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#luke is blue alex is grey
rae-writes · 8 months ago
Dsmp angst sentence starters
Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, Badboyhalo, Punz, Ponk, Awesamdude, Karl Jacobs, Quackity x reader (Separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : major fucking angst, have fun
synopsis : Angst sentence starters 
authors note : some had happier endings than others, sue me. 
“Are they really just friends?”
Sapnap snapped his head over to you in surprise, lips parting at the knowing glint in your eyes and the half-assed smile that accompanied it. 
You’d known Sapnap held feelings for Karl and Alex for some time now- you just didn’t want to acknowledge it. But when he looked at them like that, how could you not? That was how he used to look at you. 
“Y/n…” Yeah, maybe he didn’t think of the pair as just friends, but he didn’t wanna lose you either, “Don’t-“ 
“It’s fine, I’ve known for months- Go get them Sap.” 
“I can’t sleep.” George stood at the entrance to your room, rubbing his eyes tiredly, feeling relief wash over him when you pulled back the covers. 
Pulling George into your arms, you started to hum as you massaged his scalp, “Don’t worry about Dream or XD or any of that, alright? Just focus on me for right now.” 
Burying his face into your chest, he squeezed his eyes shut and breathed in your scent. You, you, you. You were his light in the lightless and bottomless pit his best friend had dragged him into. 
“Can you just kiss me? One last time? That’s all I ask.” Goosebumps ran up your body as his wings encased the two of you, blocking you off from the world. You searched into his blue eyes, seeing the same desperation reflecting back. 
“Y/n…” Phil whispered, as if anything over that decibel level would shatter the reality around him. His lips slammed against yours in the exact desperation that was bottled up in his eyes; he didn’t want to let you go so soon. “I’m sorry it had to end this way.” 
You shook your head, smiling at his shudder when your fingers trailed up his wingspan, “Don’t be. I sealed my fate happily the moment I fell for you, Angel of Death.” 
“You’re making me think that what they said about you was right.”
Tech froze, dropping his axe, before he marched across the room to face you. “You don’t mean that. Tell me you don’t actually mean that.” His crown was starting to slip. 
Your bottom lip trembled, “I don’t...I don’t want to mean it.” With trembling hands, you gripped his cape tightly, “But you almost…” You gasped when Techno lifted you into the air, instinctively latching your legs around his waist. 
“I’m sorry.” Techno shook his crown off in favor of nudging his head under your chin, “I didn’t mean to spiral out of control- but I would never hurt you. Me or the voices.” 
The tears were wiped away before they could even fall, “Tech, ‘m sorry-” You hummed when his lips were pressed against yours, giggling as his tusks poked you. “I really love you, you know, Blood God?”
The pinkett growled playfully, “I love you too. I promise I’ll never scare you like that again.”
“Trust me on this.” Wilbur held you close to him, leaning against the stone wall, as he tried to soothe your worries with his words. 
Your eyes widened at Phil’s voice but were unable to turn around due to Wilbur’s iron grip. You listened as your lover rejected his Father’s advance to stop this madness, and felt a dread when you were yanked back with the man you loved. 
“It was never meant to be.” The button was pushed, everything exploding, as Wilbur continued holding you against him; He forced Phil to drive a sword through both of you that day. 
“Not everyone is going to hurt you.”
The statement plummeted you into a state of shock, forcing your body to stand in place as your brain processed his words. A cold feeling washed over your body and you knew it was him. 
Ghostbur wrapped his arms around you from behind, burying his face into the crook of your neck without hesitation. He knows you know he isn’t Alivebur, but he didn’t like the way you kept up the obsidian walls around your heart. 
“Just let me into your heart.” 
“Please look at me.” Tommy’s desperation seeped through his voice- Everyone was treating him like he wasn’t even real and he couldn’t have you treating him like that too. Not you. 
“I can’t! Because...because if I look at you and see that you’re actually alive and right here in front of me, you might just disappear.” Your voice broke off into a whisper as you shook your head, but eventually, your hues wandered up to meet his blue ones.
“I’m not gonna disappear, N/n. I’m back- and I’m right here. I promise.”
“You know I’m not like that.” 
“But aren’t you, though? I mean, come on, Tubbo! You- you built nukes. NUKES! And, and for what? So you could pull another Wilbur, except this time on someone else’s land? Which is if someone threatened you?!”
Tubbo stared at your angry pacing with his ears drooped. He didn’t like that tone of disbelief bordering fear in your voice. You sounded like him when Schlatt told him he was going to die. 
You eventually stopped moving, choosing to stand in place and pull at your hair. A million thoughts were hammering through your mind, but one screamed at you so loud it was like your head would explode : Was this even your Tubbo anymore? 
“I’m scared.” 
You frowned, still trying your best to wipe away the boy’s tears before they hit his skin. “I know, Boo, I know. I’m here, though.” 
He’d never been broken out of his enderstate before; standing out in the middle of nowhere in the night put him on edge. Did...did you think he was a monster? Were you going to abandon him? Thrown him in jail? Maybe- 
“Ranboo.” Your eyes carried all the words he needed to know as you smiled, smoothing down his hair softly. “We’ll figure this out together, okay? You don’t have to be scared when you’re with me.” 
“I know you still love me.” 
You stared blankly out of the window in the room you’d been locked in; inside of Bad and Skeppy’s mansion. “Yeah?” 
Bad frowned slightly, moving forward to trail his hand up your back and secure a hold around your waist with his tail, “Don’t you, muffin?” His head nuzzled into your neck. 
You glanced over, feeling disgust bubble in the pit of your stomach at the white color of his clothes. “No. I love Badboyhalo- not whoever, or whatever, you are.” 
“How long will this go on for?” Your hands fiddled with the golden choker you wore, gazing up at the vine covered tower. You dropped your head back down and turned, meeting red eyes instead of the baby blues you’d come to love. 
“What do you mean, babydoll?” Punz glanced down at you, wrapping his hand snugly around your throat to tilt your head further up, before placing a kiss against your lips. 
You were silent for a moment, “Nevermind, Luke.” You quirked up your lips to try for a smile, kissing him back quickly to hide your doubts.
The blonde hummed, pulling you close by your shoulders, and walking toward the Eggpire’s meeting room, “Okay then, baby. We’ll go somewhere nice after the meeting, alright?” 
“Yeah…” You sighed, gripping his dull blue sleeve. You hated everything that had to do with that atrocious egg.
“Why are you so stubborn?!” You cried, twisting your hoodie tighter around Ponk’s arm- or what was left of it. 
“Don’t...don’t cry, N/n. You’re too pretty to cry-“ 
“Now is not the time, Ponkie!” 
He smiled, slightly delirious from the pain, and nuzzled his head against your shoulder. “It’s always the time to tell you how pretty you are. I’m so lucky to have you, ya know? Always...always taking care of…-“ 
“NO! Stay awake, damnit Ponk, stay awake! You need to hear how lucky I am to have you.” 
“Please don’t misunderstand me.” Your lips tugged into a rueful smile, “I love you, Sammy. You know I love you, but…” 
Sam watched as you gestured around the main hall of the prison, furrowing his brows when you casted a distasteful glare. 
“Pandora’s Vault has changed you. I’m so proud that you were able to build this- all by yourself- but I’m disappointed you’ve turned into...someone. I don’t know who, but it’s not Awesamdude. Not my Sam.” 
His trident clattered against the prison floors as you backed up closer to the portal, “Y/n, wait! We...we can talk about this, I can fix it, I-“ 
“This isn’t another build, Sam. It’s our relationship.” You curled your fist up into a ball, “And I can’t sit around and watch you become like him.” 
“Am I too late?” 
“Never.” The light reflecting off the diamond ring adoring your left hand stated otherwise, but your smile rivaled the piece of jewelry, shining so bright Karl thought he’d met the embodiment of the moon. 
He shifted his gaze to the shiny rock, “I’m not?” A giddy feeling blossomed in his chest when you yanked the ring off and threw it in a random direction, “That looked pretty expensive there, N/n.” 
“I don’t care, all I want is you.” You smiled, “As long as I have that, nothing in the world could make me not drop everything just for you.” The black and grey version of his signature hoodie went unnoticed.
“Well, let’s get out of here then, yeah?” 
No one was there to tell the two of you that you were both sleeping in different beds and in different realities. 
“I want to believe you, I do.” 
Quackity’s heart dropped when you brought out the promise ring you gave him- the one he gambled away. 
“But you’ve changed, and not for the better, Alex.” Slipping your own matching ring off, you placed them into his palm with a goodbye kiss on the cheek. 
“Y/n, please-“ His calloused hands gripped your face gently as he brought you into a desperate kiss. They dropped down to your waist, gripping tightly, when you kissed him back. 
You pulled away too soon for anybody’s liking, but you knew that if you stayed, you would never be able to walk away. “Goodbye, Quackity.”
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alligatestheclotpole · a month ago
Tumblr media
ayyyyyyyyy here’s my piece for the @jatpzine !! my assignment was “fantasy au” which of course means chainmail, horses, and walking through the woods hehe
[id: an illustration of alex, luke, julie, and reggie from julie and the phantoms on horseback, in an autumn wood, in medieval dress and armour. alex has a pink tunic under his chainmail and a dark purple cloak overtop, and his horse is grey with white markings. he is looking off to the left, watchful. luke is engaged in conversation with julie, and his tunic is blue. his horse is brown. julie is wearing a purple gown under a regal embroidered purple cloak, and she wears a gold circlet across her forehead and has gold and purple strands braided into her hair. her horse is pale gold. reggie’s tunic is red, and he is mid-bite on a large red apple. his horse is tan with a dark muzzle. all of them are illuminated by spotty, dappled sunlight. end id.]
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queenmolina · 7 months ago
JATP as text conversations
luke (grey) and julie (blue):
Tumblr media
alex (grey) and willie (blue):
Tumblr media
carrie (grey) and flynn (blue):
Tumblr media
bobby (light) and reggie (dark):
Tumblr media
the phantoms in any pairing:
Tumblr media
julie (grey) and luke (blue):
Tumblr media
willie (grey) and alex (blue):
Tumblr media
julie (grey) and flynn (blue):
Tumblr media
luke (grey) and alex (blue):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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writerinlearning · a year ago
So We Meet Again
Tumblr media
Show: JaTP
Pairing: ghost!Luke Patterson x ghost!fem!reader
Summary: in 1995, Luke and reader used to date but one day she disappeared and then he died. 25 years later, they meet again.
Words: 3,7k
Warnings: mention of death; Flynn can see the boys in this; fluff I guess and maybe a little angst as well.
Author’s notes: Enjoy this little Luke x reader one shot that had been gathering dust in my drafts. I didn’t forget about the requests I’ve gotten the past week, but I had written this one shot during the holidays and decided to post it now. I will write the requests and other ideas I’ve gotten, I just have to find time between online college classes, so I’m asking you to be patient with me. I’m not a robot, I can’t to both when I barely have time even for college. But I promise to write the requested (for those who sent requests in my inbox). I hope you guys understand and won’t be mad at me for trying. Anyway, I’m stopping my rant so you can enjoy a little Luke one shot.
Tumblr media
Los Angeles, 1995.
          The rain was heavily falling outside, and anyone walking down the empty streets of Los Angeles would have been soaked to the bone. The moon and the stars were hidden behind thick black clouds, covering the usual dark blue of the night sky.
          The clock almost struck midnight, and Luke couldn’t fall asleep. He kept tossing around on the couch, which he had turned into a bed since he’s been crashing in the studio while Alex used an inflatable mattress to sleep in the loft. All he could think about was Y/n, his girlfriend of a year. He knew she hated storms, and he was sure she couldn’t find sleep with the lightning and thunder rumbling outside. The guitarist found it weird that she still hadn’t called him, asking him to come over and spend the night at her house to help her forget about the bad weather.
          His mind kept telling him something must be wrong, but some other part of him that Y/n must have simply fallen asleep before the storm began. Slowly, but surely, and with his girlfriend in mind, he finally let the sleep consume him.
          At around three in the morning, Luke was woken up by the pounding knocks on the garage door. The thunder was still rumbling outside, and the rain was still pouring. He pressed the palm of his hands against his sleepy eyes, rubbing them, and he let out an annoyed groan when the knocks became more insistent. He pushed the covers off of his body and looked around for Alex, but the blond drummer was still heavily sleeping.
          Luke took his time to walk over to the garage doors, opening them slowly, and the rain got blown inside the studio with the wind. He was surprised, his tired eyes going round with concern when he noticed Y/n standing at the foot of the doors. He was all the more surprised when she did not flinch to the sound of thunder as a lightning struck the Earth, a couple blocks down from where they were. On any other day, she would have flinched and run into his embrace.
          Luke was shocked to see his girlfriend standing there, soaked to the bone and took a good look at the girl standing under the heavy rain.
          Although she was drenched from head to toe, she still looked as beautiful as ever. But her face was sombre, and as his eyes travelled down her silhouette, he took in her appearance. She was wearing one of his band shirts with the Guns’n’Roses logo at the front, and she had tucked it in a pair of high-waisted black jeans ripped to the knees. She had Vans matching the black ones he owned on her feet, but the usual white soles of her shoes were covered in red. Luke also noticed the blood dripping from the palms of her hands into a puddle at her feet, and the dried blood on her clothes, though it appeared to still be fresh; he couldn’t tell with the rain pouring outside. His brows furrowed and his face turned into one of worry and concern. He reached out for her hand but stopped himself when she took a step back, eyes wide as if she had snapped out of her trance.
          Y/n’s lips were quivering, and her body shivered, the tears brimming her eyes finally rolling down her cheeks and mingling with the raindrops on her skin.
          “Y/n, what’s wrong?” Luke asked, concern laced to his voice as his brows turned into a frown.
          The girl shook her head, swallowing the lump in her throat. The horrors from the previous hours replayed in her mind, haunting her memories as the screams echoed in her ears. A shiver ran down her spine, and she finally lifted her head up, her e/c eyes locking with his hazel green ones.
          “I just…” she breathed out between trembling breathes. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
          “I’m okay sweet rose,” he answered, the nickname rolling off his tongue and bringing a small smile to the girl’s lips. “Are you? What happened?”
          “Good,” she dismissed his question, nodding her head. “That’s all I wanted to know.”
          With that, she walked into the rain and didn’t look back. That was the last time Luke saw her; or anyone for that matter.
          After she dropped by and left, Luke tried hard to go back to sleep but he couldn’t stop thinking about his girlfriend’s sombre features, and the way her voice trembled when she spoke. Or the fact that her hands and clothes were covered in blood, and he had no idea why. He barely had any sleep that night, and he knew he would regret it during rehearsals the next morning, but he just couldn’t stop worrying about Y/n.
          When morning came, and as he was tuning his guitar for rehearsals with his band, he was interrupted by Reggie barging into the garage and followed by Bobby; both teenage boys with grieving looks on their face.
          Alex had come out of the bathroom, eyebrows raised up in confusion as he saw two of his three best friends standing with sad features. And then, his eyes landed on Luke, who was reading the front page of the newspaper Reggie had come in with, his brows pulled into a deep frown as his eyes scanned the printing on the slightly wrinkled paper.
          “She… she’s missing…” Luke finally muttered as tears silently rolled down his cheeks. “Her parents are dead… and she’s missing… I should’ve… I should’ve told her to stay… I didn’t… I didn’t even say goodbye… I-I…”
          But Luke couldn’t speak further, a lump forming in his throat, and he choked back a sob.
          For months, he blamed himself for her disappearance; if he had just told her to stay, maybe she wouldn’t have left. And then came the day he and his bandmates were to play the Orpheum; their dream. And he knew Y/n would have been proud of him, if she could see just how far they had come.
          But he had to die, along with Reggie and Alex. All because of tainted hot dogs. And two days after he passed away, the local authorities made a conference press about the mysterious murder of the Y/L/N family, and the disappearance of their daughter: they had found a body identified as Y/n.
Los Angeles, 2020.
          It’s been weeks since Julie met the boys from Sunset Curve, and although they were complete idiots most of the time, she loved them endlessly. They had performed at the Orpheum two days ago, and the boys were free of Caleb Covington’s stamp.
          Alex had decided on a walk by the pier, the recent events being too much for his rising anxiety. He still didn’t know how or why Julie had been able to save them from Caleb’s stamp, much like Luke and Reggie, but between the three of them, Alex handled change the worse.
          The sun was burning bright in the cloudless blue sky as Alex walked along the shore, hands in the pockets of his pants and his head hanging low. People, lifers actually, sometimes walked through him, but he didn’t pay any attention to it. Perks of being a ghost. However, laughers and shouts caught his attention, and he lifted his head up to look at the skatepark he was currently walking past. His mind instantly drifted to Willie, who probably thought he had crossed over after playing the Orpheum.
          A small smile ghosted Alex’s lips as he headed for the group of skaters, quickly spotting the familiar long brown hair falling from a cracked grey helmet.
          Willie spun around when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder, eyebrows knitted together in confusion as his eyes landed on the blond before him. His jaw dropped slightly, surprise slowly replacing the confusion in his brown orbs, before he pulled the blond in a tight embrace, burying his face in the crook of the drummer’s neck. Alex happily reciprocated the embrace, wrapping his own arms around Willie’s back and bringing him closer to him.
          The two were interrupted though, when someone cleared their throat behind William. The latter awkwardly chuckled and pulled away from Alex, spinning on his heels to face the teenage girl standing there, her arms crossed over her chest and a smirk on her pink lips.
          “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, Willie?” She playfully asked, winking.
          “Oh, uh, right.” Willie stuttered. “This is Alex. Alex, meet Y/n.”
          At the mention of her name, Alex lifted his head up and locked eyes with the girl, a baffled expression covering his features. A small gasp left Y/n’s own lips, and she stood still, arms dropped by her sides. Willie stood between them in utter confusion, not understanding either of their reaction. He was quick, however, to realize the two already knew each other when a smile began to grow on Y/n’s face, her eyes beaming with happiness.
          “Hey Alex, how’s it going?”
          Y/n was the first to speak, a playful smile on her lips. She shook her head at her friend’s bailed expression, and she suppressed a chuckle when he blinked his eyes a few times to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. Willie didn’t say anything but instead watched with an amused expression, his arms crossed over his chest as Alex processed the current situation in his mind.
          “You can see me?” Alex blurted, before realizing how stupid his question sounded. “I mean… of course you can see me, if you can see Willie, but-but… How?”
          “I guess the same way you can see me.” Y/n shrugged, smiling. “It’s good to see you again Alex.”
          “You could have told me you guys knew each other before I introduced the both of you,” said William, playfully.
          “Well, I didn’t think I’d meet Alex in my afterlife,” the girl breathed out. “We’ve met through Luke, one of Alex’s bandmates. Luke and I were best friends when they began Sunset Curve.”
          “And then, Y/n became Luke’s girlfriend,” explained Alex. “One day, she came by the garage we used to rehearse in. It was the middle of the night and Luke answered the door. He told us she was covered in blood and just wanted to make sure he was okay. And then, she left. Next morning, we find out she and her brother were missing, and her parents had been murdered.”
          Y/n looked down, fumbling with her fingers behind her back. This was something she would rather not remember. Her family had gotten to cross over, and she was left behind, stuck on Earth as a ghost with no idea of what her unfinished business was. She swallowed the lump in her throat, looking up at the sky to prevent the tears from falling.
          “Hey, if it makes you feel any better,” Alex called her, noticing her state. “Me, Reggie and Luke all died of bad hot dogs.”
          Y/n’s eyes widened.
          “What?” She breathed out in disbelief. “Did you guys go get street dogs again?”
          “Yeah,” Alex laughed. “The night we were supposed to play the Orpheum.”
          “Why aren’t I surprised? I told you guys street dogs were gross!”
          Both teenagers laughed, probably remembering the times back in 1995, when they were still alive and hung into the garage after a particularly long rehearsal, eating street dogs.
          Y/n glanced at Willie, realization dwelling upon her like a lightbulb had been switched on in her mind. Her eyes lit up, and a large smile grew on her lips, carving dimples in her cheeks.
          “So, when you said you met a band who died of bad hot dogs…” she said to Willie. “You meant the Sunset Curve guys.”
          “Yeah, guess I did,” shrugged Willie, chuckling. “Now they’re in a band with this lifer, who can make them visible when she sings.”
          “You guys should drop by the garage,” interrupted Alex, a large smile on his lips. “We’re rehearsing later, and I’m pretty sure Luke would be thrilled to see you Y/n.”
          “I-I… I don’t know Alex…”
          “Come on, please? Luke misses you; you know.”
          Alex looked at Y/n, his lips turning into a pleading pout and his blue eyes practically begging her. He knew she couldn’t resist; she never did when they were alive.
          With a huff, Y/n shook her head and finally agreed. Alex jumped up excitedly and went to grab both Willie and Y/n’s hands before poofing them out of the beach and to the garage.
          Y/n looked around; the place was so familiar to her she even remembered walking down the alley the night she made sure her boyfriend was fine. The paint on the door was different though, like another layer of paint has been added to cover the scratches and the dents from 1995. More plants had been added outside as well, giving off a more welcoming vibe than before.
          She could hear four different voices from inside; two feminine and two masculine she would have recognized everywhere. She stood frozen in her spot, millions thoughts running in her head. How would he react? What would he say once he’d see her? Did he forget about her?
          Fear crept under her skin, goosebumps rising on her skin as she watched Alex open the doors and step inside the not-so-familiar garage.
          She stayed put by the foot of the doors, but Y/n could see that the garage was very different from what she remembered. The black-leathered couch where Luke used to sleep was still here, but the grand piano, the chairs floating off the ceiling and the plants at the back were fairly knew. For a second it made her wonder how the boys managed to keep the garage, until she connected the dots. It must be belonging to that lifer, she thought.
          Y/n looked around, her eyes scanning the place, but she still stood frozen on her feet. She didn’t even notice two pairs of eyes focused on her.
          “Uh Alex,” a feminine voice pulled her out of her trance. “Who’s this?”
          Y/n blinked, the oh so familiar voice reaching her ears and sending a warm sense of comfort through her body. She lifted her gaze from the floor, her eyes finally finding the familiar hazel green colour she had terribly missed, and she couldn’t help the tears that fell from her own.
          “Luke…” Y/n breathed out, a smile breaking onto her face.
          Said boy let go of the electric blue guitar he was practicing on, placing it on its stand, and he quickly manoeuvred his way around the coffee table. Though, he stopped in his tracks by the doorway, only a couple feet away from her.
          She could see him, and he could see her. She was exactly as he remembered, the blood on her hands and clothes gone, and she had that smile he loved to see on her because she wore it perfectly.
          And he was exactly as she remembered, the same cut sleeves shirts and cuffed black jeans, with his old sneakers and the chain dangling from the loops of his jeans waistband. His floppy brown hair falling down his forehead and almost covering his eyes if he had let them grow longer in his alive time, and the lovestruck smile he had on his lips whenever she was around.
          “Did I miss something?” A first feminine voice whispered, mostly asking Reggie and Alex who both smiled, nodding their head.
         “That’s Y/n,” whispered Reggie, clasping his hands in excitement. “Luke’s girlfriend.”
         “So that’s the famous Y/n!” The second feminine voice said, a small smirk plastered on her lips as she watched the two lovers.
          Y/n took the first step, hesitantly at first, until she broke into a sprint in Luke’s way. He opened his arms as she jumped in them, wrapping her own around his neck whilst she locked her legs around his hips. He enclosed her in his grip, hands resting in the middle of her back as he nuzzled his face into her neck, taking in the familiar scent of her perfume. The smell of rose and strawberry filled his nostrils. The smell was faint, but it was still here and all he needed to make sure this was real.
          Y/n did the same, burying her face in his neck whilst she ran her hands through his hair, not wanting to let go.
          When Luke put Y/n back to the ground, his hands wandered to her cheeks and he cupped them, brushing his calloused thumbs against her cheekbones to wipe away the tears. Y/n giggled, wrapping her hands around his wrists as she looked into his eyes, noticing the tears brimming in the corner.
          It was like the world had stopped around them, and there was only the two of them. They could barely hear Reggie and Alex snicker, mumbling strings of words as they tried to explain in detail the situation to Julie and Flynn, who was able to see the boys after Julie helped them break free from Caleb’s curse.
          Luke licked his lips, eyes drifting to Y/n’s as his face inched closer. Y/n chuckled and was the one to close the space, pressing her lips against his own. She had waited 25 years to feel his lips on hers again, to feel his skin pressed against hers.
          Standing on her tiptoes, she deepened the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck once again, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.
          Their lips moulded together, like the very first time they had shared a kiss, Y/n’s hands playing with his hair whilst Luke used his calloused thumbs to draw circles on her hips under her shirt. A feeling of euphoria rushed to their mind when Y/n’s pulled Luke’s lower lip between her teeth, eliciting a small moan from him and she couldn’t help the smirk tugging at her lips. He squeezed her lips softly, a chuckle rumbling from his chest and vibrating through her as he watched the heat rise to her cheeks, turning her skin into a light pink.
          Y/n let out a deep exhale, her palms pressed against his pectoral muscles, her bright e/c boring into his own hazel green ones.
          “H-how?” Luke asked her, at last.
          “I don’t…” Y/n sighed. “I don’t know… When I came home that day, I found my parents dead in the living-room… and my brother was nowhere to be seen. I panicked and ran; and I had to make sure you were alright. After I left you, I headed for the beach to clear my head... I don’t remember anything after that…”
          “But what about your brother?”
          Y/n shrugged; she didn’t know where her brother was, or if he was dead. The last time she had seen him was the day before her parents died. She never thought much about it, but now… Maybe that was her unfinished business. Maybe she had to find out how she died that night, and what happened to her brother.
          She sniffled, noticing that tears had begun running down her cheeks when Luke wiped them away with his thumbs. At his soft touch, her smile quickly returned to her lips, and she leaned her face into the palm of his hand.
          Alex’s words returned to her mind when her eyes landed on Reggie and the blond, standing behind with cocky grins on their lips, and she couldn’t help chuckling in disbelief.
          “But I heard you died of bad hot dog!” Y/n laughed, changing the subject and playfully punching his arm. “How many times did I tell you guys street dogs were wrong?”
          “In our defence,” said Reggie before Luke could answer, cocking his head to the side, “we didn’t know they were tainted until after we died.”
          “Uh, excuse-me?” Alex interrupted, rather offended as he placed a hand over his chest. “I did say, and I quote, ‘this is a new flavour’. And you said, ‘chill man, street dogs haven’t killed us yet’. And guess what? We died.”
          Y/n watched, amused but overall filled with happiness. She’d found her friends in the afterlife and if she were to be stuck on Earth, it might as well be with her idiots.
          She then looked around the room, eyes glancing towards Willie for a few seconds and noticing he hadn’t let go of the drummer’s hand, before they landed on the two girls sitting on the couch. The one with curly hair stood up and walked up to the garage doors where Y/n and Luke stood in each other’s arms.
          “So, you’re the famous Y/n uh?” The girl asked. “Luke never stops blabbering about you when we write songs. He said that’s what you two used to do back in ’95.”
          “Y-you… You can see me?” Y/n questioned, perplexed.
          “Remember the lifer I told you about,” Willie interrupted, smiling at the girl who nodded. “This is Julie, and her friend Flynn.”
          Y/n waved shyly, feeling Luke’s arm tighten his hold around her waist as he pulled her closer to his chest. The two girls waved back, smiling brightly at Y/n before wriggling their eyebrows at one another, chuckling.
          Julie and Flynn were the first lifers that could see Y/n and she was pleasantly surprised, even if she wasn’t used to it. Well, she had been seen by lifers before, when she attended the Hollywood Ghost Club, but Willie made sure Caleb didn’t know about her; he didn’t want the dead magician to own her soul like he had owned his until four days ago.
          Luke leaned over to Y/n when Julie walked back to Flynn, and he pressed a gentle kiss to the crown of her head. Then, he pressed one on her temple and on her cheek before he reached the corner of her lips. Y/n giggled, turning her head to face him and he pulled her lower lip between his teeth in a teasing way. She pressed her lips against his, cupping his face in her hands whilst his arms went around her waist, and he smiled through the kiss.
          “I love you sweet rose,” he whispered against her lips.
          “And I love you, wonder boy.”
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sapphireamethystpatch · 9 months ago
was thinking about how cats are said to be able to see spirits so like
Julie is walking down the street and finds a box of abandoned kittens or rescues them from a burlap sack in a creek or whatever way you so please, but Julie comes home one day with three traumatised, hungry baby kittens
of course Ray lets her keep them so she and Carlos spend the evening warming them up and getting them to drink while Ray goes out to get toys and beds and litter boxes
Luke, Alex, and Reggie poof in to check on Julie and fall in love with the kittens immediately
Reggie was allergic to cats and wanted one so bad as a kid and is delighted to find that ghosts can't have allergies
but the cats also take a liking to the boys, each choosing one as their favorite (cause cats always have a favorite human)
one is really shy and doesn't chatter much but loves to play; his fur is grey, the tip of his tail and the paws white, as well as the center of his face and the fur around his left eye, and he instantly decides the best place to be is Alex's lap (little pink nose! tiny pink toe beans! Alex has crossed over into heaven)
the black, brown and tan calico tabby walks head-first into the leg of a chair and flops on her side, letting Reggie scoop her up and she licks his thumb with her lil pink tongue and Reggie almost cries
the loudest one of them all, an all-black male with one blue and one green eye and the resolve of a brick wall won't stop mewling until Luke is scratching his head
all three love Julie so much and when the ghosts are busy or when she comes home from school they all waddle over to say hello and cuddle against her ankles
Julie teases the ghost boys into oblivion until they confide their middle names to her, and she names the cats after their favorite human. Alex's kitten is named James, Luke's is named Andrew (or Andy), and Reggie's is named Michelle (a femme version of his middle name, and he also really loved Full House) (middle name headcanon from this post by @trevor-wilson-covington)
Ray was worried the kittens would get into mischeif while everyone was away at work/school but after Julie finally tells him about the band and how much the cats love the boys, it's a win-win situation for all
the boys unofficially get household chores ("everyone has to pull their own weight!" Ray says with the smile of a man who's just adopted three dead teenagers in need of a good father figure)
they take care of the cats while everyone else is gone, feeding them twice a day and cleaning out the litter box
they get collars for the cats to match their ghost's fave colors, and from that point on the cats are (unofficially) officially The Boy's Cats; a pink collar for James, a red collar for Michelle and a blue one for Andy
they won't mention it but the cats help ground the ghosts a little more, they have typical teenage household responsibilities again and a sort-of schedule that makes the afterlife a little more manageable and normal (espessially for Alex)
it's not an uncommon sight in the Molina household to see floating kittens as the boys tidy up, dance to music (the google home can hear them?? they get all music on command?? no explanation but yes) or lounge around; kittens sleeping in the pockets of invisible hoodies, perched on non-existent shoulders or dozing on laps
as a result the cats are incredibly spoiled but thats the way the Molinas do
to outside eyes the cats will sometimes wander around the house aimlessly, but really they are just following their ghost like a little duckling while they do little chores
sometimes the boys will crowd together, tripping over each other's feet as they shuffle around the house just to see the kittens march across the hardwood floors on unsteady feetsies, rolly polly pell mell tumble bumble
Julie will never mention it but it kills her everytime she sees Luke being soft with his fur baby it's just too much for her heart to handle. cute boy talk sweet to kitty make heart go brrr
just,,, kitten fluff
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n0wornever · 8 months ago
Book Club - Luke Patterson x Reader
Tumblr media
They did say they played a few book clubs.... right ;) 
The silence held tight onto the air, leaving Y/N’s eyes even more exhausted than when she showed up at the library at 6 this morning. She didn’t expect anything less than this stillness when she applied. The city library was miles away, leaving this old hole in the wall a destination online travelers and college students would step in to “get away” from the Californian chaos.
This assertion didn’t make dealing with the slow-moving hands of the clock any easier or make a hovering boss who made it almost impossible to sneak text messages in while shelving any less exhausting. But, at 16 dollars an hour and the most limited job description she’s ever seen, Y/N wasn’t going to complain. She had concerts to pay for, college debts to avoid. 
So, instead of protesting the quiet, her elbows were pressed against the counters, eyebrows tensed as she avoided the last cart of fiction reshelves. The bells above the wooden door chimed just in time, the noise gaining Y/N’s full attention as a gust of cool air following its motion. 
“Book club,” A soft voice said with a giggle, tapping on the girl’s shoulder. 
She looked up at the faded red lips outstretched in a smile. The grey-haired woman nodded down at her before turning back toward the wall and eagerly typing onto the keyboard. Her reminder was unnecessary, as Y/N shortly heard the chuckles of a few women radiate through the main area. 
They showed up every weekend with the usual cast of characters always in tow. Diana was the leader of the pack, and her mother’s best friend. The short-haired brunette stopped her conversation for a moment to wave over at her. Y/N forced a smile, lifting her arm and moving it a few times in response. Diana was the only reason she knew this job at Sailhouse was even available. She was grateful for that, otherwise, she might have been stuck at the old theatre, listening to an exhausting level of bumping elbows that her best friend Carrie had to do with the “budding” directors on the other side of town.
But she couldn’t help but feel annoyed by the constant chit-chatter about more intense romance scenes than she ever wanted to hear about. That content was only drowned out by the arguments caused by the ever-growing gossip contests that the women competed in. Who’s daughter was first in line for prom queen? Who’s son got the final spot on the varsity team? Who isn’t taking AP this semester? 
Y/N’s inner monologue was jolted by another touch to her side. She looked up to a stern face. Her boss’ lips were now pursed in a way that quickly clued her in on what was coming next. 
“Y/N, sweetheart, there’s still a cart back here,” She said in a quiet, but heavy tone. 
The girl didn’t even try to speak out to protest, instead, she let out a soft sigh and rotated her body toward the back of the counter. In two steps she was able to outstretch her arms toward the awaiting chipping grey painted vehicle. Her palms were immediately met with a cool feeling of metal, and her eyes met the Emily Bronte book in front of them. Someone has checked out Wuthering Heights...again. It seemed like classical literature checkouts rose with the chilling temperatures around this time. Although, Y/N never found anything remotely cozy about doomed love and the idea of childhood abandonment, alas it could be worse. She hadn’t seen a single person check out a Joesph Conrad or F. Scott Fitzgerald book this week, so the positives definitely outweigh the cliches. 
Y/N kept running her mind through her post-work to-do list as she guided the cart toward the other side of the library. The creaking wooden floor beneath her echoing with her every movement. Her eye caught the stained glass window above her destination as she slowly made her way in its direction, the sun peering in colors of yellow, green and blue. It was only slight remnants like this that reminded her of this building’s first purpose, as an old church. The left side of her mouth began to curve up when this bout of calm was interrupted by an unfamiliar tone. 
“I think they’re over here,” A harsh whisper rang through her ears.
She turned toward the front door, where her gaze rested on a set of well-worn strings. She looked up to see a familiar side profile. His shaggy brown hair was sticking up in bits of diagonal misplacement, a flanneled arm holding onto the guitar. A blonde and another raven-haired teenager were watching his every move. She followed his other outstretched hand, interested in their journey. 
Y/N almost never saw anyone her age here. There were study rooms at the schools nearby, and a lot of her friends usually opted to study from the comfort of their room. Even more puzzling was the fact that this was Luke Patterson. She barely saw him actively attending the English class they took together, let alone ever saw him pick up a book for fun. So what were these three doing here tonight? And why did Luke have his guitar? 
The boys began to make their way toward the left corner of the room. Y/N’s mind worked quickly, making out that they were making a beeline for the same area where Diana’s book club was meeting. Y/N’s throat began to dry. The last thing she wanted to do was scold fellow students, but the intense embarrassment of watching them do whatever they planned to do also brought her a high level of anxiety.
So she decided on a happy medium. She’d monitor them from the shelves as she rehomed the books. Y/N tried to keep one eye on the boys as she began to roll the cart forward again. The cold metal pushed against her chest, springing her backward. She looked over to see her missed ramp, feeling her face flush as she scurried over to the other side. 
“Good afternoon ladies,” She heard a smooth voice announce as her cart rose up the incline to the classics section. 
She giggled as she halted her cart in front of a line of books. She picked up the first Bronte and began to search the shelves as she continued to smirk to herself. She knew that flirtatious tone very well. That was definitely her brother’s friend Reggie’s voice. He always had a way with the ladies….the middle-aged ladies that is. Y/N let her eyes fall over toward the tables again, seeing Luke’s leg propped up on the chair, guitar resting on his knee. Reggie had a hand on the red-headed woman’s shoulder, and the other boy, Alex, sat upright at the table with two pencils in his hand. 
Y/N felt her heartbeat race at the speed of light. She looked back over at the front counter to see if her boss had clued into the unusual bout of noise, but found an empty counter. What a convenient break time for Gladis. Y/N’s frustration was cut short by the soft sound of guitar strings. 
Her head darted back toward the round tables. Luke was strumming the guitar, smiling directly at the woman next to him. Within seconds, his voice began to fill the room. The normal rugged sound she heard on the main stage on open mic nights at the saddle was replaced by an even, sweet melody. Luke’s soft song was quickly matched with a perfectly paired harmony from Reggie, and seconds later a slight tapping began to accompany the voices as Alex drummed the eraser ends of the pencils with a grin.
Y/N’s professional instinct wanted her to push her books to the side and race down the small set of stairs to her left to tell them to be quiet, but her feet seemed to be molded to the floor. She stood in awe as the boys began the chorus. She looked around the table to only see bright smiles on the women’s faces around her. The redhead next to Reggie clasped her hands together and leaned her chin against her knuckles as she nodded along.
Although she knew her boss would probably kill her if she didn’t put a stop to it, she couldn’t help but think that she’d hurt even more people if she did. Y/N pressed her foot against the brake to hold the cart in place and leaned against it. She watched as Luke’s head swayed back and forth as he sang. His brows were tense, his face was flushing brighter by the moment. It was incredible how passionate he looked, as he sang for a pop-up “show.” 
His eyes fluttered open to meet hers for a moment, cracking a soft smile. Y/N’s eyes bulged as she moved quickly to turn and face the books again with burning cheeks. She tried to read the call numbers, but it was no use as everything she glanced at looked blurry under her nervous movements. She stood still for a moment, trying to take deep breaths as the guitar rang out its last note. The silence reappearing allowed her to decompress, rolling out her shoulders as letters and numbers came back into view. 
“Oh that was just lovely boys, thank you so much,” She heard Diana coo behind her shoulder.
Y/N snuck a peek over her shoulder to find a pair of dark brown eyes already looking at hers. Whipping her neck back around, Y/N felt like she was going to pass out. “Just act cool Y/N, just shelf the book and act cool” she murmured to herself as she pressed her fingers against the spines of the books in front of her. As she found the fallen spot she needed to place Bronte, she exhaled and shoved the brown-bound book into the empty slot. As she rotated back toward the cart, she saw another book outstretched toward her. Following her gaze upward, she met those dark eyes again. Luke’s wide smile came into view again as she hesitantly grabbed the book from his grip. She felt resistance as she tried to bring the book over her way, causing her to look back up at him with a bit of frustration.
“What are you doin…”
“So, did you enjoy the performance?” He interrupted her with a smirk.
Y/N tried to ignore her nerves as Luke inched his fingers closer to hers on the edge of the dusty green book in between them. He tugged a bit on the book, springing her off her feet for a moment to nudge her. Y/N nodded as she tried to find the words to say.
“You guys were great,” She said softly, avoiding eye contact. “Just kind of a weird venue for a high school rock band.” 
She heard him chuckle as he finally let go of his grip on the book. Y/N brought it to her chest to clutch in her arms as she looked over at him with an eyebrow raised.
“I knew you looked familiar…” He said, holding for emphasis on the last syllable. “You’re Carrie’s friend….you our house show last month?”
Y/N went silent again. That night was a bit hazy if she was honest at this point. She didn’t go to parties often, but Carrie promised a night of movies and quiet the night after if she let her drag her along with her. 
“It will be fun Y/N,” Carrie said as she reapplied her lipgloss in the mirror. “Plus, Luke will be there and don’t think that I didn’t see you eyeing him during their battle of the bands performance.” 
Y/N shoved her best friend’s shoulder, rolling her eyes as she heard Carrie giggle in front of her. She looked at her friend through the mirror, who was now pouting, and rested her hands on her head. She shook her head for a moment before sighing and giving in.
That night, Y/N borrowed a dress from Carrie. A sparkly black bodycon dress that was quite literally constricting her insides. Y/N tugged on the bottom hem as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Her painted-on dark purple lips and a full face of makeup seemed foreign, but the whistle that her best friend gave her as she entered the living room was enough for her to have hope that she at least wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Carrie grabbed onto her hand, leading her toward the front door. 
“Bye Ms. Y/L/N, I promise I’ll get her home safe tonight!!” Carrie called toward the kitchen as she opened the front door. 
“Have fun girls!” Y/N heard her mom shout before they fully stepped outside.
Y/N stayed silent the whole ride over to Kayla’s place. She couldn’t help but feel like she made a brash decision. She’d never lied to her mom, who thought we were at a volunteer-sponsored dinner party for Key Club right now. She had never drank a day in her life, and she was pretty aware that this clean streak might end that night. There was just so much new, and so little time to process it. Oh god, her palms were just sweating at the thought of the vodka burning her throat. 
She shook out her palms, rotating her wrists as they pulled into the driveway. The first thing she sawa was Kayla, out on the porch, greeting everyone in a short green dress and an award-winning smile. As soon as she saw her and Carrie get out of the black escalade, the moment of silence she had was over. She heard a loud squeal from above her and looked up to see Kayla smiling down at them.
“Y/N, you look HOT.”
She felt her face warm at the compliment, but she shot up as much of a confident thank you as she could as they walked up the stairs. Kayla hugged them both as they made their way to the porch before opening the door for them. They stepped right into a chaotic mess of screaming, talking and singing. 
“Shit, they already started their set,” Carrie muttered, eyeing the table in front of them. 
She grabbed two random red solo cups and shoved one in Y/N’s direction. 
“What’s in this?” 
Carrie shrugged, taking a large sip “Who cares, let’s go.” 
Y/N mimicked her movements, alcohol burning her throat. The two tossed the cups back on the counter before racing over to the living room. 
The crowd was wrapped around every edge of the room, the audience moving their heads to the beat coming from the makeshift stage toward the front. Carrie wedged her way in-between people as she held onto Y/N’s hand. Y/N whispered apologies as they made their way to the front. As soon as they broke from the compression of the crowd, Y/N let her eyes move toward the stage.
That’s where she saw him. Leather jacket, tousled locks and a yellow pick in-between his teeth, Luke Patterson, the lead singer of Sunset Curve, the boy who sat in front of her in class, and her biggest crush since Jamal in her 2nd grade class. Y/N couldn’t help but notice the bright red imprint on his cheeks, and the sweat dripping from his forehead as he shook out his hair.  Luke ran a hand through the mess before grabbing the pick from his teeth. He looked around the room for a moment before leaning forward and the mic.
“Good evening everyone,” He said with a giggle. The crowd roared after him as he leaned back in. “This one’s called Now or Never.” 
The boy’s eyes moved across the room before landing on hers as Alex screamed “3,2,1” and the kick drum began. Luke shot her a wink before jumping into the air, sending her heart across the room with the vibration. 
Luke’s voice broke Y/N from her trance, shaking her head before looking back over at his concerned eyes. She nodded at him, clearing her throat before speaking.
“I was there.” 
Luke looked at her in confusion, leaning forward on the cart. Y/N tapped lightly on the sides of the book as she chewed on her lower lip.
“I was at the party, I mean.”
“Ahh,” Luke said with a nod.
He didn’t say another word before running his hand down the tops of all the books on his side of the cart. Y/N monitored his movements, eyes following his fingers as they landed atop each spine. She was one to thrive in quiet, so the fact that this silence started to make her heart rate pick up right now unnerved her. He finally reached the final book, and she brought her eyes back up and they immediately landed on his again.
Y/N heard the chimes ring to the left, putting a stop to their staring contest as she looked over to see his bandmates walking out the door. She looked back over at Luke, pointing toward the now closed entrance. 
“Your bandmates might have just ditched you.” 
“I’m fine where I am,” He said quickly, lifting another book up toward her. 
She grabbed it by its spine, pinching her brows together. “You don’t need to say here and help me shelf books...I was hired for a reason.” 
Luke chuckled “What part of this situation today made you think that I was here for the books.” 
Y/N’s breath lodged and her throat at his statement. She knew he was talking about the little performance he and his bandmates put on earlier this afternoon, and yet the fringe thought that he’d known she’d be there too made a smile reappear on her face. 
“Play a lot of book clubs?” She recanted, the smirk stuck to her face now.
Luke leaned in toward her face, his grin growing as he closed in on her. “Maybe I will now…”
Y/N’s smile faltered as her confident facade began to fade with his boldness. She tried to focus her attention toward his eyes, but she couldn’t help but feel a pull to look down toward his lips. 
“Y/N, is everything alright?” 
She jumped back with this new voice in the mix, running a hand through her hair as she looked up to see her boss standing with her hands on her hips in the middle of the room. Y/N nodded, holding up the book and awkwardly moving it back and forth to indicate her work efforts. Gladis’ eyes narrowed as they drifted between the two before she let out a loud, overexaggerated sigh. 
“Okay, well….. just get that cart done. We close in 30 minutes!” 
“Yes ma’am,” Y/N said, nodding toward the older woman. 
Gladis turned back around, making her way over to the front desk yet again. Y/N finally let out the breath she’d been holding, looking back over at Luke with a shake of her head. They held eye contact for another moment before he pointed toward the door. 
“I gotta go, but...same time, same place tomorrow?”
“I’ll be here,” She said as she lifted up the book in her hand.
Luke tapped on the cart in front of him, his cheeks turning pink under her gaze.
“Cool,” Y/N repeated, clutching the book again at her chest. 
Luke bit down on his lip as he nodded at her one more time before racing toward the door. Y/N couldn’t help but grin as she leaned over to the next shelf of books.
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tangledstarlight · 5 months ago
there’s people chasing us and i pulled you into the alley with me and wow you’re close" for Juke, but the people are fans??
lets all just pretend the whole start isn't so convoluted. i kinda forgot they needed to be running and kinda panicked lmao i distracted myself by starting it with an emperors new grove reference for some reason??? 😬 anyway!! hope you like it! 😊💜
1. there’s people chasing us and i pulled you into the alley with me and wow you’re close
50 cliche tropes and prompts!
Sometimes, Julie felt a little like her life was like the beginning of The Emperor's New Groove where Kuzco is pulling down slides and telling the audience how his life ended up like this. A sad llama in the rain.
Only she wasn’t a llama. And she wasn’t in the rain. And she definitely wasn’t sad.
But honestly, if someone was to ask her how she ended up in an alley, breathing heavily with her best friend and bandmate, Luke Patterson standing so close she can feel his breath on her cheeks, can see the flecks of gold in his eyes? She’s not sure how she’d explain it.
The day had started out so normal. They had a day off between tour stops and had decided to use their time wisely. To actually visit the city they were in. Reggie had made an itinerary and everything. They were going to be tourists and buy tacky keychain presents and try the world's best coffee that was advertised on a sign Alex had seen the night before.
The problem might have been the four of them forgetting that people recognised them now. That walking down the street was starting to become a problem. Especially when they were all together. And they’d always known that this was part of their dreams, that making music that connected with people meant that there would be, well, people.
But they’d never really been prepared for it.
One day they were no one. The next, they had crowds of people chasing them down the street asking for photos and autographs and wanting to touch her hair or feel Luke’s arms or wear Alex’s hat.
They’d stopped to take a photo with one girl outside the hotel, and had paused for a small conversation with a few fans near a music shop, and when they’d come out of the cafe with the world's best coffee there had been a small crowd waiting for them.
Being polite and patient only got them so far and when someone started getting a little aggressive with Reggie, the four of them did the only thing they could think of.
They started running.
Luke had grabbed her hand, tugging her through the crowd and running down the street as fast as they could. Hoping Alex and Reggie running in the opposite direction would give them all enough time to put some distance between them all.
“Where are we going!?” She pants, throwing a look over her shoulder as the sound of too many feet starts to follow them.
Luke squeezes her hand and she almost trips over a crack in the pavement when she looks back at him, his cheeks a little red as all he says is, “Trust me.”
And well, that she can do. She’s been trusting Luke since the day they met. Most people, mostly Flynn, would say she was crazy for trusting him so much, with so much. But Luke had never let her down and Julie didn’t think he ever would. Not intentionally at least.
So they run, Julie let’s Luke pull her down a street and across a road and around a store and down an alley.
It’s blocked off at the end by a metal fence and, as they hear more footsteps approaching, Luke pulls her behind a tower of old cardboard boxes. One of his hands is on her waist while his other is still holding hers, only now he has it pinned against the brick wall next to her head. They're both breathing heavily, from the running, from adrenaline, from how close they’re now standing.
Luke’s breath fans across her face, and she can smell the mint chewing gum that she’d passed around to them all after their breakfast. She can see the way his eyes are tracking over her face, the way blue mixes with green with grey and idly wonders if there’s even a way to describe the colour of his eyes accurately. She’d like to spend a few hours trying.
Julie knows they’ve stood this close before. That there’s been so many times over the years where it’s just been them, in their own little world of possibilities. But she knows they’ve never stood like this. That if breathes out her chest brushes against his, and if she leant just a little forward her lips would touch his chin.
“I think we lost ‘em,” Luke whispers and normally this is when her thoughts would stop. When the weird little bubble of intimacy they’d created would pop.
But it doesn’t. And Luke doesn’t let go of her hand, doesn’t step back, doesn’t stop looking at her.
“Power of cardboard boxes,” she says back, voice low and she wonders what he’s thinking as her breath ghosts across his lips. Wonders if maybe he’s thinking the same thing she is and his eyes dip down once.
“We should probably go find the boys.” But Luke still doesn’t make any move and neither does she.
“Luke,” she starts, and Julie doesn’t really know what she’s going to say. Doesn’t have a plan or even a thought to voice because all she can think about is what it would be like for him to close the gap between their bodies, for him to press her a little harder against the brick, for them to finally kiss.
It’s only when one of his brows ticks up slightly, his tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip and for his fingers to flex against her waist that Julie realises that she might have said all of that out loud. Though she can’t quite find it in herself to mind when Luke is leaning down and that last bit of distance is gone. It’s slow and soft, lips moving carefully together like both of them are afraid of something. And then Luke presses her a little hard against the wall and she lets out a moan against his mouth and things get a little rougher, a little messier.
Luke pulls away first, chest heaving as he sucks in a breath and Julie opens her eyes to see the wide smile on his face. She’s pretty sure her smile is just the same. Giddy and excited and just a little bit scared. Tilting her head back against the wall Julie closes her eyes and tries to regain her composure, not that Luke resting his forehead against hers is doing anything to help matters.
"We need to go," Julie mutters, lips brushing at the edge of his jaw and she almost lets out a whine of protest as he moves his head away from hers, though it merely turns into a sharp inhale as his lips trail down her neck.
“You’re standing on my foot,” she giggles, toes wiggling in her shoes against the sole of his foot, and Julie feels more than sees his smile.
So okay, maybe it wasn't such a complicated story of how she ended up in an alley with her back against a wall while Luke was sucking at her neck. Maybe she was just working shopping ideas on how to recount the story to Flynn later on. For a first, second, third kiss in a dirty alley next to boxes Julie thinks it’s pretty great.
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lydias--stiles · 8 months ago
and in the haze you see colours
Tumblr media
juke | human soulmate au | title: 5 am // amber run
The first colour she ever saw was purple.
When someone was born, they got to see one colour. To each it was different and often a reflection of one's aura. Julie's aura was purple and, naturally, it was the colour she could see. Which was unfortunate, as there weren't many purple things in life - not naturally, at least.
And so, her entire bedroom was purple. Purple walls and purple sheets and purple stationary. The rest were varying shades of grey. Often times, she asked her parents why some were lighter than others, and they told her about green and blue and red. It sounded like a fairy tale. Red was warm, apparently, and blue was flexible and green was fresh. Despite their best attempts, she couldn't visualise it.
It didn't matter. Once she met her soulmate, she would see all the colours imaginable.
Befriending Flynn was easy. The girl had purple ribbons in her hair and that instantly attracted Julie. Vice versa, Julie's orange dress was a plus for Flynn. Through their deep bond, oranges slowly infused itself in her cornea. Orange, like a child's laughter.
With Carrie came pink. Pink, like the fiery moves of a dancer. It was close to purple, so it wasn't a huge shock to see a bouquet of roses suddenly come alive with colour.
In retrospect, gaining orange and pink wasn't that amazing. Not when she lost her mother while doing so. Placing pink dahlias on her grave was just another punch in the gut.
Years passed and people around her found their soulmates. In freshmen year, so many students gasped and fainted as they crossed eyes with their One. She went to parties and someone would start randomly kissing the other. She went to open mics and watched as her soprano voice accompanied two people finding love. It was as beautiful as it was tragic.
Julie was seventeen and she still hadn't found her soulmate. Statistically, most had by now. Had she not gone to The Orpheum that night, she might’ve waited even longer.
Flynn urged her to go to this new and upcoming band, Sunset Curve, as their sound was someone she’d vibe with. Julie wasn’t really feeling it, drowning in homework and song ideas, but her friend was persistent. They needed a breather from everything and a concert was the perfect remedy. After a quick Google search, she realised they were her age. Curiosity swelled in her chest, wondering how they moved up from open mics or school assemblies to the iconic stage of The Orpheum. The only thing she could note about the band was the drummer’s pink hoodie. That was it.
The venue was packed when they arrived. Boisterous chatter, antsy for the band to come on stage and fill the spaces between the instruments. Glasses chiming of sodas and beers being filled and passed around, the soft hum of pop music blaring from a speaker. Most of the crowd were kids from neighbouring schools and all dressed more alternatively. Though she didn’t see most colours, it was clear as day the band tees were vintage and the trousers were ripped or checkered or both.
She shot Flynn a look. “Are you sure this is our thing?”
“Yes!” Propelling them to the front of the stage and consequently shouldering kids in the ribs, she added: “Their biggest hit is, like, insane. And you’ve been in a funk all week, so you need some insanity. To like, counteract it. I don’t know.”
Julie withheld a pout. She’s been ‘in a funk’, because while she was at Eats & Beats grabbing a coffee, two strangers fawned at the sight of each other. RIght in front of her nose, another couple found. It normally didn’t affect her that much, but it did this time. The girl was sick of hearing about romantical love instead of experiencing it herself. Sure, she had Flynn and Carrie and her family, but…
But she wanted that. She wanted more. And with each ticking hour, it felt less and less viable. Where was the One for her?  
The lights dimmed and the pop music stopped, smoke drifting across the stage as the audience began hollering and whistling. Egging the band to get on and give a performance worth watching. The hyped-up teens pushed everyone to the front, now Julie and Flynn forced to crane their necks to watch.
The drummer came on first, all applauding for him as he took his seat and started a drum beat that quickly upped in tempo. It swept them up in an atmosphere, heads bobbing and feeling that rise in anticipation.
Then the bassist came. His dark jacket glittered in the overhead lights, the flannel peaking beneath almost hinting at orange but remaining grey. He added to the beat, bringing in a bassline that had feet bouncing and more people cheering. The mic at the front remained empty, teasing its explosion of lyrics and electricity.
Finally, at the crescendo of sound, the frontman stormed on. He was all charm and smirks and cut-offs and blazing purple shoes. That caught her off guard, eyes dropping to the ultraviolet sneakers. A shock of colour amidst the grey.
His raspy voice belted out lyrics, a grin pulling on Julie’s face at the musicality. Grabbing Flynn’s hand, they jumped around with the other people. Their music was insane. It was fast and clashing and aggressive and raw.
With her neck in its odd position, she observed the singer for a beat. He was… hot. That was all Julie could think. He was hot. His hair falling perfectly right, big eyes, the smile breaking all lines in his face like a beautiful mosaic. Humming like an undercurrent was a buzz right beneath her ribs. Snug and warm, which could’ve been the vibrations from the amps, but it felt different. A good different.
They were in their fourth song when it happened. The band was kicking and jumping around, singing about making it big and not looking down, skyrocketing to stardom, when it happened.
The lead singer dropped to his knees and let the guitar riff bleed to the front row. The audience hollered, Julie laughing in delight at the expert playing, when her and the guy’s gazes met.
He yelped, music stopping short as he careened over the edge and crashed to the floor. Simultaneously, Julie felt the air knocked out of her lungs, losing balance and falling into Flynn. Her eyes were shrivelling with heat, as if hit with the embers of a campfire. A hammer slammed down on the buzz in her chest, electrifying the feeling till it was nearly unbearable.
Her eyes shot open. And then there was colour.  
The crowd dispersed in fright. Gasps and gawks echoed to the back, curious murmurs carefully watching the guy and the girl come to their senses.
“Flynn,” she exclaimed, grabbing for her friend. “Flynn, I can-”
Except she wasn’t there, joining the rest of the crowd further back. The bassist and drummer were watching on, baffled.
Oh. Her stare drifted to the squirming boy on the floor. Oh.
Luke scrambled upright, instantly coming face to face with Front Row Girl and all the colours he has wished to see forever. His eyes were burning from shock and euphoria, greys and whites bleeding out of his bloodstream.
Her hands grasped for his face, worried, lips forming words he hardly registered but vaguely processed as ‘asking if he was okay.’
“Y-yeah, yeah,” he stuttered, his gaze racing across her features to wholly take her in.
Warm skin and wide, brown eyes and dark lashes and curled, pink lips and a pointed chin and glossy, long curls dancing against her cheeks and soft hands and red - she was wearing red. His colour. His soulmate.
He laughed. “Hi.”
She matched it, giggling. “Hey.”
“Hi,” he sighed, still in disbelief that she was his soulmate. His soulmate. His soulmate. The One.
Her trembling smile softened, thumbs swiping across his cheekbones. “You have really pretty eyes,” she whispered.
Her own were shining with unshed tears and he felt himself choking up too. Never in a million years did he think he’d meet his soulmate. To him, it had always been music. Sure, it sounded nice, but he knew he shouldn’t be yearning for it. He had his friends - his aura was red and he gained pink from Alex and yellow from Reggie.
But suddenly she was here. She was really here.
“You’re- pretty-” he stumbled, causing her to laugh again.
Yeah, there was no way he’d be able to continue the gig. The Orpheum was a big deal, but meeting your soulmate? Most monumental moment of anyone's life.
There was so much colour now. So much life. There was so much more than just music and red and pink and yellow to enjoy. (Songs swirled in his mind though, exciting him to the bone as his hands slid to grab her own. Winking all coy, like the best was yet to come.)
“Do you wanna talk?” he rushed out after.
She nodded. “Yeah. You- uh- your band-”
Their fingers intertwined, warmth dancing in his heart. “Doesn’t matter,” he chuckled. “Really does not matter right now.”
The light of a camera flash and exhilarated screams of ‘soulmates!’ ripped them from their bubble. The bassist jumped offstage and clapped Luke on the back, whispering at him to go to the alley. Leading her away, there was no sense of doubt in their steps. Luke didn’t know her name, she maybe didn’t know his. None of that mattered. There was colour now.
From the alleyway, they found themselves wandering around the Strip as they talked for ages. Her name was Julie, his was Luke, they were musicians, they were seventeen, their auras were purple and red, he decided he adored her smile the most and she his twinkling eyes.
“I think they’re green,” Julie said, peering into his eyes. She was impossibly close and it sort of took his breath away. “They’re fresh.”
“Fresh?” he grinned.
She didn’t lean back - she didn’t want to, his soul simply enigmatic - and asked him the same question. “What are mine?”
His expression softened, a smile twitching on his lips. They’re beautiful. “Brown, I think,” he said instead. “Not sure though. You wanna figure it out tomorrow?”
Her stride halted, their grasp on each other nearly yanked apart. His brows raised expectantly. It was there - that invisible, innate, sense of understanding. It wasn’t just colour. It was the refusal to look at colour alone, ever again. It was insane for the both of them, how their rushing thoughts slotted all puzzle pieces together without a hitch. It had that satisfying click-click-click sound, like dominoes.
Luke found himself coming back to her, the space between them disappearing till their arms pressed together and there were no forces tugging them together. It was all themselves.
“I have a book about colour,” Julie eventually said. “We can learn them all.”
He smirked. “I can tell you your lips are pink.”
“Yours are too.”
“Yeah?” he teased.  
But then she lifted a finger and pressed against the plump skin. His heart stopped short at the sensation. Before he gave into the instinct to pucker them and kiss it, her hand dropped.
Julie grinned. “And now they’re red.”
When Luke kissed her, hers were red too.
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creativeashproductions · 9 months ago
When Fate Intervenes // Luke Patterson
IN WHICH: Fate intervenes with a trio of musicians on the night that was supposed to be legendary. Fate puts the reader with a special ability that may or may not be able to save them. Fate puts a clairvoyant, an accidentally upsized pizza and thirteen year old oddly obsessed with a rock band.
Warnings: Swearing, food poison, death, and fluff
Words: 2.8k
A/N: Time to get rid of some fic ideas from my TOO LONG of a list. It’s Julie fault, she keeps encouraging each fic idea I tell her.
Tumblr media
The Orpheum, 1995
The line up comprised of countless girls wearing homemade band shirts for the new band performing. Your little sister, at thirteen years old, had pleaded for weeks if not three months to go watch it. It was odd since she was more in the pop scene than the rock music. Your parents would never let her go to the rock show at night, so it was you or no show. It took a promise of doing your chores for an entire month and her dessert for two months. That was why you stood beside Harper among the fangirls while you clicked through the camera you’d saved up for years.
“I’m so excited.” Harper buzzed dancing on your feet as the time on her watch dwindled down more and more.
Your eyes flitted from the screen to the ball of energy you called your little sister, “I can tell. Which one do you have a crush on?”
“Reggie. He’s the bassist and so fucking-sorry freaking cool.” Harper gushed, “A good portion of the fans are obsessed with the lead singer Luke. Bobby is the rhythm guitarist, and he’s a ladies man, but he’s sweet about it.”
“And you’d know that how?” You questioned letting go of the camera around your neck. Your e/c eyes meeting her matching pair of irises; well yours were a bit more vibrant.
“I just know.” Harper retorted before beaming as she roughly poked the pin she’d made herself, “This represents all of them. Red for Reggie’s plaid shirt he always has, orange for Bobby’s love of oranges, yellow for Luke’s energy and pink for Alex because he loves the colour!”
The pin had their band design with Sunset Curve on it with the words outlined with a sunset made up of red, orange, yellow and pink just as Harper had pointed out. By far, it was her best work, but that was expected from an art student at Los Feliz High School. An art school for artists and performers. You attended for photography and creative writing just as Harper attended for art.
“That might be your best work Harps.” You complimented your little sister who shivered in the cool night breeze. You didn’t even think about tugging off your warm jacket to place on her shoulders.
You’d rather be cold than your little sister no matter how much you fought with each other, the Y/L/N siblings had each other’s backs no matter what.
“Thanks.” Harper murmured, leaning closer, “So do I meet Reggie?”
Your eyes widened slightly at her subtle goading to a part of your life was cinematic. It was a piece of you that very few people knew about, only your parents and Harper. Like most of the women in your paternal lineage, you carried the ability to foresee events in the future. A clairvoyant.
“Harper!” You scolded the young teenager who blatantly was just over-excited to see the band she’d been talking about constantly.
Harper’s cheeks turned a cherry blossom pink under the crappy lighting from the marquee sign. Even in the light, you noticed the changes in her face as she matured into a young woman, her cheeks while still full didn’t have that baby cheek look now. You saw a stubborn zit that you could see under the makeup that didn’t entirely match her skin tone. It caused an ache in your heart to know that soon she’d have the experience of heartbreak.
“You told me these guys are my age. Need I remind you that you are thirteen? If anyone older than thirteen makes an advance I’ll put my softball skills to the test.” You sternly informed the shorter girl with the pout that screamed rebellion, “Just be a kid Harps.”
“Like you said Y/N, I’m thirteen. I’m not a kid anymore.” Harper dropped the attitude to adopt a more mature soft tone. You could see the tinge of sadness in her eyes at losing the part of life where it was easy.
“I know. I can wish you’ll stay that annoying little kindergartener that stole my clothing.” You chuckled, “You’ll always be the Stephanie to my DJ.”
The two Y/L/N siblings momentarily glanced around before hugging as quickly as possible, they still had reputations to uphold. Had you been actually paying attention, you and Harper would have noticed the commotion from the people behind you.
As you and Harper had the sweet moment, the very band performing had raced out the alley into the street. What brought you back to the surroundings was the pizza boy delivering the pizza box to you. 
“Wait, we ordered a small!” You exclaimed finding the boy holding an extra-large pizza. You only received a shrug in response with the right change given back. 
Two things happened with this food mistake, you didn’t have to pay more than what you actually ordered, and you still got the larger pizza. However, the Orpheum didn’t allow outside food, meaning you’d have to force-feed yourself all the pizza or trash more than half. 
“We could shar-” Harper was cut off as a blinding white light became your focal point. Harper knew what was happening by the specific groan coming from your lips.
A nauseating scent of cheap meat, gas and chemicals flooded your sense of smell in the dingy alleyway. It was nighttime with a few people in the general vicinity with a dilapidated table and mismatched chairs on the walls’ edge. A poorly made sign with Sam & Ella’s and going by the vendor selling the hot dogs the name fit. Sam & Ella sounded like salmonella.
From a distance, you couldn’t quite hear the conversation between three male teens, but you had a bad feeling. They all migrated to a ratty couch that had been better days, a rat wouldn’t even crawl on it you swore.
The first boy had slicked back hair with rosy cheeks you dubbed innocent and cute that juxtapositioned his rocker attire. He had polished black leather shoes, pleather if his choice of food was an indication, a leather jacket and a red plaid shirt around his waist. His attention focused on the two guys beside him. In the middle, the boy had the blue hood of his sweater pulled over his messy brown hair as if hiding. Nothing stood out about him, and it seemed like that was intentional. On the other side, the last one was the tallest with his blonde hair hidden by the backwards black hat. A distressed dark grey jean jacket open to proudly display his pink hoodie. Each one wearing black pants and adorning rings.
“This is awesome, you guys. We’re playing the Orpheum!” The middle boy joyfully spoke head in the clouds instead of the questionable surroundings. He arguably had the loveliest smile you had ever seen, and his friends had nice smiles at that as well.
Yet even if this hadn’t taken place, however, it still felt like you were intruding on something incredibly private, “Why am I being shown this?”
Your question went unsurprisingly unanswered.
“I can’t even count how many bands have played here! And then ended up being huge!” He happily sunk into the back of the couch, thinking of all the bands he had CDs to in his room, “We’re gonna be legends!”
“Oh.” You breathed as you caught a whiff from the boys that quickly gave you the understanding of why you saw this. You could only smell what you had dubbed as death, the scent unchanging from the first time you’d encountered it.
The death stench accompanied a clairvoyant vision if the object of your vision was sick or about to die. The first time you encountered, it was a vision of two cars colliding, the sound of shattering glass and crunching metal, the scent of burning flesh overpowering the milder stench. The next morning school was cancelled after a teacher died in a car accident on the way to work.
“Eat up, boys. ’Cause after tonight, everything changes.” The only vocal one continued with his two friends silently listening. The trio toasted their food together.
“No!” You exclaimed as each boy took a bite. You held your breath, hoping that the inevitable in the vision wouldn’t occur.
Unfortunately, it was right away the warning appeared. The blonde one the most affected, “That’s a new flavour.”
“Chill, man. Street dogs haven’t killed us yet.” The leather jacket guy proudly spoke, the least one concerned. 
Even the guy in the middle was concerned but ultimately continued eating.
“Stop it!” You shouted, but it was no use. As with every vision, you had the potential to stop it from coming true, but while in the vision, you couldn’t interact with the people or surrounding. No matter how much you wanted to slam the food out of their hands.
But one thing sends shivers down your spine. The one in the middle made direct eye contact with you. Something that had never happened before nor to any previous clairvoyants. He kept eye contact as he slowly grew sicker and sicker.
The three boys had no chance as the ambulance rushed to the alleyway to save them. The paramedics weren’t as quick as the vendors who’d already packed and fled to protect their own hides.
You watched as the paramedics did everything in their power to save the young teenagers with everything possible. Just like Luke sang in their last song, the boys felt the darker version of an electric hammer to the heart. The clocks freezing in place as they each took their last breathe in the oddest of deaths. You saw the blonde guy die painfully first before followed by the formerly hooded one, the terrified cries of the last one haunting your phantom ears.
How did three healthy teenagers die on the same night of the exact nature within minutes of each other without one surviving? Maybe it had something to do with the hot dogs chilling in the liquid that was a cesspool of bacteria compounded with tained condiments from battery acid.
You roughly came out of the vision shaking and pale-faced frantically scanning the surroundings. Harper had a grip on the extra large pizza box while the other tightly held yours to ground you in the present.
“Are you okay?” Harper softly questioned with the panic hidden inside her body. Harper knew that this vision had been one of the bad ones. The haunted look in your eyes hinting towards death in the near future.
“We need to go.” You frantically replied, grabbing the pizza that would hopefully have a hand in saving three hopeful teens.
Your gym teacher would be proud of the distance diminished and speed you kept towards the area that would further shatter you. Foreseeing death and sometimes unable to stop it always had a nasty impact on you. 
“Where are we going?” Harper yelled, “We’ll miss the doors opening!”
“We’ll miss them if we don’t hurry up!” You shouted back at the disgruntled little sister but at the moment that didn’t matter. 
What mattered was three hungry teenagers about to gorge themselves on death dogs if you didn’t make it in time. It appeared for the first time you’d actually manage to stop the deaths, unlike the previous three times. 
“-tonight. Everything changes.” The chill-inducing rasp helped navigate you to the disgusting couch. Your cold hand slammed the hotdog from the blonde’s hand, the shocked reaction halting the other two.
“Don’” You heaved bending over at the waist to catch your breath. Wheezing sounded from your little sister as the running and seeing her favourite band up close settled.
“Excuse me! I paid for that hotdog!”
“You’d be buying yourself death literally. Your dreams of playing the Orpheum would be extinct.” You sighed, chugging the water from the pocket of Harper’s backpack for a few seconds before the owner took it back.
“Okay, look I don’t know how you found us but-”
“You don’t have to believe me ’cause I sure as hell wouldn’t have but don’t jeopardize your dreams. Look my little sister wanted to see your show so I brought her and we ordered a pizza. They fucked up the order by giving us an extra-large pizza. We’ll barely eat a quarter of it, and the venue is strict on the rules.” You rambled using tour hands to elaborate the story before Harper roughly elbowed your ribs, “Ow!”
“Oops.” Harper faked a sugar-sweet smile for your benefit as the interaction with the three musicians slowly dove into embarrassment.
“-sorry. You’d be doing us a favour by not wasting our money and food. What do you say?” You hesitantly asked the trio who didn’t speak vocally; their eyes meeting in a silent conversation.
Reggie sighed as he begrudgingly dropped his hotdog in the bin near the couch, “Pizza outranks street dogs even if the dogs are heaven and to die for.”
“Literally.” You grumbled forcefully pushing the obscenely large pizza box into the middle one’s stomach, “I’m Y/N, this is my little sister Harper.”
“Hi.” Harper shyly waved with cheeks turning a dust pink concealed by the dark of the alleyway. The boys’ lips all quirked at the sudden contrast from the confident sister slamming her elbow in you to the bashful teen.
“I’m Luke. This is Reggie and Alex.” The hooded one, Luke, introduced his bandmates as best he could with his hands occupied by the pizza box.
Without the threat of death by the hot dog, you actually took the time to look at Luke with appraising eyes. His eyes were like oceans of blues, greens and even a brown that both exhilarated you; the desire of studying them not surprising. His smile outshone the sun on the hottest day in August.
“Nice to meet you.” You informed the trio with a beaming smile that matched your starstruck little sister. The interaction gave you the opportunity for immense and untiring future teasing on the teen that daydreamed of the bassist. 
You had to admit the trio were incredibly attractive.
“Come back to the dressing room. We can eat there out of the cold.” Alex courteously invited the two formerly strangers. His blues sharing his pure intentions to repay you for saving their lives and offering pizza. 
“Of course.” Harper nodded her head with her eyes barely meeting the ones of the boys. The shell was broken when Reggie piped up.
“That’s a really cool pin! Where’d you find it?”
Tumblr media
Gated Community, Los Angeles, 2002
An off-tune humming filled the modestly sized home in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California with the sound of water splashing. Doing the dishes was a mindless chore that typically didn’t bother you, but the pain in your lower back protested. You’d have used the dishwasher, but the thing was perpetually breaking down. Didn’t seen essential to replace when washing dishes by hand was just as productive.
Or it was when you didn’t have the extra weight in your midsection, a symbol of your love with your husband. In fact, you would have avoided doing dishes if you hadn’t just used the last clean plate and glass at breakfast plus Luke hadn’t been home in the previous week.
Sunset Curve had gone on a press tour for the upcoming album and tour planned for next year.
“Oof.” You moaned as the little rascal once more hit your bladder, “Are you breaking electric guitars in there?”
“Not a soccer player?”
“With you as their father? Not likely.” You snorted as the sudden appearance of Luke became clear. You hadn’t been expecting him, “I missed you. We missed you.”
As had it since you first told him Luke’s warm hand came to rest on the front of your swollen belly. In a short month, you’d be cradling the newest member of the Patterson family with Luke singing the lullaby he solely made for baby P.
“Still haven’t given in?” The lead guitarist teased you with a beaming smile splitting his face, “Go sit down. I’ll finish the dishes.”
You didn’t need to be asked twice. 
“I’m not abusing my clairvoyance to foresee our child’s gender, name and appearance.” You pointed one finger in his direction, “I refused Bobby’s pleading to see which models he would bed. The only time I did something like that was to reassure Alex that he would fall in love with a lovely guy.”
Luke’s heart burst with sheer adoration at how easily you had sunk into the friendship with the band after that one night. A night that had given birth to a friendship that slowly evolved into a romance and marriage. To this day, the group got together as much as possible.
“I love you.” Luke chuckled, “Even-”
“-if I came into your life like a completely crazy person?”
“We’re all a little crazy.”
Your house surely would be when a little tornado with Luke’s energy took over the home you’d made with Luke. The very home you would have more children and grow old together until soon you held your grandkids on your laps.
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conversecake · 6 months ago
AN: I took a break from El Novio and thanks to Michael's Tiwtich stream an idea for Luke and Rory came about and I added that new pic y’alls mans posted 😌😌😌 also our newest 5sos!baby is named after my fave @wastelandcth ​ 
Requested? No
Warnings: general fluff with a breif interaction with rude a parent
Word Count:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luke gently pushed down Aaliyah onto the couch. He quickly sat up and removed his shirt. He unzipped Aaliyah’s windbreaker and kissed down her body. His hands instinctively tugged down her leggings. He choked on air as he saw that she wasn’t wearing anything under.
“I get butt sweat when I wear panties.” Aaliyah explained to him. 
“All the more reason why you should ditch Alex, Fiona and Marina and stay with me. I can get you hot and stretched out so you don’t go to hot yoga.” Luke said before kissing her thighs.
“Mumma, I need my leo!” Rory yelled from her room, making them jump.
“I got it.” Luke mumbled kissing Aaliyah. 
He slipped on his shirt and adjusted his boxers to cover the tent in his sweatpants. He jogged upstairs to Rory’s room and found all of her clothes discarded on the floor. 
“What’s this?” He asked her. 
“I can’t find my leo.” She said, dramatically laying on her rug. 
Luke rolled his eyes at his three year old. He picked her up and sat her on the bed. He tossed her clothes on the bed and noted that she took out the clothes on the bottom drawers she reached. He pulled the second drawer and closed it back up remembering that it was her tennis and not her gymnastics one. All of her leotards and gymnastics equipment were in her closet. 
“Here you go love.” Luke said, handing Rory her favorite leotard. It was forest green with silver stars around her arms. She liked it in part because it was the same green as the shirt he wore where his ‘boobies’ showed. It also meant that Luke had to wear the shirt so they could be matchy-matchy. A term Rory took from Nico.
“Thank you.” She went to her bathroom and went to change. 
Luke folded her clothes and put them back in the drawers. 
“Tada!” Rory said before she did a somersault.
“A perfect ten.” Luke said. 
“Woohoo!” she cheered as she jumped to give him a high five. She went to her closet and grabbed her koala Converse Luke’s parents gave her when they all went to Australia for the band’s final leg of tour back in December. “Can I wear these?”
“Of course. Do you need help tying your shoelaces?”
“Yes, but I put them on.” Rory said. She slipped them on and pushed her feet towards Luke. He tied them and nearly fell back when she tackled him to a hug. “Thank you daddy!”
“You are welcome.”
Luke placed her on his shoulders and let her steer them downstairs. He ducked her as they went through the door frame and made sure she didn’t hit her head again. He put her down on her feet and watched her greet the dogs. She scratched Goldie’s tummy and kissed both Noon and Petunia’s heads. 
“Wash your hands love.” Luke said when he saw her pull her chair.
“Oh yeah.” She pushed her chair and went to wash her hands. She stood on the stool and washed her hands with Luke. She dried them and went to sit on her activities table to color while she waited for Luke to get started on breaky.
“I’m going to kill Marina.” Aaliyah groaned as she went straight to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of green juice. She looked back to a wide eyed Rory. 
“Not nice, mumma.” Rory said, dumping her crayon box onto the table. 
“I didn’t mean it literally. It’s an expression you say when you get annoyed with someone because they’re making you do something you don’t want to.” She quickly explained. She turned to Luke. “So our yoga class got cancelled, and Marina came up with the genius idea that we go hiking near the house she and Ashton bought near the mountains.” 
“That’s not so bad.” Luke said, flipping Rory’s blueberry pancakes.
“She wants us to bring the kids.” She deadpanned.
“But Rory has gymnastics.” 
“Now you know why I want to kill her.”
Luke placed the pancakes on a plate for Rory and made a smiley face with more blueberries. He placed her pancakes on the breakfast table and motioned to come eat. He nodded along to whatever else Aaliyah was telling him.
“So it’s settled then.” She said, making him look over to her, confused. She gave him a look before she explained, “I’ll go run a few errands and get what we need for the trip while you take Rory to gymnastics. She’s super excited to show you off.” 
Luke smirked and proudly looked at Rory. “I mean, I am Luke Hemmings, the father of the Aurora Marie Hemmings-Douglass after all.” 
“Daddy, lights.” Rory pointed at their green vintage Porsche with the headlights still on. 
Luke turned back and adjusted Rory’s bag over his shoulder. “They’ll turn off in a bit. C’mon we’re already late.” He said, tugging her down to the street.
Once inside the gym, Rory pulled off her Converse and chucked them at Luke. She quickly snuck into the middle of the line and followed the warmups. 
The second he sat down at one of the empty tables, he got swarmed by a group of teenage girls, all giddy that he was at their gym. He took a few selfies with them until their trainers called them back from their break. They all giggled and bid him goodbye. 
Once the last gymnast left, Luke focused on Rory. She was the best in her class. She followed every direction and watched the other kids. She would gather their mistakes and make mental notes not to do them. A trait she got from Aaliyah. 
If Ryan Tedder hadn't sat next to Aaliyah, who was taking notes of if her classmates' mistakes and improving her work, at the UC Berkeley showcase, Rory wouldn't exist.  
A few hours had gone by, Luke began reflecting. He leaned back and crossed his arms. It was the first time in a while that he felt like a dad. On top of their own world tour they did the year before, in the past few weeks, the band had been traveling all over the UK and Europe opening for Halsey's tour. So Luke hadn't had much time to spend with Rory. The last he had seen her was when she and Aaliyah visited him in Amsterdam to celebrate Rory's birthday. Now seeing her almost a head taller and with a more broader vocabulary, made him realize all that he's missed. 
His heart warmed watching Rory high five a blonde girl with soft blue eyes before she went up.
"She's great, ain't she?" A woman with a heavy East Coast accent said, approaching him. She had large ginger-red hair and held a large bedazzled Starbucks cup. 
"Best in class if I say so myself." Luke said politely. 
"No offense, but the best in the class is the charity case in the green leotard." Rory was only one in green. "Poor thing was lucky that this place takes students based on talent and not if their single mom can afford it. It's funny that they both say that the dad—"
"Go Rory!" Luke cheered as Rory did a perfect cartwheels across the floor. 
He clapped loudly and whistled. Rory high fived the trainer and went up to him as the trainers announced the end of training. 
"Daddy, did you see me?" Rory asked him, climbing onto his lap. 
Luke nodded and smiled. "I did. Perfect as always, love." he handed her water bottle. 
The woman had walked away and went to a group of moms. Luke had noticed them when they arrived, but didn't pay much attention to them. But now that he eyed them, he saw them for what they were: vultures. He felt angry and annoyed with them. 
"Are you ready?" Luke asked Rory. 
"Yes." She said. 
He grabbed her things and let her lead them out of the gym. She swung their hands together as they made their way to the car. Luke placed her things in the back next to her and helped her buckle up in her car seat. He rounded back to the driver's seat and started the car. Only for it to not to start. The car struggled a bit and gave out. 
Luke cursed, remembering that it was probably the car lights he left on. He called Aaliyah to help him recharge his car. While they waited for her, he handed Rory his phone and played her a movie. A few moms had come up to them and offered to recharge his car, among other things. He declined them, with Rory assuring them that her mumma was coming.
Aaliyah pulled next to them a good fifteen minutes later. Luke pulled her into a hug and thanked her after she teased him once again for forgetting to turn off his lights. Rory got out of the car and hugged her. She went on explaining to her all the new stuff she learned and how happy she was that Luke took her. 
"Daddy, can I go with mumma?" Rory asked once Luke's car was starting again. 
"Sure,” He nodded. “ I'll race you two home." He challenged Aaliyah. 
She shook her head. They both knew Aaliyah is the better driver between the two. "It's on." 
By the time they arrived at Ashton and Marina’s house it was around bed time for the kids. Around one in the morning Rory snuck into Luke and Aaliyah’s room because Max and Ethan were having a farting competition. Resulting in Luke and Aaliyah not being able to sleep because she took up half the bed, despite being barely three feet tall. But they were glad she was sleeping. The reason why they showed up at night was because she had a whole moment because they were taking the grey SUV Porsche and not the vintage green one. 
“It’s so early Al.” Luke grumbled as he slipped on his boots. 
“Oh shush, how many times did we have phone sex in the middle of the night because someone was in Europe and couldn’t wait a few hours.” Aaliyah sassed him as they quietly snuck outside.
Luke jogged to the car and removed Rory’s car seat, placing it in the trunk. Aaaliyah climbed inside and pushed him down on the seat. They devoured each other, not sure where to get started. 
Aaliyah got off his lap and sat next to Luke, pulling off her pajamas. She threw them haphazardly around the car.  Luke already settled in the middle seat shirtless and with his pants and boxers around his ankles as his cock stood proudly. While Aaliyah fixed her hair, he searched inside the center console, grabbing a box of condoms. 
“What’s with the condoms?” She asked as he skillfully rolled it on him. “We haven’t used one in years. Why do we need one now? We literally have a child sleeping upstairs”
“Aaliyah,” Luke groaned at her in frustration. 
“I’m not going to get into it right now because it’s early, but after breakfast we’re going to have a serious talk.” 
Aaliyah stood on her knees over Luke’s cock and reached down for it as she ran her arousal on it. Luke grabbed her hips and guided her down his cock. Both let out a satisfied moan. Aaliyah grabbed the headrest and slowly rode him. Once she got used to him, Luke met her thrusts. They were urgent yet passionate. Aaliyah was a moaning mess for him. 
Luke watched her dainty Cartier necklace bounce on her chest. He pulled her lips back to his. They moaned into each other. Aaliyah rode him with more urgency, but he pulled out of her. 
Aaliyah couldn’t process anything because next thing she knew, Luke laid her on the car seat. He planted one of his knees on the seat and wrapped her legs around his torso. Aaliyah’s whimpers filled the room as he thrusted back into her. One of her hands gripped his bicep while the other traveled down to her clit.
While she rubbed herself, she panted. “I’m going to come.”
“Fuck—can you hold it? I’m almost there.” 
Aaliyah nodded. 
Luke slowed his thrusts. They were deeper and more precise, he took her as if he was making love to her. Aaliyah pulled his mouth to hers. This kiss itself was also slow and soft. 
Aaliyah closed her eyes, she was close. “Eyes on me Aaliyah” he said. She opened her eyes and met Luke’s full of love and admiration. 
With one swift movement both came undone, moaning each other’s names.
After another heated makeout session they got dressed. They quietly giggled to each other, surprised that Ashton wasn’t up yet doing yoga by the picnic table. They closed the front door and found the kids running around. 
“My daddy says that there’s supposed to be ten numbers on a phone 9-1-1 has three.” Nico argued with Ethan.
“Nico, I’m six almost seven, trust me.” He said.
“Why are we calling 911?” Luke asked them.
“Rory is missing.” Max and Gemma, Michael and Fiona’s daughter said at the same time. 
Nico and Ethan shushed them. Nico fixed her rainbow pajama leggings and said. “As Gemma and Max said, Rory is missing. When we woke up she was— “
“It’s Gemma like gem not with an H sound.” Ethan interjected. 
“Well I’m Mexican and Mexicans say it with an H.”
“This isn’t Mexico, Nicolasa.”
Aaliyah got in between Nico and Ethan before their argument woke up the other parents. “Okay! Let’s bring it back to Rory. What do you mean she’s missing?” She motioned to her and Luke. “We went for a quick...walk and left her sleeping in our room.”
“Oh.” the four kids said in unison.
“Can we have breaky?” Max asked, making his way to the kitchen.
“Mumma, I want breaky too.” Rory mumbled, rubbing her eye. 
All the kids ran and hugged her. “Rory!”
“Where were you?” Nico asked like a worried mother, who’s kid accidentally napped when they were supposed to be paying attention to the route thus making them miss their stop.
Rory shrugged. “Sleeping.”
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The Other Side of Hollywood
Tumblr media
Word Count: 4.7K+
Author’s Note: So, this was going to be covering all of episode eight, but I got a bit carried away, and like, wrote too much? So, felt right to split it, the rest of episode eight will be in the next chapter (get the tissues ready). For now, enjoy some jatp au I made up! 
Warning: brief discussion of death.
Part One is here, Two is here, Three is here and Four is here. The masterlist is here, and the moodboard I made for Y/N is aquí. 
Y/N wasn’t the type to dream, but the more she tried to forget about music, the more she dreamed about… And the people linked to it. Her nights were restless as memories of the past few weeks stirred with flashes of things she couldn’t remember happening to her, often making her periods of sleep restless. It didn’t help that the flickering was getting worse, or that the one person she wanted to spend time with no doubt hated her.
Willie had been good enough to tell her what he had done: admitting to explaining everything to Alex, Reggie, and Luke. He didn’t plan on holding it back, walking straight into her room that night, a week ago, and letting it all tumble out before she could stop him. She just sat, glassy eyed as she listened, her focus somewhere else as she held herself.
“Y/N… Y/N say something…” Willie had asked, taking his hands in hers. Her eyes looked up into his, her forehead resting against his.
“You’re my family, Will… We stick together… I won’t tell Caleb.” She said simply, glancing around them at the mention of their boss.
“He came back, didn’t he? Yelled again?” Willie asked with a sigh.
“I’m fine.”
When Willie found Y/N at the bar the next morning, it was clear she had forgone sleep the night before. She was sluggish in her movements, but not without some sort of spirit in her, humming softly to herself as she straightened glasses on shelves. He sat down across from her on a bar stool, his elbows resting on the polished counter as he reached out a hand to catch her attention.
“Talk to me, Y/N. Please. You don’t look good.” Willie begged, not liking the sight of his closest friend in such pain. She had been getting worse as the week went on, almost like she was losing colour.
“There’s nothing to talk about, Willie… Have you seen Alex?” She asked, and Willie shook his head. He had been keeping his distance from the guys for his own safety, though it hurt not seeing Alex.
“I was planning to look for him today. Just now, actually.” He explained, and Y/N nodded.
“Then do that… I have somewhere to be.” She muttered, stopping when she caught her reflection, and sighing. She ran a hand through her hair, tidying herself up a little, and with a click of her fingers, she changed into better looking clothes. The perks of being a ghost…
“Y/N.” Willie said again, but when his friend started for the exit, he jumped from his seat and blocked her way. “You’re not well. You need to be resting, or something… Not disappearing every day and making Caleb more suspicious of you.” He whispered, holding her by the shoulders. “The plan doesn’t involve you dying, you know…”
“You help them… They cross over and all this nonsense stops…” She said softly, feeling a tear stain her cheek, that Willie quickly wiped away. “… Why do I feel like this?” she asked, catching Willie a little off-guard.
“Feel like what?” He asked, sitting her down at the nearest table. Y/N didn’t really talk about herself, how she felt… In the over a decade they had been friends, it wasn’t something that ever really came up.
“I feel…” She stopped, trying to describe it. “It’s like, heavy, everywhere’s heavy… And my stomach’s all knotted and there’s this fog in my head whenever I think about them…” She said in a hushed tone, rubbing the sides of her temple with her fingers, the black nail polish she had painted on them for that damned party last week now chipped.
“I… I think that’s guilt.” Willie said slowly, and Y/N opened her eyes.
“Guilt? You say it like I’m some sort of robot, Willie.”
“Well, before you met Luke… You sort of were.” He admitted, prompting a soft ‘oh’ to escape her lips. “I mean… You…” Willie tried to back track, but he couldn’t: Y/N needed to hear this. “No… Before a month ago, you were soulless. And considering that’s all you’ve got left…” He sighed, and Y/N just nodded in agreement.
“I just… I never felt like I was doing anything wrong before…” She confessed, her voice barely a whisper, and Willie nodded.
“Yeah… For a while, neither did I.” He agreed. This wasn’t their first time playing tempter and temptress for the club. It wasn’t the first time they had done bad things because they were told to, because they wanted to.
A jolt hit Y/N in the chest, causing her to groan and grip the side of her chair, Willie’s hands reaching out to help, but she shook her head.
“I’m fine. I’m fine.”
“So you keep saying, Y/N. And yet, here we are.” Willie reminded, receiving a harsh glare and weak punch in the arm. “I love you; I’ll see you later, alright?” He promised, and Y/N nodded gently, waving him off.
He glanced back once more, double-checking, but the seat was empty, Y/N already gone. It caused him to frown, but with Alex in his head Willie vanished from the club floor, landing in… A concert venue. Alex was sat on the couch beside him, twirling a drumstick between his fingers, eyes trained on the stage. He seemed to be lost in a memory, smiling softly to himself as his eyes lost focus. Willie flashed over, taking his place by Alex’s side with a sigh.
“Is this seat taken?” He asked, Alex looking over with a forlorn expression. He didn’t say anything in response, instead letting out a heavy breath and letting his legs swing for a moment, his eyes wandering over the room. Willie felt his hands clenching at the sight of Alex so sad, though he couldn’t do much about it.
“This whole thing sucks…” Alex softly said a few seconds later, the pair sharing a look Willie couldn’t hold.
“Yeah, I messed up.” He had been reminding himself of it over the past week quite often, usually in the company of Y/N. They would talk around it a lot, one time she had even offered some suggestions to getting their deal changed with Caleb.
“No, it’s like you said… You didn’t have a choice.” Alex reminded, both looking down at the stamps on their arms. “Caleb owns your soul, Willie…”
“No, still, I know what he’s capable of. I brought you guys right to him.” Willie’s eyes finally looked up at Alex. “When you guys asked me, I should’ve just skated away.” He said definitively, and Alex quirked a smile.
“I would have still followed you.” He responded, leaning closer to Willie for a moment before swaying back. “He would have found us one way or another… You’re not the bad guy, Willie…”
“Just friends with the people who are…” He sighed. “How… How are they doing, your friends?” He asked, and Alex rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh.
“Reggie is Reggie… Luke is… Angry? I think we all are but he… He’s spent the past week trying and failing at plans to help us cross over. I think he’s distracting himself.” He admitted to Willie, who nodded in understanding, no doubt in Alex’s mind that maybe Y/N had been distracting herself too. The bandmates all knew that this place, this was their end goal, but after Luke had made the connection last week he had been trying to find other ‘unfinished business’ options: something more attainable.
“Man…” Willie sighed, turning his body to face Alex better. “I would do anything to take back what I did to you.” It was a promise, even though the damage had been done, and Alex could tell he meant it. Another jolt coursed through Alex, his second that day, and Willie moved back in mild shock, watching the drummer hold his side. “I’m so sorry…” Willie muttered again. “I mean, did you guys figure out what your unfinished business is?” He asked, hoping for some good news, but was met with a tired scoff from Alex.
“It’s not like it’s going to happen…” He informed the skater, his eyes travelling around the venue once more, “We have to play here.” Alex finally revealed, and Willie looked around the room with Alex, not quite sure he had heard the boy correctly.
“The… The Orpheum?” He asked, deadpan, not quite sure if he was being serious: it was one of the biggest spots in Hollywood, alumni of the place were music royalty…
“Yeah, I mean, we were two hours away on that stage the night we died.” Alex pointed as he spoke, his hand dropping down as Willie uttered the following words.
“You guys were gonna be legends…”
“Yeah… We were…”
Willie’s concern for Y/N’s wellbeing was warranted: the jolts had been getting worse and more frequent, happening at least four time a day now; and she hadn’t spoken much about how she was feeling to him. Y/N knew Luke was angry, she was upset because of it, but tried her best not to show it. Last thing anyone needed was her teary-eyed and weak.
However, without the emotional outlet, Y/N had to find something else to do, find a distraction: find a new friend.
So, for the last week, Y/N had found herself at Los Feliz High School, quite literally shadowing Julie through the day. The first time, it had actually been a surprise to them both: Y/N had found herself wandering LA on Monday morning when she found herself at the steps to Los Feliz high: her own alma mater.
She walked around by herself for an hour or so, taking in how the school had changed in 25 years: there was certainly more than a coat of paint added, in fact the whole building had been renovated. Walls that were once dull greys and greens had become white, with splashes of red and blue scattered around. The ceilings had been opened up with skylights, making the whole space feel bigger; the cafeteria building was an entire new piece of infrastructure.
It was bizarre, to walk the halls and see smiling faces as if high school wasn’t the worst time of someone’s life… At least, for her it was.
Julie walked through her, actually, during lunch, as she and Flynn had headed for the music rooms to sneak in some practice. She had apologised to thin air, prompting Flynn to give her a funny look, and Y/N to laugh in response. After a brief explanation in the solitude of the band room, Julie insisted that she show Y/N around.
And that was how it had been, every day since. Y/N showed up to school around the same time every day, and followed Julie around her classes, allowed a look into a world she could barely remember being a part of. Y/N found Julie that day in maths class, appearing with a flash of light sat atop of Julie’s neighbouring classmate’s desk, sending the poor kid’s papers to the floor.
“Sorry I’m late, Willie held me up…” Y/N explained, receiving a smile in response. She knew Julie couldn’t talk back to her; she didn’t mind: more glad to be seen than anything. A glance around the room, students with their heads down scribbling furiously as their teacher paced at the board, make it pretty clear to Y/N that there was a test ongoing. “Oh… Sorry, I forgot about this.” She scolded herself for forgetting, Julie had mentioned it the day before, but with Luke and everything else on her mind, it had slipped through the cracks. “Did you study for this?” She asked Julie quickly, earning a quick shake of the head from the girl, who sighed and rubbed her temple in frustration.
Julie’s dad had told her that her grades needed to stay up if she wanted to keep singing with the guys, and Julie had been trying hard to balance it all: but it was math, and her teacher was horrid, it was only a matter of time before she showed up at home with a D in the subject.
“How about, I make up for intruding?” Y/N offered, and Julie glanced up with a raised eyebrow, curious. “Look, it’s a temporary fix, sure, but… You have an invisible friend, four in fact, you might as well use them.” Julie watched with wide eyes as the ghost girl walked to the front of her class, right through her teacher, and sat down at his desk, right where the answer sheet sat. “Oh wow, they really need to update their algebra exams… I’m pretty sure I did this exact paper in 94…” Y/N commented, and Julie had to stifle a giggle. “Wait… Is that Mr Norbert?!” Y/N exclaimed, looking back at the teacher. “He got fat… And bald… You know, he made this test to bump down kids’ GPAs…” She muttered, and Julie found herself clearing her throat. She wasn’t one to cheat at anything, but the test was impossible, and after Y/N clarified that it had been impossible since the 90s, the help would be more than appreciated. “Right, right… Make sure to mark some wrong, go for a… B+ average.” Y/N reminded, scooting the chair forward a little to start reading the answers, causing more than a few heads to look up at the noise. “Ok, number one is A. Number two is C. Number three is…”
Over the past week, Julie and Y/N had found themselves in a budding friendship.
It was unconventional, of course, but Y/N was sort of like the big sister Julie never had: Y/N 6 months on her alive and 25 years dead, so she was quite full of useful tid-bits, especially when she was looking for insights into ghost life, or insights into guys. And for Y/N, with Julie’s bandmates certainly hating her, and thanks to no-one wanting to give the girl bad news, she had the chance to make some proper girlfriends, both of Julie and Flynn, and still be connected to the guys, to Luke, even if it was second-hand.
The school day was coming to a close, and after Y/N’s help with her math test, Julie not only felt closer to the mysterious girl who had entered her life only a few weeks ago, but curious to know more: sure, the boys were dopey and a little reckless sometimes, but by the way Y/N talked, the way she dressed, it seemed to Julie that her newest ghostly companion was accustomed to bending the rules a little more than often.
“Hey.” Julie held her phone as she stood by her locker, sorting her books and essentials before the walk home, Y/N leaning on the lockers beside her, her fingers subconsciously moving through the air, like she was playing something no one but her could hear and see. “Y/N.” She said again, the girl knocked from her trance, looking over with a smile and a bounce in her body.
“Julie?” She responded, only for her face to change at the something behind her friend. “Julie.” She said again, gesturing for the girl to turn around. Julie spun on the stop, coming face to face with none other than Nick. She quickly dropped the phone from her ear, pretending to end the call and smiling sweetly at her crush. “You know, he looks better in daylight, and you really can’t say that about many people.”
“Mind if I get an autograph?” Nick asked with a smirk and a toss of his hair, earning an ‘awe’ from behind Julie’s ear.
“I’ll have to check with security.” Julie played along, glancing around, and doing her very best to not focus on the 90s grunge rocker girl ghost dancing around behind her in excitement: perhaps she was more like the guys than Julie thought. “Oh look, I don’t have any.”
“You say that, but after that performance last week, it’s pretty clear… You guys are gonna blow up.” He responded with a genuine smile, and Julie felt her heart flutter a little before reminding herself to not get big headed.
“It was just a garage party. Don’t go all crazy on me.” She dismissed his comment with a wave, but the smile was still there.
“He’s right, you know.” Y/N spoke from behind before circling the kid, pinching his denim jacket, and stopping for a moment. “You know, he looks like he’s in a modern Oasis tribute band. I like it.”
“Yeah, about that…” Nick pulled at the ends of his sleeves, and Julie couldn’t stop the blush rising to her cheeks. He had kissed her that night, and the pair hadn’t really had a chance to talk since. “Since we make such a good team, dance partners and all that, I was wondering if… If…” He laughed nervously, and Julie leaned forward a little. “Do you wanna maybe-”
“Yes.” Julie replied before he even finished the question, and Nick looked surprised.
“You-you do?” He asked. “You wanna go on a date?” He clarified, and Julie nodded, making sure her eyes didn’t drift to the celebrations Y/N was performing in the background. “Great! Uh, I’ll text you! We can schedule around the band practices, of course… Do you like Italian food?” Nick rambled a little, and Julie let out a sweet laugh.
“I do. But yeah, definitely send me a text.” She grinned from ear to ear as Nick walked off, a skip in the boy’s step.
“Uh, finally! I’ve been waiting a week for that kid to ask you out.” Y/N sighed in relief, watching the kid walk out towards the parking lot. It felt nice, for a moment, to not be focused on death and gloom and work, it felt nice to be a kid again. For a while, Y/N had forgotten what it felt like. “He’s been waiting to ask you for a while…” She said softly, and Julie tried to hide her blushing. Unfortunately for her, not only Y/N had noticed it.
“Well, that wasn’t just a what’s up…” Flynn saddled on over with an expectant smile on her face and the fashion sense of kings.
“Oh, that skirt…” Y/N stood by Flynn’s side, comparing the colour to her own skin tone as Julie watched on, amused.
“What? What’s happening?” Flynn asked, stiffening up. “Or are you just pretending one of them is here to avoid telling me what nick asked you?” She asked, still not moving, and Julie shook her head as she laughed.
“He asked me out, first off, and I said yes… And second, Y/N likes your skirt, so if it goes missing at some point.” Julie mumbled the last part, earning a ‘hey!’ from the ghost. “Come round after dinner?” Julie asked Flynn, who nodded, the pair embracing and parting ways, the former with a ghost tagged to her side.
“I’ll walk you to the door.” Y/N shrugged, sauntering beside the girl with a smile, reminding Julie of what she planned to ask before Nick had appeared.
“Do you want to come over?” She asked, earning an odd look from someone before quickly smiling and tapping her ear, pretending to be on wireless earphones. She quickly puled her phone back out and held it to her ear. “I mean, I’m sure the guys would want to see you…”
“Actually…” Y/N said softly, and Julie stopped to examine the look on her friend’s face. “It’s… Luke and I had an argument, the more I avoid the guys, the better.” She lied, but she had a knack for being convincing.
“Well, then I get you all to myself.” Julie said decidedly, and Y/N smiled weakly at her, that feeling for the morning returning: she felt guilty again, and she was half-convinced she’d have to ghost vomit, whatever that looked like.
Their walk home was refreshing, the first time Y/N had walked somewhere in a while, and comfortably quiet. Neither felt the need to talk much, Julie humming every once and a while to herself, both just enjoying the quality time.
They came round the garage to get to the house, Y/N’s eyes lingering for a moment on the doors before following Julie inside, only to get through the door and be walked straight through by Julie’s dad, who ran passed with Julie’s little brother Carlos on his heels, the second carrying two baguettes as he went.
“Dad?” Julie called after them, mouthing a quick ‘sorry’ to Y/N before following them into the kitchen, leaving the ghost alone in the entryway. Julie rounded the corner and raised an eyebrow at her dad and brother’s antics. “French dip?”
“Carlos found an old recipe; we think it belongs to the ghost haunting us.” Ry told his daughter with a wink, and Julie nodded quickly.
“Well, enjoy. If you need me I’ll be upstairs.” She informed with a wave of her hand, heading back for the entryway only to find Y/N stood at her dining room table, staring rather intensely into a box sat on the wood. “You… You all good Y/N?” She asked, the noise coming from the kitchen allowing her to speak freely.
Y/N’s head tilted, and her hand reached out to the CD sat amongst the box’s contents. There was something about it that seemed familiar, though she couldn’t place it, and as her fingers travelled through the object, she heard her name called.
“What?” Her head snapped up, and she smiled at Julie. “Sorry, sorry… In my own little world today. Meet you upstairs?” She suggested, disappearing before Julie could say otherwise. With a roll of the eyes, Julie climbed her stairs and entered her room, closing the door behind her and finding Y/N laid out on her bed.
“If Flynn and the guys weren’t enough, I need to worry about you stealing my bed too?” Julie asked with a laugh, Y/N propping herself up on her elbows.
“It’s a really comfy bed… Sort of your fault.” She shrugged, sitting herself up and crossing her legs as she sat at the foot of the bed. “You know, you’ve got a very… You, room.” She complimented, and Julie grinned.
“I’m a fan of butterflies.” She gestured around her, Y/N nodding as her eyes wandered: there had to be dozens of the creatures depicted in the room. It filled her with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, something Y/N had felt a lot more often than she thought normal the past few weeks: but it was different…
Half of the time, there was nothing there to remember.
“You know, I had another friend who liked butterflies too… Rosalee.” Y/N said softly, the words unexpected. Julie sat on the bed across from her, grabbing a pillow and holding it to her chest, preparing for a story. Y/N had developed a habit of telling Julie tales about her best moments at the club, her best moments as a ghost, the reaction was reasonable. But Y/N was confused by the words, not quite sure what corner of her mind they had come from, though her lips kept moving. “Well, I called her Rosalee… Everyone else called her Rose. Her parents, our friends… But I had gotten her name wrong the first time I met her, and I couldn’t let it go… She looked like a Rosalee.” Y/N recalled, running a hand over her heart. “She was… So kind, and so funny. And she had this love of butterflies. They were everywhere: her jewellery, her clothes, her car.” Y/N let out a laugh at the thought of her.
“She told me about why she liked them so much once, something about her abuela telling her a story about them, that butterflies were this symbol of rebirth, resurrection, change.” And like that, Y/N came back from whatever place she had travelled to, glancing down at her hands: they had been moving while she spoke. “It’s funny, she was so stubborn… Maybe the butterflies were to remind her that change happens even when you don’t want it.”
“Were you friends with her when you…” Julie asked, speaking up for the first time in a while, but quickly trailing off, not wanting to be so blunt. The message was clear though, and Y/N answered her question with a nod.
“You know, I’d forgotten about her… You spend 25 years building a new life and you forget the old one.” Y/N said softly, sniffing as she thought, another image to her. “She wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty close… And my mom loved her.”
“Moms have that ability, don’t they? When my mom met Flynn, they hit it off right away.” Julie offered, lying back on the bed, Y/N following suit, so they were both staring at the ceiling. “It’s like some sort of sixth sense, picking out the good friends from the bad.”
“Tell me about her… Your, your mom.” Y/N asked, catching Julie smiling from the corner of her eye.
“She was my world...” Julie whispered, hugging the pillow tighter. “She always had energy, and she sang like… And had this heart that just loved everything and everyone it could.” Y/N closed her eyes and imagined Julie’s mom in her head, trying to picture her, though the image wasn’t clear. “She could write music too… We spent so much time together in the studio. She taught me piano, how to sing… She was the best. Sometimes I swear she’s still around. There are mornings… Mornings when I go downstairs and I can still hear her laughing with dad and Carlos, or late at night, I can hear her watching telenovelas in secret.” Julie blinked away the tears, turning to her side to look at Y/N. “What about your mom?”
“Ah… I wish my story were as nice as yours.” Y/N sighed. “I don’t really remember her anymore, and what I can is… Not very nice. I don’t think she was a bad person; I just think that once I had grown up a little too much, she started hating me… Everything I did was wrong, you know? And then they kicked me out, and I died… I don’t think she would have said that if she knew what was going to happen but…” Y/N shrugged. “I can’t really change it now… Both gotta deal with it.”
“Did you ever visit, after you died? That’s what Luke does.” Julie asked, and Y/N shook her head.
“Looked for them in the yellow pages once, but I think they moved out of LA after I died…” Y/N said, pausing for a moment as she processed the last of what Julie had said. “What do you mean that’s what Luke does.”
“Well, you both left on bad terms with your parents… He doesn’t think we know, but he goes to see them a lot…” Julie said softly, sighing. “He went on his birthday, Alex and Reggie took me along… He was just…”
“Luke’s birthday?” Y/N sat up, Julie giving her more and more to process.
“The day we played the bar downtown, yeah… Did he not tell you?” Julie furrowed her brow, and Y/N shook her head.
“Never came up…” She sighed, getting up and walking towards the window. How could she not have known about his birthday, about his parents? Of course, he didn’t know her, not really. “The song I like… Unsaid Emily?”
“About his mom, yeah.” Julie confirmed the thought for Y/N, who just nodded, moving away from the window after spotting movement, worried it might have been one of the boys. Julie watched her, racking her brain, and stopping on a thought. “I have an idea.” She announced, and Y/N looked at her from across the room. “Well, you’ve been helping me out all week, why don’t I help you back? Luke wrote out the song, I have a copy of it. What if I take it to his parents? Ask Luke to come with me, and when he asks, I tell him it was because of you. You two can patch things up, back to happy Luke again.” Julie proposed, and Y/N let out a sad laugh.
“I appreciate the gesture… I don’t think it’ll do much for me, but you should go anyway…” Y/N encouraged, watching Julie pick herself up off the bed to get ready. “Emily deserves to hear her song.”
Part Six is here...
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wisdomofme · a year ago
Julie and the Phantoms Fic Recs
The JatP Fandom has gone above and beyond when it comes to good fics! I wanted to share with you guys a handful of my favourite ones that I think you might all enjoy (I won’t lie, most of them are Juke)
Don’t forget to comment and let the authors know exactly how much you love their amazing work!!
(all of these fics are on Ao3) ** most recently added
a holy thing (to love what death has touched) by heartofwinterfell ** (Juke) (Soulmate AU) - Julie Molina’s words have been grey since the day she was born // I know we all love a good soulmate AU so here’s one that made me smile all the way through it!!
and i know i’ve kissed you before, but i didn’t do it right (can i try again?) by Ephemeral_Joy (Juke) (Modern AU)  - Luke and Julie break up, but if feels more like growing up // Look, LOOK. I know it’s hard to get past the angst of the break up but you gotta. Do it for me, do it for this 19k longshot, do it for YOURSELF. This is a masterpiece and you all better read it.
close my eyes and jump by HomebodyNobody  (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Julie and Luke talk and bask in the fact that handholding is now a possibility // Ultra fluffy cute! Immediately post season 1 Juke just loving the fact they can touch each other now.
favorite t-shirt by jellie_bean ** (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Luke drives Julie to distraction after their first real date // Luke writes Julie a song but it’s cute instead of sad for once and I loVE IT!!
Hallucinations by jatpfan ** (Family) (Post Season 1) - Ray starts seeing hallucinations of Julie’s band around the house. It’s weird // I loved this fic so much! I have a real soft spot for Ray so it was nice to see a fic in his perspective.
Here in Front of Me (Shining So Much Brighter than I Have Ever Seen) by 8ucky8arnes  (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Luke flirts with Julie while in class. It’s… distracting // I giggled my way through this entire fic! I could totally see this happening in the show if they really decided to pursue the Juke relationship. I mean, I can hope!!
i once believed love would be burnin’ red (but it’s golden, babe) by Ephemeral_Joy (Juke) (Post Season 1) - The boys try to figure out what their unfinished business is. It has consequences // A very soft fic that made me feel all the butterflies, if you like this one definitely check out the rest of Ephemeral_Joy’s fics!
I’m Scared of My Piano by emullz  (Juke) (Missing Scene) - Luke and Julie writing music together (between episodes 3 & 4) // Very adorable and made me WISH we had gotten this in the show! Absolutely adorable
Is it cool that I said all that? by smol_fangirl (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Julie can’t sleep but Luke helps // A super sweet fic that feels like being wrapped in the orbit of these two characters. Just a lot of small soft moments that kept making me smile.
i’ve had the time of my life by dearhappy (Friendship) (AU) - The ‘New Girl’ AU you didn’t know you needed but definitely DO! // If you know anything about New Girl then you know that the boys work perfectly as well… the boys. So funny and got me thinking of all my fave New Girl moments with the JatP crew.
Struck a Chord by Anonymous (Friendship) (Missing Scene/ Post Season 1) - Luke and Alex get into a fight. Reggie freaks out (Julie makes everything better) // A really bittersweet Reggie centric fic. Reading this made me hope for some amazing season 2 development for him.
try to change the ending (peter losing wendy). by lukesjulie (Juke) (Future Fic) - Julie falls in love with Luke but life moves on // OW! Like, real sad hours here guys. So, SO, worth the read but be ready for the rain before the rainbow.
unsaid julie by unsaidjulie (juggyjones)  (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Luke writes Julie a song about his feelings. It’s a process // Look, I won’t lie, this fic hurt me a little in ways I didn’t expect. But it was SO worth it. Pining Luke? Yes PLEASE!
we all got a second act inside of us by keep_swinging, rainstorm97 (Juke) (Post Season 1) - Luke’s curse doesn’t break // Seeing Luke in pain hurts but not as much as watching him try to cover it up. An amazing fic that I highly recommend.
A Lesson in Chemistry by Slytherin_Princess_Nysa ** (Juke) (Soulmate AU, Alive in 2020 AU) (Incomplete) - The first words Luke’s soulmate says to him are etched along his ribcage. He’s not too worried about finding out who they belong to // In this house WE STAN SOULMATE AU’s!! Get ready for some mutual pining here kids.
A Familiar Picture by captainkippen (Juke) (Alive in 2020 AU) (Complete) - a 5 + 1 of Julie realizing she loves Luke (and the 1 time she realized he loved her back) // I am such a SUCKER for these fics but REGGIE IS ALSO JULIE’S STEPBROTHER IN THIS?!?! Perfection. Literal Perfection.
Family Matters by morganoconner  (Family) (Post Season 1) (Complete) - Ray accidently adopts a few ghost kids // Okay, to start off with, Ray NEEDS more love and this fic GIVES IT. The best Ray focused fic I’ve seen (also technically has Willex and Juke but they aren’t the focus. Family is <3)
Feels like I’ve opened my eyes again by ICanSpellConfusionWithAK  (Juke) (Season 2 Speculation Fic) (Incomplete) - After everything that’s happened with Julie and her band, she’s tired. She doesn’t stop being tired // This fic is crazy good and has an INSANE update schedule (I have theories on where this may go and I hope they’re right!)
Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around by smol_fangirl (Juke) (Missing Scene) (Complete) - Luke writes Julie an Unsaid Emily // This is one of the sweetest, saddest fics you will find. It takes place before the Orpheum and the FEELINGS that Luke has. This made me wish I could hug fictional characters. Now with a SECOND CHAPTER that RUINED ME even more!!!
Linger by apocalyvse, keep_swinging & rainstorm97 (Juke, Willex) (Season 2 Speculation Fic) (Incomplete) - Caleb vs Julie in (not) Ghost wars // The plot is so amazingly intriguing, every update gets me so excited!! (Julie with powers? JULIE WITH POWERS!)
Love Drunk by captainkippen ** (Juke) (Alive in 2020 AU) (Incomplete) - After a show (and a big night) in Las Vegas Luke and Julie accidently get hitched // Accidental marriage AU- ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE AU! It’s here guys and it’s FILLED with funny/ sweet moments!
sweet dreams are made of this (who am i to disagree?) by juliemolina (nnegan13) (Juke) (Season 2 Speculation Fic) (Incomplete) - Julie and Luke share a dream after the events of season 1. It doesn’t bode well for Julie // The pure EMOTION in this fic gets me every time. Also, protective Luke is not something I knew I needed till I had it.
The Cheerleader Effect by Bluefire510 (Juke) (Post Season 1) (Incomplete) - Julie wears Luke’s clothes and it breaks his brain // This is like the quintessential Juke fic. Do you want fluff? Second hand embarrassment as Luke blue screens? Read it. 
Unfinished Business by captainkippen (Juke, Willex) (Alive in 2020 AU) (Incomplete) - Julie moves to a new school and meets ‘the boys’ // This fic has so much promise already and I can just FEEL how good it’s gonna get. I am DYING to watch the pining in real time.
Julie the Vampire Slayer by pearlcaddy ** (Juke, Willex) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU) (Ongoing) - The adventure of Julie the Vampire Slayer, her ghost Watcher Luke and their Scooby Gang // This may be one of the best AU’s I have ever read. I didn’t think it could work but pearlcaddy does SO MUCH to bring it to life! You won’t regret reading this!
I have definitely missed a ton of amazing fics but I’ll do my best to update this list as I find more!
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girlboss-molina · 10 months ago
Be Who You Are (No Compromise)
A Julie and the Phantoms Modern Royalty AU
Chapter 1: Introductions
AO3 Link
Words: 5543
Alex POV
Of course. 
Of fucking course.
He’d known it was coming, yeah, but that didn’t change the fact that, despite his friendship with Princess Julie, Alex had no desire to marry her. And now, after begging not to be married off, he was still stuck in this deal.
It had nothing to do with Julie herself, of course; Julie was a kind, loving, musical girl around his age. The issue was that he was gay. Marrying a girl was not something he was interested in. 
Julie knew Alex was gay; he’d come out to her after he was sure she would accept him, which he knew she would after she mentioned her best friend being a lesbian, and her being bisexual herself. Needless to say, neither of them had been thrilled by the announcement a couple years back that they would be getting married, for more reasons than the fact that nobody wants to be in an arranged marriage. 
And now, in three months time, he would be at the alter with a girl he wasn’t in love with. 
Alex knew it wouldn’t be that bad; in fact, he and Julie were quite close friends. Their kingdoms, Tambor and Dahlia respectively, were close allies. But for some godforsaken reason, their leaders had felt the need to strengthen their allyship by setting up their heirs in an arranged marriage. Had Alex been the oldest, this wouldn’t have been the case. However, it wouldn’t be him, but his older sister, Ava, taking the throne of Tambor. 
He, along with his guards, would be travelling to Dahlia this evening. He hated that it was so soon. Not that he wasn’t excited to see Julie, he was, but it was the reason that put a knot in his stomach.
Alex allowed himself one more panic attack before getting ready. As a treat.
The warm sun streaming into his room felt out of place with the dread settling in his stomach, and his breath choked, his heart racing, salty tears streaming down his face. He clenched his hands into fists and back out, trying to calm himself despite the emotional release. His nails dug into his palm, not hard enough to cut, but enough to leave little indents that he then ran his fingertips across. 
Trying to pull himself together, he stood - albeit shakily - and walked across the soft, carpeted floor to his full-length mirror, pleasantly surprised as he noted that he wasn’t as big of a mess as he’d expected, given his previous panic. 
A knock on his door alerted him that his head butler was there to help him get ready for the jet ride.
“Your highness, are you alright?”
Alex didn’t answer, grateful for Luke’s steady voice outside his door.
“He’s a little panicky at the moment. Maybe give him a few minutes to settle?” he suggested, and Alex hoped Luke was receiving the strong thank you vibes he was trying to transmit telepathically. 
Any time Alex had a panic attack, he was semi-verbal. He could speak if he really, really tried, but it generally took a great deal of effort. He and Luke had a system, though; if Alex needed support during a panic attack, he would fake-sneeze three times, and Luke would come in from his station outside Alex’s door. 
Alex allowed himself another minute to calm his breathing and wipe the tears from his face, practicing the grounding exercise Julie had taught him. 
Inhale- 1, 2, 3, 4
Hold- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Exhale- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
It helped a lot, and soon he was able to straighten his hair and begin changing into the suit his tailors had made just for this occasion. 
Another knock echoed from his door, and Alex took one final deep breath to compose himself. 
“Come in,” he said, proud of how steady his voice was. 
The butler entered; a kind man named Erik, who Alex had gotten to know over the past month or so. His olive skin shone in the afternoon light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. 
Alex dressed himself, for the most part; having butlers help him dress was never something he particularly enjoyed. He allowed Erik to smooth his white dress shirt, though; no matter how many times Alex had practiced tucking in his shirts, they always ended up wrinkled. 
He slid the navy suit vest over the shirt once it was nice and smooth, fastening the thick buttons over his stomach. Minimalistic gold embroidery on the vest sparkled in the light, and Alex couldn’t help but smile at the bit of flair. He’d been half-hoping that his matching navy pants would have a bit of sparkle as well, but to no avail. Probably for the best, he decided. Just a little touch was enough. 
He fixed the cuff of his sleeve, taking a breath as Erik reached up with a comb to fix his hair. It was simple but refined, how it always was. 
“Erik, you’ve outdone yourself with this one, bro!” Alex said excitedly. He might not be very pleased about being in an arranged marriage, but he could appreciate a good suit. “I love the details.”
“I’m glad you like it!” Erik beamed with the praise. “May I?” he asked, reaching for Alex’s shoulders. Alex nodded, and Erik smoothed the vest’s warm fabric, readjusting the hem until it was aligned perfectly. 
He might not have been the type of guy to always wear suits, unless necessary, but Alex had to admit it. He looked good. The slim fit outlined his muscles, and the deep blue of the vest and pants brought out the bluish tints in his blue-green-grey eyes. (nobody could seem to decide what color they actually were). The small touches of golden embroidery shone and somehow managed to accentuate the sun-born highlights in his hair. 
“You look wonderful, your highness.”
“Thanks, Erik. And you can call me Alex, we’re chill.” Alex had been insisting to Erik that he could be casual around him for months, but Erik still generally referred to him as “your highness.”
“Alex,” he corrected with a broad smile. “Well, Alex, you have a photoshoot for the press in ten minutes, so if there’s anything else I can do to get you ready, don’t hesitate to ask. Though I must say, you look awesome.” Alex let out a small laugh. 
“Thanks, dude. Oh, wait, before you go, could you tell me something?”
“Of course,” Erik replied. Alex put on his Serious Face.
“Do these pants make my butt look big?” Erik bust out laughing, and Alex couldn’t help but do the same. 
Three hours later, Alex was finally done with an exhaustive photoshoot. He hated having his picture taken; add that to the list of anxieties. He had to make sure he looked perfect, or everything could go wrong; that was what his parents had drilled into him from the moment he had his first real photoshoot. 
Of course, he still had to endure an interview with the Tambor Times Magazine, which he was dreading. Speaking to an overeager journalist with no respect for privacy was never something he looked forward to. 
“What are your thoughts on the marriage that has been arranged between you and Her Royal Highness, Princess Julie of Dahlia?” Alex cleared his throat.
“It’s definitely a unique situation,” he started. “I mean, not every nineteen-year-old is part of an arranged marriage.” He did his best to keep his voice light, and it must’ve worked, because the journalist gave a laugh and moved on. 
“If I may, what is your current relationship with her?”
“The princess and I share a close bond,” was the only answer he gave. “If you’ll excuse me, I must be going,” he added. “I have a flight to catch.” He grinned - He didn’t have to catch any flight. He would be on the royal family private jet. But the journalist smiled and shook his hand, instructing him to have a wonderful evening, and he did the same. 
The bit about catching a flight wasn’t entirely false, though; soon, he had wished his parents a good evening and boarded the jet with his suitcases, hoping to leave his anxiety in Tambor.
Julie POV
Here’s the thing. 
Julie liked Alex, she really did. He was one of her closest friends (princesses don’t get out much). But he was gay, And Julie was decidedly Not A Guy. Plus, they both knew their connection was strongest platonically, anyway. 
Of course, none of that matters in diplomacy. 
Julie had tried many, many times to get out of the arranged marriage. But she’d just turned eighteen, and Alex nineteen, and apparently their kingdoms had no such qualms about marrying off teenagers. 
At least her dad, King Ray, had tried to get her out of it. But even as king, there was only so much he could do; everybody except for him thought it was a grand idea, because Of Course They Did. And once the public had heard the news, when she was sixteen, Julie couldn’t look out her window without seeing photographers outside the palace gates for a week. 
She supposed there was nothing she could do about it now, though, no matter how much she wanted to, for her sake and Alex’s. 
At least he was someone she got along with well. She knew they would never be in love, for multiple reasons, but she wouldn’t be unhappy. Alex might, though. They’d stayed up late on many a night, him rambling about cute guys he’d seen amongst the palace staff or on his occasional trip to the city, her chatting about songs she’d been writing and the one guy she’d had a crush on, Nick. 
Nick was the son of a nobleman her dad was very close with, and they were good friends, but she’d never acted on her little crush. Her feelings for Nick hadn’t really gone anywhere, it was just a lingering crush she’d had for a few years, but one that had faded with time.
Julie sighed, smoothing out her dress. It was simple but elegant, with a little bit of Julie flair. The silky violet fabric was cut in a slim fit to her waist, before gently flaring outwards towards her ankles. Off-the-shoulder straps revealed the dark skin of her shoulders, and the pearly embroidery of dahlia flowers around her waist shone in the light, tapering off as she twirled, though as she practiced her camera smile, it didn’t reach her eyes. 
Alex was her friend, but neither of them wanted to get married. But she’d tried her hardest to get them out of it, to no avail. 
So, as she sat down at her vanity, Julie closed her eyes and reminded herself the words her mother used to tell her every time she was scared. 
It’ll all be okay, Jules. You’re strong, and you’re a diamond in the rough.
The words settled her stomach a little bit. 
Her lady-in-waiting, Mira, knocked on her door. 
“Come in,” Julie said. Mira bustled in, her flaming red hair pulled into a messy bun, her brown eyes sparkling. 
“Oh, Jules, you look lovely.” Julie smiled.
“Thanks, Mira. How’s my hair?” Julie reached up to smooth her curls, which had been combed back and woven into a thick, braided knot at the base of her neck.  
“Almost perfect, but it needs a little something,” Mira decided with a smirk. Julie had no idea what Mira had in mind, but she knew she would love it. 
Before either of them could say another word, Flynn walked into Julie’s room, followed by her girlfriend, Carrie. 
“Hey, underachiever,” Flynn greeted with a smile.
“Hey, disappointment!”
“Dude,” Flynn said, a serious look on her face. “That dress is the shit!” Carrie nodded enthusiastically. 
“A definite look.”
“Thanks guys,” Julie said with a grin. “I love it, too! Mira’s got some sort of magic in her hands, because this is one of my favorites for sure.” Mira blushed. 
“Well, I’m not quite done,” she admitted. “Jules, your color scheme is pink, purple, and blue, usually, right?”
“Yeah, usually! I can always get behind some other colors, though.”
“Of course. But I think for this dress, the pink-purple-blue scheme would fit the best.”
“Definitely,” Carrie jumped in. “The purple mediates the pink and blue, so those are like side accents.” 
“I like this one,” Mira decided, pointing at Carrie. Carrie flipped her hair and smiled. “But yes. So, I was thinking for your hair, we could weave in some thin ribbons in those colors? It would be super simple, wouldn’t even have to take it out and restyle it.”
“Work your magic,” Julie instructed. Mira grinned excitedly and set to work, sitting Julie down at the vanity.
“Okay, Jules,” Flynn sighed. “I know you don’t want me to ask this, but are you doing okay?” Carrie took Flynn’s arm and nodded. “I know this isn’t what you wanted. Either of you.”
“I’ll be fine,” Julie decided. She didn’t want to marry Alex, and she knew he felt the same way. “At least it’s not somebody I hate, though. Alex and I get along really well.”
“I know,” Carrie added. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be okay.” A single tear rolled down Julie’s cheek, and she was grateful she hadn’t done her makeup yet.
“Thanks. To be honest, I’m not really okay, but I’ll live. And besides, it’s not for another three months. And having another friend around for a few months will be nice. Before, you know, I have to marry him.” Flynn let out a sad laugh. 
“If I may add my input,” Mira began, “I’ve always hated the prospect of arranged marriages. At the very least, both people should have to agree with it.” Julie nodded, quickly stopping when she felt the ribbons Mira was weaving into her hair tug. “Sorry,” she added. “I’ll be done in just a moment.”
“I agree,” Carrie said. “It’s stupid. Dahlia and Tambor are already allies, so why are they even doing this?”
“I’m not sure, to be honest. My dad says it’s to ‘strengthen agreeability between our separate civilians.’ But at least tried to get me out of it,” she added. “King Xavier and Queen Claire both thought it was a great idea.” Julie had always held some bitterness towards Alex’s parents, given their closed-mindedness and apathy towards minorities and less fortunate people. Alex had always felt the same, and avoided coming out to them for those reasons. 
“Well, I personally think it’s homophobic that my best friend is being forced to be part of an arranged marriage,” Flynn decided, “because I’m gay and it annoys me. Plus, you know, she doesn’t want to be part of it.” Julie couldn’t help but laugh at that, as did Mira. 
“All done with the ribbons,” she said, handing Julie a mirror to see the back of her head. 
“Oh, Mira, I love it!” The ribbons were braided through her thick hair, swooping around the knot, twisting through her own curls and holding the hairstyle together perfectly. Both pretty and practical. 
“I’m glad!” Mira looked very proud of herself, for a good reason. Julie’s lady-in-waiting was definitely a woman to be admired (and feared - she’d taken down a full-grown man in a self defense class, while wearing heels). Julie could walk in heels, even run in them, but she’d tried fighting in them, and failed miserably. She might’ve been competent fighting in regular shoes, but heels were a different story. Mira, though, could do it all. 
Mira’s phone dinged. 
“Oh, Jules, it’s time for the pre-meetup photoshoot!”
“Got it. Thanks, Mira, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Forget about your photoshoots, probably.”
The photoshoot involved lots of candid shots of her in the garden, doing her best to look serene, and not show the anxiety bubbling in her stomach. But somehow, she actually managed to get through it without losing it. 
“Wonderful, miss. Turn towards me, look to your left- yes, perfect.” The photographer’s voice faded as she obeyed his instructions, a human robot running correctly but with wandering thoughts. 
“You look so natural, miss!” he complimented. Julie offered a smile, returning to her thoughts. There had to be a way to get her and Alex out of this. But she couldn’t think of any that wasn’t treasonous, illegal, or flat-out stupid. Of course, as a teenage girl, she felt she deserved to be a little stupid sometimes, but apparently that was “unbecoming of a princess” and “a bad influence.” Personally, she just thought that was biphobic.
Luke POV
Luke hadn’t ever traveled much, let alone to a neighboring kingdom, so needless to say, he was pumped to get to visit Dahlia for three months at least. His hope was that, even though no one involved wanted the marriage to happen, they could find a bright side in him getting to stay with his best friend. 
Of course, that didn’t change the fact that he felt bad for his charge and best friend, Alex. He knew Alex was gay; in fact, they’d “dated” for a few weeks when they were fourteen. But even after deciding they were better as friends, they were close, maybe even closer afterwards. Luke told Alex everything; he didn’t know if he had a secret that Alex didn’t know. 
Everyone in the palace was used to seeing him and Alex wandering the grounds, goofing off, messing around in the music studio, what have you. Technically, Luke was a junior guardsman, and given his bond with the prince, had been assigned (along with an actual guard) to be his security detail. That had evolved into an even stronger friendship, though. Years passed, and soon they were inseparable. 
Luke had done his best to cheer up Alex; seeing his best friend that upset was heartbreaking. But there was nothing he could actually do to help, so he settled for laying next to Alex on the floor and staring at the high ceilings.
An hour passed, and soon the afternoon sun was streaming into Alex’s room. Luke saw Alex drag a hand down his face. 
“I guess you should start getting ready, then?” he asked.
“Probably.” Luke patted his shoulder. “Do you think it would be too drastic to fake my death?” Luke laughed, knowing Alex was joking, though it wouldn’t have actually surprised him. Alex and Julie were friends, but neither of them wanted to get married. Especially not the gay guy, very publicly, to a girl. 
Luke stood up, giving Alex a mock salute, and walked out the door, closing it behind him. 
He stood there for a few minutes, straightening his back as a senior guardsman passed him. He ducked his head in a nod, relaxing a moment later. As much as he might’ve come off as a chill guy, he was worried for Alex; even more so when he heard Alex’s breathing quicken from the other side of the wall, his footsteps pacing back and forth. 
The panic attack shouldn’t have surprised him. Alex had clinical anxiety, and this was probably one of the most stress-inducing times of his life. Being forced into an arranged marriage - even if you’re friends with the other person - is no fun for anybody. And today he would be going to the Dahlia palace to stay for three months before the ceremony.
Luke fiddled with the hem of his jacket; it was charcoal black, and thick and protective, with eight buttons on the wide front, crossing his chest. He’d gotten used to it, but despite that, he still started sweating in the warm weather of Tambor. The red sash crossing over the jacket had golden embroidery on the edges, and he quite enjoyed running his fingers over the textured thread. 
Luke could still hear Alex panicking, but there were no sets of three fake sneezes in between the rapid breaths, so he stayed. Alex was able to recognize when he needed support, and when he needed to be left alone. 
Luke spotted Erik nearing him. He couldn’t stop him, but Erik was aware of Alex’s anxiety, so Luke wasn’t concerned. He smiled at Erik, giving him a look, warning him that Alex was having a panic attack. Erik nodded, knocking gently on the door. 
“Your highness, are you alright?” When Alex didn’t respond, Luke jumped in. 
“He’s a little panicky at the moment. Maybe give him a few minutes to settle?” Erik nodded, and Luke gave a relieved smile. 
“You look nervous as well,” Erik noted. 
“Well, I am, a little bit,” Luke admitted. “I’ve never been to Dahlia, but I’m going with Alex since I’m his head guard and Royal Best Dude™.” Erik grinned. “I’m excited, though! I bet it’ll be a lot of fun.”
“I’m so jealous,” Erik told him. “I’ve never been outside of Tambor.”
“I’m worried for Alex, though. He’s really nervous.”
“Yeah,” Erik agreed, a flicker of understanding rushing across his face that made Luke smile despite himself. If he was being honest, Luke had a tiny crush on Erik, but nothing substantial. “I mean, it’s gotta suck being closeted to everyone but a few people, and having to marry a girl.” Luke nodded. 
“I wish there was something we could do about it.”
Luke stood guard off-camera while Alex had his pre-meetup photoshoot and interview. It was what he always did, though this time it felt different, like he was a silent supporter during a tough time, now more than ever. 
If nothing else, he could reassure Alex that he looked fabulous in his suit - it wasn’t a lie, either. The navy blue fabric complimented his eyes perfectly, and the golden details were a stunning addition. Tie that with his sharp jaw and awkward, endearing personality? Anybody would simp for him. He had a feeling that many people did, too; Some of Alex’s best photos from these shoots would be printed in the Tambor Times Magazine, and he would also post some - as well as his own selfies - on his instagram. Luke had seen the comments, and always smirked at Alex given the amount of heart-eyed emojis and key smashes there were. 
Luke stood behind the cameraman for the candid shots where they needed Alex to be smiling or laughing. No matter how much he practiced, Alex could never get a good candid smile, so Luke took it upon himself to stand behind the photographer making faces, or occasionally imitating their every move with mock seriousness. 
When Alex’s musical laugh rang through the air, Luke patted himself on the back. 
Worked every time. 
He worked his magic for a few more shots afterwards, doing his best to make Alex laugh. It wasn’t just for the photos, though, it was to help him settle down. Luke knew this was a horrible situation, but there was nothing he could do to stop it, so he’d have to try to make it more bearable. 
After Alex’s interview, Luke could tell that the reality of the situation was hitting him even more, as a flicker of fear shadowed his face, his hands clenched into fists. Luke walked towards him slowly, making sure Alex was okay with it, and when he didn’t retract, he put his hand on his shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze.
“It’ll be okay,” he promised. And as Alex seemed to relax, nodding and pulling Luke into a hug, that was when he knew.
Alex was his best friend, and didn’t deserve any of this pain or fear. He deserved for things to be okay.
Luke would keep that promise, no matter what.
Reggie POV
Reggie knew he was Princess Julie’s honorary older brother; it had been that way for years, after he ran away from his own pathetic excuse for a home. He was lucky King Ray was a kind man; he could’ve just as easily left him there where he’d found him, a nine-year-old in the street of the raining Dahlia capital city. But he’d taken Reggie in, and soon, Reggie was part of the royal family, even if not by blood. 
Now, given that he was Julie’s honorary older brother, he hated that she was being put into an arranged marriage. She was eighteen, for God’s sake! Reggie was nineteen, and knew for a fact he wouldn’t have been able to handle it nearly as gracefully as she did. Then again, while she was young, playful, and vibrant, Julie was also the epitome of grace and poise; she’d grown up in a palace, after all. 
Needless to say, though, Reggie was sure he wouldn’t be able to not be protective of Julie when Prince Alexander came. He’d met him before, but only briefly; in passing after dinner during visits, mostly. It did help Reggie’s nerves to remember that Alexander was a very sweet, reserved person from his own interactions with the man. But that was his little sister, and while she wasn’t completely devastated, Reggie knew she didn’t want it to happen. 
He dragged a hand down his face, flopping down on his bed. He wanted so badly to help Julie out of this, but he couldn’t. 
Hey, at least he could cheer her up with his jokes! She always said they were awful, but Reggie knew better. Only the finest of jokes could make Her Royal Highness, Princess Julie Molina of Dahlia, laugh until her sides hurt, even coming from her honorary older brother, Sir Reginald Molina. 
He smiled to himself. He might not be able to stop this whole predicament, but he could help her through it.
Reggie hopped up, fixing his suit. The silky red fabric of the vest hadn’t creased at all, nor had his grey suit pants, and yet he still felt the need. He did, however, roll the sleeves of his black dress shirt to expose his forearms, because come on. Even with Dahlia’s cool climate, he still got hot, especially when the sun was streaming through his windows, and he had a few photos outside before Prince Alexander’s arrival. Plus, it didn’t hurt that, according to his Instagram followers, the rolled sleeves made him look “personable” and “hotter than the sun.” 
Reggie ran a finger over the shimmering black embroidery of the vest, then winking at the mirror and pulling his best finger guns. It was his god-given right as a fancy bisexual. 
He ran his hand through his expertly-styled hair, letting some of his waves free from their stiff hold. It wasn’t the perfect style it had been when his butler styled it a couple hours ago, but it was more of his own style, which he liked a bit better. Spinning on his heel and slipping a hand in his pocket, Reggie walked out his door and down the light-filled corridor, down to the front steps, waving to Mira along the way. As he stepped outside, he heard people outside of the palace gates start shouting. He gave a wink and playful salute, even daring to blow a kiss in the general direction of a cute girl. He noticed Julie rolling her eyes, the photographer seizing the moment to take some shots of him on the palace steps. 
He jogged over to Julie, wrapping his arm around her. 
“How are you doing, your highness?”
“I’m doing okay,” she said, though both of them knew it was a lie. “How about you, Reg?”
“I’m okay as well. Just popping in to see my fangirls-” he winked at the crowd behind the gate, and a chorus of teenage girls (and a few boys) all sighed dreamily- “and check on you. We both know you’re lying.” Julie groaned.
“This whole thing just sucks.”
“Tell me about it,” he agreed. “But I’ll be here for you every step of the way. You know that, right dude?”
“You’re such a sappy loser,” she told him, and he put her in a playful headlock, posing for the camera.
“I know.” Reggie might’ve been a “sappy loser” of a brother, but he knew that, in Julie’s book, he was a sappy loser (affectionate), and that she understood that he was there for her. 
Hopefully that would be enough. 
Willie POV
Willie had never actually gotten to know Princess Julie, but he’d met her a couple times. He was a chef in the palace kitchens, and on occasion, Julie would come down to try to get to know people. He’d never truly had a long conversation with her, but in the interactions they’d had, she was kind, and had a musical air to her. 
He’d seen pictures of the prince she was set to marry, Prince Alexander of Tambor. If Willie was being honest, he was kind of cute.
Okay, really cute. 
He’d never actually met the guy, but he seemed nice. His photos on Instagram had good vibes, at least. Willie couldn’t help but hope he’d get to meet him when he came to visit. If it was just because his brain was screaming cute boy, that was nobody’s business but his. 
Willie sprinkled more flour on the dough he was kneading, folding it in some more. It was cathartic, this repetitive motion. It helped calm his ADHD sometimes. He kept going.
Sprinkle. Fold. Roll.
Sprinkle. Fold. Roll.
Kneading the dough until it wasn’t sticky, he listened to the head chef, Lilian, shout orders at the rest of them. She was a very intimidating woman, tall and muscular, with raven black hair in a sleek ponytail, and fair skin flecked with flour. But she was quite kind, Willie had come to learn over the years. She was just one of those people who scared you if you didn’t know them. 
He put the dough in a pan, setting it in the oven and flicking on the light so he could monitor its progress, as could anyone else walking by. Wiping the flour from his hands to his apron, he then put his dishes and utensils in the giant dishwasher, finally washing his hands and grabbing a new bowl. 
Tonight was the welcome feast for Prince Alexander. Willie and a few others were in charge of baking loaves of bread for the appetizers, as well as making the desserts; today, mini chocolate mousse cakes. 
Dessert was always Willie’s favorite course to prepare, and not just because he could steal bits of frosting from the spatulas after he was finished. It was also because of how making desserts seemed to put everyone in the kitchens in a good mood. Maybe it was the smell of rising sugar, or the bright colors of the tubs of sprinkles, but he adored it. 
He cracked the eggs into the mixture of butter and sugar, adding the milk and flour soon after. As he poured in the cocoa powder, a little bit poofed up, creating a chocolatey cloud. The noise of the mixture did nothing to silence his racing thoughts, though. 
Would he get to meet Prince Alexander?
Would he like him?
And most importantly, why did he want to so badly? 
Willie shook his head, doling the batter into mini cake pans and tapping them on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles, sticking them in an oven after it beeped to temperature. 
Another oven beeped.
“Hey, Alyssa?” he called to a plump woman a few meters away. “Could you check on the bread in that oven to your right?” She nodded and leaned down, giving him a thumbs up.
“Probably needs another minute or so, but it looks great.”
“Sick, thanks!” Alyssa nodded and smiled, her dyed-purple hair shimmering in its bun. 
Willie grabbed the ingredients he would need for the mousse, arranged them on the counter, then jogged over to the other oven and pulled out the bread - without putting on oven mitts.
He hissed in pain but didn’t let go, quickly putting it on the stovetop and running to a sink to run his fingers under cold water.
Willie already had tons of scars and calluses on his hands, both from cooking and skateboarding on his off-days, so the burn didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it would’ve a few years ago. And by some miracle, it didn’t blister - though it did swell and turn red. Willie cursed under his breath, heading to the first-aid kit and smearing some ointment on it and covering it with a bandage. 
“Let me guess,” said Lilian from behind him. “You forgot oven mitts again?”
“Guilty,” he said with a grin. Lilian sighed, but didn’t manage to hide her smile. 
“Willie, you need to be more careful. I know your brain always has, like twenty thoughts going at all times, but you could hurt yourself.”
“Twenty-three,” he corrected. “And I know, but you only live once, and I didn’t want the bread to burn.”
“Five seconds to grab a mitt wouldn’t burn the bread.”
“Hey, there’s a first time for everything.” Lilian rolled her eyes and gently swatted him on the shoulder. It wasn’t a mean move, of course, it was her saying she was exasperated but that she cared about you. Willie laughed and went back to his mixing bowl, getting ready to prepare the mousse.
This would be perfect.
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fics-n-stuff · 9 months ago
Secondhand Sofa
Pairing: Willie x Alex
Summary: Alex and Willie need to buy a sofa for their new apartment, domesticity insues. (Alive AU)
Word Count: 1097
A/N: There is nothing that actually connects them, so you don't have to read it, but I wrote this in the same universe as my previous Willex fic Really, Really. It's like a few years in the future from that.
Tumblr media
Alex felt like he was dreaming watching Willie dance around the kitchen, but he couldn’t be because he had just woken up not five minutes earlier. Therefore, it had to be real that he and his boyfriend had moved into an apartment together, and said boyfriend was currently the cutest thing on the planet while they made breakfast.
“Morning.” Alex said softly, a fond smile on his face. Willie spun around to look at him, a grin spreading across their lips at the sight of the sleepy blonde. “What are you making?”
“Pancakes.” Willie chirped, turning back to the pan. “How’d you sleep?”
Alex hadn’t expected to sleep well that night, it being their first night in the new apartment. Technically they had started moving in almost a week ago, but they had only gotten a bed yesterday and still didn’t have a sofa. But, to his surprise, he had gotten a full night of sound sleep and he was pretty sure it was because he’d had Willie sleeping beside him.
“Pretty good actually.” He answered, coming up behind his boyfriend to watch the pancake making process over their shoulder. Completely predictably, both the countertop and the stove were a mess. “I am not helping you clean this up.”
“I don’t expect you to.” Willie chuckled. They reached back to grab Alex’s arms and quickly wrapped them around their own body, smiling when he tightened his hold and rested his chin on their shoulder.
The two of them stood there silently while Willie finished making the last few pancakes, and then Alex grabbed some toppings and plates and they moved through to the living room. The area was sparse – they didn’t actually have any furniture to sit on – but they did have an old table that Ray had gifted them and a slightly ugly rug that Alex had stolen from his parents' attic. They had ordered a TV that should have arrived already but seemed to be delayed in it’s delivery.
“There’s a pretty good sofa at the second-hand store a couple blocks away, if we buy it before noon they’ll deliver same day.” Willie said as they sat down on the rug. “Before you ask, it’s not an ugly pattern and there are no mysterious stains.”
“That sounds pretty good. Is it yellow, orange or green?”
“Can we afford it?”
“Let’s go after breakfast.” Alex smiled, making Willie giggle and they leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek. “You have to clean the kitchen first.”
“Ugh, why’d you have to ruin it?” They sighed.
“Because you have a habit of making messes and I need to get into the habit of making you clean them up.” Alex answered. “If I don’t start enforcing the rules early then you’ll never listen to me.”
The two of them finished their breakfast, chatting and joking while they ate, and then Alex relented to washing the dishes while Willie cleaned the kitchen surfaces. He really struggled saying no to Willie.
The walk to the second-hand store wasn’t very long, and when they arrived Willie pointed out the sofa through the window before they went in. It was a plain grey, fabric three-seater without any stains, just as Willie had said.
“You know, I didn’t expect it to actually be so alright.” Alex teased, earning himself a light punch on the shoulder from his boyfriend.
“Come on, let’s go pay for it.” They smirked, pulling Alex into the store by their joined hands.
Not only did they get the sofa, but they also came away with a couple of blue tie dye beanbags; Willie’s eyes had lit up when they saw them and Alex didn’t have the heart to say no. The sofa was set to be delivered that afternoon but they carried the beanbags home on their backs, earning a few amused glances from the people that they passed.
“Now we’ll have space for guests!” Willie beamed, dropping their beanbag onto the living room floor. “See, perfect!”
“Yeah, perfect.” Alex smiled fondly, setting his down too. “Two steps closer to having a fully furnished apartment. We have about three hours until the sofa is delivered, what do you want to do?”
“Cookies, cupcakes or brownies?” Willie’s eyes shone so brightly with excitement that Alex almost didn’t think about the mess that they would make baking. “Please?”
“Willie, I love you, but I cannot deal with you constantly making messes in the kitchen; the kitchen that I also have to use.”
“Yeah, and that means you can make the mess with me.” Alex wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen Willie look so mischievous, which was saying something. He pursed his lips, trying so hard to resist giving in to his adorable boyfriend. But, alas, he was a weak man.
“Okay, fine, let’s make brownies.” He sighed, and Willie’s smile widened.
“I love you.” They cooed, grabbing Alex’s hand and dragging him through to the kitchen. He couldn’t help but feel that the words were some type of precursory apology for the mess that was about to be made.
+ + +
“I hate you.” Alex huffed, looking at the mess of flour and chocolate around him. “I love you, but I hate you.”
“You helped me make it so you gotta help me clean it.” Willie grinned teasingly. They had somehow managed to get brownie mix smeared across their cheek, and Alex couldn’t help but move his hand up to wipe it away.
“You tricked me. It was entrapment.”
“No, it was baking with your very pretty boyfriend.”
“The prettiest.” Alex smiled, placing a light kiss on the tip of Willie’s nose. Just then, his phone started ringing where he’d left it in the living room. “Start cleaning.”
“You got it, hotdog.” They chuckled, and Alex scoffed as he went to answer the phone.
The caller ID said it was Julie, but when he picked up he heard Luke talking to somebody else – probably Reggie - on the other end.
“What do you want?” He asked, in lieu of a greeting.
“Do you guys have furniture yet? We’re still waiting for a housewarming party.” Luke said, and Alex could just picture the smirk on his face.
“Who said we were gonna have a housewarming party?”
“Bro, Willie definitely wants to have a housewarming party.”
“And so do all of us!” Reggie called from the background.
“So, do you have furniture yet?” Luke questioned again. Alex let the silence drag out for a moment before he sighed loudly.
“Our sofa arrives in an hour and a half. We still don’t have a TV but if you wanna come then tonight works.” He answered flatly.
“Awsome!” Luke cheered. “See you tonight.”
“We’ll bring takeout!” Julie managed to yell before Alex hung up. He rolled his eyes, stuffing his phone into his pocket and going back to the kitchen.
“What time should we expect them?” Willie asked with an amused smile, wiping down the counter.
“I have no clue.” Alex shrugged. “But we don’t have to cook dinner.”
The two of them finished cleaning the kitchen while they waited for the brownies. It was so utterly domestic, and Alex couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face the entire time. Once the brownies were out of the oven they settled on the beanbags with Willie’s laptop to watch some Netflix while they waited for the sofa to be delivered.
The delivery guys were nice when they arrived, getting the sofa into the apartment and not complaining that the building’s elevator was broken and they had to carry it up five narrow flights of stairs. Now, finally, they had an almost fully functional living room. And to top it all off, the sofa not only looked good in the space but it was also comfortable.
“This place is really starting to feel like a home.” Alex said, taking a moment to stand back and take in the room.
“It’s always gonna feel like a home as long as we’re here together.” Willie replied sweetly, grabbing his hand and dragging him with them to sit on the sofa. “I definitely think we could use a few plants though.”
“Why do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Say such sentimental things and then immediately follow them up with a throwaway comment.” Alex explained. He'd never brought it up before but it was something that Willie had been doing a lot for quite a while, and it made Alex’s chest feel funny. He wasn’t particularly good at verbalising heartfelt sentiments – it had taken him a while to even get comfortable with saying “I love you" – but Willie didn’t seem to have a problem with it.
“Because I love you.” They shrugged in answer. “And I love you all the time, even during the most mundane moments. Sometimes I love you and it’s a really big deal and it’s a special moment, but sometimes I love you during super casual moments like getting our sofa delivered.” Alex just stared at them, his brain struggling to process what Willie had said beyond how fuzzy it made him feel.
“Okay.” He mumbled after an unnecessarily long pause, not knowing how else to respond. Willie giggled, adjusting the laptop on the table and hitting play before curling into Alex’s side.
“You could say it back.”
“Oh, I love you too.”
“I know.” They grinned.
They sat together on their freshly delivered sofa for hours, watching Netflix and chatting about random things. Their apartment was turning out to be actually quite cosy. They’d been sitting in silence for a while when all of a sudden Willie spoke up.
“You know what we need to buy?” They asked.
“A set of shelves for all of our miscellaneous stuff and more storage for our ridiculous collection of socks?” Alex suggested, practical as always.
“Well, yeah, but not what I was thinking.”
“Of course not.” Alex chuckled. “What were you thinking?”
“We need fluffy blankets.” Willie smiled excitedly. “And pillows to put on the couch.”
“So that, when our TV arrives, we can have movie nights on the couch and be all warm and comfy.”
“Hm, maybe that’s a good idea.” Alex smiled. He pushed a piece of hair away from their face and tucked it behind their ear, leaning in.
“Yeah, I think so.” Willie replied softly.
They were both smiling, faces only centimetres apart, when they were interrupted by very loud knocking at their door.
“FBI, open up!” They heard Flynn call from the other side. Alex groaned.
“Our idiots are here.” He said flatly. “What incredible timing.”
“We’ll have plenty of time another day. Go answer it, before we get complaints.” Willie replied as the knocking persisted. They pressed a very quick kiss to Alex’s lips before pushing him off of the sofa towards the door.
“Stop knocking, I’m coming!” He yelled, then lowered his voice to a bitter mutter, “I swear to God, this better not become a regular thing.” Willie laughed, and the sound warmed Alex’s heart.
He finally had his own space away from his parents and he shared it with the most perfect boyfriend he could have ever imagined having. He reveled in the feeling for a second before he opened the front door and his rowdy friends destroyed the quiet domestic moment. But that was okay, because this was his family and, although he acted like he was mad, Alex wouldn’t want it any other way.
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writerinlearning · a year ago
Colours - Soulmates AU Part. II
Tumblr media
Show: JaTP
Pairing: Luke Patterson x Alex!sister!reader; Sunset Curve x Alex!sister!reader; Sunset Curve x Julie Molina x Alex!sister!reader
Summary: Part 2 of the Luke soulmates AU called Colours; or in which you do not only see colours when meeting your soulmate but feel their pain as well.
Words: 5,1k
Warnings: Like one or two swear words, maybe?
Author’s notes: Let’s just roll with the fact that Julie can see other ghosts for the sake of this story. And that Carlos can see the Sunset Curve boys after Julie saves them from Caleb’s stamp, but he cannot see neither reader nor Willie. Thank you :) Also, could you tell I was inspired? Even though I’m not satisfied with the ending, I’m kinda proud of that one.
Part. One can be found here.
Emy’s Masterlist.
Tumblr media
Los Angeles, 2020
           Finding your soulmate again in the afterlife should come with a handbook. Yes, the colours came back to Y/n, but every day they seemed to flicker away from her sight. Whenever that happened, when the world around her would turn black and white for an hour or so, she would sit in a corner of her room, pulling her knees against her chest and burying her head between as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.
           She had no idea why it was happening; maybe because both Luke and her were dead and being dead and soulmate wasn’t the same as being alive and soulmate. Or, something was happening to Luke and she had every right to be worried; she had just gotten him back after twenty-five years.
           On top of the colours fading and coming back, jolts coursed through her body, sending her flying backwards into the wall or the couch in her dressing-room, the pain spreading to her chest as the little purple sparks faded. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, boy did it hurt like a bitch.
           Tonight was no exception. Just like the past week, Caleb had ordered her to stay inside her room, as a punishment for the last time she went up against him; which was when Willie introduced her to the boys.
           Every day she wondered what they were doing, having occasional information from William when he went to see them. Of course, he did not tell her the reason why, wanting to protect her from Caleb or, more likely, herself. The skater boy knew how she would react the moment she’d learn what Caleb had done to her brother and friends, from the stories she had told him. William didn’t have the heart to tell her Caleb had branded them with his stamp, leaving them no choice but to work for him.
           He did not tell her they were planning on crossing over either, and that he was helping them doing it. Y/n had been living in the dark for a week.
           She could faintly hear the musical number beginning, from where she was in her room upstairs, but she was too preoccupied by the pain spreading from her chest, and down to her body. It felt like dying again, the floor being swept off from under her feet as she fell to the ground, clutching her stomach.
           Tears prickled the corner of her e/c eyes, threatening to spill down her face and ruining the makeup she wasn’t able to take off. Talk about Caleb’s magic.
           She despised the place, now more than ever knowing there wasn’t even the slightest chance she would see her boys again. She was trapped in the Hollywood Ghost Club, ever since agreeing to that deal. Y/n would forever regret that mistake.
           Her body jumped back slightly when Willie suddenly appeared in the middle of her room. Her eyes went round, mouth hanging open in surprise.
           “I’m so… sorry,” mumbled William, kneeling beside her. “I’m so sorry this is happening to you…”
           Y/n’s lips, covered in red lipstick, curved into a thin-lipped smile, trembling breath leaving her chest, and she rose a hand to press it against Willie’s cheek.
           How long had they stayed in the comforting silence of her room, they didn’t know, but Willie snapped out of it when he heard the faint screams from bellow them.
           Y/n now noticed the music was over, and her brows creased a frown on her forehead as another jolt shot through her body. She doubled over in pain, a groan leaving her lips.
           Her eyes went shut, the prominent lines under them a visible sign of her lack of rest. Sure, ghosts didn’t need sleep, but it was always nice to take a nap once in a while. And Y/n was the female version of her twin brother, a very anxious person. She never liked being stuck in a room, alone. Hence why the week had been the worse she’s experienced so far. Well, apart from the year she spent after the boys’ death.
           Willie shook his head, sighing, and he scooped the girl in his arm, the coldness of her skin spreading through his. She was heavy breathing, clinging around his neck as another jolt shocked her, sending her in a fit of coughs.
           The skater knew he wouldn’t be able to poof them both out of the Club and back in the studio, especially in Y/n’s state. He could only go as far as the street opposite to where the Club was, but he had to walk the rest of the way.
           He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and focusing on the location, before he poofed himself out, still holding onto the girl.
           When the cold air hit her face, Y/n opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings.
           “W-why are we here?” She asked, voice wavering. “I-I-I can’t be out here I-”
           “I need to take you somewhere safer than this place,” William interrupted her, his eyes darting to her weak frame. “I won’t let Caleb hurt another one of you.”
           It didn’t take long before Y/n understood Willie was talking about Alex. A frown creased her forehead, nose scrunched up as she overanalyzed Willie’s words, biting on the inside of her cheek.
           She could tell he was filled with remorse, and she wondered what had happened while she was locked inside her room. Many thoughts filled her brain and, as much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she knew Caleb had had his ways with the boys that night.
           Everything suddenly made sense; the colours fading at the same time she felt the jolts, and coming back an hour or two later; the excruciating pain spreading from her chest and down to her body. Caleb had put his stamp on them and, because Luke was her soulmate, she could feel his pain.
           Yeah, soulmates in the afterlife definitely should have come with a handbook or something.
           “I think the band’s back,” Luke whispered, smiling.
           A golden aura was radiating from his body, his thumb softly brushing against his wrist where the purple mark had vanished.
           “Do you think we could try that hug thing one more time?” Alex asked, voice soft.
           Julie chuckled, nodding as she wrapped her arms around Alex’s and Reggie’s shoulders, their own arms going around her waist and over Luke’s shoulders, the four of them jumping up and down as they celebrated playing the Orpheum.
           However, the happiness in the room vanished when Luke broke away from the embrace, backing away to the grand piano as he doubled over in pain.
         Hands clutching his stomach, he lifted his head up to see the concerned looks of his bandmates.
         “Are you okay Luke?” Julie asked, voice trembling.
         The golden aura around him had vanished, a flash of purple appearing on his chest. Another groan left his lips, falling on his knees to the ground.
         The pain was worse than anything he had experienced so far; even dying from bad hot dogs seemed sweeter than this.
         The colours flickered from his sight and suddenly, Alex’s pink tuxedo blazer became a light grey; Reggie’s red vest turned a dark grey and the blue shirt Julie was wearing turned darker.
         “I-I think something’s wrong with Y/n…” Luke managed to speak, a breathy sigh following his words.
         “What do you mean something’s wrong with Y/n?” Alex asked, visibly worried. “Luke, what’s going on?”
         Julie watched as Alex walked up to Luke. She knew who the girl was from the moment she met the boys. The blond drummer had told her about his twin sister, admitting he wondered what Y/n had become since he died. Julie had offered to look it up on the internet for him and appologized when she didn’t find anything. Reggie was the one to tell her, however, that they had found Y/n at the Hollywood Ghost Club the night they ditched Julie’s school dance. But he had waited until she knew about Caleb to tell her.
         Julie also knew Y/n had been Luke’s soulmate when they were alive, and that she still was in the afterlife. And as much as it hurt her, because she had a crush on the lead guitarist, she knew it was better as such because she knew who her soulmate was, and it wasn’t Luke.
         Julie shook her head, worriedly glancing toward Reggie before her eyes landed back on her two bandmates by the grand piano.
         “The colours…” Luke breathed out as another jolt coursed through his body. “They’re fading again…”
         “What do you mean ‘they’re fading again’?” Alex spoke fast, anxiety rising. “That only happens when your soulmate dies, and you’re both already dead!”
         “I don’t-I don’t know Alex, okay? They’re just… All I see is black and white, alright?”
         Tears prickled the corners of Luke’s already swollen and bloodshot eyes as another jolt reached his chest. He groaned in pain, clutching his stomach and biting on his lower lip, throwing his head back to prevent the tears from rolling.
         Alex stood up from his kneeled-down position, and he began pacing back and forth in the studio, tugging at his blond hair in frustration.
         Reggie took it upon himself to stand by Luke’s side, rubbing a hand up and down his bandmate’s back in hopes to ease the pain.
         Julie wanted to help as well, but she knew nothing about having a ghost soulmate, nor why Luke was still having the jolts from Caleb when the purple stamp on his wrist had vanished. She wanted to do something; she really did. She hated seeing her bandmates, her friends, in pain but she felt helpless in the moment.
         “Hey Julie!”
         The girl turned around at the sound of her name, her little brother standing by the garage doors.
         “What’s wrong with your ghost bandmates?” Carlos asked, pointing to the three boys.
         Julie widened her eyes, spinning on her heels to see the boys’ reactions.
         Alex had stopped pacing and now stood frozen in his spot, eyes wide open in shock as he looked up to Carlos.
         Reggie was as equally stunned as the drummer, lips parted and mouth hanging open.
         And Luke. Well, Luke would probably have had the same reaction as his two bandmates if he wasn’t so focused on the pain in his chest.
         “Y-you can see them?” Julie asked her brother, dumbfounded.
         “Well, yeah. Now I can.”
         This was all very confusing for Julie; first, she manages to touch them. Then, somehow, hugging them and saying she loves them (which is entirely true, she’d tell you) made the stamp on their wrist vanish. And now Carlos could see them too.
         Now it was Alex’s voice which pulled her out of her thoughts, and Julie lifted her head to look at the drummer, watching his face fall into one of concern.
         “Oh my god, what happened?” Alex asked, rushing outside the studio.
         Julie’s eyes followed him, landing on a boy with long brown hair and holding a girl in his arms. She instantly knew who they were as Alex took the h/c-haired girl from the boy’s arms, taking her back inside the studio.
         Carefully, Alex laid her down on the couch, his hand brushing against her cheek to push away the hair from her face. Her eyes were screwed shut, a frown on her forehead and her lips turned upside down into a pout, her hands clutching on her stomach.
         Her body shook with another jolt, purple sparks errupting from her chest, and Julie watched as Luke’s body did the same thing, sending him backwards into the grand piano.
         “I-I-I think Luke and Y/n are connected in more ways than just the colours,” Julie mumbled, getting all the boys’ attention.
         Even Carlos was suddenly interrested, though he could not see neither Willie nor Y/n. All he saw was a body print onto the couch, and Alex leaning against the void, his arm wrapped around nothingness. The situation would have been funny, if his sister didn’t have that worried look on her face.
         “I think,” Julie said, getting closer to Luke, “that, since Luke and Y/n are soulmates, they can feel each other’s pain.”
         “So…” Reggie trailed, trying to understand where she was going with her explanation. “Luke isn’t freed from Caleb?”
         “It’s Y/n who isn’t,” answered Alex, voice wavering. “And the colours vanishing from Luke’s sight means that she’s dying.”
         “But… If I was able to save you guys because we’re somehow connected; doesn’t that mean Luke is able to save her?” Julie wondered. “Since they’re soulmates.”
           Another jolt caused Luke to bring his knees to his chest, Y/n’s body jerking up onto the couch. However, the h/c-haired girl managed to open her eyes, eyelids half-open over he retinas but still. She could see the lights around her, something different than when she passed out from the pain in Willie’s arms. She could also no longer feel Willie’s arms but a rather soft material under her back.
           Faint and muffled voices came to her ears, but a groan stumbling past her lips made them stop talking.
           Y/n tried sitting up, pushing herself with her arms, but failed and fell back into the couch. She began coughing, her throat hitching as another jolt sent a wave of pain in her chest.
           She heard someone’s footsteps coming closer and, through half-open lids, she extended her hand for them to take.
           “Hey Y/n.”
         Alex’s soft voice reached her ears, a thin-lipped smile growing on her lips.
         “Can you hear me?” He asked, brushing the hair away from her face with his free hand.
         Y/n nodded her head, letting out a small sob as the pain spread through her body. With the little strength she had left, she squeezed her twin’s hand, her head falling onto the armrest of the couch.
         “It’s okay Y/n. You’re safer here; and-and… we’re going to find something, alright?”
         Alex didn’t know if he was trying to reassure himself or his sister, but he wasn’t sure it was working for either of them. Still he smiled when she slowly nodded her head, letting him know she had heard him.
         “L-Luke?” Y/n croaked out, coughing. “Wh-where’s Luke?”
         At the mention of his name, the lead guitarist from Julie and the Phantoms lifted his head up, glancing at Alex standing by the couch. The blond drummer nodded his head softly, both Julie and Reggie helping Luke to stand up, and he made his way to the couch.
         “Hey you,” he chuckled, kneeling down beside the couch.
         Y/n’s lips turned into a small broken smile, reaching for her soulmate’s hand. Luke used his free hand to run it through her hair, knowing she loved it when he did as such. Another chuckle left his lips, tears silently rolling down her cheeks as her laughed, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to her forehead.
         “Does it…” Y/n spoke, her voice hoarse. “Does it hurts you… as much as it hurts me?”
         Luke nodded his head, closing his eyes and leaning his forehead against hers, and he felt her weakly squeeze his hand.
         “I love you,” Luke whispered through tears.
         Although it wasn’t the first time he’d said those words, it was the first time in twenty-five years that Y/n was hearing them. If she still had a heart, it would be beating out of her chest, with butterflies swarming in the pit of her stomach just like when they were alive. She could still vividly remember the feelings, even if she were on her death bed. Again.
         “I love you more,” Y/n whispered back, somehow managing to press her free hand against his cheek.
         The pain subsided inside Luke’s chest, his body quickly recovering from all the jolts he endured.
         Y/n’s hand felt limp against her side, her eyelids dropping shut, whereas his own vision turned black.
         The guitarist backed away from the couch, stumbling on his feet with his body colliding into Julie’s.
         “Luke?” She called him, brows furrowing.
         “Y/n?” Alex asked, letting go of Willie’s hand to get to his twin. “Y/n?”
         The blond drummer turned to William, eyes wide and worried. The skater shook his head, his shoulders rising in a little shrug. He had no idea what was happening, and yet he had seen ghosts gone rogue cease to exist. And although Y/n only went against Caleb once, Willie knew the jolts should’ve killed her.
         “What’s happening Julie?” Carlos asked his sister.
         He still couldn’t seen neither Y/n nor Willie, so seeing everyone getting agitated was confusing to him.
         He jumped slightly when Reggie placed a hand over his shoulder; Reggie was even surprised his hand didn’t go through the boy like it should normally have. He didn’t complain, however, nor did he say anything. The bassist only pulled the younger boy in his arms, engulfing him in a hug.
         Julie glanced over her shoulder, her hands still holding onto Luke’s arms to keep him steady, and she was surprised to see her brother in Reggie’s arms.
         Hours passed, and the four ghosts had sent both Julie and Carlos back to their house, pleading them to at least have some sleep.
         And when morning came, Reggie went to join the Molinas for breakfast, although he still couldn’t eat anything. He just loved their compagny.
         Alex stayed by his sister’s side, brushing his hand through her hair gently. She was the same he had last seen her, with the same slightly red cheeks, her lashes perfectly hitting her cheekbones when her eyes were closed. He spent his time watching her, remembering all the childhood memories they had in common as tears silently rolled down his cheeks. The only difference now between them was that she was a year older than him, as he died when he was seventeen and she died on their eighteenth birthday. Still, in his eyes, she would stay his little sister, younger by twenty minutes.
          And Luke. Well Luke handled it the way you would handle loosing your soulmate. One day, he sees colours again but a week later they suddenly vanish. And when you’re supposed to experience this only once in your life, he had experienced it twice. And he hated every part of it.
         He now knew what Y/n had to go through when he died back in 1995, and it was worse than what he had imagined. Having the colours snatched away from you, knowing you wouldn’t be able to see them again, it was heartwrenching.
         Luke, when morning came, sat in a chair facing the couch, with his song book on his lap. A pen in his right hand, he angrily scribbled words and words onto a blank page, crossing those who didn’t fit into the lyrics. His eyes were swollen from all the crying, the bags under his eyes prominent, and his sniffles were the only audible sound through the heavy silence in the studio.
         From time to time, he did lift his head up to glance at the couch, making sure she was still here. From what Willie had explained, she should’ve just ceased to exist when the jolts stopped, and her still being here must means something. It was that little spark of hope that Luke held onto as he wrote more words onto the pages.
         Eventually, Alex left his sister’s side to meet Willie. If there were a chance of saving his twin, Alex would do anything. Even if it meant getting caught by Caleb again. His sister was worth taking that risk.
         And, as the blond left, Luke gave up on writing lyrics. Instead, he found himself walking up to the couch, sitting himself on the floor as he took one of Y/n’s hands in his. His calloused fingers drew small circles against the back of her hand, his tired eyes never once leaving her face.
         He leaned his forehead against hers, his free hand running through her hair and gently grazing at her scalp, tears escaping the corner of his eyes and rolling down his cheeks like candlewax.
         “I love you,” Luke whispered, his lips brushing against the shell of her ear. “I’m so sorry. For everything.”
         Luke didn’t know why he was apologizing. Maybe because he felt guilty; that she had suffered the jolts because Caleb had put his stamp on him, Alex and Reggie.
         He lifted his head up when the garage door creaked open, and he looked over his shoulder to see both Julie and Reggie standing there, with sadness in their eyes. Luke sighed, running a hand through his hair.
         “Are you okay Luke?” Julie asked, concern in her voice.
         The guitarist didn’t say anything, his voice getting stuck in his throat. But Julie knew he wasn’t fine from his bloodshot eyes and the tear stains on his cheeks.
         With his free hand, he wiped away his runny nose, before he stood up. But, a squeeze on his hand made him stop all movements.
         Luke whipped his head around, eyes wide open in shock as he watched the girl’s eyelids flutter open slowly. His mouth hung agape, and he dropped back down on his knees.
         His free hand found its way back into her hair, carressing it softly, his eyes teary as hers opened slowly.
         He stood breathless, her e/c irises now bright and colourful in his sight. Black and white faded around him, replaced by the many colours he came to love so much. An involuntary smile stumbled upon his lips, and he closed his eyes in relief.
         “L-Luke?” Y/n asked in a hoarse voice as she looked around. “Wh-what happened? Wh-why are we in the studio?”
         Although it had changed a lot since the last time she came, she would recognize the walls and the ceiling anywhere. And besides, the boys instruments were still there so it was an easy guess for her.
         “Willie brought you here last night,” Luke answered her, a smile on his lips. “You were feeling the jolts and-and… it nearly killed you. Again.”
         His brows furrowed. He hadn’t seen the mark vanish from her wrist, or at least, he didn’t recall it disappearing.
         Luke quickly lifted her right arm, inspecting her wrist. He was surprised to find black ink on her skin, instead of a purple stamp, but most of all he was relieved.
         “Well, that’s new.” Luke commented, chuckled.
         “Yeah,” Y/n breathed out. “I got it two months after you guys died. You were the closest I had to a family. Well, Alex really was my family.”
         “I love it.”
         “Me too.”
         Y/n, with Luke’s help, pushed herself up so that she was now sitting on the couch. Her eyes on her wrist, she admired the black ink in the shape of a sun setting down behind the horizon, the ocean waves forming a curve under it. It was simple, but Y/n loved that tattoo more than anything. Alive, it was a reminder that the boys would always be by her side, no matter what happens.
         Seeing it again after twenty-four years was a relief. She had known it was there all along, but Caleb’s stamp was a constant reminder of the freedom she had given up over his fake promises. But now, she wasn’t tied no more, and she wasn’t quite sure yet of what to do with this newfound freedom; she would probably do something stupid with the boys, like they always did back in 1995.
         Smiling softly, Y/n lifted her eyes from the ink on her skin, hearing the sound of footsteps coming closer. She glanced at the garage doors, now noticing her brother, her best friend, Willie, and a girl she didn’t know.
         “Y-Y/n?” Alex stuttered, his voice going an octave higher in surprise.
         “Hey Alex,” Y/n greeted her brother, waving her hand. “Hi Reggie.”
         “Please don’t scare us like that again!” The bassist exclaimed, sighing in relief.
         Y/n giggled, her body falling back a little under the weight of two seventeen-year-olds engulfing her in a bear hug.
         She wrapped her arms around them both, glancing over Reggie’s shoulders with pleading eyes to Luke. The latter only smiled, shaking his head a little in disbelief.
         “I don’t know how or why this is happening,” said Alex, waving his hands in the air once he pulled away from his twin, “but I’m glad you’re back shortie.”
         “Hey!” Y/n pouted at the nickname. “Do I need to remind you I’m actually a year older than you now?”
         “Yeah, well… You’re still short in height.”
         “I hate you.”
         “No you don’t.”
         “Y/n?” Luke called her, taking her hand in his.
         He helped her stand up from the couch, leading her to the garage doors where Willie and Julie still stood in silence.
         Y/n glanced at Willie, letting go of Luke’s hand to wrap her arms around the skater’s shoulders, going onto her tiptoes to whisper in his ear.
         “Thanks Will.”
         Willie smiled; she was the only one to call him that way. He hated it, at first, but grew fond of the nickname with time. Y/n was the only one he allowed to call him Will.
         “I’d do anything for you Y/n.” Willie stated, tightening his embrace.
         A small smile curved Alex’s lips, remembering that not even two days earlier, Willie had spoken the same words to him.
         “Y/n.” Luke called for her once again, his hands over Julie’s shoulders. “This is Julie. She’s a lifer, and she can see us. The guys and I are also in a band with her, and when we sing together, she can make us visible to other lifers.”
         “Y-you can see me?” Y/n asked.
         “Yeah. You’d think I’d be used to it with these three, but I’m not. It’s nice to meet you, and to finally be able to put a face on a name.”
         Y/n tilted her head in confusion, her brows knitting together and creasing a frown on her forehead.
         “When I found out about the Hollywood Ghost Club and Caleb,” Julie explained, “they also told me they had seen you; And they haven’t stopped talking about you since then.”
         Y/n chuckled. “I’m sorry you had to bear with them alone.”
         A chorus of ‘heys!’ and grumblings reached her ears, which only fueled her laugher, especially when her eyes met Luke’s angry puppy face. How she had missed those eyes.
         Y/n and Julie spent the rest of the morning getting to know each other, until Luke came and claimed to ‘steal Y/n for the rest of the day’ as he put it to his bandmate.
         Here they were now, walking hand in hand by the shore, bare feet into the sand. Kids’ laughers as they built and broke their own sandcastles were all around them, the waves crashing near their feet producing a peaceful sound.
         Luke soon found a quiet spot, where no one but them was, and he spun on his heels to face Y/n.
         The fingers on his hands carressed the soft but cold skin of her cheek, delicately brushing away a lash that had fallen on her cheekbone.
         His touch was light, like a feather against her cheek, and it resulted in a thin-lipped smile to grow on her lips.
         She blinked twice, tilting her head against the palm of his hand resting on her face. Her e/c eyes were boring into his hazel ones, glistening with the adoration and love she had for the seventeen-year-old boy before her.
         He was heavenly-looking; his mop of brown hair falling in strands on his forehead, covered by that orange beanie he loved so much, his hazel green eyes gazing back into hers with love and tenderness, and the gentle smile that graced his lips.
         Just the sight of him could have made her heart flutter, if she still had one, and the butterflies to errupt at the bottom of her stomach.
         The world around them seemed to have vanished, the kids’ laughers now a distant memory and the waves crashing down the shore a distant sound. The warm Los Angeles wind was blowing, caressing their face in soft breezes. The birds were chirping their joyful melody, harmonizing together as the sun shone bright into the clear blue sky.
         Her bare feet digging into the cold sand, Y/n let her gaze fall from his face, and she turned around to look at the vast blue ocean before them, settling her back against his chest.
         Luke’s arms found their way around her waist, pulling her closer to him, and he rested his chin on the crown of her head. His smile grew when she began playing with the rings around his fingers, balancing their body back and forth.
         “I think blue’s my favourite colour,” Y/n said after a while. “Any shade of blue, actually.”
         “Why’s that?” Luke mumbled against her temple after pressing a soft kiss there.
         “Sometimes, the ocean reminds me of your eyes. They were the first colour I ever saw, dead or alive. And I’ve noticed, over the years, how their colour would change. Sometimes, they’re green, or hazel. But there are these occasional times where your eyes turn blue, the same shade as the ocean. I could… I could drown in your eyes if I wanted to.”
         Y/n turned to look at him, her hands on each side of his face. Luke’s hands stayed on her waist, his orbs boring into hers.
         “Which colour are they now?” He asked, a love-struck smile on his lips.
         “As blue as the ocean,” she whispered, smiling.
         Luke chuckled, inching his face closer to hers and with his lips brushing against hers.
         Y/n giggled, shaking her head in disbelief as her hands found their way at the back of his neck, her fingers tangling into his hair and her lips crashing against his.
         His grip on her waist tightened, pulling her even closer if that were possible, their lips moulding together like they were meant to be, an euphoric feeling fogging their mind.
         Y/n stood on her tiptoes, deepening the kiss, and Luke bit down on her lower lip, eliciting a surprised moan on her side.
         He smiled, taking her bottom lip between his teeth, and he pulled at it slightly before watching it fall back into a pout on her face.
         His right hand moved up from her waist, pulling a strand of hair away from her face before resting on her cheek. He gazed into her eyes, love and adoration in his whilst his lips carved a gentle smile on his face.
         “I’ve missed you, baby,” Luke whispered against her lips.
         “I’ve missed you more rockstar,” Y/n smiled. “Don’t ever leave me again.”
         “Never. I love you too much to let you go.”
         “Good. Because I love you too, and I’m not planning on letting you go either.” Y/n stated, pulling Luke in for yet another kiss.
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For the prompt: anything with juke in canon
Drabble 1/14:
The first time Luke went in a girl’s room, he was floored by it all. Luke had never been in a girl’s room before, not even Alex’s little sister’s. It was so...colorful. And clean. There was some clutter, a couple of piles of clothes on the floor here or there, stray shoes on the ground, papers strewn across the desk, but it was also mostly clean. 
The only room Luke had ever seen so clean was his parents’, or his own when his mom made him clean it because company was coming over. Wait, that was a lie, Alex’s room was rather organized. But Reggie’s and Bobby’s had never been. Usually, Luke’s comforter was on his bed, a big duvet (there wasn’t a difference between comforters and duvets, right?) that he never made or smoothed. He never even tucked it in at the foot of the bed. Luke liked to tangle the blanket around his feet while he slept.
Julie’s bed was made so nicely, and there were so many pillows on it! How did she sleep with that many pillows?
And yeah, it was so colorful. Alex’s room was clean, but it was all navy blue and grey, and the occasional maroon. Julie’s was almost all purple. The walls were light purple and her decorations were all the same light purple color, too. And that, too -- there were so many decorations! Luke understood a couple of posters on the wall, but he did not understand all the things that were just...everywhere. There were framed pictures, there was a desk with a mirror built in and all sorts of girl things on it, there were metal...shapes, dangling from the ceiling and sitting on decorative shelves. Were all girls’ rooms like this?
And then there was that box up on that shelf. It had leaves and flowers hand-drawn all over it, and it just looked important. Luke couldn’t keep his eyes off of it.
The second time Luke ever went in a girl’s room, Julie didn’t know about it. She’d clearly set up her “boundaries!” but this was more important than those. This was about getting her to join their band! He snuck in while she was still at school, after that killer performance they’d had. She wouldn’t be there to catch him this time, and he’d learned better how to pick things up. He’d be able to open the dream box this time.
The third time Luke ever went into Julie’s room, it was alongside Julie. She grabbed the dream box he’d not touched for almost three weeks. Luke gave Julie a questioning look and she shrugged. “There’s lyrics in here, remember? If we’re gonna write some songs for the band, I figure, why not use what I already have, at least as inspiration? There are a couple of half-finished songs in here, too, maybe we can complete them.”
The fourth time Luke ever went into a girl’s room, he waited until after Reggie knocked and they were let in. He’d been in here before, but he was finally coming to understand all that stuff Julie had been talking about when it comes to boundaries. He ducked his head through the door right before the rest of him entered, too. And after the other two poofed away, it dawned on Luke that he could just...stay. Stay and spend a bit more time alone with her like he so rarely got to do. But she had to get ready for their show, so Luke snapped his fingers and poofed to the venue.
The fifth time Luke ever went in a girl’s room, it was the greatest night of his life. He couldn’t let the party end when Julie left the garage, so, secretly, after Julie had that conversation she told them she had to have with Carlos, and after Ray and Carlos had gone to bed, they poofed back in there. Julie was still dressed. They were able to persuade Julie to come back out to the garage with them to keep celebrating. They didn’t finish until Julie fell asleep at two.
send me prompts and i’ll make a drabble
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n0wornever · 10 months ago
Partner Skate - Luke Patterson x Reader
Tumblr media
“Absolutely not,” Luke scowled up at the older woman in front of him. A great juxtaposition to the smiling sun that shone brightly on his light purple mug as he slammed it to the counter below him.
“Lucas, it’s your cousin’s birthday,” His mother’s voice rose with a warning tone. “Your aunt never asks for anything from us.” 
Luke sighed, leaning his head in his hand as he rose his eyes to meet her sliver studded gaze. She had her lips pursed as she crossed her arms at her chest, awaiting a response from him. His pinched frown fell as his mind wandered to Lucille. 
Luke knew that his cousin was excited about her 10th birthday. Her mother had rented out the skating plaza near the Patterson’s home for her special day. Four hours of uninterrupted roller skating, cotton candy eating, and soda drinking at her first girl-boy party were all Lucille’s conversations with her older cousin had resorted to as of late. 
Lucille’s mom had planned a family barbecue later that weekend so that all of the older guests didn’t feel inclined to have to strap on skates and slurp Pepsi as the kids spun around on sugar highs under the neon lights. Luke had held a soft smile toward his aunt when she told him the news. He couldn’t get Reggie, Bobby or Alex to give up half of their Saturday afternoon to party with a group of kids, so he was silently hoping he could get out of it.
And he did until his uncle came down with the flu the morning of the party. Aunt Kelly and Uncle Tim were going to tag-team chaperoning the ragtag group so that other parents could feel safe leaving their kids out of their sight in the middle of the day. However, with one adult out for the count, Luke’s aunt was feeling wary about taking on the shift alone. 
Luke audibly sighed again, lifting his cup to his lips. The bitterness of the dark roast played nicely with the frustration on his mind. He knew the right thing to do was to say yes. To spend one weekend day with his cousin and her little friends to put his aunt’s mind at ease, but his brain kept thinking about his cherry red fender on its stand in his room and how the second verse of his new song was on the tip of his tongue. 
“Mom, I scheduled band practice today because I thought that I didn’t have to go,”  So, maybe that was a lie. He squinted his eyes as the rising sun peered over his mother’s shoulder. “If you think about it, I’m going to disappoint someone no matter what I chose.” 
His mother dropped her arms before reaching them out toward the counter, fingers spread perfectly atop the granite. Her eyebrow was cocked in a way he knew all too well. Luke stole another large sip of his coffee before meeting her eyes again. Her eyes were stuck to his as he went through the motions. 
Luke’s stoic presence cracked under the continuous staring contest. He properly set down his mug and clasped his hands on the counter. He knew that he could see a smirk starting to roll onto the left side of her face, but he was determined to remind her that this was ultimately his decision.
“Fine, I’ll do it,” His jaw locked as her grin grew. “But I’m only doing this for Lucy.” 
“Of course dear,” His mother’s tone remained even as she tapped her hands against the counter before turning toward their home phone. 
As his mother punched in the numbers hastily, Luke let his eyes inspect the orange-blue color that collided with the morning rays. As he lifted his coffee up to his lips again, he couldn’t help but think about all of the sticky fingers and bruised knees he’d have to attend to that afternoon. This soured his lips in the way that no Ethiopian blend ever could. 
“Kels, no don’t worry about paying him,” He heard his mother say, and his eyes darted right over to her. She glanced at him for a second before turning her eyes toward the wall directly in front of the phone jack. “No, he’s doing this for Lucy. Her happiness will be enough compensation.” 
It was hilarious how quickly she could turn his smart mouth against him. However, his four hours of sleep were dwelling on him now and he could not find it within himself to conjure enough frustration to put up a fight. Instead, he stared at the sunrise until the blue overpowered the rest of the colors to champion the morning sky.
12 p.m.
Luke swung his backpack around his shoulders as he heard a honk ring outside. He peeked out the large living room window to see the light brown caravan in front. His shoulders slumped as he let his eyes fall on his bright blue jeep for a moment. His longing stare was interrupted by another honk, and his eyes fell back toward the family-sized vehicle. 
His aunt leaned over to the passenger side, waving at him. Luke nodded before pushing off the plush velvet couch cover and sprinted toward the door. He spun the lock shut and ran down the small staircase to meet his family at the end. 
As he landed in his seat, he heard a familiar squeal fill the small space. He couldn’t help but grin as he turned to the back seat and saw a pair of bright green eyes and a wide smile meet his. Luke held his hand out toward the young girl. She took it and he squeezed their palms together for a moment. 
“Hey kiddo,” He said softly, winning another smile from Lucy. 
He faced the front just in time for his aunt to put the van in drive. They pulled out on the street and made their way toward their destination. 
“How’s school,” Aunt Kelly questioned, letting her gaze divert from the road for a moment to look at her nephew. 
Luke shrugged, leaning back on the dark grey seat behind him. “Only 50 more days.” 
Kelly’s cheeks pulled back into a soft smile as she nodded at him. Luke broke the contact and swiveled in his seat to face the greenery outside. He tapped his finger against the armrest as he silently counted down the seconds until they approached the rink. 
Luke’s concentration broke as the light purple building pulled into sight. His gaze lifting to the giant skate atop the center, painted pink with white fluffy balls at the tips near the wheels. He could barely remember the times that he actually enjoyed coming to the skating plaza. But he knew that it actually had been a weekly hangout spot for the Sunset Curve pre-band formation. 
Every Saturday, the boys’ moms would take turns dropping them off at the front doors. Luke, Bobby and Reggie would immediately snag a table in the corner, put their feet up and scope out their crush of the week, each building up the courage to ask one of the girls to partner skate with them. Meanwhile, Alex’s focus was mostly pulled to the actual rink, where he spun around in circles alone happily, requesting Blondie songs until the DJ cut him off. 
The memory brought a grin to Luke’s face for a moment as he unbuckled his seatbelt. As he exited the car, Lucy immediately grabbed his hand. This gesture brought an even brighter smile to his face as the trio made their way to the double doors. His aunt separated from the two as she checked the party in. Her discussion with the employee on the till fell to a murmur as Lucy started talking his ear off about a school assignment that she had been given for music class.
“I told Ms. London that I wanted to play the guitar,” Lucy’s nose scrunched as she beamed up at him. 
“Oh?” Luke questioned, gently nudging her side. “Why’s that?” 
Lucy rolled her eyes “Because I want to play with you Lukey.” 
Luke’s hold on his anger was getting more difficult by the minute with the sweetness that his cousin doused him in. He simply nodded at the young girl, gripping onto her hand once again. Her mother’s voice rang through his ears, bringing his attention back up toward the glass window. 
“Luke, you and Luce can go get your skates,” She lifted two orange tickets toward him. “I’ll meet you inside.” 
Luke didn’t think he’d actually have to put on quads to monitor the kids, but he knew that he was far too committed to strike up an argument with another adult today. So instead he grabbed the slips of colored paper from her hand and walked toward the frosted glass doors in front of him, pulling his cousin alongside him. 
As the pair entered the next room, Luke’s senses were immediately overwhelmed. Between the smell of popcorn and the blaring electronic music racing through his eardrums, he paused in place. He stood there wide-eyed as he watched the few staff members race around the place matching white lace-ups as they cleaned tables and stacked glasses.
One girl, in particular, met Luke’s eyes. Her cheery smile reached up to her dark brown eyes as she set down her rag and began to skate toward them. Luke dropped Lucy’s hand as he adjusted his shirt in preparation. She shifted her long hair to the right with her hand before reaching out to shake his. 
“My name is Y/N, and I’ll be taking care of your party today,” She said in a chipper tone that matched her glistening expression.
Luke tried not to focus on the glitter dusting her cheeks and rose his hand to meet hers. As they let go, Y/N nodded her head to the right. Luke grabbed his cousin’s small hand and followed the skating girl’s lead and met her over at the stacks of skates near the entrance. 
“She’s prettyyyy,” Lucy said loudly as she tugged on the boy’s arm. 
Luke avoided her gaze as he was positive that his cheeks were brighter than roses on the girl’s jacket in front of him. He continued to push forward, pulling his cousin behind him as he avoided eye contact with anyone. 
As he approached the counter, he laid out the two tickets. Y/N was staring at thim with a lazy but knowing grin as she slid the orange paper toward herself. Luke’s eyes melted on contact with her warm presence. So much so that he missed her first question immediately. 
Luke just kept looking dreamily and the girl’s eyes for a moment before his whole arm was shaken furiously. He broke eye contact for a moment to look down at Lucy who’s eyebrows were furrowed at him. 
“She asked what size Lukey!” 
Luke laughed awkwardly, glancing back up toward the shining girl in front of him. She tapped the tickets on the counter as she waited. He cleared his throat before responding.
“Sorry, uh,” his eyes escaped to the ceiling for a moment before drifting back down to her. “I’m a size 10 and she’s a kid’s 5.” 
Luna nodded, spinning on her heels and skating to the back out of sight. Luke couldn’t help but nervously tap on the surface below him as he tried to prepare for his next encounter with her. However, before he could even begin to coach himself on small talk, the girl reappeared with two sets of skates in her hands. 
“There you go!” 
Luke simply nodded, afraid that whatever came out of his mouth next may just embarrass him. He gripped on the top of the smaller light brown shoes and lifted them up. He leaned down and passed them to Lucy before reaching up to grab his own. He let his eyes fall onto hers once more before he turned back toward the rink. 
Luke found a table near the center that had a small paper table in the middle that had “Patterson Party” written in cursive. He set his skates down and sat on the bench. Lucy mimicked his movements, pulling off her shoes as soon as she made contact with her seat. Luke smirked at her eagerness and grabbed the young girl’s skates off the table. 
He tapped on her knee, motioning to her to raise her foot up toward him. As she did, he slid the skate onto her foot, hands rapidly working to lace up the shoe. She shifted her weight and Luke repeated the motion on her other foot. 
The small girl rose to a standing position. She wobbled for a moment before steadying herself in front of him. Her tiny hands pressed against his knees, slapping them a few times before meeting his eyes.
“Come onnnn Lukeyyyy,” She droned on as she rolled her skates back and forth. 
Luke sighed before reaching back onto the table to grab his skates. He pulled both skates onto his feet and tied them quickly before standing up on his own. All of a sudden the world went upside down and sideways before his vision started to just overall swivel. 
This was a lot more complicated than it was a few years ago. Something about his balance felt completely off. When he moved forward he felt like it was all going to go tumbling down on top of him. He could feel the slight tug on his hand and his focus began to center back on his cousin’s face.
“Ready to go out there?”
Luke’s breath was shallow as he exhaled, but he nodded quickly. He followed Lucy’s lead out onto the floor. The first few steps were shaky, but Lucy stuck close to the wall at a slower pace so he had an easier time catching up. However, they were only halfway around the rink when a few giggles echoed from behind them. Luke watched as Lucy’s gaze fell behind them and her eyes widened. 
“Jackie! Lori!” 
Before he knew it, the girl dropped from his side and spun around to skate toward the other girls. Luke almost flew backwards as her grip left his, but he quickly grabbed onto the wall, deeply inhaling the sugary air. As he sat on the side, trying to catch his breath, he heard another giggle erupt behind him. 
This time when he turned around, he was met by those dark brown eyes. The girl from the counter made her way toward him, pushing from one skate to the other as she glided swiftly across the surface. She slowed to a complete stop at his side, giving him a wide smile. 
“Are you doing okay over here?”
Luke nodded for a moment, before giving in and shaking his head. Y/N giggled again, holding out her hand for him. He looked at her open palm, and back up to her freckled cheeks. She rose an inquisitive eyebrow at his blank stare before opening her mouth again.
“I don’t bite, I just want to help you.” 
Luke opened his mouth to protest, but she held her hand up toward his face.
“I don’t want to hear the whole “macho man” routine. I can tell it’s been awhile since you’ve been here, and because I have no choice but to be here…..I can teach you a thing or two.” 
She brought her hand back down to his, scooping up his drooping fingers into hers and interlacing them. Luke felt his heart pound in his chest at this sudden contact. He hoped that his palms didn’t feel as sweaty as he thought they might, and let go of the wall next to him. Y/N smirked, leading him out toward more of the center. 
Young kids made laps around them, but Y/N kept their speed low. She looked over her shoulder a few times, making Luke’s brow scrunch at the center of his face. 
“What? Is there something on my face?” He questioned.
“Only the look of fear,” She joked, winning a small smile from her skating partner. 
Luke made his way right to her side. His brain couldn’t comprehend the closeness of their arms, which was probably for the best as he knew his cheeks had been flushed since the moment he met her. 
Y/N began to swing their intertwined arms as they made their way back around the rink. She hummed lightly to the Taylor Swift song playing over the speakers. Of course her voice sounded like silk too, Luke thought to himself. The girl next to him left her own little world for a moment to check on him again. When they met with a shared grin, Luke took the moment to actually speak to her.
“How long have you worked here?” 
Luna bit down on her bottom lip in thought for a moment before meeting his eyes again. 
“I think it’s been 3 years now,” She responded. 
Y/N let go of his hand for a moment. Luke’s panic set in and he let his hand just hang out to his side, finished spread. He watched as she shook it out to the side, rotating her wrist back and forth. As she looked over at the nervous boy, she let out a slight laugh before gripping his hand again.
“In my many months at the rink, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a nervous skater,” She joked.
“I don’t think it’s just the skating,” Luke whispered
Y/N leaned her head to the side, staring at him in confusion “What?” 
Again with the heavy beating in his chest. Luke tried to focus on the music as the pair continued to glide toward the left. A few moments of silence laid between them before a loud voice boomed over the speaker. 
“Now it’s time for the partner skate,” The deep voice announced. “So grab someone close and pull them out onto the floor.” Without another word, a familiar Lonestar song began to play. 
Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take
Luke’s eyes widened as they met his beaming aunt who watched them from the sidelines. He immediately took in the situation and thought about what she must think as she watched Luna and him skate all afternoon together. His train of thought was interrupted by a nudge on his side. He looked back over to see Y/N’s stare burning through him, eyes heavy with concern.
“We don’t have to do this one if you don’t want to…” She said breathlessly. 
Luke was nervous, sure. But the idea of her hand leaving his made his stomach upset, a feelingt that would linger so much longer. He shook his head, squeezing onto her palm a few times before actually taking the lead. He could hear that sweet chuckle again as they began to sway their arms to the soft lyrics. 
As the chorus began to build, he met Y/N’s eyes again. She had a soft pink shadowing her olive skin too. Her obvious anxiety letting some of his melt away. He stopped swinging their arms and let his rest close to hers as he let the music envelope them. 
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I'm amazed by you
As the song began to end, Luke pressed lightly on Luna’s hand again. He nodded toward the entrance opposite of where his aunt stood. She nodded back and the pair skated their way toward the retaining wall. As they steadied themselves on the carpet, Luna’s footing fell from underneath her. Her body began to tumble toward Luke’s. The boy clasped onto her waist, grabbing her before she completely fell. 
Their faces were dangerously close now. Luke could feel her minty breath on his face. They sat in the silence for a moment before Y/N pushed against his chest and brought herself back up. She dusted off her jeans before placing her hand around the opposite arm’s wrist. They finally made eye contact again, falling and laughter quickly.
“I guess maybe you’re not as good of a skater as you claim to me,” Luke joked.
Y/N rolled her eyes, skating closer to him. “Well maybe then we’ll just have to keep practicing.”
“We?” Luke asked, raising an eyebrow.
Luna’s cheeks blossomed to a vibrate ruby color as she grabbed for both of his hands. She let her gaze linger on their connected fingers for a moment before it reached his face again.
“If that’d be alright with you?” 
Luke gnawed at his bottom lip before nodding quickly. “Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.” 
He immediately kicked himself for being so forward, but the wide smile he received from her in return made that regret slip from his mind. Y/N inched closer to him, bringing her lips up to his cheek and placing a soft kiss on the smooth skin. As she pulled away, she giggled as she met Luke’s awe-struck face. She let go of his hands and pointed a thumb backward.
“I better get going, my boss is probably wondering where I am.”
Luke’s shoulders fell in disappointment, but he nodded at her. She ran a hand through her hair before flashing him another white smile. 
“Until next time?” She asked.
The grin returned to Luke’s face. “Yeah, until next time.”
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suunsetcurve · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I would just like to apologise in advance 😩
Alex died on a Saturday night.
Slowly and then all at once the air around him swallowed him whole. There was something so absolute about the darkness.
He was drowning, gasping for air as the darkness enveloped and the only thing he could think of was staying afloat. His brothers beside him limp and lifeless, the light that shone from them snuffed before it could even be set alight.
They woke that morning with a buzz in the air. The Orpheum. A dream most up and coming artists would die for and boy did it deliver. 
“We’re playing The Orpheum!” Luke said, his grin stretched from ear to ear. He bounced his knees, excitement vibrated through his very being. “I can’t even count how many bands have played here and ended up being huge.”
Alex couldn’t believe how far they’d come, his band, his brothers, were almost there, the taste of success was on the tip of his tongue.
“Eat up boys, because after tonight, everything changes.”
“That’s a new flavour,” Alex chimed, as he held back a cough. Definitely a new flavour.
“Chill man, street dogs haven’t killed us yet.” Reggie dismissed. 
Luke stopped for a minute; his sweat licked upper lip trembled before he took another bite. 
Something wasn’t right.
Dread sat low in the pit of his stomach, swirling, grabbing onto everything it could. Bile rose in his throat before he quickly gulped it down. He let the food roll from his hand before he heaved onto the floor.
Luke turned grey as sweat poured from him, Reggie proceeded to vomit to the side. Alex tried to stand but his muscles were weak. Luke tried to call out, but the words tore from his mouth as a sob.
“Bobby -,” Alex strangled out before a cough cut through, the copper tang coated his tongue as blood filled his mouth.
Dread rolled again as he tried to cry out. Nothing. No one would come to help. He vomited again; this time filled with blood. He tried to call out again, this time with more success.
Reggie turned to him, the panic in his eyes as the tears rolled down his face broke his heart.
No, this wasn’t their time. They had so much more to do. ___
Luke was the first to go. 
“Luke, c’mon man. Stay with us -,” they both gasped, the strain on their chests becoming insurmountable as Luke slumped down the damp sofa. Alex’s hands remained on his sallow skin as he wiped the tears from Luke’s cheeks, skin clammy but not yet cold. This couldn’t be how it ended for them, in a back alley on the edge of greatness. Seventeen and ready to set the world a blaze, taken before they had the chance. Alex heaved himself from his position, his chest tight and throat dry as he turned to Reggie.
Reggie was pale faced and clammy as he tried to lay his head on Luke’s shoulder. The denial and despair had hit him as he called out for his Mom and Dad. No help came.
____ Reggie soon followed Luke. With a last heaving breath, he surrendered, and Alex was alone.
They were gone. Sobs heaved through his chest as he struggled to move, his body had stopped trying and he could feel his resolve slipping.
Bobby would find them, but it would be too late. The tears streamed down his cheeks, trailed his neck and he grasped on to the whisper of life he had left. He had so much more living to do. They all did. Rasping breaths wrecked him as he tried to call for help, but nothing came. 
The faint flicker of red and blue lights filtered through his damp lashes and he swore to the gods that if they just let him live, he would do good in this world. The sounds dampened as his breathing shallowed, colours fading to grey. There was something so absolute about the darkness.
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mo-d3ans · a year ago
the long way around. (4)
Tumblr media
Pairing: ghost!OC x luke patterson an: I still don’t know how long this story is going to be, but I hope you all are still enjoying it! I’m trying not to rush it too much, but also don’t want to bore you by taking it too slow lol let me know what you think! word count: 4.4k+ warning: mentions of death and dying.
Disclaimer: same ol’ same ol’. This story does not follow the same storyline as the tv show and a lot of things are changed. I own nothing other than the OC.
Being dead was weird. Both in the ways that a person might expect, and many others. Without the need for sleep, food, and work, it was easy to lose track of time. For the next couple of days, Sophia, Reggie, Alex, and Luke all spent their time just talking and hanging out. They didn’t talk about what had happened to them, and instead used this seemingly endless time to get to know each other better. Of course, the boys knew each other quite well, but Sophia didn’t. And she would have been lying if she couldn’t wait to learn more.
She learned about how they came together as a band, she learned more about their home lives, and their plans for after playing their show at the Orpheum. They talked about the music they made, the music they were still making, and how they hoped to figure out what they could do to continue sharing their music with the world even though they couldn’t be seen. They had a lot of ideas, and a lot of dreams, and Sophia couldn’t help but admire them for it.
“What about you?” Luke asked Sophia, after they had spent the last few hours talking about themselves. “Did you have anything that you were hoping to do?”
Sophia shrugged, as her gaze fell to her hands. Even after death, she had a nervous habit of picking at her nails, and she couldn’t seem to break it.
“I was just kind of… going with the flow, you know? I liked school, especially art, but I hadn’t really figured out what my dream was yet.” She felt a little embarrassed by her answer. The other three practically had their entire lives already planned out in their heads, and she had nothing.
“Art, huh? What kind?” Alex asked, trying to turn the conversation into being about her passions instead of the things she hadn’t figured out. Sophia looked up at his question, and she smiled when her eyes met his bright blue ones.
“I loved to draw. I would make like, these album covers for bands that didn’t exist? I don’t know, it sounds silly now, but I was never that musically talented, even though I loved music, so I figured it was the one way to contribute without actually learning to play.”
“Did you ever make any for Sunset Curve?” Reggie asked excitedly, and Alex turned to give him an exasperated look.
“She just said bands that didn’t exist, dummy,” Luke huffed, but the sheepish look that formed on Sophia’s face gave her away.
“Actually… I did do a couple,” she murmured, and all three sets of eyes turned back to her.
“Wait… you did?” Luke asked, and Reggie lifted his hand to fist pump the air.
“See!” he cried, but Alex quickly shot him another glare and he lowered his arm once again.
“I don’t suppose you still have them?” Alex asked, and Sophia’s expression fell.
“They’d be at my parents’ house. If they’re even still there.”
She could hear the question in their heads, but thankfully, none of them asked it. She knew once she mentioned them that they would want to see them. Who wouldn’t want to see fanart someone made for them? The problem was, she still wasn’t sure that she was ready to see if her parents were still in the same place. She didn’t know if she would have the courage to face that.
“But I also used to write,” she offered quickly to help alleviate some of the tension that had formed in the air. “Along with the album covers for bands that didn’t exist, I also wrote songs for them too. Well, I tried to at least.”
At these words, Luke’s entire face lit up, and Sophia couldn’t help but melt a bit. The weird pull between them was still very much there, judging by the fact that he was sitting as close as he could to her without actually touching, but they had been playing it off like it was nothing. It could have been nothing for all they knew. It was still a mystery to them and neither one of them had any idea that the other felt the same things.
“You wrote songs too?” When Sophia looked back over at him, she could already feel a tingling sensation spread through her. It was weird that, now that she didn’t have a beating heart or a stomach or really even any breath, her ghostly form found other ways to feel the emotions that usually came along with the beginnings of a crush. Though, a crush might have been a little farfetched so soon, but some sort of feelings were trying to push their way through.
“They weren’t good like yours. They were just for fun. It’s a nice way to get your emotions out sometimes.”
Luke’s eyes were fixed on hers, and while she had previously thought they were blue, as she looked at him now, they almost looked grey. Or maybe green. Or maybe a perfect mixture of all three. They were hard to describe, but she immediately knew that she would love to draw them. Or maybe, if she was feeling confident, even write a song about them.
“I bet they were great,” he answered softly, and for a moment, the world seemed to stop for just the two of them. Luke felt himself start to gravitate closer to her, dragged along by the unseen pull, but then Alex was clearing his throat, and the daze that Luke and Sophia had found themselves in was broken.
“Do you guys need a moment, or?” Alex asked teasingly, and instinctively, Sophia pulled her knees up to her chest as she smiled and shook her head. She felt giddy, and while Luke still hadn’t taken his eyes off of her, she didn’t seem to notice. He didn’t understand what had just happened, or why it continued to happen, but he found himself wanting it more and more and he couldn’t help it.
After a few seconds of awkwardness as Reggie and Alex exchanged a knowing look in regard to the interaction that had just taken place, the conversation restarted, and it was almost like nothing had happened at all.
It all felt like a giant sleepover, and none of them seemed to be in a big rush to break the spell that seemed to settle over them. The more they talked, the less it felt like they had just brought Sophia in just a couple of days ago, and the more she felt like part of the family. It was crazy how well they all seemed to bond, and despite the additional connection between her and Luke, she meshed in with everyone perfectly.
The friendship that formed between Sophia and Alex was special because he had been the first one there when she returned. He had been so kind and gentle with her when she figured out that she was dead, and she knew that she would never be able to repay him for bringing her in and introducing her to his group. Not that he expected any kind of repayment. She had shown him compassion in the moment where he needed it most, and he felt indebted to her in the same way she felt about him.
The friendship that was quickly apparent between Sophia and Reggie was more reckless. Sophia had stifled a lot of her wild behavior due to the fear of the unknown, but Reggie helped pull her out of it a bit. She would genuinely laugh at his jokes, which he appreciated, and they even both made separate comments about how they really wanted to ‘haunt’ someone, just for fun. Sophia appreciated Reggie a lot, especially after his previous pep talk, and Reggie was thankful that he found someone to help cater to his more playful side that Alex and Luke didn’t always want to participate in.
And then there was whatever was happening between Luke and Sophia. They both constantly tried to play it off as just an immediate friendly connection, but the more time they spent around one another, the more it seemed to grow into something else. They would often get lost in each other, and more than once, Reggie or Alex would have to begrudgingly remind them that they were still in the room. Or, sometimes, they would disappear completely to give them their space. Nothing ever really happened, but the longing looks were more than enough to make it evident to anyone around that there was definitely something going on.
It wasn’t until day four that the four of them finally stopped spending every second they had together. Alex went to the beach to help clear his head some more, Reggie went exploring some of the newer record shops that had popped up in their area over the past few years to see how much music had changed, and Luke stayed in the garage to work on his music. Sophia hadn’t decided how she wanted to spend her time, and while she had almost volunteered to go with Alex to give Luke his space, she knew that Alex needed some time to himself as well. They all did. She just didn’t know what to do with hers.
If she were being honest, she really wanted to draw. In the quiet moments, she had thought about her sketchbook that she knew used to sit on her desk in her bedroom, and she wondered if that would have been something of hers that her parents would keep. She liked to believe they would, but she also had no idea how they were handling her death in the first place. She didn’t even know for sure if they had made it out of whatever accident had taken her own life.
“What are you thinking about over there?”
Luke’s voice tore her out of her mind, as Sophia looked up at the boy across the room. He was sitting at a desk, a pen in his hand, as he had been writing something in his notebook. She assumed that it was another song, but now he was looking at her, and she felt the familiar rush spread through her knowing that she had his attention.
“My parents,” she answered honestly, and the soft smile that had formed on his face slowly melted as it turned into a frown. “I was just thinking about what stuff of mine they might have kept after I… you know, after I died.”
Luke set his pen down, but he didn’t immediately move to stand. He could tell that Sophia was trying to play it off as just a casual thought, but he had also noticed that she had been carefully avoiding the topic of her parents since she arrived. They had only come up a couple of times, and she had changed the subject away from them before she could get into too much detail. Granted, Luke hadn’t offered much information in regard to his own family, so he couldn’t really blame her.
Luke stayed quiet for a moment as Sophia seemed to lose herself in her thoughts again before she abruptly stood up. Luke mirrored her actions, a little taken aback by her sudden movements, but then he noticed the look of resolve on her face, and he had a feeling he knew exactly what she was thinking now.
She was going to do it. She was going to go to her parents’ house and see if they were still there. She needed her answers now, and it had been long enough that she felt she might be more emotionally capable of dealing with whatever she found. She could only hope, at least.
“I’m gonna go,” she murmured under her breath, and even though Luke was on the other side of the garage, he heard them clear as day. He took a step towards her, but then hesitated as he came to a stop. His eyes hadn’t left her, and when she finally looked back at him again, he felt a catch in his chest at the mixed expression on her face.
“Did you… did you want me to come with you?” he asked, and for a moment, she didn’t respond. He had promised her that when she was ready, they would all be there for her, and he wasn’t about to go back on that. He wanted to be there for her, in whatever way she would let him.
Sophia knew that this was something that she should probably do on her own. She had no idea what she was going to find or how she was going to feel once she found it. However, having Luke, or anyone, there with her might help with any heartbreak she might encounter. It wasn’t on him to make her feel better, but he was offering his support, and while she felt stronger, she wasn’t sure she was quite strong enough to turn him away.
Slowly, she nodded, and Luke moved swiftly in her direction until he was standing right in front of her. He gave her a small, encouraging smile as he hesitantly reached out for her hand. Staying connected was the best way to ensure that they both ended up in the same spot, and even though they hadn’t really allowed themselves much contact since that first day, Luke was willing to take a chance this time.
Sophia didn’t stop him as his hand wrapped around hers, and even though the familiar tingles spread through her as they finally made contact, she didn’t pull away. She took a moment to settle the nerves that were building inside of her, and with one look into Luke’s eyes, she finally started to feel the confidence she really needed.
“You can do this,” Luke said softly as he squeezed her hand gently. “All you have to do is think about where you want to go.”
Sophia had never tried the whole teleporting thing on her own, but she gave him a quick nod as she closed her eyes and envisioned her parents’ house. She knew she probably didn’t have to close her eyes, but after everything, the memories were a little more distant than she expected them to be. She had to concentrate hard to remember, but when she felt a familiar pinching feeling, she knew that it was working. When the feeling subsided, she slowly opened her eyes and saw that it really had worked.
The street she grew up on looked different, though her parents’ house looked the exact same. Same dark blue shutters. Same stone façade. A lump formed in her throat as she took it all in, and she was so wrapped up in the memories, she barely noticed that Luke was still holding her hand.
The car in the driveway wasn’t one that she recognized, though when she thought about it, how could it be? Even if her parents were the ones that still lived here, it had been almost twenty years since she had seen them last. A new car would have just been part of moving forward with life.
“So, this is it, huh?” Luke asked, and Sophia jumped slightly at the sound of his voice. The feeling of his palm pressed against hers was now grounding her to the present, and she nodded slowly as she turned her gaze away from the house and back to him. His eyes trailed over to meet hers, as he had also been taking in the house in front of him, and he squeezed her hand again. “Do you want me to go in with you?”
It seemed strange just… walking in. But, being a ghost, Sophia supposed that was something that she could do now. She wondered if that was what Luke had done with his family, and she knew that, eventually, she would ask him about them. Right now, though, she was focused on her family and what she needed to do. It meant a lot that he was here with her now but going in… she knew that she had to do that on her own.
When she voiced this to Luke, he nodded in understanding as he finally dropped her hand.
“I’ll wait right here.”
Sophia inhaled deeply as she took the first step off the sidewalk and into her old front yard. From the outside, the house looked pretty vacant. It wasn’t like her parents had done a lot of landscaping in the first place, but usually they at least had a seasonal flag or something flying in their flower bed up front. Not now. The curtains in the front bay window were open, and Sophia could see furniture inside, but she wasn’t sure if it was the same as what had been around when she was here. But she was soon to find out.
The house was quiet when she stepped through the front door, and she felt a wave of nostalgia hit her instantly. The staircase right inside the door was the same, and when she looked at the wall next to her, she saw exactly what she had been hoping to. Her family photos. They were still here. They were alive.
She wasn’t sure if she was more overcome with relief or grief. The photos were the same ones from twenty years ago, featuring her own smiling face as she leaned down next to her family dog, Cooper. A feeling of dread settled over her now as she realized Cooper would be long gone by now, and she hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye. Had he been sad when she stopped coming home? Did he realize what had happened?
She pushed past those thoughts as she continued deeper into the house. The sitting room to her left had been rearranged and there was some new furniture, but it didn’t look too different. The kitchen straight ahead had new appliances and the curtains on the window were plain, unlike the floral print ones that used to hang there. With every step she took, Sophia felt heavier and heavier, and it wasn’t long before she realized that no one was home. She was alone, surrounded by lost memories and time that had passed without her.
After walking through every room on the first floor slowly and deliberately taking in everything around her, Sophia finally made it back to the stairs. She knew that her room was right at the top of them and to the left, but now she was afraid. All the pictures of her were still hung up, but she didn’t know if her room would still be the same. Surely her parents would have turned it into something more functional. It didn’t make sense to let the room go to waste all those years.
She contemplated stepping back outside and getting Luke, but her pride kept her from doing so. Her feet started to carry her up the stairs, and before she knew it, she had reached her door. She was surprised to see the stickers that she had decorated the outside of it with were still there, and there was a lifting in her chest as she finally pushed her way into the room that she used to spend so much of her time in.
It felt like a time capsule. Her dark purple walls were the same, her comforter was the same, and all the band posters that she had collected from the various shows she went to were still hanging on her wall. In twenty years, the room hadn’t changed a bit, and a range of emotions filled her as she tried to process it all. She could tell that her parents had been in here since, of course, as there was very little dust on her shelves and desk, and the room didn’t smell musty. She felt tears prick the back of her eyes as she stepped over to her desk, and she inhaled sharply when she saw that her sketchbook was sitting there, turned to the last page that she had filled before she passed.
Her parents had never expressly shown interest in her drawings, but it was obvious that they looked through the book often. She wondered what they thought. She wondered if they were proud. She hoped that they liked him, and when she realized that taking this with her meant that she would be taking a part of her away from them, she started to feel guilty.
When she went to pick it up, she heard a noise downstairs, and her head immediately turned to her closed bedroom door. The sound was the front door opening, and then a few seconds later, she heard a pair of voices. They were muffled but unmistakable. It was her parents. They were home.
Without thinking, Sophia rushed out of her room and back down the stairs, and she had to stop quickly to avoid running right through her dad. He was standing at the bottom of the stairs, his head turned in the direction of where her mother had just moved into the kitchen. The tears that had been forming in the corner of her eyes up in her bedroom started slipping down her cheeks as she was hit with the biggest wave of emotion yet.
They looked so different and yet exactly the same. They were older now, more gray peppering their hair, but ultimately, they were still the same people that had raised her. The creases in the corner of her dad’s eyes made him look tired, and when her mother spun around so that she could see her face, she could see the wrinkles in her face that came along with time. It had been twenty years, and yet for Sophia, it felt like just yesterday. She wanted to hug them, but she knew that it wouldn’t do any good. She wanted them to hug her, because really, she was still so, so lost.
Sophia was so busy looking at her mom now that she didn’t notice when her dad started up the stairs and ended up walking right through her. A shiver spread through her as she quickly looked back at him, and her eyes went wide as she could feel the sadness and sorrow that seemed to have come from him. He paused on the next step, his eyes flickering over his shoulder as he looked right at her, but after a second or two, he continued his way up to the second floor.
Sophia was frozen in place over having just made eye contact with him, even though he hadn’t even realized it. She was invisible. He would never know that he had just essentially touched her for the first time in a very long time, and that made her entire being ache. More tears started to stream down her face as she quickly rushed down the stairs and out through the front door without looking back.
It was a mistake, she thought to herself. She shouldn’t have gone in there in the first place. Sure, she was relieved to know that her parents were still exactly where she left them, but the pain she had felt as her dad passed through her was too much. He was hurting so much, and there was nothing she could do. She was hurting so much, and she knew that there was nothing they could do about it either.
She rushed over to the tree in her front yard where Luke was currently sitting, his back pressed against the trunk, but he quickly stood up when he saw her coming. Concern immediately took over when he saw that she was crying, but before he could ask what was wrong, Sophia was grabbing his hand, and the two of them quickly reappeared back in the garage.
It all happened so fast, Luke barely had time to blink, but once Sophia released his hand and sunk down onto the couch, he knew that things hadn’t gone well. He recognized that kind of devastation from the first time he had visited his parents.
“Soph-“ he started as he moved around to sit on the end of the couch next to her, but as soon as he sat down, her sobs caused the rest of his words to die on his lips. He reached out for her, his hand resting on her shoulder as she slowly lifted her head, her hands wiping furiously at her eyes. She was embarrassed for breaking down so easily in front of him, but now that it was happening, she couldn’t get herself to stop.
“How do you deal with this?” she asked, her voice muffled and broken through her tears. “I mean, just seeing them almost tore me apart.”
Silence fell over them as Sophia finally managed to force herself to look Luke in the eyes. There was more blue in them today, but now that the subject of his parents had come up, she could see them start to cloud over.
“Who said I’m dealing with this?” he whispered, and Sophia felt a tightness in her chest at how sad he sounded now. She hadn’t seen it before, but now his entire body sagged with the weight of mourning for his parents, and she realized that he had been suffering this entire time. “I write music to help distract from it but… you’re right. You see them, and it feels like you’re being torn apart because they don’t… they don’t know. You want to tell them, you want to scream that you’re there but you- you can’t.”
It was clear that Sophia had struck a nerve even though she hadn’t meant to, and without thinking, she leaned over and quickly wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. It was the first time she had done such a thing since coming back, but she knew that he needed one, and for her own selfish reasons, so did she.
Luke was quick to return the gesture, his arms snaking around her lower back as he pulled her closer and buried his face in her neck. Ghost hugs weren’t quite the same as they were when they were alive, but it was enough. They were able to find comfort in each other in the middle of a moment where they felt like they were completely alone. Whatever feelings had started there were solidified now, as they knew that they would never be the same.
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creativeashproductions · 10 months ago
Elysium // Luke Patterson
Summary: The boys of Julie and the Phantoms need a hail Mary to dethrone Downslide from opening for Panic! At the Disco. While Willie is done to help his blue eyed crush and his friends there’s one issue: Willie can’t drive the bus. Moving a bench is one thing but driving an entire tour bus?  There’s only one person who can and Willie’s not sure where she is after year of no communication
Warnings: Swearing, angst, talk of death (it’s a ghost show, why is this a warning??), mention of assault, violence, and fluff.
Words: 11.5k
A/N: This is why I haven’t posted much in the last week. I’ve been writing this massive fic that I refused to turn into a series. My god, 11k words. I don’t think I’ll be doing this again. Enjoy and comment if you figured out who Rudy is!
Tumblr media
There wasn’t much in the afterlife that you enjoyed after time spent in the limbo between the living and dead. Listening to songs before they were released lost its appeal just as much as dancing on stage with the ballet companies around the world, of being an unseen extra in shows and films being filmed.
Then you found a purpose a couple, well it could be more than a couple, years ago when you found a lost soul. William Young, Willie to his friends, had been sitting on the curb staring at the pavement entirely still as he had for two days.
The time from the last breath you took to walking the streets of Los Angeles was a blur in all honesty. The years bled together as you stayed stationary in a world that kept on spinning and changing, growing up. You had watched your friends hit new milestones you could only daydream about. Friends that graduated college and built new lives on the ashes of memories that included you.
Today’s walk was an attempt to escape your friends’ greying versions standing in front of a once vibrant sculpture. It happened every single year, but this one hurt the most. Listening to your friends recall stories of all the adventures you did together.
From being drunken idiots jumping off cliffs into that one lake the summer of freshman year. Or making a bonfire on the school’s roof with all the entryways blocked, rather stupid with the exits being blocked as well. Sneaking into concerts and stealing that one car that came close to sending you to boarding school.
The rebellion that still lived in you had mellowed in the five individuals with the adult responsibilities of family and work. Martha had removed all piercings but her lobes while Chase quit dying his hair colour. Jordan now had three children and a bought house.
Seeing the group no longer young had made your feet swiftly move from the memorial for a walk. The only thing that stopped you in your tracks was tripping over something in front of you.
“Ouch.” You hissed rolling onto your back with a moan of pain that faded with the sniffles.
Curled into his knees, sitting on the curb was a teenage boy about your age. Long hair curtaining his profile you found your eyes grasping the cracked helmet that spoke for itself abandoned by his side.
“Your kinda a hazard there.” You simply spoke sitting down next to the distraught teenager, “Heads up, I suck at comforting people.”
At his silence, you spoke once more, “I’m digging the tie-dye. Did you do it yourself?”
“This is some kind of stupid coma dream right?” The boy’s voice was husky from crying and disuse, “I’m probably in some kind of hospital with a tube down my throat.”
“I’d say yes, but it would be a blatant lie.” You spoke twirling a loose thread on your jeans while the stranger gazed at a spot on the street.
His dark brown eyes bloodshot as he remembered the car honking mere seconds before he heard the sound of a thud. He recalled struggling to breathe with his broken ribs and his screams being illustrated with bloodstains.
He remembered thinking how he had just bought that board a week ago with his allowance.
“Am I really dead?”
“Yes. We’re are a couple ghosts in a lively city.” You informed him with one handheld in the space between your ethereal forms. The teen hesitantly placed his hand in yours with a firm shake.
“William but call me Willie.” He softly told you, catching sight of the patch on your jean jacket—one of many from both when your grandma owned it and then when you did.
“I’m Y/N. Let’s blow this disappointment. I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know.” Brushing off the invisible dust on your jeans, you held your hand out to him, “We’re about to make the afterlife our bitch.”
A stark contrast to his former hesitance he immediately grasped your hand to tug himself off the curb. The forlorn skater didn’t question the board in your hand or how he could possibly even touch his own board. He didn’t wonder how it wasn’t in pieces like it had been when he first got hit.
That rebellion that ended your life flared again in the presence of your best friend with crashing Justin Bieber’s house. Of rearranging items in classrooms to freak teachers out and sitting in the cars turning the radio on and off. Haunting the living until the friendship fractured under the influence of a powerful ghost.
Caleb Covington had bewitched the skater with promises and extravagant gifts until Willie had taken the offer.
“He’s not like you said he was! I think you should give him a chance!” Willie cried following you around the place you had taken to be home.
“Willie he’s a bad guy! He butters you up until you give him what you want! That’s when you see his true colours. All he wants is your soul to power his magic and spread his reach!”
“I got to talk to my sister!”
“Your sister is five years old! It’s not Covington that gave you the opportunity. She won’t remember the experience as anything other than an invisible friend!”
“There are so many people at the Club that we can talk to. Aren’t you tired of the same routine and people we see?”
Willie’s pleading brought your full attention to the skater avoiding your gaze, “William Young…you took his offer.”
Willie tore his gaze from the art on the wall to find yours blatantly glaring at him with a bucket of random colour in your hand.
“The Club is going to France to tour around the country for a while. I’m dead, so I might as well make the best of it. Besides who gets to skate through the Louvre!” Willie beamed, watching as a small smile, found its way on your face at his excitement, “I’m sure Caleb would let you come to the Club tonight!”
“Willie, you are my best friend, but I’ve already seen the Club. It’s not my style, and I want nothing to do with it.”
That interaction was one of the very few speckled through the years when Caleb discovered who you were. No matter his offers, you never took the deal and when he saw how close you and Willie where he kept the skater busy. The Club didn’t appear in Los Angeles for a long time until Willie’s distance seemed too great to bridge.
Tumblr media
“So, you need a way for the slot to be empty?” Willie asked the trio of ghosts all spread around the area.
Unfortunately for Luke, the only person they could get help from was from the very guy that placed them in a predicament. While Alex was the one spearheading the conversation with the long-haired skater Luke was glowering in his direction.
“The Orpheum was the thing we never got to do. We spent hours practising and performing with one goal-“
“Play the Orpheum and get distance from our parents. Well, at the time that streetdog and becoming legendary was my main focus.” Reggie recounted the feeling of suffocating in a house filled with fighting. A home he wished still stood, now dead all he wanted was to see his parents.
“We almost did it too.” Luke pouted relaxing his glare at the skater who openly sent apologetic gazes at Alex’s bandmates.
“So, we need to get rid of the opening band.” Willie nodded to himself, thinking about ways before he caught sight of the abject horror on the band. The skater’s eyebrows raised, “I know I deeply fractured the trust, but I’m not suggesting murder.”
“Okay. Good.” Reggie whistled relaxing his tense posture while Luke grumbled under his breath an insult that in turn got Alex’s arm into the guitarist’s ribs.
“Your best bet would be getting the bus out of LA. The band will probably celebrate the upcoming gig.”
“Could you make the bus disappear?” Alex hesitantly questioned shifting in his now vintage sneakers. The blonde-haired drummer flushed slightly under the endearing smile from the skater. The feelings create a confliction within Alex under Willie’s issue, leading them straight into a madman’s hands.
“I can move a bench, turn sirens on, but a bus is outside my paygrade.” Willie openly admitted showing his hands deep in his pockets, “The only person other than Caleb that has enough power-“
“-is he just as evil?” Luke demanded crossing his arms to glare at the male that had unfortunately caught the interest of Alex.
However, Luke couldn’t blame Alex for falling for this guy because well, Luke saw the teenage ghost’s appeal. Willie was attractive, but he wasn’t the type of person Luke would fall for. Plus he had initially made Alex incredibly happy, and Luke would never blame Alex for that.
“She is as different from Caleb as one can be. She uh…she taught me everything about being a ghost. Actually, found me where I died.” Willie cleared his throat as the guilt and sadness reared its head from deep within him. The guilt of leaving his little sister to grow up without him and the sorrow of not growing up with the girl.
It wasn’t often Willie allowed himself to remember the little girl, barely five when he died, who was always dancing. His little sister adored the colour purple and anything shiny and more than once Willie had let her dress him up. Willie’s greatest regret is that he’d never have that interaction with her. God, she’d be around his age now and in high school.
“Okay, so where is she?” Reggie clapped his hands, bringing the skater out of his thoughts and back into the present.
Luke saw the hesitation in Willie, “There’s a catch, isn’t there?”
“Kinda?” Willie trailed off bouncing on the balls of his feet, “I haven’t seen her in years now. Last time I saw her we fought about the whole joining Caleb thing? I’m not even sure if she’s still in LA.”
“Of fucking course,” Luke grunted shoving both hands in his hair taking a few steps away from the other ghosts.
First, he dies, then he gets caught up in some bullshit revenge plot, then makes a deal with the devil without realizing it, and now their one chance is going up in flames. Luke Patterson was livid with the universe and the shitty hand he had been dealt, but at least he had his friends with him.
“It can’t hurt to look for her?” Reggie innocently offered with a shake of his shoulders, “It’s not like we have any other option.”
“Did we ever even have options?” Luke hissed, causing Willie and Alex each to flinch with the different guilt they carried.
Alex was guilty of going to Willie for help when getting back at Bobby was the biggest thing. Willie was guilty of ignoring his instincts on keeping Alex as far from Caleb as he could be he just wanted to impress the drummer. It’s not like Willie had many options for dating, and well, Alex was the first to get his entire focus.
“Dude. Stop. No one saw it coming.” Reggie bumped his hip against the annoyed guitarist, “Let’s find this ghost and get our shot at playing.”
The quartet of dead guys didn’t have high hopes of finding the girl in question, but it seemed the universe took pity on Luke Patterson. Just two hours into their search on the edges of the city limits an individual was walking.
The person’s stature leaned against a smashed concrete wall of the skeleton of where a building once was. The only thing the group could make out was a faded jean jacket with splotches of colour. Her ankles crossed as her back leaned against the cement, oozed laid back confidence. Coming closer, Luke noticed the sunglasses perched on top of her head and the lips painted dark.
“What do you need Willie? I heard you were looking for me.” The husky voice drew Luke in the most. The lead guitarist of Julie and the Phantoms enamoured with the girl.
“How’d-“Willie’s question was cut off as you simply tapped your right index finger against your temple.
“How do you think you managed to get here?” You inquired pushing off the cement to stride over to the group. To Willie’s surprise, he was tugged into your embrace before swiftly pushed away, “Come on. We should head in before someone catches us.”
In the dark as much as the other three ghosts, Willie dutifully followed you past the pieces of cement littered around the area. Gasps of surprise sounded as the once empty space became filled with buildings. It was not as extravagant as the hotel the Club worked out of, but it was hidden from the living and dead eyes.
“Where did this come from?” Reggie gasped astounded by the people once hidden from his view, moving around the area. 
“This is Elysium. Don’t judge the name I lost the right in a poker game with Susie and Rudy. I’m Y/N.” You informed the group leading them to the gate where two people stood stoically guarding it, “Rudy was hellbent on calling it Valhalla.”
“This is Luke, Reggie and Alex.” Willie gestured to the awed trio of musicians only lingering on the blonde. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see the attraction between the skater and the blonde; finding a date in the afterlife was a lot harder than the living.
Nodding a greeting to the two ghosts, you lead the group to a building painted a pretty turquoise blue colour. The sign above the double doors a stark white with calligraphy writing simply stating Elysium Management. It was a building set up like an administrative office of three stories, and you led the group right up to the top floor.
“Just a heads up…Rudy is a little suspicious of people.” You admitted standing outside a door with a nameplate the only descriptor, “He’ll come off a little gruff and rude, but when you get passed that he doesn’t shut up.”
“I can hear you through the door dumbass.” The words were called out from the office door opening.
The man standing in the entry wore a crisp white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His honey-brown eyes lit up with a teasing look before it shuttered at the sight of four strangers behind you. Rudy had valid reasons to not fully trust people after the shitshow in his hometown when he was alive.
“And you’ve brought strangers.” Rudy deadpanned with a sigh concluding his sentence as he stepped back into the office. It appeared like the world repositioned itself on the young man’s shoulders once more.
“I should be done within the hour. We can go over everything.” You informed your business partner and friend. Receiving only a nod from Rudy, you closed the door to his office, cutting off the view from your guests.
“Standoffish? Rudy keeps his past to himself, all he’s ever revealed is that he’s from a town a few hours away.” You spoke, opening the door to your own office decorated differently from Rudy’s more sterile black and white aesthetic.
Your office had splashes of colour with vintage posters of both music and film framed on the walls—a plush couch in the corner with a basket of blankets next to it. Instead of sitting behind the dark desk, you chose the couch instead. As you settled in the corner, you flicked one finger bringing an extra seat over.
The motion shocking the three boys accompanying Willie who had seen the abilities himself.
“Okay so why did you want to search for me?” You questioned the skater leaning back in the seat.
“When did this all happen?” Willie countered gesturing to the office in a building settled in the middle of a ghost town. A literal ghost town.
“There’s an empty lot in LA that used to house an abandoned apartment building that Rudy and I both called home. Of course, it was torn down, and we kinda knew that there’s wasn’t a place that didn’t have the threat of being annihilated at some point.” The memories of those unknown days trickled into your mind among the more positive ones, “We wanted a home. A place to call our own.”
“A week or so later a skittish pixie of a brunette crashed into us full speed. Susie had a certain ability that Caleb desired to have under his thumb. There are so many ghosts he had manipulated into selling him their soul. Rudy and I both wanted to stop Caleb from having that chance for everyone.” You continued, “Can I show you?”
The moon shone through the light clouds as a duo wandered LA’s streets in different mental states. The only home you had known had been unceremoniously ripped down with no future plans in place. Your entire life had been in that apartment in a building you had once thought only you inhabited. You had been unaware that on a separate floor, Rudy had been dwelling.
The two teens in starkly different clothing grew close with each other through the whole being the dead thing they shared. The mission was to find another place too, use but the feeling of home being ripped away tore at their hearts. The apartment was a place Caleb Covington hadn’t been aware of.
Your thoughts threatened to turn darker as a force knocked you onto your bac—aA short brunette groaning in pain to the left of you. The girl was Gwen, who would become very important to both Rudy and you.
I’ve always been a little different than most people. I can move things short distances, but I developed a specific talent. I can get inside people’s minds to plant, remove or alter memories or simply talk and read their thoughts.
The sound of your voice in their heads freaked them out more than they would like to admit. The intrusive tickle of something in their brains unsettling as you made a more present entry so they could feel it.
“This is why I can’t be anywhere near Caleb. The whole reason he gives people stamps and takes their souls is because of me.” You fully admitted clasping your fingers in your lap, “He couldn’t cope with the fear of another ghost leaving so added a stipulation to joining his Club.”
“How did you come to create Elysium?” Alex inquired leaning forward in his seat to rest his elbows on his knees. Luke and Reggie followed his posture as the anticipation built.
“Everyone deserves a safe place. A place as far away from Caleb as possible and we do so for free. No fee is required, and ghosts are free to come and go as they please. They are welcome as long as their unfinished business keeps them in this plane.”
It sounded like a sweet deal to the group of teens, but they had other commitments, “You can tell us more, but we need your help.”
The pleading in the messy-haired brunette tore at your heartstrings like the one time Willie brought you to his house. It had been shortly before your friendship fractured, a few years ago. He had brought you to a suburb for low-income families and straight to the backyard where a twelve-year-old year danced.
The dead skater boy and the rebel sat in the patio chair on the tiny porch nestled in the postmark sized backyard. A quintet of pre-pubescent girls danced on the lawn to some bubblegum pop song. The Young girl was submissive to a more confident girl even when the venue was the Young girl’s home.
“The girl to the left is my little sister Kayla. She’s twelve now, it’s been seven years since I died.” Willie’s brown eyes saddened at the dancer who had a spark of maturity in her eyes, “I check in every once in a while. These are Kayla’s friends. The bossy girl is Carrie, and while the band is a group, she is the unofficial leader of the band Carrie’s Constellations.”
 “She looks happy.”
“Kayla’s always been bubbly in personality, but she had questionable friends.” Willie outright admitted keeping his eyes pinned to the girl that had grown up in a blink of an eye. Her dark hair concealed by the gaudy purple wig; the colour assigned to the teenager.
“It’s nice that she still enjoys dance.” Willie finished reaching out to grab your hand in his and just like that Willie transitioned back into carefree, “I found this really cool skatepark I think you’d like.”
“We don’t have a lot of time.” Alex winced as the three musicians flinched as a sudden purple spark of colour lit up their midsections.
Like a tentacle, your mind reached into the quiet raven-haired boy with the leather jacket. Beyond the imagery of docile golden retrievers and steaming plates of food, you found the regret and fear in the boy. Stepping into a recent memory, you watched their experience at the Hollywood Ghost Club.
“You’ve met Caleb.” You sighed roughly pushing your index finger between your brows feeling the familiar ache.
“It was a stupid decision,” Luke spoke up, tearing his focus from the mysterious girl that ultimately had the power in her hands. The entire plan was weighing on the decision you would give, “Either we join his house band, or we don’t exist.”
“Hm.” You spoke as the kaleidoscope of colours in Luke’s eyes glittered under the sterile lights of the room. It was difficult to look away from the enthralling teenage ghost, but the emotion wafting off Willie was concerning.
“They died before they could perform at the Orpheum. We’re banking that getting the opening slot with giving them the push into crossing over.” The long-haired skater leaned closer, “I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I can’t do much.”
“So, you want to pull ’09 incident again?” You completely ignored the trio on the couch staring directly at the sheepish skater with raised eyebrows, “Only this time without the train?”
“Train?” Alex whispered, looking between the two long-time friends with interest and then next thing he knew Alex was in the backseat of a van crushed between Reggie and Luke equally confused.
Tumblr media
Chicago, Illinois 2009
William Young and Y/N Y/L/N were complete hellions in the ghost world, creating havoc that fascinated the living population. The recent event being the highjacking of a van filled with drunk teenage boys. These boys had been the sole reason a young girl was recovering in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The scene changed to a hospital room with Willie and Y/N watching a girl with massive bruising laid.
It had hit both Willie and Y/N hard catching the tail end of the new report, Willie thinking of how that could have been his sister. Even if Kayla was only five years old, having a sister set things more in perspective. For you it was a flashback to when you were alive and thus led you to the ICU room for the girl.
Slipping into her unconscious mind was easy but while the injured teen appeared peaceful to the hospital staff, she was anything but. The poor girl’s mind replayed the traumatic incident over and over like a movie; keeping in the shadows, you gently repainted the portrait with lighter and brighter images. 
For Willie, he watched as you wavered on your ghostly feet and smoothed out the features of the girl. The heart monitor subtly changing as the injured girl relaxed, and suddenly your interference heightened her chances of survival.
“I got it.” You spoke to Willie with a heated glare on your features and when the ghostly musician trio blinked they were back in the van.
Your hands gripped the van’s steering wheel with Willie turned in the passenger seat to watch a group of living boys scream. To the living eyes in the van, no one was in the front seats but whispered words spoke into their minds.
You’re going to go straight to the police and tell them what you did. You’ll hand over the photographic evidence and demand the worst punishment. You’ll leave the girl alone, or we’ll come back to finish our job. You will pay for the hospital bills if the family agrees. 
The boys trembled with the putrid scent of urine permeating the enclosed vehicle. The distant sound of a train echoed in the distance as the van stopped on the tracks. No matter how much the living boys moved the doors refused to open, and the windows remained unbreakable.
“WE promise!” The ringleader cried, slamming his shoulder against the door with the train’s bright lights illuminating the van.
“Let us go!” The other screamed, slamming his bruising hands on the window.
Alex was flinching at each slam of fists on the glass, leaving smears of blood. Knuckles broke from the window. At the very last second, your foot slammed the gas pedal taking the van millimetres from the train screeching on the tracks.
You and Willie stared at the stationary train lit up from the van’s headlights with the rhythmic flashes of the red and blue police lights. The van’s seat arrangement was different with the ringleader in the driver’s seat. 
The three ghost musicians standing unseen behind the duo but in the real world out of the dreamlike memory you knew.
Elysium, Present Day
“Holy fucking shit.” Alex cussed out of breath, leaning back on the couch with shaking limbs and fear in his bloodless veins.
Luke’s eyes blinked owlishly at the boy that he had once thought could never do something as terrifying and torturous. He was afraid to even ask the outcome of the life-threatening incident you did on the assailants.
“That is the reason for the train.” You barely glanced at the shaken trio to stare at who had once been your partner in crime, “Willie, I have responsibilities here. We just opened a new division for the children we house here.”
“It would take a few hours.” Willie pleaded, positioning his hands into a pleading position turning on his charm. The puppy eyes you had always struggled to say no to as if you weren’t the type of person easily capable of staying strong.
“We’ll do anything.” Luke pleaded just as much recalling the countless times he had charmed himself out of situations, “Please help us.”
“I’ll have to make arrangements with Rudy and Susie, but I might be able to pull some strings. I’m really sorry Willie, but I’m gonna need to erase your knowledge of this place. There are too many people depending on this setup.”
Tumblr media
Outside the Orpheum
Outside the legendary venue, three out of four band members for Julie and the Phantoms walked up to the marquee. Hopefully, the letters for Downslide would be changed into their band name just under the main act. Everything was riding on Willie and Y/N’s capabilities. Trusting the skater was challenging to do and more so someone they didn’t fully know.
“Look, don’t worry, guys. Willie said he’d get us on that marquee.” Alex soothed his friends on each side of him. All three wearing concerned expressions at the place that hopefully was their last stop before crossing over.
“This is gonna work, right?” Reggie questioned with his hand confidently sliding into the pockets of his black jeans. The relaxed posture a juxtaposition to the anxiety and nerves on his flushed face.
“It has to.” Luke’s lips pursed into a pout with his words tinged with a dialect different from his best friends. The faint souvenir from the place he spent a few years growing up before moving to LA.
Luke’s words were highlighted by the groans of pain as that flash of purple courtesy of Caleb’s death stamp appeared. All three hunched over clutched their chests breathing through the pain; Luke was the first to unfurl his form.
“Whoa!” You gasped flashing underneath the marquee beside Willie. Rushing to give Luke support without even a second thought.
When the aftershock faded, the guitarist stood straight up with a thankful smile that boarded on adoration.
“Are you guys, okay?” Willie asked, keeping back with the swell of guilt that happened, seeing the familiar symptoms of post-shock. He had felt them a time or two in the time he had sold his soul to his unfortunate boss.
“Yeah, it’s nothing we haven’t felt before,” Alex replied, rubbing his hand over the baby blue shirt he had chosen today. His blue eyes doing their best to avoid looking into the puppy-like ones of the skater, “How’d it go?”
“Well, when that opening band wakes up, they’re gonna find their bus 200 miles outside of Vegas.” Willie proudly announcing turning on his heel to show off the Downslide jacket he took from the lead singer. His fist extending to bump yours instinctively before he did so with Luke.
“With no chance of getting back in time.” You snickered in response living on the adrenaline and nostalgia of the rebellion. With Elysium, you had turned around your life, “Meaning-“
“-there’s probably a promoter upstairs right about now freakin’ out.”
 “Nah. This is Hollywood, man.” Willie scoffed with a wave of his hand matching the one you supplied, “I’m sure he’s being very professional.”
As Willie finished his sentence up in the promotor’s office out of earshot of the ghosts stood a very pissed adult. His finger-wagging his finger with teeth clenched, his flushed skin a juxtaposition to the cheery blue Hawaiian style shirt. Frank Wolfe couldn’t believe how stupid his once opening band was.
“What do you mean the bus drove itself into the middle of the desert?” Frank questioned progressively growing more and more frustrated. His assistant Tasha casting concerned looks to her typically collected boss, “BUSES DON’T DRIVE THEMSELVES!”
Tasha flinched at the sudden loud growl of the sentence but more so as Wolfe starting slamming the phone into the cradle. Her fingers halting on her keyboard, going over the list of frequent acts. Unfortunately, the five acts had other commitments causing Tasha to fear tonight. The blonde lady was worried Wolfe could have a breakdown once more.
While Willie snickered to his own words, your eyes, not your mind, could read that Alex wanted to talk to the skater. With only a teasing jab of your elbow in Willie’s ribs you shuffled around the drummer to join Reggie and Luke away from the ‘will they won’t they’ couple.
“So, can you do me a favour?” Luke hesitantly questioned you with his inquisitive eyes a greener colour in the sunlight. His attractive eyes took your full attention with a simple tilt of your head, “Julie’s family means a lot to us, and could you keep an eye on them?”
“And Carlos,” Reggie interjected rocking on his polished pleather boots he had spent ages on finding for his rocker aesthetic back in the ’90s.
“-Julie’s little brother.” Luke supplied at the confusion painted clearly on your pretty features. His green eyes scoured your face as he always did that flushed both his and your faces red.
“Yeah, of course, I can.” You firmly told the two dead boys each standing tense in front of you.
You could easily see the love they held for the living family that had come to mean so much in such a short amount of time. Since first meeting them you had always gotten the feeling that their living years weren’t the best. For Alex, it was living in the ’90s as a young gay teenager during a terrifying time for the LGBTQ+ community. Reggie flinched at the raised voices, and Luke had longingly stared after the happy families milling around the Elysium.
“Did you ever find out what your unfinished business was?” Reggie inquired fixing a strand of his dark hair that had fallen onto his blemish-free skin. Your smile faltered at his question; nonetheless, you answered.
“I did.” The two words carried a sense of pain with them. Your eyes unfocused recalling the euphoric feeling of seeing the breathtaking white light of the peace exuding from the beyond and the agony of denying crossing over.
“Hey! Y/N!” Willie called out to the young denim wearing ghost with his beaming grin, “Don’t go stealing buses without me!”
Luke swore he could see your laughter in the air, just as endearing as the smoky quality your voice carried.
“Don’t go glitter bombing criminals.” You returned as your best friend dropped his board to skate off to wherever he was needed. It was bittersweet to reconnect with him knowing that it could be the last time.
When Caleb found out, not an if but a when Willie had a hand in helping his desired band it was high chance Willie would be gone. Caleb was all too powerful, and when he was betrayed, it never ended well.
“I need to get back to Elysium. Susie’s arrival is tonight. Good luck with tonight.” Your words were accompanied by a hug for each of the boys. The one with Luke lingering the most, “I wish you could play for the kids.”
“Yeah. Me too.” The brunette, messy-haired boy’s words carried a hidden desire simply to be in your space more. The teenage ghost helps those in limbo while wearing a jean jacket with patches from many decades. The jacket creating an unknown time you had lived.
“Goodbye, boys.” You told the trio before you poofed away from the busy streets of Hollywood where the band had come full circle in death.
“Are you guys, okay?” Reggie inquired his best friends, forgoing his casual personality for the layers underneath. His blue-green eyes filled with only concern.
Alex and Luke shared a lingering look, “Yeah. We’re okay.”
Tumblr media
The dining hall was filled with long tables and chairs populated by the ghostly forms of everyone currently living at Elysium. It was reminiscent of a British book turned film series of youth with magic abilities. The series had been a favourite of a former resident.
“Incredible.” Susie breathed staring at the joyful people having a place to call home. Making the limbo between life and death more bearable.
“We’ve done well. You smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist, “It’s so nice to have you back.”
Elysium was so much more than you could ever hope for. It kept growing and growing with more ghosts. Since the founding of the haven, new developments continuously happened with one resident’s unique ability.
Harvey had joined the haven a year into the founding bringing the ability to gift the residents with the capacity to eat. During his life, Harvey had been a renowned chef and the dream to make food it carried into his death. As long as Harvey cooked the food with his volunteer staff ghosts were able to eat it.
“Harvey has outdone himself again,” Rudy announced his arrival at your side with his arms crossed, displaying his corded muscles. The constellation of moles on his face standing on his pale creamy skin.
“Rudy!” Susie squealed, throwing herself into his arms with the same glee that came each time. Susie and Rudy since their first meeting had a special bond as chosen siblings who bonded over heartache.
Rudy had died, leaving his best friend and his strawberry blonde girlfriend in the living world back in their dark hometown. It was just one tidbit he had revealed throughout your friendship. The only physical connection to his living friends was the three picture on his desk of a group of people.
The first picture had a lean version of Rudy with his arms thrown over a Hispanic boy with a crooked jaw and glimmering brown eyes. The Hispanic boy had his arm around a pretty brunette girl with deep dimples and wavy brown hair. The two boys wore a sports uniform of some kind holding lacrosse sticks.
The second picture had Rudy and the Hispanic teen again but with a beautiful petite strawberry blonde. Along with them was a brunette with blunt chin-length hair and hardened features besides a shorter blonde male with blue eyes.
The last picture was of Rudy with the same Hispanic boy wearing graduation caps and gowns with two beaming adults. The male adult wore a tan shirt adorned with a star on his left pec and dark brown pants. He had to be Rudy’s father with similar features. The woman was of Hispanic descent with laugh lines, and thick dark curly hair pulled into a half do; obviously the Hispanic teen’s mother.
The pain in Rudy’s face each time he saw the pictures closed off a desire to ask him about the people.
“Hello, Susie.” Rudy chuckled, wrapping his arms around her small stature, “How was Europe?”
“Why don’t you ask the five newcomers I found before Caleb?” Susie teased gesturing to the ragtag of new ghosts immersed in conversations.
“A boarding school had a fire. Those five were in the fire when it happened and the only victims out of seven that didn’t cross over.” Susie’s tone faded into a melancholy tone with her small arms wrapping around her middle. Faded brown eyes staring at the younger of the five seeing herself in them.
“That’s terrible.” You whispered, staring at the table with one finger picking the patch of a band from the ’70s, “I can’t imagine how scary that could have been.”
“Yeah.” Susie softly spoke, pushing a strand of her hair off her temple just as equally sad for the way that death had no qualms of how it took.
The youngest ghost in Elysium had been a three-year-old toddler who passed over quickly when he was found by the deceased mother. The two had been separated at death and luckily shared the same unfinished business of finding each other.
“Miss Reynold’s has twelve spirits that finished their business.” Rudy softly informed his two partners. Soft smiles formed on their faces at the happy news of Elysium’s goal being accomplished again.
“May they find everlasting peace and serenity.” Your words intertwined with Susie in perfect sync of the motto coined after the first crossover, “I suppose the Serenity will begin planning?”
“Have the Serenity ever not performed their duty?” Rudy raised one dark eyebrow with a rhetorical question. E/c and faded brown met recalling the countless times Elysium had hosted a celebration for those who found their unfinished business.
“That is-whoa.” You gasped stumbling at the scream echoing in your mind accessorized with the vintage sound of a band.
Calloused hands grasped your shaking form from collapsing onto the ground from a proverbial psionic shove. Agony slammed your brain flickering into an old fashioned club filled with people in both colour or black and white attire. You caught sight of baby pink, deep royal blue and bright red suits. The pained screams of a skater in a dark room overtaking the music in the Club.
“No.” You whispered clenching your hands on your head, feeling the dread building in the pit of your stomach.
The joyful voices in the hall muted while your body flickered with the deep instinct to leave the haven for the one place that utterly terrified you. It was the familiar touch of Susie and Rudy that kept you from finding the one person that meant the world. Willie’s soul was on the cutting board, and Caleb obsession with performing was the only reason Willie still existed.
“Willie.” You whimpered tears rolling down your flushed cheeks, feeling the panic in the skater’s mind.
“Susie help me.” Rudy stonily spoke ushering the distraught girl from the busy hall into an empty room.
Your shaking body finding purchase on the plush sofa with Susie holding one hand in hers and Rudy brushing the sweaty hair from your forehead. It wasn’t often your psionic abilities left you in such a state, but the distance proved difficult.
“Shit.” Rudy grumbled frowning, “This is bad. Y/N, we need to get you to Willie. You’re flickering, and the distance isn’t helping.”
“You want to take one of Elysium’s strongest ghosts straight into Caleb’s domain? You know how much he wants her in his Club.” Susie hissed to the co-founder of the haven they had to take extraordinary measures to protect, “It won’t work! You’re throwing her to the dogs!”
“Susanne I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t necessary. Besides, we always have a plan.” Rudy retorted narrowing his whiskey eyes at the younger girl, “I’ll take her to get Willie, but you need to stay here to make sure everything runs smooth.”
“Are you sure you can-“Susie cut herself off with a nod as Rudy displayed the reason he could do it, “Okay, yep, you can do it.”
Rudy came back into her vision in his signature position with one eyebrow raised, and his arms crossed. The reason why Elysium worked so well was Rudy’s ability to erase an object from the view of anyone. He could make himself invisible to anyone and in practice, developed it to hide items and location. With his ability, Elysium was permanently hidden to anyone outside of his power. Illusions were his unique ability.
“You aren’t the first person to doubt my capability.” Rudy informed the other ghost reaching one hand out. With his fingers caressing your temple, he snapped his fingers, transporting you and him away from Elysium.
The empty room of Elysium’s dining hall was exchanged for the business streets of Los Angeles, bringing an improvement in your body. Pushing away from Rudy, your eyes frantically scoured the unfamiliar area for any hint of Willie.
“He’s close.” You exclaimed closing your e/c eyes to focus solely on your sixth sense kicking in. Rudy’s gasp snapped your eyes open to see his eyes pinned on your feet where a glowing neon purple smoke wisped.
“What is that?” Rudy demanded crouching to touch it, but it was like nothing was there. His whiskey brown eyes meeting your confused gaze.
“I have no clue, but I feel like I have to follow it.” Robotically your feet started walking following the smoke through the streets.
Rudy was silent as you came upon a park swallowed by the darkness of the night with the moon barely showing through the clouds. The odd purple smoke the only offering of light so far from the path with street lights.
“Of course we have to go through a park.” Rudy grumbled, “Nothing good ever happens in wooded areas at night.”
Lifting your eyes from the smoke, you looked at a deeply unsettled Rudy lost in the past only he knew. His mind recalling traipsing through the forest with his asthmatic best friend in the middle of the night. The last night before the unknown took over his life. Oddly enough dying and returning as a ghost was the most normal with everything that happened with his friends alive.
“You can go ba-“
“We’re not splitting up,” Rudy growled plainly scowling at your hesitant features. Rudy’s slammed the door closed on his past life.
Sensing unease Rudy’s calloused hand reached over to slide into yours in platonic support. You continued your mission, unaware that three certain ghosts in breathtaking suits were searching for you. 
Alex, Reggie, and Luke, affected by the purple jolts, failed to find the one place where their plan B could work. What Julie hadn’t known was that the guys had a plan just in case the Orpheum wasn’t their unfinished business. The three would go to Elysium to accept their fate and ensure Julie believed they crossed over.
With no Elysium in sight, the boys returned to the Molina garage hoping that one thing would go their way: Julie would go straight to bed.
Tumblr media
The glow purple smoke trailed through the city park into an older part of Los Angeles before it stopped. Where the smoke stopped was a vast empty space surrounded by trees.
“Well, that’s a little anticlimactic.” You grumbled crossing your arms, “Willie’s somewhere here. Do you think Caleb has an underground lair?”
Rudy cast an unamused expression at you, “From past experience. No, that’s not likely. He probably has an apartment downtown. An underground network of caves in the woods is more shapeshifter style but still not true.”
“One: You’re rambling. Two: What the hell kind of life did you have?” You questioned furrowing your eyebrows at his rather odd piece of information.
“An old one.” Rudy spoke, staring ahead, “Besides, I think we should check out whatever building is hidden from our sight.”
“Hid-“Your mouth halted when Rudy roughly gripped your shoulders to twist you to face the empty space.
“Close your eyes. Trust your senses.” Rudy spoke softly, “Or pay attention to the slab of concrete in the middle of an empty space with well-kempt grass.”
Your palm slammed your forehead with a resounding thump in the night with distance lights from surrounding buildings. Rudy squeezed your shoulders as he stepped to the side once more in turn, closing his eyes.
“Walk in my mind.” Rudy stated for the first time in your friendship, allowing you to look in his mind. Your hesitance was met with another squeeze of comfort in his calloused grip.
Your tired eyes closed as your mind timidly stepped into the rather breathtaking mind of Rudy, who felt guilt the most. While Susie’s mind was like a summer day spent at a lake with brightness and gorgeous field of flowers, Rudy’s mind was different.
It was dark in Rudy’s mind but not as if evil, but as if he had been touched by the darkness and painted permanently. There’s was the odd whisper of childlike laughter intermingled with the full adult laugh of a woman; the laughter overshadowed with the sound of funeral music. You felt the lose near that memory. Rudy’s mind was painful to be in and drowning in the feelings he had.
Your breath caught seeing a door you assumed was of his childhood room with a name you couldn’t pronounce for the life of you.
“My parents named me after my mom’s dad.” Rudy spoke through his mind with a soft smile on his face, “I couldn’t say it, so I called myself Mischief. I stopped using it when my mom died, and I went by a shortened version of my last name.”
Your eyes watched as the door disappeared, and the reason you were in his mind came back to the forefront. Your eyes watched the image forming of a vintage hotel rippling in the air before it solidified. The size reminded you of a castle, and it felt like you were storming it.
Without any more mental interaction, you stepped out of Rudy’s mind back into the real world. The very same hotel in plain sight to both Rudy and your surprised elation.
 “Honestly didn’t think that would work.” Rudy breathlessly laughed, staring at the hotel once hidden to them. A dark comparison to Elysium.
“How do we play this, Rudy?” You inquired looking over at him, “This is very different from stealing cars and scaring teens.”
“Easy. We blend in.” Rudy responded, holding one hand out to grasp yours in which you noticed your attire had changed, “Perks of illusion? I can alter our own perception of ourselves.”
“Oh, wow. That looks expensive.” You replied, staring at the diamond bracelet on your wrist matching the necklace you wore.
Rudy’s attire had changed from his normal button-up with the sleeves rolled to be layered under a charcoal grey vest and jacket. Sleek matching pants to his coat and the dark black-tie matching the elegant black dress you wore. He had taken pity on your footwear to fit your ability to walk and for the fancy place.
He even had diamond cufflinks that matched you, but the wedding rings on your fingers took you aback. Your widened eyes staring at him.
“Tonight we’re Mr and Mrs Martin,” Rudy spoke choking on the last name he gave as it was the upscale name toppled from his lips.
“Okay. This is a test of our abilities.”
“This is if our plan A of being invisible doesn’t work. The one thing we know for sure is that Caleb has never seen either one of us.” Rudy soothed your nerves with a half-smile,” Let’s get Willie out.”
Your arm slipped into the crook of his to walk to the front door, “I feel like a spy. I feel like that Naomi Roma-“
“It’s Natasha Romanoff. Have you ever seen one of the marvel movies?” Rudy demanded walking up the entrance with a pained smile, “You’re like my best friend and when he wouldn’t watch Star Wars! Never caught one of my references!”
“Okay! Sorry, we can watch the movies when this over.” You grumbled as your heels clicked in the foyer of the hotel. The inside made you feel like you were sent back in time to the roaring ’20s.
“Oh damn, this is nice,” Rudy whispered, staring at the chandelier in the extravagant lobby of the last place you wanted to be.
While on the outside the two ghosts appeared cool, calm and collected they were anything but. Both a wreck inside from the perilous errand they had done that could very well be the ending of Elysium. Rudy nudged you to begin finding Willie with your mind, but you didn’t need to.
That same glowing mist was on the ground pulling you in the direction of a dark hall away from the route to the Club. Rudy kept his eye out, a characteristic carried into the afterlife from his time with the FBI, as you followed the mist. The hall continued to get more and more dark as the walk continued.
 Finally at the end was a blood-red door.
 “I swear to god if he kills his Club members, I’ll lose it.” You hissed to your arm candy, “What if he’s really H. H. Holmes disguised as a former magician? His door is blood red!”
“Have you been using your serial killer colouring book again?” Rudy demanded stuttering his steps to place his whiskey brown eyes on you. The sheepish expression on your face was enough of a response to gain the look of disbelief could have sent you into hysterics had the time not been too serious.
With a grin belying the situation, you twisted your wrist to open the door to hopefully where Willie was being held.
“What a cliché. He’s keeping Willie in the basement?”
“Will you shut up!” Rudy hissed right back with a clenched jaw entering the somewhat unfinished basement. It was cold even to your dead standards where the cold didn’t bother that much.
At the bottom in front of a desk with only a small lamp as illumination sat a vacant-eyed Willie painstakingly detailing a fabric. The lush purple velvet fabric was bougie, to say the least, and rather outlandish for the skater.
“Willie.” You softly coaxed the teen to glance up from the fabric you found to be something Caleb would wear. Willie’s brown eyes barely met yours before they returned to the sewing needle in his hand and the tiny beads in the bowl.
“Caleb is actually forcing him to be his personal seamstress?” Rudy scoffed,d stepping right up by your side to look at the work.
Both trying unsuccessfully to coaxed Willie out of the stupor he was engaged in the sudden poofing wasn’t heard.
“Mrs. Young taught both Willie and Kayla how to sew. She’s quite the seamstress, reminds me of my old one.” Caleb wistfully responded with a smarmy smile on his face, “Well if it isn’t little Y/N and whoever she brought. Nice threads.”
“Let him go.”
Caleb’s index finger caressed the corner of his mouth so gently to ensure the stage makeup didn’t budge. His clear ocean blue eyes turning thunderstorm navy as his lips parted in such a bone-chilling sinister grin.
“Let him go? He tried to take my new house band from me. He thinks that those boys not crossing over is his punishment. I think that adorable but so very wrong.” Caleb shrugged, dragging his finger down the bicep of his puppet.
“What can we do to- “
“You see after he’s done fixing the tuxedo jacket I’m going to tie him up on the table and slowly strip away his soul piece by piece. No, Willie won’t get the quick and easy zap erasing him. I’ll personally see it’s the most painful thing he experiences and I’ll do so happily.”
“Willie! Wake up!” Rudy shouted, shaking the skater’s shoulder frantically with his focus never entirely leaving the mad man. The whiskey brown eyes panicking at the odd displaced feeling of reliving his living life.
“That won’t work.” Caleb chuckled crossing his arms, “It’s rather amusing you think you can beat me. I’m Caleb Covington! I’m persuasive enough for hundred of memberships to financially benefit the Club.”
“And I’m Y/N Y/L/N bitch.” You snarled viciously throwing your mind into the nefarious narcissistic mind of the washed-up magician. 
Caleb Convington had started to bore his audience with the same tricks at every previous show. The lack of interest depleting the attendance numbers and severely hurting the financials. So Caleb decided to broaden his talent by copying the likes of Harry Houdini.
He had a knack for both the dramatics and swindling his audience to be tricked by the illusions he created. The heightened popularity increased Caleb’s thirst for status and fame, so he overestimated himself.
Surrounded by adoring fans and journalists, Caleb had his assistant lock him in a safe with no key, to the audience’s knowledge, and push the safe into the river. Unfortunately from the infamous magician and escape artist the safe warped due to the material it as made out of. Caleb Covington died drowning in a safe at the bottom of the river.
You flinched feeling the emotion at the time Caleb had died and the feeling of disappointment at not leaving a legacy. Your continued your trek in the struggling mind of a man who viewed himself as invincible. You caught glimpses of a young Caleb with his family and the moments of tragedy that shaped him.
You saw his first taste of power in death and the content since the first time he erased a ghost from existence. It sickened you more as you reached the point where Willie came into Caleb’s path.
I’m unique, Caleb. Unlike you with the illusions and empty promises, I have real power that you could only dream of. Hearing your thoughts and planting my own words is just the tip of the iceberg.
Caleb screamed in response holding his aching head as you cruelly ripped every memory of Willie from his mind. The screams echoed not only in the basement but through the hotel the Club worked out of.
“Stop!” Caleb pleaded, shaking his head back and forth. The anguish was un-fazing to both the lucid people in the room. Rudy too busy trying to wake your best friend from the trance he had been placed in.
“I can alter memories. Remove them and even plant memories of my own design. You may take from people, but I give to people. I refused to give you anything.” You circled the man seeing double from outside and inside his mind.
I’m everything you wish you could be.
Your last action in his mind was searing a burn that flashed across his entire body from a nerve stroked. With the heat equivalent to magma in his veins, you burrowed to where Caleb controlled the souls. With a smear of your fingers, Willie’s soul was released from Caleb clutches.
“C’mon. Get Willie.” You told Rudy sending Caleb into an empty trance as if he was no more than a wax figure. Rudy eased the skater up from the desk while you exchanged Caleb to sit on the chair holding the needle, “We need to leave. I’ll get rid of any speck of Willie in memories.”
“I didn’t even get to punch the guy.” Rudy pouted, dragging his feet up the stairs away from the magician.
“That’s a good thing. I’m sure Caleb would be more pissed about his nose being damaged than losing Willie.” You scoffed helping the man urge Willie to walk up the stairs and then down the hallway to the entrance.
As you walked you brushed the minds of every individual in the building, all members in attendance, you gently removed all traces of Willie. By the time you reached the edge of the park, you had relaxed.
“We should get him to Alex, they didn’t crossover. I can still feel their imprint.”
“He’d be safer at Elysium to lay low.” Rudy replied, keeping on eye on the skater and on anyone he could see.
With only a nod, you ushered the ghost to teleport both the skater and himself back to the safe walls of Elysium. As he did so, you reached out with your mind to the blonde-haired sweet male in adoration with your best friend.
Clicking his place was easy enough for your draining power after the taxing bond with Willie’s absent presence. Instead of walking as you would generally choose you poofed on the cement pad in the backyard of a home. The surrounding skirt of the backyard encased with plants and flowers.
“Hello?” You called out in the darkness. The soft, mumbled words had your feet moving in the direction.
Standing in a circle mesmerized at the purple tattoos lifting off their skin was the boys of Julie and the Phantoms. The teenage beautiful Puerto Rican girl stood across from Luke with Reggie and Alex on each side.
“Alex?” You called out to the boy wearing a baby pink vintage tuxedo that complimented his skin and hair exquisitely. The outfit definitely screamed that Caleb had something to do with it, especially with the missing fanny pack.
“Y/N?” Luke gasped turning to see you in incredibly fancy attire matching his gorgeous blue suit modified to having no sleeves. The anticipation of eating at you to find Reggie rocking a red suit with butterflies on the fabric.
“I’m sorry you didn’t crossover.” Your words soothed the sad teenagers that had accepted their fate only to have no control again. An introduction was brought between you and Julie when the living girl elbowed Alex.
“Not that we mind but what are you doing here? How did you get here, and why are you dressed up?” Luke inquired, pushing his hands into his suit pockets, engrossed with your gorgeous appearance.
“Well when you crash a fancy Club with a narcissistic founder…any means to blend in is necessary.” You responded, “As for your second question.”
Your finger tapped your temple before continuing to speak, “I’m here because Alex deserves to know. You all do.”
The boy in baby pink frantically stepped forward, “What happened?”
“Maybe it’s best, I just show you?” Your brows furrowed to your own question accompanied by your lower lip being bitten by your teeth. The red lipstick not budging as it was an illusion as well.
“Hu-“Reggie grunted as he spiralled with his two dead bandmates into the scene that had sent you on your determined mission.
The rough action of being drawn into your memories as jarring as the first time and just as scary. The maniacal magician pacing the dark basement simply to heighten his dramatic speech. Alex’s heart clenched at the vacant look in the skater’s eyes with the faintest tinge of purple in the gorgeous brown.
“I feel like I got carsick.” Reggie moaned leaning over to clutch his midsection once you released the ghostly trio. Reggie would often gain a look of disbelief and horror from the blonde drummer, but his entire brain was centred on Willie.
“Rudy took Willie back to Elysium where he’ll be safe. If you want, you can join us.” The words were offered to both the dead and living currently in the room.
Opting out, Julie retired to her bedroom to calm down from the rush of performing at the Orpheum of all places. Besides she felt like going to Elysium was best for the three boys, and maybe they would move there. Julie would miss them, but she knew they’d always come back.
Tumblr media
Susie was quick to hug you tightly as you stepped through the gates with the dead members of Julie’s band. The boys changed out of the tuxedos they had dropped off at a donation centre, Reggie had wanted to burn them. After living on the streets for a short while, Luke understood the need for clothing, so the clothing was taken to shelters.
“I’m so glad you’re okay. Rudy told me you overexerted yourself again.” Susie spoke with a deeply furrowed brow oblivious to the puppy dog look from the bassist in red flannel.
“If I didn’t, Willie would be gone.”
“You’re pale yet flushed cheeks. I can see you have a fever. You need to rest.”
“I need to soothe Willie out of the trance that psychotic prick put him in.” You scoffed shaking Susie’s hand off your shoulder to sidestep her, “I’ll rest when he’s fine.”
“At least gab something from the cafeteria for energy.” Susie’s brown eyes dimmed at your typical brush off. The same routine of overusing your powers and not recharging correctly, “He’s in Cottage A!”
The boys were on your heels as you power-walked through the streets of the ghost city with one location in mind. The living streets with homes of all style and colours appeared passed the bakery, the school and the clothing stores.
“You can eat?” Reggie whispered as a little ghost girl licked an ice cream cone walked by.
“Harvey adored cooking for people when he living, so he continued in death. Harvey can make food for ghosts, and so can his staff if they work in his kitchen. His pastry chef provides baked goods to Flora’s Bakery and makes the best ice cream.”
 “Oh my god.” Reggie practically squealed wholly flabbergasted by the almost perfect place you created, “How do you pay for things?”
“We don’t. What Harvey doesn’t grow in his garden, he can make ingredients out of thin air. We all have some kind of job we do. Everyone has a role in fulfilling to keep Elysium running.” You simply spoke keeping your eyes on the cottage with the robin’s egg blue door.
As if he knew Rudy flung the door open elated to see you standing there. Both of you still wearing the illusioned attire. IN milliseconds he wiped the illusion away, returning you back into your street clothes.
“How is he?”
“No change.” Rudy replied, following your steps in the living room. The skater was staring blankly at the wall.
“Willie!” Alex cried, rushing over to kneel beside the boy that had so swiftly stolen his heart without him realizing. The emotion in his word didn’t get a microscopic flinch from the formerly so-called enemy.
“Everyone be quiet.” You demanded forcibly staring each person in the room down for a mere second. With the desired silence continued, you ignored the headache forming in your head to step into the skater’s mind.
William Young was screaming to be released by the prison of his own mind Caleb had forced him into. He had felt the restriction on his soul lifted and the mist of purple leaving his brain, but he was still stuck.
He could barely breathe with the weight on his chest. Willie didn’t like feeling stuck in one place as he was a wanderer at heart. It was a reason why he had joined the Hollywood Ghost Club with the promise of travel.
Willie come back
In his mind, the sound of your voice firstly grounded the young man as a mirage of your form flickered. Your eyes screamed worry while the smile was one of relief.
Caleb can’t hurt you anymore. Come home.
The spectators watching see your flinching wavering expression and the tensing of Willie’s facial muscles. Everyone sat on the edge of their seat as the two pairs eyes opened in synch of the yells of hurt.
What they didn’t expect was your eyes to roll into the back of your skull and you to collapse onto the floor.
“Y/N!” Willie cried, stumbling off the couch onto the cold floor where your body lay prone, “Wake up!”
It seemed everyone forgot the little detail of being dead.
 “She’s fine.” Rudy remarked, shaking your arm with such gentle care matching the four guys’ care in the room.
Your eyelids fluttered open under the bright lights of the unused cottage still waiting for an owner.
“Susie was right.” You grumbled allowing Willie to help you sit up against the blue velvet couch. Your mussed hair adorable in the eyes of the guitarist utterly enamoured with everything about you.
“She usually is.” Rudy mused, thinking of the many times she had proven everyone wrong, “She punched me for not bringing you home.”
“Gotta love her.” You snorted turning to face the four ghosts awkwardly gazing around the room. It was barren of personality with the lack of inhabitants. The yearning quickly found in the boys’ eyes, “You know this isn’t the only cottage in need of people.”
“What do-“
“You’re welcome to live here. I know you three live in that studio, but here you can have a real bed. You can eat and having your own place. You can come and go as you please.” You offered without looking, Rudy.
“I don’-“
“If you don’t want to live here, it’s okay, but the option is always there. Willie, we make plans for a skatepark-“
“Oh, you had me from the start.” Willie beamed tugging you into his arms, “I missed this. I missed you.”
 “Me too.” You murmured into his warm embrace equally relaxed at knowing he was safe again. Your eyes clashing with the soft blue had Ideas songwriting already filled with lyrics of a pretty girl wearing a jean jacket with patches.
The lyrics turned into songs both in the studio and the cottage that Luke, Reggie and Alex accepted in Elysium. It had been a spirited discussion with Julie on moving to Elysium, but the boys were always there when she wasn’t in school. Often Elysium hosted a concert for the residents with the visitation of Julie.
Your reciprocated attraction with the messy-haired hazel-eyed guitarist flourished into a serious relationship. Luke took on the role of teaching how to play the guitar and songwriting. Alex took of mediation while Reggie worked with Harvey.
Willie quickly took on designing the skatepark he taught at while also taking a position at the ghost school.
Tumblr media
“Morning.” The soft whisper roused your sleep into the golden glow of the morning light and chirping birds.
The growling aspect of his voice coming from only just waking up. The sight of Luke’s bleary eyes was heartwarming.
 A year into moving into Elysium, Luke had asked if you’d like to move in as he was the only one in the original house. Alex had moved into the little cottage with Willie three months into the relationship while Reggie was going back and forth between Susie’s room and his own place.
“Morning.” You hummed leaning forward to kiss his cheek.
“You know I thought my life ended when I died. That I could never find someone and have a family. That I couldn’t share my music with the world. I was wrong.” Luke murmured as he cupped your cheek in his hand, “The band is growing more and more each day. I found the love of my life, and we have a family with everyone. I haven’t felt like I had had home for so long, but I get it now. You’re my home. I love you.”
Your cheeks warmed up at the adoration Luke displayed in his expressive hazel green gaze just as it had since day one. The awe fell from his lips before you pressed a kiss to his lips, only one of the many in the eons to come.
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