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#luke x mc
inazummi · a day ago
tot boys and how they confess:
Tumblr media
includes: artem, luke, vyn & marius w/gn!reader
notes from ash: can you tell who my bias(es) are by this post?? but mmm first post for this fandom
Tumblr media
Let’s be honest here, Celestine set it all up for him and is the one who nudges him into doing it
Now she didn’t write the whole ass script he has pulled out though and this mf is memorizing it, constantly repeating it to himself under his breath or full out to his wall
There’s also a lot of cheesy things in his prewritten confession too, like “you’re my sun, moon, and stars” typical rom-com stuff he’s taken notes on
There’s no set time to his confession though, but everything has to be absolutely perfect
It specifically has to be a time where no one else is around and it’s just you two, he’s made you dinner while you both stay overtime in the office, he’s invited you into his office to work together on a NXX case or something to that degree of specificity
None of it goes to plan and his usually composed demeanor has collapsed
Mumbles it under his breath and is completely embarrassed as you try to coax it out of him
His whole face is flushed, even the tips of his ears as he fully confesses to you
It’s not what he had in mind, but when you accept and hug him he knows it’s good enough
Tumblr media
Now I love him but I don’t think he would confess before his death :/
He would leave behind some kind of voice note that intimately describes his feelings for you bc he doesn’t think you like him back at all :((
BUT idc about that and he would totally confess on a whim
Like the two of you are laying together and he’s just like “wow I love you so much”
But he says it out loud since as best friends you don’t keep secrets and he’s long learned he doesn’t really have a filter with you
It really only clicks to him when you say it back and he does a double-take and has a ‘wait, really?’ moment
He has to explain that it’s a romantic love for you and not a platonic one like you probably think and just really owns up to it
But when you’re like same he blushes so hard and is just “oh, ok”
Acts really weird doesn’t know what to do, and probably avoids you until you confront him and just kiss him to let him know
Tumblr media
He’s one sly mfer
Kinda drops subtle hints so that you can come to the realization you like him
He already knows you reciprocate his feelings of course, he would just like you to know before he confesses so that it’s not so messy
Once he picks up the signs of your realization like avoiding eye contact, getting flustered at any lingering touches, he makes his move
It’s just a nice afternoon tea with him and he brings it up in a casual and flirtatious manner, which isn’t weird since he’s so flirty anyhow
Watches your gears turn as you process his confession while smirking into his teacup
Tumblr media
Extra af
Also has a plan laid out in advanced
Most likely rents out an entire shop or restaurant so that it’s just you two
As much as he teases and flirts with you it’s very hard for him to confess his true feelings to you
Surprisingly doesn’t use any nicknames and uses your real name so that’s how you know he’s serious and not just joking around with you
Gets very blushy and does that thing where he scratches the back of his neck and doesn’t make eye contact
Immediately goes back to being cocky as soon as you tell him you feel the same “Yeah, I knew you couldn’t help but feel the same”
Tumblr media
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crystillyzed · a month ago
favorite places to kiss || tears of themis
characters: all four leads, gn!reader
genre: fluff, lots of fluff
warning(s): some cursing, but overall soft
a/n: HOHOHOHOGOH FIRST OFFICIAL POST BAYBEEEEE- enjoy this massive brain rot i had at like 1 in the morning, especially artem since i literally could not control myself in his section
links: tot m.l || jjk m.l || om! m.l
Tumblr media
xia yan / luke pearce
he prefers your entire face!
listen….. LISTEN……….
luke absolutely LOVES covering your face all over with his kisses
he already missed 5+ years of being with you, so he tries to make up those lost years with his affection
every chance he gets, in private and in public, he’ll also sneak in a couple or so kisses
even when you two solve a difficult clue or escape room or something, he’d suddenly grab you and start kissing you all over your face 🥺🥺🥺🥺
sobbing over this baby aside
he would DEFINITELY be the type to give you kisses whenever you’re having a bad day like
“stop —“ kiss “beating —“ kiss “yourself —” kiss “up —“ kiss “for —“ kiss “something —“ kiss “you can’t —“ kiss “control!!!!” BARRAGE OF KISSES
but he loves to kiss your face when you fall asleep, his kisses are so gentle and soft when you’re sleeping
and to top it off!!! he always ends it off with a kiss on the lips
you feel so loved whenever he does that, and luke is absolutely DETERMINED to get you to remember that forever!!!!! 😤
you prefer his cheeks!
considering how many times you’d pinch his squishy cheeks and watch him turn into the embodiment of 🥺
it is a GIVEN that you kiss his cheeks after pinching them
99% of the time when you do that, he’ll turn from 🥺 to 😳 then to ☺️. it’s an entire rollercoaster seeing his expression change and yeah, this baby boy is SO!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!
hell, you even kissed his cheeks when you two were younger
when he would hurt himself, you would kiss his booboos away
you still sort of do that to this day when he comes back from an intense case for his agency or the nxx
but you always end it off with a kiss on the cheek
in fact, whenever you needed to focus while hearing luke ramble about how he got jumped, you sometimes give him a cheek kiss out of nowhere to thank him for coming back as safe as possible
he’s very happy that you’re still somewhat the same, he tries his best to enjoy it for the rest of his life
Tumblr media
zuo ran / artem wing
he prefers your forehead!
ah mr. wing….. he’s such a shy boy
from his romance kdrama studies, he learned that the female leads love getting kisses not only on the lips but on their foreheads!
first time he did it was when he drove you home from work
“could you… come here for a moment? yes, closer.”
the poor man was SWEATING
he was a lil hesitant but he’s trying!! luckily you didn’t mind this little display of affection. in fact!! you asked him to do it more often!!!
ask and ye shall receive. honestly, the office and mostly celestine probably already knows about your relationship BUT artem wing has a reputation to keep!
as mentioned, he’s a shy boi. he doesn’t like pda, so most of his kisses are reserved for private moments. especially when you’re alone in his office.
sometimes he gives you a forehead kiss out of nowhere as a way to comfort you and to tell you did a good job on a case!
of course, there’ll be times where he’ll have bursts of confidence mostly from being artem wing, stellis’s youngest defense attorney, where he’ll suddenly kiss you on the lips
but honestly? he prefers your forehead, specifically the spot between your brows. you make cute expressions whenever he kisses there, mostly scrunching your nose and shutting your eyes.
you prefer his lips!
artem’s a pretty strict boss, but behind closed doors??? That’s A Whole Another Story
you like teasing him tbh
the advantages of being his partner is that 1. you can enter his office anytime and 2. you can see him anytime
you take advantage of your role as his partner just to go up to him in private and sneak in a kiss on his soft lips
you know the sprite where he awkwardly fixes his tie??? yeah he does that
when you come to his office to drop off documents and you noticed that he’s been in the same clothes as yesterday (probably worked overtime again)
you head over there with coffee and a kiss of his lips as your way of thanking him for his hard work and that he needs to take a break soon
as mentioned earlier, artem has a reputation to keep as the top attorney in themis firm law
so your kisses are always private, but he admits sometimes that he likes your kisses, both surprises and not
he’s so happy that you’re his partner 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
mo yi / vyn richter
he prefers your hands!
i forgot to save the draft so i had to rewrite vyn’s section TWICE AAAAA-
dr. richter is such a gentleman, down to his entire being
your hands are so warm against his, who could blame him for kissing them?
whenever you two dance around in his study or the garden, he’d always, and i mean ALWAYS grabs your dominant hand and place a sweet and gentle kiss on the back
it’s like a necessity for him, you even told him that he didn’t need to do that every time but nope! you deserve to be treated like royalty so you will get that hand kiss >:)
even when you’re just holding hands whether you’re on a date, walking in the garden, or watching something together, he’d occasionally bring your joined hand up to his lips and kiss
vyn also kisses your entire hand, fingers and palms and all, whenever he feels VERY affectionate that day
he is a menace and he sure as hell knows it
but at least he’s giving you love and attention ☺️☺️
you prefer his forehead!
you’re so glad that he styles his bangs curtain style which give you Full Access To His Forehead
when you visit vyn whether at his manor or at work, you give him a forehead kiss when he’s sitting down
its a way of you telling him good job and giving him a BIG motivation boost to finish his task
sometimes you’d take off his glasses just to kiss the spot between his brows
hgngnng he blushed SO hard when you first did that but he told you to do it again
he doesn’t admit it out loud, but he does love your sudden forehead kisses
it makes him feel safe and protected, and it also reminds him that he has someone worth protecting and living for 🥺🥺🥺
his eyes even sparkles and has hearts whenever you kiss him too!!!! GOD HES SO WHIPPED…………
ayo get urself a man like vyn richter who you can love and cherish and get that same affection back too
Tumblr media
lu jinghe / marius von hagen
he prefers your cheek!
marius von hagen (derogatory) /j
this boy is a MENACE
he absolutely loves catching you off guard with a cheek kiss and you bet that he does that just to get you all flustered like
you could just be talking on the phone with a client or any of the other nxx members and he’d just suddenly come in and quickly kiss you on the cheek
“ehh?~ are you embarrassed?~”
you can already imagine how smug he’d be seeing you all stutter and whatnot with your face completely flushed
also if you were on the phone, whoever’s on the other line would be SO concerned. they’d probably think you got a stroke or something, ngl-
sometimes when he’s not being a threat, he’ll give you a goodnight kiss or take advantage of your sleepy self by kissing your cheek. he may love kissing your lips but there’s something soft about kissing your cheeks…
maybe its bc how soft your cheeks feel against his lips?
hm, whatever it is, at least he never fails to get you all flustered like that!
you prefer his lips!
kinda cheated here buT HEAR ME OUT
sometimes you just want to shut up his annoying bratty ass (affectionate), but what other way to shut him up is better than a kiss?
the first time you’ve done it, he was being flirty as always with you while that stupid ceo suit he had on for a banquet. your relationship is kept under wraps to keep marius and pax safe but if any outsider saw you two? they’d definitely think you’re dating
you had absolutely no brain cells to deal with his brat attitude that night tbh
once you two were finally alone, he starts to tease you again which led into you pulling him closer with his tie and locking your lips together
woah… was his lips always this soft??? you expect a young man like him especially one of high class to maintain his beauty but damn…… what lip balm is he using?????
but man, that face he made was REALLY satisfying
he was stunned silent like cricket noises quiet, his face was completely red too
you bet ur ass you were smug as hell for the rest of the night knowing that you got THE marius von hagen all flustered and whatnot. he was even walking so stiffly like a robot as he went to the refreshments!
from that point onward, you started to quiet him with a surprise kiss
but sometimes…. you think he’s being a brat on purpose just so he can get a free kiss
Tumblr media
© crystillyzed 2021. All rights reserved.
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angelictrl · a month ago
just general fluff/shenanigans with luke please? the fandom's favorite son deserves so much more love <3 thank you in advance! >__<
Tumblr media
summary: general platonic and messy headcanons with luke ! 
warning: tooth-rotting fluff and chaotic shenanigans 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。
author’s note: OH I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE - TURN IT UP !!!! AND YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT HE DOES, ANON !! bless his lil heart :((( <3
Tumblr media
# luke. ``
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BAKING AND TASTE-TESTING TOGETHER !!! he’s so cute, he’ll bounce up and down in excitement while exclaiming how good it looks, but not before getting on his tippy toes to hold a sample of the dessert you two just made/are making while telling you to say ‘ahh.’ he wants you to try it first <3
has a picture of the two of you along with a confused simeon in the background who’s holding up a peace sign in the wrong direction as his lock screen ! he’s more tech-savvy than simeon, too, so he figured out how to make a picture of just you two laughing while you got flour everywhere in the kitchen as his home screen :)
hiding from solomon in the kitchen together. or, better phrased, hiding ingredients from solomon in the kitchen together. he tries to join in your guys’ cooking/baking sessions, but then you two just deadpan at him and radiate “damn bro, you got the whole squad laughing” energy NHSFJA
wizard boy may or may not be intimidated and nervous you’re going to put luke on your shoulders and have the little angel start t-posing him out of the kitchen one day LMAO
MOVING ON ! game nights !! whether it be board games or video games, you guys do it all ! usually levi and/or solomon join in with video games from time to time if you guys are playing a 4 player game, and simeon or barbatos (surprisingly, but luke claims that he’s the one demon he can stand besides beel ;;;) join in on board games !
however, there are times when all of purgatory hall has gotten together to play board games ! simeon kept apologizing vehemently to all the player pieces when you guys played sorry if he had to send someone back home or bump into them when moving places on the board </3
then there’s the menace to society AND humanity that we like to call solomon who made everyone go broke in monopoly ... no one knows how he did it, and he sat there all smug at the end of the game. luke barked accused him of cheating, but solomon never clarified ... we’ll never know if he played fair that day ...
you can’t tell me that luke has never once accidentally called barbatos dad. he probably ascended back to michael that day from the sheer embarrassment and then scattered off to go hide behind you. poor baby <//3
he’s also probably called simeon old man under his breath at some point. he’s too polite to say it directly to his face, but when simeon had trouble opening the lock screen on his d.d.d., luke couldn’t help but view him as a grandpa and facepalm.
oh, and if you think that beel and luke have never interacted again after luke hid in HoL, you’re absolutely wrong. i’m sure the picture sitting in your gallery with the sleeping forms of a certain little cherub and massive teddy bear-supposedly-demon huddled together peacefully on the couch while a movie plays in the background is proof enough.
don’t tell luke that you snapped a picture, though. he’ll swear up and down and left and right and to michael and simeon that he hates the demon’s guts before pleading that you delete the picture ... beel’s chest was just a convenient place to rest his head, duh, mc. 🙄
on a much softer and less chaotic note, sometimes luke gets homesick. the celestial realm is all he knows, and at times like these - despite you being a human - luke goes straight to you/asks for you to come over to purgatory hall for a sleepover.
you’re someone he trusts and looks up to. you’re his role model right beside michael, and you’re always doting on him no matter how much he tries to play it cool ! ... so, he can confide in you, right ?
he loves it when you play with his hair or brush it while he lays his head on your lap. it’s a nice and innocent thing that makes him feel protected and safe from the scary demons and the unknown that lies in the devildom - even if you can’t use magic or anything.
he likes to listen to you tell him stories about the human world while holding him close and giving him the affection he’s slightly starved of. he feels at home with you, and you even make him feel protected. he hopes he can make you feel at home too, if you’re homesick as well.
the little cherub allows you to groom his wings whenever you have sleepovers at purgatory hall ! feeling your hands on his wings does certainly feel a bit ticklish, but it’s practically the equivalent of milk and cookies before bed - it helps him sleep easily.
seeing the soft look on your eyes as you tuck him in afterwards and give him a forehead kiss as to silently wish him goodnight, luke is certain that you really must be an angel. 
there’s no way someone so strong, awesome, and cool - in his own words - could be a “weak human.” no matter how much strength you physically or magically possess, luke will always look up to you, even if he’s in the celestial realm watching you peer up at the sky wondering how he is.
Tumblr media
obey me masterlist.
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vynluvr · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
꩜ warning[s] ; mentions of injuries / blood but nothing too serious !
𖥻 synopsis ; they’ve managed to hurt themselves and they ask for your kind aid (。 ́︿ ̀。)
ᜊ characters ; luke (♐︎) , marius (♊︎) , artem (♉︎) , vyn (♎︎)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— “ mc !! „ luke yells out from the kitchen with a sort of frantic tone.
you rushed out to see that he was leaning over the counter whilst pressing a cloth into the palm of his right hand , his face was all scrunched up as he pouted with slightly tearful eyes.
obviously he was over-exaggerating his pain for your precious sympathy but when a intuitive detective asks for your help with something so easy , who are you to stay blithe ?
taking the now bloodied cloth off of him , there was a large diagonal cut on his palm that seemed deep but nothing that a simple alcohol-free wipe couldn’t fix.
you rinsed his hand under the running tap water , his head fell gently on your shoulder you chuckled as his fluffy hair tickled your neck. “ do you want my attention that bad detective pearce ? „ he let out a muffled laugh before picking his head up and pecking your cheek.
“ if i say yes will i get some proper kisses ? „ he asked with a gleeful smile as his eyes shimmered against the glowing sun.
Tumblr media
— marius storms into your shared bedroom with a dramatic sigh in order to get your attention from the pile of files that were spread across your bed in a less than organised manner.
“ my perfect partner ! look at the cut that has wounded your wonderful boyfriends precious skin ! „ he feigns a gasp when you deliberately stare up at him and then resume your work with a very stale expression framing your face.
“ cmon darling , won’t you help out your lover ? „
“ don’t you have like ,,, personal doctors , they can help you. „
he continued whining about wanting you to clean his wound for any bizarre reason he could bring out of his head. his talent for making excuses on the stop was extremely prodigal. eventually you gave up on work , deciding to indulge his childish behaviour for a moment.
“ where’s the wound then ? „
his mouth curls into a wide grin as he points to his lips , attempting to look innocent about it. you roll your eyes but with all that work he did simply get a kiss out of you a kiss is well deserved.
“ fine then. „ cupping his face with one hand you placed a chaste kiss on his lips and he smiled into it whilst grabbing your waist to pull you in closer.
“ mm see i knew you just wanted to kiss me , i wasn’t kidding i just had a bruise o-„
you shut him up once again by placing your lips on his.
Tumblr media
— “ mc , it appears i have injured myself , would you mind grabbing a towel for me ? „
he stood in the middle of the living room rather aimlessly whilst putting pressure on his scarred hand. he managed to drop a glass and whilst picking up the broken shards he disregarded his own health and safety.
artem sort of looked like a lost child in a supermarket as his gaze lingered on anywhere but you possibly because he feels rather guilty that he broke a glass and that he did something quite out of character.
“ that was quite careless of you mr wing , what’s on your mind hmm ? „ taking his hand and placing gentle kisses on his knuckles made his body tense up and the pink blush dusting his face only grew in hue as you proceeded to clean him up.
his only response to your question was a faked cough with an averted gaze. the whole time you were cleaning his wound you could feel the heat radiating off his body he definitely wasn’t used to this sort of proximity even if you guys were lovers.
" t-thank you , love „ he gave you a small kiss on your forehead.
Tumblr media
𖤐 VYN ⌗ MÒ YÌ 𖤐
— vyn was attending to the flowers in his garden when a rose bush decided to scratch the side of his arm with its thorns.
he walked into the kitchen to search for some disinfectant wipes as you were eating some xiaolongbao dumplings very hastily to make sure you finished your work on time.
“ vyn ? is something wrong ? „ you peeked your head up from the case file.
“ nothing’s wrong love , it’s just a simple cut i got from the thorns. „
“ oh , need me to help ? „
“ if you wish. „ he smiled back at you politely before letting you gently examine his injury.
it wasn’t anything major however it did gush out quite a bit before you applied a dry handkerchief. vyn placed his arm higher up as to reduce the blood flow. he was quite a knowledgeable man in numerous subjects so you weren’t quite sure why he was letting you fix him up.
to be completely honest , his heart felt warm when he saw that you cared so deeply about him so even if something where to go wrong he would appreciated your efforts.
once you took the cloth off , you placed his arm under the sink trying your best to avoid any contact with the wound itself. when you were patting his arm with a clean towel , vyn couldn’t help but let his eyes wander lovingly at you , touched by your intentions.
“ do you need anything else ? a plaster ? bandages ? perhaps painkillers ? „ you started listing on and on until vyn broke your sentence with a single sweet kiss.
“ i’m fine my dear , really but thank you „
Tumblr media
,, notes ; in traditional otome fashion , replace ‘ MC ’ with your name <3
©vynluvr please do not copy , steal , or repost <3
꒰ 莫弈 ꒰ 左然 ꒰ 陆景和 ꒰ 夏彦 ꒱
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sitting-under-starss · 8 months ago
Hi! I was wondering if you could do the undatables/side characters with a child mc for obey me?
Undateables with a Child MC
Yes!!! I had some much fun writing this for the bros! Thanks for the request!
Omg. This man is so childish and since Luke is so extremely scared of demons, well, he now has another reason to get out of work.
Much to Barbatos's dismay.
He will take you everywhere.
No joke.
You want to go to a park? He'll push you on the swing. Wanna eat? You, him and Barbatos are either going out or baking together.
He loves it when you babble and just go on nonsensical rambles, stumbling over your words with a frustrated pout.
He's honestly one of the few people patient enough listen and help.
You asked to help with his paperwork one day and he just straight up melted.
He would help you read through the documents until you fall asleep on his lap.
He's so stressed out when you show up.
Like seriously.
There was supposed to be a human adult. He swears he didn't fuck up the paperwork.
Though looking to see Diavolo's pleased look, he sighs.
Of course it was intentional.
If you want to help him bake, his eyes are constantly on you.
You're not an angel or a demon. You're delicate.
Sitting on his shoulders while he cooks? Hell yes.
Is immediately setting up playdates between you and Luke.
Is so protective over you it's scary. Like, any of the demons look at you wrong, they're getting his rath. Or well, what little rath he has.
He will sing you to sleep. He has the softest, most calming voice.
Loves giving you sweet.
Overall, just amazing.
You're his best friend now.
He drags you around everywhere. Will help you read, lets you sample what he's baked, everything.
Shields you from all the demons, no matter what you say.
I mean, he honestly doesn't care.
Doesn't talk with you much, but considering you're a child in devildom, he's keeping an close eye on you.
He's around every fucking corner and will defend you with his life.
Not that you know.
Will deny it until he dies.
He "doesn't like children". Maybe you're an exception.
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diavolosthots · 9 months ago
Morning or Night or Afternoon, damn my words.. Anyways, headcanon about Luke reacting to MC having a hickey because they were having "fun" last night with the brothers? Love your work btw ❤
I honestly 😂 had way too much fun imagining luke pissed off
LUKE reacting to MC having hickey(s) from the brothers
Poor baby is more than appalled
He knows exactly what that is and don’t you dare point your finger back at him, asking HOW he knows, because he knows and that’s all that matters 
Looks super disappointed and hurt because it’s a filthy demon, MC. 
Could you at least have picked Simeon? Or Solomon? 
He’ll definitely try to guilt-trip you with a puppy face and there’s about a 85% chance it’ll work 
Definitely asks which one of the brothers it was
Depending on the answer, he might ask you if they forced you to do it. *cough* Lucifer *cough* Asmodeus *cough* Satan *cough*
If you say yes, then homeboy is out for blood. He might be tiny and just a little fledgling compared to some other angels but he’s FEISTY and your protector
If your answer is no, then he’ll probably be even more disappointed because that meant you wanted it 
Don’t get him wrong, he wants you to be happy. He’s just super upset that you chose a demon to bring you happiness
Probably takes it as a sign of betrayal, too, and be petty about it AKA he will most likely give you the cold shoulder
You must approach this softly, gently, and tell him that it’s your life and your decision(s) in the nicest way possible 
Please don’t yell at him, he’s just trying to protect you from the bad demons
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giaourtopita · 6 months ago
Yo! Could i request Simeon, Luke(platonically) and Solomon with a chaotic MC who gets clingy and very quiet when tired? Like, they'd be leaving rad to go to purgatory hall and MC is exhausted and they cling onto the nearest person at arm lenght not letting go like their life depends on it and end up napping on the couch.🥺
sleepy chaotic mc with purgatory hall boys
tysm for requesting!! i didn't do it exactly as you requested but hopefully you'll like this!!
warnings; gn mc, fluff.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- lowkey wanted this to happen.
- he loves mc so much but sometimes they're too rowdy for him to keep up.
- finally they're quiet he thought to himself but he definitely didn't expect them grabbing him in their sleep.
- picked them up and brought them to the purgatory hall, he put them on his bed so they could sleep comfortably and let lucifer know that they were with him and that they were safe.
- while mc was sleeping simeon cuddled them and he petted their hair until he also fell asleep.
- soon enough levi came at the purgatory hall and used mc as an excuse to talk to simeon about tsl. he ended up going home with mc and some new ideas simeon had about the newest season of tsl.
Tumblr media
- they were practising potions together in his room, he didn't pay attention to them for a split second and they tried one of the potions out of curiosity.
- it was a sleeping potion and he knew how to reverse it but decided not to because he could practice in peace without them stirring trouble for the two.
- they grabbed one of his arms and held onto it until he put them on his bed and covered them with a blanket and carried on with his spells.
- occasionally watched them when they were asleep to see if they were sleeping in a weird position or making a weird face so he could take a picture and blackmail them in case he wanted them to do something.
- calls asmo to let him know they are with him so none of the brothers get worried about them.
- he waits for them to wake up and takes them to the house of lamentation so they can be more comfortable there.
Tumblr media
- oh no, why is this human gremlin falling asleep on my shoulder?? and why are they grabbing me??
- lowkey starts panicking.
- takes them with him to the purgatory hall because he doesn't trust their mean demon roommates.
- simeon will take care of it if lucifer starts looking for them.
- puts them on the couch and covers them with a blanket.
- while waiting for them to wake up he makes some sweets for them as a snack to wake up to.
- he does feel kinda proud that the human trusts him enough to take care of them.
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therobinswritings · 7 months ago
could you do how mc gets a bloody nose like in anime I don't know what the exact term is called?
🩸ᴍᴄ ɢᴇᴛs ᴀ ɴᴏsᴇʙʟᴇᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ sᴏ ᴅᴀᴍɴ ғɪɴᴇ🩸 (All)
TW: small mentions of blood 
Sorry if this is kinda low quality I do be a bit ill.
In other news I really like Simeon's one dguhjsdghdu
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Lucifer: + You were bringing in a stack of files for him on an errand + "MC could you please leave the door open? It's quite hot in here. . ." + Putting down the stack you nodded but not before seeing the demon unbutton the top of his shirt + You covered your mouth and cleared your throat with a blush, moving to put a wedge in the door before turning to ask, "is there anything else you needed-" + Lucifer continued to write with one hand while biting his glove off of the other + Before he could do the same with his other glove he raised a brow to you + "Did you get injured on your way here? Tch, please be more careful, you're my responsibility you know-" + Feeling a warm, sticky substance pour from your nose, you widened your eyes and used the palm of your hand to stop the bleeding + "AHAHAHA SHUT UP DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!" You quickly sputtered out before running to get some tissues and more importantly: to get away from the embarrassment +"Humans bleed so easily. . ."
Mammon: + You were having a peaceful time in your room when BOOM THE GREAT MAMMON'S HERE NOW AIN'T CHA' GLAD? + He didn't come for anything in particular, instead just laying besides you in bed and scrolling through his D.D.D, occasionally showing you a funny post + One post in particular must have been damn funny because he started roaring with laughter, slamming his hand on the mattress and wheezing + You could even swear that his face was turning red from lack of oxygen + "M-MC pft, ya'. . . whoo HAHAHA, ya' gotta see this-" + He was practically rolling around with laughter so you took it upon yourself to take the D.D.D out of his hands and see the post for yourself + In his laughing fit, Mammon accidentally tripped you, causing you to fall on top of him + You both freeze and you quickly averted your gaze from his eyes, only to look down and see his shirt was hiked up and exposing the lower half of his torso + Before you could give into the urge to poke his tummy you heard him practically screech, "MC! Yer' bleedin' oh no, oh no, oh no, did my impressive strength accidentally hurt ya'?!" + You blinked at him slightly before seeing a splatter of red drip from your face onto his shirt + You sat there, a blushing and dazed mess as Mammon ran around the room in panic looking for tissues
Leviathan: + You were sitting besides Levi, watching him go through a raid + Worried for his health, you occasionally brought up some water to his lips for him to drink + "OMG LOL YOU TOTALLY GOT JUKED!" He shouted out, jumping in his seat just as you brought the cup to his lips + Naturally the cup gets knocked out of your hands and water spills all over his shirt, making it somewhat see through + "A-ah! MC are you okay-" Levi rose up in his worried state and accidentally slipped on the fallen cup + The avatar of envy was now sitting on the floor, his shirt wet as he looked up to you in embarrassment, muttering an 'ow' + You felt your cheeks burn up and the taste of iron lingered in your throat as you tapped on the blood leaving your nose + "Oh no, so not poggers did I hit you? I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry-" + Shaking your head with a chuckle, you searched for some tissues in Levi's room, "no, although I suppose you did cause it in a way." + "H-HUH?!"
Satan: + You and Satan were hanging out in a small nook of the library, reading together as you often did + Reading a romance novel he had recommended to you, you found a line that makes your heart leap with excitement + Looking up to share the line with your reading buddy, you watch him lick his thumb and index finger to turn his page + Your mouth slightly agape, Satan felt your eyes on him and looked up to you + "Is there something on my face?" + You went to point at his hand but simply shook your head as you showed him the line in the book + "Hm, shall we recreate this scene MC?" He asks in a hushed tone as to not disturb the other readers, bringing your hand to his chest just as the characters had done + Feeling a rise of butterflies in your throat you couldn't say anything + "Oh my, MC why are you bleeding?" He suddenly asked in concern, taking out a packet of tissues and slipping one under your nose + You were still frozen for a second before you angrily flicked his chest. "Don't ever catch me off guard like that again," you huffed + He chuckled "Oh but your reactions are oh so endearing."
Asmodeus: + You were lounging on Asmo's bed, waiting for him to show off the twelfth and final outfit he bought during his shopping spree + "Ta-da!~" He cheerily hopped out and did a little twirl + He was wearing a pink see-through nightdress that reached just below his hips alongside white, sparkly garters + Still not used to Asmodeus' more sensual tastes (although they're pretty prominent) you choked slightly, covering your face + "Aawh, c'mon MC. You wanna see me all dressed up don't you?" He practically purred as you felt his weight shift the bed + Removing your hands from your face, Asmo was much closer than you expected, tendrils of champagne coloured hair tickling your face as you couldn't help but look at his pierced chest beneath the thin fabric + "Ai ai ai! MC why are you bleeding?!" He almost shrieked in surprise before getting a cotton pad from his make-up desk, patting the blood. "Ack, so icky," he complained, cleaning you up anyways. + "You really have a strong affect on people don't you?" You muttered + "What was that?" + "Hm, nothing."
Beezlebub: + You had to lightly smack Beel's hand from the pot again. "The soups almost done okay, just wait for a bit longer." + Somehow managing to solider past his pouting, you finished up the soup and poured him a bowl, handing him a spoon. "Tell me how it tastes!" + He put his hands together and nodded seriously. "Thank you for the food." + After using the spoon to take a small sip, his eyes sparkled + Ignoring the utensil, he proceeded to scarf down the soup like it was a drink, pouring it into his mouth directly from the bowl + "Ish sho delishush!" He made an attempt to speak while eating but it only resulted in the soup splashing onto his shirt + Looking down at his stained clothes with a grunt, he quickly pulled the shirt over his head + You had to take a second to breathe because holy shit is this man BUILT + While Beel was seemingly unfazed, you clasped your hands together and closed your eyes, thanking whatever forces landed this opportunity into your hands + "MC?" The demon had a sad tone to his voice. "You're bleeding, is that normal?" + You quickly fluttered your eyes open before feeling the blood from your nose slip into your mouth. "Oh shi-" + You were taken off guard when Beel used his shirt to pat the blood away. "Why do you get hurt so easily?" He asked like a whimpering puppy.
Belphegor: + You were making your way into the attic to return a pillow the avatar of sloth left in your room when you saw him sound asleep + It wasn't surprising really, and you tried your best to silently tip-toe around his bed and lay the pillow beside him + He stirred slightly and clinged onto the pillow like, well, a sloth + But you had to admit it was adorable + As his eyes drowsily opened, he put out a hand to you. "Need, mn, you. . .c'mere," he ordered sleepily + The cuteness overwhelmed you as you gently held his hand + He pulled you down suddenly, causing you to lay on top of him + You were about to sit up before he brought his hand to your back, gently caressing it. "So soft. . .ah. . .you're bleeding. . ." + You suddenly shot up, holding the warm substance against your nose + Belphie's sleepy tone turned slightly dark as he asked, "who said you could get up?" + Bringing you back down, he continued to stroke and lightly squeeze at the flesh on your back + "But Belphie I'm bleeding all over your-" You began to protest but Belphegor brought your head down to press your lips against his shoulder + "So loud. . ."
Diavolo: + You never knew Diavolo wore reading glasses but boy did he look hot with them + Both of you were carrying your own stack of human world books back to your room since he had practically forced you to show them to him + Unfortunately, your centre of gravity was being teetered by the pile- it was even obstructing your vision + "Ah MC, the stairs are here be careful-" + Too late, you had already taken the misstep and were about to tumble down + Thankfully, only the books seemed to make the fall as Dia dropped his own stack to catch you by the waist + "How thrilling! Do humans always make adrenaline pumping mistakes like these?" He asks innocently + You twisted in his hold before seeing that he was way too close for comfort, his glasses slightly lopsided on his face as he grinned at you + Only now did you realise how strong and secure his arms were around you + You felt stupid, your eyes widening of their own accord, knowing your face was flushing a deep red against your own will + "Oh dear oh no, I'm so sorry I forgot how fragile you humans are- did one of the books hit you?" Dia calmly questioned although his brows were furrowed + Caught off guard once more by the feeling of blood pouring down your chin, you stumbled back again + He tightens his grip on you with a smile. "Ahaha, MC please stop falling."
Barbatos: + "I don't think I've ever seen you out of uniform, Barbatos. . ." + He looked up to you and tilted his head "Hm? Is it not to your liking?" + You quickly shook your head and hummed a no, stating you liked it a lot + "Well then I'm glad." He gave a gentle smile before tapping his chin. "Although I must ask, what kind of style is it that humans like?" + You were surprised he had such a two dimensional assumption of human tastes but his pretty smile quickly made space in your mind instead. "Well each human has their own tastes, so I couldn't really specify." + Barbatos seemed to be deep in thought for a second before moving closer to you, holding your wrist. "Then. . .perhaps you could show me what style you enjoy? I'd like to be dressed by you if it would make you happy." Barbatos brought your hand to the top of his shirt, helping you open the first button + You quickly heated up and started word vomiting. "Ahsjsjcdjhdkskdvj AH- we- uh- you- then- clothes- ah- yes- but- you-" + The butler emitted a small laugh. "Sorry MC, did I make you nervous?" He whispered, a sly tone seeping into his speech in contrast to his usually leveled one. + Before you could respond, you felt an all too familiar red liquid spill from your nose. "Clearly. . ." You muttered in a flustered response, moving to hold your nose + Barbatos held your hand back and plucked a napkin from his pocket- he seemed a bit too prepared for the situation + "Forgive me MC, haha. Blame me for this mishap and give me any punishment you see fit."
Solomon: + "Solomon how many heart attacks do you plan to give me over the course of this exchange program exactly?" You ask in annoyance after he once again crept up on you out of nowhere + He shrugged. "However many it takes to Pavlov you I suppose." + "Wh- Pavlov me how exactly?" You sigh, flipping the pages in your textbook + He gave a devious grin. "Well if I make your heart beat fast whenever you see me, maybe you'll end up falling in love with me." + You held back a grunt and tried your best not to look flustered. "Be quiet, Sol." + Finally finding the page you wanted, you start tracing the lines you're reading with your finger + You feel Sol's torso lean into your back as he holds your hands with his own + "I suppose I'll have to try harder then." He spoke into your ear, tickling it slightly as you rubbed the sensation away with your shoulder. + Then a drop of blood fell onto your textbook and Solomon started wheezing with laughter + "PFT AHAHA, DID IT SERIOUSLY EFFECT YOU THAT MUCH? YOU'RE WAY MORE SENSITIVE THAN YOU LET ON!" + You continuously repeat a series of 'SHUT UP's at him, twisting a tissue and placing it in your nose
Simeon: + You and the angel had stopped by a park bench, taking a break from your stroll as you wholesomely held each other's hand + "And that's when I realised I should alter the plot point- MC are you listening?" + Your eyes quickly snapped up to Simeon as he lightly shook your hand, trying to get your attention. They had originally been staring at the sides cut out of his shirt, showing off his bare skin + "Huh, yeah- what sorry?" + Simeon's smile grew somewhat cheeky. "You can touch it if you like, MC" + Swiftly folding your arms, you averted your gaze to the clouds with a pout. "I have no clue what you're talking about," you lie + "Ah of course you don't." He giggled, taking your hand and bringing it to his bare waist. "Shall I remind you?" Simeon asked innocently. + You blink rapidly as you press your lips together in anticipation. You could only simply hum in affirmation + "Awh, I'd feel much better if you could say yes with your words. After all, I don't want to misconstrue your sounds." + You let out a deep sigh. "YeS YoU shOuLD!" You announce in a wavering voice. + The angel giggles once more, guiding your fingers to gently stroke his v-line as he uses his other hand to brush some hair out of your face + You watch him moving your fingers to trace the hem of his trousers when you quickly pull back your  hand "aAaAAaa, OKAY, enough now. Too much, too much." + Shaking your head in embarrassment and patting your cheeks, you feel a tissue pat at your nose + "I seem to have given you a nosebleed, should I be proud?"
Bonus: Luke seeing you with a nosebleed after one of the previous encounters + He quickly runs up to you, pulling you down to kneel at his height + "Did one of those evil demons do this to you! I'll give them a piece of my mind just you wait! I told you not to hang around them too much-" + He rambles on in anger, pulling up his sleeve to wipe away the blood as you sit there, still dazed and flustered from your encounter + "Those damn demons! The poor human can't even talk!" + Ah sweet innocent child o' mine
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pillowbelphs · 9 months ago
Can I request fluffy hcs of fem!MC being a sweet big sister figure to Luke? He could be in the middle of usual rants on demons being scum but the minute she steps in, he hurries to her and latches onto her or her presence calms him down. When they bake together she gives him genuine praise and headpats. And ooh!!! imagine the way the brothers would react to seeing him just come in and cuddle her as he sits on her lap. She’s just vibing but she holds him closely and kisses his cheek. He’s just so cute and deserves the love! 🥺
This is honestly so cute! I plan to write a scenario similar to this, but your ask inspired me to do some head cannons first !! I hope you enjoy!! 
xoxo moon
Tumblr media
Luke being attached to fem!MC
- ever since you saved him from Lucifer, he’s been attached to you at the hip!
- everyday before class, he finds you and gives you a sweet he had baked the night before (as well as one for Beel, as he’d always eat the ones he made for you before you did)
- He loathed going to the house of lamentation, so he would often invite you to purgatory hall for movie nights! 
- he’s a big baby, so he would often fall asleep on your shoulder or cuddle into your side during movies--you were just so warm, inside and out, and it made him feel safe in the Devildom
- Simeon would often wonder where his little shadow was when he lost track of him, and each time he’d find him with you, talking in the hallways about how life is up in the celestial realm, and how you should come there for a long time so you could meet Michael!
- often tries to impress you, because he’s desperate for your approval
- loves loves LOVES being pat on the head by you; when other people do it, it feels so demeaning, but he knows you do it because you love him, so he can’t help but smile and hum in satisfaction when you do!
- often steals you away from the demons, much to mammon’s dismay; and mammon gets suuuuper jealous when he sees you walking along with Luke instead of him!
- the couple of times Luke had come to the house of Lamentation, you and him were in the kitchen baking, and he would always be hugging you while he explained how to make what he was showing you
- cue mammon going “hey Fido, get away from (y/n)!” every. five. minutes.
- you take him out shopping and to go out to eat often
- he even promises that he will visit you in the human world, he doesn’t want you to forget him <3
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sukunasqueen25 · 3 days ago
Damn..Luke bae..please extend your life subscription im starting to love you :-:
First card ( among the great blue )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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berettajane · 3 months ago
One Day
Pairing: Luke x Reader
Word Count: 258
Summary: Luke's ready for the next step.
A/N: I do not own the picture used! This work was left specifically gender-neutral, hence the multiple categories.
Tumblr media
The boys walked into the dressing room, showered and in fresh clothing as they excitedly bantered after another great show in Vienna. They settled into different couches, curling up with their partners and talking about the show.
I feel arms snake around my waist, pulling me into a hug as I make a sandwich on the counter in front of the mirror. I look up, locking onto Luke's ashen blue eyes in the reflection. We both smile and he kisses my cheek before settling his head onto my shoulder.
"That was a great show, Babe. Best one yet," I say, continuing to make my sandwich.
"You say that every night," Luke says, running his hands from my shoulders down to my hands, leaving his on top of mine. I hum in contentment, leaning my head back into his shoulder and smiling as we stare into each other's eyes in the mirror. I feel the pad of his thumb softly rub the ring finger on my left hand.
"You know, one of these days, I'll put a ring on that finger and we'll have it all," he says, softly into my ear. My heart races and I feel electricity shoot down my spine. " I promise you that, one day, I'll give you the world," he says, laying a chaste kiss on my neck.
I turn in his arms, cupping his face and kissing him deeply. His arms wrap tightly around me, pulling us impossibly closer. After a moment, we pull away, breathless, leaning our foreheads together.
"You already have."
AO3: BerettaJane
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spacesquidlings · a month ago
To Wander For A While
Tumblr media
Days off together are rare, and often result in lazy afternoons wrapped in each other's arms. Today was no different, as Rowan and Luke wandered through the city, hand-in-hand
Pairing: Luke Pearce x OC (Rowan)
Warnings: None
Notes: My very first Themis fic!!!! Luke is such a sweetie and I want to pinch his cheeks all day long <3
Luke’s head was on her chest, his breathing soft against her arm as she ran her fingers through his hair. The apartment window was cracked open, letting in the cool autumn breeze. It ruffled the curtains, singing across the glasses they’d left on the coffee table next to the couch.
Luke sighed, nestling closer, and Rowan felt her heart squeeze, warmth spilling through her. It was a rare shared day off, and she couldn’t be happier to spend it cuddling with him.
She felt herself growing drowsy, her eyes heavy as she twisted her fingers through Luke’s hair.
He was so good, so wonderful and sweet. And he was so, so warm and comfy. He was better than an electric blanket and a weighted blanket combined. She felt all her worries washing away, anxieties melting into nothing, thoughts wisping away in the wind. All she felt was calm, and warm, and safe.
If cuddling with Luke was this nice, then she never wanted to move. She’d happily keep him in her arms forever and ever, running her fingers through his hair, smiling when she felt his lips brush against her arm in whispers of kisses.
She dozed off, Luke humming as her movement slowed, as if he sensed her sleepiness and wanted to help lull her into tranquility.
She remembered little of the dream other than that she was warm and happy. She thought she heard Luke’s voice, gently murmuring words she couldn’t quite make out. She could smell old books, the ones that he’d used to carry around in his bag. The ones he would press into her hands and tell her to read so she could know the stories too. Distantly, she felt his hair beneath her hands, felt it slip between her fingers as he shifted. A warm weight wrapping around her, the soft down of his hair replaced by something sturdy and warm.
She awoke to her cheek squished against his chest, one hand twined with hers, the other firmly around her waist. Her eyes were heavy, and she squirmed slightly as she moved, earning a chuckle from Luke.
“Hey, sleepyhead,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to her brow.
She moaned, squishing her eyes shut and nestling closer.
“I know, I know,” he breathed, rubbing her back gently. “But I won’t move. You can go back to sleep if you want.”
She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close. She just wanted to lie here with him, wanted to feel his warmth wrapping around her while she remained drowsy.
But soon enough she felt her senses sharpen, the sleepiness falling away from her like a blanket slipping to the floor.
She found herself staring at Luke’s chest, listening to his breathing as he played with the decorative ribbons on the back of her dress.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, poking her side.
She stifled a laugh, poking him back, grinning wider as he laughed, squirming as she attacked him.
“H-hey!” He gasped, twisting as he tried to escape her tickle attack. “Hey!”
“That’s for poking me!” She sang, reaching up to tickle his sides and his neck, in all the tickle spots she knew best.
“I’m sorry!” He wheezed. “I’m sorry! Have mercy!”
She paused for a moment, which she quickly learned was a massive mistake, as Luke grabbed her, returning her attack with one of his own. She gasped with laughter as his hands found her most ticklish spots, and she snorted as he rolled her onto her back, straddling her as she gasped for breath.
“Luke! Luke, stop!”
He laughed, his cheeks flushed. “This is revenge!”
“You were-” She gasped, laughter bubbling from her throat unbidden. “You started it!”
He snorted. “I did not!”
“You poked me!”
“I was trying to get your attention!”
Their laughter danced across the room, twining with the autumn breeze streaming through the open window. It was like a song, Rowan’s giggles a melody to Luke’s harmony as they struggled against each other for a while longer.
It wasn’t until they were both breathless that they finally stopped, Luke collapsing on top of her, still chuckling as her arms twisted around his waist.
“Has your thirst for vengeance been sated?” She teased, wiggling backwards so she could sit up, peering into his eyes.
His face was flushed, his eyes starry and bright as he peeked up at her.
She snorted, ignoring how her own cheeks began to burn, like she was seconds away from catching fire.
He was so adorable, and her heart felt tight as he gazed at her, as she gazed back. And he was so warm, and the colour in his cheeks sent warmth scattering through her.
She wanted to lean forward and cover his face in kisses, she wanted to pinch his cheeks until he laughed. She wanted to hold him while he looked at her like this, like she was a star, like she was everything he would ever need.
Luke cocked his head to the side, the tips of his hair brushing against her arm. “What are you thinking about?”
She hummed, brushing his messy hair back from his brow. “Didn’t you just ask me that a few minutes ago?”
“I did, but then you tickled me without giving me an answer.”
She sighed, pinching his cheek just the tiniest bit. “I was just thinking of how cute you are.”
His eyes widened, his flushed cheeks somehow growing redder, a bright crimson that could rival a sunset sky. He blinked, seeming at a loss for words, and she took the opportunity to lean forward, peppering kisses all across his face. 
He chuckled, his hands moving to cup her face as she kissed him. “What’s this for?”
“For being so cute,” she murmured against his cheek, before trailing kisses up his jaw.
“Well you’ll have to let me return the favour then.”
She giggled, pulling away to peer into his eyes. “Maybe a little later.”
His brows arched. “Oh? What are you thinking of doing right now?”
She shrugged, falling back against the pillows behind her. She tipped her head back, closing her eyes as the breeze washed over her flushed cheeks.
“What if he went for a walk?” She asked, her fingers burying in his hair as he nestled against her once more.
“To where?” He asked, his voice perking up.
“To nowhere. Just a walk to wander for a while.”
She felt his lips against her neck, her jaw. “I would like that a lot.”
She cracked an eye open to peek down at him. “Will you hold my hand?”
He scoffed. “As if there’s anything I’d rather be doing.”
Grinning, Rowan patted Luke’s shoulder gently. “Okay, get up. We can’t go out if you’re lying on top of me.”
Luke sighed as if she’d asked him the most unreasonable thing in the world, but still rolled off of her, standing and offering her a hand.
Rowan took it, letting him pull her to her feet and drag her towards the door.
She laughed, squeezing his hand. “You’re awfully excited.”
“Well I love spending time with you,” he said, turning as his cheeks grew warm again.
“Even just a little walk?”
He bobbed his head, grabbing his jacket as she laced up her shoes. “Every moment with you is precious.”
She felt herself blushing, smiling as he offered her his hand again.
“You’re such a dork, Luke.”
He tipped his head to the side. “Only for you, my Watson.”
Rowan rolled her eyes, letting him pull her from the apartment and down the hall, all the way out into the sunny fall afternoon.
They wandered aimlessly, for a while. She would point out shops or bakeries as they passed, and Luke would ramble about his favourite stories and what he’d read recently, or a game in a window he thought looked like fun.
They paused only a handful of times. Once, to head into a bookstore, Rowan’s hand firmly wrapped in Luke’s as he pulled her through the stacks to find the latest release by one of his new favourite authors. He was grinning so widely she’d had to stop him before they moved beyond the shelves, if only to pinch his cheek for a moment.
“Hey!” He exclaimed, rubbing his cheek as she stood on her toes to kiss the other.
“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute.”
He sighed, letting his hand fall. “I’m going to get you back for that.”
“Sure,” she said, taking his hand again and guiding him to the registers.
They stopped a second time at the park, Luke spotting a handful of dogs that tried circling him with wagging tails, wanting to play.
One dropped a ball at his feet, and he scooped it up in an instant, tossing it into the park. Another dropped a frisbee next to him, and soon enough Luke was surrounded by dogs and dog toys, chucking them aimlessly through the park while Rowan watched on, covering her face to hide her giggles.
Some of the dogs’ owners came up to her to apologize, but she waved them off, telling them he needed the exercise anyway.
And when Luke turned back to her, his eyes glittering and his smile breathless and his cheeks tinged pink from the cool air, all she felt was love and warmth overwhelming her. Felt it pouring from her heart and racing through her veins, turning her drunk from the pure joy and love she felt looking back at him.
His hair was plastered to his sweat-soaked forehead by the time he returned to her side, his sunshine all golden sunshine and delight.
They wandered for a while longer, until they made it to the little beach at the edge of the city, their shoes sinking into the soft sand as dusk washed across the world, staining the sky orange and red.
Luke kicked his shoes off first, lifting Rowan up and twirling her around, grinning.
“Hey!” She gasped, her arms twisting around his shoulders. “Hey, what are you doing?!”
“I just felt like celebrating!”
She laughed, pressing her face against his neck. “Celebrating what?”
“Spending time with you.”
She laughed again, pulling away to pinch his cheeks as he grinned at her.
But he batted her hands away, smiling with impish delight.
“What was that for?” she pouted.
He grasped her cheek between two fingers, pulling gently. “It’s revenge!”
She giggled, rubbing her face when he let go. “But your cheeks are the ones that are good for pinching.”
He hummed, shaking his head. “I disagree!”
She opened her mouth to argue, but it was then that she realized that he’d been walking down the beach, still carrying her effortlessly in his arms.
Her retort died on her lips, replaced by the question, “where are you taking me?”
Luke snorted, pecking a quick kiss to her lips. “To the ocean.”
“So I can do this,” he said, right as he twirled her around, her feet skidding across the water.
“Luke!” She shrieked, trying and failing to curl back into his arms.
He laughed, twirling around faster. “I won’t let go, don’t worry!”
“Luke, are you trying to throw me into the ocean?!”
He didn’t respond, snickering instead, his eyes shimmering. “Maybe this is my real revenge for all those pinches.”
She pouted, clinging to him as tightly as she could. “I will never stop pinching your cheeks!”
He spun her around for a while longer before he slowed, Rowan’s feet sinking into the water. The world still churned around her, and she clung to him tighter, burying her face against his shoulder.
She felt him moving again, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, wishing the world would stop moving.
She hardly noticed as he set her gently in the sand, not until she felt it against the back of her neck as he laid her down.
“I’m sorry,” he cooed. “I didn’t think I’d make you so dizzy.”
Rowan kept her eyes squeezed tightly shut, even as Luke disentangled himself from her arms. She pouted, curling into a ball on her side. “You owe me.”
She felt his fingers brushing back her bangs. “I do, you’re right.”
Beside her, his presence vanished, and Rowan risked cracking an eye open to see where he’d gone.
The world tilted immediately, and she wrinkled her nose, watching as Luke scooped some things up in his hands before returning to her side.
“What is that?” She asked, refusing to move from her spot on her side.
Luke showed her the handful of seashells and driftwood and seaglass in his hands. “Gifts!”
She arched a brow. “You’re giving me driftwood as a gift?”
Luke looked down into his hands, shifting the assortment of items he’d found. “And seashells. And look at this seaglass, look at how sparkly it is!”
She sighed, closing her eyes again. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”
He kissed the top of her head. “You’re pretty cute yourself.”
“Hush, no flattery is getting you out of my revenge when the world stops spinning.”
After another few minutes Rowan tried opening her eyes again, the world blessedly still. She sat up, shaking the sand from her hair and clothes before standing. Luke offered her his beach findings again, and she found herself taking them from him and placing them in her pockets.
It was silly, and goofy, but any gift from Luke was cherished.
Maybe she’d find a way to turn it into an art project, or use them for decorations around the apartment.
She took his hand as the sun sank below the horizon, scarlets bleeding across the sky. They walked through the chilly evening air, goosebumps rising on Rowan’s arms.
“Are you cold?” Luke asked, peeling his jacket off before she could reply.
He draped it over Rowan’s shoulders, and she slid her arms into the sleeves gratefully, smiling as his smell wrapped around her.
She paused before a little coffee shop, tugging on Luke’s hand to get him to stop too, the sleeves of his jacket flopping over her hands. “Hey, you know what would warm me up more?”
He snickered, letting her drag him into the coffee shop. He let her sit him at a little table near a window before she went up to the counter to order.
She couldn’t help peeking back over her shoulder at him, at where he sat with his chin cupped in his hands, peering back at her with his eyes full of joy.
He looked at her with such warmth that she had to turn back around, her face burning as she waited for the barista to call her name for her order.
Her heart ached from how cute he was. She couldn’t wait to get home and cover his face in kisses again.
Eventually her name was called and she plucked up the two drinks she’d ordered, carrying them back over to Luke.
He perked up immediately, his eyes widening as she handed him the frappuccino.
“What’s this for?” He asked, taking a sip of the drink she knew he liked best after a long walk.
“For being so wonderful, and so sweet,” she replied, cradling her own coffee between her hands, letting the warmth seep into her skin.
He narrowed his eyes. “No revenge for earlier?”
“Not yet,” she answered, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “That’s for later.”
He sighed as he stood, reaching for her hand with his free one. “Alright, I guess I can live with that.”
The rest of the walk was rather short, the air turning cooler as midnight blue began to bleed across the sky. Soon the crimson and orange and fire of the sunset would fade away, replaced by the even darkness of the night, a scattering of stars appearing despite the light pollution of the city.
But for now the sky still burned, and it set Luke’s hair alight as they walked, even as the wind whispered that night was approaching, that soon the world would be cloaked in shadows and darkness in the spaces that the watery streetlights did not reach. It chased them through the city, back to Rowan’s apartment where soft blankets and comfy clothes waited for them both.
Rowan sipped at her sweetened coffee, still clutching at Luke’s hand as they kicked off their shoes.
“Well that was fun,” Luke announced, finishing off his own drink as he walked towards the kitchen to rinse out the container. “I love going out with you.”
“Even when it’s something as boring as a late afternoon walk?” She asked, taking a final swig of the remaining dregs of her coffee.
“Oh especially then,” he said, reaching out to pluck the paper cup from her hands.
“Even though we didn’t do anything exciting?”
He shrugged, tossing the cups into the recycling before making his way to the couch. “It doesn’t have to be exciting, as long as I’m spending my time with you.”
She could have sworn his cheeks grew pink then, although it could have been because of how the cool air had kissed his skin as they’d hurried back to her apartment.
Rowan moved to sit beside him, her heart swelling with warmth as he laid his head in her lap, his eyes closing.
“And now I think I’m ready for a nap,” he murmured, snuggling closer.
She did feel a bit drowsy again, her eyes growing heavy as the warmth of the apartment and Luke washed over her.
She hummed, leaning back against the pillows, running her fingers through his hair. “You know, I love going out with you too.”
He chuckled. “Even when it’s as boring as a regular walk?”
“As long as it’s with you,” she said, leaning close to kiss his brow. “Then I don’t care.”
He hummed, cracking an eye open to meet her gaze. “We should go out again tomorrow.”
Rowan pinched his cheek, earning a quiet chuckle. But she couldn’t help herself, not with how cute he was, just lying there in her lap. “I think we should.”
The smile that arced across his lips was the only answer she would ever need.
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sierrascribbles · a year ago
luke + mc treating him like a brother
anon asked: “I got into Obey me! by accident after seeing your posts (I came for YTTD) and I have adopted Luke. Could you do Luke and MC fluffy headcanons? She treats him like her little brother!! Gives headpats and loves to spoil him! Your writting is so good, I'm in love Thank you so much!!!”
THIS IS SO PUREEE I LOVE LUKE SO MUCH. that is my son. bless u for this !!! also im glad u got into obey me join us in hell friend >:3 the fact that there’s a crossover between yttd fans and obey me fans just means i need to write a crossover
luke absolutely adores the attention you give him. being a fairly low ranking angel, he doesn’t get much attention in heaven except for when he goes out of his way to bake treats for the others. he figures he should do the same for you. he’s quick to find your favorites -- whether you like celestial ingredients or human ones better (he never makes you devil’s food because he feels you’re too sweet for that), sweet or more bitter, cakes or cookies, etc...
he finds that you seek out him out to hang out with him even when he’s not cooking for you, though, which gets him excited! the ringer for your D.D.D. notifications are always on, him jumping up to reply the minute he hears it buzz. your name in his phone is some cutesy nickname, which solomon teases him for endlessly, much to luke’s embarrassment. his home screen photo is a picture of you, him, and simeon.
speaking of teasing, mostly everyone seems to think he has a little puppy crush on you. they love to bring it up, solomon giving him a shit-eating grin when he sees you across the room, “look, there they are, walking with mammon! don’t let him steal your human!”. luke will bark angrily at him for what seems like hours as solomon just laughs. even lucifer likes to rile him up from time to time. 
whenever you mention to him that you have errands to do, he’ll happily volunteer to help you out (”it’s an angel’s job to help out you humans, after all!” he says with a bright smile on his face). luke is surprisingly overprotective of you, whenever a demon looks your way he’ll put his arm in front of you and puff out his chest like he could ever be intimidating. it’s more endearing than anything.
when him and simeon visit you in the human world, he gets mistaken for y’all’s kid CONSTANTLY, which irritates him to no end. he often starts going on long tangents while simeon laughs and plays it off with a cool smile.
headpat addict. you gave him one once when he had made you a delicious cupcake for lunch, and since then he has been striving to earn more. he takes off his hat casually, feet kicking in his seat as he tells you about something cool he did in the celestial realm, hoping you get the memo. simeon has noted his demonology grades have gone up significantly after you tutored him (and gave him lots of headpats as a reward).
sometimes (with permission from lucifer) you’ll stay over at the purgatory hall so you can spend the night with luke. it’s a nice change of pace to spend time with someone who feels like a sibling to you, and to not be caught between the seven brother’s antics (though mammon might barge into purgatory hall if he can get away with it). luke has a surprising soft spot for the anime levi likes, so you take the box sets over and binge together. luke often falls asleep on you if there’s a lull in the action, and not having the heart to move him, you lay your head against his and drift off.
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diavolosthots · 9 months ago
May I request a drabble of how Luke would react if MC was brutally murdered by lesser demons in the Devildom? I feel like he would internalize a lot of guilt because he swore to protect MC as their guardian angel, and I’d like to see your take on it. Thank you!
I mean you really want to make all of us cry right? That's your goal right?
Warning: angst, blood, gore, death
Your Failed Guardian ( LUKE X PLATONIC!GN!READER )
Tumblr media
Dark. Everything was dark. Darkness was the last thing you saw, you heard, you felt… No one was there to help you. Your cries and screams carried through the corruption of the Devildom, a place of pure evil no matter how many smiling faces turned toward you. Still, you had taken it upon yourself to go out that night, alone. No one agreed with it, of course, even those pesky demons you lived with advised you against such a foolish decision. You went anyway, saying that you’re old enough to handle yourself against whatever may or may not get you. You were wrong. Luke never even knew. It was like… you purposefully didn’t tell him, and when he did find out, it was too late. 
He found you first, sensing something was wrong. Call it a sixth sense or just his protector instinct kicking in, but he found you, near death. He didn’t know the demons that had gotten their way with you; he’s never seen their faces. Strangers, but truly just monsters. He cried, calling out for you right before one stomped your head in. Blood, goo, brain matter,... it all splattered on the ground. His eyes went wide, of course, all logical reasoning gone, and yet, as much as he wanted to scream, he couldn’t. Shock, silence… He stared, the demons’ laughter barely resonating in his own mind as they took turns tormenting and decapitating the rest of you with amusement he could never and would never understand. 
It felt like he was trapped. No muscle in his body was willing to move, no sound coming out from his throat until finally, when tears started to fall, the screams escaped his tiny body; screams that alerted everyone. Simeon knew first, of course, as his own guardian. Luke never saw his face; he never saw the angel’s own reaction, not when he was too occupied with the scene in front of him. Simeon dragged him away and Luke let him, not fighting, no more screaming, just the pure shock from the horror that unfolded in front of him. Halfway through he finally did react, screaming more, shaking and trembling as that scene replayed in his mind. He knew the brothers got there not long after Simeon did; he must have alerted them. Diavolo was there too, of course, but he also knew that all of them were absolutely useless. 
It took a long time for him to calm down. He was screaming and yelling at Simeon, trying to fight against his strong grip, but to no avail… Finally, he let his trembling body fall against the other one’s, tears seemingly never stopping to fall. Soothing caresses over his back and Simeon’s own aching heart beat did nothing to calm the little angel, but sooner or later exhaustion took a toll on his fragile self and he was lulled to sleep unwillingly, only to be met by the scene playing out in his dreams, over and over again. Screams carried through the night, throughout Purgatory Hall, throughout the entire Devildom, until Simeon came to wake him, comfort him. A quick glance told Luke that the older one was just as hurt as he was. The darkness of night did little to hide the puffy eyes and tear streaked cheeks, and in some way, Luke found comfort in it as he returned to Simeon’s embrace once more. 
That night was one of many where he found comfort in his own guardian, albeit Simeon did nothing, and really could do nothing, to deaden Luke’s own pain. At some point, the little angel just fell numb. The guilt had overtaken him no matter how many times people told him it wasn’t his fault, that there was nothing that could’ve been done. He promised you… He promised you he’d be there, always. That he’d watch over you and support you, comfort you… and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, that promise was broken. Funnily enough, for once in his life, he could relate to demons and their hatred. He understood Satan’s wrath and Belphegor’s hatred toward humanity, because he felt it too… 
Luke became numb the day you died, barely a shell of his former, youthful self. He blamed himself, he always would, and the images would never leave his mind. The years passed, and he still woke up at night with your sweet face turning into distortion and pain. Centuries,... millennia,... eons,... went by. People came and went, Solomon grew older, Diavolo married,... and yet, nothing within him changed. He was still who he was on that day; numb,.... In pain…. Just a child, a little angel, trying to save who he swore to protect...
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addaellisplaysgames · 29 days ago
((Just something inspired by the new Mysteries of the Lost Gold Trailer. Probably not canon-compliant and at least a little OOC. Luke x MC/ Raven x Rosa.))
WC: 1854
His Rosa was scrutinizing something from a market stall when he found her. Luke watched fondly for a while before softly tapping her and taking her hand, careful now to startle her. She rewarded him with a relaxed smile.
“Look, it’s seaweed!” She showed him the hair clip. At first he thought it was a regular poppy flower, carved out of wire and cloth. But as his Rosa had observed, the texture of the flower, the thin carved veins on the surface, and the way it was folded resembled red seaweed with small silk beads for stamens.
“I didn’t even know red seaweed looked so different,” she mused. “It must have taken a lot of effort to carve the flower like that.” She set the hair clip down and turns to him. “Did Adjudicator get in contact with the dealer?”
“Yeah,” Luke replied. “We’ll talk about the details later.” He pinned the hair clip on her, replacing the usual clip. “It’s cute. You should get it.”
“You always say that,” she said, but her cheeks blushed happily from his compliment.
“Well, you’re always cute.”
“You silly….”
“Excuse me storekeep, how much for the hair clip?”
Rifle. Check. Scope. Check. Ghille. Check. Wind. Check. Target…in sights.
Luke carefully tracked the man between his crosshairs as they walked to the meeting point. He looked up and could see Libra and Rosa standing a few feet away, calmly keeping the target in position. He hated that she was so close yet so far away, and he hated that she was in danger again. But he was proud of how calm and brave she was even facing off a notorious criminal who called himself the “God of Death.”
Luke returned his eye to the scope. In the National Security Bureau, snipers were sometimes called gods of death themselves, for being able to rain silent death from afar. He preferred his Sherlock Holmes moniker, but if being a God of Death was what it took to take down this criminal, then that’s what he would have to be.
Luke took a deep breath…And fired.
Luke’s heart jolted when the rifle went off. It wasn’t the recoil or even the dulled bang of the gun. It wasn’t even the prospect of killing another human, even if the shot had been lethal. But just as he’d fired, he could have sworn he’d seen a flash of familiar red through the crosshairs.
Artem Wing was having a very surreal day. Raven and Rosa flirting over a hair clip was nothing unusual, and neither was arguing with King or even Adjudicator agreeing to this whole ridiculous plan with a creepy smile. But the sunny beaches and clear waters seemed too idyllic to be hiding a gang of murderers. For the legend of gold to be poison…this whole paradisal island was built on poison and blood.
Still, setting the target up for a sniper’s bullet—even if it was simply a tranquilizing bullet—sounded awfully like an assassination to him. Artem was an attorney after all, a pillar of justice and legal operation. Due process wasn’t just a motto, it was a creed he solemnly swore by. But the dealer this time was a confirmed killer, and had already escaped justice multiple times. Taking him down by normal means was simply out of the option. And if Raven was as good as he was confident, if they got the right suspect immediately…then this could be over in one shot.
The meeting and conversation itself seemed to go smoothly. Too smoothly. It was like he was in a dream world, and he didn’t even have to think to say the right words to placate the dealer. As the interaction was wrapping up, his partner suddenly whispered to him. They had the wrong guy. This had been a set up—They had to let Raven know the right target right away before a potential innocent was hurt in the crossfire—
But when that one shot happened. Artem watched in slow motion as the supposed dealer was flung back, clutching his shoulder and screaming in shock. His partner collapsed on the ground. Her eyes squeezed shut. There was blood in her hair.
Next to her laid the tattered remains of the poppy hair clip. The tiny beads scattered like dark red grains of pepper sunk into the pristine sand. The carefully carved red seaweed folds were torn to mangled shreds of cloth, like another life sacrificed before the golden alter of the God of Death.
According to the plan, Artem would be doing most of the talking. She glanced around, noting the dealer’s bodyguards around the space.
The dealer seemed nervous, but that wasn’t itself unusual. They were attorneys after all, and anyone would be hesitant to talk to lawyers, regardless of how many times they had gotten away. But she studied how his too-casual crossed arms contradicted the fidgeting with the cuffs of his sleeves—which were a tad too long for a dealer that could more than afford to have every suit hand-tailored. Yet his head seemed unusually still, as though the hat on it was a crown. Hm…
She kept one ear on the conversation as she studied the bodyguards again surreptitiously. The dealer hesitated. And then she saw one bodyguard shift—his face barely moved, but his neck moved as though he were speaking. He stopped, and the dealer spoke again.
She suddenly remembered how the ex-con had said the dealer was particularly paranoid, and how he continued to avoid capture and death. Calling himself “God of Death”, he seduced his victims with golden poison, and commanded loyalty through fear and an antidote just out of reach. All who voiced complaint would mysteriously vanish….
The conversation was coming to a close. The dealer signaled for his bodyguards to leave, and she knew the way were running out of time. The suspicious bodyguard was turning around to leave, and she noticed he was slightly taller than the dealer. And his shoes—brand new boots, without a scratch.
“This is the wrong man,” she said quietly to Artem. “The real culprit—“
She held her hand up to reveal the decoy, and suspicion and alarm flashed through the fake dealer’s eyes. He dealer grabbed her, pulling her in front of him and shouting for Artem not to move, else he’d snap the pretty girl’s neck. But before anyone could do anything, an invisible force whistled past her head, throwing the fake dealer back. He howled, but all she felt was ringing in her ears and a forceful tug, like someone yanking her braids. The world around her turned black for a moment, and she found herself on the ground, covered in sand.
“The bodyguard!” She called out, pointing. She struggled to move but her legs felt like jelly and her head was spinning like she was thrown into a centrifuge. She tried calling out again, because Artem wasn’t looking—he was kneeling by her side, eyes blown wide with concern and fear. “The bodyguard is the real dealer! He’s getting away!”
The suspicious bodyguard was running without a backwards glance for his decoy, and the groups as quickly collapsing around him. She fought through the throbbing in her head to keep an eye on him. Marius was nearby, she knew, ready to be backup. Her fingers trembled on the phone. “King! The real dealer is reaching the road now, the one on the motorcycle—don’t let him get away!”
It was over. Marius had pulled some crazy motor-cross stunts and managed to take down the suspicious bodyguard. The police had arrived to take all involved into custody, and the decoy had joined them once the tranquilizer wore off. As obnoxious as the little brat was, Luke had to give Marius credit for understanding what happened and taking down the target before they could get away.
The real hero though, was perched on the couch talking to him. He handed her a cup of tea, and took the ice pack from her ankle. “Wasn’t this supposed to be for your head? Are you feeling that much better already?” He asked lightly.
Rosa simply nodded, sipping lightly on the tea. Luke had made sure it was cool just enough so she wouldn’t be dangerous even if she did spill it. “The ringing stopped a while ago. I think I twisted my ankle trying to run in the sand though.” She sat up straight. “Are you okay?”
Luke sighed self-deprecatingly. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that? You’re the one that nearly got shot.”
She set the tea aside, cupping his cheeks to look her in the eye. “Dr. Ritcher said there doesn’t seem to be any damage, psychological or physical. I guess I was too focused on the case to realize I was nearly shot. You and Artem were the ones that had to watch.”
He nuzzled into her soft touch. “My heart nearly stopped,” he confessed. “He moved so suddenly. I thought I’d accommodated for that, but then I saw you fall….”
“But it was a tranquilizing dart, not a real bullet.”
“But he’s a much bigger person!” Luke exclaimed. “That dose might have been lethal for you. And it wasn’t supposed to be delivered to your head! And then…there was blood in your hair…I’m so sorry.”
His Watson—his brave and clever Watson—was undeterred. She patted him gently as she explained again. “It was just the decoy yanking my hair so suddenly and the sound of the dart so close that startled me. And it was his blood. I’m fine.” She smiled brightly, banishing the dark clouds that had been swirling around his heart with radiant confidence. “I never doubted you’d hit your target precisely. You’re my beloved Sherlock, right?”
He hugged her close, hoping he could shelter her from everything, even himself. “I’m yours.”
It had been a few days since they returned to Stellis. The bell of his antique store announced a visitor, and Peanut’s excited chirp announced his girlfriend. “In all the commotion after the case I forgot t give this to you,” she said, approaching the desk. She paused to hold out a finger to Peanut, who landed with a happy trill. “I thought your old keychain could use a well deserved break.”
Luke took the tissue-paper wrapped gift. It was a keychain of a distinctive detective’s hat and pipe, carved out of a seashell and coated in resin. “This was what you had gotten? I thought…I thought you’d gotten yourself a present.”
“A present for you is a present for me, silly,” she replied, entertaining Peanut with a toy. “Do you dislike it?”
“No, it’s amazing,” he said, immediately attaching the keychain to his camera. “Actually, I have a surprise for you too,” Luke said. He set a hair clip in front of her: gentle red cloth and wire, etched to look like red seaweed, but folded like a flower.
“The hair clip! You remade it?”
“Except this time as a rose,” he said shyly.
She pinned it to her hair immediately, twirling to show it off. “How is it?”
“Cute,” he said, wrapping his arms around her gently. “You’re always cute.”
“I think I like this one better,” she murmured against his chest. “You made it for me after all.”
“I do too. Truly, a rose represents you best.”
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illusionaryrain · a month ago
Just Like Before
A/N: So yeah, it’s been years since I last write something but yeah, Tears of Themis happened lol (I was around 16 years old when I last did a fanfic). I was so emotionally invested with Luke/Xia Yan/Natsuhiko that it forced me to write something. And yeah, I hope ya guys forgive me for this sloppy writing TwT (P.S. Some minor spoilers)
- Your home - “Answer me please” You tried to dial a certain number on your contacts several times now but the other end’s not picking up. Your multiple attempts are all basically fails and you’re starting to lose hope. The once clear sky minutes ago begins to darken as thick clouds form, indicating a heavy downpour but you didn’t notice at all.
“The person you are calling is unavailable at the moment.”
Another attempt to contact but still no response. Desperation’s getting into you as time goes by. You’re now thinking of any place where he might be. He must be somewhere the two of you shared a lot of memories with. The aquarium? His apartment? You’re starting to become more agitated as tears continuously fall to your cheeks. Suddenly, a certain person came into your mind that can help you.
“Sphinx. He must know!”
Without hesitation, you dialed his number in a flash. He answered your call in a few seconds. After a few minutes, you finally know where your childhood friend is. You hurriedly grabbed your things, together with the letter he just gave you, and went your way towards your old home. You should’ve known. That’s the place where the both of you shared a lot, the place where you grew up together, where you first met. All you can think of right now is him. You need to talk to him; you need to let him know how you feel. 
-  Old home’s attic -
Nostalgia suddenly hit Luke as he opened the door. The furniture, the picture frames, everything. They’re still the same as he remembered before he left. A small smile formed into his lips as he starts to wander around the attic. There are still pictures of him and you neatly placed at the shelves. Luke’s smile widened as he reminisces your childhood moments together. 
- flashback - “Say, Luke…” A certain brunette looked at your direction, slightly tilting his head in response to your call. You’re both doing your homework diligently just so you can play after. “Yeah?”
You put your pen down after writing the last answer on your sheet, then gave your full attention to your childhood friend. “What do you want to become when you grow up?” The brunette gave a slight confused look at you. “Why did you suddenly ask me that?” “Well, I want to be an attorney one day!” You said as you gave him your usual warm smile. His cheeks displayed a hint of pink but he shrugged it off before you even noticed. “That’s nice. But why an attorney though. Don’t they send bad guys to jail?” “That’s the point!” You stood up from your chair, putting your hands together and your eyes full of glee. “I do think attorneys are amazing! They defend good people and they help in punishing the bad guys! And also, I want to protect you, mom and dad when I grow up~!” You gave Luke a playful flick on his forehead without warning, giving him a grin. “It’s because you always get into trouble!” He immediately retorted to your statement, still holding the are of his forehead you flicked, pretending that it hurts. “Hey! I said I’m sorry!” His cheeks are kind of puffed, which you find cute. Seconds later, you both begin to laugh. “So, what do you want to become when you grow up?” Luke put his hand on his chin, as if he’s thinking thoroughly. You patiently wait for his response and seconds later, he finally talked. “I want to be a superhero!” With that unexpected answer, your head tilted to one side. “But why? I mean, we both know that superpowers don’t really exist.” “Well… I want to protect you all the time…” He scratched his cheeks as he utters the words, putting a slight tint on your cheeks as well. Realizing what he just said, he faced the other direction to hide his embarrassment. The both of you remained silent for a couple of minutes when Luke decided to break the ice. “Or maybe, I can become a detective! Like Sherlock!” You looked at him to see his wide smile. You can feel his sincerity as you looked at his coral orbs. Smile formed into your lips again as you speak. “Mhhm. And then I can be your Watson. Sherlock has Watson, you have me!” The both of you shared a gaze, as if making a pact already. “Yeah! You’ll be my Watson from now on!” “And you’ll be my Sherlock…” “And together, we will make our dreams come true!” You said in unison as you both sealed your promise with your pinkie fingers. 
- End Flashback - 
“You really did become a lawyer, and I became a detective.” He smiled; thoughts of your childhood still linger on his mind. Within those eight years of separation, you both endured life on different paths. Luke tightens his grip on the picture frame of both of you, playing mindlessly on a beach. “Things won’t be just like before. I’ll do this for your own good. I hope you understand…”He put down the frame exactly how it was when he grabbed it. He was about to wander around more when he realized something. “She’s probably awake right now. And by this time, you must’ve already received the letter. “Silence prevailed in the room. His frown keeps on deepening though as time passed by. He then started to pace back and forth inside the room. “She’s probably looking for me right now. She’s probably sad.” Contemplating his actions, you noticed that the sky’s turning grayer. Dense clouds covering the sun rapidly. “It’s going to rain hard at this point. Even an umbrella would be useless.” And Luke was right. Heavy rain started to fall, making him more fretful. He immediately grabbed his phone, turning off his airplane mode. All of your missed calls immediately bombarded his call records after. He was about to call your number when a call suddenly popped. It was from you.  - On the road – It was already raining cats and dogs, roads barely visible to the naked eye. You’re running endlessly towards your destination, not caring about your surrounding at all. You forgot to bring your umbrella but you still continued your journey. A lot of questions and what ifs run through your head right now, and only one person can put an end on your bad thoughts. “Why?” Tears started to cloud your vision further. You tried wiping them away but it’s just becoming worse. Your tears are now mixing with the raindrops falling from the tips of your hair down to your face. “We promised not to keep anything from each other! “ Your pace gradually decreases as more tears flow from your eyes. You eventually stopped running; head faced down as you became more soaked from the rain. “I should’ve noticed sooner….” So many emotions filled your heart right now. Sadness? Happiness? Fear? Regrets? Those are the only ones you can recognize from the pool of intense emotions that’s filling you up right now. “I like you too, you idiot.” And with that, you ball yourself in the middle of the rain, letting out all the pent-up pressure in your chest. Luckily for you, there was no one nearby, giving you a sense of privacy. But minutes later, you decided to move forward and meet Luke to settle things all at once. Fortunately, you’re just a few steps away from your old house. You heart starts to beat faster as if it wants to break free from your chest. When you finally reached the yard of your home, you decided to give Luke another call despite the heavy rain.  -  Old home’s attic – “I just hope she’s alright. I won’t forgive myself if…” Luke shook his thoughts off as he immediately answered the call, concern evident on his face.
“Where are you?”
You didn’t answer, but he immediately figured out your location. He ran to the balcony and he was right. He saw your figure completely drenched in the rain. He then hurriedly gets his jacket and ran outside to fetch you.  He didn’t care if he gets soaked in the rain too. In a swift motion, he put his jacket on your head for cover and you both ran inside the house. He then took the towel he prepared a while ago, anxiously wiping down your hair. “Why didn’t you bring an umbrella? What if you get sick?” He stopped his lecture then immediately begin blaming himself. “Well, it’s my fault. I should’ve considered – “ You cut his self-blaming with a very tight hug. Luke froze instantly, surprised on your sudden action. You cried out loud again, you faced buried in his chest as he tried to console you with a hug. What you both don’t know is that this is the start of a very big change in your relationship, and things won’t be the same again. 
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therobinswritings · 7 months ago
💖 ᴏɴ ᴠᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴇs ᴅᴀʏ 💖 (All)
This took three days to complete what the hell is wrong with my brain TTTT
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ 
Lucifer: +"You're all mine and I'm all yours today, MC." +He makes sure any responsibilities or tasks he needs to complete are done before valentines day, just so he can spend it all with you +Probably is by your side the whole day, valentines day is a great opportunity to recharge after all the workload he has- after all you are his personal battery pack +Buys you an outfit he'd love to see you in and takes you out to a classy restaurant in it during the evening, taking pride in the jealous stares the more lonely demons give him +After you both come back he's probably pampering you, hugging and kissing you for the rest of the time before you both go to bed. +He'd ask what one final thing you'd want them to do for Valentine's Day, and well, your wish is his command.
Mammon: +Let's first establish that when he first asks you to be his valentines he's super tsundere about it of course. +"N-not that the Great Mammon wants ya' to be his valentines! I-I'm just taking pity on ya' since no one else is gonna ask ya' out that's all. . ." +He'd have you around his arm all day, making snarky and proud remarks like "Ha! See, MC is my valentines!" +He'd lie about having spare money left over, and that's why he bought you gifts. In reality he spent a whole week worrying about what to buy. +You both probably go to a valentine's day night at one of the nightclubs, busting out all your grimm as if you have a lifetime supply of it. +Getting back home, you'd both be laughing messes, jumping onto the bed and not bothering to change into your pyjamas for bed. +In his relaxed state, Mammon would whisper with a blush "I love ya', MC. . ."
Leviathan: +"Wh-what?! You want to sp-spend valentines day with a loser like me?" +He was planning to dedicate a day to Ruri-Chan but he completely loses sight of that when you catch him off guard with your request. +A LOT of blushing and not meeting your eyes during the day, when you so much as even gently hold his hand he lets out a squeak. +You guys plan to spend the whole day marathoning a romance anime series, bringing lots of snacks and blankets. +Later into the day and into the show, Levi's guard is more lowered and he takes the initiative to cuddle you, holding you tightly. +You return his affections and snuggle into him. +"MC. . .y-you're distracting us from the show!"
Satan: +"Hm? What an interesting celebration, of course I'd like to spend it with you MC- if you'll allow." +Not really knowing what to do after you exchange small gifts, you trail after him for most of the day. +While you do this, he randomly tells you flirty jokes or romantic little phrases that make your heart speed up. +In fact you had followed him to the library when he had said one, earning a loud squeak from you that made the librarian tell you to shut it. +"You've been following me around like a lost kitten MC, not that I mind but this must not be how one celebrates valentines day?" +After admitting that you didn't really have an idea of what to do he jokingly scolds you for not planning ahead before coming up with an idea. +"Come with me, I have something to show you." +Satan takes you to a special spot hidden by vines and branches in the forest. Greeted by a glittering lake and vibrant wildlife you gasp. "It's beautiful here!" You say.   +He laughs at your reactions, telling you that this is where he comes to clear his mind- he also tells you that now the spot is for both of you. +"Just as I expected, you bring the beauty of this place all together. Happy Valentines day, MC."
Asmodeus: +"Of course you want to be my valentines MC, how could you possibly say no?" +He's doing that whole aegyo cute act all day, which would've been annoying if it was anyone else but it was Asmo so. +You both go on a shopping spree before stopping at an adorable little café, perfect for cute photos to post on devilgram. +"Ooo, we look so cute!~" He announces as you both sip on your drinks, huddled over his phone and editing the photos together. +You both get home and do a little fashion show in Asmo's room of all the clothes you bought when there's a ding on his phone. +"Ah the packages I bought for us are here!" +I'll leave it up to your imagination what is in there :) +When the day starts coming to an end, Asmo helps you properly clean up your face and you both do a facemask together. +You both are in bed (probably wearing super cute matching silk pyjamas lets not lie) and cuddling before you hear Asmo quietly say "I never thought I'd love someone as much as I love you. . ."
Beelzebub: +"Valentines?. . ." Beel pauses for a second before wrapping you in a strong hug and nodding his head. +You guys go out to a restaurant and do one of those 'if you can finish this really big meal you get a reward!' that no one has completed before. +With Beel as your partner you obviously get it done easy peasy. +You two use the reward money to go to the cinema, sharing a large Valentines popcorn bucket together +You both mostly remain silent during the movie, but Beel's love language is physical touch so he holds your hand up to his cheek- the feeling of him eating popcorn is kinda weird but you like touching him so big win. +Once you both get home, you're looking over some notes for school on your bed while he does his nightly workout routine. +In the middle of a sit-up, Beel glances over to you before shuffling behind you and pushing the notes aside, gently biting your shoulder. +"Don't worry yourself with work on our special day. . .please?"
Belphegor: + While yawning: "You want me to be your valentines? Aah, that's too much work." +You poke him with a box of chocolates "Please?" +He throws a pillow at you and grumbles a quick "Fine." But you see a gentle smile. +Before you two can even start your valentines day, Belphie pulls you back into bed and goes back to sleep, keeping you there for another few hours. +When you finally have your freedom, you drag the sleepy demon to the fair. Maybe it'll wake him up? +After going on a few exhilarating rides, you both pick up some candy floss and Belphie looks beat. +You suggest going home, seeing how tired he is but his eyes suddenly light up and he grabs you by the wrist taking you to the lit up circus tent. +He pays for both tickets and you spend the next hour seeing him in a light you've never seen before, happy and excited, practically bouncing in his chair. +The fair starts to close and Belphie is enthusing about the circus acts to you and you feel a warm grin take over your face. +He stops talking for a second with a giggle, his sleepy smile coming back. Illuminated under the fair lights he says, "thank you for such a fun day, MC."
Diavolo: +Diavolo is in his office when he hears an unexpected knock at the door. + "MC? What a pleasant surprise!" +When you ask him to guess what day it is he looks a bit confused. +"Oh yes Valentines day! My, you wouldn't be here to ask me to be your valentines would you? +You roll your eyes and elicit a laugh from him before giving him his valentines present. +Feeling bad for not getting you anything, he promises to give you himself for the whole day. +He gladly lets you dress him up however you'd like, commenting on your good taste. +You both probably have a private little ballroom dance, just the two of you- and yes you both end up dancing stupidly to Mozart who would you be if you didn't? + At the end of the day, you're both wearing silly onesies he wanted to try out from the human world and watch a movie. + He intertwines his hand in yours and gives your knuckles a kiss. "Thank you for letting me be myself with you, MC."
Barbatos: + You catch him in the middle of some tasks. "Spend Valentines together? I am quite busy you know MC. . .but I suppose a small break wouldn't hurt." +He pours you both some tea which you indulge in at the garden. "On a date romance is to be expected, yes? Then allow me to fulfill your Valentine's day needs, MC." + As you stroll in the garden you both lose track of time, endlessly chatting as Barbatos peppers in compliments to you, letting you link your arm around his. + You both stop at a large tree, and mid-laugh you suddenly pipe up. "Haven't I kept you too long? Oh no, I'm so sorry-" + Barbatos simply smiles and tells you not to worry, telling you he can push back his responsibilities if it's for you. + As he leans in, brushing your hair behind your ear he hears you whisper, "I wish I could be in this moment forever." + He chuckles. "Your wish is my command." + The gentle breeze stops, the birds fall silent and the rustling of trees come to a halt as Barbatos hold your chin, softly kissing you. + "Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself for a day, MC."
Solomon: + You were mindlessly scrolling through devilgram when Solomon suddenly pops up to you. + "You took too long to come and ask me to be your valentines so I came to do it myself!" + After scolding him for almost giving you a heart attack you lie and say you had no plans of asking him to be your valentines. In reality you were just too nervous, and you were relieved he did it himself. + "Of course this isn't one of my pranks MC. Do you really think that badly of me?" + You ask the sorcerer where he's taking you but he simply snickers and says it's a surprise. +It's a magic show. He took you to a magic show. You really should've guessed. +The show is coming to an end when you get called to be an assistant for the last trick. +You looked at Solomon in panic, weren't these things supposed to be staged? But he simply smiled at you. +After the coffin door closed, you heard the muffled voice of the magician explain how he was going to make you disappear. +You get hit by a fizzing sensation and close your eyes tightly, only opening them to see yourself in. . .Solomon's room? + You hear a laugh from behind you as someone pounces onto you with a hug. Naturally, you scream. + "Hah? So that's what it takes to make you scream for me MC?" He sniggers before you bonk him on the head. "Ow!" + Now on top of him and jokingly hitting him as he repeats his apologies through his laughter, he grabs your wrists. + "Hey, MC, you have to admit that you enjoyed spending Valentine's day with me. It'll upset me if I'm the only one who had fun."
Simeon: + "I've heard of this Valentine's day celebration, would you celebrate it with me MC?" + Score, you have the most beautiful person in the devildom right now as your valentines. + "I'd like to do whatever you'd like to do MC." + Ah yes, the lack of initiative, you had forgotten about that. + "What I want? Hm, well I'd like to spend it with you." You give him a look. "Alright, alright. Let's see. . ." +After some brainstorming, Simeon finds an old, childish jewelry kit under his bed. "Ah! I remember buying this in the human world at a toy's store." You can't but laugh and he seems confused at your humour. + You two spend the next few hours trying to make bracelets. You wonder why they're so difficult to make since they're made for literal kids. + Finally tired of fiddling with wires and beads, you and Simeon exchange bracelets. Simeon's bracelet actually looks really good while yours looks. . .well it definitely looks like a child made it. + "Nonsense, I treasure anything you give me MC." + Simeon frowns, softly holding your hand and analysing the pricks and scrapes made from trying to make the bracelet. + He kisses the small wounds and slowly leads his kisses up your arm. + The angel looks up to you and asks, "can we celebrate for a bit longer MC?"
Luke: + A few days before Luke had excitedly asked you about the holiday and requested you spend it with him. You're like the family his loves the most after all! + The demon brothers ask you to spend it with them but you have to put on a brave face and reject them, you couldn't break Luke's poor little heart after all. + You arrive at purgatory hall where Luke is waiting for you at the door like a little puppy as you exchange valentine's cards. + As a surprise, Luke has a baking day prepared for you two, having bought you matching pink aprons. + You spent the afternoon making Valentine's cookies, cakes and puddings, occasionally throwing batter and icing at each other. + Having made so much, you invite everyone over to eat (although it took some convincing to let Luke share his sweet treats with the demons.) + "Why do you and Luke have whiskers made of icing on your cheeks. . .?" You both had forgotten about that. + You spend the rest of the evening laughing over the table.
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