’t you get Petunia? I’m sure she’s dying to stretch her legs.” 
You started fiddling with her crate as Luke emptied the trunk. 
“Did she sleep the whole way?” you questioned while putting her on a leash. Luke set down the final bag as he responded. 
“Most of the way, yeah. Although, I think your snoring woke her up at one point.” 
You spun in his direction, eyes widening in embarrassment. 
“I do not snore.” 
“Well it certainly wasn’t me, and Petunia is not nearly as loud.” 
“Oh my god.” you groaned. “Pig, let’s go I’m officially mortified.” Petunia stumbled out of the car, tail wagging as you tugged her behind you. 
Luke’s cackling laughter could be heard as you scurried away from the car. 
“Shut it Luke! Your seconds away from needing a new assistant.” you shouted, which only prompted him to laugh louder. 
At all the noise Ashton swung open the front door wearing swim trunks and sipping a blended drink through a curly straw. 
“Hard at work?” you teased. 
He hummed in response allowing you entrance to the house, and eyed you down taking notice of your flustered state. 
“What’s with you?” he asked bluntly. 
“Oh, nothing just questioning my employment decisions.” 
He looked over your head through the open door where Luke was barrelling down the front walk, attempting to carry at least six different bags and stumbling over his own feet. 
“Can’t say I blame you.” 
-  -  -
Luke would be lying if he said he didn’t have ulterior motives when asking you on this trip. That’s not to say he was being creepy or even planning on making a move, he would never use his position of power to get anything from you and he knew just how fragile the dynamic that you currently had was. And, really he wasn’t planning on laying a finger on you during the trip, it’s just that by the time they other guys suggested it he couldn’t really imagine a week without you. So he asked you to come, it was normal enough he was a busy guy, there’s no reason he wouldn’t need an assistant with him on a trip, especially one in which he was supposed to be working. With all that being said, he really should’ve planned on having something, literally anything for you to do. 
Once you had finished walking Petunia around and exploring the backyard with her Luke had carried in all the bags and sat them in the living room with everyone else’s so the group could fairly decide who got which room. 
“Crystal and Mike can have the master.” Calum suggested once everyone, including you, who sat on the floor criss cross applesauce petting Petunia, had made their way into the living room. 
“We really don’t need it.” Crystal denied, propping her chin on Michael’s shoulder. 
“Nah, I agree. You guys take it.” Ashton chimed in. “You had to deal with Calum the entire drive here.” 
Calum flipped Ashton off from his seat on the couch. “You wish I drove with you, I’m an excellent source of entertainment.” 
“Me and Kay will take the room down the hall.” Ashton proposed. 
“And I can take the room next to it.” Calum added. 
Luke watched your eyes flit nervously around the room, unsure of where you fit into the conversation.
“There’s one room left.” Michael announced eyeing Luke. 
You cleared your throat. “I’ll take the couch.” 
Luke shook his head, “No, Y/n you take the last room. I’m fine on the couch.” 
“You hate sleeping on couches, you're always complaining about how it fucks with your-” Calum cut off mid sentence when Luke sent him a deadly glare from across the room. 
“I’m taking the couch.” he repeated. 
“You’re like 10 feet tall, Luke. You won’t even fit on that thing.” you protested, gesturing towards the tiny art deco lounge that definitely served as more of a decoration than an actual piece of furniture. 
“I’ll be fine, I’m not gonna make you sleep on a couch when I already dragged you out here to work. You can take the last bedroom.” 
You opened your mouth to protest again but Luke spoke before you got a chance. 
“Can I play the boss card on this one?” 
Defeated, you nodded and mumbled a brief, “Thank you.” before taking your things to your room. 
Luke sat his suitcases near the couch he would be using as a bed for the week and began to look around the house for blankets and pillows when you came out of your room with two pillows and a quilt.
“You really should let me take the couch.” you said handing him them. “You’ll never get any sleep out here.” 
Luke sat them on the arm before turning to you, “I slept on a bus with 3 other rowdy teenage boys for years, you’d be surprised how many places I can manage to fall asleep.” 
“Fair enough.” you said, dropping the topic as you knew he wouldn’t be changing his mind. “So, boss what’s the first order of business?” 
Again, he really should have thought of something for you to do before asking you to come. 
“Uh I don’t have anything for you right now.” he answered honestly. “It’s our first day, why don’t you just relax. I doubt we’ll do much work ourselves today, so I don’t see why you should have to.” 
“I like where your head’s at, Hemmings.” you responded, making Luke laugh as Ashton entered the room holding a bottle of tequila in one hand and a shot glass in the other. 
“I say we get the party started sooner rather than later.” he announced. 
The first night sped by in a blur of drinking games, 70’s music, and two shared joints. Luke’s eyes continuously drifted to you throughout the night, his staring becoming more frequent with every drink he finished. 
He felt guilty about the way he was feeling and unsure if it was the alcohol dizzying him or the fact that his breath became more labored each time your laugh sounded from the other side of the room.
 The last thing he needed was a dramatic workplace romance. Life was already hectic enough and the pressure was on for their upcoming album, a relationship would only act as a distraction. But, he couldn’t help himself from daydreaming about a day when he wouldn’t have to sneakily watch you from afar but be able to unabashedly admire you while you were tucked safely under his arm. 
It was about 2:30 am when Luke noticed that your eyes were growing heavy and your responses fewer and further apart. You slowly brought your knees to your chest, hugging them in your arms before laying your cheek against them for support. When you did, your mouth squished into a pronounced pout and Luke wished he could blame the alcohol coursing through his veins for the strong urge he had to feel the seemingly soft cushion of your lips under his own. 
In order to put an end to his own inappropriate ogling he spoke up, “S’getting kinda late. I’d like to go to sleep but it seems you all are occupying my bedroom.” He gestured a hand to the couch where Calum had sprawled out and was slipping in and out of sleep. 
Calum groaned in response as if the idea of moving the ten feet down the hall to his bed was some great feat. 
Luke stood and patted his shoulder twice, “Nevermind, Cal you seem pretty comfy maybe you should just stay here and I’ll sleep in yours tonight, hm?”
“You fucking wish.” he answered before stumbling through the house’s dim lighting to his room, the others following close behind him. Everyone muttered varying levels of slurred goodnights before each door shut leaving just you, Luke, and Petunia who was sleeping soundly in the corner of the living room. 
“Aren’t you heading to sleep?” Luke questioned as he made his bed on the couch. 
You nodded wordlessly but made no move to go. He stared expectantly at you until you eventually spoke.
“I think I should take the couch ton-”
“Y/n.” Luke cut off, sending you a disapproving look. 
“I know, but I didn’t pay for this trip and you’re supposed to be relaxing, and there is nothing relaxing about sleeping on an uncomfortable couch. Besides one night on a couch really won’t kill me and tomorrow I can go to the store and get an air mattress.” you rambled, hardly taking a pause for a breath. 
‘You’re drunk, and you need a good night of sleep. I’m taking the couch, and you’re taking the bed.” he said, approaching you, placing his hands on your shoulders and spinning in you in the direction of your room. 
He hadn’t let go of you for two seconds before you were turning back around to face him. 
“Y/n, seriously.” 
“No, I know. I surrender, I just- I wanted to say thanks” 
“It’s sleeping on a couch, there’s really no reason to thank me.” 
“Not just the couch, I mean thanks for asking me to come in the first place. I really like working for you.” you admitted, the alcohol playing a large role in your transparency. 
A grin spread across Luke’s face at your statement. He would’ve given anything to tell you how happy he was that you came and how much he liked being around you, and just how much he liked you. 
Instead he settled for a less daunting confession, “And I really like having you work for me, you're a great assistant.”
Expecting you to head back into your room he was caught completely off guard when you took a step closer and wrapped your arms around his neck. Frozen in place it took him a second to even register that you were hugging him. When he did his arms instinctively wrapped around you, unintentionally lifting you to the tips of your toes in the process. 
Hugging wasn’t something the two of you had done before, and although Luke was sure the sudden display of affection was a result of the alcohol and weed that had come into play earlier in the night, he was soaking up every millisecond he had you in his arms.
He intended on memorizing every little thing about this hug, the softness of your hoodie beneath his hands, the slight whiff of your shampoo that he was getting with his nose pressed lightly into the side of your head, and the way his heart felt pounding his chest which was centimeters away from touching yours. 
When you finally unlatched your arms from his neck and took a step or two back, he felt even more drunk than he had before. Drunk off of you, and in deep trouble if he was going to have to control himself for the rest of the week. 
“I should probably…” you trailed off, pointing to your room down the hall. 
“Oh, yeah.” he responded. “Good night.” 
“Night.” you returned before tiptoeing back to your room as quietly as possible. 
When Luke finally settled onto the couch it was just as uncomfortable as he had imagined, or maybe even worse. His feet hung off the end and he had to crook his neck an uncomfortable way to successfully fit but he couldn’t be bothered to care, he’d be dreaming about you and he’d be sleeping like a baby.
-  -  - 
The next two days dragged by incredibly slow. You and Luke had been avoiding each other, or more accurately you’d been avoiding him. He was doing the complete opposite, popping around the corner every time you thought you could catch your breath, and constantly finding a way to be in your space. 
You had hoped to gain some definitely needed space while running your assigned errands the day after the hug incident.  But your plans went awry once the quick grocery run had become essentially a lunch date when Luke insisted on attending, using his superior knowledge of the others food preferences as an excuse to infiltrate your day. 
Once you had completed shopping to stock the house’s cabinets and purchased an air mattress (which Luke still insisted on taking despite your many protests) you were sick with the overwhelming feeling of longing, and really regretting hugging him in the first place. 
The whole point of the hug was to get rid of the debilitating urge to reach out and touch that every time, without fail overtook you in his presence. It hadn’t seemed like such a big deal when your intoxicated brain had made the decision for you, back then the only thing on your mind was the subtle red tint of Luke’s flushed cheek and the desire to have it right against your own. It hadn’t helped that you had been sporadically stealing peeks at him from across the room. Trying your very hardest to ignore the heat brewing in your belly when watching him take a slow drag from a half smoked joint with the patio lights hitting his face in a way that was way too flattering for you to handle four drinks deep.
Since then you had made your presence around the house as scarce as possible while the guys had actually started working, spending most mornings spread across the living room with more guitars than seemed necessary and powering through verses with too much espresso. You attempted to busy yourself with work but considering you were avoiding your boss and he didn’t seem to have anything for you to do the majority of your time was spent keeping Petunia company and reading in your room. 
One afternoon you had joined Crystal and Kaykay by the pool but your much needed girl time didn't last long before Luke and the rest of the guys had made their way out as well. The unreadable expression on Luke’s face when he spotted you stretched out across the lounge chair making you wonder if you were crossing boundaries and somehow taking advantage of the “work trip” he had invited you on by relaxing by the pool.
You waited about 10 minutes before sulking back into your room alone, attempting to cure your boredom by rewatching Pretty in Pink for the thousandth time. As the prom scene approached your eyes grew heavier and you were knocked out by the time the credits rolled. 
When you woke up the sun was just starting to set, made clear by the golden light pouring through your windows. In your sleep you had kicked all the blankets off of the bed to the floor and when you sat up you noticed a thin layer of sweat covering your skin. The fan was on but providing little relief from the sudden heat wave that had swept over your room, making the sweatshirt you had fallen asleep in an inconvenience. You peeled the thick material off your chest, leaving you in a tank top and pair of pajama shorts before heading out to the living room. 
Entering the living room you were instantly met with the sight of Michael, Ashton, Calum, and Luke laying out across the couches in swim trunks, each fanning themselves with whatever they were able to find. 
“Is there a reason it’s like 2000 degrees in here?” you asked as you entered 
“AC broke.” Michael clipped in response, bringing his chilled cup to his forehead. 
You directed your gaze to Luke, “Should I call someone?”
“Nah, I already called they won’t be able to get someone out here for a day or two.” Ashton responded before Luke got a chance. 
“Are you done for the day then?” 
“We want to finish up this last verse and the bridge before we call it a night.” Luke offered. “We just ordered pizza for dinner, I didn’t want to wake you up but I can get you something else if you want?” 
“I’m fine.” you assured. 
“Where are the girls?” you questioned, glancing around the room. 
“By the pool.” Michael answered. 
“If you don’t have anything for me I’ll probably just sit out with them.” you told Luke. “It’s too hot to be in here.” 
He nodded. “Have fun.” 
You quickly went back to your room slipping into your favorite suit, one that accentuated your favorite features, and complimented your complexion flawlessly. Before you left your room you sat a pair of sunglasses on your head and gave yourself one last lookover in the mirror. And, okay maybe you tugged your bottoms up a bit farther than normal, putting your ass on display. So what? 
-  -  -
Luke was putting the final touches on a verse he had been working on when you reentered the room and knocked any and all thoughts from his head. You looked unreal, every inch of you tempting, and taunting. You didn’t say anything as you passed through the room to the pool, but sent a look over your shoulder that would haunt Luke’s dreams for weeks, maybe longer. How was he supposed to focus with you around, looking the way you do.
He must’ve been watching you, the sun hitting the silk of your skin beautifully, for at least 25 minutes when a voice broke him from his lust struck gaze. 
“Have you finished that verse yet? Luke?” 
“Is the heat like melting your brain?” Michael questioned, poking at Luke’s forehead. 
“Don’t think it’s the heat, mate.” Calum teased. “I think it has more to do with the half naked assistant lounging by the pool.” 
“What? No I’m not-” 
“Didn’t say I blame you. She’s hot, no denying it.” 
Luke suddenly felt irrationally angry. Has Calum always looked that punchable? As far as he could tell it was a new development. 
“That’s my assistant.” he reminded, his tone almost scolding. 
“Yea, not your girlfriend.” 
“Doesn’t mean you can ogle at her.” Luke huffed, pouting childishly and scribbling some shit in his notebook so he looked like he was working. 
“Like what you’re doing right now?” Calum responded, earning an amused giggle from Ashton. 
“I am not.” Luke declared, raising a leg to kick Ashton who dodged it easily. 
“I’m messing with you mate.” Calum said, clapping a hand on Luke’s shoulder which he promptly shrugged off. “Just ask her out already. Our album can only have so many songs about desperate pining before it gets pathetic.” 
Luke sent him a glare of disapproval to which Calum responded by holding his hands up in surrender, “Just saying.” 
-  -  -
The heat had been so bad that by the time the guys had finished writing for the day and the girls had come inside everyone was ready to hit the hay, hoping it would make the next day and hopefully a fixed AC unit come quicker. You slipped into a large shirt and pair of cotton panties before slipping into bed using only a sheet as a cover and hooking your leg over it in hopes to cool down more. You tossed and turned for about an hour, unable to find a comfortable position before deciding to head into the kitchen to get a glass of ice water. The creak of the refurbished hardwood floor beneath your feet as you padded as quietly as possible into the main part of the house couldn't have been avoided, and you found yourself shushing every floorboard that creaked until you had successfully made it to the kitchen. As you grabbed a glass from the cabinet next to the fridge your eyes drifted to the living room where Luke grumbled and rolled to his side on the still rather tiny air mattress that was acting as an alternative to the couch. Before you had finished filling your cup at the sink he had woken up and by the sounds of it was searching for his phone through a mass of cushions. When he finally located it, the harsh brightness of his flashlight cut through the room, and like a deer in headlights alerted Luke to your presence. 
Through the dim light reflected back on him you could see a confused squint as he tiredly croaked, “Y/n?” 
Feeling caught and incredibly underdressed under your boss’ befuddled stare you only nodded and held out your water cup as if it were a hall pass or some proof of innocence that you weren’t sneaking around at nearly three in the morning. 
Luke lowered his flashlight to the floor but didn’t turn it off completely, a dim white light still glowing off of the floor. 
“Water?” he questioned, dumbly. 
You only hummed in response, not wanting to wake anyone else. 
“Sleeping alright?” he continued, crossing the room to you in just a few large steps. 
With him in closer proximity you didn’t raise your voice much above a whisper when responding.
“Not really, it’s gotta be like 800 degrees in my room right now. I was practically dying of thirst. Is it any better out here?” 
“S’not unbearable.” he shrugged before reaching out, taking your water glass, and speaking through exaggerated gulps. “There’s a better breeze out here.” 
You swatted at him as he repeatedly brought the glass to his lips. 
“You just said it wasn’t that bad!” you accused in a whisper yell when he finally handed the, now empty cup back over. You had to cover the growing smile on your face, a result of Luke’s display of dramatics, and hope that in such dim light he had missed the subtle tug.
He made it very clear he hadn’t missed it when he spoke again, “You’ve been acting so weird and stiff around me lately. I finally got you to laugh again, I was starting to think I’d lost my charm.” 
“You could never.” you joked in response, feeling guilty for the detached exterior you had painted on in an effort to control your own desires. “Sorry I woke you up.”
“You didn’t, I’ve been up.” 
“The heat?” 
“No, I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now.” he explained. 
“I don’t know how you could think about anything other than how hot it is right now.” you said fanning the damp skin of your upper chest with a hand. 
Luke’s eyes dropped to the exposed skin, flicking about the area nervously before dropping to the floor. 
“Yea,” he mumbled, his head still dropped. “S’pretty fucking hot around here.” 
“An ice bath has never sounded better.” you laughed quietly.
Luke’s head shot up at your words, a flickering idea lightbulb above his head practically visible at his sudden thought. 
“Let’s go swimming.” 
“Luke, we’ll wake everyone up.” Your mind was already playing through every single bad outcome of you and Luke taking a midnight dip, alone, all of them ending with you horribly embarrassing yourself, and the more severe ones ending with you losing your job. 
“No we won’t.” he dismissed, his attachment to the idea clearly growing as the seconds passed. “C’mon, if we can manage to keep quiet we’re in the clear.” 
“We’d have to change into bathing suits and going through my suitcase will make too much noise.” you denied further. 
Luke shook his head before waving an accusing finger at you, “Lucky for us, we left suits hanging in the pool house.” 
And okay, you’d forgotten about that. 
Luke watched you nervously as you ran through any other possible denials. 
“You’ve got no more excuses.” he accused, seemingly reading your mind in the process. “Please, it’ll tire you out.” 
“Fine.” you agreed, angering yourself by how pleased you felt when he beamed at your acceptance. 
“Let’s go then.” he said, not wasting any time as he began to cross the living room, waving you behind him. 
You began to follow with short, and cautious steps due to the apparent lack of visibility in the dark house. 
“It’s too dark in here! I can’t see anything. I’m gonna end up breaking a toe.” you urged in a whisper yell to Luke who was, based on his shadow at least three large steps ahead of you. 
He turned back to you, sighing at your dramatic complaints. “C’mon then, scaredy cat.” he reached a hand out to you. “Let’s see if I can get us there in one piece.” 
You reached the pool house in no time at all, allowing your hands to remain intertwined for longer than necessary, eventually untangling them as he tossed your suit in your direction. Luke changed first, heading to the bathroom, that seemed a bit extravagant for a pool house, while you waited in the main room, picking at your fingers to keep yourself occupied. Two minutes hadn’t passed when he walked back out, wearing a pair of simple black swim trunks. You kept your gaze on your hands in your lap, knowing that if you were to look up your attention would quickly be stolen by the taunting broadness of his shoulders.
“I’ll just wait for you out there then?” he asked, nodding towards the pool through the glass door of the pool house. 
“Okay” you clipped before hurrying into the bathroom, your back falling against the door the second it shut behind you. 
“I’m completely screwed.” you groaned aloud to yourself. 
While you put on your suit and calmed your inner turmoil, Luke sat on the edge of the pool, kicking his submerged feet back and forth. The sky was dark but more clear than he was used to typically seeing while in LA and the only added lights were the motion censored dim yellow ones installed on either end of the pool. He stared at the way the light caught on the water ripples he was making with every swing of his feet as his mind wandered to the possibilities of the night. 
The slide of the glass door to his left grabbed his attention, his mouth falling slightly ajar when you came into view. He hoped the subdued light would hide the way he dragged his eyes up your body. 
You walked over and took a seat beside him, close enough that each of Luke’s kicks resulted in your knees knocking together. You both remained quiet for a while, the only sounds being quiet splash of the water and the hum of the pool vacuum. 
Luke took the silence as an opportunity to analyze your breathing, short and shallow, as if something was making you nervous. 
Was he making you nervous? 
I mean, he was your boss. Bosses make people nervous, for all he knew you could be constantly walking on eggshells around him, only allowing him to see a subdued version of your true self. His nose scrunched in displeasure at the thought, he wanted to see everything, not just “professional” you. 
He banished the thought away with a shake of his head, that wasn’t what was going on, he knew you. He knew that you preferred doing work at his house on days that it rained because of the “big ass windows” as you called them. He knew that you clean when you’re angry because his floors were gleaming the day you ran into your ex at the grocery store. He knew that you snored, obnoxiously loud but endearing in a way he couldn’t explain. He also knew that the night you hugged him, he wasn’t the only one who felt something. He wasn’t quite sure why you had gone so distant all of sudden but he was determined to find out. 
“Haven’t seen much of you the last few days.” he muttered hesitantly, breaking the silence. 
You laughed nervously, the sound tight as if you had forced it out of your throat. “I’m with you all day.” 
“Nuh-uh, you’ve been hiding away in your room.” he paused to glance in your direction, opting to lighten the sentiment when he saw the glint of nerves flash across your eyes. “And with my dog too. Feels like I haven’t seen her in ages, how is she? Does she ever ask about me?” 
Your airy giggle cut through the night making Luke grin towards the water, feeling very pleased with himself. 
“No, to be honest I think she’s forgotten all about you.” 
“Typical” he scoffed jokingly. “You feed ‘em, give ‘em a place to live, love them and then the first pretty face that comes along they forget all about you.” 
At the unexpected compliment your feet, which had been wading in the water side by side with Luke’s, froze in place, and the sound of your breath hitching caused Luke’s eyes to shoot in your direction, freezing on your stunned face. 
After a second or two of silence you coughed awkwardly, muttering a quiet “yeah’ under your breath. 
You didn’t say anything in response but Luke took your silence as an invitation to continue. 
“Monday night, when you hugged me-” 
“Do you wanna go swimming now?’ you cut off. 
“Y/n,” Luke repeated, ignoring your attempt to change the subject. “Why’d you hug me that night? You never have before.” 
“I don’t know.” you rushed out with a shrug of your shoulder, attempting to push yourself to your feet in the process. “You said you wanted to go swimming, so let’s do that.” 
Luke quickly but tentatively covered your hand with his in an attempt to keep you where you were, to finish the conversation. 
You shook your head, and stood fully, attempting to pull your hand out of his grip. He only squeezed once and looked up to you. 
“Why?” he repeated. 
“Luke, this is stupid. I wanna go swimming.” This time when you tugged your hand as you walked away Luke mumbled something that sounded like, “Fine, let's go then.” and you were suddenly being pulled backward. 
“Luke!” you screamed before both of you fell into the deep end with a loud splash, hands still intertwined as they hit the water. 
Through the water he used his tight grip on your hand to pull you behind him into the shallow end until you could both stand. The second you emerged you landed one firm smack on his shoulder. 
“Why did you do that?” 
“Why’d you hug me?” Luke countered. 
You huffed in annoyance, wringing out your wet hair as you answered, “I don’t know. I wanted to, I guess.” you stumbled over your words a bit but continued. “I was drun- No, I just wanted to.” 
“Okay, great. Glad we established that.” you nodded once, as if to end the conversation officially. 
Luke watched you look up to him, eyelashes stuck together, harboring little water droplets that were also scattered against the rest of your face. You looked like a rainy spring morning, and Luke was so completely gone for you. 
Without registering what he was doing he brought his hand to cup your face, swiping his thumb at a droplet stuck to your right eyebrow. When your chin instinctively jutted up as he held your face his heart skipped a beat at the prospect of your interest, of you wanting him to kiss you. 
Dropping his hand from your face, he spoke again, “I liked you hug-”
In a surprising move, you lunged forward cutting Luke’s words off with your lips, causing him to stumble back a bit before catching himself, and you who had started to slip back with him. 
You were never this bold, with any guy, nevermind a famous vocalist who happened to employ you, but the feeling of Luke’s hand cupping your cheek had felt so right that you knew a kiss was inevitable and waiting was sounding less appealing with every second that passed. 
His lips were soft, slightly wet from the water, and tasted a bit like chlorine, but you didn’t care at all. In fact, the second your lips touched his you had decided that kissing him was your new favorite thing, you could do it for hours. 
As the kiss progressed, either the water or Luke had begun pushing the two of you from the middle of the pool till your back hit the rough of the concrete wall, causing you to break apart and hiss at the stinging scratch against your bare skin. Luke’s eyes softened in sympathy, “Sorry.” he apologized, chasing your lips as if another kiss would subdue the pain. It did. 
As a solution, Luke gripped your waist lifting you up to the edge with a gentle mumble of, “Up you go, baby.” 
You felt like floating. 
Luke moved between your legs, hands still settled on your waist, pawing at the skin he had never gotten the chance to explore before while continuing to kiss your feverishly. 
While catching his breath, lips still resting against yours he spoke, “This could get complicated.” he admitted. 
“I know.”
“Is it bad that I don’t care?”
“Is it bad that I don’t?”
“Can we figure it out in the morning?”
You nodded. “Kiss me.” 
Luke obliged, slotting his lips against yours, messily, desperately. If this was a one time thing he intended on making the most of it, to get to know every inch of you. The cool water lingering on your soft skin making it slightly tacky against his hands, which were gripping at your love handles. His hands slid down your torso, landing on your thighs and giving one firm squeeze causing a breathy sigh, which only encouraged him further, to fall from your lips. 
You scooched forward, so your core was in line with his hips, grinding slightly and provoking a throaty groan from him. His hands slid up your thighs, using your hips as leverage to rock you against him. 
“Pool house?” he questioned, breaking apart only long enough to utter the words. 
You swung your legs around his back hooking them together and pulling him in as a response, nodding against his lips. 
The walk to the pool house was quick, with Luke pressed against your back, arms secured around your waist as you scurried into the dark abode. 
“Up for a shower?” he asked, nipping at the skin on your ear while he guided you into the bathroom. 
All the lights were off in the bathroom, the only source being the full moon penetrating through the window as you tugged on the ties fastening your suit to your body. Luke worked on turning the shower on as you stripped, wrapping a towel around your bare skin before he turned to face you again. 
“You sure you wanna do this?” 
Your whole body itched to have his hands on you once again, “Positive, you?” 
He nodded enthusiastically, “Been thinking about it since you got in my car the day we left.” 
You both entered the shower eagerly, a collision of damp skin, and greedy lips. He crowded you against the wall, wasting no time as his lips traveled from your mouth, down your neck, collarbones, and upper chest Until they finally reached their destination, peppering open mouthed smooches across your breasts, each one pulling a sweet sound from your mouth. 
You had surprised him when amidst his exploration you opted to sink to your knees which were quite slippery against the now soapy tile of the shower floor. 
“You don’t have to.” 
You promptly shook your head, “Want to.”
Now at eye level, you could clearly see, he was big, not that you were surprised or anything. You were actually quite aroused at the thought of him thrusting into your throat and the burn that would come along with it. 
Luke inhaled a shaky breath when your hands scraped against his thighs to steady yourself and quickly caught when you took his aching length into one, testing the waters, you ran your hand up and down once against it making his head fall back into the light spray of water. 
When you finally took him into your mouth not a second had passed before his fingers weaved into your wet hair, tugging tighter as you took him deeper. 
“Fuck” he stuttered out when his head hit the back of your throat, causing it to constrict around him. 
One glance down at you being so fucking perfect for him had him right at the edge. His hand found your chin through his feelings of immense pleasure and used his grip to direct your sultry gaze. 
“I don’ wanna come like this.”
 Your eyebrows tugged slightly in confusion at his words.
“Wanna make you feel good.” he elaborated. “Can I fuck you?” 
You nodded around him before slowly pulling off, eliciting a sharp grunt. 
He squatted down a bit to help you stand to your feet, and as you stepped into the splash of the shower you discovered it was no longer warm, but cool and refreshing from the humid air that had funneled in from outside. 
He was quick to spin you so your chest pressed against the glass wall of the shower and you pushed your hips back towards him as you looked over your shoulder and spoke, “Condom?”
Luke hastily stumbled out of the shower, picking up his previously disregarded swim trunks from the floor and sliding them back on, hissing as they pressed against his painfully hard erection. 
“One sec.” he promised before slipping out of the room, leaving you waiting and frustrated. 
Within a blink of an eye he had returned, condom in hand, and re-entered the shower. He situated himself behind you pressing two chaste pecks to your shoulder blade as his hands smoothed over the stripped skin of your ass while lining you up with him. 
When he finally pressed in, your uneven moan pierced through the room, and Luke only tightened his fingers against your hips, so tightly they were sure to leave a mark, not that you minded. 
“Luke” you croaked through broken breaths. 
“Yea? S’good?” 
“Mhm.” you responded, your hum of approval being cut off short as a particularly forceful thrust smashed your cheek against the glass. 
Luke was trying his hardest to hold out for you, delivering forceful thrusts at a steady pace, but aching with the need to spill out inside of you whether that be inside a condom or not. He nearly combusted when you tried to take things into your own hands, grinding back against him to meet his thrusts whenever you could muster the strength. 
“Good, baby. Grind back on me.” he praised, willing himself to hold out. 
You released a sob of pleasure when a falter of his hips, while rammed deeply inside of you, caused him to nudge against a spot that made your knees buckle beneath you. You almost lost your balance when his arm slipped around your torso holding you up as he continued. 
“Doing so good for me.” he grunted. “Gonna let go soon? Gimme it all?” 
You nodded against the cool wall, unable to form a verbal confirmation. 
“C’mon then, can’t wait much longer.” he admitted, sending a notably strong thrust into you. 
That was all it took for you to come undone, losing all balance in the moment, making you extremely grateful that Luke’s own orgasm didn’t prevent him from  being able to hold you up through it. 
Following the satisfying release that had overcome both of you, you rinsed off in a haze. Loose limbs and drowsy eyes under the steady spray of water. 
Too tired to even think about discussing the events of the night, you simply pulled Luke behind you through the pool house, through the yard, and through the house into your room where Petunia lay asleep, snorting noisily when Luke’s foot knocked against the bed frame, shaking her lightly. Luke’s tshirt from earlier in the night hung of your frame as you climbed in beside the snoozing pup Your boss followed close behind, his hands snaking around your torso as sleep eventually overtook you, the overwhelming heat no longer burdening you.
-  -  -
When the first light broke through your sheer curtains in the morning, awakening you from your heavy sleep, you rolled to your side expecting to see a head of curls and cerulean irises hidden by the blanket of eyelids, but instead were met with a pillow in the place of last night’s lover. 
You rubbed your eyes as you sat up, momentarily questioning if you had dreamt the entire thing when you heard the sound of clanging coming from the kitchen. Shuffling out from the bed as quietly as possible, you stepped through the hallway, peeking around the corner as you reached the end. 
As your eyes met the messy state of the kitchen, where Luke was pacing and balancing a plat or two on his arms, they widened in intrigue. 
“What the hell  are you doing?” 
Luke spun around to you, a pink flush covering his cheeks as he registered his own wreck and laughed awkwardly before speaking, 
“I wanted to make you breakfast,” he explained. “So I made eggs, but then I realized I don’t even know if you eat eggs. Which is why I made toast, only this toaster is incredibly strong.” he picked up a charred piece of bread and hit it against the counter, making a whacking  noise. “Then coffee seemed like the safe choice because I know you drink coffee.” he paused and stared down at the various cartons in front of him. “Only problem is, what kind of milk? We’ve got regular, almond, oat, and coconut. It's honestly way too many kinds for one house. Anyway I couldn’t decide, so what I can offer you is water.” He held a glass out to you. 
“I like it with ice.” you teased 
Luke groaned. “I can’t win.” 
“I’m kidding, this is too much and it’s amazing.” you sighed, “Last night was-” 
“Amazing.” Luke confirmed before you could. 
You nodded, sipping at the water he had handed you. 
“I just want you to know I hadn’t, like planned this or anything when I asked you to come.” he defended, taking a sip of his own from the mug beside him. 
“I know.” you answered. 
“I mean I wanted to-I’ve been wanting to, I just-” 
“Luke,” you interrupted. “I trust your motives.” 
“Then you should know that I don’t plan on this being a one time thing.” he explained. “I like you and I like spending time with you.” 
Your chest warmed at his words and your wordlessly nestled under his arm which was propped against one of the upper cabinets.
“I like you too.” you confirmed, leaning up to smack one kiss to his, slightly puffy morning lips. 
“Can I take you on a date when we get back?” 
“Only if it involves popcorn, Petunia, and a Marvel movie.” you bargained, knowing you would honestly be up for anything as long as you were with him. 
“Deal” he agreed, attaching your lips once more. 
The sound of three knocks on the door caused you to break apart, lips still brushing against each other when the final knock sounded. You rose to your feet and headed to the front door, Luke directly on your heels, as his arms were latched around your waist, moving in coordination with you. 
When you pulled the door open you were met with a short old man carrying a clipboard and some sort of kit. 
“I’m here about the AC.” he explained, attempting a subtle eye roll at the display of affection occurring in front of him. Luke grinned at his distaste, tightening his hold around you.
“Right, thanks. It’s been down since yesterday afternoon.” you provided further  information as you allowed him entrance to the house. 
“Yea, must’ve been awful in all this heat, sorry we couldn’t get someone out here sooner.” he apologized. 
“No need to be sorry.” Luke said before nuzzling his nose into the space behind your ear and lowering his voice. “We were too busy to notice.”
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cclementinee · 5 months ago
smoke (calum hood smut)
The smoke from the almost gone joint discarded in the ash tray started dwindling out and you could hear every breath you and your boyfriend took as he sat next to you. Your hood was pulled over your head and you were leaning against Calum’s chest. “You always get so cuddly when you’re high.” he comments, resting a hand on your thigh and rubbing it up and down.
“I don’t see you complaining.” you mumble, looking up at him and smiling lazily at him. He laughs, kissing you quickly before pulling away. “No, come back.” you whine, reaching up and cupping his cheeks in your hands and pulling his lips back to yours. Calum smiled into the kiss, his lips moving in sync with yours.
“So needy.” he teases you, pulling away but watching as you climbed in his lap, straddling his thighs and wrapping your arms around his neck. He pushes your hood down, looking up at you and biting his lip. His hands trail down to your ass, pulling you closer.
“Who’s the needy one now?” you ask, leaning in and resting your forehead against his. He laughs, throwing his head back and resting it against the back of the couch. You lean forward, kissing his neck gently. “Still me, I guess.” you mumble, feeling him pull you closer as you sucked on his neck. He pulls his shirt off, throwing it to the side and puts his hands on your hips, guiding them into his.
“I love when your high and horny, baby.” Calum chuckles, watching you pull away from his neck and take your sweatshirt off. He eyed your bare breasts, his hands slide up, thumbs rubbing over your nipples. “So beautiful.” he mumbled, leaning in and taking one of your nipples in his mouth, rolling his tongue over the hardening bud. You let out a soft moan, tangling your hands in his hair. You continue grinding against him, biting your bottom lip. His hands slide back down to your hips, pulling you closer and he bites down softly on your nipple, causing you to jump.
“Let me ride you, Cal. Please.” you beg, knowing he loved being on top. He pouts at you, then watches you grind into him, and nods.
“Yeah, baby. Ride daddy.” he says, helping you out of the rest of your clothes and you do the same to him.
“I love it when you call yourself daddy.” you tell him, and he smirks at you, biting his lip. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ll cum right here.” you say, and he slides his cock into you. You whimper at the full feeling, sliding all the way down on him. He sucks in a sharp breath, helping you ride him. Your hands rest on his shoulders as you bounce up and down on him.
“Fuck, baby. You’re so tight.” he moaned, throwing his head back and you whimpered his name softly, clenching around him. His hands gripped onto your hips, and he moaned out your name. “Oh shit, Y/N. Just like that baby, make daddy feel good.” he mumbles, watching the way your boobs bounced in front of him in awe.
“Kiss me, baby.” you beg, pulling him to your lips by his hair, kissing him hard and tugging on his hair roughly as you felt your orgasm approach. You moaned against his lips, bouncing faster and he reaches down, rubbing your clit with his index finger. “Cal, I’m gonna- fuck!” you moan loudly, pulling away and coming undone on top of him. He looks into your eyes, moaning your name one last time before he shoots his load into you.
“Y/N. I don’t know why I ever thought me being on top was the best position.” he says, exasperated as you roll off him, giggling. He smiles at you, leaning in and kissing you softly.
“Me either. I love riding you, Cal.” you say, giggling again and he pushes you down underneath him.
“Yeah, but how good does this feel?” he asks, sliding into you again. You moan, wrapping your legs around his waist. He was just cockwarming but it always felt so good for him to fill you up.
“Cal, deeper.” you moan quietly, trying to pull him closer by tightening your legs around his waist. He smirks down at you, bottoming out inside you. You moan in his ear, nails digging into his shoulders. He held you close, staying still inside you. “I love when you fill me up, baby.” you tell
him, moving your hips a little and he lets out a sharp breath.
“I could stay here all night, pretty girl.” he tells you, you nod in agreement, kissing him passionately.
“You’re so deep, baby. I need you again.” you whimper, clenching around him. “Please. Fuck me, Cal. Fuck me.” you beg, trying to move your hips. He bites his bottom lip, smirking again as he starts to rock his hips into yours. He starts a fast pace, bottoming out with every thrust.
“I got you, princess. Such a needy girl. Come on, wanna hear you.” he mumbles between pants, moaning as you clenched around him again. You whimper his name, biting on his earlobe and kissing down his neck, sucking on his skin harshly.
“Oh my go- Cal. Baby, I’m close again.” you moan again, throwing your head back and he nods, watching you come undone underneath him. You moan his name, hands gripping his shoulders as you did so. After you cum, he pulls out, pumping his cock and watching as his hot load shoots out on your stomach. You bite your lip, putting a finger under his chin and kissing him again. “Fuck, that was hot.” you say, smiling up at him.
“Correction, you’re so hot.” he replies, chuckling as he pulls out and rolls over, laying next to you and reaches for his tshirt, wiping off your stomach. You blush, giggling and watch him throw the shirt somewhere else.
“Two rounds in 30 minutes.” you say, and he smirks, leaning in to kiss you softly on the nose. He sits up, reaching for the rest of the joint and lighter, he lights up and takes a hit, handing it off to you. You take a hit, laying your head back and resting it on his bicep.
“I could fuck you every second of every day and never get tired of it.” he chuckles, and you blush again, feeling his hand that held the joint slide down your stomach, the joint balancing between his fingers. He gestured for you to take it and you do, taking another hit and blow the smoke into his mouth before kissing him again.
Once the joint is completely gone, he stands up, pulling his sweats back on but stays shirtless and walks to the kitchen. You sit up, stretching your arms up above your head and let out a soft squeal, standing up and walking to the bedroom, pulling one of his tshirts out of his drawer and pulling it on. You grab some sweats and pull those on too before you meet him in the kitchen, finding him at the stove, making grilled cheeses. You sneak up behind him, wrapping your arms around his middle and resting your cheek against his bare back. “Munchies?” you ask, pecking his skin softly and rubbing your hands up and down his stomach.
“Always, baby. I’m so hungry. And I know you are too.” he says, laughing and patting one of your hands softly with his. You giggle, nuzzling your face into his skin.
“Grilled cheese and cuddles sound so good right now.” you reply, hands trailing up his stomach to his chest. Your nails ran over his skin lightly and you felt him get goosebumps.
“Yeah, princess. Cuddles. God I can’t wait to feel you laying on my chest.” he says, and you hum in response, holding him close. He finishes up making the food and he leads you to the bedroom. Once you’re done eating, he sits the plate down on the bedside table, and lays down on the pillows, opening the blanket for you and you snuggle into his side, laying your head on his chest. “You hear that?” Calum asks.
“What? Your heartbeat?” you ask, looking up at him and he brushes stray hairs out of your face. He nods before leaning into kiss you softly.
“It beats for you.” he says against your lips, wrapping his arms around you tightly.
“You’re so cheesy, Cal.” you giggle, pulling away to straddle his waist and lean down to kiss him again. “But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for you.” you admit, feeling his hands travel down to your ass, cupping your cheeks in his palms as he pulled you closer.
“You wanna ride daddy again, baby girl?” he asks, biting your bottom lip as he pulls away from the kiss. You nod, already shedding your clothes as he started littering kisses down your neck. “Hold on, princess. Daddy wants a taste.” And with that you’re being laid out on your back, legs spread as his tongue glides over your clit.
“Daddy, please.” you whimper, feeling him wrapping his lips around the sensitive bundle of nerves and sucking harshly. You moan out his name as your hands reach down and tangle in his hair. “Fuck, daddy. I-“ you try to tell him you’re sensitive but he keeps going, sliding two fingers inside of you and within seconds, you’re on the brink of your orgasm, which he denies you by pulling away and you pout up at him.
“Oh come on, pretty girl. Daddy wants to be inside you when you cum.” he says, chuckling as he leans in and kisses your pout.
“But daddy, I was so close.” you complain, as he pulls you back into a straddling position and slides his now hard cock inside you. You whimper his name as he fills you up. “So big, daddy.”
“I know, baby. I fill you up, don’t I?” he asks, smirking as he helps you create a rhythm. You nod, unable to form words as he thrusted up into you. You moaned his name, nuzzling your face into the side of his neck and biting down on the skin there. “Ow, baby. Gentle.” he says, pulling your hair softly and you whimper, feeling his hand circle around your throat.
“Daddy. Choke me.” you beg, as he switches positions so he’s the one on top now.
“Gladly, princess.” he mumbles, tightening his grip on your throat as he pounds into you. Soon, you’re seeing stars as you feel your orgasm building again.
“Daddy, I’m so close. Please let me cum, daddy.” you moan, and he smirks down at you.
“Not until I do.” he says sternly, still bottoming out with every thrust. You whimper, shaking your head.
“I can’t hold it, daddy. I’m so close.” you whimper, clenching around him and he releases your throat, only to give himself more leverage as he pulls all the way out and slams back into you. You scream out his name, throwing your head back as you claw down his back, surely leaving marks behind.
“Cum for me, princess. Cum on daddy’s cock.” he says, burying his face in your neck as he came inside of you and you moan out his name before letting go and your eyes clench shut as you come. “That’s it, baby girl. Cum for me.” he moans, gripping onto your shaking thighs.
“Oh my god.” you mumble, feeling him pull out as you slowly open your eyes. “Wow.” you breathe, chest still heaving as you looked over at Calum.
“My thoughts exactly, pretty girl.” he says, smiling and pulling you back to his chest.
“I love you, bub.” you say, snuggling into his chest and wrapping your arms around him.
“Mm, I love you, too, Y/N.” Calum says, leaning down and kissing you softly. “I like it when you call me bub.” he chuckles, his hand trailing down your spine and rubbing soothing shapes into your skin.
“Kiss me again, bub.” you mumble, puckering your lips and cupping his cheek in your hand. He laughs before closing the space between your lips, kissing you softly but deeply. “Mm, such a good kisser baby.” you say under his lips and he pulls away to kiss your forehead.
“I could spend hours just kissing every inch of you, princess.” he says, peppering kisses all over your face and down your neck before kissing down your chest and stomach and finally passing over your thighs and ankles. He ended up between your legs, with your ankles in his hands. He pulls them so you’re situated laying down in front of his kneeling figure.
“The high is wearing off and now I just wanna stay in your arms all day, baby.” you tell him, leaning up and wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing him back down to you and wrapping your legs around his waist. He chuckles, humming in content into your neck.
“We could smoke another bowl?” he offers, playfully biting down on your shoulder before prying you off of him and standing up. You pout, sitting up on your elbows and he blows you a kiss. “Just using the bathroom, cling-film.” he says, laughing as he walks into the bathroom.
“But yes to the bowl, Cal!” you call out, standing off the bed and pulling on a pair of pajama shorts and the same tshirt of Calum’s you were in before. You pull your hair up and start french braiding it. You don’t hear Calum sneak up behind you and feel his arms wrap around you from behind. “Baby!” you giggle, feeling him softly kiss your neck as you finished braiding your hair and tied it off.
“Another bowl for the pretty lady wearing my shirt.” he chuckles, letting you go and walking over to his self-proclaimed ‘hash box’.
“I thought you liked when I wore your clothes.” you say, sitting back down on the edge of the bed and watching him pack a bowl.
“Oh I do, baby. Believe me, there’s nothing sexier than seeing you all sexed out in my tshirt.” he tells you, walking over to you and pecking your lips softly before sitting down beside you. He lights up and takes the first hit, coughing a little on his exhale. He holds the pipe to your lips and does all the work for you, admiring the long hit you take and how you don’t cough even a little bit. “Lungs of steel, huh.” he mumbles, taking another hit as he watched you take out your phone and scroll through TikTok, showing him funny ones every so often as you both smoked the rest of the bowl.
Once the bowl was finished, he put his stuff away and laid back down on the bed beside you. “It hit you yet, beautiful?” he asks, eyes closed as he laid his head down in your lap, grabbing your hand and resting it on his head, signaling he wanted you to run your fingers through his hair. You did so, locking your phone and sitting it down.
“Yeah, I’m feeling good, Cal.” you say, feeling him wrap his arms around your waist and nuzzle his face into your stomach. You continue playing with his hair, twirling each strand and you lean down to kiss his forehead. “Tired, bub?” you ask him and he nods, still not opening his eyes. “Come up here and cuddle me and we can take a nap.” He obliges all too quickly and soon you’re laying beneath the covers, your head on his chest with a leg hiked up around his waist.
“Love you, princess.” he mumbles, already starting to doze off.
“Love you back, handsome.” you reply, placing a soft kiss to his chest and falling asleep in the arms of the man you loved.
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Car Sex (Luke Hemmings Smut)
Tumblr media
Summary: Luke and (Y/N), both college students, living with their parents, have to get creative to find some alone time. (Smut / Unprotected Sex /  Penetrative Sex / Public Sex / Creampie) (Words: 5.4k) (Request)
"Be back by 11:30." My dad shouts as I run down the stairs, heading to the door. "The movie ends at 12." I remind him, sighing over how strict he becomes when he knows I am going out with Luke. "12 it is then." He replies, peeking at me from his armchair. "I don't have classes tomorrow... And teleportation had yet to be invented last time I checked." I point out, crossing my arms before my chest. "Smarty-pants. If he brings you home a minute after 12:30, you are grounded." My dad tries to sound tough, but he is a big softie. I rush to him, leaving a peck on his cheek before strutting out of the door.
Luke has been waiting long enough in the car, longer than I would have the patience to wait for someone without pressing my hand on the horn. I did not expect to see him inside the parked pick-up park, but here I am, opening the passenger door to join him inside. "Wow, that is a first..." I comment, pressing my lips together to stop my laughter as soon as I am in. I just picture him as a hillibilly, chewing on a hay straw, and the mental image is enough to make me double over in laughter. "Shut up. My brother lent me it for the night." He explains, pulling out of the driveway. "Why does your brother have a truck?" I ask, pulling the seatbelt to fasten myself. "He works in constructions." He replies, turning his head for a quick peck on my forehead. "Right." I mumble. "What time does your curfew start?" He asks me, shifting the gears. "I have to be home at 12.30, not a minute later. It still fucks me up that I still have a curfew at 19 and you don't." I groan, crossing my arms. Luke shrugs, having a charming little smirk decorating his lips. "My parents had enough of setting rules for disobeying teenagers with my brothers, so I guess I had it easy, they never bothered placing one." He comments as I prop my elbow against the window's frame, supporting my head as I look at him. "There is no way your mother is that elastic with you. I had chills every time I walked into her class in high school." I really do exasperate, earning a laugh from Luke. I love it when he laughs; his face brightens up, and his dimples make him really irresistible, along with the crinkles around his eyes. I reach over, stroking a messy curl with my fingers, before pushing it off his forehead. "She is much chiller when you get to know her." He replies, resting his hand on my thigh. "I guess you are right." I sigh, feeling jittery at the way he touches me. "Pity I will have to take you home straight after the movie. I was hoping for some more time with you." He says in a low voice, almost like he fears getting heard. "It has been too long since the last time we had more time together." I reply. It would be a lie if I said I am not actively craving him. I still dream of his touch, the way he kissed me last time, the way he moved against me. "To be clear, I am talking about having sex." He explains and I chuckle, throwing my head back. "I am talking about having sex too, Luke." I reply, making him hum, pleased by my response. "We gotta do something about the housing situation." He sounds determined, which is just hilarious at this point. "Well, we are broke, college students who can only afford to live with their parents. I don't know if there is much we can do about it at this point." I reply, while his hand squeezes my inner thigh. "I am just... I just need more of you." He groans and I hum, feeling my stomach tighten at his words. "Can we talk about the movie? This is becoming... A little too intense for me." I bite my bottom lip, running my fingers through my hair. "Of course. They are showing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre." He states, letting his touch linger for a little longer before he removes his hand. I press my thighs together, trying to relieve some of the tension between them. It is hard for me to take my mind off Luke being inside me, kissing me, touching me, even with the prospect of watching a movie about cannibalistic psychopaths. "Why do you always pick horror movies for date night?" I groan, nudging his shoulder. "Because you always leave me in charge. And because the gore is the only thing stopping me from fantasizing about you." He replies, taking my hand in his and bringing it to his lips. "You fantasize about me?" I ask, feeling the tingly sensation making its way back. "All the time. My thoughts are just a never-ending movie of things I want to do with you... of things I want to do to you. And I am just trying to find ways to just pause that movie for a while." He admits. "Is the movie playing right now?" I ask, flushing as I wait for him to tell me. "You wanna know?" He asks and I nod at him, knowing my eyes are glistening with excitement. "Right now it shows the scene where it is Sunday morning, and we have just woken up, naked in bed. And I am just taking you in, in all your glory." He replies. "You are definitely giving me the PG-13 version right now." I point out and he shrugs. "I am keeping some of the good stuff for a little later." He winks at me, causing me to bite the inside of my cheek.
We purchase some popcorn and sodas from the drive-through kiosk before Luke finds the spot we are supposed to park. The back of the pick-up truck is facing the screen, which means we will have to get out of the car and climb onto the back. "I really want to see you try to get in the back, wearing that dress." Luke comments, picking up the snacks and getting out of the car. "I know you want to peek under my skirt, but gosh, don't be so obvious about it." I chuckle, hopping off the car. Luke waits for me in the back of the truck, holding his connected palms low, so I can step on them and go up the cargo bed. "You are a true gentleman..." I comment, leaving a peck on his cheek, before I step on his hands and he boosts me up. "Need help?" I ask him once I land just right. "I got it. Lay the blanket I have in there. And move the snacks, I don't want to knock them." He instructs, stepping onto the rim under the taillights. I hold the snacks tight as he steps in, dusting himself off. "This is actually nice." I admit, laying one of the blankets for us. "See? That will teach you not to laugh at me before you see my intentions." He comments, sitting down on the blanket, with his back against the divider. "You should be happy I am laughing. It means you make me happy." I reply and he hums. I take a seat between his thighs, leaning my head back on his shoulder, bringing my lips to his neck for a soft peck. "I promise to hold you tight at the scary parts." I whisper, knowing that I will spend the entirety of this movie with my face buried in his chest. "I will hold you up to that." He chuckles, leaving a peck on my forehead.
The night chill proves I am a fool for wearing a frilly little dress for the night screening. But luckily, Luke has predicted that and has brought a second blanket along, which now is covering our laps. "You look mighty cute in the cinema lights." Luke whispers, stroking my hair softly. "You are supposed to be focusing on the movie, not me." I laugh, trying to keep my voice low so I don't bother the rest of the viewers. "You are far more interesting than any movie." He replies, turning my head to plant a kiss on my lips. I smile against his lips, parting my mouth so he can slip his tongue past my lips. His hand softly grazes my face, and I then decide to turn around and straddle his lap. "You can't do that to me." He groans, throwing his head back. That gives me access to his neck, which I take advantage of and trail with kisses. "Why not?" I ask, pouting at him. "(Y/N), please... This is torturing. It has been too long since we had sex. I am craving you, and this is not helping me." He replies, while my hands move to his hair. "I am craving you too. I need you." I whine, earning a sigh. "I need you too. But we don't have the time nor the place to do that." He replies, and I shake my head. "What about right here, right now?" I ask, making him tilt his head and look at me, with eyes glazed in excitement. "You mean...?" "Who's going to see us? And don't say the movie is more interesting than me..." "Fuck the movie." He groans, bringing his hand to trace my thigh, stopping on the hem of my dress. "I'd rather you fuck me." I reply, earning a smirk from him. "This is risky." He comments and I shrug. "You love it, don't you?" I ask and he hums. He throws the lap blanket aside, laying me with my back on the blanket laid on the floor of the cargo bed. "You will have to be very quiet..." He states, stroking my cheek softly. "You are the one to talk..." I mumble before he leans down to kiss me.
He clumsily fumbles with the lap blanket, covering us for a mock discreteness, even though we both know a blanket will do nothing. He roams his hands from my face to my sides and then retires them on my thigh. I prop my leg up, wrapping it around his waist. "You are so soft." He moans against my mouth, squeezing my thigh softly. My lips curl into a smile, feeling goosebumps crawl onto my skin. "Oh shit." He groans, making me look at him with a furrow on my brow. "What? What happened?" I ask, watching as his face twists in frustration. "Condoms are in the glove compartment. I have to go back in the car." He groans, throwing his head back. "It is ok... We don't need one." I state, feeling my core becoming warm at the thought of him sliding inside me bare. "Are you sure about this?" He asks me and I nod. "It is not a risky day. I need you." I almost beg, causing him to chuckle at me, as his hands work his pants to free his cock. "I will just... Push your panties aside... No one will know what we are doing." He mutters, spreading my legs more, propping them around his waist. Blindly and clumsily, he tries to line up his tip to my entrance. The only lights come from the light poles around the parking space, and of course, the projector playing the movie, so there is almost only darkness surrounding us. Luke finally manages to slip inside me, moving slowly so the car doesn't rattle and bring any suspicion on us. "Shit, you feel good." He whispers by my ear, planting a peck on my earlobe. He buries his face in my neck, nibbling on my skin as he begins rocking his hips on mine. It takes me a moment to get my mind off the catastrophic thought that we are going to get caught, but the moment the first moan slips from his lips, I feel chills crawl down my spine. "Oh, God." I mumble, finally feeling his cock stretching me, with each thrust making me wetter and wetter. "Shh, we have to be quiet, remember?" He playfully reminds me, passing his tongue over the spot he was sucking on a second ago. "Buzzkiller." I whisper, but it soon turns into a gasp as he thrusts his whole cock inside me, making me pulse around him. I have to bring my hand to my mouth as Luke backs out and thrusts in again, this time with more force than before. I bite onto my palm, preventing myself from making a sound as Luke tries to find a rhythm for us. We both know this cannot last as long as the last time did; in contrast to the time we stayed up all night fucking, we will now have to be done in less than 10 minutes. "The way you take my cock is going to be the death of me." He mumbles as I buck my hips up to meet his thrusts, trying to find an angle for his cock to hit my spot. Luke groans softly, placing a hand under the small of my back to support me. "We are fucking under the stars." I giggle softly, squeezing myself around him. "I am going to find us a house, I promise you that." He slams his hips on mine, making the car move a little. "Careful." I groan, but the way he is rocking his hips on mine makes my mind fuzzy around the edges. We have to pray the people around us are too focused on the movie, or else we are putting on a show for them. Luke brings on hand from under my back to my cheek, touching it softly. "You feel so good around me, baby." He says raspily as I move my hips in a soft circle. The top of his cock brushes against my clit and I feel myself tighten around him. I muffle a whimper, closing my eyes tightly to focus on anything else but the way he feels inside me. "I can feel you here." I grab his hand and let it press on my lower stomach, right at the nook where I feel the impact of his thrusts. Luke strokes his thumb over that spot, giving me a slow, deep thrust, looking mesmerized by the way my stomach inflates and falls as he fucks me. His hand travels under my dress, heading straight to my breasts, cupping them and stroking his thumbs over my nipples. I whimper and shudder, bucking my hips against his and taking his cock more inside me. "You are going to fuck yourself on my cock, princess?" He asks cockily, pinching my nipple between his fingers, pulling at it sadistically slow. "Will you fill me up, daddy?" I ask him back; two can play this game. I can see his eyes sparkle at my question, even in the dark night. "Shit, (Y/N)... I am going to cum..." Luke groans by my ear, making me tighten around him in surprise. "Cum, please. I want to feel all of you inside me..." I groan, my mind becoming clouded by my need for him. "But you are not there yet..." Luke protests. "You have a mouth, don't you?" I ask him, heaving for breath. Luke chuckles and looks at me amused, before slamming his hips on mine, pinning me down to ravage me. Luke brings his face to my neck, muffling himself by biting onto my skin. I gasp in shock, the slight sting of pain sending waves of electricity down my body. "I am going to fucking wreck you... I am going to fucking ruin you for everyone else. You are mine... Just mine. " He groans, gluing his hips on mine as he cums, hissing as he reaches his high. It takes him a moment of grunting and breathing funny before he cups my face and kisses me harshly. "I am going to make you feel good, princess. I promise." His voice is still heavy and groggy from his orgasm, and he sounds so chillingly sexy, contrasting the loud chainsaw buzzing that goes off every couple of minutes in the movie.
He parts from my lips and slides down my body, spreading my legs more and fixing himself between my thighs. He traces my slit softly, watching me as I still pulse from the loss of contact. He uses his fingers to part my lips, revealing my entrance and my clit to him. He wastes no time lapping up his tongue on my sex, moaning as he tastes us mixing together. I smile to myself and look up at the night sky, taking in the pretty little stars as Luke curls his tongue on my entrance, gathering the pooling wetness and his cum on the tip of his tongue. He brings the tip to my clit, teasing it in slow, agonizing circles, making me jolt at every single one of them. Once he sees I am teased to a sufficient level for his liking, he wraps his lips around my clit, suckling on it hungrily. My breath gets caught in my lungs and I am baffling between bringing my hand to my mouth to stop any sounds from escaping or tangling my fingers in his hair, pulling at his locks, and guiding his mouth where I need him. "Luke..." I whine, messing my fingers in his hair, contrasting the intensity that courses through my body with the softness of his curls. Luke hums in approval, flicking his tongue against the head of my clit. I press my lips together and roll my hips in the air as my orgasm explodes inside me, spreading on my body. I try my hardest not to make a sound, nor move too much that the car squeaks. Luke moves up from between my thighs after he fixes my panties over my core. He leans in, kissing my lips softly. I realize that I have been smiling since I hit my orgasm, but only after Luke mimics my smirk. "I am going to find us a house." He announces again, tracing his hand softly over my cheek. "Yeah, we need one." I agree, moving my tongue across my bottom lip, tasting us together. "Do you think anyone saw us?" Luke asks, rolling next to me. I fix my head upon his chest, letting myself hear his heartbeat. "As long as we do not end up on a pornsite, I am not that mad if they did." I reply and he chuckles. "Kinky... I like that about you." "You like what about me?" I ask, cocking an eyebrow. "You are always up for testing your limits." He replies and I hum. "I wish we could sleep together tonight." He sighs, pecking at the top of my head. "I think my dad will neuter you if you show up at my house for a sleepover. And your mom will probably bound me in your basement and torture me for seducing her benjamin." I giggle and he scoffs. "My mom is not a monster." Luke protests playfully. "I don't know. Her nickname was Charybdis in high school." I mumble and he punches my arm playfully.
"Will you call me before bed?" Luke asks me as he parks in front of my house. "Do you want me to?" I ask him, undoing my seatbelt. "Since I can't sleep with you tonight, at least I would like us to do it over facetime." He shrugs, tapping the tip of my nose softly. "I will certainly facetime you then. I will see you on Tuesday, won't I?" I ask and he nods. "Ok then. Talk to you in a bit." I bite my lip before I lean in to plant a soft peck on his lips. He waits until I am inside the house to take off, which brings a smile to my face. He cares a lot and he is really protective, without crossing any boundaries. "Did you have fun at the movies?" My dad asks, making me jump at the sound of his voice. He has stayed exactly where I left him, which is a little creepy. "You scared the shit out of me, dad." I gasp, touching my chest and feeling my heart pounding. "We saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not really my style, but it was ok." I reply and he hums. "If you wake up screaming in the middle of the night because you had a nightmare, I will know who to blame." He goes back to watching TV. It is not a secret that my dad does not really like Luke; he thinks of him as a devil in the disguise of an angel. "Goodnight dad." I run up the stairs to take off my makeup and get ready for my night call with Luke.
I tap my fingers nervously as I wait for Luke to pick me up. We are supposed to head for a dinner date, but I am not sure we will go through with it. Luke's car pulls up in front of me, and I rush inside, earning a look of surprise from him. "I was ready to wait for you at least 15 more minutes." Luke chuckles, helping me with my seatbelt. "Can you find a space somewhere a bit private?" I ask him, earning a hum from him. "I will be happy to..." He starts the car, aloof to my jitters.
Luke parks behind an elementary school, which seems abandoned for the day, before he undoes his seatbelt and turns to look at me. "It will do for now, don't you think?" Luke asks, cocking an eyebrow at me. "We need to talk." I state, making his face drop. "Oh. That sounds a little ominous." He replies and I nod my head. "I am late." I just let it out, dropping the bomb on his lap now. "Late for what? Do you have to be somewhere before our date?" He asks. I roll my eyes and rest my head back on my seat. "Luke..." I sigh. "What?" He asks, frustrated over my reaction. "My period is late. I might be pregnant." I explain and he looks at me dumbfounded. "Are you sure?" He manages to utter after a second of just staring. "My tracker says I am a week late. And I am never late, not this long. I am freaking out." I sniffle, my hands bunching up my cardigan. Luke stays silent, starting the car again. I feel awful in this silence but I understand he needs time to process it. It took me two days to swallow this, he deserves at least a couple of minutes to even begin thinking about it. It itches me on the inside to just ask him to say anything, but I decide to control myself. Without a word, he parks the car in front of a pharmacy and exits the car. It would make more sense for him to slam the door on the way out, but he didn't. I cannot find a way to translate his coldness and it pains me to sit here without a clue. He is gone for a little over 10 minutes but it felt a century to me. I don't dare ask him what he bought, so the car sinks in silence again.
The next stop is at a totally strange house to me. Luke helps me undo the seatbelt, still silent, and motions me to follow him. He unlocks the door to an apartment, letting me go in first. "What is this place?" I finally have the courage to ask once we enter the poorly furnished place. "I told you I would find us an apartment. I wanted to tell you at dinner, but I guess..." He replies, handing me the paper bag from the pharmacy. "Is it what I think it is?" I ask and he nods. "Luke, I am scared." I admit and he sighs. He wraps his arms around me, pressing his lips softly on my forehead. "I am too. But we need to face our fear. Or it will catch upon us." He replies, stroking a piece of hair behind my ear. "Come on. I will be right outside." He guides me to the small bathroom, giving me a small smile before I shut the door. It is such a lonely process doing this. I know Luke is waiting for me, I know that he is here for me, right outside the door that divides us, but I feel so alone. It is nerve-wracking, having to wait even a moment for the test that will define the rest of my relationship with Luke. There is a soft knock on the door, Luke's knuckles must barely even touch the wooden furniture. "Did you do it?" He asks nervously, but not demandingly. "I am waiting for the result." I sniffle. "Would you like me to come in and wait with you?" He asks. "No. I will be out in a minute..." I am too upset myself to have Luke's nervousness right now. "Ok, love." He sighs, giving up. I know he is trying to comfort me and this is the best way he can think of doing so, but it is just... I don't know if it is too much or too little.
The timer goes off and I know that I have to face the little plastic stick at last. It is so stupid that I am terrified by a piece of plastic, but I feel a tug at my heartstrings just at the thought of what the result might be. I peek at it, finding the word 'PREGNANT' on the little digital screen. Fuck. "Can I come in?" Luke asks. He must have heard the timer too so he knows the test has shown a result. I am too emotional to answer him, all I want to do is cry. How did that happen? Fuck, why did it happen now? We were always careful and we barely ever had a place to be just the two of us. God, that night at the drive-in... I was stupid enough to tell him it didn't matter going bare. Luke barges into the bathroom after my lack of response, his eyes instantly falling on me. He sighs understandingly, moving closer to me and wrapping his arms around me. "It's ok... It's all ok, love. Please, stop crying." He tries to soothe me, but it will take more than a hug and his soft voice to calm me down. "I've ruined both our futures..." I moan, my voice barely coming off. "No, no, you didn't. It is my fault too. Hey, we are going to be alright. She's gonna be apples, you'll see." He cheers, rubbing the small of my back soothingly.
My obstetrician could only see me 2 days after I took the test. Despite me wanting to rush to the first person with an available appointment, Luke told me that 2 days wouldn't hurt and we should go to the one I trust. And now as I am feeling in the form of family history and reason of the visit, Luke is sitting next to me, almost completely unfazed, as if his life is not about to tumble down. "How can you be so calm?" I ask him, annoyed by how cool he seems. "I am not." He replies, not even turning to look at me. "You are. You are awfully calm and cool for someone who is going to be a father before he finishes college." I whisper the last part, even though it is just us in the waiting room. I have been tiptoeing around admitting my pregnancy, not even daring to say it to myself out loud. "You think I am not panicking? You think I am not about to have a nervous breakdown? But I have to keep calm and be here for you. You are a mess, (Y/N)." He says through gritted teeth. "Well, I am sorry this is too much for me. I will try my hardest not to let my mess affect you." I snap, moving to a chair away from him. "I didn't mean it that way..." He protests and I hum, scribbling on the form fast.
The doctor calls me in her office, finally ready to exam me. Luke follows suit, asking her if it is ok to join us too. "Is it ok with you, (Y/N)?" She turns to me. "I really couldn't care less." I mumble, climbing onto the exam bed. Luke walks in, standing in the corner of the room awkwardly. "I will need you to take your jeans and underwear off for this." She instructs me and I nod. "Your urine sample gave us a positive pregnancy test, so I will have to go transvaginally to see the fetus. We have done this in the past, but you will feel slight discomfort when I enter the prob." She states, prepping the little wand. I feel as if I want to throw up, this ordeal has been stressing me out a lot. "Ok. Are you ready?" She asks as I lay on my back. I nod my head and take a deep breath, boosting myself for the exam. Pushing past the initial discomfort, I turn to look at my doctor as she looks at the screen with a frown. "Do you have any symptoms?" She asks me, looking at the ultrasound carefully. "No, other than my period being late, no." I reply and she hums. "You took a home test?" "Yes, it came back positive. Is everything ok?" I ask her. "Well, you are not pregnant. But you have a positive home test and a urine stip test. So my guess is there is proteinuria and that is why we had 2 false positives. I will order you a lab work for that, just to rule things out, but I think it might be stress-related." She replies. "I am not pregnant?" I ask, my heart skipping in relief. "You are not." She replies. "Are you sure?" Luke asks for the first time since the exam started. "I am very certain you are not expecting. Based on your reactions I will say congratulations, you are not pregnant." She chuckles, handing me a couple of tissues to clean up. "I will leave you to get dressed and go order the lab test. You can pick it up from my receptionist." She smiles at us before she leaves the room.
After the doctor's visit, I was craving ice cream, so Luke drove me to my favorite place for a strawberry soft serve. Since our date night was canceled from my pregnancy scare, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a stroll at the park. He holds my hand in his as we both lick our ice cream as if the last couple of days didn't happen. "We are not having sex again without a condom." I lean my head on his shoulder as he hums in agreement. "That is certain." He adds. "I am sorry I was so... messy the last couple of days." I apologize and he shrugs. "It is one of the things I love about you." He brings my hand to his lips, pecking it lightly. "For what is worth, you were an excellent partner and you handled this scare probably the best way possible." I comment and he sighs. "I was scared beyond words. We are too young to become parents." "I agree. We barely have a place to be alone..." I point out. "Well, we do have it, though." He says, making me bite the inside of my cheek. "I really liked the space, from what I remember seeing..." "I am glad you did. Cause I plan on spending a lot of time in it with you." He plants a kiss on my forehead, making me feel my face get hot. "We never learn, do we?" I chuckle and he shrugs. "I think we learned our lesson." He takes a long lick of his dessert.
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emmyhem · 2 months ago
job well done (l.r.h)
a/n: hi!! long time no post. so i’m finally back posting again, i’ve been really busy with work recently and haven’t been feeling as motivated to write when i’m off but I was finally able to get this one ready to post. so this is part two of “don’t mind the heat” with assistant!y/n, it’s mostly smut so if that’s not your favorite i’m gonna be posting a childhood bff!luke piece soon. anyway I hope you’re all doing well, comments and criticisms are always appreciated. if you have any suggestions or ideas, while my requests are closed, there’s a form further down on my blog called “what’s next” where you can give me a suggestion of what you’d like to see and vote for which of my wips i’ll be posting next. with that all being said, I hope you enjoy - emmy <333
pairing: luke hemmings x assistant!y/n 
summary: it’s finally time for you and luke’s first date and you were promised a night of movies, and popcorn. but how much watching will you really be doing?
warning(s): swearing, smut, oral sex (female receiving) 
word count: 3.4k 
Tumblr media
“Don’t psych yourself out, it’s just Luke.” your friend said from where she sat on your bed watching you obsessively tuck and untuck your hair behind your ear, unsure which way suits you best. 
It’s just Luke. 
Only it’s not just Luke, it’s Luke your boss. Luke who somehow manages to awaken slews of butterflies in your tummy from just entering the room. Luke who writes your paychecks. Luke who gave you the best night of your life. It’s Luke and that’s a big deal. 
“I feel like I have a giant pit in my stomach.” you admitted, finally deciding on tucking behind your ears. 
“Eat something babe.” she suggested. 
You swallowed thickly, scrunching up your face in disgust. 
“I can’t, I'll throw up.” you responded, the idea of mixing food with your colossal nerves making you slightly nauseous. 
Your friend stood to her feet, walking up to where you sat at your vanity and placing both hands on your shoulders. 
“There’s no reason to be worried, okay? From what you’ve told me the kid’s essentially obsessed with you.” 
You smiled down to your lap at her words. 
“I really like him.” you mumbled, not looking up. “What if I get all awkward and fidgety like I normally get on dates?” 
“You won’t.” she assured. 
“Oh my god, I totally will.” you groaned. “I’ll get all choked up, and I won’t even know what to say when I see him.” 
“y/n, you see him literally everyday.” 
“This is different.” you argued. 
Things were different now. 
Some things had remained the same since you had returned from the trip about a week and a half ago. You still went to work each day, completed your tasks, spent copious amounts of time walking in the harsh California heat with Petunia, and then made your way back to your apartment to binge watch tacky rom-coms in the privacy of your bedroom. But there were some small changes since the trip, like Luke no longer greeting you each morning with a casual wave but instead by pressing a quick kiss to your lips, followed by a heartfelt mumble of, “G’morning, missed you.” 
Other than your quick interactions in the morning you hadn’t been seeing much of him, the album process was moving along quickly and he’d been at the studio almost all the time, normally returning after you had already gone home for the night. Due to his newly busy schedule the anticipated first date had to wait, but that morning as you arrived, bright and early to take Petunia to the groomers, Luke had mentioned he wouldn’t be working late. 
“Up for a movie tonight?” he had questioned casually before heading out. 
“Like a date?” 
“Our first date.” he said, grinning ear to ear. “If I’m remembering correctly, I promised you a Marvel movie, and Petunia.” 
“And popcorn.” you interrupted, making him laugh. 
“And popcorn.” he repeated to assure you. “Anyway, I managed to convince Mike to let me borrow some of  his DVDs, so if you’re free?”
“I’m free.” you blurted out, so eagerly you were almost embarrassed. 
“Great. I have to head to the studio right now, but I’ll text you the time.” he said, crossing the room to leave a peck on your cheek. “Can’t wait.” he continued as he pulled away. 
As you went about your day, the date approaching quickly, a bundle of nerves had started to build in your stomach causing you to panic by the time you had gotten back to your apartment. In need of moral support you called over your friend who essentially held your hand through the entire getting ready process, giving her input on possible outfits, and making the final call on what lipgloss you’d later be leaving traces of on Luke’s lips. Now as you sat in your room putting your shoes on, 20 minutes until you had to go to Luke’s she was providing you with words of encouragement, and, annoyingly, stressing the importance of condom use. 
“I promise I’ll be safe.” you guaranteed, crossing the room to smack a kiss to her cheek. “You were a huge help tonight, thank you. I’ve gotta head out but you can stay as long as you want, just lock the door when you leave?” 
“You got it.” she nodded. “Just don’t drive yourself crazy, you’ll do great.” 
You swallowed a lump in your throat and thanked her once more before heading out to your car. 
As you put your keys in the ignition your phone dinged from where it sat in your cup holder. When you picked it up it revealed a text from Luke with a picture of Petunia sprawled across the couch, the message underneath read, “Patiently awaiting your arrival.” and it made you wonder why you were so nervous in the first place. There’s no way you could embarrass yourself, Luke wouldn’t let you. 
The drive was quick and easy, you took the same route everyday to work so it was essentially muscle memory at this point. As you pulled into the driveway you gave yourself one more internal pep talk and reapplied a thin layer of cherry flavored gloss onto your lips before heading to the door. Luke swung it open before you even had the chance to knock, Petunia sitting by his feet panting excitedly. 
“Hi.” he chirped, his body falling slack against the doorway as he took in your near ethereal state. 
“Hi.” you returned, snaking your arms around his torso as you entered. 
“Y’look gorgeous.” he praised, pressing his lips to the top of your head. 
“Not so bad yourself.” you returned, nuzzling further into his side.
You wandered through the kitchen, Luke's hands trailing further down your skin as you walked towards the living room. 
He explained how his day was as you walked, grabbing a bag of popcorn on the way. You nodded along and offered words of praise when he explained that they had a very productive day in the studio. 
“How ‘bout you?” he asked after finishing his recount of the day. 
At this point you had made it into the living room, and had -unfortunately- detached from one another. You dropped to the couch and Luke stood by the tv, fiddling with the dvd player. 
“Well,” you started. “First I took Pig to the groomers, but you already knew that.” 
As if on cue Petunia clambered into the room, nearly knocking Luke off his feet as she made her way to you. 
You laughed and reached out a hand to rub her head affectionately. 
“Did you hear us talking about you, pretty girl?
“I need to put some distance between the two of you.” Luke teased. “It’s like I don’t even exist when you’re around.” 
“We have a connection.” you threw back. “It’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t understand.”
Luke laughed and gathered a few DVDs in his hand, muttering, “Snubbed again.” 
“Movie time?” you asked.
“Infinity war?” he responded, holding up the disc. 
“Not unless you want to deal with the aftermath of Peter disappearing, and it involves a lot of tears.” 
Luke raised an eyebrow at you. 
“I have a soft spot for Tom Holland.” you added, pressing a hand to your heart.
“Right then,” he laughed. “Iron Man?” 
“Excellent choice.” 
As the intro played Luke settled beside you, hip to hip, and close enough that he could lean his head on your shoulder comfortably when the opportunity presented itself. 
You watched intently, grateful for the distraction from his mind muddling proximity, only getting interrupted by Luke’s repetitive yawning. 
“Are you tired?” you asked when he yawned for the third time within the span of ten minutes. 
“Hm?” he quipped, straightening his posture. “Not really.” 
You raised an eyebrow at him. 
“A little bit,” he admitted. “It was just a busy day in the studio today. I’m really more mentally drained than tired.” 
“Here,” you said, scooting a bit further down the couch. You patted your lap as an indication for him to lay his head down. “When I was in highschool and I’d be super stressed or had a really long day my mom would play with my hair for hours and it would really help me to relax.” you explained. “It works like a charm, promise.” 
“Are you sure this isn’t an excuse for you to touch my hair?” he teased, already moving towards you. 
“Caught me.” you shot back. 
As Luke settled, curling his legs up in an effort to keep them from hanging off the couch, your hand  found its way into his hair, stroking lightly from the root. 
He hummed in content as your movements found a steady rhythm. 
“Feels nice.” 
“Happy to help.” you muttered, turning your attention back to Robert Downey Jr. 
Only five minutes or so had passed before your focus on the movie was stolen once again, this time by the feeling of Luke’s hand, which had been resting on your knee, inching further up your skin, pausing sporadically to run his fingers across the smooth surface.
“Luke, what’re you doing?” you asked through shallow breaths. 
“Nothing.” he returned, feigning innocence. 
You huffed quietly in frustration, but attempted to continue watching, as his hand had become stationary again. 
 That lasted all of 2 minutes.
“Luke,” you sighed. 
“I thought you were tired.”
“M’not anymore.” he mumbled, pinching the skin of your upper thigh.
You jerked a bit but remained relatively unfazed.             
 “Good, we’ve got a movie to watch.” 
“Or we could do something else.” he preened quietly, turning his head so he could nudge the spot he had pinched with his nose, as if soothing his previous actions. 
Only there was nothing soothing about it, and you were anything but relaxed. You could practically feel your arousal spreading in the light blue lace panties you had selected earlier that night.
“They match his eyes.” you had teased, flinging them across the room to your friend, who dodged them easily and gave you a disapproving look. 
“You’re odd.” she laughed, shaking her head.
It was hard to laugh about them now as your mind turned to mush and the only thing it could conjure up was vivid images of Luke ripping them off of you. 
Luke’s voice broke you from your thoughts, “Missed you.” he hummed sweetly. 
Your fingers unconsciously tightened on his hair eliciting a subtle groan. 
“Missed you too.”  
As you spoke your eyes drifted down his features, cataloguing them in your brain. 
Luke could feel your eyes on him, practically burning into his head, making it exponentially harder for him to keep his hands to himself for much longer. 
He darted his gaze up to you, slyly muttering, “You’re missing the movie baby.” 
You sighed lightly at the pet name, your breath catching as Luke sat up abruptly, capturing your face in his hands.
His lips slotted effortlessly against yours. 
Your brief kisses over the past week had no comparison to what you were experiencing now, fireworks erupting in your brain, and nerves buzzing in your stomach. 
The kiss was nowhere near perfect, in fact it was needy and a bit sloppy but each time your tongue collided with his you felt dizzy and desperate, for his hands, his mouth, him. 
As his kisses traveled down your jaw to your neck your head dropped to the side, making your eye catch on the tv. 
“Luke, the movie.” you reminded, your voice taut. 
“We’ll finish it in the morning.” he breathed, clicking it off in one swift motion. 
“Bit presumptuous to assume I’ll be staying the night.” 
“Bit presumptuous to assume there’s anyway I’m letting you out of my bed after I'm done with you.” he threw back before smacking a quick kiss to your neck and pulling you to your feet. 
The walk to Luke’s bedroom was a blur of explorative hands and teasing words, your need for him taking you there in record time. 
When your back eventually knocked against his bedroom door, pressing him against you snugly, he tugged greedily on the clothes covering your burning skin. 
“Lu” you mewled, your hand searching aimlessly for the doorknob. 
By the time you found it, both of you stumbling clumsily into the room, you were almost completely naked. 
Luke’s eyes, completely fogged with lust, wracked over the vast expanse of skin in front of him, his hands itching with need beside him. 
After seamlessly guiding you over to the bed he pulled his shirt over his head, allowing you a chance to admire the tensing of his muscles as he stretched his arms into the air.
You dropped to the mattress, making it bounce a bit beneath you. 
“So pretty.” Luke said, running a knuckle lightly across your collarbone. You shivered under the touch, making him grin smugly. 
“Lay back back for me, baby?” 
You compliantly laid flat, Luke’s hands tight on your hips. 
His fingers traced slowly down your thighs causing you to languidly throw your head back.
“Need to taste you” he announced, voice gruff, fingers running across your hips lightly. 
You agreed with a breathy moan, bucking your hips up in the process. 
His hands gripped tightly on either side of you, fingers marking your hips in light purple bruises that looked nearly too pretty for him to handle. 
When his tongue finally met the sensitive area of nerves just above the place where you needed him most you jerked upwards, clenching around nothing as his tongue explored the new area. 
He had been fantasizing about tasting you since the night at the vacation house, wanting nothing more than his tongue relentlessly flicking over the tightly wound bud until you had that hazy, fucked look in your eyes that turned him into putty in your hand.
His hands remained tightly secured to your hips which were thrusting up eagerly, despite his hold.
“So fucking soaked f’me” he groaned, fingers lazily running over the sopping area beneath him.
“I could take you so easily baby”  he continued, lightly tracing his tongue over your opening, making you clench. “Slip in so nicely,” 
“Please,” you breathed, tightly. 
“D’ya need me, love?” he teased, cruelly. 
You nodded repeatedly, body lying exhausted on the mattress. 
“Need you, Lu.” you begged. 
In between strategically placing kisses across your hips and thighs, he spoke, “Been needing you all week, I could hardly get any work done knowing you were sitting at my house all by yourself.” 
The hazy image of your body pressed so tightly against his made getting anything done nearly impossible. Every strum on his guitar reminded him of  how flawlessly your fingers had played him. Every grueling harmony at the very top of his register echoed one of your sweet and haunting sighs of pleasure.
 So, for his time spent at the studio Luke was left wondering how he was supposed to focus on making new music when the the music the two of you had created together was on a constant loop in his mind. 
And he desperately needed more. 
He continued to run his tongue across your heat, his movements being the exact opposite of how he was feeling. He moved slowly against you, unrushed, and thorough. 
Your tear filled eyes locked on the ceiling, squeezing shut each time the tip of his nose bumped your clit. 
“Oh,” you choked when you felt two fingers begin a gentle prod at your needy opening. 
Luke groaned at your sounds of pleasure while circling your entrance teasingly. 
“Need something, Luke. Please.” you begged, as his fingers continued their mocking assault. 
He mouthed eagerly at your bare chest and slipped a finger in seamlessly, making you yelp in need. 
When you clenched around his single digit he spoke, “Feels good?” 
Your head bobbed up and down enthusiastically, hips pushing onto him for a deeper thrust. 
“Good, baby.” he praised, teasing another finger. 
You whined desperately as a heat traveled down your body, swirling in a flustering pit at the bottom of your stomach. 
“Nice and tight f’me, love.” he preened, slipping in another finger and speeding up his thrusts. 
When his fingers curled up, brushing against your g-spot you whined loudly. 
“Does that feel good, gorgeous? Show me how good you feel. C’mon, come around my fingers.” he commanded, the pacing of his thrusts speeding up significantly. 
He loved seeing you blissed out, completely at his mercy, pleasure overtaking you. 
You bucked defenselessly against him, chasing your release as satisfied moans and whines passed your lips, only encouraging Luke in his ravenous exploration of your heat.
Reaching your climax, your walls fluttered around his fingers, causing his cock to grow painfully hard in the constrictions of his pants. He offered heartfelt praises of, “good girl” with each spasm of your body while sliding a condom down his tender length. 
As you came down from your high, your head feeling lighter, and your body feeling heavier, seemingly sinking further into the mattress, Luke adjusted himself, complimenting your dazed expression as he aligned his aching member with your, now, leaking entrance. 
Before pushing into you he leaned down to attach his lips to yours, his tongue running against yours with a heavy sigh. 
A high pitched grunt rang through the room as he ran his head through your folds, slowly sliding his lips lazily from your mouth down your jaw. 
Breaking apart from you, he spoke through a gruff voice, “Please say you’re ready for me, baby.” you could feel his hot breath against your neck and you unconsciously pushed off the mattress, causing his head to dip into the slippery heat of your cunt. 
His breath hitched at the feeling and a quiet cry of approval gave him all the reassurance he needed to bury himself into you, eliciting a throaty yelp. 
His forehead fell against yours, the thin sheen of sweat covering the both of you creating a humid atmosphere, completely silent other than the saturated sounds of your bodies crashing together. 
“Baby,” he sighed brokenly, the feeling of you so close overwhelming him in record time. 
You clenched around him at the pet name, making his eyebrows pull together, his thrusts slowing in an effort to prolong your intimacy. 
“You gonna give me one more, angel?” he quipped confidently, the head of his cock nudging overwhelmingly against your most sensitive spot. Each nudge sent a wave of pleasure over your body from the very top of your head to the tips of your toes. The unrelenting pace and force soon left your body numb with it, making you incapable of doing anything but chanting Luke’s name, soft and breathy, and so fucking pretty he would do basically anything to ensure you didn’t stop. 
With a particularly forceful prod of your sensitivity your vision went blurry, the fuzzy image of stars overtaking you as your strained cry, accompanied by a throbbing grip on his length brought him to his own climax. 
His right hand slammed against the bed frame with a loud smack as you unwinded around him, while his left held your hip tightly, squeezing with each spasm of your hips. 
When he pulled out of you, with a hiss, he soothed the empty sting it left behind with a sincere kiss to your hairline. 
“So perfect.” he hailed, a hand rubbing soothingly on the sensitive smoothness of your thigh, as he took his spot beside you. 
Your bare chest heaved beside him, your head dropping to the side to admire the soft flutter of his eyelids as exhaustion carried across his face. 
You felt a fizzle of heat down your legs, carrying all the way to your toes, uncurling as you settled into a comfortable buzz of pleasure. 
The feeling of a soft kiss against your shoulder broke you from your cloud of pleasure to see Luke peering up at you in awe. 
“Hi, sweet girl.” he spoke softly. 
Unsure you had the strength to respond in words you squeaked quietly  in response, your shaky hand intertwining with his longingly. The second they clasped his thumb began running faintly across the back of your hand. 
He looked towards the ceiling, as if overtaken by the overwhelming reality of your connection. 
“M’so gone for you.” he admitted under his breath, as you watched him in admiration. 
“Me too.” you agreed in an exhale, turning on your side to snuggle against his warm skin. 
His head turned only enough to rest his lips lightly on your hairline, “Stay the night please?” 
You nodded against his mouth in agreement, too tired to respond verbally. 
“Good, I’m not planning on letting you go anytime soon.”
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