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Calum is thriving during quarantine. He is taking time for himself and spending time with duke and Roy. He is so happy and giggly in most interviews and open and honest about even small things such as podcasts. I just love to see my baby thriving and taking much needed time for himself 💕

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Rain | Ashton Irwin

Description: Ash and you are going back from Michaels house and it starts raining.

Warning: none

Request: nope

Enjoy 💕

“Bye Mike” I said returning him hug, “You two sure that you do not want me to gave you a ride home?” He asked Ash and I for thousend time in the last five minutes “Yeah we are sure mate, it is not long way home anyway” Ash said taking my hand in his “Okey, see you tomorrow” Michael said before closing his front door

We walked in silence while holding each other hand, I looked up at the dark night sky “Hm, the clouds looks suspicious” Ash looked at me and than up at the sky “I hope that it will not start raining untill we get home” he shook his had “It will not and even if it does it will be romantic” he said winking at me “There is nothing romantic in beeing all wet and cold in the rain” I said giggling

He side hugged me “Oh come on, where is that hopeless romantic you that you are hideing from the world?” I opened my mouth to answer him when I felt cold rain droops on my face “Oh no” I said before it started raining even harder

“We should have acepted Michaels request to drive us home” I pulled my hand away from Ashtons and hugged myself as rain started soaking me even more

“Come here” Ash said taking my hand again and pulling me under the eaves “So what now?” I asked putting my hands around me tightly this time “We will wait untill it stop raining or at least rain a little less” he said turning his head to look at me “Yeah and anyway our home is close”

I feelt Ashs hands pulling me closer to his body, I furrowed my brows looking up at him “You are cold” he simply said hugging me tightly and placing his head on top of mine

“Will it ever stop” I said taking deep breath “I think it will stop soon” he said “Tho I still think is romantic” I laughed “We are wet and cold” I looked up at him, he smiled “True but I think it is romantic the sound of a rain and you in my arms here” he smiled

“You are so beautiful” he said while stroking my cheek, I tryed to look down due to light blush that appeared on my face but his hand stoped me “Don’t” he stroked my bottom lip with his tumb

He leaned a bit closer to me, I could feel his breath on my face, his gaze moved from my eyes to my lips, he smiled before his lips meet mine in sweet and slow kiss

He pulled away, reasting his head on mine “You still think that rain is not romantic?” I pretended that I was thinking for a moment “Hm… well no it is not romantic” he groaned at that “But I didn’t catched why you think it is” I smiled at him “Oh is that so?” I just nodded my head, he smiled before kissing me yet again.

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Summary: You’ve been dating Luke for almost a year but he has yet to meet your parents and your sister’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes by an anon

Word Count: 1103

A/N: I had this written but then I had this idea and I thought it worked better so here it is enjoy it and levae a comment if you like and anon idk if this is what you wanted but I hope you do enjoy it.


You and Luke had been dating for almost 10 months now but he hasn’t had the opportunity of meeting your parents yet and neither have you. However, the opportunity of him meeting your parents came when you found the invitation to your sister’s wedding in the mail.
“Luke” you softly spoke, catching his attention “can I talk to you?”
“Yeah princess what’s up?” he put his guitar to side on the seat next to him on the couch.
“My sister’s getting married and I’d mean the world to me if you go as my plus one”
“You want me to meet your parents at your sister’s wedding?” he asked with eyes wide open “are you sure it’s a good idea?” He was feeling the nervousness growing inside of him.
“Well we can arrive a few days earlier” you offered a solution to the reaction your boyfriend had “You can even meet my parents before the rehearsal dinner and the rest of my family at the wedding and everyone will be relaxed because it’s a party after all”
“Ok” he gave in with a sigh “when are we leaving?”
“In two weeks!” you smiled not bothering into hiding your excitement making Luke laugh he thought it was the cutest thing “I’ll RSVP my sister right now”
You left the living room as fast as you could leaving Luke alone again. Maybe it was time already he has caught you talking to your parents about him several times now and he was pretty sure you have caught him talking to his parents about you but still, he couldn’t help the insecurities that came with meeting your parents what if they thought he wasn’t good enough because he had to go on tour almost every year leaving you alone for big periods or what if they just didn’t like him for no particular reason.
“They’re gonna love you Luke relax” you said bringing him back from the thoughts that for two weeks have been haunting and terrifying him.
“I know it’s just…meeting the parents is something you do way before the 10 months mark” you gave him a squeeze to his hand he almost forgot he was holding it as he had a lost expression looking at the entrance of the hotel’s restaurant where the wedding was meant to be held.
“Hey if we are going to last this is a step we have to make and I don’t know I-I thought this relationship was getting more serious and I…” Luke interrupted her words with a soft kiss. He saw a future with you and with that without noticing you gave him the safeness he needed to continue with this day.
“Alright let’s do it” Luke sighed finally entering the restaurant.
“Table for Y/L/N I believe they are expecting us” you said.
“Yes! This way please” they guy at the entrance of the restaurant guided you to the table where your parents were waiting for you two.
“Mom! I’ve missed you” you exclaimed as you hugged her tight.

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Chapter name: Drowned

Calum and Maeve are in a sticky situation. Running away from a gang seems to not be as easy and they thought. 

Gang!Calum AU

This one unfortunately doesnt really have a song! Sorry guys!

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, sex, overdosing, neglect, swearing. 

Ch. 1  Ch.2 


Calum’s words ring in my head as I walk down the wet pavement, bright orange lights reflect on the puddles around me and the smell of wet dirt fills my lungs bringing a comfortable feeling that washes through me as the peacefulness of the night engulfs my senses. The occasional fold gushes of wind slap my cheeks as I drag my tired feet to the bus stop at the end of the street. 

“ In your situation I would” I mumble to myself as I come to terms with the tan skinned Māori man’s statement. I scoff, hating his cockiness yet his suggestion hadn’t left my mind throughout the day. What does he know about “my situation” anyway?

I sit on the cold metal seat, letting out a sigh as my tired legs and feet finally have some time to rest.

A few hours before Calum had told me his plan which consisted of stealing Rocco’s money and leaving Australia for good.

Which I thought was ridiculous, but I had no time for objections as Derek slammed the door open wondering why “he wasn’t hearing any action”. Calum spat out an excuse as he left the room, telling Derek he appreciated it but unfortunately duty called. 

Derek didn’t seem pleased as he stared at the door for a while after Calum left, an eyebrow cocked, suspicion arising across his features

Of course, the men that followed were not like Calum, they were eager and ready to use me and abuse me like a toy. 

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TAGS: @kacey-yyy@cashton-dolan@caswinchester2000@cosmoeticss@itsellanow@lmao5sosimagines@therainydays4@loveroflrh@maluminspace@deviilsangel@silverchainbee@tinkerro@wastedheartcth@latemikedevil@silverrose02@jadashyane@ilumxna@gigglyirwin@itsjen223@calumsmermaid@mysticalhood@cool-eggroll​ - If you want to be added pls send me an ask or add yourself to the list using this LINK



Ashton’s parting words as he left the house were ‘careful he likes to feed himself now’, but Luke was feeling confident, how hard was it going to be to give his godson dinner? 

Both you and Ash were headed out on a much needed date night and Luke was more than happy to babysit for you; he loved any excuse to spend time with Grayson. For the most part the evening had run pretty smoothly, only one tantrum so Luke took that as a win. At dinner time he plonked baby boy Irwin into his highchair and went about heating up the spaghetti in the fridge, making sure it was just the right temperature before sitting down in the chair opposite. Twirling some noodles around the fork Luke moved it towards Grayson, making aeroplane noises as he did so. Grayson giggled, reaching for the fork with chubby little fingers. 

The first few mouthfuls Luke managed to dodge Gray’s attempts to grab the fork, but on the fifth mouthful he wasn’t so lucky, the meat, pasta and sauce landing on the floor with a wet splat. Keeping the smile on his face Luke simply loaded the fork back up.
“All good buddy, I’ll clean it up later.”

Another few forkfuls, another mess and both of them were getting a little frustrated. Grayson wanted the fork, refusing to open his mouth when Luke wouldn’t give it to him and Luke was just thinking about all the dinner on the floor and over him - wearing a white t-shirt was a rookie mistake - worried that he was going to send your child to bed with an empty stomach.
“Gray c’mon,” Luke frowned. 

But Grayson wasn’t having any of it, his brow dipping into a glare the likes of which Luke had never seen on an almost one year old before. He slapped his hands against the highchair, his hazel eyes brimming with tears as Luke looked helplessly between the bowl of food and his godson. When Grayson’s bottom lip started to quiver Luke conceded defeat, passing the bowl over to avoid another tantrum, wincing as more pasta ended up in his lap.

Dinner continued until everything around them was smeared with sauce, including Luke’s cheek - although he isn’t sure how that one happened. The highchair was bathed in meat, along with the floor and the outfit that Grayson was wearing was now more orange then green. Taking the bowl away, shoving it into the sink to deal with later, Luke picked baby Irwin up, heading for the bathroom. Baby wipes would be useless at this point, the bath was the only option.


When you and Ashton got home a little while later, Grayson was snuggled up in a blanket, sucking on a bottle as his eyes drooped. You smiled, offering to take him and put him down while Ashton’s eyes widened at the state of Luke’s clothes, trying to disguise his laughter as a cough. Luke rolled his eyes, chuckling.
“You did it on purpose didn’t you?” He accused, shaking his head. “You chose to give him spaghetti.”
“Mate, I tried to warn you,” Ashton laughed a bit harder. “Although, I wasn’t quite expecting that… should I be worried to look in the dining room?”
“It’s clean now,” Luke huffed. “But you owe me a new t-shirt.”


Squish was missing.
Calum couldn’t believe he’d let him out of his sight, racking his brain to the last time he saw the little pig while failing to comfort his distraught niece. He’d honestly only noticed the toy was gone when he went to put McKenna down for her nap, the eleven month old promptly bursting into tears when Squish wasn’t in the crib with her. That pig went everywhere with her, but the last time Calum can even remember seeing it was at the park… four hours ago.

He considered calling Luke as Kenzie screamed into his ear but this was the first child free day the two of you had had together and Calum didn’t want to ruin it over a soft toy, especially when he’d agreed to babysitting with such confidence. He figured, he was already a father… he couldn’t mess it up that badly. Scrolling through his contacts he settled on calling Michael for help, his friend answering - thankfully - after only three rings.
“How’s babysitting?”
“I’ve lost Squish!” Calum bounced Kenzie on his hip, heading back out of the nursery. “I need you to go and look for him Mike, she’s losing her mind.”

Michael could clearly hear Kenzie in the background, his heart breaking for the little girl. Squish was her security, her friend and the only thing that could calm her down in the middle of a melt down. Ashton had brought it for her just after she was born and that was reason enough for Michael to call him in for backup. They had to check the park, the cafe where Calum had taken her for morning tea and the supermarket. It was going to go a lot quicker with both of them looking. 

Calum cradled McKenna against his chest, turning the cartoon she’d been watching earlier back on in hopes of distracting her. It only worked for a couple of minutes before the tears came back, little girl Hemmings sensing that something just wasn’t right.
“Uncle Mikey is looking for him now baby,” He soothed, rocking her back and forth. “He’s gonna find Squish okay?” 

It was an hour later when Calum opened the front door, his face falling when Michael walked in shaking his head. Calum dragged a hand over his face as Mike took Kenzie out of his arms, kissing her very red, very wet cheeks.
“He wasn’t at the park or the cafe. Ash was in the supermarket when I called.”
“Let’s hope he’s there then,” Calum sighed. “Luke’s never gonna let me babysit again.”
“Are you sure he isn’t here?”
“I tried looking man but I couldn’t exactly put her down. Just keep her distracted, I’m going to look now.” 

Calum emptied her bag onto the kitchen counter, checked the nursery again, the bathroom, under the couch… he was just about to give up entirely when Ash came in, a triumphant grin on his face as he brandished Squish towards his friends.
“Look little girl,” Michael cooed softly. “Look who uncle Ash has.”
Mckenna reached out for the pig, encasing it into her arms as she snuggled against Michael’s chest, her crying finally subsiding to a tiny whimper.
“Life saver!” Calum grinned, feeling the tension drop away from his body.
“The lady at the checkouts found him, kept him safe for her.”
“I had no idea what I was going to do… Vee had favourite toys but that was something else.”
“She has her daddy’s lungs, that’s for sure,” Michael commented, passing his niece back to Calum. 


When you and Luke get home later McKenna is sound asleep in her crib, Squish tucked under her arm. As you head down the hallway to check on your daughter Luke raises a questioning brow as he notices all three of his friends sitting on his couch.
“So… any issues?”
“None,” Calum answers quickly, shaking his head.
“Absolutely no trouble,” Michael adds.
“We just came round to see our littlest niece,” Ashton sums up.
“Ahuh, I definitely believe that,” Luke chuckles. “What actually happened?”

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I’m closing requests briefly whilst I am publishing these imagines, but they will hopefully open again in a couple of weeks time. Thank you for all the support and the requests that have been sent in; I hope that you have been enjoying them and that they are what you had in mind when requesting.

Here are the works that I have already written and posted: Masterlist.

These are listed in alphabetical order of the person… not in order of when they will be going up :) 

Ari Levinson -


Dangerous missions with your ex mean being stuck in tense situations. 

Ashton Irwin –

Hard Time:

He helps her through her time of need.

Harry Holland -


Harry’s surprise goes awry and Harrison must delay.


You help Harry through the stress of press tour. 

Luke Hemmings:

Just Jamming:

Luke loves dancing with you, Calum captures the moment.

Michael Clifford –

Streaming Sweeties:

Michael needs attention whilst your streaming. 

Niall Horan –

IPad Pro:

Niall knows his girlfriend doesn’t like him spending money on her, but she’s desperate and he loves her.


Niall comforts you after making you watch a scary movie.

Tom Holland –


Nikki is disapproving of Tom’s new American girlfriend, that is until she gets to know you.


Tom loses his memory, and no one tells his girlfriend.


She loses her memory and he helps her through it.

Bad Moments:

Tom comforts you in a time of self-doubt.

Hands on Her:

Harrison gets a little too handsy and Tom won’t stand for it.

Blindfolded buying:

Tom buys his girlfriend everything she touches whilst she’s blindfolded.


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Summary: Reader makes her break-up official. (Part 2 to Catch You)

Warnings: an agnsty scene towards the end and a brief mention of violence I think.

Requested: Yes by two lovely anons.

Word Count: 1398

A/N: I wrote the first part of this (which you can find here) with a second part in mind and when I saw the anons asking for it made me feel really happy so thank you for sending them too you motivated me to write it.


“You’re sure Sean is not going to be here?” Michael asked once again as they parked in front of what used to be Y/N and Sean’s home.

“I’m sure,” she said once again “He’s usually at work until around 8 or 9 pm so we have time”

The four Aussie boys decided they would all go with Y/N to pack and pick up her stuff from what used to be her place. Y/N felt weird she hadn’t even thought about the possibility of this happening. She was more than ready for a long serious relationship.

“You ready?” Luke asked bringing her back to reality. She took her hand and hoped off Michael’s car.

“Yeah let’s go” she sighed.

As Y/N entered the house she felt everything coming back to her. She remembered how excited and nervous she felt when she accepted to move in with Sean, she remembered the day she brought all her stuff over to his place, the hope she felt inside of her quickly was replaced by sadness and fear and the moment Sean hit her came taking away everything she felt for him.

“Alright so…who wants to go pack my stuff in the studio?” she asked turning to see her best friends “It’s just my books and my computer” she informed.

“Ash and I can do it” Michael offered and Ashton nodded. Both men disappearing in the room as Y/N organized the plan.

“Great! Uhm Calum do you think you can pack up all the china in those cabinets?” Y/N asked him “It belonged to my grandmother” Calum nodded taking a few boxes from the ones they had brought.

“And Luke and I are packing all my clothes and stuff from my bedroom” Luke walked behind her following her and she took a suitcase from the closet.

“How do you feel?” Luke was keeping all her make up in a purse.

“I-I feel…I’m not gonna lie this feels so surreal,” she said “I never thought I’d be doing this but if I don’t, I don’t know what’s next thing he’s going to do”

Luke nodded. He had been crushing on her for a long time although he never acted on his feelings when he was ready to do something about it she introduced Sean into their lives. He wanted to hate him find a flaw but he couldn’t. Sean seemed nice and you were happy but now his true colors came to life and even though Luke had found what he wanted to find a flaw he was furious about this whole situation.

“You can start packing my clothes,” she said opening the suitcase “and I will go for my stuff in the bathroom”

“Y/N. Mike and I just finished packing up everything” Ashton informed you slightly opening the bathroom door “Do you need help with something else?”

“No, Luke is helping me with my stuff in the bedroom you can start taking the boxes to the car though,” she asked “or help Calum if he hasn’t finished”

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Summary: Reader goes to Luke’s home at 3 in the morning and he immediatly knows somethings wrong.

Warnings: Mentions of a toxic relationship.

Requested: No, but you can leave one if you want check read before requesting here

Word Count: 1194

A/N: I was feeling angsty and upset with life and this popped up in my mind now that I wrote it and it’s out of my system I feel way better and hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated.


A dim light coming from the lamp next to the couch, guitar on his lap and Petunia softly snoring and a few chords could be heard in Luke’s living room at 3 am. Working on the new album had taken over his life completely waking up at random times in the night to work on ideas he had on dreams.

“What do you think? Huh?” Luke asked Petunia about the chords he had put together only getting as an answer snores a little bit louder than usual.

“I know…I’m not sure about it either” he chuckled putting his attention back on his guitar ready to work on a new riff or something he knew the boys would love and finish a song the next day or more likely later that day.

He was ready to work on a new set of chords only getting distracted by the knocking on the door. It was 3:30 in the morning he was sure it had to be urgent putting his guitar aside and with Petunia by his side he made his way to the door.

“Y/N!” he gasped once he opened the door “what happened?”

“I-I didn’t know where else to go” Y/N shrugged, keeping her look down.

“But you are okay?” he asked again with a concerned voice “Where’s Sean?

“I shouldn’t have come I’ll-I’ll call you in the morning" she rambled trying to get away from him.

“Y/N don’t…” he softly grabbed her wrist pulling her closer to the light “Is that a bruise?”

A quick look at the girl’s face said it all a big bruise was forming around her left eye. He noticed her flinch quickly closing her eyes when he softly put her hair away to take a better look at it.

“Did Sean do it?” he spoke again after what felt like an eternity of silence. He got his answer when Y/N burst down crying hiding her face in his chest “Come in, I’ll make you some tea”

Y/N made her way to the living followed by Petunia while Luke went to the kitchen to make her a hot cup of tea Petunia immediately cuddled Y/N making her smile. It was nice to feel her next to her after the night she had.

“Alright” Luke put the cups on the coffee table and wrapped Y/N in a blanket “Now get warm and relaxed and if you’re ready you can tell me what happened in the morning”

The girl hummed at the feeling of the hot tea running down her throat. She took a look at the living room and she saw Luke’s guitar and a notebook next to her place on the couch “Were you songwriting?” Y/N inquired holding the tea cup with both hands in front of her lips.

“Yeah I-doesn’t matter I was getting nowhere anyways” he shrugged “It was a good thing though I was here to catch you”

After a few attempts to make her laugh or at least smile and successfully doing so twice both of them decided it was time to go to sleep.

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here is my official masterlist! it’s small but it’s a start and hopefully it’ll grow soon ❤ let me know if any links are broken, and requests are always open 💕❤ i write for mainly 5sos but am open to suggestions for other fandoms

last updated: 2 june 2020

personal favorites: ⋆


y/n reads to luke after a bad day (fluff, 424 words) ⋆

luke comes over y/n’s boyfriend leaves her (mostly angst, 562 words)

prompt: if you don’t hug me right now i think i might fall apart (fluff, 315 words)


y/n and calum have a water fight (fluff)

calum and y/n meet their new baby and announce who the godparents will be (fluff, 1.3k words) ⋆

baby miles’ first word (fluff)


ashton can’t give y/n the relationship she deserves (angst, 1.4k words oooo she long (not really lmao) ⋆

y/n finds herself in a dark place but ashton is there to help her (angst + fluff, approx. 1k words)


none yet (request something?)

lmk if any links aren’t working  and i’ll do my best to sort it out

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Guitar Lesson | Luke Hemmings

Summary: Luke teaches you to play guitar. 

Request: @thatscooibaby a cute luke hemmings blurb of him teaching you to play guitar and he just stares at you in awe of how beautiful you look while playing and how fast you caught on:( 

Word count: 667


5SOS Masterlist

A/N: I hope you enjoy this and that it is what you were hoping for. My inbox remains open for request! 

You were a good few weeks into quarantine and the whole time Luke had been begging you to let him teach you how to play guitar; you had mentioned to him once that you wanted to learn how to play and since then he had badgered you to let him teach you. It was on the fifth week of lockdown that you finally gave in to his whining. Luke hugged you tightly, pressing his lips to yours in a sweet kiss before running out of the room to grab his guitar. 

Reappearing nearly seconds later, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the sofa. He smiled at you, you turning your head to smile back at him before patting his arm and telling him to start teaching before you changed your mind; not wanting to lose the opportunity to teach the person he loved most the thing that he loved the most. You were placed in his laps as he gently lay the guitar in your lap; he picked up your fingers and lay them on the strings of the instrument. 

The two of you stayed in that position for nearly two hours, him coaching you through every little movement or finger position. After you had nailed all of the chords and begun to learn your favourite song, the two of you called it a day and placed the guitar to the side. He smiled down at you as you huffed and exhausted sigh and leant back into your tall boyfriends’ figure; he smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you. 

This continued for the next couple of days, every day for a couple of hours the two of you would play the guitar until you finally had a couple of songs under your belt and you thought you could take a break for the weekend. Luke was unbelievably impressed at how quickly you were picking up the skills. 

It was a few weeks after Luke had started teaching you and you had managed to use the skills that Luke had taught you to teach yourself one of Luke’s favourite sing. After dinner one night, you guided Luke to the sofa and pushed gently so that he was sat down next to Petunia. You smiled at him before taking a hold of the guitar that was permanently in the living room; you smiled at your boyfriend tentatively and sat on a stool opposite him. He looked at you with a wide smile as he realised you were going to play for him, he leant back and allowed his eyes to take in your beautiful form. 

When you began to play, it was obvious to Luke that you were nervous; he smiled at you, blowing you a kiss to reassure you. When you began to play the song you had been working on for the last couple of days, his smile grew wider; he knew that he hadn’t taught you the song that you were playing. 

He was so proud to hear you play but his heart swelled even more so when you started singing. You never sang for him; you were always intimidated by his incredible voice despite his regular pleas for you to sing for him. Luke took in your beauty as you sang a song that meant so much to him. 

As the song came to an end, Luke felt tears well in his eyes. When you placed the guitar down, so that it was resting on the stool you were sat on, Luke stood up and pulled you close to him. His lips pressed kisses to your head as he mumbled over and over again how beautiful your performance was and how he loved your voice, he mumbled about how he wished you would sing for him more often and that you were so indescribably beautiful. 

He pressed his lips to yours. 

“I love you.” He mumbled against your lips, you smiled brightly as you pulled away slightly. 

“I love you too." 

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Like I said, my inbox remains open for any requests you want to send my way. :)

Taglist (if you would like to be tagged in every piece of work that I write then please let me know in my inbox?): 

@thatscooibaby @tom-hollands-wife

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this chapter took me too long to finish. there’s been so much going on lately and i hope you all understand. 

warnings; mentions of anxiety attacks, mentions of alcohol, ass slapping, rope play, cursing

word count; 2k 

feedback is appreciated 


chapter 1 ♡ chapter 2  ♡ chapter 3  ♡ chapter 4 ♡ chapter 5


“I guess we should have made this a rule,” Calum tells you after the guests leave. “But we didn’t expect you to be kissing other people also,” Michael pipes in. You look between your two doms, not sure what to say. Michael and Calum exchange a look before Calum sighs. “You’re not in trouble. But we’ll make it a rule. No kissing other people without permission, for your safety.” 

You nod lightly and walk up to Calum, wrapping him up with a hug. He’s taken by surprise and hugs you back. “What’s the matter little one?” You hold onto him a little bit longer before backing away. “Nothin, I just have never gotten the chance to kiss a girl. It was nice,” you confess quietly. 

Michael’s face softens as he looks at Calum. “I remember the first time I ever kissed a boy. Me and Calum grew up together and I developed a crush in year nine. We were at my house one-day playing video games. He just looked so adorable and I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over and kissed him quickly, obviously taking him by surprise. He actually smiled and pulled me in for a longer kiss. The rest is history,” Michael finishes his story and smiles at his husband. 

Calum is smiling too, a bright pink blush on his cheeks, “I love you so much,” he tells Michael. The blond-headed dom pulls Calum in, wrapping his arms around his waist, he captures his lips. Calum moans lightly into in his mouth and you clear your throat. “All right you two, get a room.” 

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Bonus preference for dad! 5sos - catch up on the series by following the links below.


A/N: The chapters outside of the series don’t follow any specific timeline so the ages of the 5sos kids will vary preference to preference. Hope you guys enjoy and Happy Mother’s day xx 

Tags: @kacey-yyy@cashton-dolan@caswinchester2000@cosmoeticss@itsellanow@lmao5sosimagines@therainydays4@loveroflrh@maluminspace@deviilsangel@silverchainbee@tinkerro@wastedheartcth@latemikedevil@silverrose02@jadashyane@ilumxna@gigglyirwin@itsjen223​ - If you want to be added send me an ask or add yourself to the list using this LINK 



Your eyes blink open to an alarmingly quiet bedroom, the sun high in the sky, streaming brightly across the blankets your tangled up in. You stretch with a yawn and reach across the bed to find… nothing. 

Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you look around properly and frown, Ashton’s side of the bed empty and cold. Usually on Sundays you wake up to your husband’s soft snoring and your snuggly three year old - Grayson usually sneaking into the bed in the early hours of the morning. But today neither of them are there. 

Slipping out of the covers you pad across the floor, tugging one of Ashton’s t-shirts on before heading out into the hall. The house is still quiet, save for the clanging going on in the kitchen. You follow the noise, leaning against the kitchen wall with a smile on your face. Both Ash and Grayson have their backs to you, your little boy standing on a small step as he drags a whisk through the bowl in front of him, Ash is flipping some pancakes on the stove while complimenting baby boy Irwin on his mixing skills. 

It was a sight that melted your heart and you could have happily stood there and watched them all morning but when Gray turns around he notices you standing there, a large grin on his face as he jumps off the step. He runs over to you and wraps his arms around your waist, his fingers and cheeks covered in pancake batter. You wonder everyday how he manages to get as messy as he does. 

“Happy Mummy day!” 

You smile brightly, picking him up in your arms so you can pepper kisses across his face, snuggling him into your chest as he giggles. Ashton takes the cooked pancakes out of the pan before walking over to you, wrapping his arms around you as he places a lingering kiss to your lips. 

“Happy Mother’s Day beautiful,” He murmurs against your cheek.
“Thank you, both of you,” You reply, tickling Grayson’s tummy as he wiggles in your arms. “Mummy is so lucky to have you boys in her life.” 


You’re sitting on the couch, sipping a warm cup of tea while flipping through your phone when McKenna runs in, her sleep mussed blonde curls bobbing around her shoulders. She’s still in her pajamas and there’s a bit of gunk crusted in the corner of her eyes but your two year old seems wide awake and happy to see you. Luke trails after her, smiling as he watches her launch herself into your lap. 

Thankfully you’d held the cup away from her, able to just reach the coffee table to put it down as she flings her arms around your neck, burying her face into your skin. You kiss her rosy cheek. 

“Happy Mumma day!” She sing songs, returning your kiss with a slightly wet one of her own. 

“Thank you baby girl!” 

“Hey Kenz, why don’t you go and grab Mumma’s gift?” Luke says, pointing over to her daycare backpack. 

McKenna’s face lights up and she’s suddenly off your lap, running over to her bag and pulling out a slightly crumpled piece of paper. She shoves it into your hand, crawling back into your lap excitedly. 

“Here Mumma!” 

You snuggle Kenzie back against your chest as you smooth out the page, a mess of bright colours jumping off the stark white background. You can’t make heads or tails of what it’s supposed to be and you’re pretty sure she used every available colour to her, but you still absolutely love it!

At the bottom is her name, McKenna Hemmings, written next to the date in black marker. You lean forward and press more kisses over her face, swaying the both of you side to side as she hooks her thumb into her mouth. 

“It’s beautiful Kenzie,” You tell her. “You did such a good job! Mumma loves it.”

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somehow i managed to be a klutz and delete the actual ask 🤦‍♀️but hiiiii @dontimsensitive this is so sweet ily 💖


Originally posted by pageantsmiles

pairing: luke hemmings x reader

warnings: none, just fluff

Taking a sip of her hot drink, Y/N placed the mug down on the coffee table without taking her eyes of the page of the novel she was currently reading. Usually, she objected to the type of book where a shirtless man would rescue the damsel in distress but she had been under stressful deadlines at work and relaxing on the sofa with a good paperback was her favorite form of self care.

Hearing her boyfriend Luke taking his shoes off in the hall, she folded the corner of her page and set the book down, knowing he would probably want to talk about his day. As he flopped down on top of her on the sofa, burying his face into the crook of her neck he sighed. “Luke, you okay babes?” Crooned Y/N.

He let out an unintelligible mumble with a shake of his head. Y/N found herself smiling a little at this. “What was that?”

He lifted his head up to get a good look at her and shrugged. “Just a bad day at the studio.”

Y/N ran her fingers through his golden curls, trying to de-stress her man. His long arms reached over her stomach, picking up the small book she had laid aside earlier. “What'cha reading?” He asked with a grin.

The tip of Y/N’s nose flushed pink, of course today she had to be reading a book with a photo of an oiled, shirtless man in a cowboy hat on the cover. “Just- something I found at the library?”

She knew Luke loved to tease her about romance novels but he loved that his girl was a reader and secretly, he was a bit of a softie for a good romance. “Read to me?” He handed her the book.

Y/N rolled her eyes. “What? I’m not going to read-”

The look Luke gave her was enough to melt whole icecaps and she rolled her eyes again, plucking the book from his long fingers.

Feeling a bit embarrassed to be reading this to her boyfriend, Y/N found her place on the page and began to read aloud. “He seemed to know her body’s secrets as if he’d been handed a sensual roadmap-”

The sound of Luke’s breath evening out and slowing down made Y/N grin as the man half-awake on her chest tapped her hand, silently asking her to keep reading. She focused back on the page and continued to read the book to her boyfriend, slowly tracing circles onto his shoulder. “Nicole made a sound of disgust … ”

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I feel like i never know how to end fics lmao lmk what you thought and thanks for reading 💖

requests always open 💕

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Pairing: Assassin!Luke x Reader (1880’s Victorian London)

Words: 7300+

Author’s Note: so, a few months ago I decided to do an Assassin’s Creed Syndicate AU with Luke. Cause his fake death scene in No Shame made him look like an assassin sneaking around. This is my masterpiece. I love it. I hope you do too.

A few things to cover- Templar’s are a group of bad people. Starrick is the head boss of the Templar’s in London and they’re trying to find the Shroud. Which is a giant scarf that provides the person wearing it immortality. Blighters are a gang that works for the Templars.

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