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obiwanobi · 11 hours ago
with new pictures of Hayden Christensen floating around I keep seeing people saying 'imagine if Anakin didn't turn bad, the biggest problem for Luke and Leia would be that their dad is a dilf and all their friends swoon over him when he comes to pick them up from school'
and yes of course that's valid because Anakin would absolutely be casually leaning against his modified speeder with sunglasses on dressed in black like a model but please imagine the twins getting horrified by their friends drooling over him and going "dad you're not allowed to show your face at school now, mom will come pick us up" but HAVE YOU SEEN RECENT PICTURES OF NATALIE PORTMAN?
the twins have zero ideas how hot their parents are, they're just their lame parents, they don't realise that their mom has the face of Natalie Portman and the second their friends see her they're like "your father is a dilf and your mother is a former queen and the nicest AND hottest milf in the galaxy?? you guys are so lucky"
Leia is traumatised and almost shaking, saying, "this is the worst. I can't believe our parents are...." She makes a horrible gagging sound. "...Hot."
"I know, I can't believe it either," Luke groans.
"Next time we'll ask Obi-Wan to come pick us up."
"Oh good idea! It's not like anyone would find old uncle Ben hot!"
"Yes, that's impossible," Leia replies, relieved.
"Impossible!" Luke laughs.
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rskacreates · 3 days ago
HE FLIES NOW!!!- Babysitting gone wrong LMAO
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wwapich · a day ago
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happy boy with his dads
(full pic under the cut, i just feel like the pose didn't turn out as good as i thought it would ;-; )
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vanillabean-97 · a day ago
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Romeo save me 👼
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positivityjediprince · 2 days ago
Modern(ish) AU where Din, who is the son of an Important Leader TM, gets assigned Luke as a bodyguard.
When he sees Luke he's like ....really? He's smaller than me how is he supposed to protect me (also I don't need a bodyguard I just want to disappear off grid with my son)
Then, within a few hours there's an incident: they're ambushed by a group of mercenaries!
Din is almost knocked out and the group is trying to grab Grogu.
Luke instantly jumps into action, taking down the entire group single handedly, while using his movements to skillfully move Grogu out of the fight.
Once Luke has devistated the group, he lifts Grogu from the safe place and runs to Din.
The last thing Din sees before passing out, is Luke completely deshevilled and a bit beaten, having taken out a good 20 people, holding Grogu - talking to him oh so gently and reassuringly.
The moment Din wakes up, in a medical room, he jumps out of bed and begins trying to make his way out of the medical wing - stressing out the entire medical staff:
"Mr Djarin! I must insist you go back to bed, we ha-"
"Mr Djarin!"
"Please, Mr Djarin, stop!"
"Sir, we have orders-"
"I don't care."
"Mr Djarin! Where are you going?!"
"To buy an engagement ring!"
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tatooineknights · 2 days ago
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Luke is so wholesome, even when he's in a furious and uncontrollable rage and willing to cut someone’s hand off, he's still smiling. 
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crinzinzey · 16 hours ago
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Skywalker Family be like :
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thewriterowl · 2 days ago
Due to all the amazing pieces of art I have received for the fanfics--I wanted to create a post where all of them can be found together! This list is in the works, I may have missed some as I go through everything. If you know you did something and don’t see it here just let me know! I’m a fool who did not keep this organized so I am combing through my favorites and likes and...it’s a lot. 
Also, once I am sure the list is caught up, I’ll edit this to make it look nicer (not sure how) so don’t be afraid of the...weirdness of how it looks. I just really wanted to start a collection to have all of this in one place!
What the Stars Let in
by @xrusos: here and here and here
by LittleThriftstoreClown: here
by @drooliesblog: here
by @salmon-dance: here
by @acespacedweller: here 
by @babyyodagirl: here
Where Hope is Persevering 
by @vanillabean-97: here
by @drooliesblog: here
by @elloitselmo: here and here (inspiration from, not necessarily for Hope)
by @gabsketch: here and here
How the Blooms Yearn
by @shypt: here
by JingleKo (JingleKo_art): here and here (and instagram with a  song here)
All the Shadows We Bestow
by @i-am-nanas: here and here 
by @lovey-dovey-and-sad: here
Like Flurries on Gold
by @lovey-dovey-and-sad: here
Under a Shimmer of Sunlight
by @lovey-dovey-and-sad: here
by @gabsketch: here
by @sweetdjarin: here
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Luke Skywalker: If you’d like to never see him again, I have ways of getting rid of him.
Leia Organa: What kind of ways?
Luke Skywalker: Asking him politely to not come back. Actually, that’s only one way. I apologize for misleading you about the number of ways.
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materassassino · a day ago
Family day at the beach!
Tumblr media
Din: is that kyber?
Luke: you don't find kyber at the beach, Din!
Din: oh. I got excited for a minute.
Tumblr media
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darthbooks · a day ago
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Han: *Wants both Leia and Luke. Gets both.
Anakin: *Wants both Padme and Obi-Wan. Loses both.
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uqbvs · a day ago
luke’s face seeing din arrive with grogu at his jedi school knowing he sent grogu to tatooine on his x-wing :
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shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn · 2 days ago
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RALPH MCQUARRIE Empire Strikes Back - Concept
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mandoworryan · 17 hours ago
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Star Wars Appreciation Week(s)
Day 11 | Cinematography
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0pin0n-custard · 2 days ago
The Unofficial Star Wars Limb Olympics!
Who has chopped off the most limbs? Let’s find out (books and TV show dismemberments not included.)
Honorable Mentions:
While Mace Windu did not chop off any limbs, he did successfully decapitate one (1) Mandalorian.
Chewbacca never dismembered anyone onscreen, however he is a Wookiee. Wookiees are well known for ripping people’s arms out of their sockets. Lord only knows how many limbs were lost to his hand.
6th Place: Yan Dooku
Nothing too impressive. In Attack of the Clones, the Count was the first to cut off one (1) of Padawan Anakin Skywalker’s arms.
Total: One (1) Limb
5th Place: Yoda
In Revenge of the Sith, Jedi Grand Master Yoda cut off one (1) clone trooper’s arm at the ruins of the Jedi Temple. What gave him the edge over Yan Dooku was that Yoda also decapitated two (2) clone troopers initially after Order 66 was broadcasted.
Total: One (1) Limb
4th Place: Ben Solo
Following in his namesake’s footsteps, he cut a Sith in half. In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren removed two (2) of Emperor Snoke’s legs.
Total: Two (2) Limbs
Bronze Medal: Luke Skywalker
In true Disaster Lineage fashion, Luke Skywalker was very successful at removing limbs. His first time occurred on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, when he cut off one (1) of a Wampa’s arms in self defense.
Obi Wan did teach Luke well, because in Return of the Jedi, he sliced one (1) of Darth Vader’s cybernetic arms off. The fact that these dismemberments occurred on separate occasions is what gave Luke a higher placement than Ben Solo.
Total: Two (2) Limbs
Silver Medal: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
After losing his arm to Yan Dooku [see 6th Place], Anakin must have realized what an effective battle strategy dismemberment was.
In Revenge of the Sith, he returned the favor to Dooku two-fold by cutting off both (2) of the Sith’s hands (followed promptly by beheading him.)
In an effort to save Sheev Palpatine, Anakin chopped one (1) of Mace Windu’s hands off.
Many years later, in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader welcomed Luke Skywalker into the family by cutting off one (1) of his hands.
Total: Four (4) Limbs
Gold Medal: Obi Wan Kenobi
A surprise to no one, Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi has the highest limb count by a landslide.
He started his journey off in The Phantom Menace by foolishly believing that chopping a humanoid in half would kill them. He removed both (2) of Darth Maul’s legs.
Ten years later, following one of Padme Amidala’s many assassination attempts, Obi Wan disarmed the bounty hunter Zam Wessel by cutting off one (1) of her hands.
In the arena on Geonosis, he sliced two (2) of an ackley’s arms off.
In Revenge of the Sith, Obi Wan faced off against General Grevious and a droid army on Utapau. He decapitated one of Grievous’ guards and cut off two (2) of the General’s hands.
In the battle against his former Padawan on Mustafar, Kenobi set a limb record by cutting off both (2) of Anakin’s legs and his remaining (1) flesh arm.
His final dismemberment took place in A New Hope at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Once again, he disarmed someone in the literal sense; he cut off one (1) of Ponda Baba’s arms.
Total: Eleven (11) Fucking Limbs
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thewriterowl · 2 days ago
A lot of people think that Luke Skywalker is a cinnamon bun and is actually really a cinnamon bun, but I want to speculate a bit. I think this is not so, because he actually looks like a cinnamon bun, but if you take the wrong step towards him, or even worse, start threatening his loved ones, he will kill in cold blood without blinking an eye and won’t even remember you in a couple of minutes . Because he went through the war, he did not have time to leave his farm and after a couple of hours he blew up the whole battle station, and I'm sure if some Imperial could get through to him and ask him not to blow up the death star, he would simply answer "you the first ones started, if not now, then you will continue to kill, sorry", he gives an account of his actions, he understands that he is the son of Darth Vader and probably all the same the son is a bit like his father. It's just that his murders are not committed without any meaning and purpose, like his father, no, he is not like Vader, he will never cause even the slightest harm to an innocent person, on the contrary, he will easily give his life if necessary. But if you go against him, then it will turn out to be a fatal mistake for you, because in most cases, Luke will simply not stand on ceremony with you and you will die.
And by the way, Din thinks it's a very sexy bonus, why it's good to be married to Luke Skywalker, because in Mandalorian culture, the main thing is to protect your spouse, but Din can't help but go crazy that his short husband is so cute, just a cupcake with sugar, but when others see him, they see Luke's not-so-cute side and it's so scary that they even try to kill themselves just to avoid falling into his hands (reference to Gideon)
The thing I love about Luke is that he is both. he looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll...who also happens to be able to kill you.
He is a legend. A myth. A nightmare to many, even on his side. He is a literal one-man army and (especially within Legends) seems to be just shy of being an actual god. He is protective, precise, composed, and firm when he needs to be. The man is a killer and one you do not ever want to meet if you are on the wrong side. At least, you can take comfort that he will make it mercifully swift..despite having all the power to make it not so.
It's that big thing about Luke for me. He is naturally a good person, yes, like he is a ball of sunshine and a sweetheart on his own...but he makes so many conscious choices to be a good person. He could do so much damage, ruin so many lives, he could be worse than Palpatine and succeed where he failed...but doesn't. He doesn't want to. And even if he feels the temptation of the Dark side, he chooses to not embrace it and continue to be in the Light.
Do I make him sometimes too squishy? Yeah, it's fanfiction and fun and I will continue to do so. But he is a sweetheart and super kind--it is one massive reason his character failed in the sequels because they lost that essences of who Luke is and the choices he has made all his life. Luke, without a doubt (has done so many times and will continue to do so) will always choose to be kind over any power.
Just so happens, he has both and can kick ass while also being Baby(Tm)
But yeah, his dynamic of being a terrifying warrior to lead Moff Gideon going panicked mode after two seasons of being a calm, calculating ass and ready to off-himself at the mere idea of facing Luke (despite the fact Luke wasn't interested in him at all) shows a lot of what the Empire sees in him.
He is the man who destroyed their own god, after all.
So yeah, that would be hella hot to Mandalorians.
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skyandsnips · a day ago
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reblog or give a heart <3
follow me on twitter: @/djarinsoka
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ebellaart · 15 hours ago
I do post dinluke, was present on the old server for awhile, and have been here for a long time, so I feel I should say something about the current discourse. No, I am not a big creator here in the fandom but I still want to say something. I’ve reblogged a lot of the relevant discourse on my main blog if this seems to be coming out of nowhere from me.
What people are pointing out here is real and an actual issue.
When trying to introduce folks outside of the inner dinluke circle to this pairing I have needed to give detailed warnings about how to avoid the fetishization and racist tropes if they choose to look through the tag on Tumblr or AO3.
Just because a few people have done some math, doesn’t mean that you can hold that as gospel.
As someone who is quite familiar with analyzing data, math isn’t always the tell all truth, especially with phenomena such as this that are extremely hard to quantify. Percentages mean nothing when there are testimonies of members of the affected groups stating that something has harmed them. Hurt and the lasting effects of a trope are not easily quantified, so we should just LISTEN. As someone who was present briefly on the old server I can say that it was hard for me to escape content like what people are mentioning, and it definitely contributed to me not being super active as the server died.
Promote and create better content.
Full disclosure, I have simmered out a lot in creating for dinluke because I’m afraid my stuff won’t get any attention if I don’t put Luke in a dress, make his body thin and dainty, or make Din present a certain way. If you know you know. But it has also put a fire under my ass to create MORE stuff that doesn’t contribute to harmful tropes that are legitimately pushing people away.
Let’s make this ship a place for everyone.
Properly tag
Listen to what people are saying
Be kind
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sonoftatooine · 16 hours ago
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Day 11  >>  Costumes
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