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#luke Hemmings
5soshqgallery · a day ago
Tumblr media
describe what it is like to be a 5SOS fan without actually saying what it is like up be a 5SOS fan
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glitterycalum1205 · 2 days ago
Idk how to ask for these things.
but can you please write something for luke where the reader has a makeup studio and does Luke's makeup but She ends up having to sit on his lap and luke can't control himself.
And maybe He fingers her while she's trying to concentrate?
Ooo yes!!! I love this idea. It’s a bit long
Warnings ⚠️: Smut (minors dni)
Luke’s getting ready to film a music video for Baby Blue and he wants a super dramatic blue eye look, so he calls you up to do it for him since you’ve been good friends for a long time now
You invite him to your shop in downtown L.A. and squeeze him in during your busy day since this means so much to him and you love doing his makeup
He gets to the shop, giving you full control over everything except it must be blue (obviously). You get ready to start and realize he’s too tall even sitting in the chair.
You grab a stool to stand on in front of him but then you’re too tall for him and have to arch weird to try and get to his level
Luke notices the struggle you’re having and casually says “you can sit on my lap if it’ll make it easier for you”. Not thinking anything of it you oblige and sit down, straddling his waist finding indeed this is the perfect angle
You sit down comfortably before starting on his eye makeup. During the process you’re leaning back and forth between the table beside the two of you to get more product then back to Luke.
Luke knew you weren’t doing it on purpose, but the way you were on his lap, moving around was getting him riled up and he just couldn’t contain himself or the ever growing boner in his suit pants
“Uh y/n…do you mind not moving around so much? It…hurts a little bit.” You stopped, looking at him a bit puzzled before you finally felt it and realize you had been turning him on with all of your movements
You blushed bright red as you tried your hardest not to look down at his bulge, but that was nearly impossible. You kept peeking every few seconds, letting your imagination run wild which only led to you turning yourself on as well
“Oh my..I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to,” you go to move off of his lap when two large hands grab your waist and pull you back in. “Stay. It’s okay really. I don’t mind.” He smirks and winks
You blush again and nod, trying to go back to work when you feel his fingers playing with the band of your jeans. Mentally you decide not to say anything as you let him do what he wants to you
A few minutes later, he’s sliding his hands down your ass and grinning, while trying his hardest not to move and make you mess up your hard work. “Man y/n, you’re absolutely soaked. What’s gotten into you?”
It takes your brain a few seconds to register his question, “you have Luke”. His smile only got wider as his hand finds it’s way to your throbbing clit. Your hand immediately falls onto his shoulder to support yourself from the jolt of pleasure
“Please don’t tease me, Luke” you practically beg even though he’s only done one thing so far. “Oh I won’t but if you stop doing my makeup again then I’ll stop whatever I’m doing so I suggest you get started.” That cocky bastard. You nod, taking a deep breath before composing your thoughts and starting again.
The second he felt the brush on his eyelids, he began circling his fingers around your opening slowly sliding the first one in and aiming directly for your spot.
It was damn near impossible not to stop what you were doing and just ride his fingers or even him in the makeup chair. You shook your head briefly before continuing the delicate eyeliner doing your best not to mess up.
Luke stayed surprisingly still the entire time, even with his fingers moving as quickly as they were, his upper body didn’t budge at all. It was like he was made of stone.
He slipped another finger into you suddenly and it took everything your body had not to just melt in his lap. You pulled your hand away for a second while adjusting to the new feeling and stretch, but as soon as you did, Luke stopped his fingers.
A loud whine came out of your mouth as you looked at the man in your chair, “nooo don’t stop. I’m sorry I didn’t want to mess your eyes up. Please keep going.” You were whining pathetically but you didn’t care at all. The only thing you cared about right now was an orgasm.
“If you want me to keep going I suggest you start again.” Luke being the fucking tease he is, wiggled his fingers just enough to remind you of what you were missing. Nodding, you readjusted yourself before returning to your job.
His fingers started up again at an incredible pace, that fucker was messing with you now knowing you would stop from how good it felt. You couldn’t contain yourself as you moaned and began riding his fingers chasing your high. The makeup had been forgotten about as you let the brush fall again, this time leaving a big blue line on his face but you didn’t care.
“Someone doesn’t know how to follow rules I see so we’ll just adjust them. You don’t get to stop having orgasms until I say you’re done.” He leaned back in the chair, watching you enthusiastically fuck yourself on his fingers. He watched your face and the look of utter pleasure that kept growing until the tight band in your belly finally snapped and you came all over his fingers.
He pulled them out quickly, bringing them to his mouth and cleaning them off with his tongue. You were in bliss as you relaxed against him and watched him clean his fingers. He pulled your body closer to his, kissing you passionately letting you taste yourself on his tongue.
During the kiss, Luke stood up cleared off your makeup table with one swipe before setting you on the edge and pulling off your clothes as quickly as he could manage. He then followed suit with his own clothes.
Wasting no time, he thrusted into you roughly and started fucking you. He leaned down and sucked on your erect nipples, only making it feel a million times better. All the rumors you had ever heard were true, Luke Hemmings was a sex god.
“Luke, fuck! I’m gonna cum again.” Having just had an orgasm you were still sensitive making the next come barreling in rapidly. A couple more thrusts later and your were clenching him and the side of the table as you reached your second high.
This didn’t make Luke slow down at all, but instead egged him on. “You’ve got this baby. You’re doing so well, just a couple more. I wanna see your body shake.”
He definitely wasn’t lying, he coaxed another two orgasms from you each one leaving you more sensitive and breathless than the last and making an even bigger mess. He was determined to make you finish all of your orgasms before he even thought about finishing once.
Luke went a minute or two longer after your fourth before finally stopping and letting himself fill you up to the brim. He laid his head against your chest as you both came down from your highs.
“Holy shit that was amazing y/n. We’re doing this again sometime. Maybe after I take you to dinner.” He smiled lazily, before eventually pulling out and grabbing rags from the drawer to clean you both off.
You were still so shocked you could hardly answer so you settled with a nod, “sounds lovely.” You both got cleaned up before surveying the mess your studio was in now.
Luke laughed as he started picking up the brushes and palettes from the floor. “Whatever I broke beyond use I’ll buy you more of. I know this can’t be cheap.” Once he was done cleaning up the make up on the floor, he took his seat back into the chair.
“Now that the floor is cleaned up and everything is put back, can we get this blue eyeliner off my cheek and neck? It’s not the look I was going for necessarily,” he joked with a smirk.
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kindahoping4forever · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LukeHemmings: With shaking hands but a full heart I proposed to my best friend earlier this year.
I love you Thao and I can’t imagine my life without you ❤️ @sierradeaton
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kaleidoscopeminds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Starting Line || Luke Hemmings
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sister-snackariah · 3 months ago
me watching luke hemmings in music videos years ago:
Tumblr media
me seeing him engaged now:
Tumblr media
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calmblood · 2 months ago
I'm so happy that this is a band where they support each other's solo work and the boys don't have to feel that they need to leave to put out their own music and pursue a "solo" career
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fivesosgif · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wake up every morning with the years ticking by. I'm missing all these memories—maybe they were never mine. I feel the walls are closing; I'm running out of time. I think I missed the gun at the starting line.
STARTING LINE by Luke Hemmings (6/29/21)
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