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#luke and sierra
why does it freak me out thay the boys have written for izzy azalea and just found out sierra and luke wrote for gnash so that’s wild

I had no idea the boys wrote for Iggy Azalea, but I do remember the drama of Luke and Sierra writing for Gnash. I think I had a few posts about it from when it happened.

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Okay but the TikToks that are like “me running into a tall blonde guy on my way to meet Sierra Deaton” are actually like rude?? Like I know it’s a joke but you’ve definitely been a fan of 5sos for longer?? Maybe don’t be like that??

I don’t think it’s as rude as it is funny that stans really worship the ground Sierra walks on for doing nothing other than being Luke’s “girlfriend.”

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do you think all of the PR stuff like the engagement and lierra is to clean up what happened in like 2016 with azeralya and luke and etc?

I definitely believe that the Lierra PR stunt is to clean up Luke’s image after Larzaylea, but I also think the stunt serves as a way to rebrand Sierra after her and Alex broke up as both a couple and a band.

By being associated with Luke, Sierra simultaneously serves as a contrast to Arzaylea and manages to gain massive amounts of support and stans who will blindly follow her because she is dating Luke. Whenever she decided to release music (which I think it being worked up to now that she has a writing credit on the album. I feel like it’s possible and plausible that she and Luke might perform the song together. There’s also been photos of her in the studio within the last couple months, which indicates she is working on something), she’ll have a huge fan base with will buy her music and boost her career. Then when they “break up”, she’ll still have attention on her because of the publicity their “break up” with bring.

However, I don’t think Mystal have anything to do with Luke and the whole Larzaylea fiasco. They seem to be their own separate entity with different reasons for their PR or PR elements of their relationship.

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the fact that best years is most probably about sierra because luke mentioned how it was one of his favourites because of the meaning behind it and she was probably there while he made that video 馃ズ馃ズ馃槶馃槶

Ooooft I know, he’s so soft🥺

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What's your opinion/how do you view Mystal, Lierra, and Kayshton?

My opinions about Lierra and Kayshton are pretty straightforward. I believe Lierra is a PR relationship formed to promote Sierra’s music career/rebrand her after Alex and Sierra, and that it also helped to gain positive publicity for 5SOS/Luke after Larzaylea. I believe Kayshton is a real relationship, but I recognize that they are often on and off with whatever they have going on. I have no idea where they’re at right now.

For Mystal, it’s a little more complicated because at the beginning of their relationship, I thought they were real, but somewhere in early 2018, I began to think they were PR. I still do for the most part, or at least I believe their relationship started as PR, because it’s hard for me to believe that Michael would willingly associate himself with someone like Crystal, who tries too hard to thrive in the spotlight of the 5SOS fans, picks fights with 5SOS fans, involves herself in drama for attention, and does her best to document every aspect of hers and Michael’s “relationship.” The one belief I still hold to be 100% true (in my opinion) is that there has been and ost likely always will be an element of fabrication in their relationship, whether they’re together forever or for another week because at the end of the day, Crystal only made a real name for herself after being associated with Michael.

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Tarot Reading: Lierra

So I asked y’all what you wanted to see tonight from s tarot reading and you asked about lierra. Ask and you shall receive! While meditating over my cards, I focused on the question “What is the future of Sierra Deaton and Luke Hemmings’ relationship?”

✨I only did one reading this time, based off of Sierras position (I find it easier to understand the mind of another woman as a woman so it was the way to get the best results for you guys!!!💕).

✨I used citrine for enlightenment, selenite for cleansing, Celestite for divine intuition, amethyst for protection, sunshine aura quartz for the flow of energy, and tangerine aura quartz for enhancement of the third eye chakra.


✨First card we have to talk about represents the situation; the card pulled was the 2 of cups, which represent contentment and a true-to-self attitude as well as love. So content with self and loving her situation basically… which is loving being with Luke I suppose.

✨Next we have the challenge effecting the situation, which was represented by the 9 of pentacles; this card represents uncertainty and prudence. This could mean she is struggling with her insecurities as well.

✨Then comes the basis of what is going on, the 7 of cups which is sentimental and something to remember… however that something will be short lived.

✨the 4th card is the card representing her past, the magician, which is a card of loss and pain. I personally think it has to do with the ending of her relationship with Alex.

✨After that comes the card of the present which is the 9 of cups; this represents satisfaction and contentment with her current status and relationship.

✨The near future card is where the reading takes a massive turn, the 6 of cups reversed. This shows that that contentment is short lived, and she will have to deal with renewal/ a new situation. 👀

✨Her power over the situation is also supporting her near future prediction, as the card pulled was the devil. This card represents something that is out of her hands and is predestined to end with negativity; it is also a card of fatality. 👀

✨Then we have the effect on the other person, which in this case is Luke. The card pulled was the moon, which represents deception and illusion, or even a “secret/hidden enemy”.

✨However the card for her fears or hopes is the lovers card. Meaning that her hope will be in overcoming trial and love.

✨Lastly we have the outcome of the situation/their relationship. The card pulled was the 5 of wands; this card represents imitation, possibly of a feeling, and the search for fortune and riches.

✨you can interpret this reading and cards based off of the information and maybe even form your own thoughts and visions on their relationship with the reading in mind. Like I’ve said before, this is a reading of the future based off of the present, however she did get quite a few destiny cards; basically, there is a chance that if she has a huge change in life, the reading itself could change. I hope you guys like it and are enjoying the series💕


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