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#luke patterson
latinposeidon · a day ago
This scene is unironically one of my favourite moments of the entire show. Because the differences in the boys’ reactions are just so interesting to me.
When Caleb mentions that they can be together, Reggie stands completely still and just stares at him with an unchanging expression. He’s completely frozen, to a degree we’ve never seen from Reggie. Every other time we see him get anxious, he ends up playing with something to release some anxious energy, but this time he’s just. Still. It looks like a complete fear response: he’s so nervous that he can’t even fidget.
He’s the most physical with Luke - which appeals to Luke’s love of physical touch. He can’t touch Julie but he can touch anybody else at the club. That combined with the offer of music should have made him incredibly interested, but the only reaction he gives is a minuscule drawing together of his eyebrows. He says himself, it would be cool to play at the club and it was awesome to be seen by lifers, so he’s interested, sure. But the appeal never went deeper than that. At the end of the day, Luke doesn’t care about the club. He’s never gonna do more than be slightly intrigued.
Tumblr media
But then there’s Alex. When he realises Willie and their feelings for each other are being used against him, he has a complete postural change. He shifts his weight slightly backwards, putting space between himself and Caleb, and moving closer to the safety that is his friends. He starts in a neutral position but moves to hold his drumsticks in front of him. We see him use drumming and his sticks in general to help his anxiety: he’s literally using his comfort items as a block.
He’s the only one to do such a big physical change. Reggie’s terrified and Luke’s nervous, but Alex is clearly uncomfortable. Because he’s the only one with a genuine connection to the club, he’s the one being forced to choose between people. If he took the deal to be with Willie, he’d never see the boys again. But if he refused and crossed over/got destroyed alongside the guys, he’d lose Willie. The guys have nothing to gain by taking the deal (beyond the obvious), but Alex does. He’s the only one who wants to take the deal. It’s literally a single second but it shows so much about Alex’s uncertainty about his priorities and its so amazing
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kybee1497 · a day ago
Julie likes to borrow people’s clothes as a comfort thing. A visual, sensory, physical reminder that she’s loved and she has a little piece of that person with her sometimes. It helps her feel more grounded and present and it helps when she has bad days.
Before her mom died, it was less about comfort and a little more about being one of her love languages.
She was only friends with Flynn for four months before she ‘stole’ Flynn’s monster slippers for a few days. Now it’s a standard part of their Christmas presents to each other. They get a new pair of slippers and wear them once or twice before swapping for the new year.
Before things went down with Carrie, the three of them had clothes stashed at each other’s houses and weren’t shy about wearing whatever they grabbed first. Julie came to school once when she was 12 wearing Flynn’s cheetah print hat, Carries pink sweatshirt, and her own jeans she’d doodled on.
She borrowed her dads shirts for playing pirate queen when she was little.
But after her mom died it became a little more about keeping the people she loved closer to her. A reminder that they were there and loved her and everything was okay. And she wears her moms clothes sometimes to help her feel a bit closer. Her mom was gone but sometimes, when julie pulled a sweater out from the back of the closet, it still smelled like her moms perfume, and when she wrapped herself up in the warm, soft material it almost felt like being wrapped in her moms arms when she was small. For just a minute, it’s like having her back again. Then the feeling fades and Julies left with a time worn sweater with its fading scent, and it’s still enough, for now. It’s not the same, not at all, but it makes it a little bit easier to get through the day when all she wants to do is crawl back into bed with her head under the pillow and forget the world for the day.
She wears one of Carlos’s hats the entire week he’s gone at baseball camp the first summer after her mom died, reminding herself that it’s fine, and Carlos is fine, and he’ll be home in a week, and everything will be fine.
We already see in canon that she wears a lot of her moms clothes for performances because it helps her to feel closer to her mom. You can’t tell me julie wouldn’t have her own. Eventually she stops wearing her moms clothes for everyday activities, but even years down the road, Julie still incorporates something of her moms into each performance outfit. A dahlia pin, a necklace, a belt, etc.
Slowly as Julie heals and grows, borrowing clothes slowly regains some of the playfullness and affection it had before. It’s still got some of the needing an anchor bit that it had before but it’s not the only thing keeping her afloat anymore.
The first summer after Julie and the Phantoms was formed. Julies summer wardrobe consisted half of her own clothes and half Luke’s cut off shirts because “It’s really fucking hot outside Luke and these are more comfortable than anything else I own.” Luke just about dies a second time the first time he pops into Julie’s room while she’s laying across the foot of her bed, scribbling in her song book, and he sees that she’s wearing a pair of cut offs and his Rush shirt. You would think after the first few times he would be used to it but the boys brain glitches every time. Flynn thinks it’s hilarious.
She falls asleep in the studio one night and walks up warm and content with Reggie’s leather jacket draped over her. The boys are out for the morning and she’s running late so she slips her hands in the sleeves and wears it to school for the day. Luke trips over the air when she walks in that afternoon wearing it because Julie and leather jacket and pretty and adorable. He doesn’t even clock that it’s Reggie’s until Julie is handing it back at the end of the night with a soft smile and a thank you.
Julie wouldn’t dare to borrow Alex’s fanny pack, it’s sacred. No ones really sure exactly what he keeps in there but he always has exactly what they need. Reggie’s convinced it’s magic and Julie almost agrees, but Alex’s pink sweatshirt on the other hand, that’s fair game. It’s softer and cozier than it looks and it becomes julies new favorite thing. Alex is fine with it. Sometimes he grumbles about being cold but he just curls into Willie instead and always cuts her off when she offers it back.
Flynn won’t say it out loud but sometimes she buys clothes that are more Julies style than her own because Julie hates buying new clothes but she loves borrowing (and keeping) them and Julie needs some new, cute clothes in her wardrobe because while her boys may be cute, none of them have good fashion sense. Except for maybe Alex, but his style is more 90’s gay icon which is incredible but not really Julies thing. So flynn gets a new sweater or a dress and wears it a few times, maybe leaves it out when julie comes over or throws an extra jacket in her backpack on days that she knows julie was up late writing with Luke and would likely forget her lunch, a text book and at least a jacket on her mad dash out the door. It’s what Flynn called working the system. Julie got to show her affection and cute clothes, and Flynn got to play stylist. It was the best of both worlds.
A year later, when Carrie wants to talk and apologizes, when they slowly work their way back into a friendship. Julie fishes one of the triple threat shirts she had stashed in the back of her closet that she liked to forget she kept and pulls it on under a hoodie before school that day. Thankfully they’d messed up when they were ordering the shirts and ordered adult sizing instead of youth. So it fit perfectly at 17 where they’d been night shirts at 8. Interestingly enough, Carries also wearing a sweatshirt that day and Julie catches a glimpse the familiar lettering of -antoms on the back of the shirt underneath when they’re changing for PE. The day they both wore something that reminded them of the other without talking about it or showing it off, was the day the tentative part of tentative friendship was finally removed. There’s still some days where old hurts ache a bit more than usual because even small wounds leave scars, and some of the wounds were far from small. Sometimes Carrie starts to mention rose and Julie flinches. Just a bit, it wouldn’t even be super noticeable if they hadn’t known each other that well, if carrie hadn’t spent a year watching Julie flinch every time she opened her mouth. Carrie hates a lot of things about herself, but that one, that one was by far the worst. Not everything can be forgiven, but they can move forward and sometimes that’s enough.
Idk this got super long and idk if it makes sense anymore and I’m too lazy to edit it but JULIE MOLINA IS A CLOTHES THIEF and I love that for her. Also I might fuck around and flesh this out into a fic later when I’m not so slammed with wips.
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bluefirewrites · a day ago
not sure if u are still taking this but, celebrity/fan au for JUKEE 🤭
Okay this one's a little involved but I got you!
Rated T for mentions of sex and maybe some language
Julie tugs against the rather short dress Flynn had squeezed her in, not caring for how much she looks like a glorified candy wrapper in the shimmering gold.
She feels like she's some Ferrer Roche, waiting to be devoured.
Which seems to be her intention for tonight because she's insane, and so is her bestie Flynn, because she's supposed to grab the attention of a certain someone in this club.
Her motives for tonight sound like they come straight out of a Wattpad story, but her boyfriend- or well maybe an ex boyfriend now'- forced her hand.
So a year ago, right around the time they started dating, they both disclosed their 'hall passes'. Just a list of celebrities they were both 'allowed' to cheat on their partners with. It was fun. Just to see who the other person would pick. 
It was harmless because the whole point is that these people are so famous, so far out of reach, that the odds of hooking up with them would be essentially impossible.
Nick's was the lead singer of the world famous pop group Dirty Candi. And Julie remembers drunkenly applauding the choice ("She's pretty! Wowww you like them Bubblegum Pop girls?")
They had a laugh that night and Julie doesn't really consider that hall pass conversation all that much since then-
-Until fast forward to last week when Nick disclosed to her that he ran into Carrie Wilson at an event. And then promptly disclosed to her that he invoked his 'Hall Pass' rights.
His rights?! She had exploded at him, and he claims that its no big deal. That he thought she would understand that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a crazy set of circumstances, and that- 'Holy shit Jules, she was actually into me. Like what?'
Understandably, Julie stormed out and has been staying with Flynn for the time being. And it must have been the haze of crying and watching a lot of true crime series to cheer herself up that she and Flynn concocted this... plan.
One fueled by spite and pettiness.
Get back at Nick, make him jealous, make him feel how she did- by invoking her own 'Hall Pass' rights- 
-which so happens to be Sunset Curve frontman, Luke Patterson... 
"There he is" Flynn whispers from their corner of the club and Julie gulps.
"I don't think I can do this," Julie hisses at Flynn, when they spot him at the bar, nursing a drink with his bandmates like he usually would (they did their research). 
See, Julie’s been a fan of Luke’s for a long time. Ever since she heard ‘Now or Never’ in freshman year of high school, she’s been hooked onto their music- especially Luke and his voice and playing. 
She had their posters on her bedroom wall and had been that girl who would (when no one’s looking) press her fingers to her lips then press them against Luke’s image before going to bed. 
It was that bad. 
And Julie had probably fantasized on more than one occasion of meeting him and all the other scenarios you would picture in a typical Celeb x Reader scenario. 
And she’d like to think she grew out of it, now she’s in her mid-twenties and just casually listens to Sunset Curve, following up on their careers every now and then. 
But you can never really shake your first major celebrity crush. Hence he had been on her so called ‘Hall Pass’ list. 
(”You into rockstars, Jules?” Nick had teased her that night.)
Seeing him there, in the same place as her, is so surreal, but Flynn’s continued pinches to her arm remind her just how real this is. 
“This is ridiculous,” Julie crosses her arms, ready to bow out because what is she thinking? Why would Luke Patterson pick her up, of all people, at the bar? It’s like a supermodel runway in here, filled with girls more accomplished and famous. Her confidence is shaken a bit and she rethinks everything. 
"Nick didn't seem to have a problem when he did it," Flynn points out, “And girl, you look great. He would be blind to not want you.” 
The mention of Nick still boils her blood, which only reaffirms her plans for revenge. She’s still nervous but they both stand up from their booth and walk over to the bar. 
“You’re just saying that because you’re my best friend,” 
“No. You’re musician extraordinaire, Julie Molina! The world may not have heard about you, but they will one day. I bet that’s something you can talk to him about. Music? Lyrics?” 
Julie could use her songwriting credentials to her advantage, “I mean I guess-” 
“Quick, he’s getting up!” 
“Flynn, wait I’m not-” 
With a forceful push, Flynn sends Julie into the path of Luke Patterson, colliding into him and effectively spilling his drink all over her dress. 
“Oh my god,” Luke gapes at her, “I am so sorry-” 
Julie fans herself, shaking slightly from the fact she’s drenched and also that her freakin’ high school celebrity crush is looking at her, actually talking to her. 
But she recovers quickly, and she speaks, “It’s fine. Really. I guess I’m just... clumsy.” She shoots a glare at Flynn, who merely winks and retreats to their booth. 
Luke grimaces and takes her by the hand, leading her somewhere, napkins in his other hand, “Here, let’s get you cleaned up. Again, I’m sorry. Hate to ruin a pretty... dress.”
It’s the way he eyes her that catches Julie off guard. He’s... not talking about the dress, is he? 
Julie reels it back in tries her hand at a joke, “I wouldn’t call this a dress. I feel like fancy leftovers in this thing.” 
Luke stifles a laugh, “Okay, I mean I wasn’t gonna say anything but yeah. I guess it’s a bit tin foil-y.”
“Not your style?”
His gaze drifts over to her one last time, “Well, any way to take a meal back home is fine by me. I mean-” Luke scrunches his nose, wincing, “I didn’t- I didn’t mean it like that. Shit. That was too... much. Are we-” he laughs nervously, “Are we still... talking about food?”
“Unless you just called me a meal. Then no.” 
The look in his eyes say that he’s absolutely mortified, “...yeah. I think I did. I was hoping that was a nightmare.” 
“Nope, it definitely happened,” 
“Feel free to slap me,” 
Julie giggles, somewhat delirious because she hasn’t tried to flirt with him but here Luke is, flirting with her. Or trying. And failing. Like a far cry from the suave rockstar she had pictured him to be. 
“No need. Just, can you-?” she points to the napkins he’s holding hostage. 
“Oh yeah. Here,” They stop in front of the coat check, and he hands her the napkins so she could try herself off with the best she can.
Suddenly, a weight falls onto her shoulders, she looks up and sees Luke draping a jacket over her- his presumably. 
“You looked cold,”
Julie wraps the jacket tight against her, relishing in the warmth, “Wow, thanks.”
Luke smiled and stepped back, “Just so you know, if I made you feel weird in any way, I’d like to throw out my third ‘sorry’ of the night. Nothing has to happen though. So, just say the word and I’ll leave you alone.”
Whew. Um, okay. Julie stands there, faced with this decision. 
The compliments aside (she will revisit those later), Luke’s giving her an out. Any reservations she has about moving forward with this plan, this is her chance to leave. 
She could just treasure these amazing few minutes for the rest of her life. This could be a story to tell friends at a dinner party, about the time a rockstar lent her his jacket. Would be up there with the time Jack Black passed her on the street and said “Nice hat!”. 
Maybe she wants to see where this goes. 
“All this talk about food is making me hungry though...” she says and Luke lights up, “I could go for a bite to eat.” 
Luke snaps his fingers, “I know just the place.” 
Half an hour later, Julie and Flynn are in a smelly alleyway with the guys from Sunset Curve, in line for a street dog cart just a couple blocks away. 
“An Oldsmobile?” Julie gawked after hearing Luke and the guys describe the delicacy, “Are you trying to poison me?”
“I swear by it,” Luke insists, taking her hand and moving them up in the line. Flynn sees this and doesn’t comment, but Julie’s starting to get used to Luke doing that, “You have to try!”  
Julie doesn't know when she got over her initial starstruck, but by now its so easy to treat Luke like a regular person.
Well, celebrities are all regular people in the end, but more so now that he and his friends, have their sleeves rolled up, smiles wide, ready to dig into what may be the most disgusting hot dog she has ever seen.
Julie takes a bite out of hers and her eyes widen. Wow. It's not terrible.
"Ayy! We got another one, boys" Reggie laughs, noting her reaction.
"Told ya" Luke needles her sides and she giggles, ticklish. Her knee jerk reaction is to playfully shove him, but in the process accidentally smeared some mustard onto his face.
Luke goes to lick it off with his tongue, making funny faces as he did which amused Julie even more.
"Here," she takes a napkin and wipes at his cheek, "Now we're even."
The whole group gets to talking over by the couches, while Flynn chats up the other boys, Julie and Luke are sequestered in their own corner, and yes, eventually the topic switches to music.
"Wait, so you know Rose and the Petal Pushers?" Luke chokes out, "Like everyone I talk to hasn't heard of them!"
"Yup. Have their record actually" Julie beams proudly, censoring out the part that its her mom's band and hence she has one of the few records ever released.
Luke is floored by that and continues to poke her brain for music and Julie finds that their spiels go on naturally, that she could probably talk with Luke for hours and hours.
Which ends up happening. Flynn had already made her escape, having texted her to come home safely, the boys had gone too, leaving them in the nearly empty lot.
When the food truck closes down for the night, they end up taking a stroll down the streets of L.A, talking and getting to know each other.
Julie learns so much about Luke, things she's never heard about from the press- like his songwriting practice, that he cries at Finding Nemo, and that he can do a cartwheel only when drunk.
And in return Julie shares with him her crazy college stories, how she misses her mom sometimes, and that she is encyclopedia of commercial jingles (a fact Luke exploits by rapidly quizzing her at random moments)
Somehow they end up near the beach, with Julie pointing out the different stars she could see, but finds that Luke isn't looking at the sky.
"Hey, Julie..." He gets her attention, "I had a really good time tonight."
"Me too"
"So... would it be alright, if I kiss you?"
Julie's mouth parts, speechless. It happened. Holy shit it happened or... is happening. She has Luke exactly where she wants him.
She could only nod and Luke takes it as the sign to lean in, but just as his lips is about to brush against hers, she freaks-
"Wait" she steps back. Luke opens his mouth, "No. No more 'sorry's from you. This one's one me. I'm sorry but... this- this" She sighs, "I have to be honest with you."
Then she tells Luke everything- Nick, The Hall Pass, her plans for tonight- basically admitting to using him.
When she's done, she expects for Luke to get angry, to leave in a huff and never want to see her again.
That's not what happens.
"This Nick guy sounds like a piece of work" he says.
Julie nods slowly, "Yeah... I guess he was. So maybe that's why I did it. But I don't think I could have gone through with it. Like I don't think we're together, me and Nick but-"
"You wouldn't want to do what he did. Because you don't want to hurt people," Luke surmises, understanding, "And by doing that, that means you're a better person than he is."
"I guess"
"No Julie, you're a good person" Luke insists, "Man, I think that makes me like you even more."
Julie laughs, "God, if my high school self could see me now..."
"You were a big fan?"
"I'm not having this conversation right now with you,"
"Okay cuz now you got me curious-"
Julie swats his shoulder but it doesn't deter the guy from snickering.
On a more serious note though-
"I think..." Julie hums, "I think this means that I got some stuff to work through. Before I could start considering... this."
"I understand"
"But thank you... Luke. For tonight"
"It's been real, Julie,"Luke smiles and pulls her in for a half hug, "And you should keep the jacket. Looks better on you anyway."
Julie goes back to Flynn's that night and her bestie's still awake, wanting all the deets. But there's not much to tell. Nothing happened.
She shrugs off the jacket and resigns to the couch, not caring that her makeup is still on. She's about ready to pass out.
Her phone dings.
She pulls it out and sees two notifications.
luke_patterson is now following you
luke_patterson is requesting to message you.
Curious, she accepts the request.
'here if you want to talk, Tin Foil :P'
Julie rolls her eyes and collapses onto the couch, sleeping with a smile on her face.
She doesn't know it now, but the oncoming years would be filled with more messages back and forth, meetups with their friends for more shady street food, building a solid foundation of friendship and eventually, when Luke asks again if he could kiss her, Julie would eagerly prop herself on her toes to close the gap.
Yeah, Julie's high school self would definitely be screaming...
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jatp-rules-my-life · a day ago
Halloween/general fall hcs for JATP characters
-Julie wears sweaters 24/7. She just finds them so comfortable and the weather gives her the excuse. (Bonus- Luke loves Julie with sweater paws and finds them adorable on her even though he'd never admit it)
-Flynn has the BEST candles for the season and they wear the most spooky themed outfits they can find.
-Reggie pre-dying would probably get a sugar high and also try to convince the others to dress up and them to go as a group (One time he succeeded and got them to dress as ghosts. So the name of "The Phantoms" is fitting in two ways for them.)
-Luke loves and hates fall. He probably loves jumping in leaves and the general feeling of the holiday but the cold weather means that he can't wear sleevless shirts as often.
-Alex likes to go on walks and look at the changing colors, it calms him (especially when he gets anxious) he loves the colors that the tress turn in to.
-Willie will jump into leaf piles and would wear a lot of sweaters, too. But at the HGC it's much more classy so he doesn't get to go all out but they still love it. (Alex and Willie once went on a date which was just them walking around and having fun. Willie got Alex to jump in leaf piles with him)
-Nick's favorite part of the season is the activies for Halloween. Specifically the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating. He loves to go with his little sister and dress up with her.
-Carrie likes to bake a lot during these seasons, she'll always have some kind of pumpkin spice food or drink. Her and Flynn have the best movie nights together. (I'm ignoring cannon and going to say they're currently friends and/or girlfriends.)
-Ray plans Halloween movies for the entire month leading up to it. When Carlos and Julie were little he made sure they weren't scary but now that they're a little bit older they watch some scary things.
-Carlos is in love with trick or treating, not so much the dressing up, but the candy.
-Rose made Carlos and Julie's costumes every year. (Julie and Carlos now find Halloween hard sometimes but it gets better as time goes on)
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alexthedrummerboy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s play a game of who wore it best!!
tbh i think i beat luke on this one
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a-tomb-with-a-view · 2 days ago
@/Netflix please give me the Willie-teaching-Alex-to-skate episode, and please give me it in the form of one of those montage thingies where clips slide on like it’s a shitty PowerPoint from 2012, and there’s super upbeat music, and whenever one of them laughs it slow mo pans the other sharing in awe and it keeps highlighting how they look at each other’s mouths
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sunset-bobby · 2 days ago
💫Jatp Sketches💫
ahhh i’m so glad to be back man as you can see i’ve changed some stuff about my art style
Tumblr media
link to ig post
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im-swimming · a day ago
After talking about the thing, The necklace is probably how they recognized Bobby so instantly? Like he NEVER took the thing off, even when they were alive. It was something always constantly on him, it took a moment with the eyes , they look so old
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sanssssastark · a day ago
#19 - forehead kiss! 🥰
19. Forehead kiss
He forgets, sometimes, just how small she is. She's his wrecking ball of talent, as fierce as she is beautiful and when she walks into a room people turn their heads to stop and stare.
She's still that girl when they're alone, but the armor she wears out in the world, the sky high heels or even just her AirForce 1s, giving her a couple of inches, the sheer force of her stage presence doing the rest. And when it's just them and she's wandering around the studio in her socked feet, barely coming up to the top of his shoulder, he remembers, and pulls her into his arms and leaning down as she looks up into his eyes and he brushes his lips against her forehead softly, the only part of her he can easily reach.
How can his entire world be this tiny?
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latinposeidon · 17 hours ago
Ok I love Caleb’s little scoping out of the boys’ desires at the club. He clearly knew there was something going on between Willie and Alex, its why he targeted the magic line at Alex instead of Luke, despite him clearly being the more confident ‘leader’ of the group. He was trying to get a reaction out of Alex to see how useful his bond with Willie would be as a manipulation approach. And just as he likely hoped, Alex got super flustered and Willie bailed him out while clearly knowing what Alex was thinking about. Clearly Alex had strong feelings for them and Willie was similarly into him in return.
And when he does the whole spiel about them disappearing after songs you can see his eyes flickering between all the boys to gauge their reactions. Alex swallows and diverts his gaze a couple times and Reggie looks slightly less confident, but Luke’s entire face falls and he starts doing self-soothing gestures by twisting one of his rings. It struck a chord (pun not intended) with them all to a degree, but Luke was clearly the most impacted.
With Reggie, he puts out a couple feelers with the Paris comment, but it’s Reggie’s own comments that tell him how much he loves his friends. He refers to Bobby as ‘this old buddy of ours’, he’s the one to call out for Alex that they forgot Julie, and he openly tells Caleb about Julie and how good Flynn is at DJing. Most of his lines around Caleb are around his friends.
Even Luke’s habit of touching people was on show at the club. He spends half of TOSOH resting his arm on Reggie’s shoulder, physically picks him up when he gets ignored, then pulls Alex along after him as they leave. He clearly enjoys physical contact and what does Caleb do when he’s trying to appeal to Luke? He straightens his bow tie for him then puts his hands on his shoulders. He was trying to associate the positivity of physical contact with being at the club.
Everything Caleb picks up on in the club comes up again when he’s making the final pitch, it’s so clever and I love it
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missjoolee · a day ago
So @pink-flame has been killing it with the one sentence drabble prompts and this one in particular got my brain whirring in a teensy bit different, crack-lite, way. So with her permission i’m using the original sentence and the first two sentences of her drabble to write it. It’s, of course, longer than a real drabble because i don’t know the meaning of brief, except as underwear. (i’d say that’s my only terrible joke for the day, but i’m kidding nobody😅)
Luke was running, panicked, dream box in hand. When they had figured out that Caleb was possessing that Nick kid, he had hoped that would be the worst of it. He hadn't realized how much worse it could get, that the light behind Julie's eyes could go out as Caleb slid into her mind and took control.
They had been so focused on what Caleb might do to the Phantoms, that him possessing Julie caught them by surprise. But Luke knew something that Caleb didn't. He knew that Julie was kind, compassionate, and a wrecking ball of talent. And on top of all that, she also had zero problem calling people out if they crossed a line, which he was hoping to remind her of in the dumbest way possible. Slowing to a halt in front of the studio, he pulls on the confidence he used to use to sweet-talk his way out of detention when they were alive. Stepping through the door, he holds the dream box up in triumph as three sets of eyes land on him, one unfamiliar from the coldness they directed at him.
"Luke! We thought you went to get something to help Julie!" Alex's eyes have started to bug out.
"Guys, relax. When will we ever get a better opportunity to see the killer lyrics kept locked away in this box?"
“Oohhhh. Julie is going to re-kill you when this is over.” Reggie mumbles.
Luke sets the box down on top of the piano and looks up at Julie's body, which has drifted closer to him. Behind Caleb's cold stare, he sees the beginning of sparks. It takes everything in him to not sigh in relief at the first sign he’s gotten that Julie is still in there. "Is this really what you want to do with the remainder of your freedom, Lucas?"
It doesn't even sound like Julie. The tone crisp and lacking the compassion Luke's used to. "Of course it is! Julie is a killer writer but she refuses to share that with the world!" he hopes he plays up the frustration in his voice convincingly. "She's too insecure. Unwilling to push herself out there and it’s been holding us back.”
Julie’s left hand slowly started to clench during his speech and it doesn’t look like Caleb noticed.
“wha- mph!” Alex slaps his hand over Reggie’s mouth, eyes picking up the clenched fist like Luke had.
“So if you will give me just a second, I’m going to see what I can salvage.” Luke makes a big show of going to open the dream box.
“BOUNDRIES!” Luke can’t help the grin and sigh of relief at the familiar shout. “You guys can’t just going into people’s personal stuff! And Caleb, you can’t just take over random people’s bodies. It’s creepy and weird. Get out, get out, GET OUT!”
Julie’s body stumbles forward but catches itself with the piano, a purple cloud pouring out of her mouth. Caleb appears on the floor, winded and confused. Julie looks up, glaring daggers at Luke.
His smile gets even bigger. “Welcome back, Boss.” Human wrecking ball indeed!
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juliessphantoms · a day ago
Another first sentence for Juke: It wasn’t just any scrunchie, it was her favorite.
And now it was gone, possibly forever. She knew she was being silly, being this upset over a missing scrunchie. But she's worn it at every show since the band started, and it had begun to feel like a good luck charm of sorts and her mom (who had had her own in the form of an actual charm bracelet) had always told her to 'never doubt the power of a good luck charm'. So, yeah, maybe she was taking it a bit more serious than necessary, but she couldn't help it.
Now though, she let out a groan of frustration as she flopped back against the couch in the studio, just about ready to give up. It didn't seem to be anywhere, no matter how hard she looked. She had already searched every inch of her room, the bathroom, the living room, the guest bedroom, and now the studio. She didn't know where else it could be aside from the option she really didn't want to think about.
She heard footsteps approaching and looked to the doors of the studio to see Luke coming in, where he'd been in the house with the boys trying to look in any places she might have missed, and gave him the best attempt at a smile she could muster. "I'm sorry." She began, before he could say anything. "I know this whole thing is stupid and we're going to be late for the show and it doesn't really matter much and - " Luke cut her off by holding up a finger as he dropped down next to her on the couch, an arm going to wrap around her shoulders. "Okay, Jules, first of all, nothing that upsets you is ever stupid. Second of all, it's our show it's not exactly like they can go on without us. And third of all ... " He trailed off, pulling something out of his pocket and holding it out to her. Immediately, her eyes went wide and she took it from him, slipping it onto her wrist. "Oh my gosh! Where did you find it?" She asked, looking at it again as if to confirm it was really there, it had really been found. "Under Carlos' bed, no idea how it got there, but let me tell you, that kid really does not clean under there." His nose wrinkled briefly in disgust, but there was a light smile on his face. A smile of her own slowly came to Julie's face and she turned to face him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. "Thank you Luke, I can't even tell you how much this means to me." He covered one of her hands with his, thumb brushing over her knuckles lightly. "Anytime, boss, anytime."
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Hands Up If You Can See: A JaTP SMAU
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Bonus Parts! (aka we had quotes left over and we wanted to share em!) (aka S H E N A N I G A N S)
by @sunsetphantom and @fairylightsandrainydays
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i know a lot of people take the moment where luke is like “oooo you have a crush, i’m happy for you” as like a lalex moment, but pushing that aside i really just think that alex doesn’t want to talk about his crush on willie because he grew up gay in the 1990’s. as confident as he must be to have been able to come out to his friends and family, i’m sure he still has a lot of internalized homophobia. while he knows luke and reggie love and support him no matter what, this could be his first real crush or his first crush he thinks he actually has a shot with and he’s scared of how luke and reggie might react to that.
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Ray, as they're watching Halloween movies: Alright! Who's ready for Ghostbusters?
Ray: Aw, come on, you guys used to love this one!
The phantoms:
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