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#luke obey me
leannamsinsomnia · 20 minutes ago
Ok, it can't just be me.
Who else gets a "shady vibe" from this "butcher" man, like he pops up every other lesson. He has to be important some how.... RIGHT?!?!
Like, something tells me he's not an actual butcher, that he is something more, someone who is observing us from the sidelines, and it's kinda weird. IDK, but I call SUS!!!!🤷‍♀️🤨🤔😤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oh-boy-me · 2 hours ago
Obey Me Devilgram Posts and Comments: Just Us Two/Like a Dame
Oops I’m on break so I forgot that this wasn’t also on break lol
We start 2021 with a set that wasn’t particularly hard but was a little frustrating, which made my procrastination worse than it could have been.
But it’s out now!  And we have only a little over 2 weeks before we’re caught up!
日本語は私の第三言語ので、時々間違えます。日本語話者、間違いを見たら教えてください。 (Japanese is my third language, so I make mistakes sometimes.  Japanese speakers, if you see a mistake, please tell me!)
And as always, we have the #devilgram rush tag and there’s a full transcript below the cut.
Tumblr media
Makeup Devils
Simeon: I’m really looking forward to it!
Barbatos: It’s nice and professional
Luke: … suits you
Solomon: Guess sneak shots are a no go
#Makeup #Dame
Tumblr media
Tying Together(1)
Mammon: I feel you on gettin’ worried ‘bout that
Diavolo: Well then, should I do the last one?
Lucifer: Don’t misuse those
Asmo: I wanted to join in too!
#Hair #Tying
Tumblr media
Dame Challenge
Mammon: He’s a guy who’d never do stuff for free
Satan: I’m kind of looking forward to it
Diavolo: Wonderful!
Simeon: I want the pictures too
#Escape #Dame
Tumblr media
Seek the Legendary Dame
Lucifer: Dame Barbatos was truly wonderful
Beel: I wanted to see it
Levi: If you stream it as a how-to video it’d probably go viral
Satan: It really is a useful reference
#Legend #Dame
Tumblr media
Staying Home Together
Solomon: You’re in the human world?(2)
Levi: Cold things are best on cold days
Satan: Dry off well
Asmo: It being just the two of you is uuuunfaaaairrrr
#StayingHome #Rain
Tumblr media
Rain, a Fireplace, and Simeon
Solomon: Simeon looks like he’s enjoying himself
Luke: Thanks for doing the shopping!
Mammon: You’re relaxin’ too much
Barbatos: Cocoa on a cold day is special
#Bath #Rain
Tumblr media
Home Camping
Solomon: It’s a good thing to take it easy
Diavolo: That looks fun!
Levi: Whoa!  This is like this one god-tier anime!(3)
Lucifer: I’ll go back after killing some time
#Camping #Rain
1. Idk if this was intentional, but this ended up kind of a double meaning!  結ぶ means “to tie”, in a way that can both mean “fasten with a material” (such as tying hair with a ribbon) and “to unite”. 2. I’m not sure where the localized translation came from.  Maybe I mistranslated it, but いる is used for living things, but all they're talking about in this part is how Mammon doesn’t have any plans. 3. Levi uses the prefix 神, which alone means “god”, but before something else takes on the meaning of “godly” or “godlike”.  Is there a real god-tier anime like this?  I’m not sure, so let me know!
シメオン:それは楽しみだ! バルバトス:本格的でいいですね ルーク:……似合うじゃん ソロモン:隠し撮りはダメだろ #メイク #デイム
マモン:気づかっちまう気持ちはわかる ディアボロ:じゃあ最後は私がやろうかな ルシファー:乱用するなよ アスモ:ぼくもまざりたかった! #髮 #結ぶ
マモン:タダではやりそうにないやつだよな サタン:少し楽しみだな ディアボロ:素晴らしい! シメオン:俺も写真欲しいな #逃走 #デイム
ルシファー:バルバトスのデイムは本当に凄かった ベール:見てみたかった レヴィ:やり方を動画で配信したらバズりそう サタン:本当に参考になるな #伝説 #デイム
ソロモン:人間界にいるのか? レヴィ:寒い日に冷たい物は最高 サタン:ちゃんと乾かしておけよ アスモ:2人きりでずーるーいー #留守番 #雨
ソロモン:シメオンが楽しそうだ ルーク:買い物ありがとう! マモン:くつろぎすぎだろ バルバトス:寒い日のココアは格別ですね #お風呂 #雨
ソロモン:のんびりするのは良いことだ ディアボロ:それは楽しそうだね! レヴィ:ヤバイ!某神アニメみたい! ルシファー:俺は時間を潰してから戻る #キャンプ #雨
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devildomqueen · 8 hours ago
Obey Me As Tumblr #29
Tumblr media
Satan: Folks, I’m just gonna say. I don’t think it rains for long enough periods of time. It rains hard, it sounds good, I’m comfortable inside, but within 5 minutes the jig is up. The dream is over. I think it should rain for longer periods of time than it presently does.
Belphegor: A frog made this post.
Mammon: The frog is right
Satan: Shower thoughts: if 666 is evil, then 25.806975801127 is the root of all evil.
Mammon: Do you have a fucking calculator in your shower?
Simeon: When a person dies and no one will miss them, the mourning is assigned to a random human. This is why you sometimes just feel sad.
Belphegor: From now on if anyone asks me why i am randomly sad...instead of saying “I don’t know” or something I’m going to look them dead straight in the eyes and say “I’ve been assigned to mourn the death of a stranger” and just walk away
Mammon: Holy shit
Beelzebub: Good to know there’s a worthwhile reason behind it
Diavolo: I use hun not hon because you are not my honey, you are my fierce warrior
Asmodeus: This was surprisingly uplifting
Leviathan: It’s only a matter of time before someone uses a drone to kidnap a child
Mammon: Reverse stork
Belphegor: I CANNOT stop laughing
Belphegor: I have one brain cell and it bounces around in my skull like a windows screen saver
Beelzebub: When it bounces perfectly in the corner I experience a thought
Barbatos: You are the owner of a magic backpack; every morning you stick your hand in and it contains exactly what you need for the day. One morning it contains a gun.
Satan: But isn’t this the plot of Dora the Explorer
Diavolo: Swiper ain’t swiping no more
Luke: Yeah well I think dragons suck
Leviathan: I will kick your ass so hard your vertebrae will pop out of your mouth like a pez dispenser
Asmodeus: Who the fuck genuinely enjoys the taste of sour candy
Who the fuck says “I’m going to eat this sugary sweet coated in pain salt and I’m gonna fucking like it”
Satan: Me.
Beelzebub: Feed Me The Pain Salt
Lucifer: If my eye isn’t twitching it’s not sour enough
Mammon: F is got friends who do stuff without you
Belphegor: U is for uninvited
Solomon: C is for clinging onto hope that you won’t keep getting forgotten
Beelzebub: K is for Krispy Kreme yum
Mammon: This is not what I wanted this post to turn out like
Leviathan: One time I got in the shower and came out and no one was home and the lights were off, my entire family went bowling and forgot about me
Leviathan: “Maybe if you go to bed you’ll feel better in the morning” is literally just the human version of “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”
Asmodeus: What have you done
Belphegor: If I ever died I am going to haunt my school. You’re an asshole? I am going to step on the back of your shoes the entire day. I’ll randomly open and close lockers. I’ll go on the intercom and just make breathing noises. Pull the fire alarm during the finals. Throw a book at someone every time they do/say something stupid. I would be an awesome ghost.
Diavolo: “If I ever died”
Barbatos: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Cause though hast NO CLASS
Lucifer: Oh my gosh
Leviathan: Sitting on and touching warm that’s the good stuff......
Mammon: Are you... a reptile?
Leviathan: What are you a cop? Mind your business
Mammon: (Puts honey in my tea) hell yeah get in that leaf juice you sexy sexy bee juice
Barbatos: Do you take constructive criticism on your posts?
Mammon: I absolutely fucking do not
Satan: Hands down the funniest thing I ever heard at college was overhearing the following sentanced at a conference
“I asked him what his pronouns were and he said, ‘Uh, PhD’”
Asmodeus: You will refer to me as DOCTOR and DOCTOR alone
Mammon: I hate math tests because all throughout the chapter it’s like really easy shit and then you think you’ve got it and the test is like
If I throw a triangle out of a car and the car is going 20 mph and wind resistance is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul?
Belphegor: I’ve never seen a more accurate post explaining math tests
Belphegor: *doesn’t show affection* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!
*shows affection* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!
Leviathan: *exists* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!
Satan: Drove my first riding lawn mower today! I’d love to say I also mowed my lawn but as it turns out, of you down lower the blade, you’re just driving circles around your house for two and a half hours for no reason! What a day!
Barbatos: For someone who’s 70% water you don’t look very refreshing
Mammon: BURNNN
Satan: Water cannot be burned
Satan: You know what’s really odd?
Satan: Number not divisible by 2
Solomon: That joke was so bad I can’t even
Diavolo: Cannibal — someone who is fed up with people
Barbatos: What kind of fish is made of only two sodium atoms?
Barbatos: 2 Na
Asmodeus: I actually want to cry
Solomon: What are the strongest days of the week?
Solomon: Saturday and Sunday. The rest are weekdays
Solomon: Stop unfollowing me
MC: What rock group has four men that don’t sing?
Lucifer: What
MC: Mount Rushmore
Lucifer: Get out
Mammon: What do you call a snake that’s exactly 3.14 feet long?
Mammon: A πthon
Satan: I want this on my tombstone
Satan: So oxygen went on a date with potassium went ok
Belphegor: I thought oxygen was dating magnesium...omg
Diavolo: Actually oxygen first asked nitrogen out, but nitrogen was like “NO”
Barbatos: I thought oxygen had that double bond with the hydrogen twins
Asmodeus: Looks like someone’s a HO
Solomon: NaBrO
Lucifer: I’m done with all of you
Simeon: Where did Noah keep his bees?
Lucifer: get the fuck away from me right now
Diavolo: It’s weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe and daytime is only caused by a nearby, radiating ball of flame
MC: Don’t fuck me up like this
Mammon: Why do wizards and mages and shit in stuff always have to use a fucking stick or staff to do magic. What’s so special about a goddamn tree bone
Solomon: There’s a huge occult explanation for that but long story short: if you miscast do you want a stick to explode or your hand?
Satan: Also good for hitting people
Diavolo: Twirly
Asmodeus: Dramatic flair
Beelzebub: Tastes good
“I’m a writer” is always a great excuse
“Why are you researching Aztec culture” I’m a writer
“Why are you searching poisonous flowers” I’m a writer
“Why is there a dead body in your attic?” I’m a writer
Life Hack
Got something you need to do at a certain time every day (e.g. take meds)? Start giving your cat a treat right before you do it. You may have trouble remembering, but your cat absolutely will not.
Mammon: That’s a damn good advice
Asmodeus: A cat wrote this
Leviathan: Isn’t it weird that you can actually feel the pain in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings
Solomon: This is actually because it activates your vagus nerve! Basically your body goes “we are so upset! We must be injured! Where??? On the inside guts! Those are confusing and hard to differentiate!!! Confusing guts are hurt!”
Leviathan: Great! How do I uninstall it?
Mammon: If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad a decision can it really be
Belphegor: #new life motto
Asmodeus: I think this will be my graduation quote
MC: Can this year be the year I become hot?
Diavolo: No but I can be the year you realize you always were
Asmodeus: Aw this is the cutest
Leviathan: The people here are all becoming alarmingly smooth alarmingly fast what is happening
Asmodeus: Okay, story time. At a group sleepover there’s this friend, MC, the most innocent thing you’ve ever met, k? They nod off on the couch early on in the night. As everyone’s getting ready to play cards, one of my friends leans back and hears them mumbling in their sleep.
My friend motions for everyone to be quiet. MC snuggles their blanket smiles and in the sweetest voice says, “Go on, Solomon. You can jump, it’s only 30 stories.”
Satan: I know I have talked and done some weird shit in my sleep.
Mammon: One time a friend, Belphegor, was sleeping over. He had the top bunk, I had the bottom. I heard this random noise and woke up just to find him hanging upside down staring at me, smiling devilishly. He mumbled “I’ll peel your skin off” then fell off the bed. I’ve never been so horrified in my life.
Belphegor: At least your friends didn’t start chewing on you in your sleep, I thought I was going to be fucking eaten alive
Mammon: Why the fuck does English have a word for Defenstatrion—the act of throwing someone out a window but not for “the day after tomorrow” ???
Satan: Because you’re not looking hard enough! ;)
Overmorrow = the day after tomorrow
Ereyesterday = the day before yesterday
Example: I defenestrated my older brother ereyesterday. I shall defenstarte my younger brother overmorrow! Because I hate my family and also windows.
Leviathan: I may not have the hottest body or the clearest skin or the softest hair or the prettiest eyes or the cutest laugh or the perfect smile or the best morals or the biggest goals or the highest grades or the most friends or the largest amount of control or the nicest attitude
Lucifer: But?
Leviathan: No that’s all
MC: Everyone is kissing someone else for New Years but I get to kiss a stuffed penguin so who really wins here
Belphegor: Stuffed penguin
Mammon: Smooth as fuck
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oceanatydes · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
wanted to do this adorable relationship meme by blewbeary on twitter for nishith! I added a friends category bc I needed smth btw acquaintances and best friends for some of nishith’s relationships :)
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akakumo-yuri · 13 hours ago
Obey Me Masterlist - Akakumo Yuri
Obey Me Hard Mode Spoilers - Snippets
Season 2: Obey Me Chapter 31 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 32 Spoilers - Chat Obey Me Chapter 37 Spoilers - Part 1 Obey Me Chapter 37 Spoilers - Part 2 Obey Me Chapter 38 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 38 Spoilers - Chat Obey Me Chapter 39 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 40 Spoilers Season 3: Obey Me Chapter 41 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 42 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 43 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 44 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 45 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 45 Spoilers - Solomon Obey Me Chapter 46 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 46 Spoilers - Lucifer's Meow Obey Me Chapter 47 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 48 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 49 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 50 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 51 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 52 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 53 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 54 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 55 Spoilers
Obey Me - Sheets and Tips/Others Obey Me Chapter 3: TSL Quiz Obey Me Chapter 27 and 28 Dance Invitations Obey Me Chapter 28: The Play Obey Me Season 2 Card Guide (Outdated but Strategy is Viable) Obey Me: Experience Sheet Obey Me: Cheat Point Sheet - Events Calculator Obey Me: Lonely Devil Calculator Obey Me: Beel's Underwear Chat (Going Commando) Obey Me: Group Hug Devilgram - Snippets ObeyMax/Obey Me Drawings Obey Max Day 1 - Demons Obey Max Day 2 - Angels Obey Max Day 3, 4, and 5 - Obey Max Obey Max Day 3, 4, and 5 - Obey Max - Ruri - Chan Obey Max Day 6 - Lucifer Obey Max Day 7 and 8: Mammon and Levi Obey Max Day 9: Satan Obey Max Day 10: Asmodeus Obey Max Day 11 and 12: Beelzebub and Belphegor Obey Max Day 13: Panda Obey Max Day 14: Error Message Obey Max Day 16: Yukata Obey Max Day 13, 17, 18, 21, and 22: Butler/Maids, Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon Obey Max Day 24: Ruri - Chan Event
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thalfox · 13 hours ago
OM Theory: Season 3 Finale
[tagged for S3 lesson 55 spoilers]
It's end of season theory time! And our theorising begins with the background of lesson 55:
Tumblr media
There's a lot to unpack here but let's start with the focal part of the image - a castle upon a somewhat floating put cropping, with a zig zag path towards it.
There are a few contenders for where this is, one of which is my theory...
• The Demon King's Castle
Tumblr media
Seen from a distance, this matches the spiked tops but not the more rounded conical bottoms of the spires.
Additionally, the mystery castle is shown backlit from the sky - not the darkness of the Devildom.
However, should the Demon King himself arise from his slumbers... It's a contender.
• The Sorcerer's Society
Tumblr media
Unless this is a building we have not previously seen, the mystery castle does not match the Society building.
• The House of Lamentation
Tumblr media
An impressive gothic building, but many spires short of our mystery castle.
Additional note: none of the paintings in HoL or Diavolo's Castle match the mystery castle.
• Serenity Manor
Tumblr media
A lovely Edwardian style mansion, but certainly no spires nor is it large enough.
• Celestial Realm
Tumblr media
My top contender. It is not a perfect match but then, we cannot see all of the castle(s) in the Celestial Realm. It is hidden by both clouds and light - but it is also surrounded by coniferous trees and led to by a zig zag path, matching the mystery castle.
The hazy light is another match, as are the clouds themselves.
And while the figure to the right of the mystery castle is demonic, with demon wings...
The figures in the sky have feathered wings.
Lucifer of course also has feathered wings in demon form but he has so far been an exception. Whereas angel wings, we know, are feathered.
The Figures
Tumblr media
The two humanoid figures in the foreground are hooded, one on their knees in despair, the other brandishing a wand at the demon. Sorcerers then, magic using humans.
The figures in the upper left are of a traditional looking witch complete with hat and wand, and a figure that might(?) have demon horns - it's very hard to see this latter figure as there is no clear view.
A war between sorcerers and demons then, or sorcerers and a single demon.
The single demon in the foreground is monstrous, not at all like the demons we are used to seeing. Additionally this demon has both wings AND tail, again unlike the demons we know who have only one or the other.
It has a single pair of wings, and curved horns that most closely resemble Satan's. The wings have barbed tips at the ends instead of along the top.
The face looks skelatal, monstrous, perhaps even decayed, which brings to mind questions of what the "sleeping" Demon King might look like if awakened...
But the horns. Now those are interesting, for the same reason that Satan's horns are interesting:
Tumblr media
Satan's horns are a reflection of Lucifer's horns. A mirror image in that if you flipped Lucifer's horns on a vertical axis downwards you'd have Satan's horns.
Satan is unique himself, being "born" from an angel, a falling angel at that. And it always made me wonder... could another angel do that?
Was Lucifer the only one so traumatised by the Great War, so overcome by an emotion, that he alone created another being?
I don't think he was. In fact, another theory that I have is that Michael did exactly the same (he too is described as a twin - a mirror image - to Lucifer) and that that might very well explain why there's another young cast member with blonde hair and one hell of a temper...
Tumblr media
But in this case, no, I don't think the mystery demo is Luke 😅 Though I wouldn't rule out it being another angel possibly on the brink of falling themselves... eg, Simeon, Raphael, or Michael.
And only one of those has been described as a twin to Lucifer 👀
An Empty Throne
A topic much danced around this season is, who is the ruler of the Celestial Realm? Michael is in charge, or so we have at least been led to believe, but who rules? The father spoken of in season one has been pretty much wiped from all notice in season 3, with Luke revealing his knowledge that it was Michael - not Lucifer's father as previously said - that banished the angels from the Celestial Realm.
What Luke has been told doesn't match the truth, and it also appears that he does not know why they were banished. It's hard to believe Luke would think Lucifer and the brothers need ask forgiveness when it was their own sister - and MC's ancestor - sentenced to being struck from existence.
Simeon too has seemed more and more distant from the Celestial Realm this season, following his breach of protocol at the end of season two to steal the Ring from Michael's own weird Lucifer shrine needed for MC to survive.
His trip to the fairy-created version of the Celestial Realm path seemed for him a time of great nostalgia - of happiness and contentment that he no longer associated with that Realm.
And now we find out that it was not Michael who sent Simeon and Luke to the human world, but a message from Raphael.
Something is happening in the Celestial Realm and to Simeon's faith in the structure of things.
Michael has been keeping a personal eye on MC, returning them to their proper place in the time stream yet also not interfering for a while, doubtless curious as to what MC made of the brothers in the past.
And yet all season, we've been tirelessly focused upon achieving stars, to aquire membership proper of the Sorcerer's Society, one Solomon tells us he founded alongside his apprentice of the time, who he later fell out with and is thus on bad terms with the society (👀).
Ostensibly MC is to get a full sorcerer's license in order to eventually learn how to summon the brothers. But...
Tumblr media
Potential Season End
Learning magic is not what MC has been doing for the most part, but instead how to exercise restraint, how to reconcile those with past grievances, how to manage demon/angel relations, and how to channel MC's own (huge) power through their demons.
MC has been learning the seven requirements for the Society that just so happen (👀) to be the seven heavenly virtues that run counterpart to their seven demon lord's sins, and possibly represent their virtues before their fall. But also perhaps the same virtues needed to defeat Celestial beings.
MC is being prepared for war.
Or perhaps, to prevent a war.
Whether it's the Demon King awakening from his slumber, or a powerful angel about to fall, Celestial civil war breaking out, an angel strike against MC, timey wimey shenanigans (please no!), or perhaps the not-really-an-angel in MC's midst, Solomon has been diligently preparing MC.
Not only as his apprentice, but as the one being who holds power in all three realms.
And that is what the mystery background shows.
Angels. Demons. Sorcerers.
The three realms, attacking each other, while one human with the weight of three worlds upon them, drops to their knees in despair, a sword and staff behind them.
Will they fight?
Or have they learned a better way?
Further reading:
OM Theory: The Seven Stars of Virtue
Obey Me: Seven Heavenly Virtues
Obey Me: The Theory of Simeon
Obey Me: The Theory of Solomon
OM! Theories Masterpost
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Hello, could you write the follow up with the fallen!Simeon please? Like how others and Mc help him with his pain and how Simeon comes to accept himself as a demon?
(You got it! This took 2 hours and a half to write was not expecting that)
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: A BIT OF A SPOILER IN LEVI'S PART! Body image issues (Mammon and Asmo's part)
Brothers And Side Characters Taking Care Of Simeon After His Fall
Simeon was found lying on the ground in pretty much the middle of nowhere. He was brought back to the House of Lamentation to rest. Michael has already made his retreat back to the Celestial Realm after ages of being convinced to let it go. When he awakes in the attic the brothers are left to take care of him.
The first one Simeon sees when he wakes up. He checks on how his pain is and the conversation ends up being about both of their guilt, mainly Simeon's though. He's there to reassure no one blames him and that everyone's alright. Checks on his pain and mental state daily and lets him talk about anything he needs to. Probably won't admit it but he does feel a bit of nostalgia from their conversations. Wonders what it'd be like if they were brothers once again.
Keeps him company for the most part. Talks about whatever comes to mind. Latest schemes, something his brothers did ages ago, how one of subjects at RAD makes no sense. Simeon's bedridden for a bit so he keeps him up to date on things. The conversations usually get a bit more serious. Mostly issues about his new form. New appendages reminding him everyday about how this is all real and he really isn't an angel anymore. The guilt makes him feel disgusted with himself and body. Mammon tries to hype him up with his own demon form. He looks cool and so does Simeon! It isn't much but it does cheer him up. And sometimes they talk about you. Mammon's not sure what to think about the fact Simeon also has feelings for you. But even with his greed he considers maybe he'd be okay with you being with the ex angel... Maybe. As long as everyone's happy he can manage...
Also there for help with distractions. Doesn't come up too often but Simeon let's him ramble on about something and watches him play games on his hand held devices. Wonders about the future of TSL. Will it be abandoned? Is Simeon even going to continue writing at all? Their conversations don't get too serious but Levi can tell when he's internally beating himself up. So occasionally he'll tell him how good he'd be at this game when he can move enough to play it or how nice his company is. The two will probably grow fairly close. He wonders if him, Solomon, Simeon, and you could hang out together. Maybe Mammon too...
Takes note on his physical state and how to reduce the pain. Maybe even find a potion that could help. He doesn't have a lot of experience with the pain of loosing your grace, he's born from wrath and was never an angel. So this all feels a bit odd to him but he's always had respect for Simeon and still does. So he'll do what he can to help. When he's able to move Satan lends him some of his books. And on some very few occasions reads to him before that. On the agreement he doesn't tell anyone though...
Has some creams and lotion left over that helped him and his brothers after the fall. Starts doing his self care sessions with Simeon while talking about the latest gossip. He may be bedridden for a while but he can still keep his spark! And whenever he feels down about his new form Asmo tells him he doesn't need to be an angel to be beautiful. Asmo was the jewel of the Celestial Realm but now he's the most beautiful being the Devildom has! He also assists Simeon with hygiene. Sure, he has to start with grabbing a soapy rag and just wiping him down a bit but after some time he's able to help Simeon walk to the bathroom (always waits outside so he has privacy of course). Eventually he'll be able to walk on his own but Asmo's happy to help for the meantime.
The one who helps him with eating. He knows he's probably nauseous with the pain so he keeps the food light for now. Crackers and soup are what most of his meals are. Simeon doesn't complain much though. Beel also hangs around while he eats and a bit after that. It's mostly comfortable silence. When he's able to eat heavier food Beel gets pretty happy. He cares about Simeon and he's happy when people he cares about are able to eat what they like. Beel's also good comfort if Simeon wants to talk about any troubles he has. Overall Beel's good company and good at taking care of others.
He doesn't come up to see Simeon extremely often. Not when he's awake. Whenever Simeon's asleep and Belphie's awake he makes sure he's having good dreams through his powers. And when the two hang out when they're both awake chances are they're watching a movie or messing with a star projectector. The two aren't the closest and Belphegor's company is mostly silent but neither of them mind. A lot of the time Beel brings food Belphegor's following (usually making sure Beel doesn't eat it). Normally passes out after not that long but Simeon doesn't mind.
Starts holding meetings with Lucifer at the House of Lamentation so he can visit Simeon while he's there. Usually assures him he'll deal with the exchange program and that he may stay in the Devildom. But he also helps with whatever he can while he's there. When he can eat sweets without getting sick he'll bring some stuff Barbatos made. Slightly worried Michael will do something but for now he's focused on Simeon's well being and managing the exchange program
Can't visit often since he has to do his job and has more paperwork to help Lord Diavolo sort out. But after a bit Simeon texts him and since then Barbatos checks on him through messages. Bakes him some sweets upon hearing he can keep down food better. He's checked the future and it seems pretty good so he's not the most concerned. Does look forward to seeing Simeon in person once he's fully recovered though
He hides his worry. But he does wonder what's to come. Michael is likely to come back. Luke probably won't be able to see Simeon again after the program is over. He just hopes it won't get violent again. It's been a while since he was worried about someone so much. All thrill and no stress is usually how he lived but he's grown to enjoy Simeon's company and considers him a friend. He watches over Luke for now and brings him with while visiting. He sticks to buying gifts since the brothers refuse to let him bring any food he made. He also wonders about you. What will become of your relationship with Simeon? He's curious...
Conflicted. Simeon's a demon now. Demons are bad. But Simeon still acts the same? So maybe Simeon isn't bad. He hopes so. He doesn't want to hate him. But he can't come back to the Celestial Realm. Will he never see Simeon again after he has to leave? Solomon gives them space for a bit when they visit. Luke lays next to Simeon and they talk about the complicated thoughts Luke has. Sometimes it ends with Luke passing out after an hour of sobbing into Simeon's chest. Solomon walks back in not long after. Luke will bake Simeon sweets too. He'll figure out how to send them from the Celestial Realm too. He still cares. He doesn't want Simeon to forget about him when the programs over.
Lucifer notified you that Simeon was awake a couple hours after he was bought to the House of Lamentation. You made your way up to the attic right away and Simeon locked eyes with you. He called your name and you sat down on the bed. When you ask him if he's alright he nods, now looking away from you. Eventually you talk about your relationship now that he has literally fallen for you. He's alright if you don't return his feelings. As long as you're safe he'll be okay. But if you do he'll weakly take your hand in his, nodding as his gaze returns to you. He'll let you take care of him regardless. He's glad to be in your company either way.
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greatpostunknown · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
He is to damn cute for his own damn good
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harunayuuka2060 · 15 hours ago
MC: *walking a little bit ahead of Luke*
Luke: *tries to strike a conversation* I thought they were going to give us a ride?
MC: *without looking at him* I don't know. It's not that far though.
Luke: We have been walking for half an hour.
MC: You can take a break if you want. Just tag along once you get your energy back.
Luke: H-Huh?
Luke: But MC! I know you're tired too!
MC: Yes, I am. But it's not like you would care. *looks at him and smiles* *continues walking*
Luke: *sad frowns*
Michael: What are you going to do now? That your future with them is starting to fade?
MC: *receives a call from Lucifer* Hello?
Lucifer: MC, are you alright?
MC: Yes. I think we'll arrive there just in time.
Lucifer: MC, are you really fine? Your breathing is kinda heavy.
MC: *laughs* Maybe I wasn't exercising too much and a little bit of walking is tiring me off.
Lucifer: You need to take a rest.
MC: No. I'm fine, Lucifer. I can still walk for another half an hour.
Lucifer: *clicks his tongue* I will scold Diavolo.
MC: Come on, he already said his reasons, right?
Lucifer: But still-
MC: Lucifer, stop. I'm fine.
Lucifer: If you insist. Make sure you get rest though once you arrived in the castle.
MC: Alright. Goodbye, Lucifer. *ends the call*
Luke: *has stepped on a rock* Ow!
MC: *quickly looks back and runs to him* What happened?!
Luke: *winced* My foot hurts.
MC: Let me see. *takes off his shoe* *sees that it has a small cut* Oh... You cannot walk like this.
Luke: A-Are you going to leave me here?
MC: ...
MC: No. I will carry you on my back.
Luke: !!!
Luke: But... I'm sure to be heavier than you, MC.
MC: I don't care about things like that. I will carry you.
Luke: *reluctantly leans on their back*
MC: Make sure to hold tight so you won't fall. *starts to stand up* *sways a little bit*
Luke: I already told you I'm heavy!
MC: Shut up! Don't shout in my ear!
Luke: *it was his first time seeing them angry* S-Sorry...
Luke and MC: *arrives in the castle*
The castle maid: Oh my...
MC: *sweating a lot from walking and carrying Luke* Can we have water and first aid kit, please?
The castle maid: R-Right away!
Luke: M-MC, I think I'm fine to stand now.
MC: *just nods at him*
Luke: *gets off from them* Are you okay?
MC: *laughs*
Luke: MC?
MC: You're really are heavy.
Luke: *eyes widened*
Luke: *hugs MC*
MC: Huh?
Luke: *hugs them even tighter*
MC: Luke... Are you trying to kill me...?
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the-mourning-stars · 17 hours ago
Fandom: Obey Me!: Shall We Date?
Genre: Angst
Ship:  referenced Simeon/Barbatos and Simeon/Solomon
Tw: Falling (from heaven), heavy religious themes, homophobic language, blood
No one has any right to post/sell my work
Not beta read, we die like Lilith
Stripped. Not just of his clothes but his pride and title as well. His brother, who he looked up to and respected, glaring down at him, anger and detestation in his eyes. Simeon was able to turn his face to look at Gabriel, the youngest archangel looking down in regret and despair. The angel was happy Luke wasn’t there to witness this. Shame clouded his mind, eating him up. Guilt clutched at his heart, unable to even formulate words to Michael’s questions. No longer the angel of obedience not quite a demon yet, either. Just the stage in between, where all he could see was the archangels in front of him, the white walls which seemed too bright for his eyes and the crimson blood staining his dark skin.
He was brought out of his thoughts by a booming voice. “Simeon,” Michael said, in a belittling yet berating way, causing the disgraced to flinch. “You know what you’ve done wrong, correct?” A nod. “And know that you need to be punished?” Simeon restrained from pulling a face. He was being treated like a child; being spoken to like he was Luke. Nevertheless, he nodded again. “Good.” Then there was silence. Simeon’s blue eyes were on the ground, body tense as he waited. He knew what was coming.
The first sign was being forced on his knees, then the breeze on his back. “Simeon, angel of obedience, the just and devout man, oldest representative of the Celestial Realm, former son of Jacob and Leah, son of God,” Michael started, holding the scroll in front of him. Gabriel and Raphael by his sides. Jophiel looked at her younger brother with a sad sort of pity, willing him to meet her eyes. But he never did. He just glared at the ground, hearing her quiet sigh, his last act of rebellion. He heard Michael, didn’t understand what he was saying. “… For each sin said, one strike with the whip. Pair of wings to be torn off, disgraced to the Devildom, left to die.” Simeon knew he wouldn’t die. Diavolo would be there for him, right? He couldn’t tell which angel had gone behind him until he heard the voice of Chamuel. “I’m sorry....” Simeon thought that was a little hilarious, the angel supposed to stop anxiety was only filing him with it.
“Surrendering to the sin of lust,” Michael began, the whip cracking in the air, the first sharp hit landing on his back. Simeon hissed in pain, a small whimper leaving him as he felt his skin split. “It’ll just get worse,” Chamuel whispered into his ear. Simeon just trained his eyes on the floor. “Becoming infatuated with a demon,” the archangel continued, this hit jerked him forward and he made a small noise of pain. He glanced up, only to see the cruel look plastered on Michael’s face. The scowl on Simeon’s face made the other smile. “Engaged in sexual intercourse with a human male.” That received a couple of gasps and murmurs from the angels above. Simeon grimaced. The whip came down, hard, causing Simeon to fall forwards, gasping in pain with Chamuel with a hateful expression, obviously resisting the urge to kick the brown-haired angel.
The beats continued, even more than what Michael said. But no one stopped Chamuel. Jophiel didn’t even looked like she cared at this point, allowing him to get hurt and Simeon was sure Michael was making up half the accusations. “No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes. – Psalm 101:7.” Simeon wasn’t aware of the number of sins he’d committed as Michael finished, now repeating the Bible verses to him. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. - Leviticus 18:22.” Simeon swallowed, looking down and biting his lip. He was covered in blood, fresh and dried. The large cuts on his back just seeped more and more blood, the beautiful stained-glass floor now dyed with blood. How was he not dead? He felt like he was. He coughed when he was jerked forward, blood dripping from his lips.
Michael regarded him for a moment before speaking again, looking him dead in the eyes. “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into Hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment - 2 Peter 2:4.” Simeon’s eyes widened in fear and a small whimper left him. “Michael...,” he spoke before Chamuel grabbed his hair and pushed him onto his stomach. “Try not to scream,” he snarled, two hands gripping onto a pair of his once beautiful white wings, now dirtied in blood.
And he tugged. Simeon screamed. Tears poured from his eyes, blood ran down his back, cries left his throat. The angels just watched. Gabriel went to go forward, unable to watch his brother be tortured so mercilessly, yet Michael pushed him back. Jophiel looked away. Raphael held Simeon’s arms down as he thrashed and pushed. He tugged and pulled. He sobbed and howled. He felt the wings be pulled from his back and blood just leaving him, going dizzy. Then heat.
The heat was far too intense. His whole body was on fire, panic coursing through his body as well as the horrible feeling of falling. For one fleeting moment, Simeon thought he was dying, he felt contented. But then the numb pain returned, and he released he was falling. He was falling. Falling from grace. He screamed again, but no one could hear. No one cared. Was he going to Hell? Or Earth? Had the angels made their decision? Obviously, they had, otherwise he would still have his wings. Then it was black.
 “My lord, he’s waking up...” Simeon could make out Barbatos’ voice, his eyes slowly opening and being met with the kind green ones staring back at him. Simeon gasped, trying to move but the agonising feeling returned. He began to cry and Barbatos quickly rushed to his side to comfort and shush him. “Sh, sh, it’s okay, Simeon... You’re safe,” the green haired demon reassured him. Simeon leant into them, barely having the energy to look up as Diavolo and Lucifer entered the room. “Welcome to the Devildom… Abaddon.”
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Can you make headcanons dateables reacting to God!MC and their power please?
(Sure thing!)
Genre: Other
Warnings: None
Side Characters Reacting To God!MC's Power
Oh. Yeah, you definitely aren't a human. But the program...? He doesn't want to have to send you back. Even if he's a bit concerned about your power he still wants to let you stay. You don't seem that bad and he doesn't want to feel lonely because you're gone...
He saw it before through his powers. But witnessing it in the moment feels different somehow. A slight feeling of worry rests in his mind. He already checked the future though. You won't cause any problems. There's no reason for concern.
Ohhhhhh he did not know you could do that. You... You're a god? He feels like he should've noticed somehow. Or atleast one of the brothers. Don't hurt anybody please. At the very least maybe you won't be devoured by a demon so easily...
You feel... Familiar. Like he met or heard about you. But he can't recall when or where. What exactly is your history? He probably didn't know you prior to the exchange program but he can't shake the feeling. A god in the program though. Things just get more interesting...
How long where you able to do that!? What do you mean you're a god!? Why is a god hanging out with demons!? Did they even know about this or did they accidentally choose a god for the program?? Do this mean you're actually older than him? He can't even have that... Don't hurt anyone though! You seem okay but still!
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chaoticotaku · 18 hours ago
Hello my fellow simps this is gonna be the obey me hc's master list feel free to message or ask me your request🥰
Will do
Will not do
Anything homophobic
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astronomodeus · 22 hours ago
≡;- ꒰ °The side characters when you sleep on his lap: a thread ꒱ @astronomodeus
Tumblr media
- His heart would be so warm while you slept on his lap, he knew you had a long day and didn't want to bother you. 
- He'd just play with your hair until he knocked himself out.
- He was drawing little circles on your side until he realised you were asleep. 
- He'd pick you up and carry you to the bed, you were both sleepy and he wanted to get comfortable. 
- When the sudden movement woke you up, he'd smile brightly and say "I didn't mean to wake you up, baby. I'm sorry."
- We all know that this boy would teaseee 
- He'd gently play with your sleeves or poke your cheeks, admiring how sweet you looked on him but jfc, after you wake up there would be so much teasing. 
- "Woah, it's been two hours, I didn't know I was THAT boring."
- Actually the type to steal like 100 sleepy kisses and 200 pictures. 
- He was always so giddy when you fell asleep on his lap even if it was after a long day. 
- He'd try to pull you closer without waking up, in the end, he'd let you sleep and admire his angel.
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emmys-grimoire · 23 hours ago
Lesson 55 analysis + 56 predictions
There's not much to analyze in this one, but there's one interesting bit mostly hidden behind the subnode.
Simeon and Michael
In the main story, we're invited to a theme park by Diavolo, and Beelzebub convinces us to drag Belphegor along so he stops being a hermit who sleeps all day. The other brothers won't come because they all have obligations elsewhere.
Weirdly enough, we don't even think to invite Lucifer or ask him what he's up to... and he's strangely adamant against his brothers joining us at the theme park via chat when all their escapades fall through. It almost sounds like he knows something might be up, but his later chat inquiring about Diavolo reveals if he's suspecting something is going to go wrong then he doesn't really know the details.
My guess is that it has something to do with whatever trial Solomon has planned for us and he doesn't want his brothers interfering.
But the really interesting part is when we run into Simeon, strike up a conversation, and then invite him and Luke to join us: he declines because he has to meet with someone soon. He bids us farewell and runs off to do so...
Tumblr media
It's Michael.
Remember, he's plotting something.
Simeon is a part of it. Luke is still being left in the dark by both of them.
The lesson continues as expected: we get to the theme park, Belphegor complains about Diavolo always getting his way, and Diavolo finally relents after Belphegor attempts to flee and we agree to go on the rides he likes. After the first ride Belphegor chooses we lose Diavolo and we try to find him.
In the 55-A subnode we get more insight on what might be happening between Simeon and Michael.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I sense a disturbance in the force!
Barbatos asks a pointed but relevant question:
Tumblr media
You'd think the answer to this would be an obvious yes, but no, Michael did not order Simeon and Michael to go to the human world in person. Apparently Raphael commented on it.
The temptation here is to think the worst of Michael, but I think Simeon's shift in mood is related to what happened back at the fake House of Lamentation.
Tumblr media
When we talk to him about it, he admits that the fairies did a number on him, too. He's still depressed.
Tumblr media
Even though Lucifer and Michael were working him to the bone, this particular time period was the best time of his life. After the Great Celestial War, the Celestial Realm changed and so did his place in it. He was always an errand boy, but unlike now, he enjoyed it.
Also, his relationship with Michael is not wholly negative, in spite of what happens in Season 2. Quite the opposite, really...
Tumblr media
Buuut Michael's place has likely changed, too. He's the sole de facto leader now, and Lucifer's rebellion and ejection from the Celestial Realm has undoubtedly left its mark. There's more on his shoulders now, and he's likely much more vigilant in general.
And that might be why he relays orders, instead of interacting with Simeon face-to-face like he used to. Wouldn't blame Simeon for being put off by that.
He's dropping by personally now because he might have noticed that the reports aren't coming in as readily as they used to. They're not letting Luke know what they're up to, so he's less reliable in that regard.
Simeon could also be getting cold feet about whatever it is they were planning, as his feelings for MC are now in full force, and avoiding forwarding information about they're doing as a result. I'm not sure how much to bank on this explanation, though: having Simeon balk and just refuse not to do what he's told, therefore ruining the plan, seems anti-climatic. A lot of that hinges on just what the plan IS, though.
Tumblr media
I do know that whatever he has up his sleeve is contingent on Simeon carrying it out. If he refuses, Michael will have to do it himself. Now that he has physically dropped in -- even if it's just offscreen -- I'm more confident than ever that he's going to show up in the climax.
Don't be surprised if MC has to play therapist for Simeon and Michael and possibly Lucifer all at once. I am still convinced that the key to realm-wide peace is finally talking to the guy ruling over the other realm and helping him work out some of his hang-ups.
Is Simeon likely to fall?
If he does openly defy Michael, there's a good chance there will be swift and immediate consequences.
Season 2 showed us that Simeon does not behave like the typical angel and he is willing to undermine his superiors. He stole the Ring of Light from Michael's room and doesn't seem compelled to show proper respect to authority figures.
All that said, though, Simeon likes being an angel. I don't think he's in a hurry to be Diavolo's subordinate at all. And Diavolo wouldn't look forward to the arrangement, either.
Tumblr media
Prime demon material, right here.
Simeon's closest relationship with the demons is with Lucifer, and a great deal of it seems to stem from him missing the good ol' days. He's fond of the brothers, but with the exception of Leviathan's hero worship of him for being the author of his book series, he doesn't really have the same connection with them.
So I don't see him falling because he wants to, even if he doesn't enjoy being in the Celestial Realm as much as he used to. If he has no choice, perhaps, but I can't see the devs being comfortable separating him from Luke -- or suddenly making Luke have to deal with that kind of crisis at the end of this season. The kid doesn't even know about what happened to Lilith yet!
That revelation ought to happen, though. I hope it does.
My prediction for 56 is that we'll continue our quest to find Diavolo and our 'trial' will be urging Belphegor to finally care about finding him, and seeing things from his perspective. It will be a Belphegor-Diavolo reconciliation arc.
The brothers may drop in and make a mess of things in spite of Lucifer's insistence that they don't run off to join MC, because he's terrible at communication and didn't explain why they shouldn't. I still think it'll remain fluffy/humorous.
57 or 58 will be Lucifer's arc, with a Michael cameo, for the trial of humility. Something will go awry, Michael will do whatever he's planning, and I think we're getting a conflict between three ex-besties that we have to work through. It'll be very interesting and very revealing, and I think it will set up Season 4 nicely.
59 and 60 will probably be the denoument lessons that tie everything up. We usually have at least a couple.
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leannamsinsomnia · a day ago
I don't think Simeon likes being an angel, nor do I think he wants to be one anymore, but idk. I really hope he is okay. Me and Luke are worried.🥺❤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aww, I just love Luke and Barbatos' Father and Son type relationship, so cute, so wholesome.
Barbatos is right though, Luke is absolutely sweet and adorable.🥰😅🤗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leannamsinsomnia · a day ago
Just finished lesson 55, its absolutely amazing.
Though I do wish we had some alone time with Diavolo, and main of the time we were trying to find him, after the spooky ride at the amusement park. He's such an innocent baby, you just gotta love em'. Oh! And his new nickname is DD.😌
Heh, Belphie was called "Snoozy" over the intercom. Lmao, honestly couldn't stop laughing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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