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Enjoy Yourself (l.h)


Originally posted by sunflowerlightsup

summary: you see your ex and luke wants to show him just how much you’ve been enjoying yourself without him

author’s note: i literally just wrote this entire thing straight in one sitting and i have not read through it yet at all so i apologize for any mistakes i am brain dead rn

word count: 3.8k

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Hey everyone!

I’m glad you guys are enjoying the imagines and thank you all so much for reading them. I just wanted to post this to say that requests are open. I’m finished with school for the semester so I have a good chunk of free time that I figured I would spend writing. So, send in your request, people! They can be any situation you want just make sure you specify who  you want to be involved and the prompt you want written.  I look forward to hearing from some of you!


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‪ok but imagine they’re in highschool and Calum is teasing Luke about liking you and Calum is going to text you about it and threatens to press send and Luke responds like this ‬

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Check back often to see if its been updated!


The World In-Between

-  when the apocalypse is in full swing, what happens when two groups collide together? contains - violence, ocs, mentions of knives/guns, mentions of character death, eventual romance

1. Early Beginnings/Introductions 



> Meeting the Family

        - You’re anxious about flying to Australia to meet Ashton’s family

>Terrible Twos

        - Your daughter is having a bad day and demands to see dad!Ash at the studio. Things don’t go her way.

> Neglected 

        - Ashton neglects your relationship and is left to pick up the broken pieces


> you’re pregnant and surprise him on tour

> college from home

> you find a ring

> a warm vacation

> surprising Ash on tour

> he comforts you after a bad day



> Distance

        - Long distance with Calum


> living in a redone school bus

> you hide your emotions from him

> you overhear a conversation about you

> he protects you






> Adjusting

        - Luke helps take care of his T1D significant other


> snuggly!Luke

> he’s asked about you on live

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I groaned as the light from the window shown right into my eyes. I already knew that I was going to have a hangover from hell. I don’t know when we busted into Calum’s secret alcohol stash but I think I drank most of it.

“Good morning.” I heard someone mumble next to me. My eyes widened as I caught a glimpse of a head full of blonde curls. “There’s Tylenol on the table for you.” Luke. Oh god what did I do and why was he in my bed?

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Immortal!Luke x OC
Word count: 2,465
About: Luke has been going to the same cafe every single day and a girl who has caught his eye makes him think about doing something different

{a/n} Idk I worked on this over the weekend I thought it was a cute idea and I kind of like how it turned out so I decided to post it // might end up turning this into a full length fic????

☆.。.:*・:*・°☆ °☆.。.:*・°☆.。. *・°☆.。

She came into the coffee shop at the same time every morning. At nine-thirty the door would open and the bell would chime and in she walked, like clockwork.

She’d go up to the counter and order a hot chocolate. Sometimes she’d order food too, that wasn’t often but when she did she always got two slices of toast with honey. The waitress would smile and ask if she wants the little marshmallows in her drink, she would smile back and say of course. Then she’d find a spare table towards the back of the shop, away from the door and most of the other people and she’d sit down. 

Luke always sat at the furthest table in the back. He too knew from frequent visits to this particular cafe that if you sit up the front people are more likely to try and strike up a conversation. Whether it was small talk about the weather or the smell of freshly baked cookies or whatever book Luke had in his hand that day, he wanted to avoid it all. 

Luke learnt the hard way that engaging in a conversation with someone as they wait for their coffee suggests and unspoken invitation to sit down with him, and the last thing Luke wanted was for someone to sit down and ask more. 

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Hi bby im sorry you’re feeling down x could you maybe write a blurb about reader/oc (who is dating Luke) feeling insecure because of some comments online and Luke cuddling her and reminding her of how much he loves her?

thank you hunny, i think it’s because of what’s going on with the passing of kobe and how i was at a fan event for the brewers so i’m a weird mix of excitement yet sadness. 

and of course i can, it will be reader insert below :)


Luke came home the next day from performing at G’day USA excited to tell you all about it and tease you a bit about the unreleased new song. Usually when he’d walk into your shared home it would smell of warm cinnamon and apple pie, a favorite scented candle of yours and reminder of home for him.

When he entered the house he didn’t smell the candle or hear the familiar sounds of Friends playing in the background. The silence and lack of warmth piqued his senses that something was wrong. 

Dropping his bags to the floor he searches the living room first before heading into your bedroom where he found you curled up on his side of the bed tucked under the blanket. 

His first thought, and panic, was that you were terribly sick and the second thought was that you might be on her period. That idea was scratched because he didn’t get the notification on his phone for your predicted start date. 

He saunters over to the side of the bed, kneeling next to you. Your eyes are open and glossy as if you’d been crying but you didn’t look at him as he pet your hair. 

“Hey lovie,” he greets softly, “are you not feeling well?”

She blinks and jerks her head in the smallest way of saying ‘yes.’

“Do you need me to run to the pharmacy for anything? I can get ice cr–”

“Why are you with me?” you ask quietly, your voice chipped at the edges.

Luke’s eyebrows draw together, his mouth agape at your far fetched question. 

“Why would you ask me that?” his thumb strokes your cheek and he ducks his head trying to get you to look at him.

“I saw you dressed up for the event and you looked … so good and some of the comments …” you sniff as a silent tear rolls down your nose and onto the pillow. 

Luke sighs, anger bubbling inside of him as he can only guess what comments she saw. Lately there have been harsher comments circulating about you and of you being with him. He thought he was doing a good job of keeping them from you, he had you set up ‘comments disabled’ on all of your social media platforms and if he were to post something to not read the comments. All that matters was his caption of the two of you. 

“Whatever comments you saw,” he gulps still trying to get you to look at him, “they aren’t true and they don’t matter. All that matters is how I feel about you. And all I feel is love.”

You finally slide your eyes to meet his and you can see the intensity in his declaration. 

“Can you just hold me?” you ask quietly.

“‘Course I can baby,” he nods smiling quickly.

He kisses your nose before you scoo back to the center of the bed and he heels off his black boots then joins you under the blanket. You koala yourself around his large frame, feeling his warmth and inhaling his familiar scent. Luke wraps his arms around you as well and kisses the top of your head, your cheek, your nose and then your lips softly. 

“I love you, Y/N, and you’re perfect to me.”

“I love you, too Luke,” you sigh stretching your head so you can kiss his jaw. 

You lay in silence, his hands rubbing your back and you counting his beating heart. 

“When can I hear Red Desert?” your voice is muffled in his sweatshirt and you feel his chest rumble with his laughter. 

“After our cuddle I’ll sing it to you,” he chortles kissing your head again, his lips lingering, “it’s about you after all.”


Taglist:  @galcalirwin @cashtonasff5sos @wokeupinjapanisabop

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Originally posted by tothemoonmikey

A/N: This was written for @burncrashbromance​ because i wanted to:) 

Word count: 667

TW: None (not even swearing (almost at least))

Your best friend Luke often had a lot of antics going on, but today seemed like an exception. He had been stuck in front of the tv, playing fifa with some friends. Not online, but he had them over and you were sitting with them just watching, occasionally looking down at your phone. Luke was sitting there with this intense look of concentration in his eyes, his entire body having this cocky posture as he was beating Ashton pretty hard in the game. Wouldn’t really be a big feature though, since Ash never really were interested in fifa. 

Normally you didn’t think boys looked good cocky, but today Luke looked different, with a little smirk sitting on his lips, his relaxed posture and shit talking, it was confusing. At the same time you realised something. Luke had always had a funny way of making your stomach tickle and warmth rise to your cheeks when he looked at you. As he did now, meeting your gaze as the match finished and he won 5-1 over Ashton.

His blue eyes met yours for a few seconds and it seemed like both Calum and Michael noticed something different, because the both gave each other this funny look, like they were having a conversation with just their eyes. 

“Hey, Luke?”

You say quietly after a few seconds. He looks up from the screen and meets your gaze. 


“I think I’m gonna head home, it’s getting kind of late.” 

You reply, getting up from the couch.

“Okay, drive safe”

Luke mumbles as he holds you close in a hug, a little tighter than normal, but nothing too long. 


Laying in bed that evening you aren’t able to fall asleep properly. Twisting and turning every which way until you finally decide to pick up the phone, and scroll through social media. You notice Luke is online on almost every platform, so you decide to give hima call. Still, you spend a second just looking at his contact until you press call. 

There is only one ring before he pics up.

“Hey, you okay?” 

Luke asks immediately. You can’t help the smile that forms on your lips from his concern. 

“Yeah, just couldn’t sleep”

You hear him sigh on the other end. 

“Me either, what’s on your mind?” 

You don’t know what to say or how to say it, but it seems like your tongue has figured it out for you. 

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Luke sucks in a breath on his side of the line. 

“Fuck, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, I’ll just go.”

Pulling the phone away from your ear, you almost miss Luke yelling through the phone.

“Wait, damn it, wait Y/N” 

His frustration is obvious as you are so close to hanging up.

“Can I come over?” 

“Yeah, I suppose we have to talk about this anyhow.”

You can feel the knot in your stomach and chest tighten though. You get up and pull on a hoodie over the sleep shirt as well as putting some socks on your feet, making sure to stuff your pj pants into the socks. 

Shuffling out into the living room you feel something pressing against your leg, Pickles your cat is walking sleepily beside you, and when you sit down on the couch she lays herself in your lap. 

You turn in the TV and watch some braindead show until you hear the doorbell ring. Carefully lifting Pickles from your lap you set her down on the floor and go to open the door.

Luke is standing there similarly dressed to you. For a second the both of you are just standing there looking at each other, before Luke takes a step towards you and kissing you deeply, passionately. 

It surprises you at first, but then you let it happen, not being able to stop the smile that forces its way onto your lips. 

“You have no idea how long I have waited to hear those words”

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My plans to seduce Ashton were quickly shot down every single time I tried anything. I tried wearing sexy short clothes and anything else he has ever complimented me in.

“You’re killing me!” He shouted covering his head with the comforter on my bed. I giggled as I climbed into bed beside him. “We can’t do that.”

“But you want to right?”

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Cozy Cabin- Luke Hemmings


Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

A/N: this is not proofread pure fluff

Taking Luke to your cold ass hometown had seemed like a brilliant idea when you thought of it. And it had been for the first week when Luke was enchanted by the snow covered branches and you with snow in your hair.

However the weather had turned, and going outside for a walk is out of the question for Luke with the slippery ice and the har winds. You wanted to make the best out of the time you had with Luke.

So you have the cabin you rented lit up with candles and a fire in the fireplace going. When Luke comes out to the tiny living room of the tiny cabin he stopps dead in his tracks. You are standing infront of the stove with one of his hoodies that he brought, jeans and with long knitted socks pulled over the jeans.

Luke himself is covered in a knit sweater you got him for christmas, as well as a pair of sweatpants. Like you he had stuffed his pants into a pair of knit socks.

A small portable speaker was playing slow music in the living room, so you didn’t hear him enter, until he stood behind you and breathed a little “boo” into your ear. It caused you to turn and look at him with a mock stern face. As usual the facade fades once he gives you one of his goofiest smiles.

“Morning sleepy”, you smile at him.

You lean into him snf wrap your arms around his waist, feeling at peace. Luke gives you a squeeze before he turns the cheese toasties you have been making in the pan.

The dark outside has wrapped the cabin into a private buble you always wanted in your busy life with Luke, while the wind makes itself known across every creek and nook of the creaky old building.

“Wanna eat these cheese toasties or not?”, Luke asks of course he’s not tired, he’s just woken up from a nap.

“Yeah, I’ve made a little space in front of the fireplace”, you answer, as he starts reaching around the kitchen for plates and cutlery, moving as minimally, not wanting you to move.

“Okay, you’re gonna have to let go now”.

With a pull on his neck he bends down and lets you kiss him briefly, before walking to the fireplace. You sit down on the blanket covered floor and watch Luke as he hands you one of the plates.

“This is more than I could have ever asked for Y/N. Really I love this.”

Your heart melts at how soft he is being.

“No worries Lu, of course I’d do this for you.”

So while you eat, you talk about the year that has passed, as well as how excited the both of you are for the new year and the future together.

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Hey stranger 😁 i'd like to request a blurb where Luke and reader agreed not to exchange gifts because they already have everything, but Luke surprises them with something anyway and then reader pulls out a gift for Luke as well. Basically two soft dumbasses who can't follow rules lmao

This is imo the softest concept:)

Christmas had always held a special place in your heart, and you loved the feeling of being able to give people something they could use. You never gifted people who didn’t wish for something they didn’t need. That was the reason why you and Luke had decided not to buy anything to each other this year. 

However, when they day closed in and you had finished every present you thought you needed, you spotted something in a store window. A digital picture frame. The price wasn’t too harsh for your student wallet either. Despite your promise with Luke, to not buy anything, you couldn’t help yourself.  


On Christmas day Luke and you and invited your friends in LA over to open presents. It was mainly the band and their girlfriends though.

“Hey, there are two more presents under the tree.” 

Michael said as everyone had opened all the presents they had been expecting. 

“I know”

“I know” 

You and Luke spoke in unison, causing you to look at eachother bashfully.  

“Luke, I told you, we have everything we need.” 

You laugh as you scold at him playfully 

“Yet you bought me something as well.” 

He looks smug. You’re about to reply, but Michael interrupts you. 

“Just open the goddamn gifts already.” 

He laughs.

“Your first Y/N” 

You walk up to the tree and look at the huge box that’s underneath. You try lifting it and Luke just laughs at your attempt. So you sit down and cross your legs, opening the lid of the box wrapped in red paper. The shock that hits you is nothing like you could imagine. 

“Lu, you didn’t.” 

Luke looks down at his hands, hoping he did this right. 

“Lu, why did you buy me all my school books for the next semester, that’s what my scholarship is for.” 

You say with a smile on your lips. 

“Well, I just though, if you don’t have to buy the books you can actually take a few more days of off work or something.”

He looks a little embarrassed, but you can feel your heart swell in appreciation.

“Thank you so much.” 

Grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze, you tell him silently how much you appreciate it as well as him. 

“Now open yours.” 

He looks up and walks towards the tree. Grabbing the box and pulling off the paper. 

“That’s a weird iPad.” 

Ashton said from the side of the room. 

“It’s not an iPad-” 

You were about to continue, but Luke interrupted. 

“It’s a digital picture frame.” 

He smiled. 

“Yeah, I just thought, I can add pictures from home and I don’t know, keep you in the loop.” 

Luke steps up to you and kisses you, really really kisses you. 

“Thank you, I love you.”

“Love you too, but next year, no presents.” 

You say playfully. 

“Hmm, we’ll see about that.”

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A/N: Based on Adore you by Maisie Peters

Pairing: Y/N & Luke Hemmings

Word Count: 617

Warning(s): cursing?


You were laying in your bed, thinking about how much you missed Luke. He and the boys have been away for a few months and you missed him like crazy. At first, Petunia smelled like his cologne but whenever you cuddle with her now she smells like you.

You remember when you first met. You were at a club with your best girlfriends and you were trying to forget one of your recently ended relationships. You weren’t screwing around a lot, quite the opposite actually, you were falling in love way too quickly and way too hard. Kind of suffocating your partner in the process, causing them to break it off and resulting in 3 weeks of laying in bed and then 1 nice night out with your friends. It became this sort of cycle that you had to go through every time, and you wanted the cycle to stop. This time you wanted to wait and find the guy that was true to you and you would hold back your feelings until they said it first.
While at this club, after 4 shots of tequila and 3 glasses of white wine, your eye fell on a handsome lad at the opposite end of the bar. He looked like someone from a film, honestly, the most beautiful man you had ever seen. He, however, was paying no attention to you at all. He was joking with what you assumed were his friends and laughed at what they said. What you were doing now was exactly what you promised yourself you wouldn’t do again. Your friends pulled your sad sulky ass away from the bar and onto the dance floor. You decided to forget mister handsome from earlier and to enjoy yourself tonight. Oh how wrong you were, because not much later whilst still dancing with your friends, you made eye contact with said handsome stranger. You didn’t even realise that you had been staring at him until your friends said, “What are you waiting for?” and as they say, the rest is history.

Fast forward, you were an easy thing. Which is the reason why it didn’t take long for him to move in with you. It made a lot of sense because he was gone much of the time so it would be cruel for you to move into a new place and be all alone, except for Petunia of course. You have grown to love her so much, she was a great cuddler and support dog for when you missed Luke so much, your heart hurt.

Because of your past relationships and the promise you had made with yourself, you were very closed off at the beginning of the relationship. Soon enough, your little family became your number one priority. Luke was your kryptonite and he broke through your barrier. He kept complimenting you, whenever he could. The only thing you hadn’t exchanged were the words of love. You didn’t want to be the first one to say it, but it’s not like you were waiting for Luke to say it. You weren’t making it easy for him, because for one you were still holding back a lot of emotions. He made it all better, he made you all better. You couldn’t wait for him to get home and lay with him all night. All this thinking and being in your head, made you realise that you could no longer hold back your feelings.

When he got home from tour two weeks later, you ran towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.
“I adore you”, is all you said before kissing him on his lips.

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Luke (Halloweentown) x Reader

Prompt: Hii^^ I was wondering if you could do a Luke x reader from Halloween town and the readers really shy and quiet please…Oh and I almost forgot sorry the younger version of luke

Note: Okay, so what I’m hearing is…friends to lovers au?? Childhood friends to teenage bf/gf au?? I think Y E S.

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 1.1k


Originally posted by calimarikid

Being a witch, well, a half witch, is more complicated than you might think. And you knew that better than most. Your mixed heritage had surely given you some trouble over the years. In the mortal world, usually, people didn’t know about your half-witch status, but in Halloweentown…yeesh.

This inevitably led to you becoming very quiet on your visits to Halloweentown, pulling into yourself. When your family eventually moved there, it only got worse. The other creatures in school would pick on you, calling you out on your halfling status. In fact, there was only one who was ever nice to you, a goblin named Luke. He was kind of outcast, too, waiting on a swift goblin puberty to change his features, elongate his ears, draw his nose into a point, in the way it usually changed goblins like him. But until then, he was convinced he must be the ugliest creature alive.

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Drifting off to sleep curled up next to Calum on the sofa, one hand on his tummy, the TV watching the two of you more than you’re watching it. Calum is also dozing off, one hand in your hair, the other on Duke, who’s nuzzled up next to him on the other side of the sofa.


Being lightly awakened by Luke in the middle of the night. Still asleep, he reached over and wraps his strong arms around you and cuddles into you, sighing peacefully. You sigh as well; so much for that trip to the bathroom. You close your eyes and drift back off to sleep.


You falling asleep before Michael, who is still up in the midst of what sounds like the greatest computer game battle ever. You barely register him climbing into the covers next to you about 30 minutes later, putting one arm around your waist and taking a breath before falling asleep himself.


Trying to keep your eyes open as Ashton stands in the middle of the bedroom, in the midst of some kind of life epiphany. He pauses in his talking when he sees you yawn, chuckles, and takes the hint. He climbs into bed beside you and turns off the light. “Okay, I get it,” he whispers. “Good night, love.”

I don’t know what any of that was, but I hope it gives someone a little smile tonight.

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