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#luke skywalker
gffa · 20 hours ago
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Star Wars Art for FFG | illustrated by Martin de Diego
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skyplokes · a day ago
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there's so many more characters that could fit here so please feel free to complement this chart if you want
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azenshelby · 2 days ago
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This scene is very tragic, but his posture is adorable... Luke's body is so flexible.
my work is not finished yet😩
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mandocule · 2 days ago
Cobb: Din Djarin... how do I begin to explain Din Djarin? Boba: Din Djarin is flawless. Greef: I hear his armor’s insured for a million credits. Fennec: I hear he does spotchka commercials. On Coruscant.  Omera: His favorite holomovie is The Beskar Giant, and he tears up whenever he watches it. Cara: One time he met Luke Skywalker on an imperial cruiser... Bo-Katan: And he asked if he was a Jedi. Mayfeld: One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.
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deniigi · a day ago
for dinluke, nightmares + extra angst of lashing out+ not being able to accept help
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They have a nightmare chart.
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Mara Jade: All right, Skywalker, I don’t like you and you don’t like me.
Luke Skywalker: I like you.
Mara Jade: Um, all right. You like me, but I don’t like you.
Luke Skywalker: Maybe you'd like me if you got to know me!
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starwarslostclone · 2 days ago
Din: Welcome, fellow idiots
Luke : Hello, Din
Din : No, no, not you, you're not an idiot
Luke : You underestimate me
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animymind · 2 days ago
Maybe Obi-Wan wanted to be found after order 66
Tumblr media
I just can't wrap my mind around his supposed "this bitch is never gonna get me" - vibe he seems to have after RotS. Changing just his first name, to a name that was literally his code name he used frequently during The Clone Wars? "Hiding" on Tatooine, Anakins birthplanet and also the place they first met? Not far away from the home of Anakins stepbrother and his wife?
Of course it was in some way safe, he could argument it's too obvious or the fact that Vader can't set a foot on Tatooine with his suit or that he had to watch out for Luke. But the more you think about it, the more you find this is just excuses. Obi-Wan's presence was dangerous for Luke, because if he would be found, Luke would be found. There are thousands and thousands of other planets and places where Obi-Wan would have been safer and where nobody would ever have found him. But maybe that wasn't what he really wanted.
I think Anakin knew. He knew where Obi-Wan was right away, he always did. But he was afraid to face Obi-Wan again, especially in his first years as Vader. Obi-Wan always has been the person that could talk him out of everything. Vader did not wanted to find him. He was afraid Obi-Wan could bring Anakin back. He could not bear facing his older master.
And Obi-Wan somehow hold on on the tiniest bit of hope he had left. Maybe he would find him. Maybe he can save him. Maybe we can fix this. Cause that's what Obi-Wan had done all his life: holding on. Hoping. The more years went by, the more convinced Obi-Wan got that facing Vader would be his sure death. But he didn't care. He didn't left.
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writerbuddha · 2 days ago
PAUL DUNCAN: Obi-Wan knows more than he lets on.
GEORGE LUCAS: He knows that, eventually, Darth Vader is going to come looking for them. He knows this whole thing is going to blow up into a big war. He knows a confrontation is brewing between Luke and his father. Ben hopes Luke will either save his father or kill him, because whatever extra powers Luke's got in his lineage, he is the one person that can probably fight his father and win.
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